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Blade princess in academia reborn

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Emilia pov

It was right after the exam, I checked my phone to see a call from my brother and learned while we were taking the exam, All Might was visiting the supervillain prison Tartarus and likely talking to his ultimate rival. He couldn’t tell me what they were talking about. but he also included the fact there was an infiltrator either among the HUC or the other students tested. He also told me, all might left the prison with a much darker look on his face than the one he carried on the way in.


The night after we got back to the dorms, I noticed my brother walking out with Katsuki and decided to stalk them in the shadows and get involved if things go badly. I then enhanced myself to learn, Katsuki figured out that Izuku gained All Might’s quirk and wanted to battle him, I guess Katsuki figured out by dealing with All Might’s nemesis. It wasn’t much long that Katsuki started the fight with waves of explosions and clearly set of security. But my location and ability to hide prevent me from getting spotted.


It was clear Katsuki wanted my brother to fight him, I learned Katsuki was holding guilt over causing All Might to burn out his power and that made my brother join the fight and test out his new combat style. I could see Katsuki learned from Izuku as much he my brother learned from him. I could also tell Izuku had started to raise his limits as he got in his share of blows as well. I could see what the blond boy taught to my brother. But in the end of the battle Katsuki came out as the winner.



But after the victory All Might came to the field and revealed why he picked Izuku to be his successor. Then he holds my brother because he chose him over anybody else. Then he revealed who else knew about the secret of All Might but said nothing about Arthur or I and I took that as a cue that he knew I was hiding in the shadows. The two then shared their desires to get even stronger.


It wasn’t long after the former hero took the pair back to the dorm, he went back to the battlefield and called out to me “how long were you watching them and why didn’t you try to stop them.” I came out replied “then will need to grow stronger on their own to face what is to come. I know came out because I knew you won’t report me. I have an eye in the sky that know who you talked to while we were having our own tests.” He just sighed and let me sneak back into my room on my own.



Izuku pov


After the two of got back, we waited for All Might to come in and after that Aizawa dished out his own punishment using his quirk and gave us punishment in the terms of house arrest and a few other types of punishments as well. the next morning, the rest of the class teased us before leaving and I asked my rival about my new style, and I got “your movements are too obvious and but switching between punches and kicks helps. Arthur or that shitty sister seems to have combat experience so maybe they could help.” I did know I might want to learn a fighting style to further master my quirk if possible and should learn one that uses my hands as little as possible


Emilia pov


While my brother and Katsuki were stuck in the dorm, the rest of the class went to the opening ceremony and Monoma tried to taunt us with Katsuki and Shoto’s failure. I learned Jeanne and Sigurd weren’t the most welcome among their class and were hated by the American transfer student Pony. The universal translation skill we all had was part of that. We also got to meet a much more Bulked up version of the mind controlling student Shinso.

After we arrived at the auditorium, the principal went on about how his sleep cycle was messed up and how we would be doing work study in the next few weeks. He also talked about the lose of All Might’s powers. After that, Hound dog came up to stage and didn’t take long to go into a barking rage and Vlad king translated that it was about the fight between Izuku and Katsuki, but he didn’t mention me watching their fight from the shadows. Then after that we were dismissed to return to our classes.


There some of the others asked about the work study mentioned and told use we would work outside of class. He then said that we wouldn’t likely be able to do it until later and that it is a way to keep people from scouting UA students above all others. Then after that was English with Present Mic and Arthur and I did amazing while some of the others didn’t as much.



Izuku pov

It was after class the other came back and talked about what happened including a hero work study thing. Most of the others weren’t willing to tell me what they were but my sister said to me in English that I didn’t completely under “you don’t have to worry about it, we didn’t even get all the details yet.” But I understood enough to not worry and then went to take out the trash only to see a boy’s face sticking out of the wall and then the ground.


It came to the next day and my house arrest ended that our teacher brought in the top three third years of UA to tell us about the hero work studies. Among those three was the boy that had his face in the ground. I then remember the boy in the ground from last year’s sport festival and remembered he ended up showing his naked body to the entire view audience and other remembered the other two didn’t do as well in the games. But I guess they got much better and didn’t get a chance to see how they did this year due to my injuries in the fight with Shoto.



The dark-haired member of the three gave us an intense look that seemed to affect all but Arthur and my sister and then turned back around as the girl among the three called him a kitten. She referred to herself as Nejire Hadou and was interested in a few of my fellow classmates with my sister being one of them. She the went said to Emilia “you must be the girl my master is interested in. but she won’t tell me why she is. Master has too many secrets.” I could tell the girl didn’t understand mutation type quirks. But when asked my sister replied “yes, I do lay eggs and more than one baby can share the egg.”


It was after that the weird, faced boy Mirio tried to calm the class again but ended up telling a joke that fell flat. But then he wanted all of the class to fight him at once but then looked at my sister and said, “maybe not you,” and I was left to wonder what she did to him and if she dueled him in an official sense. But wasn’t long after that, we all got changed into our PE uniforms and prepared to fight him. but as we ran up his cloths fell off and stunned the group. But I took the chance to try for a kick, but my foot just passed through his head. He then leap through the ground to make high speed attack on the long rang fighter and slowly took us out one by one. But I noticed Arthur avoiding his range via his wings. He soon took out all the rest except Arthur. But I couldn’t really see him from sheer pain,

Emilia pov


I then watched as Arthur began to fight the boy all kinds of sword attacks and then after producing good results with his balance breaker, he seems to figure out the weapon to us was his holy spear but after one failed shot. He changed it into a scythe and his that seemed to be able to deal real damage to Mirio. With Nejire coming to me to say, “did you manage to beat him? there is a good reason Mirio doesn’t want to fight you.” I replied “we tied I made him black out from pain but at the same time doing so took me out. This fight will likely go the same if Arthur can go the distance.” But after a few deep slashes Arthur passed out and I said, “yeah all those attacks and how close this is to lay lines made the difference.”


After that Aizawa bandaged up Mirio’s cuts as, and he explained his quirk and its flaws, and I explained how Arthur and I could get around the quirk but at massive stamina costs. He couldn’t predict things that worked in unnatural ways and didn’t know the history of Arthur’s spear or Billy the kid’s guns. But it was after that he gave a speech that roused the entire class. Then Mirio asked me “what other weapons could get around my quirk?” I replied, “I would have to do research but there are a number of gun persons, spear persons and archers that were claimed to never miss.” After that, I warned him “that there is a group bringing back some heroes of old to fight against the heroes and I had to face a few during the exam.”


It was after that, Aizawa told us that the other teachers were still figuring out how and if the first years would do work study. It wasn’t long after that I called the hero that took me on during the internship and she said, “I can’t take you on, but I can get a friend to take you on.”

Izuku pov

After class ended, I tried to call Gran Torino, but he just suggested for me to ask my mentor for help. I also began to wonder what the league of villains was planning while we were on the edge of the next stage of our hero careers.

Chapter end