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Various Not!OffGun Drabbles/Ficlets

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T-Rex nods off to Maetee’s mind-numbing chanting. He had thought it impossible, but eventually exhaustion had overridden annoyance.

And anyway, Maetee in all his fear and paranoia is an interesting study.

T-Rex is half-roused when arms wind around him.

“Okay na?”

T-Rex grunts affirmation and a head comes to rest on his chest.

Only when the morning light peeks in does he fully realize Maetee has clung to him all night. Attempting tact, T-Rex clears his throat, but Maetee frowns in sleep, grip tightening.

T-Rex’s own frown turns to a smile.

Maybe this comfort is exactly what he needs, too.

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Pick and Rome worked hard for their future.

Pick popped the question, bought the rings, worried himself sick about whether or not Rome would actually say yes even after seven years.

Two years after, Rome suggested something more.

Pick had only ever thought of animals, had considered a dog or cat or something of the like, but when they’d go out, Pick had seen how Rome looked at children, how sweet he’d be as he held babies in his arms.

And after the adoption goes through, when the baby is theirs?

Well, even Pick cries when their son comes home.

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“You slept with Khai.”

Third glares at Too. Why does he have to say it like that when it’s already been so embarrassingly revealed? He’d toppled into the pool and then fainted in front of his friends and Khai’s ex. It wasn’t exactly the impression he wanted to make.

Only once he’d felt better had he seen the marks Khai had left on him again and felt the full brunt of his shame, even if Khai had tried very hard to downplay it.

“Mh.” Third nods, hoping to get away with not saying anything more.

No such luck as Too scoots closer on the bed. “How was it?”

Third can feel the heat in his cheeks as he shrugs but Too pushes at his shoulder.

“Come on. You can tell me. I promise I won’t tell the others. Who helped you do research?” He raises his eyebrows meaningfully at Third and Third turns redder, if anything.

With a long breath in and out to gather his courage, Third opens his mouth to speak. “It hurt.”


Third closes his eyes, scrunching up his face as if it’ll make this less embarrassing. “It also felt good.”

Too laughs. “Good. How many times?”

Third shoots him another glare.

“Khai is known for his appetite. I don’t think he’d let you go after only having you once…” Too pokes at Third’s shoulder.

“I told him I didn’t want you guys to know we did it.”

“Of course we’d know. You’ve been dating him for months and were still freaking out about it. So stop avoiding the question. My guess is three.”

Third shrugs. “I don’t know…”

“Mm.” Too hums as Third very purposely stares at his phone. “Hey, Third.”

Third chances a glance to his friend.

“I’m really happy for you. For both of you.”

Third is quiet for a moment before he nods, softly smiling. “Thank you.”

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“The weather finally cleared up,” Gunn says with a smile. They had finished dinner, had walked out into a clear night, shoulders bumping occasionally. Well, Gunn’s shoulder bumping against Off’s arm.

Off isn’t sure what to feel. It’s a little bittersweet, to have lost his visitor, but he can’t forget the lesson the experience gave him. He’d had to explain love and his visitor had seen someone in his heart, on his mind. It hadn’t taken a genius for Off to realize that person was Gunn.


Shaking his head to clear his thoughts, he nods. “Yeah. It did.”

“Did you want to talk to me?”

Gunn looks over at him, the back of his hand brushing Off’s. They’re already so close.

Off grabs Gunn’s wrist to stop him in place and Gunn’s eyes go to Off’s hold, up to Off’s eyes in question.


Gunn tilts his head and Off gathers up his courage. How to show someone you love them…

“Can I kiss you?” Off asks.

Gunn blinks up at him, blushing, but he nods after a moment.

Off leans down and presses his lips to Gunn’s for the first time.

He’s certain Gunn understands his feelings.

And now, he’s certain Gunn feels the same.

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There are a lot of girls who have vied for Khai’s attention, and many have gotten it.

Khai has never bothered to show any of them off.

But now that he has Third? It’s all he talks about.

All it takes is the slightest reason, the tiniest provocation:

“Have you heard of this film?”

“My boyfriend, Third, loves it! He gets so into the scene where--”


“P’Khai, what are you doing here all alone?” This is usually said by a sweet voice trying to sound shy.

Khai’s response is always to scoot away from the speaker. “I’m waiting for Third. My boyfriend Third. My boyfriend Third whom I love the most.”


The first time Khai had walked across campus with Third, properly, he holds Third’s hand despite the way Third tries to pull away. He wants everyone to know how taken he is, and by who.


Khai walks Third to any class they don’t share and kisses Third on the cheek and Third bats him away.


“My boyfriend is so smart,” he says, in the middle of his own class, for no particular reason other than his own daydreams.

“Then why are you so dumb?” Bone asks, rolling his eyes.

“Can’t you get smarter through osmosis?” Two asks with a wink.

Khai sighs and googles the word. “He hasn’t let me yet.”

Two and Bone both snort with laughter.


“Hey, Third,” Khai says, as they take their seats in a restaurant.

Third raises an eyebrow. “Yeah, Khai?”

“How upset would you be if I started shouting about how great you were to everyone here?”

Third frowns. “Very.”

Khai huffs, looking forlorn, and, even though it’s ridiculous, Third starts to melt.

“You can tell the waiter,” he allows.

Khai perks up, mouth opening.


“Khun! Have you seen my cute boyfriend?”

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The first time Pick touches Rome, he has no idea what he’s doing, he just likes the way Rome looks and sounds. Taking Rome in his hand isn’t that different from touching his own dick, or so he thinks to himself in the moment, even if it’s totally different.

