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How the Tables Turn

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If it wasn’t for the fact that his partner was captured, Wei Wuxian would have never agreed to the job. Wen Ning was ambushed in the forest en route to delivering a carriage of weapons to a warlord and being alone, he had no choice but to comply with the soldiers. Wei Wuxian was pissed, to say the least since they were a two-man team. So, when he turned up to bargain with the Lanling King, Jin Guangshan, he was more than ready for a fight. But then he was given an offer he had no choice but to accept. 

“I will spare your brother’s life, and give you as much gold as you want.” 


Material things were never really what Wei Wuxian strived for, but he still liked the look of them. Jin Guangshan was known as a materialistic man, and a womaniser, and a sleaze bag, and a coward - but despite his negative traits, he was still the monarch with the largest territory and wealth. If it was any other kingdoms that were smaller and weaker, then Wei Wuxian would have tried to break Wen Ning out himself, but this time he didn’t have a choice. 




Being confident in his skills, Wei Wuxian thought that it was a quick in-and-out job. But the mission ended up lasting nearly a moon cycle. He was getting agitated from the slow progress. This has been the longest since he’s left Wen Ning alone; he worries about his treatment by the Jins.

“Maybe the fact that you are posing as a maidan is hindering your plans?” Meng Yao was the Jin Kingdom’s mole in the Gusu royal household. He was the only one who knew about Wei Wuxian’s real identity and why he was there.

“Oh? Then whose idea was it for me to pretend to be a woman!” Wei Wuxian hissed back. Meng Yao was the one who got him hired in the first place, but he didn’t expect to be crossdressing the whole time! “Do you know how hard it is to get things done when people are constantly asking you to do stuff?” 

“Well, you make a decent-looking woman.” They were out in the royal garden picking vegetables for dinner time. Meng Yao was King Lan Xichen’s personal assistant while Wei Wuxian was a maid mainly serving the king’s younger brother, Prince Lan Wangji. The only time they got to discuss the mission was when they were outside, pretending to work.

“It’s pissing me off that it’s taking so long. I cleaned the King’s room once, and can’t find it - do you think that the Prince has it?” Wei Wuxian wondered as he delicately picked the herbs, he had to keep up the illusion that he was a female. “Ugh, but he never lets anyone in apart from his personal servants.” The Prince had two sets of servants; one that he trusts for personal matters and one that was for general things like escorting him to places or setting up activities. Since he was only there for a short amount of time, Wei Wuxian was not yet in the first set.

“I agree that it is not in the king’s room.” Meng Yao pondered on their options as he stroked the leaves of the Ginseng plant. Apart from the fact that he was one of the many illegitimate sons of  King Jin Guangshan, Meng Yao was also known to be very perceptive and smart with knowledge of almost everything; that's why he was hired to work for them. “Saying that I’m surprised the prince has not asked you to his room yet.” 

“What do you mean?” Wei Wuxian raised a brow. He knew that he wasn’t the best servant due to his past. He was once owned by a family who abused him until he couldn’t take it anymore and ran away with a fellow servant, Wen Ning, who was also like a brother to him. So not only was he in a foreign kingdom, forced to disguise as a woman, he also had to fight against his instincts as a free man.

“You seriously don’t know? The prince looks at you like he wants to ravish you!” The shocked look on the assistant’s face was almost comical. Meng Yao was someone who controlled his expression well, so it was equally surprising to Wei Wuxian to see a genuine look on his face.

“What the hell? The prince only has once expression on his face!” Wei Wuxian should know, he stays by his side almost all day and night. Sometimes it was hard to remember that he was pretending to be a female, but lately, Wei Wuxian began to get the hang of it, so it was understandable that the prince may be attracted to him. 

“Here’s how you move things along; you go to the prince’s bedroom when everyone is asleep, and seduce him!” 

“What! B-but I’m a man!” 

“No, they think that you are a woman, Wei Ying .” It was risky using his real name for a mission, but no one apart from Wen Ning knows it, so Wei Wuxian thought that it was safe to use. But hearing Meng Yao saying it with a pointed tone made him cringe inside. He hated to admit that some Jin scum was right, but did he really have to go as far as seducing a man? Wei Wuxian was a charmer, but flirting with men was completely new territory.

“N-no way! I’m not into men!”

“You say that, but I’ve seen the way you look at him too…” 

“It's starting to sound like you’re just making stuff up. I don’t believe that the prince likes me.” 




