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One with the Wolf

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AN: Trigger warnings to many things are present in this story. Don’t like don’t read.

I do not own Twilight.

I just like to play around in different worlds with them :)



Leah Clearwater stared out over the rising waves as she sat on a log at the beach in La Push. Her mind was spinning wildly, anger flowing with every wave that crashed onto the beach with the rising storm. Why did it have to be her? She didn’t ask for this, to be brought into some huge secret that kept the town safe.

Ten months ago, she had been normal. Close to earning a degree, hanging out with friends, and dealing with the betrayal that her boyfriend and cousin had delivered to her. She could handle that, with enough time and anger she could handle that but this…

She had fallen ill, the flu she had thought at the time. Running a fever so hot that she practically melted as she lay in bed gasping at the pain in her body. Her bones feeling as if they were going to explode, a flaming pain running down her spine that had her quivering with every wave that slid down her spine.

One night she finally couldn’t take it and she had slipped out her bedroom window and ran towards the woods, not understanding what was happening as she hit the ground. Her bones snapping painfully as they shifted and changed as her skin stretched, feeling like it was ripping from her body slowly. Her finger’s splitting open as thick sharp claws grew where nails had once been.

It felt like hours before it happened, but it had only been seconds and soon she found herself on four paws, looking up as her mother and the man that had betrayed her slowly moved towards her.

To be told that all the stories they had grown up with weren’t stories at all but truths that had been passed down from generation to generation, waiting for the shift to claim the next batch of victims. She felt the anger burn under her new fur, anger at the man she was forced to be attached to, now that she was this…Creature.

Anger for her entire family having hidden this from her by playing off the stories as nothing but something to be told around a campfire. Anger that her brother would be following her into this horrendous life filled with danger and servitude, which he had only a month ago. She hated having to follow Sam, having to obey him like some child being told what to do and when and where and even how.

She was never someone to take orders, to roll over and do as told. It killed her little by little every day. All the boys hated her because she was so angry. She wouldn’t ever let Sam forget what he had done. She understood the imprint bond and that he couldn’t stop it, but it didn’t mean she had to like it. Emily wasn’t bound to this life and yet she had no problems doing that to her, and maybe that’s what hurt the most. Her own cousin had willing taken the man that she had been seeing, disregarding her feelings.

Now there was no escaping them and she was sucked into the wedding plans, no matter how much she refused and bitched and complained. She couldn’t even look at Emily without her anger consuming her and having to run into the woods to shift. Now the only people she was around was the others in the pack. Sam, Paul, Jarrod and even fucking Jacob Black.

Jacob Black that was hung up on his old childhood crush, Bella Swan. The girl had returned to live with Charlie suddenly after her mother had gotten remarried. The pack’s mental link had her seeing every one’s thoughts. The way Sam felt about Emily, which made her want to claw her eyes out. Jarrod’s love for Kim, which was sweet and pure.

And the way Jacob constantly drooled after Bella, which was only slightly worse than Sam and her cousin. He wouldn’t leave the girl alone. Constantly trying to come between her and the bloodsuckers she was hanging out with. The Cullen’s. The Cold Ones. The vampires that their tribe had a treaty with. The treaty that if they didn’t bite a human and stayed of tribal land, they would be left unharmed.

The vampires had never done anything to them and always abided by the treaty, but the tribe was hell bent on them being evil. She honestly couldn’t care one way or the other. Most of the hatred the pack had was because they blamed the vampires for the shift. Personally, she thinks it’s just some sick joke by the powers that be who think making them turn into giant fucking wolves would give them some kind of entertainment in their boring immortal lives.

The rest of the pack didn’t agree with her thoughts, but she didn’t give a shit what they thought. As long as they left her alone to stew in her own angry and sorrowful stew, she left them alone. It wasn’t like she could stop them from seeing what had been done to her. She couldn’t stop it any more than they could stop her from seeing their sex lives.

Her stomach rolled at the thought and she shook her head as she stood, the rolling thunder filling the afternoon’s sky overhead. She moved back up the beach as her mind returned to Bella Swan, making a disgusted noise.

She was sick of seeing the girl through Jacob’s thoughts. So, she was hanging out with leeches. It wasn’t his or any of their business. They weren’t hurting her she was just friends with them, although Jacob seemed to think the girl was dating one of them. She shivered at the thought, but to each their own. It’s not like she had room to talk considering her past relationship choices.

If Bella Swan wanted to get mixed up with Vampires, then it wasn’t their business to stop her. Everyone should have a choice as to where their lives would end up. Hers had been taken away from her, she wouldn’t have chosen this if she’d had a choice.

She frowned as her little brother walked towards her sadly, “We’ve been looking for you.”

She smiled. Seth looked so much like their late father that it was sometimes hard to look at him. Seth knew this, they’d talked about it not to long after the funeral months ago, before her shift. He was proud to look like their father even though their mother had a hard time looking at him.

She missed her father. She would spend hours at night on patrol wishing he had been around to help her understand why this was happening to her when nothing had ever been mentioned about women being shifters too. Even Billy Black had been surprised that she had shifted. It left her a mystery which didn’t help the anger burning inside her.

“I’ve been here the whole time. What’s up?”

Seth fell into step beside her, “Charlie and Bella are coming for dinner tonight. Mom want’s us on our best behavior so we don’t shift and kill either of them.”

She grinned, “I thought they were going to Billy’s.”

Seth frowned suddenly, “She muttered something about time to tell the three kids.” He shrugged, “I don’t know what she meant but I’ve never seen her this nervous before Leah.”

She frowned in confusion but shoved it aside. Whatever her mother was going to say wouldn’t have an impact on her. She was old enough to come and go as she pleased, and she had been considering finding a small place of her own with the money she had been saving up from her part time job at the Ateara’s diner. Not that she had told anyone about her ideas.

“She also said we aren’t supposed to shift until after dinner. She doesn’t want anyone knowing that they are coming for dinner.” Seth’s brows pulled together in confusion.

She glanced at her little brother, “Why?”

He shrugged, “I don’t know.” His usual wide smile spread across his face, “So?”

“So what?” She asked when he didn’t elaborate after a few moments.

“What do you think it’s about?” He bounced in front of her, his enthusiasm returning in full force.

She grimaced, “I don’t know, and I really don’t care.”

He frowned, “Damn why do you always have to be a downer Leah?”

She chuckled quietly as he ran towards their house. She was happy that her brother was excited about the shift, but she knew he would be putting his life in danger sooner than he should. He was only fifteen and, even though she was twenty-one and like to act like she didn’t care, she really was worried about her little brother. She hated to think of him up against the leeches that had come onto their land.

A Forks police cruiser was parked in the driveway next to her mother’s car and Seth was standing at the end of the driveway waiting for her, “Do you think Bella’s here yet?”

She scoffed, “Don’t tell me you have a crush on her now too.”

He glared at her, “She’s really nice Leah but no I don’t like her that way.” He hurried into the house.

She heard her mother’s voice, “Seth, where’s your sister?”

“She’s coming. I found her on the beach.”

She rolled her eyes as she entered her mother’s house and her stomach growled at the smell of roast and potatoes cooking, her nose scrunching up at the strong scent of Charlie’s aftershave. She plopped down on the sofa next to Seth as the boy flipped to a basketball game.

Charlie grinned from the kitchen doorway, “You’ve grown in the last few month’s Seth.”

The boy bobbed his head happily, “Growth spurt hit early.” Seth chuckled at the lame excuse they usually gave.

She ignored the police chief and focused on the game until the sound of a loud engine met her ears and Charlie slipped outside. She glanced at her brother and his nose wrinkled in disgust.

“Man, she reeks.” He whispered to her.

She inhaled deeply and frowned at her brother, “What are you talking about?”

He turned his head to stare at her wide eyed, “What does she smell like to you?”

She took another inhale and smiled slightly, “The forest after a fresh rain, fresh peaches with a hint of death and decay.”

He shook his head at her with a grimace, “She smells like she is putrefying. How does a wolf lose its sense of smell?” the boy shook his head as he stood, walking into the kitchen.

She frowned as she stared at the tv, utterly confused by her brother.

“Leah set the table please. Bella it’s good to see you again.”

“You too Mrs. Clearwater.” Bella’s soft voice was shy.

Sue chuckled, “Please call me Sue.”

“I’m sorry I’m late. Alice and I had to finish a project for school.” Bella said as she leaned against the doorway to the kitchen.

Leah ignored the girl as she entered the kitchen to get the plates to set the table in the dining room as her mother spoke again, “What would you like to drink Bella? We have water, tea, soda. I would stay away from Leah’s Gatorade.”

“Water is fine.”

Sue glanced at her, “Leah, get a glass for Bella please.”

She growled quietly in annoyance, why couldn’t the girl get her own damn glass? She opened the cabinet next to her and snatched a glass out, thrusting it out with her opposite hand, not realizing the girl had moved closer. Her firm hand slammed into the girl’s chest and sent her backwards, onto her butt on the floor with the force.

Charlie laughed as Sue and Seth stood frozen. She turned quickly and frowned down at the girl, who was currently rubbing her chest gently. She knelt in front of the girl, “I’m sorry Bella. I didn’t-“

Bella’s head came up and she froze as light brown eyes met her hazel ones. She felt her mind stop. Everything melted away until it was just her and Bella, in an endless white abyss. Nothing else mattered anymore. Not Sam, not Emily, not Jacob. Not even the wolf mattered anymore. The light brown eyes held all the answers to the questions she had been asking herself these last months.

This girl was the reason she was breathing, her oxygen supply. Bella was her reason for living, the one that was going to end her torment. Bella was the reason she had shifted. A feeling of calm and relaxation slowly trickled through her body like a steady stream. The world shifted on its axis and aligned perfectly for her.

This girl was the most important thing in her life, her happiness being the ultimate goal. Bella’s safety being her top priority. Whatever this girl wanted she would give it to her. She would give her the world if that’s what she wanted, somehow someway. She would give her the moon and the stars if that’s what her heart desired.

Bella’s voice broke through her rumination, “You don’t have to apologize.”

Seth finally moved and held his hand out, “Are you okay Bella?”

Bella took his hand and nodded as she was pulled to her feet, still rubbing her chest, “I’m fine. It’s nothing really.”

Charlie laughed, “Yeah she’s used to spending most of her time on the ground.”

Bella shot him a glare, “Gee thanks dad.”

Sue shook her head, “Leah?”

Her mind finally caught up to everything and she stood quickly, stepping closer to the girl, “I’m so sorry Bella.” Concern thick in her shaky voice.

Bella shook her head, “I’m fine but I should go. I just remembered a history report due tomorrow.”

Charlie frowned, “I’d really like for you to stay.”

Bella backed away from her and she felt a sudden panic fill her chest, “I can’t miss this report dad. Whatever it is you want to talk about just say it.”

Charlie and Sue exchanged a look before he took a deep breath, “Sue and I are dating.”

Bella’s eyes widened. Seth blinked rapidly at the two adults. She, well she really didn’t care. Her mind was Bella. She had hurt the girl and judging by the way the girl was gently rubbing her chest still she knew it was hurting her.

Bella frowned, “How long?”

Sue stepped up next to Charlie, “Only a few months, but we’ve been friends a lot longer.”

Seth took a step back towards Bella and leaned towards her, “Do we tell them now or let them squirm some more?”

Smiles broke out on Seth and Bella’s faces as the two adults gasped. Charlie spoke first, his eyes narrowed on his daughter, “You knew?”

Bella nodded as Seth leaned an arm on her shoulder, “Seth came to me a few weeks ago and we sort of did the math. The kid’s a whiz.”

Laughter filled the room as Leah watched Bella’s smile light up the room, putting a smile on her face in response.

Sue shook her head, “Unbelievable.”

Bella shook her head, “The only thing unbelievable is you two thinking you could sneak around behind our backs.”

Sue put her hands on her hips, a scowl coming to her face, “So you were just going to let us keep going on without saying anything?”

Seth and Bella glanced at each other, then nodded and said in unison, “Yes.”

Her mother scoffed unable to form words as Charlie laughed, “Tag teaming is not fair.”

Seth grinned, “It’s not tag teaming if we did it at the same time.”

Charlie narrowed his eyes at the boy, his smile fading, “Smart ass.”

Sue slapped his shoulder lightly, “Language.”

Charlie scoffed, “You should hear Bella at times.”

Bella shook her head with a small smile, “Uh, rude. Have a good dinner.” The girl spun on her heel.

“What about you?” She finally got her mouth to work again.

Bella turned to her, cocking her head at her, “I’ll eat at the Cullen’s.”

She frowned as she hurried after the girl, following her outside, “Bella you know what they are right?”

Bella sighed heavily and turned to her, “Not you too. I get enough of this from Jacob.”

She hesitated for a moment, unsure what to say. Could she tell the girl anything? Did she know about Jacob, about what they were? Sam’s gag order was firm and when she tried to open her mouth nothing came out. So, she switched tactics, trying to find a way around the order.

“Do you know our stories?” She asked as the girl opened the truck door.

Bella frowned at her for a moment, “Yeah. Jacob told me two months ago about them.”

She opened her mouth again but still nothing came. She sighed, “Please be careful around them.”

Bella eyed her curiously, “Why should I? They’re my friends.”

“I can’t tell you.”

Bella rolled her eyes angrily, “Just like Jacob I see.” She climbed into her truck angrily.

She struggled with the wolf as it clawed at her chest angrily. It wanted to stop her, to protect her from the leeches that she was going to, but how could she without telling her the truth.

She caught the truck door, “I am nothing like Jacob. I am just asking that you be careful.”

Bella frowned at her for a moment before she nodded, “Always am,” and shut the door.

She watched the truck leave the driveway before she sprinted into the trees near the driveway. She shifted as soon as the house disappeared from view. She felt Sam’s link and quickly focused on hiding her thoughts. She didn’t want him to know before she could figure things out for herself. She followed the truck as Bella drove back towards Forks, stopping at the treaty line before beginning to pace.

All the anger she had seemed to disappear. What Sam and her cousin did still hurt but it didn’t matter anymore. They didn’t matter. Only her. She shifted and stood at the treaty line, naked as she thought about the girl. The girl she had seen a thousand times in Jacob’s mind, but he didn’t see her at all.

She was the light to her darkness, the sun to her moon. She would be a friend, if that’s what the girl wanted, and she would protect her with her life. She could already feel an uncomfortableness in her body that hadn’t been there before. Like she was supposed to be going somewhere, searching for something.

She refused to think about what that would mean as she shifted and guarded her thoughts carefully as the link to Sam reconnected. She began to pace the treaty line heading north, staying on tribe land. She could hear Sam as he communicated with Paul.

“Take the south end. Leah already has the North end covered.”

Paul scoffed, “I thought you were supposed to be having dinner with your mom and Seth.”

A new link connected to the pack mind, “It was canceled.” Seth’s thoughts came through.

She paused in her trot as she realized Seth was guarding his thoughts also. She couldn’t stop her wolf lips from pulling back in a smile, knowing her brother was protecting her from Sam. She waited where she was for a few minutes until the Seth arrived, shaking his grey fur out wildly. He shoulder bumped her and they ran together, enjoying each other’s company.

Two hours later Sam’s and Paul’s link disconnected, leaving them alone. Seth began immediately, “What was that about? With Bella at the house.”

She sighed and let the guard fall, “I don’t want anyone to know Seth.”

The two wolves faced each other, and Seth’s large wolf head cocked sideways as he saw what happened. He gasped and shifted, standing in front of her naked, “Holy shit Leah. You imprinted on Bella!”

She shifted angrily, “Shut up twerp! I don’t want anyone to know.”

He frowned, “Why not? This is great news Leah.”

She shook her head, “Bella hangs out with vampire’s Seth. What do you think Sam is going to do when they find out that my imprint prefers the undead bloodsucking kind of monsters over us?”

The boy frowned for a moment then shrugged, “I don’t know but this is good Leah. Bella is amazing.”

She felt a flutter of jealousy in her chest, “When did you two get so close?”

He grinned, “Well the first week I shifted I sort of tumbled down into the river and crashed into Bella.”

She narrowed her eyes at him, worry pulling at her mind, “Crashed into her?”

He nodded, a small blush creeping up his tanned face, “Yeah. I didn’t mean to, but I did, and it startled us both and I accidently shifted right in front of her. My bare ass was just standing right there in front of her and she just laughed.” He smiled sheepishly, “Not at me but at the fact that not only was she dealing with vampires but now a giant dog.”

Her jaw dropped, “She knows about us?”

He shook his head, “No just me. I didn’t tell her anything. I told her I got sick but then the blonde Rosalie Hale, she appeared like a pissed off mother lioness that was defending her cub and then her brute of a husband, Emmett appeared next to Bella. It took twenty minutes for him and Bella to stop laughing long enough to get me a pair of shorts from Edward.”

She stared at her brother, her left eye beginning to twitch uncontrollably, “What happened and why didn’t you tell me?”

He laughed, “Bella and I have something in common. She knows there’s certain things I can’t talk about and there’s certain things she won’t talk about. It’s just nice having someone to talk to.” He frowned at the ground, “Someone outside of the pack and the family that can understand what it’s like to be thrown into something that we didn’t ask for.”

She frowned at her brother, not realizing just how much of a toll this was taking on him, “Why didn’t you tell me?”

He shrugged, “You’ve been going through your own things and I didn’t want to add to it. I know you worry about me enough as it is.” He turned around, “Come on let’s get back to patrolling.” He launched into a run as he shifted, leaving her standing at the treaty line.

She watched her little brother disappear as she shifted, guarding her thoughts again. She didn’t realize how much her brother had matured either. He was right, she had been so caught up in her own struggles, her own anger. She didn’t see the man he was becoming. It was too early for him to become a man, but he was doing just that.

She hated to think that she had cut herself off from the one person that could understand her. The one person that would be there for her no matter how she treated him in her bad moods. She was determined to make it up to him as she chased after the younger boy.



Leah growled angrily as her cell phone rang on the bedside table, pulling her out of a deep sleep. They hadn’t gotten home until four that morning and then they had spent an hour eating before she had stumbled to her bedroom, slamming the door behind her. She managed to strip out of her cloths and pull the sheets over her body before passing out.

She flipped her phone open angrily, “What?”

“Leah it’s Charlie.”

She frowned as she rolled onto her back, “Oh, sorry.”

Charlie chuckled, “It’s okay. I didn’t mean to wake you, but have you seen Bella?”

She sat straight up, the name of her imprint waking her fully, “Not since she left here last night. She was going to the bloo… Cullen’s.”

“Okay thanks.”

“Wait Charlie is something wrong?” She asked as she threw her sheet off and stood.

A deep sigh came through the phone, “She hasn’t been answering her cell phone is all.”

“What’s her number? I’ll try calling it and see if it slipped out of her pocket when she was here.” She pulled a pair of jeans on as Charlie gave her the number and she hung up.

After pulling a t-shirt on she slipped into her shoes and hurried out of the bedroom, hearing the soft snores coming from Seth’s room. She dialed the girl’s number and saved it to her phone as she entered the kitchen. Even if the girl’s phone wasn’t there, at least she had the girl’s number now.

She could hear a soft buzz coming from under the refrigerator. She knelt on the tiled floor and found the phone just hidden under the edge of the machine. She pulled it out and the soft scent of peaches and fresh forest air after the rain surrounded her, comfortingly. She hurried out of the house, grabbing her keys to her SUV on the way.

She sped towards Forks knowing that she wasn’t on patrol duty until later that night. It was already noon and she figured the girl would be at school. She spotted the red truck in the parking lot and pulled in behind it. She tried the truck door, but it was locked so she leaned against it to wait.

The bell rang ten minutes later, and students began to pile out of the building, some heading to their cars and others to the large cafeteria. She heard the growl from across the parking lot and turned to see the girl walking with the blonde bloodsucker, the largest one walking happily behind them.

Bella frowned at her before turning to the blonde. A moment later Bella hurried towards her, tripping once and she spotted the blonde take one step forward before the girl steadied herself while continuing to move. She couldn’t stop the small smile that pulled at the corner of her mouth.

Bella glared at her, “What are you doing here Leah?”

She held the girl’s phone up, “Your dad called. Said you weren’t answering your phone and asked if I had seen you.”

The girl’s ears turned bright red as her cheeks followed suit, “Thank you. I didn’t know I had dropped it.”

She frowned, “I’m really sorry about that Bella.”

Bella shook her head, “It wasn’t your fault.” She unlocked the truck door and tossed her book bag onto the seat, “Besides you apologized last night.”

She nodded, “Yes but I still feel bad about it.”

Bella turned to her with a frown, eyeing her curiously, “You’ve never talked to me before, why now?”

She felt caught off guard. She wasn’t expecting the question but then she really hadn’t talked to her before, never even looked at her. Every time the girl had come over, she had always walked away not wanting to listen to Jacob’s pinning over her.

She stared at the ground, “I’m sorry about that. I was going through a lot and I wasn’t in the mood to be around anyone.”

Bella raised her right eyebrow, “So what’s changed?”

Leah hesitated. She wanted to tell the girl, she wanted her to know everything about her. How would she react? Would she be scared of her? If she could handle vampires could she handle shifters? Seth said that Bella had only laughed with him, but would she still feel the same about her? What about the imprint bond? Would she accept that or reject it? Could she even reject it?

Her mind swirled deeper into questions until she felt a hand on her arm. The spot tingled and a deep sense of calm cleared her mind, “Leah? Are you alright?”

She looked up into Bella’s light brown eyes, worry dancing wildly in their depths.

She smiled at her, “Yeah. I’m sorry. I have a lot on my mind.”

Bella’s brow creased, “I’m a good listener. Just ask Seth.”

She felt the pang of jealously again, but she wasn’t sure if she was jealous over Seth or Bella. She frowned at the girl, “I may take you up on that. Now that I have your number.” She grinned.

Bella smiled, “Sure just let me know. I’m staying with Rosalie this weekend.”

She felt the anger flare in her chest, her wolf begging her to say no, to say anything, “Don’t take this the wrong way but why are you spending so much time with them?”

Bella pulled back and crossed her arms over her chest, “They are my family.”

She frowned, “How long have you known them?”

Bella’s glare made her wolf shudder, “Does it matter? When you meet people that respect you and like you for who you are, never let them go.” She slammed the truck door angrily.

She caught the girl’s wrist, “I was only curious. Honest.”

Bella searched her face before sighing, “I’m sorry. Jacob has been harassing me none stop about me spending time with them and it has me on edge.”

She nodded, “I could talk to him if you want. Get him to lay off.”

Bella turned to face her fully, “You’ve changed.”

She swallowed, taking a step back and letting the girl’s wrist go, “No I haven’t.”

Bella nodded, “Yes you have. Every time I’ve seen you on the Rez you’ve been angry and withdrawn. What happened between last week and last night?”

She shook her head, anger surging inside, “You don’t know me Bella.”

“And you don’t know me but here you are, at my school.” Bella snapped.

Leah growled softly, “I was just bringing you your fucking phone Swan.”

Bella’s brown eyes darkened quickly, sliding into a black pit of anger. She crossed her arms over her chest the muscles in the girls bare pale skinned arms rolling tightly with the movement, “Well you’ve done your good deed for the fucking week so you can leave.”

She clenched her hands into fists, taking a step forward. Rosalie appeared between them, a dangerous growl rolling from her lips, “Walk away.”

The vampires voice was edged with a threat as her large mate wrapped an arm around Bella’s shoulders. A slim golden ring around the black pupil. Rosalie’s eyes were pitch black as she held her ground her body stiff and ready for whatever happened next.

She knew she couldn’t take the two vampires, especially since their siblings were hovering near the red car a few spaces down from them. She tore her eyes from the blonde leech and leveled them on her imprint, a small surge of need crawling up her spine. She needed the girl safe and right now her emotions were all over the place, making her the dangerous one.

She relaxed her fists and nodded, “I’ll talk to you later Bella.”

Bella shrugged, not looking at her, “You have my number.”

She frowned before hurrying to her SUV. She peeled out of the parking lot watching in her rear-view mirror as Rosalie wrapped her arms around Bella tightly. Bella buried her face in the blonde’s neck and wrapped her arms around the leech’s waist. She frowned feeling that same pang of jealousy course through her.

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AN: Trigger warnings to many things are present in this story. Don’t like don’t read.

I do not own Twilight.

I just like to play around in different worlds with them :)



Leah spent the rest of the week brooding. Everyone left her alone during patrols and even Seth didn’t want to be around her. She had made her imprint turn even more to the bloodsuckers, which wasn’t what she was trying to do but the damn anger was hard to control. Even Sam had problems with it, and he had been shifting for a year.

She ran patrols and slept, mostly because she didn’t want to interact with anyone while trying to sort through her thoughts and the swirl of feelings that she had, some she didn’t recognize. She felt like a part of her was missing and it was new to her, not understanding what she was really feeling. She understood anger, anger was the friend she had been living with since her father had passed away and she had become this creature.

Currently she was sitting on the sofa trying to focus on the program on the television, but it wasn’t working. She kept getting sucked into thoughts about her imprint and what she was going to do about it. She frowned when she heard a vehicle pull into the driveway and then at Charlie as he entered the house with her mother for the third night in a row. She waited for a moment, her heart pounding in her chest at the thought of her imprint being here.

“Where’s Bella?”

Charlie shrugged, “Not sure.”

Anger spiked in her chest, “You don’t know where your daughter is?”

Sue frowned at her, “Leah!”

She shook her head as she pushed herself to her feet, the anger gripping her chest, “You can’t tell me you don’t care mom.”

Sue shook her head, “Charlie is her father Leah.”

“And a shitty one at that.” She snapped, “What sort of father doesn’t know where his daughter is at ten o’clock at night?”

Charlie’s face turned a light shade of red, “She’s more like Renee than I thought. She’s wild and carefree. She doesn’t like to follow rules and I can’t force her to. She’ll be eighteen this summer anyway.”

Her body began to shake as Seth frowned from the hallway, “Leah let’s go for a walk.” He began to shove her towards the front door. Once they were far enough from the house, he frowned at her, “What’s up with you!”

She sighed, “I haven’t seen her since the beginning of the week, and she was in the arms of a bloodsucker then.”

He shook his head, “You need to tell Sam, Leah. I don’t think it’s a good idea to go this long without seeing your imprint.”

She growled at him her body shaking dangerously, “No. I don’t want him involved in this. Bella shouldn’t be forced to deal with this.”

He sighed, “Then at least call her. Please Leah, one of these times I won’t be around to stop you.” He started back towards the house shaking his head.

She groaned as she headed for the empty beach. It was her spot to think and she could be alone. She pulled her phone out as her bare feet touched the cool sand. Scrolling through her contacts she paused on Bella’s name. Would the girl even talk to her after how she treated her the last time they spoke? She took a deep breath, the nerves in her stomach twisting as she hit send and walked towards the water.

“Hello?” Bella’s voice was soft, almost a whisper.

“Hey, hi…It’s Leah.” She pinched the bridge of her nose, awkwardness making her face burn with embarrassment.

“Are you okay?” Bella asked, louder this time, concern thick in her voice.

“Yeah…” She hesitated for a moment, “Why wouldn’t I be?” She asked with a frown.

“No reason. I just didn’t expect you to call unless you needed something.”

She frowned, “No I was wondering if you could talk for a while?”

“Oh.” There was silence followed by the sound of a door closing. “Sure. What’s up?”

“You didn’t come down with your dad,” she stated as she sat in the sand, watching the small gentle waves flow in and back out.

