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February's Been The Biggest Hellshow Known To Man

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Mitchell has just pressed a button to eliminate Cousin Sluggy and save mankind. It sucked Sluggy, himself and many other people into a meat grinder. But there was something nobody knew about. You see, an unknown entity quickly pulled Mitchell out before it hit him, same can't be said for the others.

Mitch was taken to an underground hall. He ran to find a way out and to reach surface. There were many doors, and he tried opening them. Most of them were locked or stuck, and the ones that were open only lead to an empty room with items such as chamber pots and plug and plays in them, items that are both very primitive and rarely used today. He needed to find a way out. He realized he still had his phone and earbuds, so he tuned into some Retrowave/Synthwave on Spotify, but unfortunately had to deal with the annoying ads. And he braved himself to expect to find something weird in the dark. At least it wouldn't be any of the people he's had to fight recently, since he saw the ones that didn't go in the grinder get pushed into a tub of lava as well. He navigated more until he reached a dead end. But he saw a vent, remembering Outlast, and shimmied up there. He was also glad he had Sonic right before all this, so he wouldn't be hungry. But he wanted some Baconators, ELFudge cookies, Hot Cheetos, Pretzel MandMs, smurf ice cream, pork fried rice, Spongebob and Spiderman Popsicles, BBQ wings, Ham-Salami-Provolone sandwiches, McGriddles, Sour Brite Crawlers, Taco Pizza, Blue Cherry Powerade, Orange Hi-C, Sprite, and a trap bf at the moment, but could get that all later.

He got out of the vents and found stairs that got him a little higher up. There was much more to get through, though. He thought of what he'd tell his family afterward, though. 'This was one trip, eh.' He's never been the greatest at one-liners. But that's not the problem, there was more waiting for him pretty soon. He also wondered who saved him from the grinder. It was definitely not anyone he knew in real life or anyone from a previous fic. Could it be Saejima, or Bass, or Sandy, or Kasumi, or whoever else?

In a room he walked past, there was a short, ginger sorceress pooping in a chamber pot. She was really enjoying it, and Mitchell could smell it. He took a peek in the door, and saw someone he recognized. Thankfully, she was still taking a huge dump and didn't notice him.

Some people were getting up to him. He tried doing his weird dances to assert dominance towards them, but he puked all over the floor and a bear wearing a diaper and a fat guy ordering food slipped in it. Then a guy with a TV for a head and an older looking CEO of a conglomerate knocked him out hard.


Mitchell awakens in some fortress. He could tell they weren't keeping him hostage since the door wasn't locked. He walked out and went into a foyer and then found a main room that was pretty big. There were lots of people in there and tons of huge screens showing different parts of a city and a screen with pictures of a bunch of people that said WANTED on the top. The chamber pot girl, diaper bear, TV head guy, food guy and CEO were on there. There were also many others.

"Mitchell, you're finally awake.", one lady said to him.

"Any idea where I am, guys?" Mitchell said.

"You're in Tokyo, Mitchell. And we are all in a very dire situation. These people were working with Sluggy's cult and were keeping watch over that building for intruders to kill on the spot. They are all from 52 different series. They are plotting to spread a disease that only the people in this room know exist. It's deadlier than all others combined, and can kill within 0.000000000000000000000001 seconds of contact. So the world will be in more of a living hell. They also want to further that by detonating all nukes in the world along with special ones they made at the same time, to rid the whole multiverse of any life. And everyone who was a good ally who's still alive and appeared in your fics are all in comas from an attack by these people a few hours ago." a man said.

"So what does this have to do with me? And why aren't the authorities involved?" Mitchell asked.

"Well, we're all ex-911 operators and cops, so we have a grasp on this situation. But it will cause worldwide panic if this gets out to the public. And you're probably the only known person that has decent knowledge on all these people to take them down. Please, Mitchell, you're the multiverse's only hope." they all begged Mitch.

"Of course I'll do take these rejects down one by one! When do I start?" Mitchell asked.

"Tomorrow, and there are your targets on this screen." the big-breasted lady told him.

-Magic Woman M (DONE)
-Animal World (DONE)
-Funky Cops (DONE)
-Dead Leaves (DONE)
-I Married A Strange Person (DONE)
-The Three Bears Looney Tunes (DONE)
-Shakedown Hawaii (DONE)
-Odd Job Jack (DONE)
-Cocomelon (DONE)
-Embracing Love Cherished Spring (DONE)
-Too Hot For Teacher (DONE)
-Killer Sofa (DONE)
-Rectuma (DONE)
-Evil Bong (DONE)
-Heartwork Love Guns (DONE)
-Manieggs Revenge of The Hard Egg (DONE)
-Mr. Massagy (DONE)
-Lucky Fred (DONE)
-Grubhub Commercial (DONE)
-Caleb and Sophia (DONE)
-Trollies World Tour (DONE)
-Lester The Unlikely
-Two Weddings and a Funeral (DONE)
-The Pillowman
-Mutant Busters
-Chuchu TV
-Rainbow Ruby
-Kate and Mim Mim (DONE)
-My Life Me
-Gregory's Room
-Jungle de Ikou
-Bo on the Go
-Puppets Who Kill
-Bad Taste
-God Rocks!
-Boogie (DONE)
-Baby Huey
-Pahapahooey Island
-Edison and Leo
-Transylvania TV
-Ice Princess Lily
-Ryan Defrates: Secret Agent
-The Fergusons
-The Fuzz
-Chongqing Hot Pot
-Spaced Cats
-Fung Wan

Those are the candidates he'll have to beat like red-headed stepchildren. He was gonna start tomorrow. He also needed to help take care of his coma-ridden friends and find out the identity of that savior earlier.

Another hellshow begins on the 1st of this February. Expect many fights, poop scenes, and more unfold as these sinners go head to head.

Expect this to be bloodier, more brutal, intense, fetishified, gory than anything you've ever seen before.



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Mitchell woke up pretty early the next morning. He was still processing what he just found out yesterday. He has to fight a whole bunch of people with varying power levels all by himself. But for some reason, he has the same power level as the main protagonist of my unannounced series I haven't even started working on yet. But he was very prepared.

He decided to go to McDonald's since he doesn't have time to research any of the restaurants in Tokyo. And nothing in history has aged better than McDonald's breakfast. He saw that there were some differences here. No Playland, but there were ones at home without them. Eggs were cooked differently, and the cup sizes had more variety. He knew what he wanted, so he went to order. It was something his grandma got for him a lot on the way to school and after going to the chiropractor when he was younger.

"Can I have an orange juice and a sausage, egg and cheese McGriddle and a McGriddle with bacon instead of sausage, please?" Mitchell said as he ordered his food.

"That'll be ¥4,000, please." the cashier told him.

He then went to go sit and wait for his food. The tvs all seemed to be hacked to play all the media he had to fight. Nobody had noticed other than him. But his food finally came and he devoured it. He finally left and decided to take a stroll.

He walked past a Don Quijote, a bunch of people offering him kleenex. He decided to save them for when he had a runny nose. And there was tons of people he passed by, such as a pretty hot scene of two girls making out, and a hotter one with guys instead. But he w decided to go sit at the park. When he sat on the bench, he heard some weird noises behind him. He saw an ogre clobbering a bunch of people and fondling girls, some fish men were doing the same.

"Gosh, what is going on?" he asked himself.

The ogre swung his club at two more people, disfiguring both of them. The fish men also tried doing disgraceful things to the women nearby. Mitchell intervened and punched through one of the fish's chests, and upperdecked the other two. He also climbed a nearby building and jumped down to dropkick the ogre, breaking his nose and knocking him out. He thought this scenario was finally over, but then...

Magic Woman M is a hentai about this sorceress named Meruru that journeys through the land and meets some disgusting people. She also teams up with this group who's pretty forgettable and has this wizard mentor who cheers her on throughout. This one's disgusting, lousy, and you won't see fish or D and D the same again. Don't watch it.

Meruru and her allies all showed up. They looked hellbent on killing Mitchell. He knew what to expect when he went out, though. He wasn't going to do his weird dances and end up puking again, especially since he just ate. But they rushed to him, the ninja girl Liao slashed his cheek, but he kicked her in the chest and knocked her out. Freni the blue haired girl cast some spell that was who knows what that failed, and Mitch punched her too. She was unconscious. The dwarf and hippo jumped him, but he shoved their heads into each other, and threw them both at Tia and Luna, the sister warriors. Meruru was the only one left standing.

"OH, Meruru, please do something about this man. He beat your friends and we won't be able to go with our plan." the wizard told Meruru.

"I then cast this fire spell upon this Mitchell Kay!" Meruru yelled as she cast Mitchell's shirt on fire. It was his special Tim McVey, Nibbler world record holder shirt from Twin Galaxies. He was pretty pissed.

"Stop, drop and roll!" Mitch yelled as he took it off.

But it fell into a puddle of water, or did it?

"Hey, this isn't water, this is gas!" he yelled as it got obliterated even more.

Meruru was feeling lucky and a bolt of lightning struck Mitchell, but he survived. He was finally ready to do his signature finishing move.

He backflipped Meruru into the air multiple times and kneed her right into the face. Electricity came bolting everywhere in his body.

"The Back Knee Back Down To The Hells!" Mitchell yelled.

They were all finally defeated. Exed Skies, the group Mitch was helping,, took them all away. They were also taken to a special prison, 69 feet below Exed Skies' HQ.

All of the Hellshow characters will be taken to the diaper prison right after being defeated. It has been proven that Church of Cousin Sluggy members become very incontinent after facing defeat. Therfore, they require extra protection. The inmates will wear straitjackets and won't be near any dangerous objects. They will also get changed when they need to. They will also be able to hang out and sleep in one huge room. They can also watch baby shows. In this prison, the rate of doing something stupid or breaking out is 0.00000000000000000000000001%.

Mitchell was really exhausted and decided to go to the nearby Club Sega to let out some steam. He had to fight 49 more media, so he spent as much free time as he could.



