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Usually, he was the one who took the lead, but tonight? She was on top of him, straddling him while she pinned his wrists with her own. He could try and overpower her - and he knew she could meet his strength. Wherever she was from, they trained her well.

But now, she was kissing at the crook of his neck, sucking the sensitive skin which would no doubt leave hickies. A breathy moan escaped him. How he wanted to touch her, the need and want driving him madder by the minutes ticking by.

It had been just another challenge to fight her again but she gained the upper hand, in more ways than one. She stared down at him like she never had before, the need of determination to show him who was boss was thrilling and arousing. His pants strained as his cock pushed against it. Even there he was unable to free his need.

She felt it prod against her leg and looked down at it. No shame flared nor embarrassment. She was strong, intelligent, cute, and beautiful. His attraction to her wasn't a surprise nor shameful as a Harbinger.

With a smirk, she looked down at him while rising up, purposely brushing his crotch lightly with her knee.. "Do you want to touch me?"

He nearly shivered as she pressed his wrists harder against the sheets on the bed. "I want to do that and more with you."

She lowered her upper body, letting her long bangs brush over his cheeks like feathers. "Explain what you would do. Where you would touch me."

Normally he could form words at the drop of a hat, he was a master manipulator, but this? This he hadn't seen forthcoming. He was so sure she was innocent, not knowing about sex and...other activities. Oh how wrong he was.

His pants tightened again and he nearly groaned in frustration.

"No words? How surprising." She gave his earlobe a nip matched with a tug. He jolted, but her grip remained strong. "Are you really speechless? Or are you thinking of how to flip me over?"

Clever, but there was no need to be a step ahead of him. This is exactly where he wanted. Only, she better start or he would if she didn't. "Haha, no, no. I won't be trying to flip you over. Honestly. Quit looking at me like that. What I want more than touching you is you touching me."

Never had he been so vulnerable, but still it did nothing to deter his arousal nor wanting to stay below her. She held more power than he gave her credit for. He was such a fool for her. A dangerous fool.

She wasted no time and began to push the base of balls without even bothering to take off his pants, pushing him off the ledge of pleasure. Where had she learned that? His thoughts ceased as she pushed on his tip, purposely making him cry out.

The little lady was more than he bargained for and he was never going to let her go. Need nearly made him pull her down but he forced it with his ever immense control and patience that he earned from the grueling training he received years ago.

If he had known this was what he would use it for, he would've done it sooner. With a grunting growl, he clenched his teeth as she pushed harder down on his tip. It was wet, he could feel the fabric cling to his cock's tip. She was driving him mad all for such a simple action.

Her hand slipped suddenly underneath his pants and tugged them down, the rough action making him let out a shaky breath. His heart hammered as she trailed her fingers down his thighs, purposely not touching his cock that erected higher as if begging for attention.

He could touch her and bring her hand right now since her hand - finally clicking - was free. But she put her trust in him to take his word. He would be missing out on this and he would be angry with himself if so.

Her fingers teased and pinched him, each one stacking upon his limit to remain in control. Then it hit him, she wanted to see him lose control. The idea made him shiver and seeing her smile confirmed it.

"Seems like I'm at your mercy now," he probed.

"You are." She squeezed, hard, at the base before going up his length, pushing the tip with her other hand. Both of his hands were free now but he still kept it on the bed. His hands bunched up the sheets as he gripped them, acting like bindings and a reminder for him to keep his promise to her.

"I wonder..." She tilted her head and began to push on the tip with one hand and then squeezing his cock hard. Her pinky pushed the base and trailed up.

She had made him like puddy and a groaning man all at once. If the Fatui could see him now, he would dare them to keep looking and watch. He had every intention to give back to her afterward while she had his way with him. She took control and he gave it for a while and it was worth it. Worth all the hellish training, the pain and suffering he had faced.

With her hands, she made him forget everything but her. It was thrilling, just like battle. Only thing was it was bottomless and he wanted more of her. So much more.

"Ahhh, you're driving me wild. Better hurry or I'll snap and take over."

She made him eat his words by rubbing up and down his length, and when he nearly reached the tipping point, she stopped. His hands itched to touch her, to touch him again or at least set her down on top of his cock with her legs spread and ride him.

He bit his lips, realizing his thoughts were getting hazy to keep the control he had.

"Not yet," she whispered and began to strip his pants and underwear off.

This was torture.

She touched his arms, neck, stomach, and legs lightly as she took off all of his clothes. WIth a lick of her lips, she stared down hungrily at him. Then, she moved forward from her spot at the foot of the bed up toward him. He tensed in suspense, watching her as his heartbeat thudded in anticipation. It skipped as she touched his nipple, twisting it while her other hand slid over gently down his abs to his groin.

He swallowed as he watched, breath ragged. The moon's ray lit up the room in the night, her hair a brilliant gold in the sun was now softer. Her skin was too. All so beautiful as she looked at him in triumph and pleasure.

Finally, as if by some miracle, she let his cock enter her by positioning them with her hands and began to ride him.

Again, he wondered. "What did they teach you?"

"Maybe don't assume? I won't tell you though, it'll ruin the next night and more after."

"Like this?"

"Yes, if you want it."

He was the luckiest man in the world. "Not every night, but I'm willing for it." She rocked and shifted, before pressing down on him. Childe breathed hard before letting it out.