Except… Except it feels almost as good, and better in some ways. And Rome responds so well and calls his name so desperately and Rome’s whole body curls and tenses and Pick can’t help but to keep going until Rome is coming, breathing hard, staring at Pick.

Pick freezes in that moment, unsure what to do now, his hand a mess, Rome a mess. His brain stutters.


Pick wipes off his hand on whatever’s available, stumbles to his feet and grabs a washcloth for Rome to clean up with.

“P’Pick, are you okay?” Rome asks.

Pick ignores the question, scowls until it seems possible to answer. “I was good, right?” he asks, smirking.

Rome starts to smile. “Yes, P’Pick. Can Rome…”

Pick hums, adjusts himself. “What?”

“Can Rome touch P’Pick now?”

Pick blushes and Rome unbuckles Pick’s belt, checking to see if Pick will stop him.

“P’Pick?” he prompts again.

Uh,” Pick says, more nervous than he should be. He hastily unzips his fly. “You going to or not?” he tries boldly.

Rome nods, swallows. “But…” Pick raises an eyebrow and Rome continues, “Does P’Pick want my hand or my mouth?”

Pick hesitates. “Your mouth.”

“Krub,” Rome says, leaning down.

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They’re watching the movie for Maetee’s film appreciation class and it takes them by surprise.

The leads are kissing. Passionately.

Stripping out of their clothes. Desperately.

Falling together into the bed. Heatedly.

Maetee glances at T-Rex, then away.

T-Rex, feeling Maetee’s gaze, does the same.

The room is filled with the sound of moaning from the TV and T-Rex and Maetee try to shift in their seats, but, pressed up against each other as they are, it’s very obvious.

“It’s just a sex scene,” T-Rex tries reasonably. “We’re both adults. We can...handle…” The mood shifts a notch higher in the film and he swallows.

“I have to go,” Maetee says, standing suddenly, not allowing T-Rex a view of his front.

“But--” T-Rex debates it for a second, but then he’s following.

T-Rex and Maetee stare at each other in their dark bedroom, the low moonlight from the window hitting T-Rex’s glasses.



But then T-Rex winds his arms around Maetee’s neck and they’re stumbling, running into the wall, laughing, panting, kissing.

They fall into the bed and their hands start groping, wandering each other’s bodies.

“Oh,” T-Rex says.

“Yeah,” Maetee agrees slowly.

And their lips meet once more.

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T-Rex is crying and Maetee doesn’t know what’s wrong, but it doesn’t matter.

He sits beside T-Rex and wraps an arm around T-Rex’s shoulder and he doesn’t try to ask questions, not now.

Instead, he’s just relieved T-Rex doesn’t push him away and that, after a moment, T-Rex curls into his embrace. T-Rex has comforted him a million times, has been there for everyone, so to find him crying all alone seems cruel.

“If you want to talk, you can talk,” Maetee says gently. “But I’ll keep you company as long as you want.”

T-Rex sniffles, grabs his hand. “Thanks.”

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The scream has gathered everyone in the house to the kitchen. Everyone, of course, except the cause of Watee’s scream.

It’s not until twenty minutes later that T-Rex and Maetee slip out of the bedroom, still flushed, breathing harshly, their clothes in disarray.

“I can’t believe you kept going!” Watee screeches.

“When riding a tiger, it’s difficult to dismount,” Maetee says in his most sensible tone.

The whole group cringes.

Teedo says, “That’s not how you use that idiom.”

“Unless you mean it literally,” Maitee adds on, looking horrified and thoughtful at the same time. “T-Rex, what’s your zodiac animal?”

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Tam looks over his shoulder, into the mirror, wanting to see himself. The bruises are fading fast now but the burns are fresher. He can make out two distinct handprints, palms followed by finger stripes trailing from his lower back to the meat of his ass. He can feel the phantom of Thawin’s touch.

That had been their first time and, unfortunately, their only time thus far.

Thawin hasn’t touched him since, only talked, justified Tam’s actions, offered shelter and support, has become guardian and ally.

But Tam is done with being taken care of.

He wants to be taken.

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Going to the movies is kind of their thing. They go at least once a month, usually to something fun or funny or romantic (Rome’s choice, obviously, or at least that’s what Pick claims), but this time Rome had been the one to suggest something different.

Pick may or may not have reservations about going to see horror movies, but there’s no way he’s letting himself look like a wuss, so of course he heartily agrees.

They’re twenty minutes in and Pick isn’t doing great, but Rome’s eyes are squeezed shut half the time, then he dares to peek, and his arm threads through Pick’s--which only comforts Rome and doesn’t also make Pick feel better, uh-uh, nope, not at all--and he hugs on tightly.

Pick wants to be annoyed for the show of it, but this is why people go on dates to scary movies in the first place. So instead of pulling away, Pick leans in towards Rome. “It’s all fake,” he says, winces at how harsh he sounds and tries again. “It’s okay. If there were any ghosts, they’d have to get through me.”

“Really, phi?” Rome whispers.

Pick gives Rome his fiercest face. “Of course.”

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Thawin’s scars don’t usually show, but it’s been a long time since he killed, since he took that energy, that youthfulness, from another.

Punn’s fingers travel across his mottled cheek to his jaw. Punn is curious about how Thawin’s powers work, curious about Thawin in general.

The first touch makes Thawin flinch, but he doesn’t see disgust on Punn’s face, and Punn is gentle, so Thawin allows him to keep touching.

“Am I ugly?” Thawin asks.

Punn’s fingers stop for a second, surprised at the question, but he shakes his head, tracing smooth, raised flesh. “You’re interesting, and I’m interested.”

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The police are hassling some kid and Krathing sees anger in the boy, but panic, too, like a wild animal scared and cornered.