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Soon after Magic Woman M was defeated, Mitch decided to go sit at a nearby harbor and look at the sea. There was nothing special going on, other than some fisherman coming to shore after getting an assload of fish, ranging from mackerel and salmon to pufferfish and eel. It smelled awful, but the smell went away quite quickly since they got loaded up into a truck at a quick pace. He also found a turtle stuck in a pop can holder with a straw stuck in each ear. He found a vet nearby, and got that all removed. The turtle also had to stay there to get fully rehabilitated.

Mitchell then went to an arcade nearby. They had some of his favorites, and more. He played there for a little while, until he ran into a clown, that wasn't Crybaby Clown.

Animal World is a Chinese movie released in 2018. It was adapted from Kaiji and has many similarities, but tons to differentiate it. It's about this guy with fantasies of him as a clown killing a bunch of mutants. But he is a guy with tons of debt, a mom who's been in a coma for years, a nurse girlfriend who helps pay his mom's medical bills, and a severe complex. There are also some action scenes that are fun to watch and doesn't completely copy Kaiji. Watch it.

The clown came near him to watch him play his game of Dance Dance Revolution. He seemed pretty depressed and like he didn't wanna be there. But he was keeping it as an act. He quickly pulled Mitchell off the game and threw him to the floor. Mitch was pretty upset that his sick moves blew him off in the end.

"Dude, you just ruined my personal record." Mitch said to the clown.

The clown then visualized Mitchell turning into some disgusting creature. He then broke out his two katanas and sliced him to bits. But that didn't really happen, as he was just kicking Mitchell until he did a reversal and knocked him to the ground.

The clown then wiped all his makeup off and took off his clown outfit, revealing himself to be Zheng Kaisi, one of the Hellshow targets.

"You bastard, you don't realize how much that was uncalled for." Zheng said to Mitchell.

"Well your entire existence is uncalled for, you Kaiji ripoff." Mitch told off Zheng.

"How dare you! Now we settle it like real men!" Zheng yelled as he pulled out 72 cards. There were three suits, and each suit had 12 cards. Rock, paper and Scissors. They each had 36 cards and did the duel.

If you haven't read or watched Kaiji, basically Restricted Rock Paper Scissors is this. Two people go head to head, they each pick out a card, place it on the table, then reveal their cards. It's the same as the regular game, Rock beats Scissors, Scissors beats Paper, Paper beats Rock. It's such a great arc in Kaiji.

Mitchell knew how to play this game and they got to business.

"Open." Mitchell said as they picked their cards out and showed them off. Mitch was Rock and Zheng was Scissors. They discarded that pile.

Zheng visualized Mitchell as a mutant even more and the clown butchering him and selling it to unwary customers. Then dicing up the rest of the people there who for some reason haven't left and are witnessing this fight.

But back to this, 15 deals later. Mitch won 9 more and Zheng won 7. Zheng came up with another plot.

He couldn't buy any cards, so everyone was safe on that side of the spectrum, but Zheng assumed Mitchell had only Scissors left since most of the rocks and paper were used by him.

The next 6 deals all involved Zheng playing rock. He succeeded twice, but Mitch fooled him and played paper the other 4 rounds. Zheng was down. It was pointless to play more, since Mitchell won the most.

Zheng was about to snap and grabbed two knives.

"OK, enough with the Jojo references." Mitch said.

"Shut it, you fucking weeb!" Zheng yelled.

He rushed to Mitchell with knives in hand and cornered him to a wall. Mitchell kicked him away and slit his knee on a nearby table. He let it be and kicked Zheng to the ground once more.

Zheng's clown fantasies got to be too much, as he started laughing like a clown and started shouting obscenities., and about how he was gonna kill all the monsters. He jumped back up and doordashed to Mitchell, jamming the knives into his chest. Now time for the finishing move.

Mitchell found some Powerade on a table and drank it all, feeling a huge rush of power. He then backflip kicked Zheng ten times into the air. He then kneed Zheng hard-core and popped the knives out his chest, spewing into Zheng's knees.

"The Backknee Back Down To The Hells!" Mitch yelled.

Zheng was finally knocked out and Exed Skies came to arrest him. He also became incontinent immediately after Mitchell kneed him in the face. He was taken to the diaper prison, put into a diaper and straitjacket and locked down there with everyone from Magic Woman M. That room can fit tons of people in there, and that's a good thing, because there will be many, many more coming in right after they face defeat. At least they seem to be enjoying watching tons of good little baby shows together.

Mitchell thought it might be a good idea to leave the arcade, so he cleaned up his mess and rushed out of there. He had nothing better to do, so he went to a nearby video game store, got an original Xbox and some obscure games that weren't Breakdown, Dr. Muto, NARC or Getting Up. He also ran to a convenience store and got some snacks. He then went to the HQ and played his games and so-forth. There is so much yet for him to witness.


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Mitchell actually managed to beat one of his Xbox games a couple hours later. So he decided to go outside and get some fresh air. There wasn't too much in that area since there weren't much people living. It reminded him of Onomichi in Yakuza 6. And where he lived most of his life, the Quad Cities, wasn't anything to write home about either.

But back to the subject at hand, Mitchell went into a Chinese restaurant to have some Peking duck. It was his chance to since his super picky family wasn't with him. He was especially happy his sister Blanche wasn't there, since she is pickier than 90% of kids her age. For example, whenever we go to Subway, all she ever gets is shredded cheese. Not on a sandwich or plain bread,, just a bowl of shredded cheese. Even the baby Griffin is more adventurous with eating than she is. It was so delicious. But two people he recognized were there as well.

Funky Cops is about two cops named Dick and Ace who know how to bust a groove. There's always a new case for them each episode, such as finding all the missing cars in San Francisco, or guarding a mob witness at a grand hotel. The car chase scenes and dance scenes are 3D animated, do it has some unique visuals. It was also distributed by 4kids, yes that 4kids. It also has some homages to many classic 70s movies that I can't name off the top of my head. Watch it.

Dick and Ace were there trying to flirt with all the waitresses. But they didn't realize that none of them are into disco these days, so they got friendzoned by all of them. Mitchell tried his best to sneak up on them, but it didn't prevail. They immediately noticed him and pointed their guns at him. Mitchell knocked them out of their hands.

"What the heck was that for, bro?" Dick said to Mitchell.

"You're not supposed to point guns at a random stranger with no reason to." Mitch said.

"Well, you're the only thing I our way of pleasing our lord Cousin Sluggy." Ace said.

Sluggy, that name was familiar. He beat the crap out of him, and of course he got sucked into a meat grinder with a bunch of other people who nobody else on here cares about. But back to Dick and Ace.

"This dude is as hyper as a kangaroo after drinking a Monster." Dick said.

If that even made sense, Mitchell really isn't being hyper. These two twerps are. But more was about to happen.

"Ready to hit the dance floor. Meet us at the Maharaja in 15 minutes." Ace told Mitchell.

The two cops then got into the Firebird, their car, and drove off pretty fast. Learning a thing from The Man in the Yellow Hat, they weren't entoxicated and didn't run over kids or crash into a telephone pole. But they weren't going to Chuck E. Cheese or Rainforest Cafe.

Mitchell quickly ran to the HQ to go get his moped. He put his helmet on and started it and drove off to the disco club. There were many cars to get past, but he found an opening and drove on a ramp and jumped all of the cars to quickly get to the disco club. He finally arrived.

He went in, paid the toll and met the two funky cops on the dance floor. They played that song that goes "Shake that groovy" or whatever. Don't know the title. But it's from Extremely Goofy Movie or something. But at least Goofy's not here stealing any money. Now they started dancing and nobody really cared. Now it was Mitchell's turn. He picked a classic. Friday Night from Yakuza 0. It was very fitting since it was a Friday night. He did the exact same dance that Kiryu and Majima did. He even stole a fan from someone for the effect. He absolutely nailed it and defeated Dick and Ace.

"Now the twink defeats us. Nobody dethrones the Funky Cops." Dick said.

"Well now somebody actually has. Now face the king." Mitchell said.

Dick and Ace got really angry and threw punches at Mitchell, but he dodged them all. He then punched them both. The cops also got their guns out, pointed them at him and shot away. But he dodged all the bullets and they hit a bunch of random pedestrians instead, killing them. They went to go get the car, and drove it into the building, like what Majima did to Shangri La with a dumptruck. They also headed towards Mitchell, while at the same time running a bunch of people over. Mitchell jumped right when they got to him and they crashed into the wall, as Mitch landed on the car. We're having a repeat of what Ah Lang did. They then got out of the car and rushed to him. Mitchell pushed them in the faces to the ground. Now time for the finishing blow.

Dick and Ace got back up on their feet and Mitchell backflip kicked both of them into the air, 30 times each. He then finally kneed both of them in the face.

"The Backnee Back Down To The Hells X2!" Mitch yelled.

Dick and Ace crapped themselves and were arrested right as Exed Skies finally arrived. They were then put in diapers and straitjackets as they got to the prison, and then put in the same room as Zheng and Meruru.

Mitchell was tired and decided to call it a day right when he got to his room. Too much has happened today, and he wants nothing to do with Animal World, Magic Woman M, or Funky Cops. He won't want anything to do with the rest either.


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The next day, Mitchell woke up pretty early. He was happy that he defeated Meruru, Zheng, Dick and Ace yesterday. But he had many more left to do, and was expecting some burrito surprises afterwards. He wanted to at least get 15 defeated today, so he'd only have 34 left to fight. He got all his things ready, and headed out.

He headed to Shibuya, since it was quite busy, and he might be likely to find someone there. He remembered what they all looked like so that wasn't an issue. He just sat and smelled the fresh air while eating a bag of hot cheetos. A bunch of average people passed by as he just sat there. He has already learned from Jojo to look for the most bizarre looking person or people in the crowd to differentiate the enemy from the rest. But he actually found somebody a couple minutes later.

