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"You will die at the hands of the Crown Prince."

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“What would you do if you were suddenly told this, Gabriella?” Lady Rosally smiled as she took a sip of her tea.

“My-My lady?” I stammered. Me? Die by the crown prince’s hands? That’s not how the story went. If anyone died, it would have been the villainess, Lady Rosally herself. But Lady Rosally wouldn’t know that right?

But then again... she knew my real name, Gabriella Lylith. At this point of the story, I was supposed to be just “Riri”, a mere maid.

“I’m sorry, my lady, I don’t quite understand the question...”

Rosally gave a dark smile. “You’re quite dull, aren’t you? I’ve addressed you as Gabriella thrice so far, and you still haven’t noticed, Dear Riri?” The smile fell from her face.

“Gabriella Lylith,” she continued sternly. “You dare to rebuke the order of the royal family and crawl back to Britany’s soil? I shall have you imprisoned and sent to be judged immediately.”

She took another sip of her tea. “I expect those who helped you sneak into my premises shall also be punished under imperial law. Who was it that recommended me to hire you, again?” She paused in thought. “Ah, yes, Viscountess Orchid. Such a shame, I heard news that the Orchid house was recently blessed with a baby boy. It’s quite saddening when a child has to grow up without the loving embrace of a mother, is it not?