“What’s going on?” he asks.

“Caught this kid stealing,” they say, then take a better look at who they’re talking to. “Oh. Khun Krathing.”

Krathing feels the boy’s eyes on him at their address and turns to the boy like he knows him. “You okay, nong? What were you doing?” He sighs, focuses on the officers. “I’m sure there’s some misunderstanding. Right?” He raises his eyebrows emphatically at the boy, who nods slowly. Again, to the officers, “Can I take care of this? I’ll pay for whatever he took.”

The two officers share a look, but Krathing sees the acceptance in their expressions.

He resolves the issue--it really wasn’t much--and notes that once the officers are gone, the boy is ready to bolt.

“Hey, hey, hey.” He grabs the boy’s arm and the boy freezes, but looks straight at him. Krathing gives him a once-over. “You okay?” he tries again.

“I’m fine,” the boy says.

Krathing rolls his eyes. “What’s your name?”

Krathing isn’t sure he’ll get an answer, but finally, the boy says, “Tam.”

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The alarm goes off and Rome paws at it sluggishly, Pick fully awake by the time it’s been hit.

“Come on,” Pick says, and it’s not usually his place to be the one more on top of things in the morning.

Rome nods and tries to sit up, but Pick can see that he’s sluggish.

Pick puts a hand to Rome’s forehead and frowns. He leaves the room and comes back a moment later. “Go back to sleep,” he orders.


“I already told them you weren’t coming in.”


“Go back to sleep,” he says again, and this time, he leans down, places a kiss to the top of Rome’s head.

The next time Rome wakes up, there’s a cool washcloth on his forehead and Pick is coming in with a tray, which he almost drops as he trips on the entry.

“P’Pick?” Rome asks. “What are you doing?”

Pick huffs and settles next to Rome with the tray. “What does it look like?” Softer, he adds, “I’m taking care of you.”

Rome smiles, then frowns. “Wait. You stayed home, too. You didn’t have to...”

Pick ignores Rome’s concern. “Open your mouth,” Pick says, already shoving a spoon in.

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Sean’s had White on edge for what must be at least an hour. He’d nearly come on Sean’s fingers twice before Sean had given White his cock.

White is moaning, panting, begging, his toes curled as Sean keeps going, keeping him right on the brink but not quite letting him fall over.

“What the fuck!”

And that’s Black shouting, because Black is here now.

White should care, but he’s going to die if he doesn’t come, he swears, so-- “P’Sean, don’t stop! White needs P’Sean, naaa.”

Hopefully Black leaves, because Sean is still fucking him until he finally, blissfully comes.

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Rome is struggling to reach something on the top shelf and Pick is almost done enjoying his frustration, ready to step in and grab whatever Rome needs with ease, mock Rome for his height, when another student (Pick doesn’t note that the guy is taller than Pick is, what does that matter?) steps in and reaches up and…

Why is he smiling like that at Rome?

And Rome is smiling back and ducking his head.

And then they’re talking and Rome is still smiling and the guy is putting his hand on Rome’s shoulder.

Pick has two options: punch the guy or leave.

Since he has no reason to punch the guy that he can currently think of (sadly), he only has one real option.

Rome, however, has noticed him, is asking, “What’s wrong, P’Pick?”

“It’s none of my business who you fucking flirt with,” Pick tells him quickly, storms out of the room.

“Flirting? What?” Rome runs after him. “Phi! I wasn’t flirting with anyone. What are you talking about?”

Pick gestures back, stops himself. He exhales sharply. “Nothing. Like I said, it’s none of my business.”

“I wasn’t flirting,” Rome says again.

Pick shakes his head. “Flirt with whoever you want. Fuck him, for all I care. It’s not my—”

“Apparently it is,” Rome interrupts. He looks around, then steps closer.

Pick resists the urge to step back. “What the hell?”

“If P’Pick thought that was flirting, what’s this?” he asks innocently. He takes Pick’s hand and slowly brings it up to his mouth, kisses Pick’s knuckles.

Pick trembles, then rips his hand away. “What was that?”

Rome bats his eyelashes. “P’Pick, krub. Phi is so cute when he blushes.”

“Who’s blushing?” Pick blusters, hands going to his face.

“Were you shaken, P’Pick?” Rome asks, as sweet as before.

“No!” But Pick is breathing too hard, his heart is pounding.

Rome sighs. “Relax, phi. I just wanted to prove a point.”

Pick raises an eyebrow. “What fucking point?”

“When Rome flirts, it’s only with P’Pick,” Rome says. Then, he winks, spins around, and walks away.

Leaving Pick shaken.

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Sean wasn’t supposed to come over. Black had made that explicitly clear and White had agreed.

At the time, he had meant it.

But then he and Sean had been messaging and Black had gone out to get food and maybe White wasn’t thinking when he: 1., told Sean that Black had stepped out, and 2., told Sean exactly what he wanted to do to him.

White is also very ashamed to have been blinded by his thirst over a dick pic. Isn’t everyone supposed to hate those?

Sean had managed to get inside.

The house. Not—


Sean was already in the house when Black returned, and the way out hadn’t been feasible, and one thing had led to another and accidentally Sean had ended up in White’s bed.

And, since they’re trying so hard at the whole being real brothers who get to spend time together thing, White’s bedroom happens to be Black’s room. And White’s bed happens to be attached to Black’s bed.

It’s a bunk bed.

On the bottom bunk, White is currently hiding his (horny) boyfriend under the blankets and hoping his (protective) brother doesn’t notice.

The situation is not ideal, especially since Sean’s mouth and hands are wandering and Sean is very good at making White very vocal.

