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A team for an agent

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It was a pretty normal day. The sky was clear, the water was flowing and the wind was lightly brushing through the flowers. The pyroslinger bracer was walking his usual round, the cryogunner legionnaire was attempting to catch a fish and I was on look-out ready to jump in when someone needed protection. Liyue was beautiful but ordinary.

The cryo legionnaire was aiming at a poor fish, quietly chuckling, as something crashed into our camp. The bang brought our legionnaire to his feet in a daze, while our bracer instinctively jumped back. Even I spun around to see our tent decimated.

By a… Debt collector?

The black suit was unmistakable. Red highlights, tall build.

They hung in our tent, lifeless.

“Great. A body! That was the last thing we needed!”, the legionnaire cursed.

I slowly approached. No obvious wounds. Seeing an agent was pretty rare as they worked alone. Seeing a knocked-out agent was even rarer. I hesitated touching them, some agents could be quite unpleasant about these things.

“Should we just throw them into the water? They’d make good fish food!”

I waved him off.

“I will go check what or who did this!”, the pyro bracer proclaimed.

“Please be careful.”

“Don’t worry I’ll scream if I get my arse handed to me…”

Knowing him he really would. Yet I still looked over to the legionnaire to see if he would accompany our bracer. He let out a long sigh before both turned to go.

Finally, I got myself to slowly touch the agent’s chest. Oh. They were still breathing! I wanted to rejoice but kept my composure as soon as I noticed the lieutenant’s insignia poking out of their left pocket. So, instead I gently picked them up to both repair our tent and place them on a pillow. It seemed they needed to recover but luckily, I was here to help with exactly that. They were a lot lighter than I imagined, was there even any muscle on them?

“Okay so we found nothing. I guess our agent beat them and then passed out?”

As per usual the bracer yelled from perhaps 50 meters away. I nodded before looking at the legionnaire.

“Hey could you hold them while I repair the tent? They’re a lieutenant and I don’t want to just... put them onto the ground.”

Once again, he sighed before holding out his hands once he reached me. I handed him the agent and turned to our tent.

It took longer than it should have considering how often the legionnaire interrupted to note that he was hungry. When I had finally finished fixing the tent and fluffing up a few pillows for the agent I gestured to let him place them upon the pillows.

“Oh, finally! I am STARVING!”

“It has been 10 minutes.”

“And? I’m still starving!”

He plopped them down on the pillow and returned to his fish. The bracer, meanwhile, strolled over to watch me heal them. He always thought of himself as stealthy but his intentions were obvious. It wasn’t that I minded, I just thought it was funny how bad he was at concealing his intentions.

Usually, my healing had to be a lot cruder. But this time I could place my hands directly on the person I was trying to help and let anemo flow through them. The wind was cold yet it wasn’t harsh. It felt more like a breeze crossing over a snowy field back at home. Slowly wrapping itself around the agent they started emitting a light green glow. I could hear the bracer step closer but I kept my focus on our unfortunate agent.

A quiet groan.

They moved, placed their hands on my gloves, perhaps for support? Perhaps just an attempt to numb the pain.

Anemo on open wounds was painful but all pain passed.

They slowly closed their hands around mine.

“Oh, hello…”

The standard mechanical voice for them. I suppose even they were standardized to a T. I had always suspected it was to prevent

I smiled at them.

Their hands wandered up to my face.

“Did you help me?”

Perhaps I blushed a little. Which seemed to satisfy them just fine.

“Hey agent! Do you want some fish?”, the legionnaire yelled over.

“No one wants your raw, cold fish! They just got healed and now you want to kill them with salmonella?”, the bracer yelled back.

And the agent? They just chuckled slightly.

“Perhaps cooked would be better, yes.”

Then they looked back at me.

“I think I will have to stay in your camp awhile. Is that okay?”

My head turned to my friends. Bracer threw a big smile and a thumbs up my way and legionnaire muttered, “Just promise you’ll try my fish…”.

“Oh, certainly.”

“Then you may stay.”

I, too, nodded at them and for a second it almost seemed like our agent was smiling.