“He didn’t ask, and I needed help with a homework assignment. Rosalie is making me dinner anyway.” Bella’s voice held a note of love.

She frowned, a pang of jealousy hitting her suddenly, “She means a lot to you, doesn’t she?”

“Yes. I mean I love her just like I love Emmett.” Bella chuckled as a small squeak sounded in the background, “And of course there’s Alice.”

She grinned as she stretched her legs out in front of her, picturing Bella’s smile in her mind, “Alice is the short one, right?”

Bella laughed, “Yes. My mischievous pixie of a best friend.” Tinkling laughter filled the background.

“If she’s your best friend, then what is Rosalie to you?” She felt her heart race in her chest as she waited for the answer.

“Well, that’s a little hard to explain.” Bella hesitantly said.

She frowned but shook it off, “Okay…”

“Why are you asking me all these questions Leah?” Bella asked suspiciously.

She sighed, not knowing how to answer, “I don’t know.”

“Uh huh.” Bella grunted.

“I want to get to know you Bella. You can ask me anything you want.” She added quickly.

There was silence over the phone, and she checked the read out to make sure the girl hadn’t hung up. Finally, a few minutes later Bella’s voice carried over the phone, “How old are you?”

She snorted, “Twenty-one. Is that a problem?”

Bella scoffed, “Hardly.” There was a loud smack that echoed through the phone and Bella’s hiss of pain, “Ow.”

She frowned, her body tensing tightly, “Are you okay Bella?” A jolt of fear laced with worry sliding into her chest.

“Yeah. Hit my arm on something,” the girl lied, a quiet scoff slipping through the phone from near Bella.

“You’re a bad liar Swan.” She chuckled.

Bella sighed as booming laughter filled the other end of the phone. “Nothing new there Clearwater,” Bella snapped aggravated.

She smiled at the tone, her heart picking up speed, “Anything else?”

“Hmm. Okay, how about do you work?” Bella asked happily.

“Yes. At the Ateara’s diner here on the Rez. I work part time during the week and all-day Saturday and Sunday.”

“Good to know.” The smile was evident in Bella’s voice. A smooth familiar female voice called Bella’s name and the girl said quickly, “I have to go. Dinner is ready.”

Her chest clenched in pain. She wasn’t ready to end the call, “Okay. Hey Bella?”


She grinned, “Next time you should come for dinner, my invite.”

A small chuckle warmed her heart, “Alright. Text me when. Good night Leah.”

“Good night Bella.”

The call ended and she smiled up at the moon as it reflected off the calm water. She wasn’t sure what she felt when it came to Bella. There were so many conflicting emotions to shift through at one time, but she was positive of one thing. She really enjoyed talking to her. The girl was setting her free, free of anger and sadness. Bella was the moon to her tide.

She groaned and fell backwards into the sand. The girl was making her sappy.


The following morning, she stood grumpily against the wall of the diner as Joy unlocked the door, “I’m sorry I’m late but Quil is beginning the shift.”

She sighed, “Another mind to add to the plethora of voices already there.”

Joy frowned at her, “Did you get any sleep last night?”

She shook her head, “I took Paul’s shift too. I’ll be fine.”

She had only taken Paul’s shift to give her time to think about her imprint. After the phone call she had felt a strange sense of calm that she wasn’t used to. The warm feeling of contentment had made her heart swell wildly until an hour had passed and then she was right back to being angry. She had a feeling that Seth was right, and it wasn’t good to be away from her imprint for too long.

She followed the woman into the restaurant and slipped behind the counter, tying the half apron around her waist. The morning passed slowly as she waited on the few customers that came in for breakfast. When the lunch rush hit, she was finally busy. Joy was in the kitchen cooking as she took the orders of a large group of travelers. She entered the kitchen with three tickets and grimaced at the older woman.

“I hate travelers.”

She hated when the men would hit on her, some even going as far as trying to grab her ass as she took their orders or delivered their drinks. Even when she would refill coffee and the men would make sure to leave their cups further away, so she had to lean to grab them.

Joy chuckled, “At least you won’t see them again.”

She rolled her eyes as the bell dinged above the door and she downed a glass of water before walking back into the diner. She froze when she spotted Bella sitting at the counter patiently. The girl’s long hair over her shoulder creating a curtain blocking her face. She smiled for a moment before shaking her head and moving behind the counter.

“Shouldn’t you be in school?” She asked casually, sitting a menu in front of the girl.

Bella shook her head, anger on her face, “Three-day weekend.”

She frowned, “Something wrong?”

Bella shrugged before she glanced down at the menu, “Water and a burger.”

“Which one?” She smirked at the girl.

Light brown eyes narrowed at her as they began to darken, “Surprise me.”

“You’ll regret that,” she snatched the menu off the counter and quickly jotted the dish down on the ticket for Joy.

She moved around the large room, refilling drinks and delivering plates of food, feeling Bella’s eyes on her every movement. Her heart raced in her chest as a slight smile danced on her lips. When she got a break, she slipped into the kitchen, “Hey Joy, is there a three-day weekend for Forks high today?”

Joy frowned as she flipped Bella’s burger, “No. I’m fairly sure they’re in session. Why?”

Leah smirked and moved back behind the counter, “So why are you really here?”

Bella rolled her eyes, “Food.”

“That you could easily get in Forks. Why are you here?” She leaned her elbows on the counter, putting herself closer to the girl and inhaling the soothing scent deeply.

“Why do you care?” Bella snapped aggravated.

She frowned at the girl, taking a moment to really look at her. Her eyes had dark circles underneath them and her face was drawn slightly. She felt her heart ache as she answered, “I can’t explain it, but I do care. Are you alright?”

Bella shrugged as she stared into her water silently.

Joy dinged they bell, and she turned to grab Bella’s order catching the look of worry on Joy’s face. She shook her head at the woman and turned sitting the plate in front of Bella, “You’re not leaving until you eat it all.”

She hurried to her waiting customers. An hour later she returned to Bella at the counter, “Now can I go.” Bella pushed the empty plate towards her.

“Hang on,” she took the plate into the kitchen. “Mind if I leave a little early?”

Joy smiled at her, “Go ahead. It should only be five minutes until Embry gets here.”

She untied her apron and glanced at Bella, “Come on.”

Bella frowned at her as she tossed money onto the counter before following her out the door. She stretched sighing at the pops from her stiff body before walking beside the girl, “So why did you come down here?”

Bella stuck her hands in her pockets, “The Cullen’s went hiking today and I wasn’t up for school today.”

They bypassed Bella’s truck and took the dirt path that led towards the beach, “How come?”

Bella sighed, “Rough night. I didn’t sleep much.”

She frowned, “Charlie told my mom that you were staying at the Cullen’s.”

Bella snorted, “Nope. I did my homework over there and Rosalie made me dinner. Esme made dessert, Emmett and I played some games and then I was at Charlie’s by midnight.”

She raised an eyebrow at the girls use of her father’s first name but decided against pushing it for now, “When did Charlie get home?”

“He didn’t.” Bella continued walking as she stepped into the sand.

She froze, “He stayed at our house?” She grimaced as she shivered.

Bella turned to face her, “Yep. Seth slept with me last night.” The girl turned and walked towards the water’s edge.

She shook her head, begging the powers that be, that she did not hear that right. She hurried to catch up, “Excuse me?”

“What?” Bella frowned at her.

“Seth did what now?” She silently pleaded to not have to kill her little brother.

Bella shrugged, “It’s not the first time. For the last few months, he’s been slipping into my window.”

She felt the anger begin its slow spread through her body. How dare the little twerp sneak into her imprints room, at night. Without telling her, even after he knew that Bella was her imprint. She backed away from the girl as her body began to shake wildly, her anger burning through what little control she had.

Bella frowned over at her, “You okay? You look ready to kill me.”

A growl rumbled her chest as she tried to reign in her anger. Trying to not think about her imprint in bed with her brother, not wanting to believe Seth would do that to her. How could she face him? It would be a worse betrayal that Sam and Emily have been.

Bella took a step towards her, “Leah?”

She backed away, “Stay away from me.” She growled. She needed to run, to get away before she hurt her imprint.

Bella’s eyes darkened, brown slipping into black emptiness, “Fine.” The girl walked past her angrily, heading for the path.

She frowned as the pain clenched her heart. She was hurting her. She growled again before turning and catching Bella’s wrist, jerking the girl around. The sand shifted slightly under her strength and they both went down. She landed on top of the girl and her eyes widened.

“I’m sorry.”

Bella’s eyes showed the pain that she was holding back, “It’s fine.”

She glanced down and she froze. A purple and black bruise peaked out from under the girl’s shirt, where it was pulled down from their fall. Without thinking she reached up and jerked the shirt further down, exposing the girl’s smooth upper chest. The bruises were unmistakable, fingers that were imprinted on her skin. Her fingers spaced just so far apart from where she had been holding the glass.

“I can explain,” Bella says quickly.

She couldn’t take her eyes off the marks. Marks she had left on the girl. Accident or not. She could feel the guilt crash into her body as her eyes burned the image into her brain.

A cool shaking had cupped her face and she finally dragged her eyes up to Bella’s, “It was an accident Leah. It’s okay.”

“Why didn’t you tell me?” She whispered.

Bella frowned, “It was an accident. I’m fine. It’s not a big deal.”

She shook her head, “I’m so sorry.”

She buried her face in the girl’s neck, wrapping her arms around her imprint. Pain clutched at her heart as it pounded in her chest, thumping loudly in her ears.

Bella ran her hands up and down her back gently, soothingly, “Leah please stop apologizing. I’m fine and as Emmett says chicks dig scars.”

She snorted into Bella’s neck, feeling her anger slowly slip away, “He says that?”

She felt Bella nod, “Yep. He likes to joke around a lot, but he has such a big heart.”

She nuzzled the girl’s neck, inhaling her calming scent. Fresh forest rain and peaches, with a hint of motor oil, swirling around her mind soothingly. She tightened her hold on the girl unconsciously as Bella’s hands continued to move over her back and shoulders. She turned her head and ran her lips across the smooth flesh as the girl’s pulse jumped rapidly in her neck. She smiled at the sudden uptick in the girl’s heartbeat.

She pressed her body firmer against the girl underneath her and heard the quiet moan, just barely above the pounding heart beats, the solid strong thumps in tune with each other. Bella pulled down on her back harder and her chest vibrated with the pleasing growl in response. She trailed her lips up the girls neck lightly, feeling the excitement explode in her stomach as Bella turned her head slightly giving her more access. She placed on soft kiss on her neck and smiled at the girl’s shiver.

“Hey Leah!”

She growled angrily, pulling back, as Jarrod and Paul began moving their way, “Fucking hell.”

Bella chuckled, her light eyes lidded and blazing with desire, “I should go. Rosalie and Emmett will be home soon, and I promised to have dinner with them.”

She sighed but nodded and stood, pulling the girl to her feet. She glanced at Paul and Jared as they froze suddenly, looking between them. She turned back to the girl, “Come down tomorrow. I have off and we can hang out all day.”

Bella smiled at her, “I can’t. I’m going to Seattle with Alice. She wants a girl’s shopping trip and I begged Rosalie to go too.”

She frowned before suddenly remembering the bonfire on Sunday, “Sunday?”

“I’ll be here.” Bella smiled at her before turning and disappearing back up the path they had come from.

She grinned as she turned to the boys, “What?”

They glanced at each other before looking back at her. Paul frowned, “We didn’t know that you played both sides.”

She glared at him, “I never slept with Sam.”

Jared nodded, “Yes but you’ve had three boyfriends and no girlfriends.”

She shrugged, “So what. I like her.”

Paul eyed her curiously, “You hate her. You’ve been telling all of us that for the last few months because of Jacob.”

She growled angrily. She had forgotten about Jacob. He was going to see all this the moment he was shifted at the same time as Paul or Jared, or both of them. Jacob was going to be pissed but maybe if she explained the imprint… She shook her head. It was no use. He wanted to imprint on her and now he was going to be furious.

She frowned at the man, “I can explain but I don’t want Jacob to find out.”

The boys grinned as they shared a glance, “You imprinted on her didn’t you.” Jared smirked at her.

She groaned and hung her head. She hated sharing her feelings with others unless it was anger. She didn’t want them to see the soft side of her, but it would be nice to finally understand the imprint bond more than what she could see through Sam and Jared.

Paul laughed, “Holy shit. Wait until Sam finds out. He’s going to be pissed.”

Her head snapped up, “Why?”

Jared chuckled, “Because hurting the blonde Cullen would only hurt your imprint and we can’t do that.”

The light bulb in her mind clicked on, “The treaty would become useless.”

Paul nodded, “Please let me tell him. I’m begging you Leah.” Paul looked way to happy about it.

She shook her head, “Keep it quiet for a week and I’ll consider it.”

They both nodded and Jared frowned, “Why don’t you want him to know?”

She sighed, “I don’t want to scare her off and I don’t want her to think she doesn’t have a choice.” They nodded as the pulled her down the beach to their group.


She stumbled tiredly into her mother’s house later that night, having spent the entire afternoon with Paul Jared and Kim. It had been the most fun she’d had in the last few months. The three were happy for her and had complimented her change they had noticed over the last three days. To them she had become calmer even in her thoughts, seeing that her anger had toned down significantly but weren’t sure why until now.

She frowned at the handwritten note on the refrigerator, her mother was out with Charlie again. An over nighter in Seattle. She rolled her eyes before grabbing a bottle of water. She made her way to Seth’s bedroom and knocked. With her mom gone she could spend a little time with Seth and reconnect with her little brother.

After a moment she opened the door and found the room dark and empty. She pulled her phone out and dialed Seth’s number. He answered on the second ring, “Yeah.”

She chuckled, “Don’t sound so happy to hear from me. Where you at?”

“What do you want?” He sounded frustrated.

She frowned in confusion, “I was hoping to spend some time with you since mom is with Charlie in Seattle tonight.”

“Yeah, I know. I was there when they left this afternoon. I won’t be home so don’t wait up.”

There was a giggle in the background, and she stiffened. She recognized that giggle, “Where the fuck are you?”

“I’m at a friend’s house Leah. Goodbye.” Seth snarled at her.

She growled angrily as she ran from the house, slipping into the woods she stripped out of her clothes and shifted after tying her clothes to her leg. She sprinted across the line knowing exactly where he was. She skidded to a stop outside the Swan house and stared up into the window at the back of the house.

Seth was pacing back and forth in and out of view of the window, “Like suddenly she thinks she can just demand to know where I am.”

Bella’s voice was soft and comforting, “Whatever funk she was in is probably coming to an end and she wants to reconnect Seth. Why not give it a try?”

Seth paused in the middle of the room, “Why are you on her side all of a sudden?”

“I’m not.” Bella said quickly.

Her heart sank slightly as she shifted and pulled her clothes back on, continuing to listen and watch.

“All I’m saying is better late than never.” Bella continued gently.

Seth sighed, “So where’s Rosalie and Emmett?”

Bella appeared in the window, a beautiful smile appearing on her face, “They went hunting after dinner. They’ll be back soon. Rosie said she’d let me know when they are on their way back.”

Seth chuckled, “Rosie? You mean she hasn’t killed you for that?”

Bella laughed, open and honest, and it was the most wonderful sound in the world to her as she continued to watch the girl in the window, “No she hasn’t, and she won’t.” Bella’s smile disappeared as she became thoughtful, “It’s so strange.”

Seth walked to her, standing beside her, “What is?”

Bella shook her head, “Rosalie has become a mother to me, in more ways than I knew possible. Emmett is a teddy bear but when Mike Newton cornered me at school yesterday to ask me to that stupid dance… I’ve never seen him so angry.”

Seth frowned, “Why angry?”

Bella laughed, “After nearly making Mike piss his pants, he pulled me to the parking lot mumbling about no one taking his child to some dance to get in my pants.” The girl shook her head.

Seth burst into laughter before he disappeared from the window, the sound of the bed creaking slightly as his body fell on it, “Man I wish I could have seen that.”

Bella rolled her eyes, “I literally felt like my parent had embarrassed me in front of a friend from school.”

Seth sobered long enough to speak without his voice cracking, “Rosalie and Emmett consider you their child Bells. I’m honestly surprised they let any boy around you, but at least they love you. Like really love you.” His laughter trickled through again, “Still funny as hell though.”

Bella snatched something up into her hands before disappearing from the window. A soft thud met her ears and she frowned as Seth laughed even more, “Stop! I give!”

“You better you little brat.” Bella said with a chuckle.

She felt the pang of jealousy again as she listened to the two, joke and laugh. She heard the bed shift and knew they were both on it. She felt the anger beginning as her heart pounded in her chest wildly. Silence fell in the house and suddenly Seth was at the window.

“Leah, what are you doing here?” He snapped angrily at her when he opened the window.

She took three steps before launching herself up to the window, slipping inside easily. “What are you doing here Seth?”

Bella frowned from where she stood near the foot of the bed, her mind slowly working, and she felt her heart sink. Was she figuring it out? What would she say if she did figure it out?

Seth crossed his arms over his chest, “I told you I was at a friend’s house.”

“You didn’t say which friend.” She snapped, her body shaking slightly.

Bella shook her head, “Both of you out.” They turned to her with frowns and she pointed to the window, “You are not shifting in here. Go outside or you’ll destroy Charlie’s house.”

Leah felt her jaw drop, “You know?”

Bella narrowed her eyes at her, “I’m not an idiot Leah. I was more focused on the Cold Ones than the wolves in the stories at the time and if Seth is, I was pretty sure it ran in the family. I’ve got my own stuff going on so I didn’t think too much about it until now.”

Seth chuckled, “Thank god I was tired of trying to watch what I was saying.” He collapsed on the bed with a smile.

Bella chuckled and hit him with the pillow, “You’re still in trouble.”

He shook his head, “You wouldn’t.”

Bella grinned, “As soon as they get back.”

He groaned and covered his face with the pillow. She frowned at them, “What’s going on?”

Bella chuckled, “Seth did something stupid and he’s gonna get it when Rosalie and Emmett get home.” As if on cue her cell phone began to ring.

She frowned at the two, “What happened?”

Seth shook his head, but Bella smirked at him, “He tried to do a triple flip out of a tree and broke his collarbone.”

Seth gasped, “Snitch!”

Bella laughed as she shook her head, “It was your own fault.”

She glanced at the silent phone as it began to ring again, watching as Bella crossed to her desk and frowned at the caller ID. “Hey.”

Rosalie’s voice was frantic, “Bella are you okay?”

The girl frowned, “Yes. Why?”

“Alice said you’re future disappeared. Is Seth with you?”

She cocked her head at her brother as the blood sucker said her brother’s name specifically, but the boy refused to look at her.

Bella smiled, “Yeah he came about an hour ago but…”

“But what?” Rosalie asked sternly.

“Well Leah’s here too. She just arrived actually.”

There was silence for a moment then Rosalie’s slight growl, “We’re on our way.”

The call ended and Bella shook her head as she sat her phone on the desk, “We’re in trouble.”

Seth snorted, “When are we not?”

Bella laughed as she stepped up onto her bed and sat cross legged, “She sounds angry.”

Seth slid across the bed to put his back against the wall, “She going to make you stay with them tonight?”

Bella smiled, “Probably.”

She frowned at the two of them, “Someone care to tell me what the hell is going on?”

A cool breeze shifted in the room and Rosalie’s pitch-black eyes were staring at her, blocking her view of her brother and Bella. She felt her body stiffen in anger at the blonde leech, the hairs on the back of her neck standing on end. Her mate stood beside her, his eyes black and hardened.

“Bella, get your bag.” Emmett said gruffly.

Bella slid off the bed and pulled the duffel bag out from under her bed, “We were just talking Rosie.”

Rosalie’s body relaxed slightly, “You’re staying with us since Charlie is in Seattle.”

Bella nodded and smirked at Seth, “Seth broke his collarbone.”

Rosalie growled as she spun to look at the boy on the bed. She frowned at the blonde as her mate blurred onto the bed. His large hands were gentle as he lifted Seth’s arm while placing his other hand on the boy’s collarbone, “She’s right. I’ll call Carlisle and have him meet us at the house to set it.”

Seth glared at Bella, “Bella was out in the woods behind the house.”

Bella narrowed her eyes at him, her eyes shifting from light brown to black, “Snitch.”

Seth grinned, “All’s fair.”

Rosalie blurred to Bella, “What have I told you about going into the woods without Emmett or I with you?” she snapped.

Bella bowed her head, looking like a child being scolded by her mother and that’s when it hit her. This was a family. Bella wasn’t just spending time with Vampires. She had been pulled into their family. Rosalie and Emmett really were like parents to her and Seth had somehow been dragged into it.

She frowned at her brother. Did he really feel the need to find another family? She knew her mother was either working or spending a lot of time with Charlie. Had she really checked out so far that she didn’t see how much her little brother was hurting?

Her eyes landed on Bella. Was Charlie really as nonexistent as a parent as she thought? So much so that Bella turned to bloodsuckers for comfort and love. She felt her heart break slightly not just for her brother but for her imprint. They needed a family, someone to care where they were or if they were safe and they found it in the vampires that they were supposed to hate.

How could she hate them now that she knew how much they cared for her brother? How much they had been taking care of him in the last few months and her imprint longer than that. She couldn’t hate them which made her angrier, everything that had been instilled into her since the shift didn’t mean anything anymore. They were taught to hate the vampires, but they weren’t the ones from the stories. She felt the anger disappear as she stared at her imprint.

Bella frowned at the blonde, “I wasn’t that far in and I was looking for something when Seth came out of nowhere.”

Rosalie pinched the bridge of her nose, “What am I going to do with you Isabella?”

Bella smiled widely at the blonde as she filled the duffel bag with clothes, “Not spend an hour lecturing me so I can play video games with Emmett?”

Emmett blurred off the bed and wrapped an arm around his mate, “Come on Rose. She was careful and she’s perfectly fine. You know she would never go too far without you.”

Rosalie sighed, a look of love entering her black eyes, “Fine, but if it happens again Isabella, so help me I will go longer than an hour lecturing you.”

Bella nodded and threw her arms around the blonde, “I promise it won’t.”

A smile stretched Rosalie’s face as she held the girl tightly. Emmett chuckled, “That’s my two girls. Come on, we have a pup that needs tending to.” He slung the duffel bag over his shoulder and held his hand out to Seth.

Seth sighed and let the large vampire pull him up off the bed. Rosalie turned to her, “I’m sure you can see yourself out.”

She frowned, “You aren’t taking my brother.” Her anger began to rise again, and she mentally cursed her whirlwind of emotions.

Seth shook his head at her, “Carlisle has helped me out plenty Leah.” His glare hurt her.

She was right, she had been so lost in her own problems that Seth had slipped further from her than she wanted to admit. She stepped back as Rosalie scooped Bella up into her arms and disappeared out the window. Seth hopped up onto Emmett’s back and they disappeared in a blur, leaving her alone in Bella’s room.

She made it to her mother’s empty house and sat at the dining room table as she processed everything she had learned. By the time the sun began to rise she made her decision. It wasn’t the right one she knew but she felt like she had no other choice. She had made this mess with her brother and she had to figure out how to fix it, but in order to do that she needed time.

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AN: Trigger warnings to many things are present in this story. Don’t like don’t read.

I do not own Twilight.

I just like to play around in different worlds with them :)



Leah spent all of Saturday on the phone with a few realtors in the Forks area. Imprint or not she knew the leeches wouldn’t be allowed on the Rez, so she had decided to only look for houses around Forks. She didn’t want to be that far away from her imprint. She knew it would take a while, but it was something she had been thinking about for a while.

Sunday morning, she awoke with a stomach full of dragons as the nerves made her anxious. She would be seeing her imprint and it would be the first time the girl would hear the legends that the tribe passed down. After last night she knew that Seth wasn’t going to like what was going to be said and she wasn’t sure how Bella would react either.

She was nervous but she was more excited to be spending time with the girl. Just the thought of the girl was enough to make her heart beat faster. She had been surprised so far that Paul and Jared were keeping their promise and hiding the knowledge of her imprint from everyone else. They knew Seth knew but she was beginning to feel like Seth was keeping something from all of them.

She started the coffee pot as the front door opened and Sue entered the house. She felt her lip curl uncontrollably as the scent of Charlie’s aftershave filled her senses. She poured her a cup and turned as her mother entered the kitchen, “Have a good night?”

Sue grinned, “Yes I did. What are you doing today?”

“Setting up the bonfire on the beach with the others and then I’m hoping to spend time before the bonfire with a friend.” She took a drink to hide her smile.

Sue crossed her arms over her chest, “What friend? You know this bonfire is the first for Quil.”

She felt the growl wanting to escape but she held it as Bella’s face entered her mind, “Yes. I assume you’ll be there.”

“Of course. I’m part of the council.” Sue grabbed a coffee cup.

She moved away from the coffee pot, “What do you think of Bella Swan?”

Sue took her full cup to the table and sat, eyeing her carefully, “I think she’s an idiot for being around Vampires. Willing risking Charlie’s life not to mention her own.”

She felt her anger begin to rise as her body began to shake uncontrollably, “She can make her own choices and they would never hurt her.”

Sue snorted, “They are monsters that’s what they do.”

She opened her mouth to snap at her mother when a knock at the door had her closing it.

Sue frowned, “It’s a little early for company isn’t it.”

She slammed her mug down on the counter and took three strides to the door, yanking it open in anger. Her anger vanished instantly as Bella jumped slightly. A small blush creeped up the girls face as she held up two cups from the Ateara’s diner, “Coffee?”

She grinned at her imprint, her heart beating faster in her chest, “Always. Come in.”

She took the cup from Bella and stood aside so the girl could enter the house. She smiled as the girl squeezed close to her chest to slip into the house and the soothing scent enveloped her.

“Give me a minute to change and we’ll head to the beach.” She took a drink as she headed back to her room, listening intently to her mother’s voice.

“Good morning Bella.” Sue said with a sharp tone.

“Sue.” Bella muttered softly.

“Charlie didn’t tell me you were coming today. Is everything okay?” Sue was fishing for information.

Bella’s voice was stronger when she spoke next, “What happens between me and my family is none of your concern. Anything that happens between me and Leah is none of your concern either. Charlie is a cop, so I know when someone is fishing for information Sue.”

She smirked as she pulled her tennis shoes on hearing the warning in her imprints tone. The girl may be quiet and shy, but she could handle herself in a battle of wits. She grabbed the coffee that Bella had brought her and hurried back to the living room. Bella stood with her arms crossed over her chest glaring at Sue and Sue glaring at Bella with a look of complete shock was something she would never forget.

She placed her hand on the girl’s lower back, “Ready?”

Bella turned to her with a small smile, “Ready.”

She guided the girl out of the house and to her truck, “I’m surprised blondie is letting you drive this thing.”

Bella chuckled as she started the monstrosity, “Oh believe me she’s working on a way to destroy it without my knowledge so she can put me in a safer vehicle.”

She smirked as Bella backed out of the driveway, “What kind of vehicle?”

The most beautiful smile crossed the girl’s face, “Have you seen Emmett’s Jeep?”

She nodded with a frown, “The Rubicon?”

Bella nodded, “She says it’ll be the safest thing for my clumsy ass.”

She snorted a laugh. She only calmed when Bella parked in the parking lot near the beach.

Bella shook her head as she slammed her truck door, “Not that funny.”

She hurried to catch up to the girl, “I’m sorry.”

Bella sighed, “So why did you want me here tonight?”

She walked close to the girl eyeing her carefully as they stepped onto the sand, “I wanted to spend time with you.”

Bella frowned at her before shrugging, “I thought you hated me?”