Sean’s hand has slipped beneath White’s bottoms and White warns, “Stop.”

“I didn’t do anything,” Black says.

White clears his throat, even as he feels an amused breath against his chest. “I was talking to myself.”

Black seems more confused and concerned. “Why?”

“Overthinking things,” White says, but then Sean bites one of his nipples and he hisses.

Black peeks down at him from the top bunk. “Seriously, White. Are you okay?”

Hurriedly, White says, “I’m fine,” but beneath the blankets he’s trying to subtly stop Sean from jerking him off. He shifts onto his side, in towards the wall, to better hide from Black, but then he realizes he’s just shifted towards Sean.

Sean chuckles under the covers and White freezes.

The room is filled with a heavy silence.

After a long, tense moment, White swallows, says, “Goodnight, phi,” knowing how his twin loves to be acknowledged as the older brother and hoping it calms any suspicions.

“Hmph,” Black huffs, but he seems mollified. “Sweet dreams,” he teases cutely, as adorable as White knows he can be.

Sean actually spends a few minutes being reasonably tame, rubbing his hands over White’s sides, his legs, which only drives White crazier.

As stupid as it is, it’s White who ups the ante, rubbing at Sean through his pants. Feeling how hard Sean is, touching him, is what finally makes White moan.


Or, rather, they definitely can’t fuck now.

Black jumps down from the top bunk and pulls back the blanket. He glares at the two of them. “No one told me we were having a sleepover.” He climbs in, wedging himself between Sean and White, forcing everyone to shift and accommodate.

Black’s reaction actually shows growth.

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Rome doesn’t come to the club for a few days and Pick starts to look for him. Not because he cares much, but it’s a little worrying, right? Small kid like that disappearing.

After asking around, he finds Rome’s classes.

And finds that Rome hasn’t been going to his classes either. He dares even ask the professor, who only tells him that the absences are excused.

Which is probably still a breach of privacy, but it tells Pick something.

Pick asks Porsche to ask Emma where Rome lives, even though she wouldn’t tell them what was going on. For some reason, however, when she finds out it’s Pick that’s looking, that might go see Rome, she agrees.

That’s the series of events that leads to Pick showing up at Rome’s dorm, knocking only for Rome to call, “Come in!”

Rome’s door is...unlocked? Why is Rome’s door unlocked? And why isn’t Rome getting up to let in visitors, or at least to make sure they’re not trying to break into his dorm or worse?

Pick wanders inside, ready to yell at Rome, but then he finds him.

Rome is lying on the couch with a blanket over him.

Rome’s pretty face is a mess, half-swollen and purpled, little cuts healing over in parts, those lips even puffier than usual. Pick can’t see the rest of Rome, but given the way Rome doesn’t get up, even when he sees it’s Pick, Pick has his suspicions.

“P’Pick!” Rome says, struggling to sit before giving up. “What are you doing here? I thought Emma--”

“Who did this?” Pick interrupts, and he’s shaking.

Rome shakes his head. “No one. Phi, why are you--”

“Rome, you have to tell me,” Pick says.

Again, Rome shakes his head, but he hisses and winces.

Pick pulls back the blanket, eyes roving over any signs of injury he can see, fingers prodding and analyzing.

“It’s nothing,” Rome tries. “It was an accident.”

“An accident, huh?” Pick asks. “Seems like the accident wanted you dead.”


“Shut up.” Pick settles next to the couch. “I’ll take care of you.”

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True to his word, Pick treats all of Rome’s wounds with astonishingly decent bedside manner. For Pick, at least.

He goes about everything fairly professionally, except for he’s scolding Rome about what he needs access to, or that he got hurt, or not telling Pick when something hurts.

He cleans the wounds, dresses the wounds, gives Rome meds, and checks the progress of his healing. And he does all of this every day.

Pick even spend time with Rome, claiming that it’s because he has to check his condition again so there’s no point in leaving right away, or that Rome obviously can’t be trusted alone given what had happened to him to begin with.

Rome can see the worry in Pick’s eyes, especially when Pick is treating him, can’t be grumpy because he’s too busy concentrating on his work.

One day they watch a movie and Pick falls asleep beside Rome on the couch.

It’s not like Rome wanted to get hurt, but he must admit that getting so much time with P’Pick is exactly what he’s been wanting.

After a little over a week, however, Pick comes much later than usual. Rome had even tried messaging him, but when he hadn’t received a response, he didn’t send another, didn’t want to be too needy. After all, Pick has been coming to take care of him every day. If he bothers him too much more, Pick might stop.

But Pick does come to see him, just much later. He doesn’t explain himself, but he’s got a split lip and a cheek that’s already bruising, and Rome sees the trauma to Pick’s knuckles as his hands work on Rome.

“You didn’t have to do that,” Rome says.

“Do what?” Pick rebuffs.

Rome doesn’t say any more, waits as Pick treats him.

“Yes,” Pick says eventually. “I did.”

Rome leans in and kisses him on the cheek. “Thank you, P’Pick.”

Pick blushes, shakes his head. “For what? I didn’t do anything,” he claims again, as if he hadn’t just admitted it.

“For taking care of me,” Rome tells him, watching Pick’s face carefully.

“Mh.” Pick nods, an awkward, abortive gesture, not looking at Rome until finally he does. “Someone’s got to.” He clears his throat. “Since apparently you can’t take care of yourself.”

Rome smiles. “Krub.”

Pick shoots him a glare but then, treatment complete, he nudges Rome. “Make room, Shorty.”

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T-Rex isn’t nervous. He knows what Maetee will say once he gets out the question.

If only the other Tees would stop interrupting!

T-Rex is on one knee, waiting for Maetee to turn around and realize it when Teedet comes in and starts complaining about how Teedo yelled at him outside.

