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A wish granted

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Ding Yao found that life couldn't be better.

She was sitting in front of a cackling fire, Wen Tian's head in her lap.

The fire was only cackling on a TV screen, but her home was warmer than one of the ancient houses with real cackling fires could ever be in the midst of winter.

And while she enjoyed visiting the Nan Yue of ages past, she was happy she could come back to the amenities of modern life. With the added perk of being able to show off her cute husband. The gods had really heard her on that one, even so she nearly died several times before she could have him with her.

She had been all to right when she told him, that he would be very popular in her time. Every researcher in the institute tried to snatch him for a project whenever he was in the present. And not everybody had academic projects in mind.

But Wen Tian only had eyes for her.
So she could smile and laugh whenever somebody said how lucky she was or when a little group of gossip aunties threw her dark looks.

And he was a real big help for her father's and her own work. Telling them about the world of ancient times, helping her find artifacts and carrying them back. With him there writing papers and doing research went by like no time at all passed

But even his help hadn't been enough to make her graduation thesis better than average.
She had saved the world, battled demons and celestial beings, but in some regards she still was as average as ever.

Wen Tian shifted, drawing her away from such gloomy thoughts.

He was really cute sleeping like that, to cute too wake up and try to tickle his latest secret out of him.

There was a secret, she was sure. He had been too casual to ask about her plans for the weekend. She couldn't wait to see what he had planned. It better be something good and romantic. It was their anniversary and he had better not forgotten it or she wouldn't speak to him for a whole month.

This time a noise next door drew her attention, and she sighed.
Quite time was over.

She may have found her Yang Guo, but she wouldn't have countless dragon sons like her friend Xiao Ye had joked before it all began. One dragon son was quite enough.