She frowned, “Why would you think that?” A slight pain clenched her heart.

“Jake said that you never wanted me around and that it would be best if I kept my distance from you.”

She felt the anger wrap around her body as she began to shake. How dare Jacob keep her imprint from her. True at the time she didn’t know that Bella was her imprint, but it could have happened sooner if Jacob hadn’t stuck his nose in where it didn’t belong.

A cold hand touched her arm and she stopped shaking instantly. She looked over at Bella and felt the world melt away as the girl’s light brown eyes held her own. Unconsciously she stepped closer to the girl, their bodies pressing gently together. She slowly tucked a strand of hair behind the girl’s ear, her lips twitching up in a small smile as the girl’s face flushed and her heartbeat picked up speed.

She could see the nervousness in her imprint’s eyes as she leaned closer needing to feel the girl. It was uncontrollable as if some invisible force were pulling them together, forcing them together. She watched as Bella’s light brown eyes began to darken slightly as she stared into her eyes.

“Yo Leah! How about some help?” Paul’s voice shouted from behind her.

She growled angrily as Bella stepped back, her cheeks turning a deep red as she rubbed the back of her neck nervously, “I’ll… I’ll go see what Seth’s up to.”

She frowned as she watched the girl hurry towards the water where Seth was laughing with Quil. She felt the irritation flicking at the back of her mind as she stomped towards Paul and Jared. They were smirking at her as she approached, and she wanted to reach over and knock their heads together as hard as she could.

Paul chuckled, “So when can I tell him?”

Jared snorted, “Better do it before they catch you kissing her. That would be a shock for everyone.”

She glared at them, “I hate you both.” She felt the grin pulling at the corner of her mouth.

Paul and Jared laughed as they began to gather the wood for the bonfire. She kept glancing over at her imprint as the girl laughed and talked with Seth and Quil. It was the happiest she has felt in a long time and the most at ease. She wanted to wrap her arms around the girl and never let go, even if the girl was constantly over at the bloodsucker’s house.

She scolded herself mentally, trying to call them by name since they were a part of her imprints life and probably always would be. She kept an eye on the girl while helping the boys set up everything and by midafternoon they were about finished.

She heard Bella’s voice as she yelped, and she quickly turned to see Seth chasing the girl down the beach before launching himself at the girl and tackling her into the sand. She couldn’t stop the small smile that pulled at the corner of her lips as she turned back to find Paul and Jared smirking at her.

“What?” She snapped.

They laughed and Paul shook his head, “Have you told her yet?”

She frowned as she looked down, “No. I haven’t had a chance.”

Jared frowned at her, “You know the gag order doesn’t include imprints. We can’t deny our imprints anything and if she were to ask you would spill your guts whether you want to or not.”

She frowned at them, “I thought the gag order was firm?”

Paul shook his head, “Not when it comes to imprints.”

She glanced back over her shoulder as Seth’s shout filled the air, “Stop! Bella! Not fair!”

Bella was over Seth tickling him mercilessly as she smiled beautifully, “Say it and I’ll stop.”

Seth struggled against the girl for a moment before shouting, “Fine. You are the Queen and I bow down to your intelligence.”

Bella pushed herself up to her feet, “See, was that so hard.”

Seth grinned as he jumped to his feet, “What little there is of it.”

“You little…” Bella sprinted down the beach after Seth.

She chuckled as she turned back to Paul and Jared, “I’ll tell her tonight during the bonfire.”

She turned and caught sight of Sam and Emily making their way towards them hand in hand. The pain she usually felt at the sight was gone but the hurt from what Emily had done was still alive and well. Emily was her cousin and had willingly had sex with Sam knowing that she was dating him. That pain would probably never go away, knowing that her cousin had betrayed her so easily.

She shook her head, “I’m going to go find Bella and Seth.”

Sam stopped near them and frowned, “Why is Bella here? Don’t tell me Jacob invited her.”

Paul and Jared eyed her carefully, waiting for her to decide. She knew Jacob was bound to find out about her imprint on Bella and having the Alpha on her side would be helpful, but she still couldn’t look at Sam without the disgust of what he had done creeping into her mind.

She sighed heavily and nodded at Paul, “Tell him. I’m gonna go find Bella.”

She turned and jogged down the beach in the direction she had last seen Bella chasing her brother. She slowed to a walk once she was out of ear shot of Sam and Paul wondering how Sam would take the news but not curious enough to be there to see it.

Seth’s voice met her ears near the tree line where the beach turned to forest, “It’s just so hard to keep it from everyone Bells.”

She leaned against a tree silently, watching as Seth and Bella sat near the water. His head was on the girl’s shoulder and her arm was wrapped around his shoulders, “You should tell them. One thing that Rosalie has taught me is that holding this kind of stuff in is not good for the soul.”

Seth chuckled, “Sounds like her.”

“Now you’re starting to sound like Edward.” Bella snorted.

Seth chuckled, “I know.”

They sat in silence for a moment as she watched the two as Bella looked out over the water. The orange and pink sunset shimmered on the water and she couldn’t help but stare at her imprint. She had never seen the girl look more beautiful. The normally brunette hair looking auburn in the light, draped over her shoulders. The jacket the girl had been wearing sat beside her and she felt her mouth water at the toned muscles in the girl’s arms. She had always thought the girl was too thin and, in a way, she still thought that, but she could also see the runners body that the girl was hiding beneath slightly baggy clothes.

“I’m sorry about Charlie.” Seth said quietly.

She felt her body tense as she watched her imprint’s body stiffen.

“Not your fault Seth. I always knew something was off, but I guess I just didn’t want to see the truth.” Bella said with a slight quiver in her voice.

“Well, you know you’ve got the Cullen’s and me now.” Seth said with a grin.

Bella chuckled, “I know, even though you annoy the shit out of me.” Bella shoved the boy gently.

She smiled at the two as she slowly moved forward, “There you two are. Bonfire is about to be lit.”

Seth looked back at her in surprise, “Finally. Took you guys long enough.” Seth stood and pulled Bella to her feet before running back down the beach.

Bella smiled at her, “Are you sure you want me here?” The girl picked up her jacket.

She nodded with a smile, “How’s your bloodsuckers?”

Bella chuckled as a slightly blush covered her cheeks, “Their fine, thank you for asking. How’s the pack?”

She laughed, “Of all the things you could ask that’s what you choose?”

The began to walk along the shoreline as Bella smiled shyly, “I was being polite.”

She moved closer to the girl, “The pack is fine. Sam is the Alpha and Jared is his second, or Beta.”

Bella eyed her carefully, “I take it you don’t like Sam?”

She grimaced, “What gave it away?”

Bella chuckled, “The look on your face for one.”

She sighed as she watched the laughter in the girl’s light brown eyes, “It’s not that I don’t. It’s just complicated.”

“I’m good with complicated. Vampires remember.” Bella smiled softly.

She stopped and searched the girl’s eyes, seeing only curiosity. She motioned to a long piece of driftwood and she waited until Bella sat down before straddling the log, placing the girl between her legs, “I was dating Sam a while back.”

She watched sadness creep into the girl’s eyes, “Oh.”

She frowned as Bella looked down at her hands, “We dated for a few months and then my cousin Emily came down to visit one weekend. She had been away at college for the semester. About a month later I found out that Sam cheated on me with her.”

Bella’s eyes snapped up to meet her eyes, “That’s horrible.”

She nodded as she felt her heart clench at the concern in the girl’s voice for her, “I was so angry that I pushed my own little brother away. At the time it was pain and hatred. Then my father passed a few months later, followed by me shifting.”

She looked down at her hands as Bella’s cooler hand gently clasped hers tightly. She looked back up into the light brown caring eyes, “I’m sorry you had to go through that.”

She shook her head, feeling the tears trying to work their way to the surface, “I’ve been alone for a long time, at least that’s how it felt. At the time I didn’t know that Sam imprinted on Emily.”

“Imprint?” Bella asked curiously.

She nodded, “It’s similar to your vampires and their mates.”

Bella smiled slightly, a small blush creeping up her neck, “What’s it like?”

She grinned at the girl, “When we see the one, it’s like everything else fades away. Standing in an empty abyss where only that person exists. We’ll be anything, do anything to make that person happy. It’s like…” She hesitates for a moment as she feels her heart swell seeing the care in the girl’s eyes, “Like gravity doesn’t keep us on the ground, our imprint does. They ground us in every way. The imprint can calm our wolf, soothing the anger that can explode at any second. A soulmate.”

Bella’s slightly red cheeks and shy smile touches something inside her heart, inside her soul, as the girl rubs the back of her neck, “That’s…Powerful.”

She chuckled, “Yeah it is, but it can also be freeing.” She unconsciously glances over at Sam and Emily.

Bella frowned, “Has it happened to you?”

Her eyes snap back to the girl in front of her, “Yes.”

Bella’s brow furrows as she looks away, “If I ask would you tell me?”

She reaches her fingers up to pull the girls chin towards her so she can see the girl’s beautiful eyes, “Yes.”

Bella holds her eyes as she takes a deep breath, “Who have you imprinted on?”

“You,” she breathes out.

Bella’s eyes widen slightly, “Me? But why? I mean you didn’t even like me.”

“I told you it’s not that I didn’t like you. I was dealing with a lot and I wasn’t looking for it. I’m so sorry that I made you think I didn’t like you.”

She was desperate for her imprint to understand. She didn’t want to run the girl off, but she also knew she wouldn’t be able to spend much time away from her now either. Bella stared out over the water, the silence stretching too long for her comfort. She began to feel anxious as she watched the emotions float across the girl’s face, not really able to see her eyes.

“Why are you telling me all of this?” Bella almost whispers quietly.

“We can’t keep anything from our imprints. I will never keep anything from you.” She says firmly.

She can see the girl’s body stiffen slightly, “You don’t even know me Leah.”

“I want to. I want to know everything about you. I want to know your favorite color, favorite food, what makes your heart race, what upsets you. I want to make you smile, I want you to feel loved and cared for.” She leans closer to Bella as the girl finally looks at her. She frowns as the tear slides down the girl’s cheek and she quickly brushes it away with her thumb, “Why are you crying?”

Bella shook her head, “This is a lot to take in.”

She nods, “I know, and I didn’t want to just drop it on you, but I wanted you to know. This is going to cause problems.”

Bella scoffs, her eyes darkening, “Because my family are vampires?”

She chuckled, “If only. No not that. Jacob has had a crush on you for years.”

“Ugh,” Bella groans, “Don’t remind me.”

She grins at her imprint, “Good to know. I was a little worried you returned his feelings,” she jokes lightly.

Bella grimaced at her, “That’s not a joke that’s just cruel.”

She couldn’t stop the laugh that bursts from her, ignoring the wide-eyed looks from the group of people that had gathered around fire. “I’m very happy about that.”

“So, were we always going to be together then?” Bella asks with a lopsided grin.

She shook her head, “No. I can be just a friend, or a protector, or a sister.”

Bella made a gagging motion, “I care about you way too much for you to be a sister.” The girl shivers slightly.

She takes a chance and wraps her arms around the girl, pulling her into her chest firmly, “And why is that?”

She almost misses the smile as Bella rests her head on her shoulder, “You worked your way under my walls.”

She almost whimpers when Bella pulls back slightly but the look on the girl’s face keeps her quiet, “Will you go out with me? On a date I mean?”

The blush returns to the brunette’s face as she nods, “I would love to Leah.”

Her heart swells with happiness as she kisses the girl’s cheek softly, “Come on, it’s about to start.”

Bella frowns, “What is?”

She pushed herself to her feet and holds her hand out to her imprint, “The legends of our tribe. It’s the first time that Quil will be hearing it. He just shifted when you came to the diner.”

She tried to ignore the heat coursing through her body as Bella’s cool hand meets hers. Her mind suddenly wondering why the girl’s hand is always so cold. She pulls the girl towards the seating around the fire and she makes eye contact with Sam. He grins widely at her before nodding his head at her. She knows she will forgive Sam sometime in the future, already feeling lighter about everything that happened.

But knowing he has her back when it comes to her imprint makes a world of difference.

She watches the girl’s face throughout the stories, seeing the girl’s eyes darken at certain times before lighting up when Ephraim Black makes the treaty with the Cullen’s. She felt the girl shift closer to her as the night wears on, smiling at the movement. When the stories are done, and more food is being eaten she frowns as Bella leans even further against her before speaking.

“I should go.” Bella whispers.

She turns her body towards the girl, “Are you tired?”

Bella shakes her head before glancing across the fire. She looks over to see Jacob watching them, a frown on his face. Her body tightened instantly at the way he’s looking at her imprint. The need to protect what’s hers coils around her chest and she wraps her arm around the girl’s shoulders.

“Don’t leave because of him. I would like you to stay but if you don’t feel comfortable…” She trailed off and dropped her arm quickly, not wanting to make the girl any more uncomfortable.

Bella shook her head as she quickly grips her hand, “I’m comfortable with you Leah. I’ll stay because you want me too.”

She can’t stop the smile that spreads across her face, “Wanna walk?”

Bella nodded, “Please.”

She pulls the girl up quicky, lacing their fingers together as she leads the girl down the beach away from the group of people, “You don’t care for crowds do you?”

“Not really.” Bella sighed heavily, “I don’t know if its crowds or just the unknown. A lot has happened in the past few months.”

She frowned and instinctually pulled the girl closer to her, wrapping an arm around her waist, “You don’t have to talk about it if you don’t want to.”

Bella chuckled, “It’s not that, I’m just worried how you’ll react especially after those stories.”

She pulled the girl to a stop, “You can tell me anything Bella.” She stares into the darkening eyes of her imprint.

Bella hesitates for a moment before nodding, “Before prom we were out at our clearing. The Cullen’s like baseball and Rosalie is really competitive which is hilarious to see when she’s pitted against her mate Emmett.”

She grins at the love shimmering in the girl’s eyes, “I would love to see that.”

Bella snorted, “You might get to.” She frowns as the girl puts distance between them before turning back to her, “Three nomads heard the noise and came to investigate. The problem was that James was a tracker and when he caught my scent, he chose me as his next target.”

She clenched her hands into fists as her body began to shake violently.

Bella frowned at the water, “Rosalie and Emmett became overprotective, but James called my cell phone. His mate Victoria had done her research at the school. He had my mother Renee, and I couldn’t let her die because I chose to make the Cullen’s my family. No matter how the woman treated me.”

Her body freezes as the girl pushes her sleeves up and the shimmering half crescent scar comes into view. The individual teeth marks clearly visible in the moonlight.

“When James bit me Rosalie arrived and lost control. She fought him but Carlisle stopped her, telling her not to let take hold of her. I called out for her while Emmett, Alice, and Jasper killed James. They ripped him apart while Rosalie made the hardest decision of her life. Either let me turn or suck the venom out.”

She felt her body go cold as she watches the pain flicker in her imprint’s eyes.

“She never should have been in that position, but she decided to suck the venom out. My blood is the only human blood she has ever tasted in her life. When I was in the hospital afterwards, I heard her and Edward arguing about me. Edward wanted to leave, to let me be human and be safe but Rosalie refused.”

“Edward came to me and begged me to tell Rosalie to leave but I couldn’t.” Bella shook her head as a single tear fell before she turned back towards the water, “Rosalie and Emmett are the only two people that I trust not only my life but my entire being with. How could I send them away after they saved my life?”

She tried to control her anger at the thought of her imprint having nearly been killed. Not even knowing that it almost happened and almost having lost the girl before she had her. She moved without a thought, hearing Sam’s low warning since the wolves had been listening. She ignored him as she pulled the girl against her body.

She buried her face in Bella’s neck and inhaled deeply, letting the girl’s scent sooth her raging wolf. She tightened her hold on the girl as Jacob growled angrily and Bella ran her hands up and down her back soothingly.

“I didn’t tell you this to upset you Leah.” Bella whispered out softly.

“I know,” she could feel her shaking slowing down, “The thought that I almost lost you…”

“You won’t ever lose me Leah.” Bella said softly.

She can feel what the girl isn’t saying. She knows that someday the girl will be turned but she doesn’t feel anger at it. She knows she should but after what the girl had been through and knowing how important it is to keep the secret, she knows it’s inevitable.

She turned her head and placed a soft kiss on the girl’s neck, “Promise?” She pulled back to look into the girl’s sparkling eyes.

“Promise.” Bella chuckles before leaning up on her toes to kiss her nose.

A growl sounds from behind them and she turns to see Jacob struggling against Paul and Sam, “Jacob enough.”

She can feel Bella’s arms tighten around her and she can’t stop the small smile as she turns back to the girl, “Don’t worry about him. He’ll understand soon.”

Bella nodded, “I trust you Leah. I should be going. Rosalie was worried enough before I left and it’s after one.”

She nodded, “May I walk you to your truck?”

Bella chuckled as she intertwines their fingers together, “I’m not stopping you.”

They turn and begin walking back up the beach as Paul and Sam disappear into the woods with Jacob and she refocuses on her imprint, “What are you doing tomorrow?”

Bella frowns, “Homework mostly. Monday, I have my final in history, so Jasper is helping me.”

They walk in comfortable silence until they reach the rusty pickup, “When can I see you again?”

Bella turned to her and a slight blush covers her cheeks, “You could come by tomorrow, if you’re not against vampires and their intense hearing.”

She brushed a strand of hair behind the girl’s ear, feeling the tingling sensation in her fingers at the touch, “What time?”

“Come around five. I should be at my wits end from studying at that point. I’ll need someone to rescue me.” Bella smirked at her.

She nodded, “I’ll be there.”

Bella opened her truck door before pausing and turning back to her. She freezes as the girl brushes her lips lightly across her own before climbing into the truck. She grins lopsidedly as she watches the truck disappear down the road and out of sight.

“I think I’m going to puke.” Seth laughs behind her.

She shakes her head at him as she turned to him, “Jealous little brother.”

Seth snorted, “Hardly. Sam wants to speak to you for a minute.”

She shook her head, “How about you and I go get some pie and ice cream at the house.”

Seth’s eyes light up and he bobbed his head excitedly, “I’m in.”

She wrapped her arm around his shoulders, “I’m sorry I’ve been so distant Seth.”

The boy grins at her, “I’ll forgive on a few conditions.”

She glances at him, “This has been the best night of my life Seth, don’t ruin it for me.”

His eyes watch her seriously, “All I want is for you to tell me everything that happened and listen to my side without snapping at me.”

She pulls the boy into a tight hug, “Deal. Now let’s go eat.”

Seth laughed as he runs ahead of her and she can’t help the smile that crosses her face. It was defiantly the best night of her life so far.

Chapter Text

AN: Trigger warnings to many things are present in this story. Don’t like don’t read.

I do not own Twilight.

I just like to play around in different worlds with them :)



Bella sat on the railing lining the back porch of the Cullen house, watching Seth and the Cullen men play football. Happiness swarmed through her body, the first in a long time. She hadn’t been happy with Renee and Charlie wasn’t any better, but she would never regret her decision to move to Forks, not ever. Here in Forks, she found a home, a family.

When that van had come barreling at her she had seen what little there was to her life right in front of her. Having to grow up too fast, taking care of her mother instead of the other way around. Charlie being a guest appearance the majority of the time, not fighting for her when Renee took her and left.

All the people that she thought were friends, ignoring all the trouble she had gone through. Being unable to talk about it with anyone.

But now she had a family that she could talk to about anything. Esme, the kind and generous woman that had welcomed her into her home willingly and openly, no fear. Carlisle the doctor that was more compassionate than anyone else she had ever met, easily ignoring the scent of her blood whenever she had something that needed treatment. Which was more often than not with her ability to trip over her own feet while just breathing.

Edward had been a strange one at first. Seeming like all he wanted to do was kill her for a few weeks before Rosalie had set him straight, after he reattached a few body parts. Since he couldn’t read her mind it only made his interest in her more persistent. He had confided in her that he enjoyed not knowing what she was thinking, how she would answer the questions he would ask. She intrigued him at least until Seth came into the picture, thankfully.

Jasper was still slightly stand offish since he had a harder time with his blood lust, but he was pleasant and helped her out on her history assignments, taught her to play chess and discussed historical things with her. Alice her best friend, which was a tiering feat in itself but the little pixie made her happy.

Then there was Emmett, the largest and most carefree of the Cullen family. He was always joking and playing pranks on the family but when it came down to it, he would protect them all with his life. He could be serious when he wanted to, but he hated when things got to be unforgiving and brutal. So, he would lighten the mood with jokes and sexual innuendos.

Most importantly there was Rosalie Hale. The gorgeous blonde that had earned the nickname of the Ice Queen at school. The most confusing of all the Cullen’s. She didn’t talk to anyone, didn’t interact with anyone other than her family. She had a strange pull towards the blonde, but she never said anything. The woman scared the living hell out of her, at least until that van was nearly on her. The woman had come out of nowhere and stopped the vehicle from splattering her body across her pickup.

When she found herself wrapped protectively in cold arms, she couldn’t help but admire the blonde. After that Rosalie was always around, hovering nearby or catching her before she could fall when she would trip. Finally, she had figured out their vampire secret and she confronted Rosalie. After that the connection between them had only grown stronger and soon she found herself reaching out to the blonde.

She didn’t talk about her past with anyone, but it was different with Rosalie. The blonde listened and gave advice, good advice not just the kind her friends had pushed on her to just let it go. After a few months of being alone so much, Charlie having been running around with Sue, she had broken down in Rosalie’s arms and told her everything. About Renee, Charlie, what happened to her in Phoenix.

She hadn’t meant to make the woman angry, but Rosalie had only assured her it wasn’t at her. The blonde was angry at the people that had hurt her and vowed to her that she would protect her. She wouldn’t allow anyone or anything to hurt her again. They were together every day after that, Emmett agreeing with everything his mate was promising. He knew some of it but the more personal stuff she was grateful that Rosalie had kept to herself.

She didn’t look at Rosalie the same after that night. Instead of just a friend, Rosalie was so much more. She was a confidant, a mother, a protector that she hadn’t realized that she needed in her life. Esme had told her that she had all these vampire children and the one thing that Rosalie had wanted was a child when she had been human, and in a way, she was filling that position for the blonde.

It had only made her happier, knowing that Rosalie cared about her so deeply and their bond strengthened even more. She told Rosalie everything even about her confusing and conflicting thoughts about Leah Clearwater.

Leah confused her, angered her, made her doubt herself and more recently, turned her on so god damn much it was beginning to get to her. It had been a week since she had seen the woman, the last being when she had gone down to the bonfire on Sunday. She had tried asking Sue, but the woman said she hadn’t seen her but that it wasn’t unlike Leah to just disappear for a few days.

Seth had become worried when the girl wouldn’t answer his calls and none of the pack knew where she was, since she wasn’t shifting at all. She admitted to herself by the fourth day that she was getting worried herself, but she hadn’t tried to call. She had a feeling it may have been her fault that the woman had taken off, which didn’t help the ache in her chest she had been feeling for a while. Ever since that day on the beach when the woman had kissed her neck and made her feel so many different things all at one time that she felt like she would explode from the pressure.

Alice appeared beside her suddenly, “You’re thinking awfully hard about something.”

She squeaked and waivered on the railing. Rosalie blurred out of the chair she had been relaxing in, reading a magazine and steadied her body, “Alice,” she growled warningly.

Alice chuckled, “She wasn’t going to fall Rosalie.”

The blonde narrowed her eyes at the pixie, “You’re lucky I can’t have a heart attack.”

Alice rolled her eyes at her sister and pushed herself easily up onto the railing beside her, “Come on tell Aunty Alice what’s got your gears running so loudly I can’t hear myself think.”

Rosalie slid up beside her on her other side, smiling when she leaned against her, “I’m just worried.”

“About Leah?” Rosalie asked quietly.

She nodded, relaxing fully against the blonde, “Yes. I can’t stop thinking about her and I’m worried about her. Even Seth hasn’t heard from her in a week.”

Alice frowned, “Well since I can’t see her, I can’t assure you one hundred percent that she’s fine, but she might have just needed to get away for a while.”

She frowned, “Not comforting Alice.”

The pixie frowned and Rosalie wrapped her arm around her waist, “Why don’t you call her?”

She frowned down at her lap, where her hands were fidgeting, “She won’t answer for Seth, why would she answer for me?”

Seth tossed the football to Emmett before turning to her, “She’ll answer for you Bells. I guarantee it.”

She frowned up at him as the boy grinned and ran towards Edward. Why would Leah ignore her brother’s phone call but answer hers? That didn’t sound right to her but when she glanced up at Rosalie the blonde smiled and nodded encouragingly.

She sighed and slid off the railing, pulling her cell phone out of her pocket before slipping inside the house only to exit the front door and walk to the garage as she dialed Leah’s number. On the third ring the call connected, and she held her breath.

“Hello?” Leah’s strong deeper voice answered.

She closed her eyes for a moment before answering, “Leah, it’s Bella.”

A grunt came from Leah, “I have caller ID Swan.”

She frowned at the ground at hearing the anger in Leah’s voice, “I’m sorry, I’ll talk to you later.”

“What are you calling for Bella?” Leah asked her tone blank.

She wanted to tell her it was because she missed her, but she couldn’t do that. The woman wouldn’t care anyway, “Seth has been worried about you.”

Leah scoffed, “Yeah I’m sure he has.”

“It’s true,” she snapped, “His sister completely disappeared on him again and now she won’t even answer his calls.” She struggled to control her anger.

“Did you call me just for this?” Leah snapped at her.

“No, I called to tell you that I miss you but fuck you will work too.” She threw her phone across the garage, glaring at it as it broke into pieces.

Her body shook with the anger that she hadn’t felt in a long time. The woman was confusing the hell out of her. She made passion flare in her chest every time they talked but she could push her buttons so damn fast it made her head spin. She hated not being able to control her anger, the one thing she had worked so hard on for years.

She shook her head and turned to the car that she had been rebuilding with Rosalie. The blonde was an amazing mechanic and had been teaching her for months, thrilled with how fast she had picked up the skill. She focused on the vehicle as she pushed her sleeves up and slid underneath the car, pushing all thoughts of Leah out of her mind.


She was vaguely aware of someone calling her name, but she was focusing on the oil pump that she was replacing. Try as she might she hadn’t been able to push Leah from her mind completely in the last five hours she had been working in the garage and it was only aggravating her even more. She could feel the anger tightening her muscles as she used all her strength trying to loosen a bolt.

She jerked her body up to put more pressure and finally it came free. Her foot came down catching the support stand, knocking it sideways. The frame shifted on the jack and she felt before she heard the snap of her rib when the metal connected with her side. She sucked in air as the pain shot through her body, her right side screaming in agony.

A pale hand gripped the frame and lifted as another gripped her ankle, jerking her out from under the car before sitting it down again. Rosalie pulled her into her arms carefully, “Carlisle!”

She felt the sofa under her back as she opened her eyes, still not liking when they ran with her, “I’m fine.” She grumbled.

“I heard a snap.” Rosalie said quickly as Carlisle appeared with Emmett.

She hissed in pain and tried to pull away from Carlisle’s hands as he pressed gently on her ribcage. Rosalie held her in place as Carlisle focused, “Take her to the basement, we’ll get a quick x-ray.”

An hour later she sat on the gurney in the makeshift hospital room in the Cullen’s basement as Carlisle wrapped her ribs tightly, “I’d prefer you to stay home from school for a few days. You need rest and not to jostle these ribs.”

“Their only fractures,” she complained.

Rosalie shook her head, “You’ll stay home and that’s final.”