T-Rex has made Maetee dinner when Maitee comes in to check how it’s going and insists on helping remake the entire meal.

T-Rex thinks he and Maetee are alone finally when Watee arrives to stare at them.

Teedo starts giving T-Rex advice as he’s approaching Maetee.

Finally, T-Rex just invites all the Tees into the yard, where he’s set up fairy lights and ordered in.

T-Rex takes Maetee’s hand and slips a ring onto it. “We’re getting married.”

“Oh.” Maetee says, blinks. He grins. “Great.”

The other Tees stare at each other in confusion before they start to cheer.

Chapter Text

Sean brushes up against him as they walk through the club and White’s nerves are all alight. He’s been thinking about Sean all day, for some reason… White stops suddenly, making Sean bump into him.

Sean looks at him and White purposely rubs back against Sean, shoots him a sidelong glance.

Sean quirks an eyebrow at him, but then their friends are hurrying them along.

They end up in a booth in the far corner, where it’s dark, sipping on their drinks and talking shit.

White leans against Sean and Sean’s hand is on White’s thigh. Sean starts to dip down every once a while, whenever Yok and Gram are more involved in the conversation, and start kissing White’s neck, White’s leg ending up on top of Sean’s.

“I’m going to get another drink and fucking dance,” Yok announces. He grabs Gram and Gram makes an attempt to grab Sean, but Sean shakes his head.

“I haven’t finished my drink,” Sean tells him.

As soon as they’re gone, Sean crowds White even further into the dark corner. They’re at such an angle now that someone would have to try in order to see them clearly. Sean kisses White and White kisses him back hungrily, wrapping his arms around Sean’s neck, opening his mouth for Sean’s tongue.

Sean works his way to White’s neck, nipping and mouthing at the sensitive skin as his hand gets White’s jeans open. He tugs them partway down, teasing White with his touch, and White says, “Here?”

“Hm, White didn’t say no,” Sean surmises. He offers two fingers for White to suck and, a second later, is pressing them into White. He turns White so White is facing away from him, keeps fingering him until White moans.

“Sean,” White says. “We have to be quick, but White wants…”

“What does White want?” Sean murmurs against the shell of his ear. “Tell P’Sean, na.”

White squirms. “White wants P’Sean’s dick.”

Sean chuckles, breath hot on the back of White’s neck as White hears the sound of a zipper.

Sean frees his fingers and works himself in. “Is this what White wants?” Sean asks, but he’s leaving soft, sweet kisses on the back of White’s neck as he lets White adjust.

They don’t have much room to maneuver with the table there, but it provides extra coverage as Sean fucks White there in the booth, their bodies half-upright and half-turned to the wall, White more sheltered from view.

Sean’s hands roam over White’s mostly-clothed body. “If Sean knew White was so needy, Sean wouldn’t have taken White out in public. Sean would’ve locked White up and--”

White moans again, louder this time, one hand against the wall and the other clutching the table for leverage. “P’Sean, na…”

“Okay, baby. Sean will take care of White,” Sean says, hips moving, hands on White’s hip until one takes White in hand. It’s not long until they’re both getting off.

White flushes dark when he realizes what he’s just done, that he has to put his jeans back on in order to do anything else and he’s...not in the best state for that.

They’re re-adjusting their clothes when Gram and Yok arrive back, Black in tow.

“You let him--” Black starts.

“I asked for it,” White corrects. Face burning, he scootches himself and Sean out of the booth. “Now I’m going to go back to Sean’s and beg for it.”

Gram puts an arm around Black’s chest, keeps him in check. “Great,” Black says. “Then I can take Gram back to ours.”

“Do whatever you want,” White replies, trying not to overtly react as he grabs Sean’s hand.

Sean is careful with him as they make their way out from the corner, and out of the club.

“Thank you for your blessing!” Gram calls.

Yok’s voice trails behind. “Wait, did they fuck in the booth?”

“Catch up, idiot!” Black scolds.

Chapter Text

Teedo comes home from school to find T-Rex pressing Maetee up against the wall. He gawks at them.

“What are you guys doing?” he asks.

“Practicing a scene for Maetee’s new script,” T-Rex tells Teedo easily.

Teedo frowns. “Huh. Okay.”


Teedet is out gardening when he hears T-Rex talking about love and follows the sound to find T-Rex sitting with Maetee.

“Did you just tell Maetee you loved him?” Teedet asks.

Maetee turns, revealing Jack on his lap. “Huh? T-Rex was just talking to Jack.”

T-Rex smiles at Teedet and Teedet leaves them be.


Maitee opens the door to Maetee, T-Rex, and Teedet’s room, and finds Maetee and T-Rex in bed. Midday.

Maitee raises an eyebrow. “I was going to change the sheets for you.”

“It’s okay. I can do it later,” Maetee says. “T-Rex wasn’t feeling well so I’m keeping him company.”

“Let me know if you need anything,” Maitee assures, closing the door again behind him.


“Tee rak, Maetee needs you.”

Watee stops in his tracks, walks straight into the living room to find T-Rex on top of Maetee, T-Rex’s hand down Maetee’s pants.

“Everyone, group meeting!” Watee shouts, and the others clamor in. “When was someone going to tell me Maetee and my brother are fucking?”

“No one knew,” Maetee claims. “We’re very discreet.”

Chapter Text

Pick can’t keep his mind off Rome, nor his eyes, and now, given the chance, his hands.

The club room is empty except for the two of them and Pick pulls Rome onto his lap. He kisses the back of Rome’s neck, tugs at Rome’s shirt, sucks a mark into the crook where neck meets shoulder.