After the talk with Meng Yao, Wei Wuxian felt like he’s been given a new set of eyes. He began to watch the prince’s face more, and realised that the other male was right! To everyone else, Lan Wangji may look stoic and impassive, but Wei Wuxian learned to read his ears instead. Like the time Wei Wuxian ran inside from the rain in the garden, and his clothes became see-through when wet, and the prince’s ears were a furious pink when they met in the hallway. Maybe Meng Yao was right? Was the prince attracted to him? Throughout the mission, Wei Wuxian made a point to be as unimpressionable as he could, blending into the background so that he would have the chance to explore the palace more. After that incident, Wei Wuxian began to notice other instances of the prince watching him. Like when he bent over to fix a rug, and the prince was so close that they were almost touching. Or when Wei Wuxian was struggling to place something back on the shelf that he was cleaning, Lan Wangji turned up right behind him to help place it back. 

And being the great actor that he was, Wei Wuxian blushed and looked away coyly whenever their gazes meet. Although lately, its been hard to stop his body from doing it on impulse. He couldn’t help it whenever those golden eyes looked at him like they wanted to tear him apart. And the longer he stayed, Wei Wuxian was scared that he would let Lan Wangji do just that. Meng Yao was right, if you knew how to read people, you will know their true desires. 

That was how he ended up outside of the prince’s room after everyone went to bed. The guards outside the door tried to bar him from entering, but Wei Wuxian came up with the excuse that the prince had requested for a late tea and forgot to tell him. Although it wasn’t hard to talk them into letting him enter since the men were weak to any form of flirting from a woman. 

When he entered, he tried to be as quiet as he could to not wake the prince. In the teapot, he took out his lockpicking tools and a mini dagger hidden in the tray. The room was surprisingly lit from the moonlight since the floor-length windows were open to let in the summer air. Wei Wuxian could see a lump on the bed as he began to scan the room for potential hiding spots. But just to be safe, he decided to check on the prince to make sure that he was a deep sleep.

That was a mistake. 

He was so sure that it was the prince’s sleeping form, but to his surprise, there was no body! It was just a line of pillows! Wei Wuxian was so caught up in the moment, that he didn’t notice that there was someone behind him. 

Suddenly, an arm wrapped around his torso to keep his limbs from flailing around as a cloth covered his mouth and nose, forcing him to inhale a strange scent that made him feel heavy and light-headed. Wei Wuxian had the experience to know what to do to get out of the hold, but his limbs refused to cooperate. He continued to struggle until he passed out. 




The Gusu Golden Box was an extremely valuable artefact, but also one that was unknown to many. Despite that fact, Lan Wangji was not surprised when the mercenary turned up to try and steal it. Being the general of the army, Lan Wangji was always updated on potential threats to the kingdom, and when he saw the new maid, Wei Ying, he thought that his eyes were deceiving him. When he first realised that the new maid was actually a man, one that was also an infamous mercenary, he was tempted to raise alarm. However, Lan Wangji found it completely ridiculous that a man was pretending to be a woman to try and steal his family’s heirloom. So it became a source of entertainment for him, a break from his busy life. 

He knew that the plan was to search his room since he overheard them talking in the vegetable garden the other day. Right in the next garden, there was a bush that was shaped like concave, and he liked to escape there to read sometimes. The prince was impressed with Meng Yao’s observation, but he wasn’t wrong.

There was something about the maid that drew him in. Even though he was not permitted to speak without being spoken to first, Wei Wuxian still managed to convey his charms with his eyes. His body language was nothing but seductive, to the point where even the other servants were gossiping about it. Even though he looked the part, with his rounded face, sharp eyes and plump lips, his voice completed the illusion. When ‘Wei Ying’ spoke, she had a soft, nasal air to it, like they were on the brink of reaching a peak, without sounding too shrill. It only made the prince want to ravish him more. 

There was no logical explanation to his feeling towards the mercenary, but Lan Wangji thinks that it was the thrill of danger that drew him to Wei Wuxian. He admired the dedication to crossdress to complete his mission, but there was no way that he was going to steal the heirloom.

So, when he heard of plans to seduce him, the prince acted first. 

He wasn’t even in bed when he heard the distinct voice talking to the guards, so he quickly made it look like there was someone sleeping in it and blew out the candles before hiding in his study. The second part of the plan was to teach Wei Wuxian a lesson. The prince of Gusu was a respected man with strong moral integrity, and he was going to show the mercenary that he messed with the wrong person, and kingdom.

Wei Wuxian’s body was surprisingly light as Lan Wangji caught him. The muscles felt lean and lithe as he pulled his arm up to tie his hands to the headboard. He was tempted to touch more, but it wouldn’t be as fun when the other was still asleep. In the meantime, Lan Wangji prepared for his plan; he told the guards to move away from the door and not to interrupt of they hear any noises; he went to collect the lotions and oils that he would need, and made sure to disarm any weapons the mercenary might have.




When Wei Wuxian came to, the prince was laying right next to him, watching his sleeping face. Lan Wangji found him adorable, looking much younger than he did when he was awake. He looked even cuter when his eyes searched around the room in confusion before landing on the prince. 


