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In Different Worlds (SenHaku Week 2021)

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There were many words to describe Kohaku.


They'd look at her as a strong gorilla with excellent eyesight. Others would think of her as a lioness that will pounce on you if needed. But today, the perfect way to describe her was a fairy queen mingling with mortals.


Kohaku walked down the aisle with a bouquet of orchids on hand. She decided to wear a white dress rather than the traditional puffy ones. The blonde complained that a gown would hinder her movements for this occasion.


Senku attempted to hide a chuckle as she saw her coming. Of course, she needed to be able to move with ease in case shit hits the fan. They weren't there to watch Kohaku get hitched. They were there to proceed with the mission.


The plan was for their most lethal member to catch the attention of the prime minister's son. The two gets married then they'll have an insider without much effort. Phase one was already a success.


They only need to make sure phase two will end smoothly.


"If anyone objects to this marriage, speak now or forever hold your peace!" The priest exclaimed.


"Senku-chan, wouldn't you want to sweep Kohaku-chan off her feet?" Gen telepathically said, almost in a sing-song voice.


Everyone who was part of the mission heard it. Kohaku sent a glare to the best man, daring him to say another word about her predicament. Ukyo warily glanced at Senku as he waited for a denial. The others didn't dare to react to it as they tried to focus on the current situation.


"Letting emotions influence our mission will ten billion percent cause us nothing but trouble," Senku replied through the telepathic link.


Everyone would have openly sighed if they didn't have to keep their act. It was just so natural. There wasn't a surprise there even one bit.


"Heh, but I wouldn't mind marrying the lioness in his stead."


The scientist could have sworn Kohaku stuttered with her vows.