Dead Leaves revolves around Pandy and Retro waking up nude in the middle of nowhere not remembering anything. But they go terrorize the city nearby and get thrown into the prison known as Dead Leaves. They fight the wardens and eventually, the prison owner. It made absolutely no sense and J had a blast. There are some moments in the movie I don't wanna spoil, so watch it if you need to. It's from Production IG, a very well respected anime production studio. Watch it.

Pandy and Retro stole some clothes and food from nearby shops and shot up a bunch of police. Everybody around immediately ran away. There's no way the cops in the original Hellshow would actually capture them. But Mitchell was brave enough to take them on, since he has fought an actual god-like entity.

"Who the hell are you? Oh yeah, that Mitchell asshole!" Retro yelled.

"I'm the guy that's gonna end you. Welcome to die!" Mitchell yelled as he made a reference to the X-Men arcade game from Konami. Too bad they delisted it from the Xbox Live Arcade and my dad doesn't have his 360 anymore, otherwise I'd totally go for playing it again. At least I have the Simpsons one on my 360.

But they both pulled out guns and started shooting at Mitchell. He dodged the bullets and they instead hit a bunch of people, immediately killing them. Mitchell then punched Retro in the face. He also punched Pandy as well. She seemed to handle it pretty well, and simply just got back up again.

It also seems they did it, because Pandy's stomach was all bloated like she was pregnant. We'll get to that later.

"Those clothes seriously make you look like an asshole." Pandy said to Mitchell.

"I don't really care what they make me look like, as long as it's not a pedophile or a Trump supporter." Mitchell said.

"Don't you dare do anything to my girl!" Retro yelled to Mitchell, even though he wasn't gonna do anything.

Mitchell kicked Retro and his head came off of his body. He found a fake mech nearby, and connected himself to that. He also had that penis drill thing attached. He ran to Mitchell and almost drilled him in the chest. More weapons came out of him, and all aimed at Mitchell. He got shot by all of them, but survived. He knocked him out again until the mech exploded and he returned to his normal body.

"Honey, I think the baby's arriving!" Pandy yelled as she gave birth to some weird baby holding two guns and with rockets in its head. Mitchell kicked the baby into a nearby acid can and it immediately yeeted from life. What a way to prevent overpopulation.

Pandy then got really angry at Mitchell for killing the evil baby, and rushed towards him, although having pains from childbirth. She tried kicking him, but he countered it and knocked her to the ground. Retro also got the drill to maximum power and threw it towards Mitchell, but it hit a wall, revealing a gas leak not caused by Retro. That whole restaurant immediately evacuated and the drill got delodged and drilled into their heads. What a gruesome scene. But Mitchell destroyed the drill once and for all and was ready to do his finishing move.

He backflipped kicked Pandy and Retro into the air 40 times and then kneed both of them in the face at the same time. They both looked like they were gonna puke. Hopefully it wasn't gonna be another baby that would have to be yeetus that feetus like the other one.

"The Backknee Back Down To The Hells X2, Again!" Mitchell yelled as he finally finished off Pandy and Retro.

They were extremely sore and Exed Skies arrested them five minutes later. They were put in diapers and straitjackets the moment they arrived to the 50ft. or so below prison and put in the same room as Dick, Ace, Meruru, Zheng and the others. They were watching Barney in there to help them get ready for nap time. They were all being treated like little kids as part of their punishment to help get all of the corrupted mindsets out of them all.

Mitch had finally defeated the hardest foes thus far. But he may or may not fight tougher opponents at a later point in this story, but that's a whole story for another chapter. He went to a different area to find some people so they could clean up all of the bodies there. So he went to the next town over as he drove his moped there. He had to fill up, so he stopped at a gas station.


Chapter Text

Mitchell was still at the gas station. He has been waiting there for a while because all of the pumps were in use and there was a long line. Well, he'd rather be waiting here than playing the Duck Dynasty video game. That game is so darn repetitive. All you do is drive, hunt animals, fish and boat race, rinse and repeat. And don't even get him started on the cutscenes.

He waited and waited inside, but at least there was a McDonald's there, so he got a couple burgers and waited some more, but hey, he had a couple burgers. Just like Maya Fey. There was some other people there eating burgers and waiting impatiently for something to happen.

I Married A Strange Person involves this guy who recently got married and the marriage struggles a bit. It's because he has these powers where he can shapeshift anything into anything, all caused by a boyle he has in his neck. He also has a tv station hunting him down and causing him a bunch of trouble. It's animated by Bill Plympton, who also made a bunch of other hand-drawn animated movies. Watch it.

Grant and his wife Kerri were waiting there for something bad to happen to Mitchell. Grant shapeshifted Mitchell's food into a bunch of guns disguised as food. Mitchell had a bad feeling, so he threw it all away. He didn't want there to be another Polpo incident. He also turned the trays into black mambas trying to bite his dick off. Mitchell trapped themin a tote he found lying around, but Grant shifted that into a grizzly bear. Mitchell then punched it in the chest, and tamed it immediately.

"Darn, nothing is working!" Grant yelled.

The bear and snakes then died a few seconds later. Grant and Kerri went into the bathroom, the unisex one to be precise. Mitchell was gonna wait for them to come out, but they were in there for quite a while. He heard some gross noises in there, so he walked away.

"Ten Minutes Later." The French Narrator from Spongebob said.

A bunch of tanks were in front of the McDonald's. They all aimed at Mitch. He went out to stop them.

"Stop, you're not gonna kill me, but everyone in here." Mitchell said.

"So." The general said.

"What if they have families expecting them to be home tonight? And so on?" Mitchell said.

They immediately got out of the tanks. But one tank fired at a nearby tree. The general then immediately gunned down all of his soldiers and left a trail of blood.

Some older-looking guy came over and stole the gun from him.

"Waaahhhh! I want my gun! I want my gun!" The general screamed and cried. He's acting just like my younger siblings whenever they don't get their way. They throw fits about TV, phones, everything.

"No, naughty boys who don't play nice don't get guns!" The CEO of SmileCorp said.

"I WANT MY GUN!!!!!" The General screamed even more.

Grant and Kerri came out a minute later and the general got turned into a lizard, to get him to shut up. He immediately did.

He also turned them into melting acid and got straight to Mitchell. He punched him before he could turn him into anything.

"Honey, if you get him, I'll give you a huge reward afterwards." Kerri said.

That encouraged him to do even more. He made his fingers blow up anything he touched. Mitchell sprayed hot sauce on his shirt. He touched that and blew 6ft into the air. He then kicked Grant in the face as Kerri watched. She knew that they were both screwed. But Grant wasn't completely done for yet. He threatened to blow up the gas station if he was still standing in 3 minutes. Mitchell kicked him, over and over, punched him, over and over, and was ready to do his finishing move.

He backflip kicked Grant into the air 50 times. He then shoved his knee deep into his face.

"The Backknee Back Down To The Hells!" Mitchell yelled.

Grant was finished off for good. Exed Skies finally arrived and arrested Grant and Kerri. They were taken to the prison, put in diapers and straitjackets, and were put into the same room as the rest so far. They were watching the infamous episodes of Spongebob, such as Pet Sitter Pat, A Pal For Gary, and One Coarse Meal.

When that was all done, Mitchell saw that there was no line for the pumps, so he filled up his moped and finally drove off. He found a forest that looked real suspicious. He parked, walked down the path that started in the front, and looked for people. Until he came across a house in the middle.


Chapter Text

Mitchell has found a house in the middle of the woods. It look uninhabited, evidence being no sound coming from the house and no vehicles, so he decided to investigate. But there was a nasty surprise that await him.

The Three Bears are minor Looney Tunes characters. They've only had a few cartoons, as well as appearances in Looney Tunes Back in Action and The Looney Tunes Show. It consists of Henry, Mama and Junyer Bear. Some of the humor could be considered offensive today, such as Henry scolding Mama and constantly beating Junyer, whose 7 and still wears diapers. But hey, they were from the 40s and 50s, a much different time period. Watch it.

When Mitchell got in, three bears were there to greet him.

"OH, hello, are you my new friend? My name is Junyer Bear. That's spelled D-R-G-H-F!" Junyer exclaimed.

"Never mind him. He's what you call R-E-tarded." Henry said. Mitchell was quite disgusted at him saying that word. He's autistic, and many people he knew were as well. His family even owns a company that works with people with disabilities. His parents, grandma and older sister work there. Junyer kinda reminded him of some of the clients there. And this is no way to treat your son, Henry.

"But Henry-"

"Shut up, we have a guest." Henry angrily cut off Mama.

"But Henry, our McDonald's is getting cold, and Bonanza is about to be on." Mama told them

"Oh, crap, we're gonna miss it. Hurry, get the food." Henry demanded.

They then sat on the couch to watch TV. It was currently on Qubo when they turned it on.

"Hahaha hahaha! Jay Jay The Jetplane is funny!" Junyer excitedly exclaimed.

Henry then punched him in the upper deck and slammed his face into the folding table.

"Eat your Happy Meal! Now time for Bonanza!" Henry yelled.

Henry's ableist behavior has gotten to be too much. Mitchell finally.

"What is wrong with you, Henry? You keep beating your kid and blaming it on his disability, if he has one. You should be ashamed." Mitchell angrily told Henry off.

"Don't tell me how to raise my kid, you bastard! Your kind needs some too!" Henry yelled at Mitchell.

Henry then jumped onto Mitchell's head and tried pulling his hair out. But he picked him up, and punted him out the door.

"Pa, I baked a fresh batch of brownies! Can you change my diaper?"

"No, that's a job for a woman! Have your mother change it." Henry told Junyer. He's not just ableist, he's also sexist.

Mitchell then went outside to deal with Henry more. Henry threw some baseballs at Mitch, but he dodged them all and they bounced off the house right at Henry's face.

Mama then finished changing Junyer's diaper. They came outside as well.

"Hey Mitchell, I have a surprise for you." Junyer said.

He threw his poopy diaper toward Mitchell, but it hit his dad in the face instead.

"Why you little!" Henry yelled at Junyer.

He then proceeded to beat the living crap out of Junyer. Mitchell felt bad, but it seemed Junyer and Mama were in on this as well.

