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February's Been The Biggest Hellshow Known To Man

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Mitchell has just pressed a button to eliminate Cousin Sluggy and save mankind. It sucked Sluggy, himself and many other people into a meat grinder. But there was something nobody knew about. You see, an unknown entity quickly pulled Mitchell out before it hit him, same can't be said for the others.

Mitch was taken to an underground hall. He ran to find a way out and to reach surface. There were many doors, and he tried opening them. Most of them were locked or stuck, and the ones that were open only lead to an empty room with items such as chamber pots and plug and plays in them, items that are both very primitive and rarely used today. He needed to find a way out. He realized he still had his phone and earbuds, so he tuned into some Retrowave/Synthwave on Spotify, but unfortunately had to deal with the annoying ads. And he braved himself to expect to find something weird in the dark. At least it wouldn't be any of the people he's had to fight recently, since he saw the ones that didn't go in the grinder get pushed into a tub of lava as well. He navigated more until he reached a dead end. But he saw a vent, remembering Outlast, and shimmied up there. He was also glad he had Sonic right before all this, so he wouldn't be hungry. But he wanted some Baconators, ELFudge cookies, Hot Cheetos, Pretzel MandMs, smurf ice cream, pork fried rice, Spongebob and Spiderman Popsicles, BBQ wings, Ham-Salami-Provolone sandwiches, McGriddles, Sour Brite Crawlers, Taco Pizza, Blue Cherry Powerade, Orange Hi-C, Sprite, and a trap bf at the moment, but could get that all later.

He got out of the vents and found stairs that got him a little higher up. There was much more to get through, though. He thought of what he'd tell his family afterward, though. 'This was one trip, eh.' He's never been the greatest at one-liners. But that's not the problem, there was more waiting for him pretty soon. He also wondered who saved him from the grinder. It was definitely not anyone he knew in real life or anyone from a previous fic. Could it be Saejima, or Bass, or Sandy, or Kasumi, or whoever else?

In a room he walked past, there was a short, ginger sorceress pooping in a chamber pot. She was really enjoying it, and Mitchell could smell it. He took a peek in the door, and saw someone he recognized. Thankfully, she was still taking a huge dump and didn't notice him.

Some people were getting up to him. He tried doing his weird dances to assert dominance towards them, but he puked all over the floor and a bear wearing a diaper and a fat guy ordering food slipped in it. Then a guy with a TV for a head and an older looking CEO of a conglomerate knocked him out hard.


Mitchell awakens in some fortress. He could tell they weren't keeping him hostage since the door wasn't locked. He walked out and went into a foyer and then found a main room that was pretty big. There were lots of people in there and tons of huge screens showing different parts of a city and a screen with pictures of a bunch of people that said WANTED on the top. The chamber pot girl, diaper bear, TV head guy, food guy and CEO were on there. There were also many others.

"Mitchell, you're finally awake.", one lady said to him.

"Any idea where I am, guys?" Mitchell said.

"You're in Tokyo, Mitchell. And we are all in a very dire situation. These people were working with Sluggy's cult and were keeping watch over that building for intruders to kill on the spot. They are all from 52 different series. They are plotting to spread a disease that only the people in this room know exist. It's deadlier than all others combined, and can kill within 0.000000000000000000000001 seconds of contact. So the world will be in more of a living hell. They also want to further that by detonating all nukes in the world along with special ones they made at the same time, to rid the whole multiverse of any life. And everyone who was a good ally who's still alive and appeared in your fics are all in comas from an attack by these people a few hours ago." a man said.

"So what does this have to do with me? And why aren't the authorities involved?" Mitchell asked.

"Well, we're all ex-911 operators and cops, so we have a grasp on this situation. But it will cause worldwide panic if this gets out to the public. And you're probably the only known person that has decent knowledge on all these people to take them down. Please, Mitchell, you're the multiverse's only hope." they all begged Mitch.

"Of course I'll do take these rejects down one by one! When do I start?" Mitchell asked.

"Tomorrow, and there are your targets on this screen." the big-breasted lady told him.

-Magic Woman M (DONE)
-Animal World (DONE)
-Funky Cops (DONE)
-Dead Leaves (DONE)
-I Married A Strange Person (DONE)
-The Three Bears Looney Tunes (DONE)
-Shakedown Hawaii (DONE)
-Odd Job Jack (DONE)
-Cocomelon (DONE)
-Embracing Love Cherished Spring (DONE)
-Too Hot For Teacher (DONE)
-Killer Sofa (DONE)
-Rectuma (DONE)
-Evil Bong (DONE)
-Heartwork Love Guns (DONE)
-Manieggs Revenge of The Hard Egg (DONE)
-Mr. Massagy (DONE)
-Lucky Fred (DONE)
-Grubhub Commercial (DONE)
-Caleb and Sophia (DONE)
-Trollies World Tour (DONE)
-Lester The Unlikely
-Two Weddings and a Funeral (DONE)
-The Pillowman
-Mutant Busters
-Chuchu TV
-Rainbow Ruby
-Kate and Mim Mim (DONE)
-My Life Me
-Gregory's Room
-Jungle de Ikou
-Bo on the Go
-Puppets Who Kill
-Bad Taste
-God Rocks!
-Boogie (DONE)
-Baby Huey
-Pahapahooey Island
-Edison and Leo
-Transylvania TV
-Ice Princess Lily
-Ryan Defrates: Secret Agent
-The Fergusons
-The Fuzz
-Chongqing Hot Pot
-Spaced Cats
-Fung Wan

Those are the candidates he'll have to beat like red-headed stepchildren. He was gonna start tomorrow. He also needed to help take care of his coma-ridden friends and find out the identity of that savior earlier.

Another hellshow begins on the 1st of this February. Expect many fights, poop scenes, and more unfold as these sinners go head to head.

Expect this to be bloodier, more brutal, intense, fetishified, gory than anything you've ever seen before.