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February's Been The Biggest Hellshow Known To Man

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Mitchell just dealt with Kate and Mim Mim at the park and walked towards an alley where he sees a very disgusting sight.

Boogie is a movie based on an Argentinian comic character that I found on Tubi, which is where lots of these movies and shows lurk. It involves this blond fat Vietnam veteran named Boogie the Oily One. He is very racist, as he gets black kids killed or abused, a major womanizer, who tries to force gender roles onto women, such as men putting them in their place, or belonging in the kitchen. And he even shoots his own dog. This guy is bad news. But the movie stays very faithful to his character, so I have to give credit for that. He is an SJW's worst nightmare, so steer clear of him.

He saw a dog get shot through a window by a guy who was raping a woman. It looked like a scene from one of those Meet and Fuck games on Newgrounds. Mitchell jumped through the window to do something.

"Who said you could barge in on our fun?" Boogie asked Mitchell.

"You're taking advantage of that woman and she clearly doesn't want it, so stop it." Mitchell called him out on his bullshit.

"Well, woman need to know their place, to be enforced by a man." Boogie said.

"Dude, this isn't the fucking 40s, times have changed." Mitchell chewed him out yet again.

Boogie pulled his clothes on and jumped out the window and shot bullets at Mitchell, which all missed.

"Oh, look! A r*tard and a n*gger walking by. Let's see if you're fast enough to save them." Boogie said.

"Now that does it, you racist and ableist beast! You're getting it for real this time!" Mitchell was livid that he called those guys that out there. He's more disgusting than anyone he's ever met, at church, work, his family, anyone from New Choices, or anyone that has ever gone to Eisenhower, Thomas Jefferson, Edison, Bettendorf Middle or High and whoever else. He jumped in front of Boogie and took those shots, protecting the autistic guy and black kid that escaped. He pulled the bullets out with his raw fingers, and threw them to the ground. And that lady left and reported him, thankfully.

Mitchell threw some punches at him and landed them pretty good. Boogie actually then grabbed a kid and threw him, but Mitchell caught him. Then Boogie shot a bunch more minorities and blamed it on the current state of society, this guy definitely likes Trump. Mitchell took Boogie's gun and unloaded it and threw it to the side. Now time for the finishing move.

Mitchell sideways jumped and kicked Boogie real hard about 30 times.

"Drilling Your Skull To The Underworld!" Mitch yelled.

Exed Skies came and arrested Boogie and he was taken to the 60ft below prison and put in a straitjacket and diaper and watched Stanley with everyone else.

Mitchell was relieved he finally took Boogie down and walked over to get a drink, he feels like he just got off a ride at the fair and needed a sprite after that experience.