"OWWW, WHAT'D I DO, WHAT'D I DO!?!?!?" Junyer cried out very loudly.

They were all quite tired out. Time for the finishing move.

Mitchell backflip kicked Henry, Mama and Junyer into the air 60 times. He also grinded his knee into all their faces.

"The Backknee Back Down To The Hells X3" Mitchell yelled.

They were finally all finished off. Mitch contacted Exed Skies and they took care of the rest. They were put in diapers and straitjackets, although Junyer already had a diaper on. They were put in the same room as everyone else, who were watching more baby shows.

Mitchell was far from done for his 15 today goal. So he went out to search even more.


Chapter Text

Mitchell has finally defeated Three Bears and is ready to move on in life. He gets to his moped, and drives somewhere far away. He needed to go somewhere somewhat populated. He decided to go to Akihabara, since it was somewhere he hasn't gone yet and is quite busy all the time. Too bad it isn't super futuristic, otherwise it could be like Ghostrunner running on walls killing all the pedophiles there. He still remembers Futaba having a meltdown at a store there because she couldn't find Joker there. Autistic darling.

But he went there and nothing much has happened yet. So he sat around and watched people like a census counter and kept an eye out for a Hellshow combatant. He finally found somebody.

Shakedown Hawaii is the follow up to Retro City Rampage from Vblank. It is basically a retro version of GTA. The story is a best selling writer trying to take over all of Hawaii by buying businesses, even if it involves some violent measures. They also come up with some of the classiest business scams to get revenue. There to help him are Al, his 'consultant' who fights the cartel to get illegal ingredients, and Scooter, his son who tries to get gangsta cred as a DJ. It is a real fun game with an amazing business management mode. I even own a physical copy of it. Play it.

The CEO was shaking down an arcade and scaring off everyone there. He recognized him, he saw him, Retro, Meruru, Junyer and some other guy in that tunnel the other day. Of course when he puked all over after dancing weirdly.

Back to him, the cops were called and would be arriving in 15 minutes. Mitch went over.

"How about ya mind your own business, kid? Now what the hell are AR games?" The CEO said.

A second later, a complete manchild with a Mohawk and sunglasses came over in a go kart. He was stealing food and money from everyone around. He also slammed a wooden bat across some faces.

"Scooter, stop it or else you'll be grounded and have no fun stuff for three months!" The CEO yelled at Scooter.

Scooter stopped and drove over to the arcade and got out of his go kart. He went to go play one of the arcade games.

"Scooter, pay our little friend here some mind." The CEO told Scooter.

"Wazzup dude, name's Scooter." Scooter said.

"And I'm Mitchell, nice to meet you." Mitchell said.

They totally forgot about the cops, or the cops forgot about them. But Al, the consultant showed up and gave them the gist.

"Hey amigo, took care of those cops for ya." Al said.

But they also forgot killing Mitchell was the one way to fully please their deceased lord. They got out a bunch of guns and went after him. They tried shooting him, but tons of bullets and rockets and grenades blew up a bunch of people, leaving flesh all over the place. Scooter got in his go kart and drove across the street to Mitchell. Mitchell jumped and kicked Scooter of the go kart, knocking him out cold. Al then got a super hot pepper from the can in Mexico and shoved it down Mitch's throat. It was hotter than a Carolina reaper doused in fire that came out of Mari Setogaya's ass. But Mitchell survived unfazed by the pepper. Be puts a bunch of hot sauce and crap in his Ramen, omelets, and such. He also eats wings a lot, especially Buffalo ones, and even orders spicy food at restaurants often, such as the Buffalo chicken tenders at Culver's and gets peppers on his sandwiches at Subway and Hungry Hobo. But his mouth burned pretty bad and would pry screw his bowels up later. He then punched Al hard before he could shoot him and putting him to sleep. All that was left was the CEO. He shot a rocket launcher and hit even more random background characters. But Mitchell finally felt his urge.

He backflip kicked the CEO into the air 70 times and then pierced his knee into his face.

"The Backknee Back Down To The Hells!" Mitchell yelled.

"You're worse than friggin Featherbottom." The CEO said to Mitchell.

Exed Skies arrived as always and arrested the CEO, Scooter and Al. They were taken to the prison and put in diapers and straitjackets and thrown into you know what room and joined everyone as they watched Little Bill.

Mitchell was done in Akihabara due to the bloody corpses lying around. So he drove to the nearest town to find more foes. He hasn't dealt with his sworn enemies: hentai, Christian kids shows, Asian movies, obscure video games and baby shows fully yet, so stay tuned.


Chapter Text

Mitchell finally left Akihabara after his run in with CEO, Scooter, and Al. He drove off to find someone else to take down, because the sooner he defeated 11 more media, the sooner he could go back to sleep. He drove to the next town over, which was a lot smaller. He parked his moped in a safe place, and took the keys with him. The town wasn't too interesting, just your typical rural area. He saw some stores nearby, so he thought it'd be a good idea to scout out some more people. He scouted out a department store, a burger joint, and a video game store already. Now he was about to head into the furniture store.

Killer Sofa has to do with this sofa that has the hots for this girl. It eventually starts murdering any guys she hangs out with. Now her best friend, a rabbi and two detectives have to help find out what exactly is going on. I first heard of this movie talking with kids at school about some movie they found on Afdah. It is really weird and has some funny special effects, and some weird scenes, but can be cringe at times. Watch it.

Mitchell found a really weird looking sofa. It even looked like it had a face for some reason. When Mitchell went in a different direction, he noticed the chair was tilted when he turned back facing towards him. It kept happening wherever he went. It was fixated on him and paid no mind to anyone else, no Madeon reference intended.

"Just what is going on here? I've had to fight bears, sorcerers, spys, a Kaiji ripoff, cops, and now a freaking recliner." Mitchell said.

At least he didn't have to move it anywhere. He is terrible at interior design and doesn't have anyone with him. But he wouldn't give up on this chair.

The chair scared everyone outta the store and Mitch was the only one left. He spilled pop and candy all over it, just like what always happens with his younger siblings at home. Nothing happened. The sofa folded out and hit Mitch in the knees. And it hurt quite hard. Mitch reset it from the reclined position and kicked it some more. Still nothing happened.

The chair then started muttering the name 'Valerie' for some reason. This fic has nothing to do with that Franscesca girl or anyone in that movie, since they were all found dead recently. It just happens that the location where she died is right by the store. Mitch then jumped off a mattress and body slammed the chair. It then stood up and started chasing him. He punched it in its sofa deck. But it wouldn't stop. The sofa would keep chasing him through the whole entire store. It looked hellbent on killing Mitchell like Ralph, TJ and all those other guys. But Mitchell had enough heat for his finishing move.

He backflip kicked the sofa 80 times, then dug his knee into it quite deeply.

"The Backknee Back Down To The Hells!" Mitchell yelled.

Exed Skies got to the scene and took the sofa away. It wasn't put into a diaper and straitjacket like usual since it isn't an actual human being. Instead, it was chained to the wall in the same room where everyone else was.

Mitchell was kinda hungry, so he went into a restaurant nearby to get food. There was something waiting for him there.


Chapter Text

Mitchell escaped that furniture store and went to go get food. It was at that burger joint he visited earlier. He just ordered what he usually gets at these types of places and chowed down. He was about to leave, but went to the bathroom first. When he finally got out, someone was waiting there for him.

Mr. Massagy is about this dude named Johnny finding dates on this app called Linger. You obviously talk to girls, and try to bang them. When you get intimate enough, you'll be able to massage them. Some of the girls are a werewolf, a truck driver, some girl from space, a ghost surfer girl, and even a cow, and a jar of mayonnaise, which is from another game, My Name is Mayo. It gets repetitive very fast, and has no playability, aside from a very easy platinum trophy you can get in less than an hour. Don't play it.

Johnny, the silhouette main protagonist was there. He just said some of the most random stuff that made absolutely no sense. Some of his harem were in the back as well, such as Janein, Nicole and whatever their names are. Mitchell didn't see anything too intimidating about any of them, but you don't judge a book by its cover.

Johnny kept trying to flirt with Mitch. He's by no means a phobe, but he needed to take this enemy down. He punched Johnny in the face a couple times. He wouldn't stop though. He even tried squeezing Mitchell's shoulders, which is a classic case of harassment. He pushed him off his shoulders. The girls all came to help as well, other than mayo, who did nothing and stood there. He made them all pass out with his looks.

Johnny also jumped off a table and landed face first into the coffee fountain. Mitchell poured coffee right onto his face, as he kept saying random stuff that still made no sense. He was speaking actual English, but it still was so random. Mitchell just didn't know what to say.

Mitchell didn't wanna finish just yet, because he might just come back over and over, or maybe there just needs to be more words in this chapter, I don't know. So Mitchell kicked Johnny over to a table, and again another time. But he was ready to do his finishing move already.

But Janein pinned him down to the floor. Just as he was gonna do it.

"Come on, let's make babies, Mitchell!" Janein yelled.

Mitch didn't want kids at all, and she didn't need to do that to someone she just met, so he pushed her off him.

He also saw Dorothy the cow kicking all of the workers. They sedated her and are now processing her into burger meat. The unopened jar of mayo also got put in the fridge. Rial also threw up from the bad smell. Now time for the finishing move, for real.

Mitchell backflip kicked Johnny into the air 90 times, and then he kneed him hard-core into the face.

Exed Skies finally got there and arrested everyone. They were taken to the prison and put in diapers and straitjackets. The whole gang was now sitting and watching VeggieTales, a show that some of the later fighters have lots in common with.

Mitchell was glad that was done and left. He drove around on his moped for a bit and went back to Shibuya. He had a feeling he would see someone there.


Chapter Text

Mitchell drove back to Shibuya quite quickly. He arrived there in about 30 minutes. There was an average amount of people in the walkway. Nobody seemed suspicious or judgemental at all. Nobody was participating in the Hellshow. But an intercom started talking over the city.