"I have one question."


"Can I touch you?"

"Hmmm... You have been keeping to your word." She stopped and leaned forward, his cock still inside her. "How badly?"

"To the point I will reach up and take you round after round to where you cannot walk nor glide."

With a laugh, she shook her head. "Then no."

Rather than be disappointed, he was more excited than before. Blood thrummed through his body to the point that breathing was very hard but he managed. How she kept doing this to him while he made others cry for was delicious.

Childe chuckled with a half-hearted shrug. "All right then. I'll try, but won't make any promises."

She kissed him, soft and slow. Her mewls of pleasure as he rocked his hips with hers was so sexy that he came immediately. No hint of embarrassment flared up.

"Already?" She asked against his lips.

"I'm not done at all. That's just scraping the surface."

Lumine giggled and shook her head. The action led to their noses rubbing together. "No, no, not that."

"You already know the answer, sly little lady of mine."

"Show me."

"What?" For once, he didn't understand what the double meaning meant.

"Show me how you're not done." Her eyes searched his own, waiting for the moment he realized.

When it did, his eyes widened a smidge, and that was her only warning that he let go of the sheets. He took her lips roughly, making her squeal in delight before wrapping her arms around his back. Her nails dug into it but he didn't care. The wait had been very worth it, since she seemed keen to end the night with him upon her.

At least, that's what he thought when he felt her bite down on his lips, but not in protest.

"Are you sure you don't wish to join the Fatui?" It was a long standing joke between them now, having been together for nearly a year.

She laughed before glaring playfully at him. "Quite sure."

"A wise choice for I don't want any of them to see nor hear you when I do this to you." With his cock free from inside her, he slipped his finger instead, curling it just to make her wriggle underneath him in ecstasy. He added another without warning, but she knew she could tell him to slow down or stop and he would.


"Those moans I don't want anyone else to hear." He moved his fingers against her walls, and was rewarded by a loud moan matched with an arch of her body. He kept his upright by leaning on his left side and arm upon the bed. "Nor do I want them to imagine it." He lowered his face to hers, to watch as he added the final third finger and moved them around and around before all three touched her clitoris.

The entire sight and her loud yell mixed with a moan of pleasure made him release again. His fingers were completely wet of her cum and he wasted no time to lick it off before also lowering his head down. He grazed the walls with his fingers before pushing them open. HIs tongue slid in and fondled the clit, sending her wave after wave of pleasure to where she twisted and moaned loudly.

Her hands buried into his hair, knocking off his makeshift mask that he hardly used. Her fingers pulled and twisted the strands, egging him on and exciting him all at once. She knew this.

"Still all right?" he still asked to be sure.

"Mmhm - a~h~~!"

Childe obliged her, sucking and nipping the clitoris. He added a finger to double the pleasure and she came again. It aroused him more, his cock wet and letting out more pre-cum. With a groan, he moved so that he could lie behind her and began to grind his cock against her butt. The soft skin there helped to get rid of it, but the blasted lady of his rocked and moved her butt against his cock. Even without being on top of him, she knew what drove him wild with pleasure.

"Careful," he warned but she didn't heed it.

"I don't want to be, nor should you."

"You want it rough?"

"Yes." Those sweet words like honey.

He groaned with a growl, turning her over and he slipped his cock inside her. Hips thrusted him in and out of her, hard and fast. She yelled out in pleasure, her nails again digging into his torso, her legs wrapped around behind him to keep her secure while she met his rhythm the best she could.

Childe panted hard while his hands were at the sides of her. his arm muscles and abs bunching as he took her up into the heights of pleasure. Block upon block. THeir breaths mixed as his head sagged down to kiss her, making her take a breath sharply as his tongue swirled inside.


Lips smacked as the two came up for air multiple times before they met again and again. Sneakily, Lumine moved her head to his neck and kissed and licked there. When he thought she was just going to do that, he felt the prick of teeth and sucking the skin. He groaned and closed his eyes in hot bliss. She knew exactly what he liked and he released inside her hard and long.

Her thighs were partially covered with his cum as he looked down at her. Now she became shy, her legs trying to close to hide it.

"Oh no, little lady of mine. I want to see it."

"It's sticky, I'm trying to get it off."

"Are you now?" He brushed his lips over her eyebrows, forehead, and kissed her cheeks lovingly. "Looks like you're trying to seduce me again."

It was working regardless if she wasn't trying to or not. She was just his type of woman and looked ravishing. Yes, he wished to devour her again.

"I know that look."

"Shall I stop?"

Her answer was her legs shifting again, her eyelashes batting while she took off her scarf and dress. Now she was purposely doing it. "No."

Childe pulled her up so she could straddle on him as he took her. The angle allowed him to thrust into her better as her arms and legs kept her upright. It wasn't long until they came and finally sprawled out on the bed to rest. Eventually they went into each other's arms under the blankets when it got too chilly.

"I don't suppose you wouldn't like another round?"

Lumine giggled. "Maybe in another hour or so?"

"I'm already thinking of ideas."

"Thirty minutes. That's it."

"Haha, you're too good to me. I can wait another hour."

"I can't."

She was unpredictable in all possible ways in bed.

With a sharp intake of breath, he hugged her tighter and whispered into her ear. "Deal."