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Dokja Shows the World that Jonghyuk is His

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Yoo Jonghyuk was preparing for his live streaming in his special-for-streaming room. Setting up the computer, adjusting the microphone volume and the camera angle. Once he determined that it was all perfect, he started streaming and played his game like he normally did.

Yoo Jonghyuk’s fan took no longer than a few seconds to flood in the live. As the viewers kept on raising, the comment section was full with Yoo Jonghyuk’s fan discussing among themselves how bona fide Yoo Jonghyuk gaming skill is.

Despite the fact that Yoo Jonghyuk seldom talked to his viewers, that didn’t seemed to give up his viewers from praising and giving him coins. This could be possible because of Yoo Jonghyuk charisma and his brilliant skill. 

After about an hour of his live, his comment section instantaneously began to outpour which caught Yoo Jonghyuk’s attention on the new topic. 


Omg! Who is that ahjussi behind the king?? 


What? Where?? 


Supreme King’s concubine
Yeah, there is an ahjussi behind YJH! Who is that???


Uriel’s Incarnation 
Why is that ahjussi’s face is flushed? Is he sick? OH OH IS THAT SUPREME KING RUMOURED OMEGA-LOVERR!? 




Yoo Jonghyuk never read so fast in his entire life, his heart was palpitating and just like his heart, Yoo Jonghyuk quickly swing his head towards the door located on his back to see the one who interjected his stream. For a moment, he was in stupor and perplexed by the man whose body was leaning against the door frame whom he certainly familiar with. 

“Kim Dokja”

“I- um- ah Jonghyuk-ah, I- I think my heat is coming” Kim Dokja’s face was pink, he was trying so hard to stand and fretted that his knees couldn’t hold his body any longer than this. 

There is scowl on Yoo Jonghyuk’s face. As fast as lightning no, much faster than the lightning, Yoo Jonghyuk tapped to close the computer. No goodbye, no sign, absolutely nothing he said to his viewers before he ended his stream. He couldn’t bear the fact that his 100k+ viewers seeing his lover, his partner, his omega in heat. The alpha in him bellow in anger, he was furious no, enraged. He felt like he wanted to murder every single viewers that watched his live for having to witness his beautiful mate. 

But that is not important at this moment. The urgent thing right now is his omega needed him. 

Yoo Jonghyuk wrenched Kim Dokja’s wrist. The latter with devoid strength failed to follow his alpha fast paces. Kim Dokja is too slow for Yoo Jonghyuk liking. Cannot tolerate anymore, Yoo Jonghyuk changed his hand position from his mate wrist to the waist, he then wasted no time to carry Kim Dokja in bridal style. Yoo Jonghyuk walked swiftly to his and Kim Dokja’s bedroom. Kim Dokja was panting on the way to the bedroom, his body was hot even though it’s in the middle of winter. His stomach aches and his asshole is clenching and produced lots of slick. Kim Dokja’s pheromones is everywhere in their house, mixing with Yoo Jonghyuk’s cinnamon-like with a bit of spicy smells. 

Yoo Jonghyuk twisted the door knob with his right hand while his other hand was holding Kim Dokja tightly. He yanked his omega onto the bed and hurriedly peeled of Kim Dokja’s clothes and his. Yoo Jonghyuk began preparing Kim Dokja which doesn’t take long as the slick helped him. He didn’t started with one, but two fingers in one go inside Kim Dokja’s hole. 

“Ahh, Jonghyuk- hurry up. Inside, I want your big cock inside, alpha.” 

“Wait for awhile, you little vixen. Can’t you see your alpha is still preparing your slutty hole?” 

Kim Dokja hiccuped. He was already a mess just by hearing his alpha voice. After Yoo Jonghyuk was done preparing his cute omega, he then prod his cock on Kim Dokja’s asshole and teased his mate by circling his cock around the rim. Later, with Kim Dokja plethora of pleading for Yoo Jonghyuk to enter inside him, Yoo Jonghyuk eventually took pity for him and shoved his cock inside the omega. 

“AHH” Kim Dokja screamed in a bliss. His inside is no longer felt empty because of his alpha big cock is finally inside him, though the itching inside is still there, he needed his alpha to move fast and hard, wrecked him until he loses his mind.

“More- faster, Hyuk-ah, hurry..”

“Hmm, what do you want my little omega? Tell me,” 

“Ahh, mhm, I want you- your big fat cock to wreck my inside, need you- alpha, I need you!” 

With that, Yoo Jonghyuk instantly started pounding Kim Dokja. Angle it properly to his mate’s prostate. And continuously hitting that bundle of nerves, his hands held tightly on that slim waist which surely will bruised. Yoo Jonghyuk slammed Kim Dokja’s hips up and down, forcing him to meet his every thrust.

“Ahh, aAh, AH- alpha, jonghyuk, Yoo Jonghyuk-” Endless moans coming out of Kim Dokja’s mouth as he enchanted a mantra of Yoo Jonghyuk name. Kim Dokja hugged Yoo Jonghyuk’s back and scratched the back. It drew bloods but Yoo Jonghyuk didn’t mind it furthermore, encouraged Kim Dokja to scratched it. 

“H-Hyuk-ah, I’m- I’m coming”

Kim Dokja screamed loudly as he had his orgasm, the white thick ropes are painting his belly. Albeit, Yoo Jonghyuk did not stop nor did he slow down his movements. Being just came, Kim Dokja’s cock and prostate were sensitive. It was sensitive before because of the heat but now, not only it was because of the heat yet the overstimulation he received from Yoo Jonghyuk. Kim Dokja whimpered as the overstimulation kicked in, his hands scrambling to the bed sheet desperately trying to hold something as his prostate being constantly pounded.

“Jonghyuk- Yoo Jonghyuk, more- inside, I need your knot inside!” Tears rolled down from the corner of Kim Dokja’s eyes.

Yoo Jonghyuk grunted, the thrusts turned erratic as he felt his orgasm cinching in. One, two, three thrusts later made him shove his cock as deep as possible in Kim Dokja, pouring down the pent up he had for a week. The knot started to swell inside Kim Dokja making a bumb visible on the omega’s belly. Kim Dokja rolled his eyes to the back and arched his back, he came for the second time, hole clenching and milking his alpha greedy to take all Yoo Jonghyuk’s cum. Yoo Jonghyuk adjusted their position so that they are comfortable while waiting for the knot to shrink down. 

After they cooled down from their sweaty activity, Yoo Jonghyuk cleaned the bed sheet and wipe his mate body with a wet towel, he wanted to cleaned the omega’s inside but was hit by the man. Yoo Jonghyuk was mystified by the unexpected smack on his hand, tilted his head to see Kim Dokja whose face was flushed and slack-jawed.

“N-no! Don’t clean the inside. I-I want to keep your baby butter. Hyuk-ah, d-don’t you want a baby?” Kim Dokja eyes is seeing every corner in their room, avoiding his mate looks. 

Growler started to form itself on Yoo Jonghyuk’s face. Something snapped in Yoo Jonghyuk, Kim Dokja found himself being thrown to the bed, again. Nevertheless the clean sheet, once again was being painted by all kind of fluids white, clear and red. Moans could be heard from all over the condominium. Luckily, their room have a soundproof so they don’t have to worry about the neighbours coming to their house in the next morning. Unless, of course if Kim Dokja’s moans was too loud that even with the soundproof cannot deprived the voice.

Yoo Jonghyuk and Kim Dokja continued the rest of the week making the baby. Even Yoo Jonghyuk’s fan were aghast because there was no stream on Thursday.