She sighed and nodded at the woman. She couldn’t argue with Rosalie because every time she did, she would feel guilty. The woman was only looking after her best interest which is more than she could say for Charlie and Renee. She sighed as she leaned back against the raised bed after Rosalie helped pull her t-shirt back on.

Emmett entered the room quickly, “How are you doing Bella Bear?”

She smiled at him, “I’m fine Emmett. They are going way overboard.”

He shook his head as he kissed her forehead, “Nothing is overboard when it comes to our little human.”

She smirked at him while narrowing her eyes at him, “Yes dad.”

The vampires chuckled but Emmett’s eyes danced wildly with happiness. She shook her head as she turned back to Rosalie, “How long and please don’t tell me I have to stay in bed. You know I’ll go crazy.”

Rosalie chuckled as Carlisle grinned, “You don’t have to stay in bed, but I want you off your feet for a day at least and no bending and when you do just be easy. I’ll leave you three alone.” He blurred from the room.

She sighed and Rosalie rubbed her arm, “What happened Bella?”

She frowned, “Nothing I was just having trouble with a bolt and my foot caught the stand.”

Rosalie shook her head, “We’ve heard you muttering about something for the past few hours. What’s bothering you sweetie?”

Her hands were fidgeting on her stomach and Rosalie reached over and placed her hand on them. She began to play with the blonde’s fingers as she told them about her phone call with Leah and breaking the phone right after. Rosalie and Emmett shared a look before she smiled at her.

“You miss her?” Rosalie asked gently.

She nodded, “Yes but it’s not like it matters. She doesn’t even like me anyway.” She sat up, gasping slightly at the sudden movement.

Emmett gripped her shoulder, “Carlisle said easy Bella.”

She shook her head and stared at her dirty, torn converse, “I’m an idiot. I knew better than to reach out to her, but I did it anyway and now look where it’s got me.”

Rosalie chuckled, “I’m sure Leah has her own reasons for acting the way she has.”

“Well can you explain it then because I’m fucking lost.” She covered her face with her hands.

Seth knocked on the door lightly before entering the room looking guilty, “I can answer that Bells.”

She frowned at him, “What do you mean?”

He toed the floor as he stared at the ground, “I was talking to her that night after the bonfire and we sort of got into an argument.”

She slid off the gurney as her heart clenched in pain and lodged in her throat, “About what Seth?”

Seth hesitated for a moment before he said quickly, “Jacob came over and started going off on her about being close to you and he thinks that she’s playing you to keep you from him.”

She froze, “Does Leah think that Jacob and I did something together?”

Seth nodded but didn’t get another word out before she sprinted out of the room ignoring the pain in her side. She didn’t want to know. She didn’t want to think about how her only chance to even get close to the woman could possibly be gone. She truly was an idiot for reaching out in the first place. She never should have listened to her heart, it always landed her in trouble.

She pushed her truck to its limits as she returned to Charlie’s house, needing to be alone and in silence. She frowned when she found the police cruiser in the driveway and Sue’s car behind it. She parked at the curb and contemplated whether or not to go in. After a few minutes she sighed and slid out of the truck, moving cautiously towards the house.

If anything, she hoped they were at least in his bedroom with the door closed since she had to walk past it to get to her room. She put the key in the door and opened the door slowly, listening intently for any sounds. When she heard nothing, she relaxed slightly and entered the house before closing the door a little louder than she should have. She peaked into the living room and sighed when she found nothing.

She turned and entered the kitchen, freezing in mid step her foot still in the air, “For fucks sake!”

She pivoted and ran from the house back to the safety of her truck. She wanted to gouge her eyes out, burn them out, anything to get the image of Charlie and Sue on the table out of her mind. She would never be able to eat in that house again, hell she didn’t even want to enter the house again.

She leaned against the truck for twenty minutes before the front door opened and Charlie’s red face stepped outside, walking towards her awkwardly. “I didn’t know you were coming home.”

She felt her gag reflex activate and had to cover her mouth, praying that she did not vomit. After a moment she shook her head and rubbed the back of her neck, her face heating up with her blush, “I… Uh… Needed some schoolwork out of the bedroom. I didn’t hear anything, so I hoped you were in your room.”

She couldn’t look at him as he answered, “You’re welcome to come in now. Look Bella, I know this is… Um…”

“Awkward, horrible, terrifying.” She grimaced.

“Yeah.” He rubbed the back of his neck, “You’ve been spending a lot of time over at the Cullen’s and I’m never sure when you’ll be here.”

She finally looked up at him, a slight glare coming to her eyes and anger flaring in her chest, “It’s not like you want me here anyway.”

He frowned, “I was never good at parenting Bella.”

“Neither was Renee but at least she liked having me around for five minutes a day.” She snapped, her anger spilling over.

She knew she shouldn’t take her anger at Leah out on Charlie, but she was angry at him too. All that anger was finally spilling out through the cracks in the wall she had built over the years to contain it. She couldn’t stop it. Everything was too much, her brain was finally being overloaded.

He shook his head angrily, “You hadn’t been back here in years.”

“Because you didn’t want me here. I would mess up your bachelor status. Going fishing every weekend with Billy, fucking Sue whenever you want wherever you want. I’m not an idiot Charlie. I know when I’m not wanted.”

The pain exploded in her heart as her mind instantly went to Leah. Leah didn’t want her just as much as her own parents didn’t want her.

Charlie sighed, “We were too young to have a child, but we did the best we could. It didn’t work Bella and I didn’t know how to be the parent when I was still a kid myself.”

She glared at him, “Yes I know the story Charlie, neither one of you let me fucking forget it. Too young and a child. Then why the hell did she have me?”

“I don’t know!” He shouted at her, “I didn’t want to.” His eyes widened at her.

She took a step backwards as she felt her body go cold, her mind numbing, her limbs tingling with pins and needles. Her voice was empty and cold when she spoke, “Well at least the truth is out.”

She pulled herself up into her truck as Charlie frowned, “Wait Bella, that didn’t come out right.”

She shook her head at him, “No it came out perfectly right Charlie. Thanks for being honest for once.”

She put the truck in gear and sped away from the house. She needed time to be alone.

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AN: Trigger warnings to many things are present in this story. Don’t like don’t read.

I do not own Twilight.

I just like to play around in different worlds with them :)



Leah smiled as she stood in the middle of her very own living room. She had spent the last week dealing with a realtor, quietly without anyone finding out. She had found the small three-bedroom rustic house outside of the tribe territory in Forks, on one of her end of patrol runs and had contacted the realtor. She was now the proud owner of ten acres and the house, which included a river on the property. It was very secluded, coming with its own private beach, and that’s what she wanted.

She was still feeling guilty over her phone call the day before with Bella, but she had been beyond ecstatic when the girl said she misses her. She had tried calling Seth after the girl had hung up, but he hadn’t answered his phone. She didn’t blame him since she had been ignoring his calls and voicemails all week, but she wanted to get everything done before surprising him. This may be her house, but she had made it a point to give him his own room, so he had a place to go that was all his with no rules.

Her phone rang and she smiled as Seth’s name lit up the screen, “Hey bro.”

“Leah have you seen Bella?” Seth rushed out, the worry coating his words.

She frowned, her heart clenching in pain, “No. I talked to her yesterday why?”

Seth hesitated for a moment, “We can’t find her, and she’s hurt. She has some fractured ribs.” Seth said as a growl sounded in the background. Seth’s voice was further from the phone, “No she hasn’t.”

She felt the panic rise in her chest, “What happened Seth?”

“She knows we fought about her, but I didn’t get to explain all of it before she took off. Charlie said he saw her, and they got into an argument. You were right Leah. Charlie really doesn’t care. He even told her that he didn’t want Renee to keep her.”

She felt her heart break for her imprint, “Where was she last seen?”

“Charlie’s,” Seth answered quickly, “She’s in the truck but no one has seen her since she left Charlie’s and Alice can’t see her future. It disappeared the moment she left Charlie’s. Leah nothing has ever happened between her and Jacob.”

She nodded to herself, “I know. I might know where she is. I’ll call you if I find her.”

She hung up before she ran from the house, taking a moment to strip and tie her clothes to her leg before shifting. She pushed her speed to the limits, crossing the border and aiming for the alcove she had found Seth and Bella in on the beach the night of the bonfire.

She shifted back and pulled her phone out, hoping against hope that this would work. She called Bella and it went straight to voicemail. She cursed under her breath before slipping the phone back into her jeans and shifting again. She took a deep breath and closed her eyes, bringing the girl’s face into her mind.

She ignored the pack link as she focused on her imprint, letting the warm feelings that the girl always made cascade through her body. The worry that she felt when they were apart, the joy she felt when the girl was beside her and the electricity that build like a wildfire when the girl touched her. She felt the pull in her heart, and she bolted without opening her eyes until she was in a full sprint.

She crossed back over the border, heading out of Forks completely. She let the pull guide her towards a narrow dirt path and the rusty red pickup that was parked at the end of it. She whimpered as she sniffed around the truck and caught the girl’s fresh scent. She followed the scent feeling her heart beating wildly. She wasn’t sure what she would find since they were clearly in a very remote location, one that proved that if the girl didn’t want to be found she wouldn’t be.

She shifted as the scent grew stronger and quickly pulled her jeans and tank on before stepping into the clearing. A few large boulders sat at the edge of the cliff and overlooked the ocean below. A small fire pit sat near the boulders away from the edge of the cliff that looked like it had been used recently.

Her eyes landed on the girl sitting on the edge of the cliff with her legs dangling over the edge as she stared out at the ocean. She felt the relief slide through her body before the panic set in, her imprint was too close to the edge. She could see the stiffness of the girl’s back, the girl’s hands gripping the cliff edge tightly.

“You’ve got everyone worried Bella.” She said softly.

The girl’s body tensed even more, “They’ll live for a few more hours.” Her voice sounded rough.

She eased her body down beside the girl, “When Seth called me this morning and said you were missing, I’ve never been more scared.”

Bella’s eyes were red and slightly puffy, and her heart ached for her imprint. She wanted to make her happy, to make her smile again. She wasn’t sure what to say. What could you say to someone who knew that their parents didn’t really want them but hearing it making it more real? She struggled to shove her anger away as her body shook slightly. She hated Charlie for hurting her imprint, hated everyone that treated her like nothing. Even her own mother, Sue, was guilty of that in a way.

She took a deep breath before turning to look at the girl, “You promised I wouldn’t lose you.”

Bella’s head snapped around to look at her, “I needed some space. You didn’t lose me. Besides, you were the one to disappear for a week from both me and Seth.”

She nodded, “I had a lot going on and I had to deal with some pack things.”

Bella pushed herself to her feet angrily, “I’m so sick of hearing ‘pack things’. Jacob is the same way.”

She frowned as she stood, “Wait you went to Jacob’s?”

Bella nodded as she crossed her arms over her chest, “I needed my best friend, and it was a mistake.”

The sun peaked through the cloud cover and she noticed the light bruising around the girl’s cheek bone. She felt her anger flare in her chest, “Where did you get that bruise?”

Bella shook her head and spun on her heel, “I don’t need this. Go back to your pack things.”

She shook her head as she followed the girl into the trees, “Bella I’m not leaving you again.”

“Yeah right. The moment Sam calls you’ll go running. It’s what you’re all good at.” Bella snapped at her.

She caught the girl’s wrist and spun her around before yanking the girl against her chest, “You are more important than anything else.”

Bella shook her head, “If you’ve forgotten I was at the bonfire. Go protect your land and be happy. I don’t need you.”

She felt her chest tighten as the wolf demanded action. She crushed her lips to Bella’s without another thought. She felt the girl’s body tense before it relaxed into her. She ran her tongue along her imprint’s bottom lip and nearly whimpered when the girl granted her entrance. She thrust her tongue into the warm cavern as she circled Bella’s strong muscle, loving the soft tenderness the girl caressed hers with.

She withdrew and happiness exploded in her chest as Bella’s tongue followed hers just as quick. She lost track of time as they memorized every feeling, every curve of each other’s mouth. She didn’t want to stop, didn’t want to pull away but she knew the others were worried.

Finally, she ended the kiss, resting her forehead against Bella’s, “Your family is worried about you and if Seth is nearly panicked, I can just imagine how blondie feels.”

Bella shook her head, “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have taken my anger out on you.”

She smiled as she brushed her lips across Bella’s, “I want to know how you feel. Every little detail I want to know.”

“It goes both ways Leah.” Bella sighed as she pulled away from her.

She whimpered quietly at the loss of contact as she watched the girl continue to walk away, “I bought a house.”

Bella froze and turned back to her, “What?”

She nodded and closed the short distance between them, needing to touch the girl again, “It was going to be a surprise for you and Seth. I know your family won’t be welcome on the Rez and I want to spend as much time with you as possible, so I found a house with ten acres of land on the outskirts of Forks. That way your bloodsuckers can visit anytime they want, and Seth will have his own room.”

Bella stared up at her with shock written across her face, “Why?”

She smiled as she kissed the girl again, “I want you Bella, in every way possible. I’m willing to side with your bloodsuckers if that’s what it takes to get close to you.”

Bella looked away as she pulled back, “I’m nothing special Leah.”

She shook her head and gently cupped the girl’s face, “You are everything to me Bella.” Bella’s eyes darkened slightly, and she smiled at the girl, “Will you go out with me tomorrow night?”

Bella chuckled, “Buttering me up for something?”

She smirked, “Nope. We’ll go as fast or slow as you want Bella. I’ll follow your lead.”

Bella nodded, “I already care about you more than I should you know. It really hurt hearing Seth say you thought something happened between Jake and I.”

She shook her head, “Did he tell you what we were arguing about that night?”

Bella shook her head, “I didn’t exactly give him a chance after that.”

She nodded, “Let’s head back and I’ll explain on the way.”

Bella nodded and laced their fingers together as they walked towards the truck, “You going to tell me everything or just parts?”

“Everything. I never want to keep things from you and it’s impossible for me to lie to you.” She grinned at the girl, “Imprint bond.”

Bella nodded as she unlocked the truck door, “So start explaining.”

She nodded as she slid into the truck, “Seth and I spent most of the early morning going over everything I had been angry about. Sam and Emily, shifting and Dad.” She frowned down at her hands as the pain clenched her heart slightly, “I should have been there for him and I wasn’t.”

“You were dealing with so much on top of his death Leah. Charlie said it was hard for everyone around that time and everything that happened at the funeral didn’t help anything.” Bella shook her head, her eyes growing distant.

She nodded, “I guess I was most mad that’s how we found out about them separating. I mean we never really suspected everything to be good between them, but we didn’t know they were talking about a divorce either.”

Bella gripped the steering wheel in a white-knuckle grip, “Let’s not go there.”

She frowned at the girl, “What’s wrong?”

Bella shook her head, “Seth and I have a theory and I’d rather not have you shift in my truck. Rosalie would just love to crush it herself.”

“Let me guess, you two think Charlie and Sue had an affair before dad died and that’s what the problems were.” She glanced at the girl, “Don’t worry I’ve wondered the same thing for a while now.”

Bella nodded but remained silent.

She continued to watch the girl as she spoke, “Well Seth began telling me about his relationship with you. How close you two have become and that Rosalie and Emmett have become like parents to him. I was angry because of you, of his closeness to you when it should be me. I should be your go to person not him. Then he let it slip that he imprinted on someone, but he refused to tell me who it was. I lost control then because you know who it is, and I don’t.”

She shook her head, “Then he mentioned that you and Jacob were fighting, and it sounded like an intimate kind of fight, and I left before he could say anymore.”

Bella frowned as she slowed the truck down, “Wait so you jumped to conclusions and you came to find me and yell at me for the same thing?”

She grimaced, “I know I could have handled it better.”

Bella snorted, “Ya think.”

She glanced at the girl and then rolled her eyes as a small smirk pulled at the corner of Bella’s mouth, “I didn’t want Seth to know what I was doing because I didn’t want him to try to talk me out of moving off the Rez. I didn’t want him to accidently let Sam know either since this won’t exactly go over well with the rest of the pack.”

Bella frowned at her as the houses began to get closer together, “I thought you had to do what your alpha tells you to do?”

She nodded, “We do if it’s a command, but I have a tendency not to listen to Sam and this is my choice for my imprint not his. I will always choose you.”

She couldn’t help but watch Bella’s face as a range of emotions crossed it, but she couldn’t pinpoint what exactly they were. She hated the thought that she had hurt her imprint and that she had a hand in making the girl suffer. She began to feel nervous as Bella continued to stay silent as they neared the turnoff for the Cullen house. She had wanted a place to call her own, so she wasn’t regretting buying the house but now she worried what her imprint thought of her going against the pack.

As they turned onto the narrow-hidden road she spoke softly, “Are you okay?”

Bella didn’t look at her as she continued to stay silent.

She felt her chest tighten anxiously as the silence stretched on. She wanted to slide across the cab and touch her. She wanted to comfort the girl, to try to get the girl to talk to her. She wanted to know what was going on in that brilliant brain, but she was at a loss for how to go about it.

Bella parked in front of the Cullen house before she finally spoke, “Can you go against your alpha even if it’s for your imprint?”

What ever she was expecting Bella to say it wasn’t that. She wasn’t sure if she could go against Sam, even for Bella. Would she go against Sam if she had the choice? That was a definite yes. She would do whatever Bella wanted her to do and she would be happy doing it. She already felt happier than she had in a long time and that was only because of Bella.

Bella frowned as she slipped out of the truck, “I’ll see you later Leah.”

She exited the truck as Rosalie appeared on the porch, her anger and worry clear on her face as Bella made her way towards the angry vampire. Everything in Leah cried out for her to stop her imprint from getting closer to the angry vampire, her wolf was beginning to claw at her chest. The beast was trying to break free to save her mate, but she knew Rosalie would never hurt her imprint, not on purpose anyway.

She knew that didn’t make it any better as she watched Bella wrap her arms around the blonde’s neck. Rosalie wrapped her arms tightly around Bella’s waist and whisper in her ear as the girl cried into her neck. Rosalie’s eyes met hers and for a moment they shared the same agreement.

Bella needed both of them and they would each try to be better at accepting the other even though they knew it wouldn’t be easy.

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AN: Trigger warnings to many things are present in this story. Don’t like don’t read.

I do not own Twilight.

I just like to play around in different worlds with them :)



Leah grinned as she watched Seth jump out of the back of Bella’s truck. She had arrived at the Cullen house and found Bella and Seth were at school with the others. She had spent a good hour with Esme Cullen, and she couldn’t help but feel like she now understood what Seth had been trying to tell her.

Bella exited the truck as Seth slammed into her body, “Sis what are you doing here?”

She grinned down at her little brother, “I came to kidnap you and Bella for a while. If it’s alright with you Bella.”

Bella raised an eyebrow at her but didn’t speak.

Rosalie wrapped an arm around Bella’s shoulders, “They both have homework to do first.”

Seth chuckled, “Yeah Leah. I’m actually not behind here. Jasper, I have a history assignment.” The boy jumped and attached himself to Jasper’s back.

Alice laughed as her husband blurred into the house, “Awe Jasper and his puppy.”

She frowned at the words until Seth’s voice called out happily, “I’ll mark your shoes Ally!”

Alice gasped and disappeared into the house, “Jasper put a leash on him!”

Bella rolled her eyes as Rosalie sighed, “Alice don’t touch my boy.”

She stood shell-shocked as she watched the blonde blur into the house with an attitude, “I never would have believed it if I hadn’t witnessed it with my own eyes.”

Bella walked past her, “Rosalie always wanted children and now she has two of us.” She frowned as she watched her imprint head inside.

Emmett grinned at her, “Seth is younger, so Rosie babies him. Bella is too smart for her own good. Give her time, she’s overthinking things.” He patted her shoulder.

Oddly enough she felt comforted by the large vampire’s words and comforting hand on her shoulder, “I’ll do anything for her.”

Emmett placed his hand on her lower back and guided her towards the porch, “I know. Bella has had it rough and what Charlie told her a few days ago made her think about her childhood, how she always had to take care of Renee and then Charlie when she got here. Being with us was the first time she didn’t have to take care of anyone. We took care of her and she found she enjoyed it.”

Emmett sighed as glass shattered inside the house and an argument began, “She feels guilty for enjoying us caring for her. She was taught by Renee that she had to be the adult at all times, and we gave her the chance at being a kid. Rosie and I may only be in our early twenties, but the only thing Rosalie ever wanted was a child. When Bella broke down to her, she felt that overwhelming maternal instinct flare to life and that was that.”

She frowned at him as they leaned on the porch railing, “What about you?”

He grinned, “I want my mate to be happy and having children makes her happy. Once I got to know Bella and understood where she was coming from, I couldn’t help but love her as my own.”

She nodded with a smile, “And Seth?”

Emmett chuckled, “He’s the little boy I always wanted when I was human. Hyper and always so happy. It’s been good for all of us to have his attitude around here. None of us asked to become what we are Leah. It was unavoidable and Rosie has always been the one to struggle the most with what we are. Bella and Seth have helped her overcome her anger issues and the hatred at what we are. I will never be able to thank them enough for that.”

She watched the love and devotion flicker in the man’s eyes, and she smiled at him. She could see the family that they had become with her own eyes and she couldn’t help the tinge of sadness that crept into her heart, “I’m glad he had somewhere to go when I couldn’t be there for him.”

Emmett patted her back, “He always talks about you. He knows you were dealing with things the best you could at the time but Leah,” he turned to face her with a serious look on his face. “You have a family here whenever you need it. We will always be there for you just as much as we are for Bella and Seth. I know it can be hard to ask for help at times but know that we will help whenever you need it.”

She smiled at him as the tears burned her eyes and threatened to overflow. He grinned at her before disappearing into the house to give her some space. She was grateful to him for it, she hated showing her emotions to others. She looked out over the vehicles parked in front of the house as she composed herself. The fact that she was willingly being taken into this family when they didn’t even know her, only gave her more confirmation that these were good people.

They weren’t bloodsuckers anymore. They weren’t leeches anymore. They were people to her, family to her and Seth. Family to her imprint. She could rely on them more than she could her own pack and tribe and she didn’t even really know the vampires. Her heart seemed to swell and clench at the same time at the idea that she really did have people to turn to now and know that she wouldn’t be turned away because she was angry.

Bella’s scent surrounded her, and she closed her eyes, enjoying the comfort of it as the girl spoke softly, “Emmett is a sap at the worst of times. He’s worse when it’s the best of times.”

A soft growl rolled out the door and she chuckled before turning to face the grinning girl, “I’ve never had people say they would be there for me when they don’t even know me.”

Bella nodded and stood beside her, looking out into the woods passed the vehicles, “They are family as much as you are now family Leah.”

She grinned as Bella shoulder bumped her, “So if I’m family now does that mean you’ll still go out with me?”

Bella chuckled, “After you stood me up?” The girl moved away from her, “Now why would I do that?”

She grinned at the playful tone in Bella’s voice as she turned to follow her across the porch, “Technically I didn’t stand you up.”

Bella scoffed as she backed into the railing, stopping her retreat, “You asked me out at the bonfire and were supposed to see me the next day, which you were a no show for.”

She pressed her body tight against Bella’s, gripping the railing with both hands on either side of her imprints body, “You said you had to study and far be it for me to be the one to distract you from your schoolwork.”

Bella’s normally light brown eyes began to darken quickly, “You have distracted me from a lot of things over the last few weeks.”

She felt her heart begin to beat double time as Bella’s fluttering heartbeat met her ears. She could smell her imprints arousal in the air around her and it was slowly driving her crazy, even as she tried to keep control. To know that she affected Bella the same way that the girl affected her was titillating to say the least. She wanted Bella, in every way possible.

She leaned forward and ran her lips down the girl’s neck before following the same line back up to her ear, whispering breathlessly, “I want you Isabella Swan.”

A small whimper escaped Bella’s mouth, but the girl quickly recovered and ducted below her arms, freeing herself, “If that’s the case,” Bella quickly pinned her against the railing, refusing to let her turn around.

She moaned as Bella’s low husky voice filled her ear, “Then I must warn you that I’m not looking for a one-night stand or a quickie Leah. I’m looking for more than that.”

She nearly exploded on the spot as Bella’s voice vibrated her body, sending a streak of need straight to her core. She didn’t just want Bella, she needed the girl. Right then and there. She needed to feel her imprint, skin against skin. She needed to hear Bella cry out her name as she came unglued. She needed to mark her imprint, her mate. She needed to claim Bella.

She spun and gripped the girl’s arms tightly, backing her against the wall of the house. Their lips met in a crushing and blazing kiss. She ran her hands down Bella’s sides and slid them to the firm round ass that held her attention every time the girl walked away. She kneaded the tight muscles before she lifted, moaning into Bella’s mouth as the girl wrapped her legs around her waist tightly.

Their kiss was only eliciting more passion and need as she throbbed and clenched painfully. Desire was quickly clouding her judgement. She didn’t want to take the girl right there on the porch, where her family could hear everything. She didn’t want it to be fast and hard for their first time. She wanted to go slow, to memorize every curve, every scar she knew the girl was hiding under her clothes. She wanted to kiss every inch of skin her imprint had.

“Do I need to get the hose?” Emmett’s laughter quickly jerked her from her thoughts.

Bella quickly released her legs, and she lowered the girl back to her feet, “So help me Emmett,” Bella snapped at the laughing vampire.

She could see the blush darkening quickly on the girl’s slightly hair hidden face as Emmett smirked at her, “Not a chance. You got onto me and Rosie for an entire week last time. Pay backs a bitch.”

She looked between Bella and Emmett before she shook her head, “How much homework do you and Seth have?”

Emmett blurred into the house, his laughter echoing around them as Bella rubbed the back of her neck and sighed, “Nothing really. Seth is almost done with his and I only have to study for my last final before the end of the year.”

She nodded as she put much needed space between them, “You’ll be a senior then right?”

Bella nodded, “Yep. One more long year and then I graduate.” She watched as Bella crossed to the other side of the porch and lean on the railing, taking slow deep breaths.

She kept her eyes on the girl as she asked, “What’s your plans for after?”

Bella hesitated, not meeting her gaze and she suddenly felt like she knew the answer. Was Bella going to be turned when she graduated? Was she going to have to protect her imprint and her new family from the pack and her old family? Could she really consider them family after how they had treated her for the last few months? How they treated Seth wasn’t like a family was supposed to treat him.

She felt her anger slowly beginning to consume her as the idea of her imprint willingly being turned grated on everything she knew. Would Bella still be her imprint if she were turned? It was essentially killing her imprint after all. Would that sever that imprint bond?

Pain clenched her heart at the thought of losing her imprint in a year, not enough time. That wasn’t enough time to be with her imprint now that she had her. Could she convince Bella to wait? Convince her to spend their lives together? Was she willing and ready to lose the girl if it did sever the imprint bond?


She wasn’t ready, she would never be ready to lose the girl. Turning would ensure she would never have to worry about losing the girl but on the other hand she couldn’t be sure if the imprint bond would remain if the girl were turned. Was she ready to risk that? She couldn’t be sure, not yet. That was still a year away and then she could revisit the idea.

She hadn’t realized that Bella had moved closer until she felt a cold hand on her face, “Leah? Are you alright?”

She blinked rapidly before she focused on her imprint, “I’m sorry. I was lost in thought.”

Bella nodded as she lowered her hand and took a step back, “I understand. I better get back inside. Have a good evening Leah.”

She caught the girl’s wrist, “I thought you were done with homework?”

Bella pulled away from her, “I know how the pack views what I’m willing to do Leah. I will not force you to stay when you know what’s going to happen.”