"Mitchell Kay is needed in our radio station, pronto!" A high-pitched Howard Stern voice yelled over the intercom.

Mitchell assumed it was someone important so he went over to that radio station, Pronto.

Trollies is a direct to video series involving these Troll doll knock offs hosting a radio talk show and playing covers of famous songs. It's run by this parody of Howard Stern, this weird oaf guy, and some baby trolls. It's really weird, the voices will make you want ice picks in your eardrums and it gets boring real fast. Don't watch it.

Mitchell immediately got to that station that was just a block away. They seemed to have hacked the intercom since it wouldn't be easy to just talk through some microphone. And he didn't want anyone else to get hurt before him while he beats up these trolls. He reached the room and met the leader.

"This is DJ Rock n Troll and we have a very special guest. Mitchell Kay has been fucked over in his life this past year or so. It was all calm, until a bunch of other nobodies joined his life and caused much more of a hellshow. What do you have to say, Mitch?" DJ Rock n Troll said to Mitch.

"Well it's not my problem that you've all been forced into my life. Some of them are dead now, and deserved it for all they did. And now, even more want me dead to please some fake cult. Now let's resume the show." Mitchell said.

Olaf the Oaf and Cherry Troll then came out and rushed to Mitch. He grappled them to the ground, and they wouldn't get up for at least 10 minutes. Now the DJ played an earrape version of Kokomo Cove, but it was sung by the trolls. Mitchell dealt with it, glad none of his autistic friends were there going into sensory overload. He unplugged the speakers and punched him once more. Now let's do some more. Mitchell also took off the days sunglasses and smashed them. But he pulled out another pair and put them on.

"You're gonna regret that, son!" DJ Rock n Troll yelled at Mitchell.

He then started throwing a fit and crying and passed out. Olaf and Cherry got back up a second later.

"You know what, I'm gonna poop my diaper in order to kill you." Cherry threatened Mitchell, referencing Word Party and the babies pooping in order to kill Chiaki, Mitsuru, Majima, and Travis.

"Now what do these buttons do? Oh, wrong one, wrong one, wrong one." Olaf said as he tried to find a self destruct button.

Cherry took her poopy diaper off and threw at Mitchell, but it fell through the window instead, onto the head of some old ugly bastard you would see in a hentai. Mitchell then punched Olaf and threw him onto the ground. The DJ got up again and it was time for the finishing move.

Mitchell backflip kicked DJ Rock n Troll into the air 100 times, and then did a knee chiropractic adjustment onto his face.

"The Backknee Back Down To The Hells!" Mitchell yelled.

Exed Skies arrested the DJ, Cherry and Olaf a minute later and took them to the prison 60ft below and they put them in diapers and straitjackets, and put a new diaper on Cherry. They went into the room the rest were in as they finished watching Kai Lan and started watching Bibleman.

Mitchell had 8 more to do for the day, he stayed put and left the station to go outside.

Meanwhile, everyone in comas were still bed ridden and not moving at all. They still haven't even peed or pooped in days. I feel horrible for them having to use those poop bags and catheters tho.


Chapter Text

Mitchell just took down a radio show less than 5 minutes ago. Now he is leaving the studio to go find more fighters. He went across the street and walked around for a couple minutes but found no one of suspicion. He found a path around the corner of the block leading to the woods. He walked through the woods for about 10 minutes, and ended up at a house at the end of the path.

Too Hot For Teacher is a hentai involving four schoolgirls seducing their male teacher and having six with him. Later, they even end up getting pregnant and marrying them all. This is one of the more sickening hentai I've watched, since in the original manga, the girls are all in middle school and aged 12-14. Don't watch it.

Mitchell headed into the house to do some research. Butvone second later, he smelled something funny and fell right to the ground, and passed out immediately.

An hour later, he found himself in a room tied up to a bed. Two seconds later, four girls came into the room and introduced themselves. They were Asamiya, Yamamoto, Fujieda, and Makinohara. Their teacher was also outside of the room. They also tried to strip down in front of Mitch. He got untied from the bed and left the room. Fujieda fell on top of him and pinned him to the bed, but he pushed her off. He ran out of the room and tried to leave, but remembered these guys had to be arrested. The teacher came over and kicked him in the chest, but Mitchell kicked him much harder.

"Come on, why won't you fuck us?" Asamiya said.

"Because you guys are all much younger than me, and we're way too young to be doing this. And that teacher is clearly a pedophile." Mitchell said.

Yamamoto and Makinohara then pinned him down once more. Mitchell again pushed them away but they were all still incredibly horny.

The teens then tried shoving sex pills down his throat but Mitchell pushed them out of their hands. The teacher was now back on his feet and threw more punches at Mitch, but he countered all of them.

"Why the hell won't you give up!?" The teacher yelled at Mitchell.

"I'm doing all of this for the sake of this whole multiverse." Mitchell said.

More punches ensued but were all countered, and the girls took all their clothes off and got in front of them.

"We're actually all 19 years old, Mitchell. Older than you." Yamamoto said.

"Well, that still doesn't mean I wanna have six with you. And by the way, I won't be 18 for another three days. You guys, you're the same as all those other hentai characters. You all think with your dicks and clits, and not your actual brains."

The girls then started jerking off and the teacher got to fucking them real quick. But Mitchell was finally ready for his finishing move.

He backflip kicked the teacher, Asamiya, Yamamoto, Fujieda and Makinohara into the air 110 times. He also cracked his knee into their faces quite hard.

Exed Skies then arrested the 5 of them and took them to the 60ft below prison and put them in diapers and straitjackets then put them in the play room to go watch The Backyardigans.

Mitchell left that creepy house and forgot his phone there, so he headed back. But someone else just got into that house.


Chapter Text

Mitchell was leaving that house where he had to fight the cast of Too Hot For Teacher. But he forgot his phone there since they took it away from him since he was put out for an hour with chloraform. He went into the bedroomand got his phone from right next to the bed. He then got ready to leave finally. But a few people stopped him from leaving the house.

Cocomelon is a youtube channel involving nursery rhymes and animations involving this nuclear family and a bunch of animals hanging out. Tons of parents have been annoyed by this for a very long enough time. My sister watches this one a lot too. This is also exactly like tons of the other nursery rhyme channels on Youtube, but it's at least not as bad as those disgusting Mickey Mouse, Spiderman and Elsa videos that were quite harmful to children. Don't watch it.

JJ, TomTom, YoYo, and their parents were all there staring right at him when he was a fraction of a step out of the door. Mitchell recognized them from the videos his little sister watched a lot. She watches so much weird crap on Netflix and Youtube. We'll actually get to more of them later in this story. They all went to the kitchen to bake a cake. They gave it to Mitchell, but he found some drugs in it, so he burnt it outside.

"Johnny Johnny, Yes Papa, Eating Sugar? No Papa, Telling Lies? No Papa, Open Your Mouth, Hahaha!!!!" the family was all singing Johnny Johnny which his younger siblings used to sing all the time which drove him up a wall.

Mitchell then found out their sugar was actually cocaine. He wanted a cocaine energy drink right now, but not the real thing. So he locked it up somewhere to hand to the police later. Mitchell then punched the dad right in the face, and then punted the kids across the room. None of them are babies, so they didn't suffer from Shaken Baby Syndrome. But he wondered why the kids' heads were so big compared to the parents' heads. Maybe they became smaller as they got older, or they had a disease or something.

But they kept singing random nursery rhymes that pissed him off quite hard. Now he wanted to gag them and pierce his eardrums. And they seemed too calm and didn't show much emotions. JJ now had to go poop. He went to his potty and took a huge dump. They then took the poop out of the potty and threw it onto the walls. The other family members also threw their poop on the walls as well. This was just super indecent. At least they didn't throw it at Mitchell.

"We know you laugh at poop a whole bunch, and wanted you to see for yourself. Now shit yourself to join the family." the dad said to Mitchell.

Mitchell didn't do that, since he had some decency, unlike these guys. He punched the parents some more and the kids started hitting him too, but he slapped all of them really hard. They weren't out cold, but the parents made them sit in time out for peeing their pants, although they literally just threw their shit all over the walls. But the parents started yelling at each other and slapped each other. There were some rumors about these guys being based off the Watts family, but this just doesn't hold up. Mitchell now was tired from all of this. He was stressed because he had to take down 6 more series after this one today, but he wanted to make sure they would stay down. So he gave them all cups filled with milk, they drank them all. He put some Little Baby Bum on the TV, and they fell asleep quite quickly. He could finally call Exed Skies to have them come pick them up. He got his phone out and called them. They would be here in about 5 minutes. Mitchell scrubbed a bunch of the poop off the walls and cleaned up before they got her. They finally arrived, but there was one final nasty surprise.

"Mitchell, watch out. We have a waker in the corner." the cop told him.

JJ woke up crying because he wet the floor. Everyone was awake again, and Mitch was ready for his finishing move.

He backflip kicked the family into the air 120 times, and then shoved his knee into all their faces.

"The Backknee Back Down To The Hells X5!" Mitchell yelled.

The Cocomelon family finally got taken away and was put in diapers and straitjackets at the prison and watched The Wiggles with the rest of the convicts.

Mitchell was finally able to leave that house after fighting 2 series. He got on his moped and drove off back to the city. But there was a little chaos going on there when he arrived.


Chapter Text

The city was in a little bit of chaos when Mitchell arrived back there. He was tired enough having to fight 10 different people in that house, but he knew he had much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much more to do during this worldwide crisis. But it won't stop without him doing anything. But he actually found the cause of the madness.

Manieggs is a Hungarian film involving a world of eggs, crime, corrupt police, and much more. The main protagonist is Johnny Cupido, who was framed for a murder and spent two weeks in prison. He now has the help of his best friend Harry, a brute named Mofo B, a weapons dealer that's a midget. The police also have some fun scenes as well. There is a bunch of swearing, inappropriate jokes, violence, this movie was a blast to watch. It kinda reminded me of Killer Ben Forever, but not as good. Watch it.

"Where the fuck is Mitchell Kay?" Johnny asked a random person, right before shooting them.