“Did you think that you could deceive me?” Using the back of his fingers, the prince gently stroked the other male’s face as he spoke. It took a while for him to understand, but Wei Wuxian was gasping like a fish as his eyes doubled in size - he looked like a startled rabbit. Lan Wangji just wants to wrap him up and cuddle him in his arms.


“You try to take something from me, so I will take something from you.” One hand trailed down Wei Wuxian’s thigh to grip the fabric of his dress to bunch them up at his hip.

“W-wait!” The other gasped as he tried to move out of the touch, but the hand was firm as they continued the attempt to disrobe him. “I’m not the one you want! King Jin Guangshan...he sent me here!” Wei Wuxian shrieked when all layers of his clothing got removed, leaving him vulnerable and bare. 

“But you are the one I want - since the moment I saw you.” 

“But I’m a man!” 

“Do not worry, I will make you feel a woman.” 




Throughout his life, Wei Wuxian went through some horrible experiences. But right now, was coming close to being the worst of all. 

The prince had his legs tied up at the knees to the headboard to expose his most sensitive parts, open form him to use however he wanted. Lan Wangji had his head between Wei Wuxian’s legs as he licked and sucked at his tight rim. The sensations were strange, and Wei Wuxian really wanted to hate it, but he couldn’t stop the moans leaving his lips whenever the tongue entered his body and licked inside. 

“Amazing, you are wet like a woman.” Wei Wuxian tried to hide his face in embarrassment. He was a fearless fighter who was at the mercy of a mild-mannered prince. But it seems that was all a facade because the same man was assaulting his entrance with slicked-up fingers, trying to get inside.

“No! It won’t fit! Please stop…” But it did fit; two fingers jabbed at his walls as they thrust in and out. The slick made the movements easy, stretching the hole for a third finger to enter. Wei Wuxian tried to resist, and tighten up to stop them moving, but Lan Wangji played dirty and took his sensitive nipples into his mouth and bit it until Wei Wuxian relaxed his ass. “Ow!” His cries increased when a fourth finger was added. “Your highness, please…” The pleas went unheard, when Lan Wangji looked at him, there was something teasing about them like Wei Wuxian was only a toy to him. 

“How can I stop when your body is begging for more?” The prince’s fingers were relentless as they worked to stretch the mercenary’s entrance. At this rate, his ass was so loose that lewd, wet sounds came from it every time the fingers pulled out. “Look here,” Lan Wangji pulled out his hand, soaked in oil, to wrap around the erection that Wei Wuxain didn’t know that he had. “It wants me to stay.” 

He wanted to deny that he hated the prince’s touch, but how could he when it made his toes curl in pleasure? When the fingers changed angle and stabbed at a gland just behind his balls, Wei Wuxian arched his back as he came all over himself. It felt like a stroke of lightning jolted through his body, up to his balls as the orgasm was forced from him. The pleasure was indescribable as warm, electric waves crashed through his body. Hot cum landed on his chest and even his face as his spot was pressed over, and over again. He wanted to stop, but the prince had no mercy. It wasn’t until he came for a second time, not even five minutes after the first one, that Lan Wangji removed his hand. When he did, Wei Wuxian refused to believe that his hole was trying to suck them back in - even his body was betraying him!

“Your hole is so greedy.” As time went on, Lan Wangji’s voice grew deeper and deeper with a repressed tone to them, like he was holding something back. Admittedly, Wei Wuxian found it sexy, but he didn’t want to say it out loud. “Have no fear, I will fill you up.” 

Wei Wuxian thought that it was over once he ejaculated, but when he saw the prince starting to also strip, he was alarmed. “Wait…” With the clothes finally removed, he saw the biggest member ever! In his life, Wei Wuxian had seen his fair share of penises since his job relies on catching people off guard, and he finds that they are the most vulnerable when they are naked. But, the prince’s tool was on another level. It was thick like a tree trunk, with an angry flaring cockhead and heavy balls full of cum. “No...Please tell me that you’re not going to put it in…” At this point, Wei Wuxian’s face and hair was wet with his tears. His ass was feeling sore just from the fingers, even if Lan Wangji’s were longer than normal, but his penis as another story. Wei Wuxian would be ripped apart! 

All tied up, he had nowhere to go. 

“Shh…” The prince shushed the former as he poured more oil onto his hands to lubricate his erection. It pulsated in his palm from the excitement to enter Wei Wuxian. “I will make you my woman.” 

The moment the cockhead popped into the entrance, Lan Wangji only had one thing in his mind - to impregnate Wei Wuxian. He couldn’t hear anything as he buried in all the way to the root, gasping in marvel at how the wrinkles of the rim were smoothed around his length from the stretch. It seemed like an impossible task for such a tiny hole to take him, but it did. Lan Wangji groaned as he could feel more blood rush to his sex and thicken in size. 

