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Fluttering Feelings

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Lisa likes watching Jennie dance around the kitchen – and by dance, I mean cook. Surrounded with all the high-end appliances, limited edition utensils, pots, pans, and skillets in the kitchen, Jennie was “dancing” like a professional chef. With her hair on a bun and an apron with little stains on it, Lisa thought that Jennie looked domesticated and cute.

Lisa unknowingly leaned against the counter, mesmerized as she watched Jennie move so gracefully, flipping steaks in a skillet, eyeballing the amount of dressing and seasoning to add to the salad before tossing them with tongs. An uncontrollable grin slowly formed on her face. Jennie noticed her watching and flashed her a quick smile as an acknowledgment of her presence.

Jennie have flushed her that meek smile countless of times. And yet, somehow tonight, Lisa felt a strange twist in her gut. Like her heart suddenly dropped in her stomach. She just hoped it’s from the wonderful aroma permeating the place.

Lisa’s stomach rumbled loudly... “God, Jennie Unnie, are you finished yet ‘cause I’m starving!” Ah of course, she was hungry! The reason for this twist on her stomach. Really, nothing else it could be… right?

Jennie chuckled then sticks her nose into each bowl and pans and takes a good whiff. “Yup! Done!” Lisa immediately left her position by the counter and hurriedly went to the stove to also take a good whiff of the food.

“Can I eat now?” Lisa asked.

“Nuh-uh. You can have a taste but you can’t eat until the table’s set.” They both craned their neck to look in the dining room – table was not set yet. “Coulda sworn that was your job, Lisa”. Jennie raised her eyebrow teasingly.

It was. Until Lisa got mesmerized by Jennie in the kitchen. She blushed on the thought. “Ugh. Why can’t Rose or Jisoo unnie do it?” she said, trying to hide her blush.

“They went out and bought wine remember… You should set the table now. They will be back any moment now”.

“Okay okay. Can I atleast taste? Just one bite. Pleeease” Lisa pleaded. The knots on her stomach were getting stronger in every second in close proximity with Jennie. “I’m just sooo hungry!”  

“Alright. Come here then”.

Lisa was expecting that Jennie would scoop something into the bowl of a serving spoon of some sort and hand it to her. But Jennie doesn’t think about it, she just nonchalantly held out a fork with a piece of steak to Lisa’s direction.

Lisa stared at her for a second, stunned. Jennie had fed her many times before. She also had fed her this way multiples times. But why was Lisa’s heart thumping so wildly this time. Jennie was just gazing calmly back at her, waiting for a reaction.

Lisa blinked. She leaned forward and took the steak cautiously into her mouth, taking special care not to touch either of her lips on the fork. They were looking into each other’s eyes as it happened, both barely breathing, still as statues.

Lisa’s eyes finally closed when a rich, smoky sweet flavor bursts into her mouth as she chewed. She involuntarily moaned loudly, in the grip of a food orgasm. A minute later, when the steak was swallowed, she opened her eyes and saw Jennie staring intensely at her.

“Was it good?” Jennie asked teasingly, her voice a little hoarse. But her eyes were still intensely holding Lisa’s stare.   

“Ye – yeah…?” Lisa’s answer came out more as a question. One of Jennie’s eyebrows was raised.

It dawned on Lisa why she can’t seem to hear anything but her own heartbeat. The way Jennie was watching her, the slight curve of her lips, the fact that she hasn’t backed up from her. When Jennie’s stares snags onto Lisa’s lips it became obvious. The first time Lisa saw that look on Jennie’s face was the night when Jennie twisted her ankle. Lisa thinks that she has seen Jennie flash that look a few more times after that incident. That look will be gone as quickly as it came so she never paid it any mind. But something about this time seemed different. Suddenly, Lisa’s lips were drier than a desert. She licked them subconsciously, her breath hitched when she saw Jennie tracked the movement.

“And he said, let there be wiiiiiiiiineee!!!”


Jisoo and Rose’s sudden presence in the apartment were enough to break the spell they were both in. Lisa took a step back and tried her damndest to control the beating on her chest. She heard Jennie audibly sighed and silently cursed under her breath.  

“Is the food ready?” Rose asked as she entered the kitchen, unaware of what transpired in that very place.

But what did happen? What the fuck was that?

Jennie was already talking to Jisoo and Rose normally and feeding them the food just like how she fed Lisa just mere minutes ago. Lisa, on the other, was left confused that her head begun to throb as wildly as the throbbing on her chest.