She quickly cut off Bella’s retreat and pulled her imprint against her body, “That’s still a year away, right?” At Bella’s nod she grinned and said softly, “Then we can revisit it then. I want to spend time with you tonight. I’m not going anywhere Bella.”

Bella smiled at her, “I really don’t want to spend time with you and my family at the same time right now either.”

She chuckled, “Then let’s go.”

Bella nodded and laced their fingers together, “Where to?”

Rosalie appeared in the doorway, “Back by midnight. You have your last final tomorrow and then we’ll be out for the summer.”

Bella nodded as she kissed the blonde’s cheek, “Yes mother.”

She caught the look of pride on blondie’s face as Bella pulled her to the truck. She grinned at the blonde as she opened the truck door, “I’ll behave I promise.”

Rosalie snorted, “It’s not you that needs to behave.”

Bella glared at Rosalie, “Rude.”

Emmett appeared next to his mate, “I saw what I saw Bells. Good luck Leah. We won’t think less of you.”

Bella huffed angrily as she laughed at her imprint. She couldn’t take her eyes off the girl as she called out directions for Bella. She was beginning to feel nervous as they pulled onto the very hidden dirt road that led to her new property. She hoped that Bella would like the house even though it wasn’t as big as the Cullen house, although that was a mansion compared to her house.

Bella stopped the truck in front of the house as a smile crossed her face, “Is this the house you bought?”

She nodded, “I know it needs some work but…”

Bella shook her head as she exited the vehicle, “It’s beautiful.”

She smiled as she watched her imprint. Bella took in the covered front porch that extended the length of the house, running her hands along the old wooden railing as she climbed the stairs. She couldn’t explain the happiness that surged through her body as she led her imprint on a tour of the house. Showing her the empty living room and the large kitchen. She knew Bella liked to cook.

“I hope you like the kitchen, I mean I know you like to cook.” She glanced down at the island counter nervously. When Bella was silent, she chanced a glance up at the girl.

Bella was frowning at her, “Wait why would you care if I like the kitchen. It’s your house Leah.”

She nodded, “Yes but I bought the house for you. Well for you and me. I’m hoping you’ll be spending a lot of time here, if not overnight sometimes and I want you to be comfortable and happy and-“

Bella’s lips landed on hers passionately and she couldn’t help but wrap her arms around the younger girl’s waist. When Bella pulled back to breath, she smiled brightly at her, “You didn’t have to. I would be happy as long as I’m with you.”

She nodded, “Yes but now this place can be ours. I want you to help pick out furniture and everything else.”

Bella backed away suddenly, “On one condition.”

She groaned, “What?”

Bella quirked an eyebrow at her, “I pay for most of it. You bought the house so I should be able to help pay for the furnishings and bills.”

She frowned, “Do you even have a job?”

Bella gasped in mock offence, “Of course I do but I also was forced into being added to the Cullen family account. They’d kill me if I didn’t use it at least once a day. I have to take a trip to the grocery store at least once a day just to get a candy bar, so they don’t argue with me about it.”

She chuckled, “Deal.”

Bella crossed her arms over her chest, “Oh and so it’s not too much of a shock, you’ve been added to the account too.”

Her jaw dropped as Bella laughed and left the kitchen, “Bella!” She hurried after the girl, into the living room.

Bella was sitting cross legged on the floor in front of the fireplace, “Don’t argue. Trust me its no use. Seth already has his card and yours is on the way.” She leaned back on her hands.

She had never seen a more beautiful sight than Bella sitting as she was in their house. She crossed her ankles and sank down to the floor, “Okay. I just need a minute to fully absorb that information.”

Bella chuckled and it echoed slightly in the empty room, melting her heart in the process, “It was a shock for me too, but they mean well, and they like to take care of family.”

She nodded as she eyed her imprint, “What’s your favorite color?”

Bella smiled as she stretched her legs out in front of her, crossing them at the ankles, “Green, it’s the color of your eyes.”

She felt her heart flutter in her chest and had to swallow in order to speak again, “Favorite food?”

Bella grimaced, “Are we really playing twenty questions?”

She smirked, “Humor me.”

Light brown eyes narrowed at her, “Rosalie’s chicken alfredo. What’s your favorite color?”

“A mix of light brown and amber.” She said instantly. At Bella’s confused look she smiled shyly, “Your eyes bounce between light brown and amber when your happy and calm.”

Bella chuckled, “Favorite food?”

She frowned, “I really don’t know. I haven’t tried your cooking yet.”

Bella snorted a laugh, “Kiss ass.”

She laughed as she nodded. She had never felt so free and happy before in her life and she knew it was because of the girl in front of her. Bella was the reason she finally felt like she could let go of everything from her past. She could accept her father’s death now. She could let go of what Sam had done to her, even though she was still struggling with what Emily had done.

If she hadn’t shifted, she never would have met Bella and for that she was grateful to be what she was. To be a shifter. To be strong enough to protect the young woman in front of her, the one that meant everything to her. She was okay with the way her life had gone and now she could be at peace with it.

She grinned at Bella, “Only your ass will I ever kiss.”

Bella’s eyes widened slightly in shock before a wicked smirk claimed her features, “I’ll believe it when I see it Clearwater.”

Her body clenched with the sudden challenge thrown at her. Her own arousal filled the air as she held Bella’s darkening eyes, “Name the time and place baby.”

Bella’s smirk disappeared as a muscle jumped in her temple before she answered in a low husky voice, “I don’t think your up to the challenge lover.”

Her core gushed as it clenched harder, her clit throbbing painfully at the pure lust in her imprint’s eyes. She knew she was about to cross a line and she wasn’t sure if either of them was ready for it, but she needed it more than she had earlier, “I don’t see you making a move.”

Bella’s slow smirk became seductive as she pushed herself easily onto her knees. Her eyes trained on Bella’s hands as they slowly began to unbutton her shirt, so teasingly slowly. She glanced up quickly to Bella’s completely black eyes as their arousal mingled in the air. Her eyes darted back down to Bella’s hands as the last button came undone and the shirt parted enough for the strip of bare skin along the girl’s chest showed. She swallowed hard at the fact that Bella wasn’t wearing a bra, but her breasts were still hidden behind the thin fabric of the shirt.

Bella’s voice was even lower and rougher than before, “Now who’s not making a move.”

Before she could think she surged forward and knocked the girl back against the floor, carefully making sure that she didn’t hurt her imprint. She pressed her body tight against Bella’s, slipping a thigh between the younger girl’s legs. She moaned at the sudden heat she felt on her thigh as Bella jerked her leg up, pressing hard against her throbbing center.

“Are you sure about this?” She asked raggedly, not wanting to stop but not wanting to push the girl further than she was willing to go.

She felt Bella run her hands up under her t-shirt and pull it over her head, tossing it somewhere across the room, “I am more than ready for you Leah. I need you.”

She didn’t feel uncomfortable as her bare torso was exposed to her imprint. She felt the girl’s cold hands on her back, nails scraping down her thick skin. She moaned in pleasure as Bella gripped her hips and forced her to move her hips. She rocked against the firm strong thigh, enjoying the friction and building pleasure that was slowly tightening her abdomen.

She held herself up on one forearm as she reached down to flip Bella’s shirt open, taking in the beautiful, rounded breasts and the hardened rosy nipples beneath her. She cupped one gently and shivered at the moan that Bella gave her in pleasure. She lowered her mouth to the tight skin and flicked her tongue across the hardened nub, grinning as Bella’s hand slid into her hair and pulled her closer.

She rocked her hips harder as she sucked her imprint’s cooler nipple into her warm mouth, focusing on the feelings that were circling inside her body. She was so focused on her imprint, on their scents mingling together that it took her a moment too long to realize they weren’t alone.

A growl ripped from someone behind them, and her head snapped around to find Jacob Black standing in the doorway to their home. A growl rolled from her mouth as Bella quickly closed her shirt and the need to protect her vulnerable mate flared through her entire system, overloading her thought process.

Jacob’s body shook violently, and she knew the shift was coming. She shoved herself to her feet and ran straight at him, tackling him back through the door before they both shifted, and the fight began.

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AN: Trigger warnings to many things are present in this story. Don’t like don’t read.

I do not own Twilight.

I just like to play around in different worlds with them :)



Leah let the shift consume her as she slammed Jacob into the dirt with her massive paws. The russet wolf below her snapped at her shoulder and she felt her skin split, the warm liquid flowing quickly down her chest from her shoulder. She felt his back feet connect with her stomach and she flew backwards through the air. She twisted her body in mid air to land on her feet, lowering into a defensive crouch as her lips pulled back over her teeth in a snarl.

Jacob growled angrily at her, but she couldn’t hear him, she couldn’t hear his thoughts as she heard Bella run down the porch stairs. “Jacob, stop!” The top four buttons were still unbuttoned as her shirt hung loosely.

Jacob’s head turned towards her imprint and anger flared in her body again, the need to protect her girl strong in her mind. She dashed forward and placed her large body between her imprint and Jacob. She felt Bella’s cold hand slide through her fur as the girl stood beside her.

“I’m fine Leah. Jacob you need to leave. My family are on their way and you’re alone.” Bella’s voice was angry and dark.

She couldn’t help the feeling of pride that spread through her chest as she growled warningly at her former packmate. The thought alone was enough to straighten her form. She was no longer apart of the pack. She couldn’t hear Jacob, she couldn’t hear anyone but Seth as he led the group towards her and Bella’s home at breakneck speed.

Seth’s voice was strong in her mind, Leah I can’t hear them either, but I can tell they’re coming. Sam is close to us, but Edward says he’s keeping his distance. She kept her eyes on Jacob as the russet wolf stared at Bella.

Bella shook her head, “Go Jacob. Leah is mine and I am hers.”

She felt the surge of love, and possession, in her body as Jacob snarled angrily and she lowered herself, readying for an attack. It never came as Rosalie and Emmett appeared on either side of her and Bella. The were crouched protectively with their teeth bared at the wolf in front of them and she felt the finality of a true family in her heart.

Carlisle and the others appeared quickly, Seth taking his place next to her as her second, “We have done nothing wrong Jacob.”

“Jacob, stand down.” Sam snapped angrily as he burst out of the trees in his shorts, “I’m sorry about this Carlisle.”

Carlisle shook his head, “No harm has been done.”

“Yes, it has.” Bella snapped as she moved in front of her. “He bit Leah.”

Sam nodded, “Bella, Leah and Seth have broken from the pack. They have chosen your side in this mess.”

She growled angrily at him. He was blaming all of this on Bella when it was Jacob’s fault. Anger flared inside of her again as she growled warningly at the alpha. Bella didn’t have a choice in the matter and even if the girl did, she knew that Bella would never have chosen Jacob Black anyway.

Bella’s blood-stained hand pressed harder against her wounded shoulder as she spoke darkly, “I don’t see this as a mess Sam.” The girl glared at him and it was the sexiest thing that Leah had ever seen, “Then that makes me the Alpha doesn’t it? They chose my side.”

Sam nodded reluctantly, “Yes. They chose your pack in a sense. The treaty will remain unbroken if you decide to turn because I won’t hurt Leah and Seth. Jacob will not be allowed back here again Bella. It’s too dangerous.”

Bella nodded and snapped, “Then get him off our property.”

Sam frowned, “I have to inform the council, which includes Sue, that Leah and Seth are no longer welcome on the Rez.”

She hadn’t even realized that Seth had shifted back until he stood beside Bella in nothing but shorts as he glared at Sam, “We haven’t been family for a long time Sam. It shouldn’t matter now.”

Sam shook his head, “It does matter Seth. You realize you won’t be able to see your mother again unless she comes to you?”

Seth scoffed, “She’s too busy with Charlie anyway. Besides, I choose my imprint over all of you. The way it should be to begin with. That’s the absolute law isn’t it. That an imprint can’t be harmed or taken and yet here you are. Letting Jacob try to keep Leah from Bella.”

Sam sighed, “We all knew this was going to come to a head at some point. Bella has made her choice.”

Bella nodded, “It will always be Leah.”

She wasn’t sure why she cared so much that the vampires had surrounded her and Bella, but she did. They were protected and that was all she and Seth had ever wanted. Now they had that, and she would protect it with her life. She glanced over at Seth as he slid closer to Edward and she felt the shock in her mind.

It explained so much.

She refocused on the conversation as Bella moved away from her, “I warned you Jake. I never lied to you and you still tried to keep me from her.”

She whimpered slightly as Bella exited the protective ring of vampires around them. She needed her imprint safe. She needed Bella beside her and not near the wolf that had interrupted them. She took a step forward and felt her shoulder wounds close over fully, exceptional healing and all that.

Jacob stood in front of Bella, not in his wolf form now, “After everything you still wouldn’t give me a chance?”

Bella shook her head, “You lost that chance the last time we were together Jake. You know that and believe me you don’t want me to say it out loud right now. Leah isn’t necessarily the one you’d have to worry about right now.”

Jacob glared at her, “Would you really let them kill me?”

She took another step forward as Bella’s eyes narrowed at him, an uneasy feeling entering her body as Bella finally snapped, “You hit me Jacob. What did you expect? That I would just bow to you and obey. I’m not a wolf and I never back down, or did you forget what I went through in Phoenix.”

Jacob grimaced, “I said I was sorry Bella.”

She surged forward again as growls and hisses filled the air around them. Jacob shifted and met her head on as they collided. She could hear Bella’s voice behind her as she pleaded for them to stop. Sam ran forward with Paul to stop the fight. She sank her teeth into Jacob’s front leg and was satisfied as the loud snap reverberated through her jaw before she let go. She felt a cold hand grip her tail and tug.

She backed up until she was standing near Bella’s shoulder. Her imprint shook her head at her before speaking to Jacob, “It’s over Jake. I made my choice and so did you. Now please leave.”

Jacob limped in wolf form back into the trees with the rest of the pack as Sam held his hands up, “We’re going. Leah, I hope you know what you’re doing.”

Bella stepped away from her, letting her decide what she wanted. There was no choice for her. There was only one way she would ever go, and Bella was that way. Bella was her life, her path forward and she wouldn’t change that for the world. She hated that Bella moved away from her, even knowing it was so she could decide. She hated that her imprint still wasn’t sure about her.

She planted her feet and stood tall. She would just have to prove to her imprint, her mate that she would always choose her.

She glared at Sam as she held her ground and the man nodded, “Alright. Forks is yours. Good luck.” He disappeared into the trees.

She turned as Seth shifted back into wolf form, Take Edward and make sure they cross the treaty line.

Seth shot off into the woods with Edward right beside him, a small smile and a wave at her. She turned to see Bella standing with Rosalie and Emmett, avoiding looking at her. Her heart clenched in pain at the sudden shift between them. She whined lightly at her imprint, lowering onto her stomach as Bella turned to look at her.

However, the girl didn’t move towards her.

She let out a huff through her nose and the dirt shifted at her frustration.

Rosalie wrapped an arm around Bella’s shoulders, “Let’s go home. You have your final in the morning and then we’re done for the summer.”

She didn’t want her imprint to go. She wanted to hold her, but she knew Blondie would never let her stay now. She sat up and watched her imprint jump into her truck with Rosalie and Emmett jumped into the bed with an apologetic look in her direction.



Leah sat on the top step of the Cullen’s front porch as she waited for the red truck to park in the driveway. She had spent the night pacing angrily until exhaustion had claimed her unwillingly. Bella hadn’t answered her phone calls, or her text messages and she was beginning to worry about her.

As soon as the truck park she hurried to the girl’s door and opened it for her. She saw the dark circles under the girl’s eyes and knew she hadn’t slept well at all, “Did you sleep at all last night?”

Bella slid out of the truck and instantly wrapped her arms around her neck. She couldn’t stop the smile that pulled at her lips as she wrapped her arms around her imprint’s waist. Their bodies fit together perfectly, instantly melding to each other. She closed her eyes and inhaled the girl’s soothing scent deeply as a soft sigh left her mouth.

Bella’s voice was soft in her ear, “I’m sorry I didn’t answer your messages.”

She shook her head as she pulled back to look the girl in her eyes, “Why didn’t you? I was getting worried.”

Bella shrugged as she began to pull away.

She tightened her hold on the girl, “Talk to me. Whatever it is, you can tell me.”

Bella frowned up at her for a moment before she spoke quickly, “I thought you could use time to think about it. Losing your family, your pack, is a big deal.”

She shook her head, “My family and pack are right here. With you and Seth and even the vamps. This is our family. I will always choose you. How many times do I have to tell you that?”

A smile twitched at Bella’s lips as a blush crept up her face.

She chuckled, “I love making you blush.” Bella scoffed and pushed her away before turning to head into the house. She couldn’t stop the laugh that escaped as she hurried to catch up, “How did your test go?”

Bella laced their fingers together as they entered the house, the first time she had ever been in the vampire’s house. It was mostly open in a more modern design compared to the outside of the house. Everything looked expensive as she scanned the area. Art hung on the walls and looked more like what she had only ever seen in textbooks. Bella led her up the stairs and down a long hallway, to the door at the very end.

The room was large and held a queen-sized bed to the left of the door. Floor length windows faced out across the forest across from the door with a set of double doors that led to a private balcony. A desk sat against the glass wall and Bella sat her bookbag down on the top before turning back to her.

“Surprised?” The girl crossed her arms over her chest.

She shrugged, “Yes and no. I’m more shocked at the purple sheets.” She smirked at her imprint.

Bella rolled her eyes as she crossed the room to close the door, “They were all I had from Charlie’s and I was planning on going shopping now that summer is here, and I’ve come to terms with being on Rosalie’s account.”

She felt her heart drop a little, “Are you still up for shopping for stuff for the house?” she avoided looking at her imprint.

Bella crossed to the bed and kicked her shoes off, “Depends.”

She watched Bella stretch out on her bed before asking, “On what?”

“Do you still want me there?” Bella asked casually, not looking up at her.

She crossed the room quickly and kicked her own shoes off before stretching out on top of the girl, grinning as Bella shifted her legs naturally, letting her settle between them, “I want you there always. I want this to be ours. Seth has his room too and he can do what ever he and Edward agree on.”

Bella smirked, “You think I’m going to move in with you without some kind of-“

“Will you be my girlfriend?” She quickly cut her imprint off, already knowing what was going to be said.

Bella laughed and for a moment her heart seized in pain. Until she saw the glimmer of lust in her imprint’s eyes staring back at her, “So I’ll be helping my girlfriend with her new house and staying over a lot?”

She nodded quickly, excitement already pulsing through her body, “Yes.”

The smile that Bella gave her was dazzling to say the least. She couldn’t help but lean down to kiss her, moaning softly as Bella’s tongue brushed across her bottom lip. She granted access instantly and deepened the kiss eagerly. She wasn’t sure how much time was passing until there was a knock on the bedroom door.

Bella growled as they separated and she snapped, “What?”

“Come up for air and dinner.” Seth laughed as he darted away from the door.

Bella began to move but she quickly caught her and pinned her against the bed, “We’ll get him later.” She glanced down at kiss swollen lips before she leaned in for another kiss.

Bella smirked at her as she pulled back, “Distracting me? Nice one Clearwater. You just wait.”

She rolled off her girlfriend and stood next to the bed, “Should I leave?”

Bella frowned as she sat up suddenly, “No! Why do you want to?”

She grinned, “Just checking.”

Bella rolled her eyes as she stood and took her hand to lead her out of the room, “I hope you can eat as much as Seth because I’m pretty sure that’s what Esme made.”

She chuckled as she followed Bella down the stairs, “It’s a wolf thing.”

Seth snorted as they entered the open kitchen dining room combination, “I’m surprised Leah is still alive. Bella’s lung capacity is something to be admired.”

Bella darted after the fleeing boy, both disappearing into the living room. Emmett laughed as Rosalie sighed heavily, “Have a seat Leah. Emmett, go get them before they get hurt. Bella didn’t have her shoes on.” Emmett chuckled as he kissed the blonde’s cheek before blurring out of the room.

She took a seat at the counter and inhaled the delicious scent, “Smells good.”

Rosalie smiled softly at her, “Bella likes spicy foods.”

Esme grinned, “Too much time in the desert. Her words.”

She chuckled, “I forgot she lived in Arizona.”

Rosalie nodded, “I made enough for everyone if you want some. Seth usually eats a little of both.”

Alice appeared beside her at the counter, “I hate spicy food.”

She smirked at the pixie, “Figures you’d be a picky eater.”

Alice narrowed her eyes at her, “Why is Bella dating you again?”

A yelp echoed from outside, and Rosalie sighed as she pinched the bridge of her nose, “I swear I’m married to a child.”

She chuckled as Bella came sliding into the room, gripping her arm to catch herself from falling. She wrapped her arms around her imprint as the girl caught her breath, “I… Didn’t…Do it.” Bella panted.

Rosalie’s eyes darkened, “What happened?”

Emmett entered the room carrying Seth over his shoulder, “For once she’s telling the truth.” He deposited the boy in a chair before calling out, “Carlisle, broken wrist I think.” Carlisle appeared in an instant and took over examining Seth’s wrist.

Rosalie frowned, “What happened?”

Emmett chuckled, “They were in the tree out back and Seth slipped.”

She frowned, “You two climbed a tree that fast?”

Bella turned in her arms and kissed her lips softly, “I’m flexible.” She winked before backing away from her towards the table.

She felt her body heat up at the innuendo and it took everything in her to stop herself from going after the girl. She struggled to pull her arousal back under control as she watched Bella smirk at her as she took a seat before patting the chair beside her. She wanted to give as good as she was getting so she shook her head and turned away from her, facing Rosalie again and ignoring the adorable pout that Bella gave her with a frown.

“Is this a typical evening around here?”

Rosalie nodded, “Pretty much. Those two drive me nuts and then Emmett gets involved.” She smiled at the three in question that were in a deep conversation at the table, “But their mine and I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

She smiled, seeing the deep love in the vampire’s eyes as she watched her family. She couldn’t help but feel grateful to the woman. This woman was there for her brother when he needed that love and comfort. Not to mention what she had done for her imprint. She turned back to look at her brother and caught Bella’s eye.

Bella smiled widely at her and her heart swelled with love, forcing her into movement before her mind had caught up with her. She sat next to the girl and felt Bella’s hand take hers under the table.


After dinner she followed Bella upstairs to her room, “I should head out.”

Bella frowned at her as she began to put her shoes on, “Do you have to?”

She glanced up at her girlfriend, “I don’t think your family would appreciate me sleeping with you.”

Bella snorted, “Please. I’m sure Alice and Jasper are upstairs in their room right now-“

She held her hands up, “Don’t finish that. I beg you.”

Bella laughed, “What did you want to do when you graduated high school?”

The question was completely random and took her off guard. She actually had to stop and think about it, “I don’t know. I was taking classes at the campus in Port Angeles when the shift happened. I missed so much class that I had to drop out and then I was forced to stay on the Rez.”

Bella sat cross legged on her bed, “Will you stay?”

She kicked her shoe back off and turned to mirror Bella on the bed, “What do you want to do after next year?”

Bella shrugged, “I think I’m going to get a bunch of degrees. I love working on cars with Rosalie and I would love to start a shop together. Then there’s science which is my favorite subject and I think Carlisle would love to not be the only doctor in the family.”

She grinned, “You can be my doctor anytime Swan.”

Bella smirked at her as a blush crept up her face again and she rubbed the back of her neck nervously, “I guess I’m still waiting for you to walk away.”

She frowned at the sudden turn in conversation, “I’m not going anywhere.”

“You say that now but at some point, you need to accept what’s going to happen. I’ll be turned after senior year and I know how the pack feels about it.”

“I’m not the pack Isabella.” She snapped angrily.

Bella’s head snapped up, eyes wide at the use of her full name.

She took a deep breath, “I’m sorry. I don’t agree with most of what the pack says, and I don’t know how I’ll feel about it a year from now. I just need time with it.”

Bella nodded but remained silent.

She frowned as Bella shifted off the bed and crossed the room. She stretched out on the bed and watched her girlfriend step out into the moonlight on the balcony. She hated hurting her imprint, but she also didn’t want Bella to be afraid that she was going to run from her. She wanted her girlfriend to trust her, to just stop worrying and enjoy being together.

“Bella, come to bed.” She called softly after half an hour of being lost in thought and watching the girl stare out at the forest. Bella entered the room and left the doors open as she crawled up onto the bed.

She pulled the girl into her arms and relaxed as Bella’s head rested on her shoulder and an arm wrapped around her waist comfortably. She didn’t think she could relax fully ever since her shift, but she was mistaken. With Bella in her arms, she relaxed completely for the first time and slept peacefully, feeling safe and loved.

Chapter Text

AN: Trigger warnings to many things are present in this story. Don’t like don’t read.

I do not own Twilight.

I just like to play around in different worlds with them :)



Leah took a deep breath before she stepped out of the woods, her clothes firmly in place. She couldn’t get rid of the smile that had been on her face since she had spent the night with Bella. She had held her imprint through the night two nights ago and when she awoke her heart had lodged in her throat. Bella hadn’t been in bed with her which was terrifying to her sleep riddled brain. She had dashed downstairs to find Esme cooking and was informed that Bella had gone to school.

She had spent the last two days waiting for Bella to get out of school, mostly sleeping the entire time and spending her evenings with her girlfriend. Finally, school was over, and Bella was officially out for the summer. It was Saturday and they had agreed to take the day to go shopping for new stuff for the house.

She crossed the driveway and smiled wider as the door opened and Bella leaned against the doorjamb with a smirk as she crossed her arms over her chest, “You’re late.”

Leah paused at the bottom of the porch stairs, “Someone kept me up late last night.”

Bella’s eyebrow quirked up, “Should I be jealous?”

She felt a shiver run down her spine at the low tone of her girlfriends voice, “Probably. She’s the most amazing person I know.”

Bella moved to the railing and leaned both hands on the smooth wood, her smirk holding steady, “Mmhm, and what did you two talk about?”

Her heartbeat pounded against her ribcage as she took the first step, “So many things and yet nothing at all.”

Bella nodded, that damn eyebrow raising again, “I don’t share.”

She took the next step, “Neither do I. I have a green-eyed monster that likes to come out and play.”

Bella’s smirk turned into a full-blown challenge, “I’d like to see that sometime.”

She felt her body shake with desire as she closed the distance between them, pinning the girl against the railing, “You almost did when Jake interrupted us.”

Bella chuckled, sliding her hands up her chest to her neck, “I’d like to continue that conversation sometime. I was really looking forward to it.”

She could smell Bella’s arousal circling her, mixing with her own desire for the girl. She wanted Bella, needed her like she had never needed anyone before. She took a deep breath as she closed her eyes to calm, not only her raging hormones, but also her need to claim her imprint.

When she opened her eyes, she smiled at her girlfriend, “We should go.”

Bella nodded, “Right. Um… There is a slight change of plans though.”

She frowned, “Like?”

Alice appeared beside them, a smile trying to split the pixie’s face, “We’re going with you.”

She heard Bella’s soft groan and the girl muttered under her breath, “Cock blockers.”

She chuckled as Alice rolled her eyes, “It’s not like you won’t be sleeping with her by the end of the summer anyway Bella.” Alice blurred off the porch.

She wrapped her arms around Bella’s waist, “We don’t have to wait all summer, right?”

Bella’s eyes widened slightly, “God I hope not.”

Emmett snorted as he and Rosalie exited the front door, “We wouldn’t do that to you Bella Bear.”

Rosalie rolled her eyes, “We’re mainly just going because Alice has a few things she wants to get. We’ll ditch you guys once we get there and meet up for lunch.”

