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Ncis Happenings:Di Nozzo

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The Day started off like any other ...
We all were waiting to hear the famous words from our boss to get our gear, to someone who didn't know us you'd wonder what we were having to think ... I apologize let me restart.
    Hi my name is Anthony DiNozzo Jr. But my friends call me Tony, Now let me tell you about my coworker friends that are my family. My friend Abbyis like a little sister to me , she's our forensic scientist she helps the team to help catch or kill and figure out who's behind our crime. Then we have Tim McGee or as I like to call him McGeek he's like a brother to me. Cate Todd is my old friend from college practically is a sister to me I've known her a while. Ziva David is one of the three important of this group, she is my beautiful and loving wife and mother to our daughter Tali. And oh yeah almost forgot the most important of this group is Leroy Jethro Gibbs he's the boss of you don't know him already.

*Gibbs walks over to Tony's desk and
"Gibbs' "Slaps his head*
"DiNozzo stop typing and get your gear we have a dead marine" he said in his frustrated tone.
"Yes boss" , I said as I grabbed my gear.
Oh yeah our gear consists of gloves, evidence bags and our guns.
* Tony follows Gibbs and the best theta to the elevator*


~~~~~At the Crime scene~~~~~~~~

* A while later we arrive at the crime scene *

Ziva smiles at me as we bag evidence, " So what were you typing about my love... Don't tell me your doing what McGee did a few years ago". I smiled as I bagged more evidence ,"Mines more of a biography of us and it's gonna stay between us unlike McGeeks' didn't ". McGee squealed , " It's not like I meant for all that to happen Tony it was all supposed to be all fiction nothing was supposed to happen to any of us plus you guys know how much Abby means to me". " I know McGee she means a lot to all of us but maybe some day you'll get that happy ending with someone if it's not her then you can be uncle Timmy to Tali", I said .
* Gibbs walks over to DiNozzo and
Gibbs' slaps him and contemplates doing it to McGee *
"I can handle a bit of chatting DiNozzo but you guys have work to do while we wait for Ducky"', Gibbs said.

Ducky arrived adding , " a little bit of chatting isn't bad for a work ethic but I should remember I'm talking to you Jethro".
"I don't mind it duck as long as he's doing his job while he does it", the boss said .

~~~~~ Later that Night~~~~~~~

Ziva has picked up Tali from Brenna and Jimmy's and came to the office .
"Hello my love how's it been going while I was gone?", Ziva said as her and Tali walked in.
*Tali ran over and gave me a hug and went and jumped in Gibbs lap*

" Hi grandpa ibbs", Tali said as she giggled. Gibbs responded ," Hi princess . What you doing here huh?"
Tali responded, " Mommy said we come say hi to cheer everyone up and I wanted to anyways".  Ziva says," She didn't give me much choice really .. it was this or she was gonna have a ...cow?"  I giggled, " Well it's hard not to plus she loves seeing Gibbs just as much as any of us do".
Tali giggled , " yes Abba I love seeing grandpa ibbs and aunty Kelly to when she here". Ziva smiles, " well hopefully we can get the case finished before this weekend so maybe you can spend some time with them Tali but we should head home so they can work". Gibbs smiles, " I don't mind her being here just keep the gory stuff out of sight and mind" as he tickled Tali. Ziva giggles, " Is Abby still down stairs?"  Gibbs thinks, " I believe so but I can ask her if she is..."

*Gibbs phone rings *

Gibbs replies, " What yah got Abbs?"

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