“P’Pick, we shouldn’t,” Rome says, trying to squirm away. “Not here.”

“How can I stop when I’ve already got you?” One arm is around Rome’s waist but Pick’s other hand settles onto Rome’s thigh as he keeps kissing Rome’s neck. “You look so good.”

“Phi…” Rome is about to say he looks the same as always, but Pick is grinding against his ass and he finds himself grinding back.

Pick’s hand slides up Rome’s thigh and cups his dick.

Rome wriggles again. “Really, we can’t-- Pick--” He bites his lip as Pick unzips him, wraps a hand around him.

“You know, this angle is pretty nice,” Pick whispers, stroking Rome a few times. “But I think I should find something better for the both of us, don’t you think?”

Pick nudges Rome onto his feet, then bends Rome over the club table and shoves Rome’s pants down his thighs.

Rome hears Pick’s zipper and starts to panic. “P’Pick, you can’t!”

“Don’t worry, I’m not going to fuck you. No matter how badly I want to…” Instead Pick presses between Rome’s thighs and Rome squeezes him. “This okay, nong?”

Rome nods. “Y-yes, P’Pick.”

Pick slides his cock in and out a few times, groaning. “Wanna be in you so bad.”

“Want P’Pick in me,” Rome breathes, moans at the thought.

Fuck,” Pick groans, grasping Rome again, jerking Rome off as he thrusts his hips.

As Pick continues fucking his thighs, Rome fucks into Pick’s fist, feels himself on the edge, making helpless noises that Pick responds to in kind.

There’s the sound of footsteps approaching and Rome tenses, but Pick doesn’t stop, speeds up until Rome is crying out and they’re both coming.

The door will open any second now, whether they’re decent or not.

Chapter Text

“I don’t want to be in control,” Punn says.

Bright stares at him. “You out of control is pretty intense. You sure about that, nong?”

“Not like that.” Punn takes Bright’s hand and puts it to his own hip.

“Oh.” Bright smirks, but what he twists around is, “You want me in control. You sure about that, nong?”

Punn nods. “I’m done with making decisions.”

Bright hums and Punn waits. “Okay. I know what to do,” Bright decides.

“Tell me, P’Bright,” Punn prompts.

“First, food.” Bright grins.

Punn sighs. “Okay.”

“Disappointed? You haven’t heard the whole plan yet.” Bright’s eyes sparkle.

“What’s the plan then?”

“First, food,” Bright repeats, just to draw it out. “Then, a movie.”


Bright’s hand squeezes Punn’s hip. “Then you strip and I tie you to the bed.”

“Does anything happen after that?” Punn raises an eyebrow.

Bright winks. “You’ll have to wait and see.”

Chapter Text

Rome has never seen this girl before but she seems familiar with Pick.

Overly familiar.

After the whole thing with “Rin,” Rome had been more heartbroken than anything else. He’d been scared that Pick really was seeing someone else, especially since Pick had never confirmed their relationship. All the time spent together, the few kisses they’d shared, suddenly seemed like mere fantasy with Pick ignoring him, lying to him.

That uncertain Rome is long gone.

Rome watches from behind the counter at the coffee shop as the girl smiles and plays with her hair while talking to his man.

P’Pao nudges him. “Is that the famous P’Pick?” he says.

“Yeah.” Rome barely glances at Pao, eyes glued to Pick.

“Are you going to go stake your claim?” Pao asks, amusement in his words.

Rome nods. “I’m just waiting for…” And then it happens: Pick looks his direction, eyes pleading. Rome smirks. “I told him he couldn’t be rude to the customers.”

Pao grins. “Alright, N’Rome. Go be his knight in shining armor. I can take over here.”

“Thanks, phi,” Rome tells him, stripping his apron and striding across the cafe.

“You okay, P’Pick?” Rome asks, words dripping with feigned concern. He bounces onto his toes to kiss Pick on the cheek. “I’m sorry I kept you waiting, but it looks like you made a new friend.” Rome smiles at the girl. “Hi, I’m Rome. Nice to meet you.”

The girl looks him over, then looks back to Pick. She sighs. “Okay, I get it. I can’t compete.” She gives a little bow. “But I always love meeting new friends.”

Rome continues smiling, but he winds his arm around Pick’s.

They spend a few minutes talking and she says she’s seen Rome at the cafe before, compliments his coffee.

“What the hell?” Pick asks as they leave. “That didn’t bother you?”

“Of course it did,” Rome says. “I’m very jealous. After all, I worked hard to get P’Pick. But…” His smile is softer.

“But what?” Pick raises an eyebrow.

“But I know P’Pick belongs only to Rome.”

Rome kisses Pick soundly.

Chapter Text

Most of them arrive at the photo club together and it’s no surprise that there’s someone from the music club already there but…

“Did you get a new club member?” Alan asks.

Liftoil frowns at him. “Who?”

Alan gestures to the guy sitting beside him, smiles politely at the guy.

“P’Krathing?” Liftoil tilts his head. “P’Krathing has always been in the club.”

Alan exchanges a look with Gent, and Pok, and Play, and Id. All look equally unconvinced. “I don’t remember a... Krathing, was it?”

Neo nods, although it seems hesitant. “Right. P’Krathing was always in the club.” He walks to the music club side of 305 confidently and wais Krathing.

“Phi, that’s pretty rude,” Liftoil scolds. “P’Alan really doesn’t remember Liftoil’s faen? Padlom yelled at us for making out on the couch two weeks ago.”

“You can still see the mark from where she hit me,” Krathing adds, starts lifting his shirt. “Wanna look?”

Alan cringes, puts up his hands. “No.” He turns back to the photo club. “Do you guys know him?”