She grinned at the blonde and nodded, “Where’s Seth?”

Just as she spoke Seth latched onto Emmett’s back, “Eddie and I are going to the music store that just opened in the mall.”

Edward shook his head as he walked out of the house a small smile playing on his face, “I promise not to get in the way Leah.”

She nodded as she eyed him carefully. Seth noticed and dropped to his feet, moving quickly to take Edward’s hand, “Come on Leah. Bella and I also want to check out the new bike shop.”

A growl rolled from Rosalie’s lips, “You two are not getting motorcycles.”

Emmett grinned at Leah as he rolled his eyes, “She always gives in.” It only earned him an elbow to the side, making him grunt.

Bella chuckled and took her hand, pulling her towards the Jeep, “I have a deal for you Rosie. If I can get one, you can do whatever you like to my truck.”

Rosalie’s eyes darkened slightly, and Leah could see the contemplation in the amber colored eyes. She couldn’t help but laugh, “You’re bribing Blondie for a motorcycle with your god-awful truck?” At Bella’s grin and nod she shook her head, “What about your girlfriend?”

Bella frowned at her, “Imagine me in leather pants with a motorcycle between my legs.” She wiggled her eyebrows.

She felt her mouth go dry as she pictured it in her head. Suddenly her mind short-circuited and she couldn’t speak, couldn’t get anything to work as the image of Bella in tight leather pants hugging her tight ass as she bent over-

Edward cleared his throat as Jasper laughed, “Breathe Leah.”

She sucked in a lung full of air quickly and coughed, feeling Bella rubbing small circles on her back, “You okay Leah?”

She nodded and waved her hand in front of her, “Fine.” Her voice was hoarse, but she still couldn’t clear the image completely from her mind. Bella moved away from her and she didn’t trust herself to follow just yet.

Edward smiled apologetically at her, knowing exactly what had caused her malfunction. She glared at him, “Say a word and I’ll bite you.”

Bella punched her arm, “The only one you better be biting is me.”

Her brain conjured up another scenario and Edward burst into laughter, “Bells I think you better stop while you’re ahead.”

Bella grinned wickedly at her, “Nah. I’m just getting started Edward.”

She groaned as she covered her eyes with her hand, “So you are trying to kill me.”

Bella’s lips were soft against her ear as she said huskily, “Not kill you. Just get inside you.”

She felt her heart kick into overdrive as a small whimper escaped her lips as she dropped her hand and stared pleadingly at her girlfriend.

Edward smirked, “Don’t you mean ‘get under her skin’?”

Bella shook her head with a deadly smirk, “Nope.”

Laughter echoed off the house as they slipped into three different vehicles and she groaned again. She followed Bella into the backseat of Emmett’s jeep and grinned when the girl sat in the middle, leaning against her side. The trip to Seattle took less time than usual thanks to Emmett’s driving and she found herself slipping out of the Jeep holding Bella’s hand.

Rosalie wrapped an arm around Bella’s shoulders and moved towards the Mercedes that Seth was stepping out of as Emmett joined her at the back of the Jeep, “We always meet at the food court at noon. Seth really wanted to visit the bike shop first and that’s across the street.”

She nodded as she kept her eyes on her imprint, “Is she allowed to buy one?”

Emmett snorted, “Bella does what she wants to do. Rosalie would prefer they don’t get one but…” He shrugged his large shoulders, “We’ll all be in the mall.”

She nodded as Seth, Bella, and Edward walked back towards them, “Right.”


Bella and Edward were in deep conversation ahead of her as she walked beside Seth, “So you and Edward?”

Seth grinned happily, “I get what Sam was saying about Emily now. I don’t see anyone but him.”

She nodded as she smiled at her imprints back, “It’s so strange though. I mean seeing it through Sam and Jared’s eyes is so different than actually feeling it.”

Seth nodded, “How have you been Leah? I mean we haven’t really talked much since all of this started.”

She sighed, grinning, “As long as I have Bella, I’m fine. Other than that, I really haven’t thought much of it. When Jacob tried to claim Bella as his it was like I disappeared. I could see what was happening but…”

Seth nodded, “The wolf took control. I’ve had that same issue with Edward a few times.”

She frowned at her brother as they quickly crossed the street, following Bella and Edward across the crosswalk, “What do you mean?”

“After what happened with Bella and James, their cousins came down for a visit. Tanya Denali is breathtaking Leah. She and Edward had been together for a few months like fifty years ago and she didn’t know he had found his mate yet so she…” He grimaced at her, “Which he quickly denied her of course, but it set me off. I didn’t even mean to.”

She frowned at the ground. She knew she had missed so much of her brother’s life but hearing it and knowing it were two different things. She shoved her hands in her pockets, “What happened?”

Seth shook his head, “I shifted right in the living room and nearly killed Bella.”

Her sudden growl was unexpected, and she quickly placed her hand over her mouth, “I’m sorry.”

He shook his head as he chuckled, “I get it.” He smiled at Edward’s back, “Edward caught me in time and Rosalie had Bella across the room faster than I could blink. The Denali’s freaked out at first because they didn’t know about us, our pack, but Carlisle explained everything. Tanya apologized and we both blamed Edward for it.” He grinned, “If he had told her then none of it would have happened. Oh, and I should warn you that Kate has a thing for Bella so… Good luck with that ball of energy.”

She glared at him, “What’s that supposed to mean?”

He smirked, “She’s worse than Alice and she’s already had Bella in bed with her.”

“Seth!” Bella spun around angrily in the middle of the sidewalk, “You brat!”

She couldn’t stop her laugh as her girlfriend sprinted after Seth, through the motorcycle shop parking lot. Edward shook his head, a wide smile on his face, “Bella is my best friend, just so you know.”

She eyed the redhead, “Just friends? She told me you were weird at first.”

He nodded as they started after their significant others, “I was intrigued by her because I can’t read her mind. She is the only one I have ever met that I actually have to ask questions to get answers for. It’s fascinating really.”

She scoffed, “What about Seth?”

He smiled, “We can communicate without talking and it’s nice. We can have a private conversation without fear of anyone but you overhearing.”

She frowned, “How can Seth hear you?”

His face turned thoughtful, “Carlisle believes it’s the pack link. I’m sure you’ll develop one with Bella if you can ever get passed whatever is blocking me. Carlisle thinks that once she is a vampire that she’ll be able to control it, lower her shield as it were, and let me hear her. I’m excited for it.”

She felt her heart clench painfully in her chest as she frowned. It wasn’t as if she wasn’t expecting it but just to hear it talked about so easily, as if it were the most natural thing in the world, hurt. She didn’t want to lose her imprint. She couldn’t lose the girl now that she had her. Bella made everything better for her, made her heartbeat faster with just a look.

He caught her wrist and pulled her to a stop, anguish on his face, “I’m sorry. That was insensitive of me. I know her turning can’t be easy for you after how you were trained.”

She shook her head as she glanced back at the road, seeing all the passing traffic. All the people who were oblivious to the supernatural element that walked among them, “I’m still coming to terms with it. I’m…” She looked back into his bright golden eyes, “I’m afraid her turning, her dying will sever the imprint bond.”

He smiled warmly at her, “Vampire’s mate for life. When a vampire finds their mate in a human, we turn them, and the bond only strengthens. Carlisle and I are positive that will happen for you and Bella as well.”

She sighed heavily, “Yes but we won’t know for sure until it happens.”

He smiled, sympathy shinning in his eyes, “So enjoy the time you have with her as a human. We can deal with the rest when we come to it, but you should know that she’s falling in love with you.”

She felt her heart pound in her chest as a smile split her face, “I’m in love with her already.”

He nodded, “Come on, let’s go find out what trouble our mates are getting into.”

She laughed as she followed him towards the shop, already hearing Bella’s voice speaking excitedly.

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AN: Trigger warnings to many things are present in this story. Don’t like don’t read.

I do not own Twilight.

I just like to play around in different worlds with them :)



Leah stood shaking her head as she watched Bella and Seth talking to Rosalie. No, that wasn’t right. They weren’t talking to the blonde vampire, they were begging. They were pleading with the blonde to let them each buy a motorcycle. Bella’s was a deep blood red and black while Seth’s was green and blue. They had been begging for the last ten minutes and she could only smile as she saw the blonde’s smirk growing wider and wider.

She had to give it to the blonde, the vamp could hold out.

She wasn’t sure how long she had been lost in thought, but she noticed that Bella was no longer speaking and was also no where to be found. Her heart raced in her chest as she moved forward and stood beside Rosalie, “Where’s Bella?”

Rosalie raised an eyebrow at her, “You were staring at me long enough I decided to give her a reprieve. She’s test driving one right now.”

She grimaced, “It’s not what it looked like.”

Rosalie chuckled, “Oh I know that, and you know that. I’m fairly sure Bella knows it too but I’m sure she’s going to torture you with it for the rest of the day.”

Edward sighed heavily, “It was a week straight after the Tanya incident for me.”

Seth smirked at the vampire, “And if it happens again, it’ll be two weeks.”

Edward grinned at her brother before wrapping an arm around his shoulders, “It won’t.”

She smiled at her brother, seeing his happiness dancing in his green eyes made her happy. She missed seeing his smile, feeling his excited energy radiating all around her. She moved outside just as a motorcycle slowed to a stop near the front door and Bella slid off.

She caught the girl’s wrist as Bella went to walk past her, “Can we talk?”

Bella shook her head, “Not right now.” She frowned as she let Bella go and followed the girl back inside the store, “Rosalie, I will gladly hand over my truck for it.”

Rosalie grinned, “No questions asked about where it went?”

Bella nodded, “I’ll hand over the keys as soon as we get home.”

“Alright.” Rosalie chuckled, “But…”

Bella groaned as her shoulders slumped.

Rosalie laughed, “Not when it’s snowing, at least until you’re turned.”

Bella’s smile was bright and made her heartbeat faster, “Deal.” Seth followed Bella outside as Rosalie and Emmett delt with the salesman.

Edward smiled at her, “She’s not mad.”

She glared at him, “How would you know?”

“She’s not only my best friend but I’ve been on the receiving end of her anger. She’s just excited about the motorcycle. Her and Seth have been wanting this for the last few months.” He shook his head as he turned to watch the two in question out the window, “They’ve grown very close these last few months and at first it was hard for me.”

She frowned as she watched Seth and Bella laugh while they pushed their new motorcycles towards the truck that Jasper had pulled up in, “Why for you? I thought Bella was the one attacked.”

She saw the wince as Edward’s frown deepened, “Until I met Seth, I thought she was replacing me. We were close and when James…” He shook his head, “Afterwards I thought she was pulling away from me, that she blamed me. Then I met Seth and I knew he was my mate but there was something about him that drew all of us in quickly.”

She nodded with a grin, “He has a way about him.”

“Precisely. Then I understood why they got so close,” he turned to her with a grin, “Because Bella is the exact same way. She has a way about her that pulls us all in. Carlisle and Esme dote on her as if she really were their grandchild and you’ve seen how Rosalie and Emmett are. She’s my best friend where Alice is her Aunty Alice,” he chuckled.

She watched Jasper lift the bikes into the back of the truck, “What about him?”

Edward nodded, “Jasper is very protective of them both but from a distance. He still struggles with his bloodlust.” At her frown he added quickly, “Seth is perfectly safe, the wolf smell and all, but with Bella he’s careful. Sometimes I worry that he’s too careful.”

She grimaced at him, “Bella’s safety is nothing to be too much about anything.”

He nodded, “Yes but Jasper had a different up bringing than us. He was a solider in the confederate army before being turned and the only reason he was turned was because Maria wanted him to control her army. He lived and breathed by blood and fighting. Alice has calmed him, but I’ve never seen him so at peace unless he’s around Bella. It terrifies him.”

She watched Jasper smile at her imprint as Bella hugged him gently before stepping back to give him room. She could see Bella holding perfectly still instead of moving like she usually did. Even Seth seemed more calm than usual. Jasper’s face was a controlled mask but even she could see the struggle in his eyes as he stared at Bella.

She could see the war raging in his golden eyes. His need to keep his distance for fear of hurting a family member and his need to feel at peace with what he has done. She felt sorry for him, a part of her wanting to help him and another part, the more dominant part, needing her mate at a safe distance from the volatile vampire.

Edward smiled at her, “Now you see the dilemma.”

She grimaced at him, “Stay out.”

He nodded, “Believe me, I’m trying. That’s why I love spending so much time with Bella. I can focus on that silence and it feels like it encompasses me. Silencing all the voices that usually fill my head.”

“I’m sorry.”

He shrugged, “It’s better with Bella and Seth around. Just don’t worry. She’s not mad.”

She nodded, “Thank you Edward.”

She moved around him and exited the building, moving towards her girlfriend, “Everything okay?”

Bella turned to her and nodded, “Yep. Seth we’ll catch up with you and Edward at lunch.”

Seth grinned as he took Edward’s hand, “We’re hitting the music store first. See you guys later.”

She smiled as Bella took her hand and they made their way back to the mall across the street. She could feel the tension between them, but she couldn’t pinpoint what it was. They were silent as they made their way into the mall and she had a nervousness in her body that was new to her.

She glanced at her imprint as the girl moved easily through people, Bella’s grip on her hand tightening slightly. She frowned as she pulled the girl closer, remembering that she didn’t like crowds. After a few minutes she tugged on Bella’s hand to slow the girl down.

“If you’d rather not do this we don’t have to Bella.”

Bella frowned, “I thought you wanted me to pick out furniture with you.”

She nodded, “I do but if you aren’t comfortable with it, I don’t want you to do it.”

Bella sighed and pulled her towards a bench near a fountain at the center of the mall. Once they were seated Bella turned to face, “I want to Leah. I’m just wondering if…” She rolled her eyes, “Are you sure about this? About living closer to me than on the Rez?”

She smiled at her, “I’ve never been more sure of anything else. I’m sure about you and this is what I need to do for me. I know you’ll enjoy me closer too, but this is what I need too. Can I ask you something?”

Bella nodded, a small smile playing on her lips, “Anything.”

“Were you upset with me when I was staring at Rosalie?” she asked softly.

Bella looked away from her for a moment before answering, “I was at first but that was my jealousy getting in the way. I’m sorry about that. I needed to clear my head, so Rosalie suggested I test drive the one I wanted. I was more upset with myself than you. I don’t want to be that person but… Jealousy’s a bitch.” The girl sighed.

She laughed as she nodded, “I agree but I am a very jealous person, Bella. I can’t guarantee that if see you even talking to someone else in a close or flirty manor that I won’t go off.”

Bella nodded, “Yes but I can understand that. After Sam I would have been the same way.”

She wrapped an arm around the girl’s shoulders, pulling her close, “See. We’ll be fine as long as we talk about it and not run off angry. I understand today, but you should know that I was lost in thought not staring at Rosalie.”

Bella chuckled, “That’s what Rosalie figured but the ride was nice.”

She smiled, “Alright, you ready to shop for furniture for our house?”

Bella nodded and lurched to her feet, pulling her up with her, “Let’s do this.”

They spent the next three hours arguing and agreeing on furniture for the living room and bedroom. They came close to a make up turned make out session, but Bella had put distance between them just in time. She was finding it harder to control herself around her mate and she was beginning to wonder if it was because they hadn’t completed their bond yet.

When they were done with that shopping, they began to make their way towards the food court where they were going to meet up with the others. Bella paused for a moment, turning in a slow circle, before shaking her head and continuing on.

She frowned at her girlfriend, “You okay?”

Bella nodded, a frown on her face, “Yeah but can we find Rosalie and Emmett.”

She nodded, seeing the fear in the girl’s eyes, “Of course.” She pulled Bella tighter against her, “What’s wrong babe?” Bella’s shocked look made her grin, “What?”

Bella smiled widely as she leaned further against her, “Nothing. I thought I saw someone I know.”

She frowned, “And that’s bad?”

“If it’s the vampire I think it is, then yes. Very bad.” Bella said as she picked up pace.

She felt the anger and need to protect flare in her chest as she kept pace with Bella. She kept the girl slightly in front of her but close as they moved through people, only stopping once they hit the food court. She glanced behind them and spotted a vampire she didn’t know.

“What does she look like?”

Bella pulled her cell phone from her pocket, “Flaming red hair, crazy red eyes.”

She nodded in the direction of the woman she was staring at, “Like her?”

Bella followed her gaze and gasped, “Victoria!”

A hiss echoed through the mall and she placed herself in front of her imprint. She could feel the wolf pacing in her chest, begging to be let loose on the threat to her imprint, her mate. She felt Bella’s hand on her back, calming her slightly.

“Rosalie, we need help. Food court.” Bella slipped her phone back in her pocket, “They’re on their way, they’re at the other end of the mall.”

She stretched an arm behind her and pulled Bella tight against her back, “Do not leave my sight.”

Bella nodded, “I promise Leah.”

She kept her eyes locked on the red head as the vampire stalked closer. She backed them further into the food court, trying to keep their backs to the wall so the bloodsucker couldn’t slip around them. A growl echoed around her before the red head disappeared down a side hallway. She turned and wrapped her arms around Bella, pulling the girl tight against her chest.

“We need to go.”

Bella nodded, “Emmett will chase with Jasper and Edward.”

She glanced around but didn’t see anyone, “We have to go, now. I can’t shift here.”

Bella nodded and moved towards the exit. She kept the girl as close as possible as they headed into the parking lot, her eyes darting around for the redheaded threat. As they neared Emmett’s jeep, Rosalie appeared in front of them.

“What happened?”

Bella wrapped her arms around Rosalie’s neck tightly, “Victoria. We saw Victoria.”

Rosalie’s growl was deep and guttural as she hugged Bella tightly to her, “Thank you Leah.”

Leah felt her body shaking, “I have to go.”

Bella spun to her, “Leah?”

She shook her head, “The woods. I just need the woods and then I’ll follow on foot.”

Bella nodded, sadness entering her eyes and she couldn’t stop herself as she pulled the girl against her body, cupping her face gently before kissing the girl. She kissed her with need, with desire, and with a promise that she wouldn’t leave her. She turned and sprinted towards the woods, shifting as soon as she was hidden from view.

A moment later Seth shifted beside her and she held the image of Victoria in her mind. Seth growled in response as they watched Emmett’s jeep pull out of the parking lot. Esme appeared beside her before she could move.

“Be careful you two. Carlisle and I will hang back and follow the Jeep on the road. You have backup so don’t do anything stupid.”

She growled at Esme as the woman’s eyes met hers with the last comment.

“Because you are just like my children and I know what they would do for their mates. Now go.” Esme disappeared in a blink.

She sprinted after the Jeep, sticking to the woods. She hated having to run around the city instead of being able to take a straight line like Bella was, but Seth kept her focused as they sprinted out of the city limits and hugged the edge of the forest. It took them five minutes to catch up to the Jeep, but relief flooded her body when she did, and she could see Rosalie on the phone in the driver’s seat.

A blur to her left pulled her eyes from the Jeep and Emmett grinned at her as he ran beside her, “Bella and Rosalie would kill me if anything happened to you two.”

She turned her head back to the Jeep as a flash of red appeared on the highway. She growled angrily as Rosalie swerved the Jeep to avoid the redhead, quickly readjusting as another car nearly sideswiped them. Emmett put on a burst of speed as the redhead landed on the passenger side of the Jeep, glass shattering as they neared the curve that turned the road into a two-lane street.

She launched off the side of the hill they were on as Emmett landed on top of the Jeep, reaching for the redhead. The woman caught his arm and yanked it off sending him and his arm flying over the side of the cliff. Seth landed on the roof of the Jeep his jaws snapping at the wild vampire before taking a hit to the snout, but he was able to keep his balance.

She ran alongside the Jeep and spotted Bella’s pale face and the blood trickling down her face as the girl climbed into the backseat while the woman was distracted, getting as far as humanly possible from the vampire. Rosalie’s face was a mask of anger as she kept one hand on the wheel and the other ready to stop the redhead from getting to Bella.

She lunged at the vampire and snapped her teeth around the woman’s torso, yanking her from the vehicle and sending them tumbling into the woods. She lost her grip as she tried to regain her balance and the hard kick to her ribs broke at least three before she was slamming into a tree, gasping for air.

Emmett appeared with his arm reattached, slamming into the vampire’s body before the redhead could grab for her. She pushed herself to her feet as she felt her ribs already repairing themselves. Emmett snarled as he collided with Victoria with the sound of thunder echoing around the trees.

A howl split the air as she surged forward to help Emmett, catching the redhead’s arm in her powerful jaws and jerking her head to the side, ripping the appendage off the woman. The redhead stumbled but quickly spun to kick Emmett into another tree, knocking it down. She dodged to the right to avoid the falling tree as a large black wolf jumped over the tree and charged the woman.

The rest of the pack raced after the woman and she was torn between following and returning to her imprint. Sam’s voice rushed back into her mind, What’s going on?

The woman attacked Bella. Emmett almost had her, she glanced at Emmett as he stood, checking quickly for injury.

He nodded at her, “Go. I’ll make sure they’re safe.”

She sprinted after Seth as Sam’s voice entered her mind again, She jumped for it.

She skidded to a stop at the top of the cliff and stared down into the water below, a growl on her lips as she searched for the woman. She stomped her foot angrily as Seth stood beside her his voice stronger than Sam’s in her mind.

Edward almost had her but she evaded him too fast for him to keep up.

She turned to face the black wolf, Why are you here?

He sat back on his haunches, I came to tell you that Jacob has calmed down and would like to speak with Bella. Sue misses you Leah and Seth.

Seth growled angrily beside her as he saw their interaction, She should have thought about that. I’m finally happy Leah and after what they pulled with Bella…

She stood, her form slightly taller than Sam now, The Cullen’s are our family now Sam. We have to go check on our imprints.

Sam bowed his head once in a nod, Of course. Let me know if you need help. We may not be a pack anymore but we are still family.

She felt the anger trying to overwhelm her as she thought about what he had done but the next thought was of Bella and she calmed quickly, We are not family Sam. Never have been and never will be.

She pushed herself into a run with Seth hot on her heels. She needed to see Bella, to hold her. To know she was okay. She hated that she couldn’t be with her but if she’d had a chance to take out the redheaded bloodsucker, she had to take it. She could feel Seth’s worry against her own as they hurried towards the Cullen house, her panic rising as they grew closer.

She needed to see her mate. She practically screamed Edward’s name as they neared the house, and she could hear Seth’s plea that Edward be alright. They slowed to a trot as they arrived in front of the house and Esme appeared on the porch, relief clear on her face.

“Are you two alright?” The matriarch asked worriedly.

She nodded once as Edward appeared beside Seth, “They are fine, but Leah took a hard hit to the ribs. Carlisle?”

The Doctor appeared next to his wife, “As soon as I set Bella’s arm and nose, I’ll check Leah.” With that he was gone.

Her mind raced with questions and Edward winced, “One at a time Leah.”

Esme shook her head, “No. Change first and then you can see for yourself.” Esme sat two sets of clothing on the porch steps before disappearing back into the house.

Edward kissed Seth’s nose and scratched behind his ear, “I’ll wait inside.”

When she and Seth were alone, she felt the worry and panic flood every movement she made. She didn’t want her mate harmed but it had all happened so fast. She kept her mind on her mate as she quickly changed just inside the woods but kept the house in sight.

She walked out of the woods and waited for Seth to join her before they jogged up the porch steps and entered the house.

Chapter Text

AN: Trigger warnings to many things are present in this story. Don’t like don’t read.

I do not own Twilight.

I just like to play around in different worlds with them :)



Leah entered the house as Bella’s muffled scream filled the air. Her wolf roared in anger, but Emmett slammed into her body before she could take two steps, “It’s okay. He had to pop her shoulder back in and set her arm at the same time. She’s okay Leah, Rosie is with her and you don’t want to come between them right now.”

She took slow deep breaths, trying to calm herself. Seth gripped her shoulder tightly, “She’s been through worse Leah. James was a hell of a lot worse than this.”

She grimaced at her little brother, “Not helping.”

Seth smirked at her, “It kinda did. Your breathing returned to normal.”

She glared at him as Emmett let go of her, “Come on, she’s in our room.”

She followed him up the stairs, trying to keep her mind clear. Bella was safe at least, that was the important part. Of course, her steady calm thoughts flew right out the window as soon as she saw Bella lying on Rosalie and Emmett’s bed. Her eyes already turning black with the bruise, blood being wiped from her face by Rosalie. Carlisle was sitting on the edge of the bed wrapping the girl’s arm in a short brace.

Bella glanced over at her and raised an eyebrow, “I’m surprised Seth isn’t with you.”

She frowned at her imprint, “Why would he be?”

Bella smirked at her as Seth hurried into the room and jumped up on the bed, causing Rosalie to growl and Carlisle to chuckle, “I told you to watch out for that kinky sex Bells.”

Bella snatched the pillow from beside her and threw it at Seth, the boy getting hit in the face during his laughter. He fell backwards, Edward appearing out of nowhere to catch him in his arms, “I swear you two.”

Bella laughed as Seth grinned up at his imprint, “Yes but you love it.”

She shook her head in annoyance, as Seth landed on his feet, before returning her attention to her injured imprint. She could feel the urge to gather the girl in her arms, to protect her until she was fully healed. There were too many vampires around her girlfriend, but they were her family, and they were taking care of her.

So many conflicting emotions were beginning to make her head hurt.

She slipped out of the room, needing a minute to get her wolf under control as she listened to Carlisle’s voice, “You should be fine in a few weeks, but we’ll do an x-ray next week just to make sure.”

Her mind was racing with what happened. Seeing that leech so close to her imprint had nearly stopped her heart, but the redhead had gotten away from them. She needed to get with Sam and work out a plan to work together to make sure the bloodsucker couldn’t get anywhere near Forks again.

Rosalie’s voice was thick with worry, “Thank you Carlisle.”

“I’m fine. It’s not like I haven’t broken anything before, and this is just a sprain.” Bella muttered.

Rosalie’s growl was palpable as it rolled through the house, “You didn’t do it, Isabella. She did.”

“Yeah, and I’ve had bones broke by vampires before Rosie, so this is a piece of cake.” Bella snapped back. After a moment, the girl sighed, “I’m sorry. At least now Victoria knows about the wolves and she won’t try that again.”

She frowned before returning to the room, her arms crossed over her chest in anger, “How do you know her?”

Bella frowned at her for a moment, “Remember what I told you at the bonfire?”

She nodded once as Bella’s words echoed through her mind, ‘His mate, Victoria, had done her research at the school.’ “James’s mate?”

Bella nodded, “A mate for a mate.”

She frowned as Rosalie growled angrily, her black eyes on Edward’s downcast eyes, “What do you mean?”

An uneasy feeling landed in the pit of her stomach as Rosalie looked like she wanted to murder Edward and while she had a need to protect her brother’s imprint, she had a feeling this wasn’t going to be good for Bella.

Bella glanced up at Rosalie, “Can you all leave us alone for a minute.”

Edward disappeared and Bella frowned, her eyes showing a pain that she wasn’t sure she was comfortable her imprint having for the guy. She glanced at Seth as he smiled sadly at her before hurrying out of the room. She stood completely still until she and Bella were the only two in the room and the door was closed. She could hear Rosalie hovering in the hallway and Emmett trying to sooth her with soft calming words.

She frowned at her imprint, “Why do I have a bad feeling about this?”

Bella took a deep breathe, “First off I need you to know that I am one hundred percent yours. No questions okay.”

Her wolf preened at the words from her imprint, and she quickly crossed the room, sliding onto the bed before pulling the girl into her lap, “Okay.”

