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Morgens halb Zehn in Decaf

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When the office canteen slowly filled with life, the constant chatter grew to a pleasant murmur.

Like every real and beautiful thing, Karl couldn't stand it, and jumped with a scream onto the kitchen counter. He sat there and snarled at his coworkers like a feral squirrel, until the Coco took a broom and beat him, until he fled back onto the floor and out the door.

Hanse made after him, but was held back by a hand on his shoulder. Nele gave him a stern look, and then handed him a mug of coffee. It was not decaf. The Coco stood at his other side, leaned down, and whispered in his ear "if you ever talk to that guy again, I will break your fucking legs."


Shortly after an ambulance pulled in on the office parking grounds.