“I didn’t know Liftoil had a faen,” Play says honestly. He gives Krathing and Liftoil a once-over. “Good match.” He winks. “More ladies for me.”

“Yeah, remember? We talked about Nong Milk and how we both went out with her,” Krathing tells Play.

“Nong Milk…” Play thinks on it. “I did go out with Nong Milk. Hoi! Maybe we have met.” He frowns.

Liftoil rolls his eyes. “Of course you’ve met. P’Gent took Krathing to that fancy French restaurant, too.”

Id shakes his head. “You can gaslight the others, but you’re not going to get me.”

“Oi.” Krathing holds a hand over his heart. “Cold, Ai’Id. We went to elementary school together.”

Spoil walks in and Liftoil calls out to her. “Spoil, Spoil, these guys are acting like they don’t know P’Krathing.”

Spoil looks taken aback. “Maybe they wandered into a weird memory-wiping fog.” She shudders, smiles at Krathing. “I still can’t believe you got to him before I did,” she laments.

Ghost shrugs. “I had him before.”

The photo club members and Spoil all look at Ghost and she shrugs again, goes back to whatever it is that she does.

Liftoil’s eyes go wide and he hops up. “Here!” he says. “Come look!” He runs over to the wall where there are the many pictures of Padlom. Behind her, in two of the photos, Krathing can be seen. “Believe me now?”

“Maybe it’s just a coincidence,” Id says.

“I’m confused,” Pok says.

Gent bows towards Krathing politely. “Sorry if we’re being rude. I still don’t remember you but…”

The door slams open and Padlom stalks in, headphones on. She stops, swivels to look around the room. “Liftoil!” she whines, yanking her headphones down. “I told you it was a stupid prank.”

Liftoil huffs. “I had them, Padlom!”

Krathing nods in support. “Another minute and they would’ve ‘remembered’ me.”

Padlom sighs. “Liftoil, I can’t believe you found such a bad influence.”

Liftoil grins. “I love him.”

Chapter Text

Rome isn’t exactly shocked when he wakes up cuddled up to a dog. Or, rather, another dog given that, yep, he’s also a dog.

It’s also no surprise that Pick is a larger breed of dog than he is. Rome is forever doomed to be tiny, even with the addition of supernatural forces.

At first he wants to lift his “hand” to nudge Pick, but he figures he usually presses his face to Pick’s first thing in the morning anyway, so he noses at Pick’s floppy ear instead.

The ear flicks, but Pick only grumbles, so Rome, embracing his current doggy identity, licks Pick’s fuzzy face.

Pick’s eyes blink open. He raises his head and looks at Rome, then puts his head back down, paws folding over his snout, trying to cover his eyes.

“P’Pick,” Rome barks softly.

Another grumble-growl.

“I can’t fix this alone,” Rome whines, nuzzling Pick’s paws, then his neck.

Pick uncovers his face with a huff. “Do you think we have to spend the whole day this way or can we just choose again and go back to sleep?” he rumbles.

For some reason, just Pick talking to him makes Rome’s tail wag and his head whips around at the sensation.

The noise Pick makes now sounds far more amused. “You like me that much?”

Out of previously unknown instinct, Rome nips at Pick’s side and, in retaliation, Pick uses paws and snout to roll Rome over.

Pick stares at Rome for too long.

“What?” Rome yips, wriggling but unable to get up because Pick won’t let him.

“You’re cute, even like this,” Pick barks softly.

Rome’s whole body wags along with his tail.

Pick licks Rome’s forehead and sighs. “Here’s the real question.” Rome cocks his head and Pick continues. “Should we fuck as dogs?”

Chapter Text

The thumping of Khai’s tail tells Third that Khai is looking at him.

Third turns to see what Khai is thinking and Khai’s ears flatten back, as if he’s already ashamed. Third’s ears twitch, giving him away.

Khai’s ears perk up. “Tee rak…” he starts, but then he has to stop, keep his overexcited tail in check. “Third, remember how I asked why it’s doggy style and not kitty style and you said it was because it seemed undignified like a dog…”

“Ai’Khai, I know you’re talking about it because you’re a dog who wants to do this cat doggy style,” Third says. He raises an eyebrow and his tail swishes.

Khai sits as still as he can. “Can I, Third?”

Third swallows, ears twitching again. “Uh. But on the bed, I want to be comfortable.”

Khai rushes him, kisses him. “Of course.”

Khai has Third stripped by the time they make it to the bedroom.

Third crawls onto the bed on hands and knees, tail switching nervously, excitedly.

Khai’s tongue runs over Third’s hole and Third mewls and Khai smiles to himself before diving in, licking at Third until he can press his fingers alongside, Third’s long tail flicking impatiently already.

Freeing his fingers, Khai lines himself up to mount Third, Third’s tail caresses his face invitingly.

“Khai…” Third turns his face to look at Khai, his ears drooping like he doesn’t have the energy to keep them up. Third’s tails curls around the back of Khai’s neck.

“It’s not too undignified for you, is it?” Khai teases, the head of his cock nudging at Third.

Third’s ears flatten and his cheeks flush. “Ai’Khai!”

“Hm?” Khai’s hips stutter just a little, almost plunging into Third, but holding himself back.

“Put it in already,” Third says, and when there’s still no movement, he adds, quieter, “Fuck me, doggy style.”

Khai’s tail wags so hard his hips start to sway, but then he focuses on the moment. “Whatever you want, tee rak.” Khai presses inside and Third claws at their sheets, spine bowing to push his ass up as an even more enticing offering, getting Khai deeper.

