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Jealousy Over Seelies?!

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Childe was very confused and there was one thing he knew about Lumine: she could be glaringly oblivious." What are those floating around you, Lumine?"

"Oh, these are treasure hunting Seelies. Aren't they cute?" The seelies in blue, pink, and golden seemed to float around her, touching her in places he hadn't yet touched on her face, neck and - did one just float down?!

"They're...something all right." Cute, more like smug for he swore he saw one send a smug grin his way as it apparently nuzzled against Lumine making her giggle. How dare they! He closed his eyes to regain control. Getting jealous over seelies? Absolutely absurd-

"Uhhh, why are the seelies close to your chest?" asked Paimon with a finger on her chin in thought.

He was totally, inexplicably jealous. With a glare to the floating sources of light, he advanced toward them but they didn't seem to float away and nor did Lumine take notice.

Until one of the seelies - the golden one - took his mask cheekly away and floated far from Lumine as if to mock him. His fingers curled against his palm before he launched himself toward it.

"Childe? What's - oh."

If he had been told he would be looking like a fool trying to catch a seelie who just floated away from his hands, attacks, and water then he wouldn't believe them and just laughed. Hard. More so than when Lumine was fooled by the "cocogoat."

"Give it back," he hissed up at the bratty seelie, who seemed to glow bright. Did it just...laugh?! At him?!

He'll just kill it. If he could. Could he? Last he asked Zhongli about the seelies, even Zhongli didn't know. It was shocking but damnit he'll find a way! He fired his arrows at it, right into his mask which didn't chip nor break from the flimsy shot that Childe normally did to draw enemies in with false bravado that he was weak.

As he went over to get the mask, the seelie passed him. He watched it have a little reunion with Lumine who seemed to nuzzle and pet it.

Water morphed into his hand and before he knew it, he was halfway to Lumine with a dangerous glare upon the seelies. "Get rid of them."

"Huh? Why?"

"Look at them! They're purposely touching you in places just because they're seelie! Who knows what they were in their past life."

"Touching...they're going right through me, Childe."

"I still don't like it."

"Paimon thinks you're very jealous over such a silly thing."

"It just smiled at me!"

"Jealouuuus, Childe is jealouuuus!"

"You're jealous over these, Childe?"

"Yes, I am. I want to...touch you too and see those seelies do that. I'm very envious, especially a certain companion of yours who never seems to leave your side. Unless food is involved of course."

"How rude! You could just ask Paimon to give you two alone time, hmph!"

"Please leave then, for the subject won't be something your young mind won't like."

"Eek! No way Paimon is staying!" With a flash to the nearest food stall, Paimon was gone.

Lumine crossed her arms and before she could say something, Zhongli appeared walking down the path just a few feet from them.

"Ah there you two are, I was wondering if I could...borrow some Mora for you see I've-"

Childe quickly cut in. A bit too coldly than normal. "Zhongli, how do I get rid of seelies?"

"-Lost sight of mine due to - wait, what's going on? Seelies? Why would you want to? I quite enjoy their company." As giving thanks, the seelies hovered over Zhongli for a while as he reached out a hand for them to "touch."

"Good, now that I've distracted them...." Childe took hold of Lumine's hand and pulled her against him in a tight embrace. He wanted to overwrite their touch despite it not really being a...touch.


"No need for treasure when you've got me with you." Without letting her reply, he pulled her chin up to meet her lips with his own in a very possessive passionate kiss.