Pulling out, with just the tip inside, Lan Wangji used all of his strength to fuck into Wei Wuxian until he was screaming in ecstasy. The cries were like music to his ears as he aimed at the same angle that caused him to cum from before. 

“P-please…!” Wei Wuxian didn’t know what he was asking for. On one hand, the pleasure felt so good that his eyes were rolling back and his mouth was permanently in an ‘o’ shape. But his rim felt so sore from intrusion, forcing him to take the pleasure until it was too much. He ended up coming again after a few thrusts, but this time, nothing came out. His balls were milked dry. It also didn’t help that his limbs were aching from the position and the ropes that held him in place. “PL-ease!” Lan Wangji’s eyes were glazed over as he was fucking him, but suddenly, he stilled his movements to leaned down, until their sweaty bodies were flushed against one another, so close that Wei Wuxian could feel their heartbeats synchronise.

“What do you want?” The question hung thick between them. There were many things that Wei Wuxian wanted; to be untied, to have a break, to be kissed…“Tell me, and I will give it to you.” 

When he started his reply, Wei Wuxian felt the cock twitch inside of him and seeing the light of tenderness in those golden eyes, and it was like he was possessed when he said, “You.”

Judging from the smile that broke out on the prince’s face, one that was so blindingly beautiful that Wei Wuxian almost forgot about his situation, it was the right answer. 

Lan Wangji was like an animal as he moved, pounding Wei Wuxian with everything he had. 

“Yes! More! Please!” The enthusiasm came out of nowhere as Wei Wuxian gave into the pleasure. His moans were getting so loud that Lan Wangji was concerned that the guards would come in. With both hands keeping the mercenary’s ample ass cheeks apart, the prince had no choice but to use his mouth. And the moment their lips touched, it was like another fire was ignited inside of them. It felt like they were one through their sex and tongues as they wrestled and twisted around each other. “Nnngh!” Wei Wuxian’s moans were swallowed by the prince with every jab to his spot. He came countless times already and he had no idea when Lan Wangji was going to finish since it was almost supernatural how high his libido was. “Please...cum…”

What he meant was to finish, but it seemed to only encourage the prince more.

“I knew that you were a cum slut. You want me to breed you? I will give make you my woman and plant my seed into you.” With his hips beginning to falter, Lan Wangji buried himself to the hilt to release all of cum into Wei Wuxian. As a result, Wei Wuxian also ended up coming for the final time. The waves of the orgasm ended up being so strong that he passed out from the bliss.




By the pond with the ducks, lived was a herd of rabbits that built their burrows there. It was one of Wei Wuxian’s favourite spots to come to relax. He would bring seeds to feed the ducks and leftover vegetables for the rabbits. It was nice to be around the calming flow of water in the middle of nature to help him relax. The doctor said that stress was not good for the baby.  

Being the carrier of the heir to the Gusu kingdom was tough, considering that some people were displeased with his past and affiliations, but no one dared to question their beloved prince on how he met his bride or what he saw in him.

“Wei-Ge!” At the sound of his name, Wei Wuxian rotated around in his seat on the rock to see his two best males making their way towards him. 

Wen Ning and Lan Wangji looked like a strange duo as they walked next to each other. Wei Wuxian grinned as he made a move to get up, but it only made both men run towards him to help. He was in the third trimester and everyone was edge considering how massive his belly was. 

“Hi! I missed you guys so much!” Wei Wuxian wrapped his arms the best he could around the two. Its been two moons since they saw each other, and he was starting to understand what they meant by ‘distance makes the heart grow fonder’

“Not as much as we missed you! Look how much you’ve grown!” After that fateful night, Wei Wuxian became Lan Wangji’s bride, making him the prince consort of the Gusu kingdom. At first, he was stubborn since he was worried about his brother, but once he explained the situation, Lan Wangji did everything to help them. Jin Guangshan ended up being persecuted for his crimes of greed and violence, causing his son to take over as the king. 

In all of his wildest dreams, Wei Wuxian never thought that he would end up in such a life. He always had to fight for survival to live as a free man. But then he found the right person who wholly devoted himself to Wei Wuixan, despite his rocky past and outlaw lifestyle. Now his redirected his life for their child, who he would make sure that they would have the best life and not struggle as he did.

“You look good, Wei Ying.” The prince smiled as he cradled his husband in his arms.

“Did you miss me?” 


“Who did you miss more, me or the baby?” 

“You and the baby are attached, so I miss both equally.” 

“Huh. Aren’t you a smart one!” Wei Wuxian chuckled as he rested his head on the prince’s shoulder. Life was good.