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Tea & Kinks

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It was supposed to have been a simple shopping day. Just a nice quiet outing, with the two of them picking up a few purchases and going home without Apparently that was asking too much.

Because they were going into the city, Elias had taken his glamoured form, which still unnerved Chise if she stared for too long. At her request, he had modified the glamour to give himself a thin layer of facial hair, which made him look a little less fake, so that was a plus. Ruth had stayed behind, though not by choice. He had been napping rather deeply and Chise decided to let him sleep. He’d definitely be annoyed once he woke up and realized, but he’d get over it.

Their first stop had been at a small bookstore, and was rather uneventful, more window-shopping than anything else. A small cooking book had caught Chise’s eye, and was her sole purchase from the shop.

After that though...they went to the cafe, and that’s where everything went to hell.

“Here are your teas, one for you, and one for your daughter.” 

The girl behind the register meant well, with a sweet demeanor and bright smile, but that didn’t change the fact that her words made Chise almost hiccup before ducking her head to hide the flush in her cheeks.

Elias, of course, made it worse.

“Thank you, but you are actually mistaken. She is my bride, not daughter.”

As the cashier rambled out an awkward and embarrassed apology, Chise could feel the eyes of a few customers on her back, having heard Elias’ statement. One of them let out a snort before muttering, “Never seen a girl with a sugar daddy before. First time for everything.”

“I beg your pardon,” Elias replied, turning to face the loudmouth. “I just said she’s my bride, not my daughter. Those are clearly two different things, and-”

Despite Elias continuing to speak even as she grabbed his hand and started dragging him to the door, Chise was no longer listening, head bowed and face so red it matched her hair.

* * * * * 

“I still don’t understand why my statement was such a confusing matter for everyone.”

Chise closed her eyes and placed her book down, glancing over at her husband as he laid on his stomach, stretched over their bed. They had recently started sharing the same bedroom. It seemed right, they were married after all...but he could crowd the bed terribly.

After a moment, she rose from her chair and walked over. Elias, noticing this, moved into a sitting position, and Chise took advantage and settled on his lap. Both of them let out a pleased sigh, almost simultaneously, but it was quickly ignored as Chise spoke.

“When they called you a sugar-daddy…” Chise paused, eyes closing as she accepted the fact that this was an actual conversation she was about to have with her husband. “A sugar-daddy is an older wealthy man who has a much younger girlfriend or wife, who he supports.”

“I see,” Elias replied, voice calm and inquisitive, one hand gently stroking Chise’s hair while she explained. “But one of them also stated that I was a ‘daddy’ without the sugar. Is that the same thing?”

Oh. Good. This was going to be even better. 

“Not...exactly. It’s…” She hesitated, finally looking up at Elias. She forced herself to keep eye contact, lest she lose her nerve. “Daddy can mean father, but it also means an older man, who is the more dominant one, who takes care of the younger woman. He’s her protector, guardian, and lover, and in return she is submissive to him because he makes her feel safe and loved.”

The silence that followed was unbearable. And yet it was almost preferable to what came next.

“So in a way, I am your daddy.”

Chise face-planted against Elias’ shoulder with a groan that was so strong it made her entire body jerk. “...yes, you are.”

Sensing her frustration, Elias gently rubbed her back with one hand, the other continuing to pet her hair. “I must say I don’t understand the appeal of the term. Perhaps it is just a human sensation. Still, a very curious one.”

Abruptly, in an impulsive and rather bold move, Chise shifted on her husband’s lap, arms coiling around him as she moved her head up. Her lips kissed over his bony jaw, then cheek, before whispering almost too softly for anyone to hear, “Daddy.”

Once again, silence hung over the room. But then Chise felt something poking up through Elias’ robes, and her lips tugged into a surprisingly sly smile.

“...oh. That’s why...”

And then his hands gently tugged at her clothes and, at least for the time being no more words were spoken on the matters of sexual kinks. Truly the best outcome possible.