"They didn't answer my question." Johnny said.

Mitchell went to the scene. Johnny, Harry, Mofo B and Midget were all gunning people down looking for Mitchell. They saw Mitchell about a second later. Mofo B went to Mitchell and punched him quite hard, but Mitchell kicked him hard and seemed to have pacified him. Midget then got a bunch of rocket launchers and shot them at Mitchell, but they all hit a bunch of people instead. Mitchell also kicked Midget as well.

The police arrived onto the scene shortly after, and things were about to get worse. Crambo and his trainee also came there with a bunch of other cops and they shot up even more people. Mitchell got to them and beat the crap out of all the fake cops. Crambo and whatever his sidekick's name was were still standing. Danny' Johnny's lover from prison was there as well beating people up. Mitchell countered his knife attack and threw it under a bus. He kicked Danny into a window as well.

Johnny planned an attack with his groupies also. He hid in a pizza box and they stole a pizza car. Somehow some person ordered a pizza on a Wii, but didn't expect it to get there. Mitchell would just get that guy a pizza later. Harry drove the car, and Midget shot anyone that followed them. They finally got back to Mitchell and got out of the car. Mofo B had the pizza box and ran to Mitchell.

"Pizza Surprise!" Mofo B yelled.

Johnny then jumped out of the pizza box and aimed his gun at Mitchell. Mitchell punched him before he could take the shot.

"Take that piece of shit out, Johnny! Sluggy won't be happy until he's dead!" Harry yelled to Johnny.

Johnny shot even more bullets, but they ended up hitting all of the police officers instead of Mitchell. Mitch is just really good at dodging for some reason.

Crambo and his lackey then drove their car over to Mitch and tried crashing into him. Mitchell jumped over the car and they crashed into the wall.

"What the fuck? That dude is supposed to be dead!" Crambo yelled. Maybe his only eye wasn't good enough to keep him from crashing or something.

Mitchell beat up all of them more until he was finally ready to do his finishing move.

He backflip kicked Johnny into the air 130 times. He then shoved his knee deep into his noseless face.

"The Backknee Back Down To The Hells!" Mitchell yelled.

Exed Skies incarcerated Johnny, Danny, Harry, Mofo B, Midget, Crambo and his lackey whatever his name is. They got the usual, diaper and straitjacket, each of them at the prison and joined everyone else for nap time.

Mitchell went to the nearest pizza place and got that guy a pizza since he pitied him for getting the pizza stolen by those guys earlier. He then went to find someone else to fight.


Chapter Text

Mitchell was a little exhausted so he went to go sit at a cafe. No, it was not Rainforest Cafe, so don't expect Curious George pooping on the floor or starting a cult. When he sat down, he cracked all of the bones in his body ten times each, they were that sore. He dozed off for a second, but remembered the mission at hand. He smelled something really weird in the cafe, and saw some stereotypical douchebags around the source.

Evil Bong is about these stoners and this chem major buying a bong that's really tall. They smoke from it and get transported to this strip club. The bong also has a feminine appearance and voice. It also stars Tommy Chong as one of the characters. Some of the jokes were pretty funny, but it pretty much took place in the same room the whole movie. It was also made by the same studio that made The Gingerdead Man. Watch it if you want to.

Allister was the first one to notice Mitchell, and Larnell, Bachman and Bret saw him shortly after while they were all getting high. They were all stoned off their asses, except for Allister, who was there to study the other three. Mitchell wasn't gonna get high either, cause it's really bad for you. He needed to take these guys out one by one, but they didn't really look intimidating. But then something happened. They were all teleported to some sort of strip club.

"What the hell just happened? Oh, we're here again." Bret said.

"Monkey." Bachman said.

There were a bunch of female strippers there. All of the guys went over and shoved their faces into their tits. Mitchell stayed back because he knew about temptation. But the guys all got their hands bit off by the weird bras the girls were wearing. Some of them were sharks or snakes, and whatnot. But then a bong started talking.

"Now fuck those guys over, girls. Now to Mitchell kay." the bong said.

The bong had a human appearance for some reason. It had a face, and even a vagina. The face didn't have the greatest lip-syncing though. Mitchell then threw the bong to the floor. But it didn't shatter. He kicked it and jumped on it, but nothing happened. The guys were also trying to kill him now, but Mitchell punched them all in their chests. They were all staying to the ground. The strippers also held Mitchell to the ground, and tried taking his pants off of him, but he pushed them away like always. He doesn't turn 18 for another 2 days.

"You are all starting to piss me off. Now let me handle this." Eebee, the bong said.

Eebee jumped onto Mitchell's face and drugged him up with some weed. Mitchell didn't have any effect from it, but he pushed her off of him, and he was ready to leave. He took a Flintstones vitamin he found off the floor, and swallowed it whole. Fun fact, when I was around 7, I ate a whole bunch of Flintstones gummies in one sitting. Don't worry, I learned my lesson and it hasn't happened ever since. He tried everything to destroy the bong, but it was finally gonna work with some dynamite. He lit a thing of dynamite. Ten seconds until it was gonna blow. Mitchell, Allister, Larnell, Bachman, and Bret left and returned to the real world.

They were at the cafe and a bong was with them as well. Back at the strip club, the bong got destroyed with the strippers due to the explosion. Mitchell was finally ready to do his finishing move.

He backflip kicked Eebee in the real world 140 times, he then kneed her hardcore into the face without breaking her.

"The Backknee Back Down To The Hells!" Mitchell yelled.

Exed Skies took the bong as well as the guys away. The humans were put in diapers and straitjackets, and Eebee was chained to the wall right next to Killer Sofa. They were also getting ready to watch a Barney marathon with the rest.

Mitchell left the cafe quickly because the bong smell was giving him a headache. He got some Advil and took it to get rid of the headache. Now time to find some more people, 4 more and he can go home for the night.


Chapter Text

Mitchell was finally getting ready to leave that cafe right after busting those stoners and that cursed bong. The smell of bong was really killing him, and he went to a nearby store to get advil, and he took some and the headache immediately went away. He was so tired, but he needed to fight 4 more, just 4 more, then he could go to bed. But he saw an incident at some building, and thought it might give him a clue, or even better, a solution.

Heartwork revolves around this university student swapping briefcases with this assassin. This briefcase has a cursed gun that alters the user's mind, and they can't control their desires. And he even has to meet up unofficialy with his assassin partner later. Tons of murders happen because of the gun, and there are many sex scenes. A decent combination of both. Watch at your own discretion.

Yuu Asakura was gunning down a bunch of 'assassins.' Police were also surrounding the scene, including chief Yukari Morikawa. None of them seemed to be caring about all of the civilians getting brutally murdered, they pry only cared about sex and money. Mitchell went to go take a better look, and noticed Angel and Hunter have arrived there as well. They noticed Mitch and pointed their guns at him. Mitchell knocked the guns out of their hands immediately. Hunter kicked him in the chest, but he kicked him much harder. Angel took her shirt off and tried getting onto Mitchell, but he pushed her away, because he won't be 18 until tomorrow. Asakura and Morikawa noticed him too, and went down there.

"That horny bastard needs to get out of here. I thought that was my girl once." Asakura said.

"Well, look who's horny now, complaining about a girl you only saw once." Mitchell said.

Asakura then shot at Mitchell, and the other three did as well. But he survived all shots and pulled the bullets out of his chest. They then quickly ran off and Mitchell had to go after them. He found Hunter and Angel heading into a hotel. Mitchell headed in and snuck by the front desk, so he wouldn't have to rent a room or anything, because that hotel was super expensive. He saw then go into an elevator and go up to the 2nd floor. He quickly got in after they were gone and went to the 2nd floor. He then saw them go into room 204 after passing by the ice and vending machines. It was colder than the feeling of walking through the hallways after swimming to find your room, and Mitch only had his jacket on. He broke into the room and saw them doing it.

"Oh crap, finish what you're doing and come inside me already!" Angel yelled to Hunter.

They got their clothes back on and then Mitchell punched them once more in the chest, and they were down once and for all. He hear Asakura and Morikawa on the top floor, so he went up there. There was some dirty stuff up there too, as Morikawa was giving Asakura full on felatio, and in the hallway for that matter. Takashi Miike looked quite disappointed looking at them through his room there, and this would definitely not inspire any of his movies. But cheered Mitchell on to defeat these bastards. Mitchell kicked them boh to the ground and then they got their guns out. Asakura looked quite warped of his whole mind and was only focusing on fucking Morikawa. Geez guys, get a room.

"I'm cumming, i'm cumming, I'm cumming!!!" Asakura yelled as he came all over Morikawa's tits.

They put their clothes back on and were looking ready to finally be defeated, and Mitchell was ready to perform his finishing move.

He backflip kicked Asakura into the air 150 times and kneed him harder than his sex into his face.

"The Backknee Back Down To The Hells!" Mitchell yelled.

Exed Skies arrested Angel and Hunter on the second floor and then came up to the top floor to arrest Asakura and Morikawa. They were all taken to the prison and put in diapers and straitjackets, and joined the rest of the inmates as they resumed their Barney marathon.

Mitchell finally left the hotel and was excited have only 3 more hits on his hit list for the day. So he went to go find some more people back at the HQ. Eventually, some suspicious people rang the doorbell.


Chapter Text

Mitchell went back to the HQ area and hung out outside. Nothing seemed too suspicious for a little while. Just your average Japanese people around the block. And BAEKOKU Future Funk Mix played on the radio station nearby, so it felt real good to break out an orange Hi-C and gulp it down. But he saw some strange people buzzing the HQ's door.