Bella shifted and straddled her thighs, wrapping her uninjured arm around her neck, “When I started spending more time with the family, Edward and I got close.”

She nodded as she looked up into her mate’s amber eyes, “He said it was exciting for him since he can’t hear you.”

Bella nodded, “Yes but James took it the wrong way. He thought I was Edward’s mate because Seth wasn’t around yet and Edward and I were joking around playfully in that clearing when they showed up.”

Her body began to shake with the anger, knowing that Edward had been that close to her imprint. That they appeared to be mates because of their closeness was something her wolf was bristling at. It enraged her, her need to claim the girl surging to the front of her mind. It consumed her every thought, her body moving before she could register what was happening.

She flipped Bella onto her back on the bed before dipping her head to the girl’s neck, hesitating slightly . A growl rolled from her lips as Rosalie’s voice met her ears coldly, “Touch her and I will end you right now.”

Bella was frozen in place as she struggled to contain the wolf, to shove it back into her cage. She gripped the sheets beside the girl’s shoulders as everything in her was begging for her to claim the girl, to take what was hers. Slowly Bella’s hands came up to cup her face gently.

“I’m yours Leah. It wasn’t like that. Edward is as much my best friend as Alice is. I’m yours.” Bella spoke softly, soothingly.

She stared down at her imprint, her breathing returning to normal as the beast calmed, but she knew it wouldn’t last. One of these times she wouldn’t be able to stop herself from claiming Bella and it terrified her. She didn’t want to lose control with Bella the same way Sam had with Emily. She didn’t want to hurt her imprint.

She lowered her body down on the girl, “I’m sorry.”

Bella wrapped her arms around her shoulders, pulling her closer, “Don’t be. I live with seven vampires and a wolf, I get it.”

She chuckled as she nuzzled into the girl’s neck, breathing Bella’s scent in deeply, “That doesn’t help me in any way Bella.”

Bella laughed, “Yeah well, it was the best I could come up with.”

She slid her hands under the girl’s back and held her tighter. They stayed in that position for a while longer before Bella pulled her downstairs for dinner. They ate and talked but she made sure to keep Bella in her arms, and far from Edward. She could see the apology in Edward’s eyes and while she understood and forgave him, her emotions weren’t fine with the girl being near him yet.

She spent all of Sunday with Bella, not letting Edward anywhere near her and every now and then she would catch Rosalie’s smirk out of the corner of her eye. She knew the blonde didn’t quiet blame Edward, but it was obvious that Rosalie wasn’t comfortable with Bella around him either. Bella had spent most of her time in her lap which she wasn’t complaining about but at the end of the day she decided to trust her imprint and Rosalie and Emmett, so she had headed to her new house with the knowledge that Bella would be over first thing in the morning.



Monday morning, she stood in her kitchen waiting for the coffee to finish. She knew Bella wasn’t a happy person in the morning until she had her coffee, and she knew the girl wanted to be there bright and early. She heard the roar of a motorcycle coming up the rocky drive and she sighed heavily. She had to contain the spark of fear she felt knowing the girl was driving a motorcycle through the rainy streets of Forks.

She shook her head and headed out to the porch to greet her girlfriend with a smile. Bella slid off the machine and grinned over at her, running her hand down her thigh. She growled under her breath as her eyes took in the black leather pants the girl was wearing.

She shook her head and turned away, “Coffee is ready.”

She hurried back into the house, trying to calm the sudden arousal that was pulsing between her thighs. The girl was not making this easy on her. While it excited her to no end, she didn’t want to do anything that Bella wasn’t ready for, hell that she might not be ready for.

She had only ever dated men before and being with a woman had never crossed her mind until Bella had entered her life. She wasn’t sure of herself in that area and she didn’t want to disappoint her girlfriend, but she really did want Bella. Needed her like she had never needed anything before.

Bella entered the kitchen and kept her back to her as she poured a cup of coffee, “Something wrong?”

She shook her head, her eyes sliding down her imprints body and landing on the girl’s butt sheathed in leather. Her throb increased painfully, and she gripped the counter to ground herself, forcing her eyes away from her imprints toned body.

“Nope.” Even she could hear the husk in her voice, and she groaned internally. Bella was going to kill her unintentionally.

Bella turned to face her, the t-shirt stretched tightly over the girl’s round breasts under the leather jacket caused her breathing to increase. She closed her eyes and turned away from her girlfriend, trying desperately to think of something else.

“Are you sure about that babe?” Bella’s voice was curious with a hint of worry.

She collapsed on the stool at the counter with a full groan, placing her overheated forehead on the cool surface, “Yep.”

She couldn’t help, not only her body’s but, her mind’s reaction to Bella’s words. She could feel the warmth in her chest at Bella’s worry for her. To know the girl cared if something were bothering her was something she had thought would take a while. She found it unfair that she should be the only one feeing this uncontrollable need to fuck the girl silly.

“Leah, you know you can tell me anything right?” Bella asked softly, setting her coffee cup on the counter.

She raised her head and nodded, “Of course. Nothing’s wrong I promise.”

Bella nodded, the concern in her eyes still firmly in place, “What time are the delivery guys getting here?”

She leaned on her elbows as she watched Bella begin to run water for dishes, “Should be any minute now.”

Bella slid her jacket off and draped it over the corner of the counter, “What exactly do you want me here for today?”

She frowned as she watched the girl start washing the few dishes in the sink, “I always want you here, Bella. You can help me decide where to put everything since you helped pick it out. This is our house remember, but if you don’t want to be here…”

She trailed off, suddenly unsure about Bella’s feelings on the matter. She wanted the girl to feel comfortable here, to think of it as her house too but she could see the hesitation in the tightness of the girl’s shoulders. She frowned as she stood and moved closer to her imprint.


The sound of a truck backing up cut off what she was going to say, and Bella quickly dried her hands on a towel, “Seth should be here soon.”

She frowned as she watched Bella disappear around the corner and the screen door opened. She felt a tightness in her chest as she hurried after her imprint, but a large man approached her with a clipboard, “I have a delivery for Leah Clearwater or Bella Swan.”

She nodded, leaning against the railing around the porch, “Everything goes in here.”

He nodded as his coworker climbed into the back of the large delivery truck, “This place is very secluded.”

She Shrugged as her eyes landed on Bella, “I like my privacy.”

Bella, Seth and Edward were engaged in a hushed conversation and she felt her irritation kicking in as the large man turned to walk back to the truck, “Whose bike?”

Bella turned to the man with a polite smile, “Mine.”

The man veered towards the girl, “You can ride?”

She tensed as the man drew nearer to her imprint, the events of Saturday coming back into clearer focus.

Bella crossed her arms over her chest and nodded, “Yep, build them too.”

The man grinned at her, “Damn sweetheart, you wanna show me your skills sometime?”

She felt every fiber of her being shake violently. She moved across the drive quickly, not taking time to see Edward and Seth moving to intercept her, however Bella didn’t hesitate. She froze mid step as Bella smirked at the man before turning to her and moving towards her.

“Sorry but it takes a real animal to satisfy me.” Bella pressed her body firmly into her chest and she felt her wolf hum in pride and satisfaction. Bella placed a kiss on her lips before glancing back at the man, “And you just aren’t strong enough to tame me.”

She felt her wolf shake inside her as she wrapped her arms around Bella’s body, nuzzling her neck to calm herself. She let the feeling of completeness fill her as Bella’s hands slid across her sides to her back, pulling her closer still. She growled happily in Bella’s ear, grinning when her imprint shivered in her arms.

The large man’s jaw was hanging open as his coworker cleared his throat and motioned to the truck, forcing the large man to shake his head and close his mouth.

She pulled Bella with her away from the others while Edward and Seth followed the two men inside the house, both looking angrily at the large man. She pulled Bella behind a tree, so they were hidden from view before she backed the girl against it, pressing her body in her imprints.

“What was that about?”

Bella frowned, “No one gets to talk to me like that except you. Should I change my mind?”

She growled roughly, “No.” She shook her head, “Sorry, I just thought you were mad.”

Bella gripped her hips tightly, “The way you said it, made it seem like you didn’t really want me here. I don’t want to overstep anything. I mean this-“

She kissed her girlfriend, slipping her tongue into the girl’s mouth quickly. She didn’t want Bella to second guess anything about her or their relationship. She needed the girl with her, needed her like she needed air to breathe. She heard Bella’s soft moan and grinned happily as she pulled back for much needed oxygen.

“I need you with me. If you aren’t ready for that then that’s fine but I will always want you here, right next to me. No hesitation.”

She watched Bella’s eyes darken the same way they had when they had been alone in the house before Jacob interrupted them. She felt her arousal spread, her body beginning to overheat more than usual. She couldn’t ignore the feelings that the girl brought out in her and quiet frankly, she didn’t want to.

Bella smirked up at her, “No hesitation, right?”

She nodded slightly confused, “Right.”

Before she could understand what was happening Bella shove her hand straight into her loose ball shorts. She slammed her palms against the tree on either side of her imprint’s body as cool fingers cupped her firmly, “Then why are you still holding back?”

She swallowed thickly, trying to get her brain to restart itself, “W-what d-do you mean?”

“Like Saturday, you stopped yourself from doing what your instinct was telling you to do. To claim me, to mark me.” Bella’s fingers slowly slid further back.

She tried to stop her sudden panting, but she could only focus on one thing at a time and right now that was answering her imprints question, “Rosalie was right outside the door.”

Bella shook her head, one cool finger slipping between her dripping folds, “She hadn’t said a single word when you stopped. It was only after that she spoke up because she didn’t understand why you stopped either.”

She gasped as Bella’s cold finger pressed firmly against her throbbing clit, “I didn’t want to force you. I wanted you to make the choice. Please Bella,” her hips jerked forward on their own and she moaned softly, “I need to claim you. I want to claim you. Please.”

Bella smirked at her, “No hesitation, remember.”

She growled angrily as Bella’s hand disappeared and the girl dipped under her shaking arms before heading towards the house. The loss of contact was excruciating as she took slow deep breaths to regain her composure. If Bella wanted no hesitation, then she would give her no hesitation.

She crossed the yard in four long strides and entered the house with a new determination in her heart. She found Bella and Seth shifting furniture around in the living room while Edward rolled his eyes at his mate and best friend, “You two are going to hurt yourselves and Bella you need to be careful of that wrist.”

Bella glared at him, “Shut up and help.”

Edward grinned as he blurred forward and lifted the sofa with one hand, turning it carefully before setting it down again. Bella rolled her eyes, “Show off.”

Seth smirked at his imprint, “Yes but he’s so good at it.”

Bella scoffed, “You could have done the same thing, brat.”

Seth wrapped his long arm around Bella’s shoulders, “Yes but see the strength your lover has is much more arousing.”

Bella grimaced, “You two make me sick.”

Edward laughed as Bella flopped down on the plastic covered sofa, “Awe are you missing a little something from your mate, sister?”

Bella flipped him off and she chuckled, making her way towards her imprint, “Leave my girlfriend alone.”

Seth snorted as he leaned into Edwards body, “How long until they’re done?”

Edward grimaced, “Ten more minutes.” He turned a grin to Bella, “Are we still up for dinner tonight Bella?”

Bella shrugged, “Leah they want to have a double date tonight, are up for going with me?”

She grinned as she sat beside her imprint, resting her arm on the sofa behind her girlfriend, “I could be persuaded to join you.”

Bella laughed and it warmed her heart, “I would but we have company.”

She growled as she wrapped her arm around the girl’s shoulders, pulling Bella tight against as she buried her face in the girl’s neck, “I can fix that.” She grazed her teeth across her girlfriend’s neck.

Bella shivered, the smell of her arousal filling the air as Seth and Edward disappeared into the kitchen, giving them privacy, “Will you go with me tonight?”

She pulled back slightly to smile lovingly at her imprint, “Of course.”

She grinned as Bella cuddled tighter against her, burying her face in her shoulder. She could feel Bella’s body relax as she breathed deeply, and she held the girl tighter. She made up her mind in that moment. Whenever Bella was ready, she would gladly fall into bed with her. She needed to claim the girl, to mark her and after their conversation she wouldn’t hold back on anything. If she wanted to hold the girl, kiss the girl, she would do it no matter who was around.

No hesitations.

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AN: Trigger warnings to many things are present in this story. Don’t like don’t read.

I do not own Twilight.

I just like to play around in different worlds with them :)



Leah stood in line at the concession stand at the movie theater in Port Angeles with Seth and Edward. Her eyes were on Bella as her girlfriend stood with a couple of friends from school. The two boys were blushing as they flirted with Bella, and she couldn’t help the anger that was rising in her chest. She didn’t want to keep Bella from spending time with her school friends, but these two boys were relentless in their flirtations, stopping just shy of asking Bella out.

Bella’s eyes suddenly met hers and her body relaxed, her wolf preening as Bella’s smile widened and became real.

Seth elbowed her gently, “They’re just friends from school Leah. Mike and Eric, I think.” He glanced over at Edward.

Edward nodded, “I’ve put Mike in his place before and the only reason he’s even talking to her now is because Rosalie and Emmett aren’t here.” Edward’s glare hadn’t moved from the group across the room.

She smirked slightly as they moved up in the line, “What did Blondie do?”

Edward grinned devilishly, “Promised to crush his balls if he so much as spoke to Bella again. She even had a little demonstration for them when they didn’t get the hint the first time. Newton has been following Bella around with his tongue hanging out since she moved here.”

She could hear the disgust and anger in Edward’s voice as he seemed to glare harder at the sandy blonde boy. She couldn’t deny that the boy was cute, in a needing his facial features rearranged kind of way. The other boy was shyer, hiding his flirts in normal conversation, but he too was beginning to toe the line as he and Newton seemed to be battling each other for Bella’s attention.

She moved to the counter but couldn’t take her eyes off Bella. Edward ordered and paid for the food, handing Seth his soda with a gentle loving smile. She watched three girls make their way over to Bella and the boys she was standing with. The boy with dark hair, Eric she thinks, stood taller and all flirts stopped. He began speaking to Bella as if she were nothing more than an acquaintance.

Edward chuckled as he leaned against the counter while they waited for their popcorn and nachos, “Eric is Angela’s boyfriend, the girl with glasses and Bella’s only human friend here. Jessica has been after Newton for the last year and Lauren is a bitch.”

She raised an eyebrow at him as she finally looked away from Bella, “Nothing nice to say?”

Edward scrunched his face at her, “To her that is nice. Nicer than what I could say.”

Seth smirked, “Let’s just say that Lauren doesn’t like Bella and Bella doesn’t like Lauren.”

She frowned as she looked back over at Bella, “Then why are they talking?”

Bella had an eyebrow raised and her hip cocked as she spoke to the girl named Lauren. Lauren’s fake smile fell suddenly, and a glare replaced it as she snapped angrily at Bella. Bella only continued to smirk at the obnoxious girl before leaning towards Angela and speaking softly. Whatever Bella said had Angela and Eric bursting into laughter and Lauren clenching her fists at her sides.

Edward frowned, “That’s not good.”

Seth crossed his arms over his chest, “Hundred bucks on Bella.”

Edward grinned, “Neither of us can win if we both bet on our sister.”

She felt the need to protect her imprint flare to life as her feet pushed off the floor, moving slightly quicker than she should in public.

As she drew closer, she heard Angela’s laughter fade slightly, “Oh get off your high horse Lauren.”

Lauren sneered at Bella, “You just wait Swan. One day you won’t have that bitch Ice Queen around to save you.”

Bella smirked, “Rosalie isn’t here with me Lauren.”

Lauren took a step closer and raised her fist slightly, “No one to save you now Swan.”

She wrapped her arm around Bella’s tense waist, “Just her girlfriend.” Her voice was low and threatening.

Lauren’s eyes widened slightly as Angela grinned. Mike’s jaw dropped as he stared at her. Lauren took two steps back before narrowing her eyes, “So you threw Edward to the curb for a dyke on the Rez?”

She felt her anger begin to boil as the wolf seethed, wanting to rip the girls throat out. Bella relaxed against her and wrapped her arms around her waist, “Edward has a boyfriend Lauren, or did you forget how he turned you down every chance he got.”

Jessica snorted, “Well at least Bella tells the truth.”

Lauren turned a glare on her blonde friend, “Whose side are you on Jessica?”

Bella sighed lazily, “Well this has been fun, but we have to go.”

Bella took her hand and pulled her away from the teenagers, leading her back towards her brother and Edward, “What was that about?”

Bella shrugged, “School bullies. Now shall we head into the movie.”

She wrapped her arms around Bella’s waist, “As much as I love to see you get worked up, can you not do it with a human.”

Bella grinned as she leaned against her chest and she could feel the temperature difference in Bella’s hands through her shirt, “Are you going to come rescue me every time?”

She watched Bella’s eyes darken as their bodies pressed tighter together. Her mouth began to water, and she had to swallow the whimper that was on her lips at the intoxicating scent of Bella’s arousal that began to permeate the air. She couldn’t believe this girl was pushing all her buttons at once, while in public no less.

Slowly she nodded, “Forever.”

Bella leaned up on her tiptoes and Leah could feel the softness of Bella’s lips brush lightly against hers, “Then no.” Bella pushed away from her and joined Seth taking her sofa from him as they chuckled and made their way towards the room their movie was in.

Edward sighed, “I think they love torturing us.”

She took Bella’s nachos and some candy from him as he carried their sodas, “Is my brother like that?”

Edward nodded as they headed after their partners, “Worse. Mainly because… Well…”

Edward trailed off suspiciously and she couldn’t help but wrinkle her nose, “You’ve had sex with my brother?”

Edward nodded, “Just remember that I love him and…”

She shook her head, “For the love of god don’t finish that sentence.”

She avoided his eyes, so she didn’t know what his reaction to that was. She was grateful that Edward was so open with her, but Seth was her little brother, and she wasn’t sure she would ever be ready to hear about his sex life. They entered the darkened screening room, finding their partners deep in conversation. The kind that was quiet and their heads were close together, whispers and giggles escaping louder than they should.

She glanced at Edward and shared a brief smile with him before she made her way to Bella’s side, “Nachos?”

Bella grinned up at her, “Thank you.”

She sat in the uncomfortable seat, pushing the armrest between them up and out of the way before, without thinking, wrapping her arm around Bella’s waist. She froze for a fraction of a second, until Bella relaxed into her side. She grinned as she pressed a soft kiss to Bella’s neck, feeling the girls pulse begin to jump erratically, while at the same time hearing Bella’s heartbeat flutter.

“Behave,” Bella whispered, her cheeks slowly turning a lovely shade of pink.

She shook her head and pulled Bella tighter against her, “If you get to tease then so do I.”

A groan escaped Bella’s lips.

She could hear Bella’s words echoing through her mind from earlier on the day, ‘No hesitations. She wanted to hold her girlfriend while they watched a movie and she wanted to tease her. At some point she knew she was going to kiss her, but she only hoped she could last through the movie.

A warmth spread through her chest as Bella cuddled against her, slowly eating her nachos as the movie started. She couldn’t help but watch Bella’s long pale fingers moving so delicately as she nibbled on a chip slowly. She shook her head to clear it before forcing herself to watch the movie.

It was agony sitting there, trying to watch the movie, as she kept catching Bella seductively eating her chips. She knew the girl was doing it to get under her skin, and damnit, it was working. She couldn’t say what happened five minutes into the movie let alone at the end. Her eyes kept finding their way back to Bella. It didn’t help that by the end of the movie Bella was practically sitting in her lap, which she was not complaining about.

As the lights brightened in the room Edward said, “Dinner?” His voice cracking in the middle of the word.

Bella smirked at him, “Still in puberty brother?”

Seth burst into laughter, “I can vouch for him, he’s not.”

She groaned and Bella laughed as she took her hand, “Come on I’m starving.”

She smiled as Bella pulled her by the hand out of the theater and into the cold night air. She took a deep breath, inhaling the fresh rain on the air, “We should get back to Forks before the storm hits.”

Edward frowned down at his phone, “We won’t make it in the car. Alice says it’s going to be bad, and we’d get stuck.”

She glanced down at Bella as the girl squeezed her hand tightly. She was positive that Bella was unaware of it by the look on her girlfriend’s face, a look she couldn’t decipher, “I’ll take Bella.”

Bella grimaced at her, “Like hell you’re carrying me.”

She smirked as she pulled Bella against her, “More like you’re going to ride.” A glazed look crossed Bella’s eyes for a moment and she was suddenly worried that something was wrong as the girl’s cheeks began to turn red, “Bella? Are you okay?”

Bella cleared her throat as she nodded, “Yep, I’m good.”

She and Edward shared a frown, but he shrugged, “We’ll see you at home.”

She nodded and took Bella’s hand, leading her down an alley that they could easily slip into the forest through. Bella’s hand was slightly colder than usual but the loud crack of thunder above them forced her to shove it into the back of her mind for later.

Once in the trees she hesitated a moment before letting go of Bella’s hand.

Bella nodded and she could feel the girl’s eyes on her as she walked further into the trees. She stripped quickly as the first raindrop hit her face, taking a deep breath to let the shift roll through her body. It was the first time the shift didn’t take such a heavy toll on her. The idea that Bella was waiting on her helped her focus better and relax more.

Bella’s voice came from behind her, and she jumped slightly, “I’ll never get used to that.”

She cocked her large head at Bella wondering what was going through the girl’s mind, but a loud clap of thunder had her shaking her head and lowering onto the forest floor. Bella carefully climbed onto her back, and she sighed heavily as Bella’s cool fingers slid through her fur. She stood slowly and winced slightly when Bella griped her fur tighter.

She wanted to reassure the girl that she was safe, that she wouldn’t let anything happen to her. She wished she could link with Bella the way she did with Seth. She wanted to know what Bella was thinking as she began a slow walk. She let Bella get a feel for the movement of her body before she picked up speed. She could smell the storm coming in quickly, her hackles rising slightly as the threat grew closer.

She put on another burst of speed as lightning flashed around them, the static charge sending a chill down her spine. She could only focus on getting her imprint to safety, of getting her home. The rain began to fall, thick droplets that refused to let them escape. She slowed as she neared the house, the sound of Bella’s laughter echoing around her mind through the heavy wind.

Bella slid off her back near the front porch and turned to raise an eyebrow at her, “I thought you were taking me home?”

She frowned for a moment before she realized where she was. She had taken Bella to their house not the Cullen’s. She shifted as another flash of lighting, quickly followed by deep rolling thunder, hit too close for her liking. She ushered Bella into the house, frowning at the drenched look of her girlfriend.

“I wasn’t paying attention Bella. I’m-“

Bella’s lips landed on hers and she couldn’t stop herself from wrapping her arms around her imprint and pulling the girl tighter against her naked body. She felt on fire, more so than just from the wolf inside. Every sense was heightened. Every nerve ending firing synapses to her brain, threatening to overload it.

She backed Bella against the wall next to the screen door as she deepened the kiss. She loved the feeling of Bella’s soft warm tongue against her own, moving together and not in a battle. She was losing control of herself. The wolf vibrated with happiness at finally having its mate this close.

Thunder shook the house and she jerked back, staring into Bella’s black eyes. Lust stared back at her as they both breathed heavily, trying to calm the sudden intense heat that was building between them.

She shook her head, “I’m sorry.”

Bella frowned, “I kissed you, Leah.”

“I know but,” she took a step back, “I shouldn’t have lost control.”

Bella shook her head and moved into her space again, “You haven’t yet even though I’ve been waiting for it.” Bella held her hand out, “Do you trust me?”

She nodded and instantly took her imprints hand, “Always.”

Bella pulled her into their bedroom and into the ensuite, “I trust you too, Leah.”

She swallowed thickly as Bella slowly unbuttoned her shirt, letting it slide down her arms to the floor. She couldn’t take her eyes off the girl. The way her pale skin glistened with moisture in the dim light. The way Bella’s eyes held hers as she unbuttoned her jeans, pushing them down her hips before letting them fall to the floor.

She could see more than just trust in Bella’s eyes as the girl turned to the shower. After adjusting the temperature Bella turned back to her and held her hand out.

She didn’t hesitate as she took her imprints hand, allowing herself to be pulled into their shower. The hot water felt good on her skin, her muscles relaxing at the feel of Bella pressed against her. The skin-on-skin contact more than she ever dreamed it would be. Bella’s cooler hands ghosted over her skin, across her shoulders and down her back, sending a chill up her spine. She closed her eyes as Bella slowly and gently washed her skin, the smell of soap filling the steamy air around them. Fingers massaged at her scalp as Bella washed her hair, eliciting a small groan from her lips.

She turned to watch as Bella washed herself quickly, their eyes locking the entire time. She reached behind her and turned the water off before helping Bella out of the shower carefully. She snatched the towel off the rack and wrapped it tightly around Bella’s shoulders, pulling the girl close.

“I’ve never felt this way for anyone before Bella.” Her words were barely a whisper in the silent house, the only sound the storm raging outside.

Bella smiled warmly at her, “Me either but we can figure this out together.”

She smiled as she leaned in to kiss her imprint, taking the kiss deep and slow. Her skin began to heat as the towel slid from Bella’s shoulders. She wrapped her arms around Bella’s waist and lifted the girl off her feet. Bella’s legs wrapped around her waist, and she couldn’t stop the growl that rolled up her torso. The wolf was in heaven, having their mate in their arms was the only thing that could sooth the beast inside.

She carried Bella into their bedroom and climbed on the bed, laying Bella back against the cool sheets. She settled on top of the girl and deepened the kiss even more, though she didn’t know it was possible. Her heart swelled with happiness, that being the only emotion she could decipher in this moment.

She was feeling so many things all at once but for the first time she was enjoying the overwhelming sensations. Every nerve ending was alive as Bella’s skin connected with hers. Fire raged across her skin in the wake of Bella’s fingers, nails dragging down her back in the most delicious way. Their scents mingled around her mind, becoming the only air she could breathe.

She wasn’t sure how long they explored each other. Time meant nothing when Bella was in her arms. She pulled back slightly and smiled down at Bella, the girl’s eyes were lust filled and lidded. Kiss swollen lips curved up into a smile at her as Bella brushed her fingers across her jaw. She wanted Bella. She wanted to take it further, but she knew this wasn't that kind of intimacy.

“You look exhausted Leah.”

She chuckled, “I was going to say the same thing to you.” She could see the dark circles under Bella’s beautiful eyes even when they had been at the movie. Her mind snapped back to the present quickly, “You didn’t get dinner.”

Bella laughed, the sound echoing through her mind and heart, “I’m not hungry for food right now, but I am tired.”

She reached to the foot of the bed and pulled the blankets up over them before turning out the bedside lamp and wrapped her arms tight around Bella’s body, “Sleep honey.”

Bella’s head rested on her chest, a small sigh escaping her mouth, “Thank you for the perfect night Leah.”

She grinned into the darkness as the rain and wind battled outside, the flash of lightning lighting up their room in brief flashes. She felt Bella’s body tense as the loud thunder boomed outside. She frowned, wondering if she should ask or not. She tightened her hold on the girl and after a few moments Bella relaxed into her.

She listened to Bella’s slow even breathing and soft heartbeat, the sound a lullaby to her ears. This had been the best night of her entire life so far and she knew it was only to get better as long as Bella was beside her. She suddenly felt her body relax fully and she slipped into a deep peaceful sleep.

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AN: Trigger warnings to many things are present in this story. Don’t like don’t read.

I do not own Twilight.

