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Wheel of Supernatural

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“I’d like to solve the puzzle, Pat. Salt Burn.” Dean says.

“No. Jack it’s your turn.” Pat Sajak sighs.

“I’m going to spin.” Jack smiles. He is really enjoying being on wheel.

Jack spins the wheel and it lands on 2000 dollars.

“I would like an F, Pat.”

“There is one.”

“Oh! I’d like to solve it! Flat Tire!” Jack beams.

“You win 2,000 for this round putting you in the lead with 12,000. Followed by Castiel with 500 and Dean with 0.”

“Pat, I think this damn game is rigged.” Dean grumbles.

“Dean, you can’t say that on a game show.” Cas points out.

Pat and Vanna are standing by smiling awkwardly unsure how to continue this charade.

A loud scream comes from the audience. Sam surges forward from the audience rushing the stage. He pulls out a knife and beheads Pat Sajak. Vanna White stands by for a moment drenched in blood then she teleports away.

“Sam! I wanted to try to win the Kia!” Jack whines.

Cas gives Sam a disappointed look.

“You couldn’t have waited till he won the damn Kia? Really Sam?” Dean says.