Caleb and Sophia is a series of animated shorts made by Jehovah's Witnesses, literally trying to brainwash kids. They talk about some of the problems they have, and sometimes it says their problems everyone faces. It is quite sick what they do, and the Bible doesn't say shit about some of their claims. The Watchtower Society literally controls their followers, and shuns them if they leave. Followers are expected to live in poverty, doing things such as cleaning windows and going door to door preaching about the cult. Followers aren't allowed to celebrate birthdays and holidays, get blood transfusions, have beards, get a post-secondary education, and pry so much more. They also believe that Jesus died on a stake instead of the cross for some reason. Caleb and Sophia is about these two kids named Caleb and Sophia. Their parents also talk to them about issues they are facing in each video. They have gotten controversy before due to an anti-LGBT video they made, and also one that's anti-education. Don't you dare watch any of these videos.

Caleb, Sophia, and their parents were at the door preaching about their religion. Rambling about how Jehovah brings new life. The people at the door seemed like they wanted to punch them, but just shut and locked the door. But they wouldn't shut up and kept approaching random people. They eventually came to Mitchell. This is just like the time that JW approached him while he was waiting for his dad to pick him up from school. That was just weird.

"Let us introduce you to Jehovah." the dad said to Mitchell.

"No, you guys are literally controlled by that governing body. You need to stop." Mitchell said to all of them.

"But can we show you a special video?" Sophia asked him. Her and Caleb looked pretty excited to show it to him, and he didn't wanna upset them.

So they showed him that video. It was literally of a family going door to door preaching to an assload of people. Mitchell walked away from them right after that, but they would not leave him alone. The dad and mom tried using force to get their point across to Mitchell, but nothing happened. Mitchell has already given himself to Jesus, and would stay that way. So he didn't need some fake god. He punched the parents right across the face and knocked them out quite hard. The kids were pretty scared now, because they should be.

"I don't wanna be part of your fake religion, guys. So please leave me alone." Mitchell told to the family.

The kids were about to slap him, but he slapped them Yoshitaka Mine style and they didn't move another finger.

"Isn't it your birthday tomorrow? And you celebrate it? Oh, Jehovah really hates you, Mitchell!" Caleb yelled to Mitchell.

"I don't care who hates me, I live how I wanna live." Mitchell reassured to the kids.

The kids started crying and Mitchell was ready o do the post-birth abortion.

He backflip kicked Caleb and Sophia into the air 160 times, and then he did the knee blow to the face.

"The Backknee Back Down To The Hells X2!" Mitchell yelled.

Exed Skies came outside and arrested the whole family and put them all in diapers and straitjackets down in the 60ft below prison. They then watched some Oobi with the other inmates and they all pooped in there and needed changing.

Mitchell had 2 more to fight for the night, and then he could finally sleep. Now to go find more people in this circle.


Chapter Text

Mitchell just finished off the Jehovah's Witness family, and shipped them off to the prison. Now to find more people to put 60ft under. He wasn't in the mood for it much anymore for the rest of the night, so he needed to find someone, and quick. He walked around for another ten minutes and got past many more people who will suffer soon enough, such as Ben from the Netflix show Hoops, Linea from Stainless Night, another hentai, Trotro, some French cartoon donkey, and Peepoodoo and The Super F*ck Friends. Soon, they'll get it from someone beloved to him, and they're not in comas, BTW. Now, he finally found someone.

Lucky Fred is some Spanish cartoon, or wherever it's from. It stars Fred, who finds a robot named Friday, who obeys him always, and actually belongs to Brianna, this girl who's incredibly smart and has like every talent ever. And they like to go on failure adventures. But it definitely has some charm and I much prefer it over most cartoons that are on today. Watch it if you want.

Mitchell saw Fred, Brianna and Friday throwing water balloons filled with water mixed with Propel packets at an antique store. Mitchell immediately called them out.

"Dude, we're just trying to have some fun." Fred told him.

"But this lady who owns this store and works her ass off will have to clean it herself. And this store doesn't seem to be doing that great right now. Have a little respect." Mitch told them.

Brains and Friday threw balloons at him and he got completely drenched. He stole a balloon and filled it up with turkey gravy and threw it at them, to show them an inaccurate example of the golden rule, by treating others how you're being treated, instead of how you wanna be treated. And they seemed to not be allergic to it, so he's fine.

"Now for something different." Brianna said.

She did some martial arts moves towards Mitch, but since he was much bigger than her, shoved her face into the ground.

Fred had Friday turn into a baseball bat so he could hit Mitch across the face, but in a series of events, Mitchell countered and threw Friday to the ground. They were all pretty exhausted, now for the finishing move.

Mitchell backflip kicked them all into the air 170 times, and then shoved his bruised knee into all their faces.

"The Backknee Back Down To The Hells X3" he yelled.

Even Skies were already there and took Fred, Friday and Brianna away and put them in diapers and straitjackets and then they joined the rest of the convicts to watch some Bob The Builder.

Mitchell was extremely happy, only one more, then he can go to sleep for the night, and be one step closer to saving mankind.


Chapter Text

One more, then bedtime, Mitchell thought to himself since Lucky Fred was arrested. He just needed one more. He sat at a nearby bench to see if anyone would pass by. Even more people passed by but no one stood out yet. Ten minutes passed by, and someone finally came.

Odd Job Jack is about Jack Ryder, who works for this company and gets jobs assigned to him. It has Betty, the secretary who assigns Jack his jobs, Leopold, Jack's shut-in friend, and Bobby, who sometimes helps Jack on his jobs. It aired on the same channel as Kevin Spencer, but Jack is much better. Watch it if you can find it.

Jack was doing one of his jobs with Bobby, as Betty and Leopold guided them through earpieces. Their job was to find Mitchell and murder him of course. Mitchell hid in a trash can and watched them pass by. He would ambush them when they got closer. He jumped out of the can and kicked them both in the face.

"What was that for?" Jack asked.

"That's for everything this cult is planning down the lane." Mitchell said.

"Betty, what should we do?" Bobby asked her.

"You should shove that nearby stick up his ass." Betty said.

Jack and Bobby then grabbed sticks like little kids would and aimed them at Mitch. He countered them both, broke them, and threw them into a nearby river. He also jumped on and off the wall and kicked them both in the face. He even saw the other two staring at him through windows. What pussies, not trying to fight him.

"I have a job for you, Jack. It's to piss off. This whole cult should, and we wouldn't have any problems." Mitch told Jack.

But Jack was a little better of a fighter than some of the previous ones, especially Junyer, Caleb and Sophia, and the kids from Cocomelon, so a good way to finish the night off. Now time for the finishing move.

Mitchell backflip kicked Jack into the air 180 times and cracked his nose with his knee.

"The Backknee Back Down To The Hells!" he yelled.

Jack and Bobby were arrested, and Exed Skies also went upstairs to arrest Betty and Leopold. They were taken to the prison, put in straitjackets and diapers, and joined the rest for some Checkers popcorn chicken, hot dogs, burgers, and of course the fries for dinner, as they watched Elmo's World.

Mitchell immediately went to the HQ and finally got under the covers, and got the best sleep in his life. But even more of his life was gonna go to shit, he just knew it.


Chapter Text

The next morning, Mitchell woke up around 5AM. He went to get breakfast at the HQ cafeteria. And he had a good energy drink before the day. He actually got a radar to carry on him to show where each blackened is at the moment. It would come in extremely handy. He decided who to go find first, so he got to it immediately.

Rectuma is some cheap movie from 2003, the year I was born. It involves this guy named Waldo who gets raped by a frog in Mexico. He goes to this doctor who shoves plutonium up his ass, and it detaches, murders people and later grows to the size of Godzilla and destroys LA. This movie was incredibly disgusting, and obviously had a very low budget, as evident by the poor fx. Don't watch it.

Waldo was at a Mexican restaurant, something he thought he wouldn't see in Japan. It looked a lot like the one back home, where they gave you chips and salsa before you ordered, and had the same exact menu, and a bunch of beer signs across the building, as well as Laffy taffy and Peppermint patties you could buy at the front for a quarter, or 100 yen here. He was sitting at a table in between Leo and Vincent from A Way Out and Katie and Aaron from Mitchells Vs The Machines. Katie and Aaron are definitely autistic, BTW.

Mitch thought maybe he could sneak up on him so they wouldn't have to deal with a giant anus lurking in the city. Waldo then turned around and saw him.

"How about you mind your own goddamn business and leave dude!" Waldo yelled at him.

Mitchell then came up with a perfect plan. He just punched Waldo across the face. His ass then unattached itself and started roaming the restaurant. The aforementioned people there, as well as DJ Atomika from Burnout Paradise, and Martin Walker from Spec Ops The Line ran out before the donkey spewed liquid poop or chocolate milk at them. Waldo was passed out hard-core. He just had the butt to deal with. He mixed up some beans and rice with laxatives and curry from another restaurant and shoved it up the ass, as well as a suppository, and held it in a chokehold over a nearby squat toilet. It spewed out the most disgusting poop he saw, worse than anything from the AVGN, Eric Cartman or his mom. The butt ran right back to Waldo and he woke back up. Time for the finishing move.

Mitchell backflip kicked Waldo into the air 190 times, and kneed him in the face.

"The Backknee Back Down To The Hells!" he yelled.

Exed Skies came and arrested Waldo and put him in a diaper and straitjacket, that ass is definitely gonna need a diaper, and he joined the rest to watch Cyberchase.

Mitchell immediately left the restaurant to not pass anyone else off there and went lurking for the next victim.


Chapter Text

Mitchell didn't wanna eat for another 10 hours after that Rectuma fiasco. He checked the radar again for another nearby asshole. And he got what he bargained for.

You probably have seen that cringy Grubhub ad with those fat people dancing while eating that food, such as the pregnant shake lady, that salad lady with the weird mouth, although the characters' everything looks weird. It was incredibly cringe, according to literally everyone on this planet. I'd say don't watch it, but I'm sure a lot of you have seen it.

The boogie guy with the chicken sandwich was doing a boogie on top of a stage. He looked familiar, oh yeah. Him, CEO, Retro, Meruru, and Junyer ambushed him the other day. Who knows what Freni, Scooter, Henry, Pandy, and Boogie Guy's son were doing then. Boogie's son also started dancing and other fat people came by with food. This was just incredibly awkward. Mitchell just wanted to get this done with. I don't want this chapter to be too short, so I'm just gonna use some filler.