I just like to play around in different worlds with them :)



Leah leaned against the counter in her kitchen, her mind on her imprint and a frown on her face. The summer had passed too quickly for her taste, the last two months having flown by. She wasn’t sure how she felt about it. Ever since she had spent the night with Bella after the movie theater the girl seemed distant. Leah had spent the nights patrolling with Seth in case Victoria returned, even working with Sam to set up a perimeter to catch the redhead if she returned. They hadn’t caught a whiff of her since the attack and she was beginning to think the woman was regrouping since she hadn’t been expecting the wolves.

Bella had pulled away from her slightly. Seth had promised to try to find out what was up, but he had no luck since Bella wasn’t really speaking to him either. Edward and Seth were arguing more, and she had a feeling Edward knew what was wrong with Bella, but he wasn’t talking. Seth wouldn’t tell her what the arguments were about and when they were patrolling or shifted, he was hiding his thoughts carefully.

She was more confused than anything. Things had been perfect that night and the next morning when she had awoken to the smell of fresh coffee in the air, she had found Bella in the kitchen waiting for the coffee. They had spent the morning in a make out session that made her toes curl before the girl was picked up by Edward. The rest of the day she had spent it with Seth, arranging his new room.

No matter how she looked at it, she couldn’t figure out what had happened, or what she did, if she did anything to upset her girlfriend.

It had been three days since she’d last seen her girlfriend now and school had started the day before, so Bella was in class. Rosalie wasn’t thrilled since she and Emmett had technically graduated the year before and wouldn’t be there. Edward, Seth, and Alice were the only ones still there, but it didn’t help alleviate her or blondie as to Bella’s safety. Seth had decided to return to school, in order to be closer to Bella just in case, but with their patrolling at night he didn’t have class until second period.

She frowned as the sound of a vehicle pulled onto her driveway and made her way towards the front door. Her heart ached at the thought of her imprint pulling away from her, but she would have to figure it out later. She stepped out onto her porch and frowned as Sam slipped out of Emily’s SUV. Why would he be coming to her place instead of calling? She felt her anger begin to take over.

Sam shook his head, “I'm just here to talk.”

She shook her head, “Nothing to talk about. I appreciate your help with extra patrols.”

He frowned as he moved closer, “Leah we all miss you. Sue won’t stop asking about you and Seth.”

Leah growled softly shaking her head, “I chose Bella and Seth chooses Edward. If this is all you came for you can leave.”

Sam shrugged, not really expecting anything to change, “Actually I came because Paul saw Jacob crossing the border early this morning. I was hoping Bella has seen him.”

Anger flared in her chest at the thought of Jake being near her imprint. She instantly wondered if that was why her girlfriend had begun pulling away from her. Was Jacob Black filling her mind with lies to make himself look good? She crossed her arms over her chest as she tried to control the sudden waves of rage that threatened to unleash her wolf.

Shaking her head she held Sam’s eyes, “I haven’t seen him, and she hasn’t mentioned anything, plus she’s at school right now. Seth hasn’t either and he wouldn’t let Jacob anywhere near Bella unaccompanied.”

Sam nodded, “Billy said he’s been acting strange lately.”

“Strange how?” She asked as she felt the shift coming. She needed to see Bella, to make sure she was safe.

Sam frowned, “Acting alone, not talking much and hiding his thoughts around all of us when shifted. Billy said all he does is sleep and patrol, not eating as much.”

She shrugged, “Can’t help you there. Bella is my priority. Now if you’ll excuse me…” She glared at him before spinning on her heel and heading into the house, locking the door behind her.

She knew Bella would be getting out of school soon and she needed to see her. She was in the middle of contemplating on whether or not to call Bella when the sound of a motorcycle met her ears. She hurried to the door and watched as Bella pulled to a stop near Sam. Bella’s face became blank as she spoke quietly to him before her eyes darkened and became angry. Leah rushed out the door, excited to see her imprint, relief not far behind, but before she could get to Bella the girl glanced over at her. Leah felt her heart clench in pain at the look of hurt on the girl’s face. Bella looked back at Sam and shook her head before she turned around and shot off back down the road at a speed that had Leah’s heart lodging in her throat.

She hurried to Sam, “What did you say to her?”

He raised an eyebrow at her, “I just asked where Jacob was, and said that she shouldn’t keep you on a short leash.”

She shoved him, her anger shaking her body violently, “Fuck you Sam. She isn’t keeping me from going back. I don’t want to go back and neither does Seth. What the fuck is so hard about that?”

He shook his head at her, “I’m sorry Leah but you have to admit-“

She cut him off, too worried about her imprint, “Get off my property. You aren’t welcome here anymore. Leave and stay away from Bella.”

She sprinted into the woods, shifting as soon as she was deep enough to not be seen by Sam. She ran towards the high school, needing to find Bella. To talk to her, to hold her. She spotted the girl standing with Edward, the obvious signs of tears streaking the girl’s face. She quickly shifted, dressed, and made her way towards her girlfriend.


Edward glanced up at her, anger and danger dancing in his golden eyes, “You have five minutes before class starts.” Edward’s eyes glanced down at Bella, “I’ll be right here.”

Bella nodded before pulling away, moving towards Emmett’s jeep but Leah frowned at the distance the girl was keeping between them. She took a deep breath once they were at Emmett’s Jeep and spoke softly, “Bella I didn’t know Sam was going to show up.”

Bella shook her head, jerking the back door open, “None of my business. Besides it’s not the first time you’ve been alone with him lately.”

Leah frowned, her mind struggling to keep up, “What do you mean?”

Bella spun to her, a fire in her eyes that Leah hasn’t seen since the girl went off on Jacob, “I know you’ve been seeing Sam. I know you’ve been patrolling alone with him, and he made it quite clear today that I chose my family and that I don’t belong with you. So go, go back to the Rez and be happy.” She slammed the jeep door and began to walk away.

Leah shook her head and caught Bella’s arm, “So you aren’t going to ask me what happened? You’re just going to take what Sam said-“

Bella cut her off, her voice rough with emotion, “Not just Sam. Jacob and Seth too. Seth said you sent him home the other night and opted to patrol with Sam alone, again.”

She felt her heart tighten in her chest as Bella tried to pull away from her, but she pulled the girl against her body, “Seth and Edward were fighting, and his mind wasn’t in it. I can’t have him distracted and get hurt, and I figured you wouldn’t approve of me being out there alone. I swear noting happened and believe me when I say I didn’t even talk to him. It’s why he showed up today, because I won’t talk to him. He came to tell me that Paul caught Jacob crossing the border this morning. Why didn’t you tell me you were spending time with him again?”

Bella frowned up at her, “I’ve only seen him a handful of times since I told him to leave. Each time he’s begging me to let him apologize and be friends again. It’s complicated.”

Leah pulled her girlfriend tight against her body, “Bella, please trust me.”

“I do trust you, but I warned you about my jealousy and Sam hit a nerve.” Bella willingly leaned into her.

Leah inhaled the girl’s soothing scent deeply, her wolf calming slightly, “Bella I….” She hesitated for a moment. How could she tell her girlfriend not to spend time with Jacob when she herself was doing something that her girlfriend didn’t want her to do? After a moment of looking into Bella’s amber eyes she decided to take a chance, “I don’t want you spending time with Jacob without me.”

Bella’s eyes darkened for a moment before she frowned, “I don’t want you around Sam without me or Seth.”

She grinned at her girlfriend, “Will you tell me if Jake comes around again?”

Bella nodded, “If you’ll tell me, no matter what time it is, that you’ll be with Sam.”

Leah leaned down slightly, forgetting where they were, only seeing her imprint, “Why did you pull away from me?” Bella’s eyes filled with tears suddenly and Leah wrapped her arms around her girlfriend’s body, trying to comfort her.

After a moment Bella spoke softly, “Seth said he spotted you speaking to Sam alone, that it seemed like an intense conversation. Then you had him patrol with Paul and then it started to become a regular thing.”

Her mind raced and suddenly everything began to make sense, “Is that what Seth and Edward are fighting about too?” At Bella’s nod she leaned down and brushed her lips across Bella’s gently, “Bella, I need you to listen to me, and listen carefully alright.” Bella nodded and stared up at her in question, waiting patiently for her to continue.

She took a deep breath knowing that once she said this, she could never and would never take it back, “I love you. Only you. I told Sam to leave and that he wasn’t welcome here anymore. I don’t want you spending time with Jacob because I know how he can be. I want you all to myself and I know that sounds possessive, but I can’t help it.” A smile spread slowly across Bella’s face, her eyes darkening with every word she said. She couldn’t stop herself from kissing her girlfriend, needing the contact, the closeness of it.

After a few minutes Bella pulled back and rested her forehead against hers, “Now’s a hell of a time to tell me.”

Leah snorted a laugh, “I’ve hated not being around you much and I was beginning to worry that you don’t-“

Bella silenced her with another kiss before pulling back to look at her, “I’m so in love with you Leah Clearwater. Don’t ever doubt that. I don’t want you with Sam just as much as you don’t want me with Jake, but I know I want you safe more and if that’s what it takes…” She shrugged before continuing, “I will work on it.”

She shook her head, a grin pulling at the corner of her mouth, “Nothing to work on. I like you all possessive. Can you come over when you get out of school?”

Bella smiled at her, “I’ll be there but,” the bell rang out across the parking lot, “I have to get to class.”

Leah didn’t want to let go, didn’t want to lose the small bubble they were in right now, “I love you.”

Bella chuckled, “I love you too, but I have to go.”

Leah smiled as Bella leaned up on her toes and kissed her once again before pulling away and moving towards Edward. She couldn’t stop herself from saying it again, “I love you Isabella Swan.”

Bella laughed as she walked backwards, “I love you too Leah Clearwater. I’ll see you after school.”

Edward caught Bella as she spun around and proceeded to trip over her own feet, causing Leah to laugh, “Smooth Swan.”

Bella paused to wink at her, “You haven’t seen nothing yet babe.”

Leah’s heart jumped at the term of endearment, her need to one up her girlfriend, to keep the girl thinking of only her surging out of her mouth before she could stop it, “I’m looking forward to it baby.” Bella’s jaw dropped, her eyes darkening dangerously, and Leah would swear she heard a soft growl come from her girlfriend before Edward pulled Bella into the building laughing quietly.

Leah made her way across the parking lot and slipped back into the woods, shifting to head home as Bella’s words echoed through her mind. She was so focused on Bella’s words she didn’t realize Seth had shifted until his laughter rang through their mind link. She felt her wolf lips pull back slightly in the smirk she knew she was sporting as she ran through everything with her imprint, pausing slightly on the information about Seth and Edward. Seth’s heavy sigh filled her mind and he assured her he was on his way to the house.

Once Seth arrived at the house they sat in the kitchen, “So wanna talk about it?” she asked gently.

He grimaced, “It’s much the same of what you and Bella were talking about, but we are more adult about it.”

She glared at him, “What’s that supposed to mean?”

He chuckled, “As in, he outright yelled at me about it and I yelled back about it and then we went to bed, together. We didn’t avoid each other for weeks, and we didn’t hide it from each other.”

She frowned down at her cup, “I didn’t hide it.”

“That’s not how Bella sees it. She asked you weeks ago if you had seen Sam and you said no. That’s hiding it Sis.” Seth took a sip of his coffee, slurping it to ease the tension that had built around them.

She smirked at him before shaking her head, “I wasn’t hiding it and honestly my mind was on other things at that point that I didn’t quite understand why she was asking.” She frowned at her cup, knowing she would have to talk to Bella about it, “But why didn’t she tell me about Jake?”

Seth glared into his cup as a small growl slipped from his lips, “She didn’t think you cared since you were running around with Sam. But you should know that Rosalie and Emmett told him to stay away from Bella too. Bella kept telling him to leave her alone and that she couldn’t forgive him for what he said and did to you. However, I think she spent an entire afternoon with him about two weeks ago. She hasn’t told me anything other than she forgave Jake and they talked. You might want to find out what happened.”

“Why?” She felt an uncomfortable feeling settle into the pit of her stomach.

He shrugged, “I don’t know just a strange feeling I got when she refused to talk about it. It wasn’t like she was hiding anything but like she wasn’t saying something that was bothering her.”

Leah’s mind began to spiral with all the possibilities that it could be. She knew it wouldn’t do any good to dwell on it, but she couldn’t help it. “So why aren’t you in class?” She finished her cup of coffee and began making more.

Seth chuckled, “Someone kept me up late last night, so Edward told me to sleep in.”

Leah smirked at him, “Thank god you were with me patrolling and I don’t have to have that imagery in my head.”

They laughed and Leah had to admit that it felt good to laugh with her little brother again. She spent the rest of the afternoon trying to ignore the strange feeling that had come over her and have fun with Seth. They had agreed on not doing patrol that night so they could spend time with their imprints. They were just relaxing in the living room talking when the sound of Emmett’s jeep turned onto the hidden driveway. Leah watched a smile pull at Seth’s mouth and knew a matching one was on her lips.

The front door opened, and Bella’s eyes landed on her instantly, “We have to talk.”

Leah felt her body tighten, her heart jumping wildly at the look in her girlfriend’s eyes, “Okay.”

Seth frowned at Edward before suddenly exploding in anger, “You can’t be fucking serious!”

Edward blurred to Seth, “Calm down dear. It’s not as bad as you think.”

Seth’s growl shook the room, “You let her near Bella after what she did, and you let him convince you.”

Edward sighed as he tried to sooth Seth, “I promise it’s true. Let’s go talk, please. Bella needs to be the one to tell her and it won’t be pretty if you and I are here when she does.”

Seth glared at his imprint, “Especially you but I’m curious what Rosalie thinks.”

Edward grimaced, “Bella will tell everyone I promise.”

Seth shook his head angrily, “I need to go run.” He left the house with Edward hot on his heels pleading with him to listen first.

Leah stared at Bella, not moving from her spot on the sofa, not knowing if she could contain the wolf if she moved, “What’s up?”

Bella took a deep breath before moving towards her, straddling her lap without pause, “Okay so I have a few things to tell you that you might not like. Just promise you’ll listen first and then you can explode after.”

Leah wrapped her arms around Bella’s waist, “When in this position you know I’ll do anything you want.”

Bella chuckled, “Which is why I chose it.” Bella leaned down and kissed her hard and deep before saying, “I love you.”

She grinned, slowly opening her eyes to look up at her girlfriend, “I love you too.”

Bella suddenly frowned, “Okay so Edward and I just came from seeing Jacob.”

Leah’s body tensed and she tightened her hold on her girlfriend, “Go on.”

Bella pressed closer to her, rocking her hips slightly, “I’m trying but I’m getting distracted.”

Leah chuckled as she ran her lips lightly across the girl’s neck, “You better tell me before we both get distracted.”

Bella nodded, “Jacob imprinted on someone.”

Leah jerked back, “That’s good news. Is that what he’s been coming around to tell you?” Bella nodded, a look of worry on her face. Leah frowned, “What’s that look for?”

Bella sighed, “He told me two weeks ago and I may have talked to his imprint and have been waiting for the right time to tell anyone.”

Leah narrowed her eyes at her, “Why? I would understand out of anyone.”

Bella hesitated, pulling her bottom lip under her front teeth, then said, “I think you of all people you will have the biggest problem with it.”

Leah growled angrily, “He can’t have imprinted on you.”

Bella shook her head quickly, running her hands down Leah’s neck soothingly, “No. I promise not me. I love you and only you.”

Leah still didn’t relax and the uncomfortable feeling in her stomach only tightened, “Then who?”

Bella kissed her softly before whispering, “Victoria.”

Leah’s wolf howled in anger as it began to claw her chest. She knew she was on the verge of shifting and quickly jerked Bella off her lap and stood. Her anger was clear in her voice as it came out more of a growl, “You were with Victoria without telling me? After what she did to you?”

Bella frowned up at her, the scent of fear filling the air, “She’s not who we thought she was. She was brainwashed by James long before everything happened. Laurent said that she was acting differently over the last hundred years, and we didn’t believe him. She met Jacob after the attack and he’s, her mate. Jacob has been wanting to clear the air so Victoria can come and go with him. He hasn’t even told the pack yet because he’s afraid they’ll try to kill her.”

Leah shook her head, “It’s our law that an imprint cannot be harmed.”

Bella grimaced, “And yet…” She shook her head, “You honestly think Sam is going to be okay with this?” Leah frowned at her girlfriend and Bella nodded, “Exactly. Look what Jacob did to me and you left the pack. You of all people can understand where Jacob is coming from. He’s going through this alone and luckily, I’ve been able to help somewhat. I think he’ll join your pack, after all he doesn’t want to be Alpha.”

Leah grimaced, “I don’t want him in my pack.”

Bella snorted, “We all have to do things we don’t want. Jacob is my friend and while we’ve been through a lot, we’ve also forgiven each other for a lot.”

Leah shook her head, her chest tightening, “How can you forgive so easily? I still haven’t forgiven Sam and Emily for what they did.”

Bella stood and moved towards her slowly, “Forgiveness isn’t just for others Leah. It’s more for ourselves than others. I forgave Jacob because it was only hurting me. I miss my friend and now that he imprinted, we can just be what we used to be.”

Leah growled angrily, “And what is that?”

Bella leaned into her body, placing her hands flat on her chest, “Friends. Best friends. We grew up together until Renee took me away. When I moved back, I wanted that back and so did he. We understand each other in a way that others can’t. Please don’t be mad at me.”

Leah felt her wolf whine in agony and quickly wrapped her girlfriend in her arms tightly, “I’m mad that you didn’t feel safe enough to tell me. Yes, I’m angry about it but if he really imprinted then I can understand his hesitance and needing you.” She buried her face in Bella’s neck, inhaling the soothing scent of fresh rain deeply.

Bella ran her hands up her back, “Just hear him out, please. He and Victoria are coming here in the morning to talk.”

Leah jerked back, anger flaring once again, “Why?”

Bella smiled up at her, “Because I thought having me close tonight will help. Then we can all talk tomorrow before I go tell Rosie and Emmett. They know I have to tell them something that pertains to Jacob, but Rosie is already angry that I’ve spent time with him alone.”

Leah nodded, “I’m with Blondie on this one.”

Bella narrowed her eyes at her, “I can still head to the Cullen’s tonight.”

Leah held her tighter, a smirk pulling at her lips, “Yes but do you want to?”

Bella frowned, “No. I want to be home, with you.”

Leah’s heart skipped a beat, and she couldn’t stop herself from crushing her lips to her girlfriends. She deepened the kiss lifting the girl off her feet. Bella’s legs wrapped around her waist as the scent of their arousal mingled in the air. When Bella pulled back to catch her breath Leah smiled at her, seeing the lust darkening her girlfriend’s eyes, “I love you. I just can’t say it enough.”

Bella chuckled, “I know how you feel. I love you too, but I need to start dinner.”

Leah sighed exaggeratedly, “Fine, but I’m carrying you in there.” Bella laughed as she carried her into the kitchen, setting her on the island counter. She kissed her again, unable to stay away from the soft lips and tantalizing taste that Bella’s lips offered her.

Ten minutes later she growled as a knock sounded on the door, “I’ll kill whoever is interrupting us.”

Bella laughed as she slid off the counter, “Go see who it is, and I’ll start steak for dinner.”

Leah grinned at her for a moment before another knock echoed through the quiet house, “I’m coming.” She mumbled under her breath as she moved to the door, knowing that she was going to be extra snappy for the rest of the night. She jerked the door open as the person knocked again, “What?”

She froze, her anger surging to the forefront again as she came face to face with Jacob Black.

Chapter Text

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A growl ripped from Leah’s throat but before she could move Bella was in front of her, between her and Jacob. The strong smell of vampire filled her nose and she spun to find Victoria standing in the kitchen doorway with her arms crossed over her chest, a look of concern on her face. Leah’s body shook violently as bared her teeth at the woman that attacked her imprint. Bella quickly moved around to her front, once again placing herself between her and her target.

“Leah please calm down. I didn’t know they were coming but it’s important.” Bella leaned into her body, placing her hands on Leah’s chest.

Leah glanced back at Jacob once more before moving with a quickness she didn’t think she had. Her fist connected with Jacob’s nose and the resulting snap left a satisfied feeling deep in her chest as she turned back to her girlfriend. She wrapped her arms around her girlfriend closing her eyes, inhaling slow and deep, needing Bella’s scent to force out all the rest, “Give me one reason I shouldn’t rip them both apart.” She opened her eyes to look into Bella’s bright amber eyes, forcing herself to focus only on her imprint.

Bella smiled brightly at her, wrapping her arms around her neck, “I love you.”

She snorted, couldn’t help it, “I love you too.”

Bella grinned up at her, “Come into the kitchen and help me cook. We can talk there.”

She glared at Jacob once more before letting Bella pull her towards the nervous vampire. For a moment she could see the absolute fear in the woman’s eyes, but it was gone as quick as it had come. Once in the kitchen Bella sat a stool between the island counter and the stove, closest to her while she motioned to the other side of the counter for Jacob and Victoria.

Jacob popped his nose back into place, taking the hand towel from Bella before he pulled the high back stool out for Victoria, then took his own seat beside her, “How have you been Leah?”

She eyed him for a moment, contemplating what to be angry for first. Bella cleared her throat and shot her a look from the refrigerator. She grimaced before shaking her head, “I’ve been better than ever Jacob. How about you?”

Jacob glanced at Victoria, a small loving smile crossing his face, “Better. I get it now and I want to apologize to you.” He turned back to her, “I was so lost in my small crush that I didn’t see what I was doing not only to Bella but to you. I never meant to hurt you or Bella and for that I will forever be sorry.”

She raised an eyebrow, her eyes widening uncontrollably, “Wow Jake.”

He chuckled as Victoria leaned against his side, “Yeah. Vic has been helping me understand a few things. I love Bella because she’s my best friend. I think I wanted to imprint so bad because I wanted what Sam and Jared have. I thought it would make things easier if it was my best friend. And now I think it was meant to be, that Bella was supposed to bring me to Victoria.”

Leah felt deflated. She was prepared to yell and argue and fight with Jacob. She wasn’t prepared to hear his sincere apology, and him actually mean it. It was slightly weirding her out. Finally, she shook her head, “I guess I can understand that, but you have to know that I can’t trust you yet.”

Jacob nodded, “I know but I’ll do whatever I have to. Bella is my best friend, and I don’t want to lose that. I don’t want to lose you and Seth either. I miss you both and I know in the past I never showed it, but I was going through a lot. Maybe now I can show you without fear of repercussions.”

She eyed him, struggling to accept that this was really happening. She was essentially agreeing to allow Jacob into her pack, to become his Alpha. In a way she wondered if this could work, could he submit to her when needed? Or would he not be able to repress his strong Alpha tendencies? He was already struggling against Sam, but this was different. She had been so focused on Jacob she hadn’t noticed that Victoria had begun helping Bella prepare dinner. The two women were engaged in a quiet conversation and every now and then they would laugh.

Jacob smiled at their imprints, “I get it now, you know. She’s been through so much. James really fucked with her mind and her body.” He glanced over at her, an anger on his face that she had never seen before, “He had her convinced she needed him, that he was her everything and nothing else mattered. He trained her in tracking, in killing and torturing victims. Something that she said Bella now knows about. They suffered some of the same at James’s hands, but she wouldn’t tell me anything else about it.”

She frowned as she watched Bella interact with Victoria as if they had known each other all their lives, “This is the woman that tried to kill her two months ago. How can she forgive so easily?”

Jacob grinned, “Bella is a one of a kind. She’s been through so much in her young life, much like us and even more. Things that we can’t even begin to imagine. She has the purest heart I’ve ever met.”

Leah smirked, “And she’s mine.”

Jacob nodded, “Victoria is mine.”

They smiled at each other until laughter rang out from the two across the kitchen. Bella was shaking her head as Victoria smirked at her, “I’m not kidding. It was hilarious.”

Bella started the burners and placed the steaks in the pan, “I don’t know how Carlisle and the others will react, but Rosalie will be understanding. Emmett goes with her no matter what and they are the ones I care about the most.”

Victoria nodded, leaning her hip against the counter, “And you?”

Bella smiled at her, “All’s forgiven. James did that to me not you. You didn’t know any better two months ago so I can’t fault you for that. Besides we’ve been over this.” Leah frowned at her girlfriend until the girl caught her eye and moved towards her.

Victoria finally looked at Leah, “You?”

Leah clenched her teeth together for a moment as she wrapped her arms around Bella, “Just like Jacob, in time we’ll be fine. Until then, hurt my imprint and I will kill you.”

Victoria nodded and gave a small smile at Jacob’s soft uncontrollable growl, “I understand.”

For the next hour Bella and Victoria cooked dinner, more than enough for all four of them. Bella was well aware how much the wolves could eat, and she made triple that just in case. Leah and Jacob set the round table, catching up on things they each missed over the last two months, before they all sat down for dinner.

Just as they were piling their plates with food a growl rolled around the house and Bella grimaced, “Fucking Seth.” Leah frowned at her as Bella stood, but Rosalie appeared in the kitchen before she could move. Bella stood between Rosalie and Victoria, “Let me explain Rosie.”

Rosalie narrowed her pitch-black eyes on Victoria and Jacob, “Outside, now.” Bella sighed before moving forward with her head down like a child in trouble, following the angry vampire out of the house.

Jacob frowned at her, “Aren’t you going with her?”

Leah shook her head and continued to put food on her plate, “And get between the Mama Bear and her cub…” She scoffed, “Screw that. I’m hungry.”

Victoria glanced nervously at the door as Jacob laughed, “Wow Leah. Way to leave your girlfriend in danger.”

She snorted, “Bella’s more in danger around you and I than around Mama Rosalie. I’ve been around them for the last few months Jake. Rosalie is basically Bella’s mother and Emmett is her father. It’s kind of scary.”

Bella walked in smiling widely, a bounce in her step, “Seth and I are the youngest, but you are the in-law dear.” She kissed Leah’s cheek before taking her seat again.

A hand connected with the back of Leah’s head with a loud smack, and she turned slowly to look up at an angry Rosalie, “What was that for?”

Emmett snorted as he appeared in the chair next to Jacob, “For not telling Rosalie about this.”

Leah’s jaw dropped, “I didn’t even know about this until earlier today and then they just showed up.”

Rosalie sat between Bella and Victoria, scooting closer to Bella, “There will be rules in place for Bella’s protection and until Leah and I trust you.”

Victoria nodded, “All I’m asking is for a chance.”

Rosalie nodded, “And I understand that, but Edward can read minds and he will be checking.”

Edward appeared as if on cue with Seth, “Just until we trust you and then I’ll do my best to stay out.”

Emmett smirked at Victoria, lowering his voice slightly as if it was a secret, “It’s not much.”

Edward scoffed as he and Seth took seats next to Emmett, “Don’t blame me for you not learning to keep me out. Besides all you think about is sex anyway.”

Leah chuckled as Bella rolled her eyes at them, “There’s plenty for everyone. Victoria helped me make it.”

Leah hummed, “It’s delicious.”

Rosalie smiled at Victoria, “I don’t know about the others, but we’ll ease them into it first. I won’t have Bella and Seth in danger, but I also won’t have you alienated for something that was done to you.”

Victoria nodded, “Bella mentioned you’d understand the most.”

Rosalie nodded, “I do but we’ll talk about that at a later date. Let’s eat.”

Forks scraping across plates, laughter and conversation filled the small three-bedroom house. It had never really felt like she had family, like she belonged at her mother’s house. Even when her father was alive, she had never felt this happy around people. Now she felt like she had a family and the girl next to her was everything to her. All was right in her world once again and it felt exhilarating.