They kept dancing and dancing and dancing. They all got extremely tired and then stared choking on their food. Mitch went to go help them and found out they were all faking it. They then spit all their food at his face and then he just punched all of them, even the pregnant lady who wasn't actually pregnant, just had a ton of fat. They were all defeated, now time for the finishing move.

Mitch did you know what to Boogie Guy and did it 200 times.

"The Backknee Back Down To The Hells!" he yelled.

Exed Skies came and arrested them all and they were put in diapers and straitjackets and joined the rest for some Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood.

Mitchell went and sat at the bench for a bit, like how at work, he always takes lengthy breaks after pushing an eternity of carts 3 times.


Chapter Text

Since those fat people just got arrested, Mitchell went to go find someone else to take down. He only had one more and the first phase of this series would be complete. He knew who that was, and they were definitely cooler than anyone else thus far.

Embracing Love is about these male adult actors named Iwaki and Katou. They start to get into a more intimate relationship with each other. This was distributed by Kitty, who also did such classics as My Sexual Harassment, Itadaki Seieki and Level C. But this is possibly one of the best out of all of them, since the characters are pretty likable and have more realistic situations, not just focusing on sex all the time. Watch it if you're into that kind of stuff.

He saw Iwaki and Katou inside of a host club. It looked exactly like Club Stardust for some reason. Although Kazuki and Yuya were nowhere to be seen at the time. They were flirting with all of the other hosts there, and if they didn't agree with them, punched them across the face. They also kissed each time they did so. And he knew he had to do something now. When he walked in, the two lovers greeted him in a pretty formal way, as if nothing just happened. But they were just acting, as they slipped an aphrodisiac into his mouth. Mitchell was getting a hard erection because of it, and knew he could get through it. There was an antidote in Katou's back pocket. He'd get it before they were arrested.

Iwaki punched him in the chest, and Mitchell kicked him even harder, and punched Katou who almost hit him with a table. He then shoved his face into a table just like Patrick Swayze in Road House at the Double Deuce. They weren't getting turned on by it, and just cracked their fists and got straight to more punching.

"Man, why won't this dude go down, Katou-kun?" Iwaki asked.

"I don't know, and the drug isn't doing anything to him, Iwaki-san." Katou answered him.

And even more people ran out and tried calling the cops, but they were secretly aware of this sting operation Mitch was on, and were actually decent cops. They just witnessed as Mitchell beat them up more.

Iwaki and Katou made out a whole bunch more and Mitchell took the antidote as they weren't looking and took it. His erection was immediately gone. Now time for the finishing move.

He did that to both of them 210 times. This will be the last until much later.

"The Backknee Back Down To The Hells X2" he yelled.

Exed Skies came and arrested Iwaki and Katou and they were put in diapers and straitjackets in the 60ft prison and were just in time for the viewing of Barney's Great Adventure. Fun story, one of my mom's clients with Downs Syndrome really loves Barney, and talked about how they show do a new viewing of that movie at the theater after we saw Tom and Jerry, and rambled on about it the whole time we were at Village Inn afterward, and I even drew him a picture saying that. There is actually a new Barney movie in the works and I promised I would see it with him when it came out.

Mitchell finally got done with 21 of them, a legal drinking age. And now he had to think of some new finishing moves to use.


Chapter Text

Mitchell just got done dealing with Iwaki and Katou, and looked at his tracker. There were more cultists in Stardust. It looked like Hotline Miami happened in there, minus Jacket, Biker, or whoever else or any corpses. Anyway, he looked around for a couple minutes until he found a couple couples hiding under a table.

Two Weddings and a Funeral is a South Korean LGBT film about a gay guy marrying his lesbian friend in order to fool his nosy parents. And his 'wife' is trying to adopt with her girlfriend. There is actually a ton of drama and the main character's relationship with all these guys at a bar he goes to is pretty heartwarming. And yes, there is another wedding, and a funeral towards the end. This movie was a lot better than I expected. Watch it.

Min-soo, Hyo-jin, Seok and Seo-young were hiding under there. They didn't seem like actual threats, but Mitch thought they might be tricking him, and he was right. They were doing a ton of dirty things under there, and it seems they were while Iwaki and Katou were still there earlier too. At least he didn't see Tina or anyone else there. How many horny people is he gonna meet in his future? Way too many to count.

"Yeah, I think we should stop fucking, everyone." Min-soo told everyone under the table.

The guys got up and tried beating Mitch up with nearby empty bottles. He countered them all and smashed them on their heads. The ladies didn't wanna hit a man, so they just stood still.

This was going by way too fast, since these guys are pretty normal, compared to a lot of other people in this marathon, so the rest might be filler.

Hsjhushshxhusjdhcucidueud. That was the sound a broken karaoke machine was making. Kiryu obviously didn't touch it.

They were already getting a bit tired, so time for the new finishing move.

Mitch jumped into the air and spun around sideways about 10 times. He then landed on Min-soo's face and drilled his feet on his face.

"Drilling Your Skull To The Underworld!" he yelled.

Then Exed Skies arrived and arrested the four of them. They were put in straitjackets and diapers and joined everyone else for Bear in the Big Blue House.

Mitch left Stardust finally and walked over to the next street over and scanned the area.


Chapter Text

Mitchell recently left Club Stardust and walked down the street to locate the next dipsticks. It didn't take him too long, since he found them at a park, the same one Barney would abduct children later on.

Kate and Mim Mim is a show my sister used to watch a long time ago, I was in middle school at the time. It involves a little girl named Kate who goes with her stuffed bunny named Mim Mim to this place called Mimaloo, where Mim Mim comes to life, and they hang out with Lili, Boomer, Tak and Gobble. The show isn't too repetitive and has a ton of good lessons for kids and my sister really enjoyed it. If you have nothing for your kids to watch, give this one a try.

Kate was going down the slide, as Mim Mim watched her creepily, Lili and Boomer were jumping off the monkey bars with no sense of danger, and Tak boasted about his newest invention to Gobble, who seemed disinterested. Mitch immediately recognized them from some show.

They saw Mitchell and seemed to mask the evil feelings they had with these cheerful attitudes.

"Hey Mitchell, you wanna come play tag with us?" Mim Mim asked him. That gave away the fact that they were Sluggy cultists.

"No thanks, let's play a different game. How about we play shut up!" Mitchell yelled.

"That's not very nice." Boomer said.

They all got angry at Mitchell and let out their destructive selves. Tak actually got out his invention, which he was about to describe.

"This is the Antichrist Killer. This will make anyone who doesn't give their selves up to Cousin Sluggy disappear, and it seems we got a test subject." Tak said.

But Mitchell knocked it out of his hands and broke it, it was actually just some dollar store toy, so that's why it broke so easy.

Gobble started singing very terribly. "La la lalalalalalalalalalalala!"

Boomer started crying for no reason and Lili just slapped him and told him to man up. Stop pushing gender roles.

Mitchell actually punched each and everyone of them once more and Kate was gonna go tell her parents, but they were cult members too, so he punched them as well. Time for the finishing move.

Mitchell jumped sideways into the air and drilled his feet into Kate and Mim Mim's faces about 20 times.

"Drilling Your Skull To The Underworld X2!" Mitchell yelled.

Exed Skies were there as creepily as the black suits in Kaiji. They arrested them all and they were put in diapers and straitjackets right as they entered the prison. They also came in to watch Oswald with everyone else.

Mitchell walked around a bit more and scanned the alley and found something.


Chapter Text

Mitchell just dealt with Kate and Mim Mim at the park and walked towards an alley where he sees a very disgusting sight.

Boogie is a movie based on an Argentinian comic character that I found on Tubi, which is where lots of these movies and shows lurk. It involves this blond fat Vietnam veteran named Boogie the Oily One. He is very racist, as he gets black kids killed or abused, a major womanizer, who tries to force gender roles onto women, such as men putting them in their place, or belonging in the kitchen. And he even shoots his own dog. This guy is bad news. But the movie stays very faithful to his character, so I have to give credit for that. He is an SJW's worst nightmare, so steer clear of him.

He saw a dog get shot through a window by a guy who was raping a woman. It looked like a scene from one of those Meet and Fuck games on Newgrounds. Mitchell jumped through the window to do something.

"Who said you could barge in on our fun?" Boogie asked Mitchell.

"You're taking advantage of that woman and she clearly doesn't want it, so stop it." Mitchell called him out on his bullshit.

"Well, woman need to know their place, to be enforced by a man." Boogie said.

"Dude, this isn't the fucking 40s, times have changed." Mitchell chewed him out yet again.

Boogie pulled his clothes on and jumped out the window and shot bullets at Mitchell, which all missed.

"Oh, look! A r*tard and a n*gger walking by. Let's see if you're fast enough to save them." Boogie said.

"Now that does it, you racist and ableist beast! You're getting it for real this time!" Mitchell was livid that he called those guys that out there. He's more disgusting than anyone he's ever met, at church, work, his family, anyone from New Choices, or anyone that has ever gone to Eisenhower, Thomas Jefferson, Edison, Bettendorf Middle or High and whoever else. He jumped in front of Boogie and took those shots, protecting the autistic guy and black kid that escaped. He pulled the bullets out with his raw fingers, and threw them to the ground. And that lady left and reported him, thankfully.

Mitchell threw some punches at him and landed them pretty good. Boogie actually then grabbed a kid and threw him, but Mitchell caught him. Then Boogie shot a bunch more minorities and blamed it on the current state of society, this guy definitely likes Trump. Mitchell took Boogie's gun and unloaded it and threw it to the side. Now time for the finishing move.

Mitchell sideways jumped and kicked Boogie real hard about 30 times.

"Drilling Your Skull To The Underworld!" Mitch yelled.

Exed Skies came and arrested Boogie and he was taken to the 60ft below prison and put in a straitjacket and diaper and watched Stanley with everyone else.

Mitchell was relieved he finally took Boogie down and walked over to get a drink, he feels like he just got off a ride at the fair and needed a sprite after that experience.