Third fucks himself back against Khai and Khai takes hold of his hips for a moment, enjoying it, before he arches over Third’s back, Third’s tail wrapping around his waist, tensing, as Khai starts pounding into him.

Third keeps rutting back, body demanding more even if he can’t voice anything he hasn’t already. Well, anything other than the desperate moans and gasps and keening mewls that won’t stop escaping him.

Khai’s not sounding much better murmuring praise and nonsense with each panting breath, biting at the back of Third’s neck and into his shoulder.

Khai doesn’t even touch Third before Third is falling over edge, Khai along with him.

For all that Third likes to complain, he and Khai always come at the same time when Khai takes him like this.

One of Third’s ears droops while the other makes an attempt at lifting, at alertness.

Khai chuckles. He toys with Third’s ears while he has the chance and they tumble down onto the bed. “You still pretend not to like the things you love.”

“Like what?” Third asks, tail lashing.

Khai cuddles up, pressing kisses to wherever he can. “Doggy style, getting fucked…” He pauses. “Khai.”

Third growls low, but then he huffs. “Fine. I love all those things.” He looks at Khai. “Especially when it’s Khai fucking me doggy style.”

Khai’s tail starts wagging again. “Ready for round two?”

Third snarls, reveals a fang, but he lets the facade fall. “Mn, almost.”

Chapter Text

“That’s your dad, phi?” Liftoil asks, looking back at the police station they’d just left.

“He’s such an asshole,” Krathing explodes. “He only cares about the law and about status and appearances and not about what makes me happy.”

“That sucks,” Liftoil tells him seriously. “You know what, phi? From now on, Liftoil will be your dad. And your mom. Your...dom.” Liftoil frowns, processing what just happened.

Meanwhile, Krathing starts cracking up. “Thanks. You always make me feel better,” he pauses, stares into Liftoil’s eyes, “daddy.”

Liftoil’s face goes through a myriad of emotions before he finally just screams.

Chapter Text

Pick loves animals and the cuter, the better. It’s no surprise he likes Rome, even if Pick says Rome making the comparison is a bit weird.

But Rome finds it more weird that Pick doesn’t have any pets, doesn’t even mention getting one after they move in together.

Well, he doesn’t mention it, but Rome sees him looking up listings for shelters and adoptions online. Pick will close the tab as if he’s been caught looking at porn instead of puppies and kittens.

Rome tries bringing it up and eventually asks Porsche, who says that Pick was never allowed pets as a child, and Rome wonders why Pick still feels so awkward about it when it’s so obvious he wants one.

It’s why Rome has Pick take him to a shop one day, claiming it has photography equipment he needs. As they walk along, Rome takes him in the wrong direction and Pick starts to point, to scowl, to correct him, but Rome says, “No, we’re going this way, P’Pick. Trust me.”

When they end up at the shelter, Pick looks nervous and Rome decides to put the onus on himself. “P’Pick, Rome was thinking it would be nice to have an animal at home. What does P’Pick think?”

Pick swallows, nods. “I guess,” he says with an affected shrug.

After a few minutes of looking, however, Rome sees how Pick melts, how Pick wants every single animal there, and he feels bad suddenly, realizing that they can’t take them all home.

Pick eventually ends up in front of a pair of black cats, looking enamored, and the worker tells them they’re a bonded pair, but that one has medical needs, might be too difficult to take care of.

Pick glances back at Rome. “Oh,” he says, like he’s deterred, or like he thinks Rome might be deterred.

“It’s okay,” Rome tells the worker. “I’m sure we can handle it.” He smiles at Pick. “My husband is a veterinarian.”

The worker perks up, looks at Pick in awe.

While they go through the paperwork to adopt the two cats, Pick volunteers to bring his colleagues and give all the animals at the shelter a check up.

“Why didn’t you tell me you wanted pets?” Rome asks, once they’re finally in the car. He’s driving while Pick sits in the backseat with their new babies.

“I didn’t know if you did,” Pick mumbles.

Rome rolls his eyes. “You can tell me things, P’Pick.”

Pick doesn’t respond, but Rome thinks he understands. They stop by to get more supplies on the way home and Pick chooses only the best for their feline children.

Rome knows Pick will spoil them, and he’s glad.

Chapter Text

The first time is an accident. Khai had wanted to do something nice for Third, making Third a cup of coffee before work in the morning, but Khai being Khai, well… How was Khai supposed to know he put salt in instead of sugar? The fact that there were grounds in the coffee, too, didn’t exactly help.

Third had spluttered, lips and teeth and tongue coated in coffee grounds while he visibly shuddered at the taste and feel of his coffee.

Khai, confused, had immediately apologized, but given how important Third’s meeting had been, he’s not surprised that Third is angry and feeling betrayed.

He had really just wanted to help.

Khai comes home that evening to find all the passwords changed, including the WiFi.

Thankfully it’s all fixed by the next day, Third having watched Khai sigh in frustration the whole evening and only glaring when Khai asked if Third maybe knew what the password was.

When Third is in the shower before work, Khai changes Third’s ringtone.

To be fair, he’s forgotten he even did it when he accidentally calls while Third is speaking to an important client and Ariana Grande’s “Side to Side” starts playing.

Third scolds Khai, but soon seems over it. So over it, in fact, that he crawls into Khai’s lap.

They’re kissing and groping and grinding and Khai is certain Third is in the mood...but suddenly Third stands up, starts doing dishes and ignoring Khai.

Two calls Third a little while later and Khai hears the ringtone again, realizes this is Third’s revenge.

Unfortunately, Third loves Khai as much as Khai loves Third, and the same goes for his desires. He’d gotten himself all worked up, too.

Khai gets his revenge when Third really is walking side to side the next day.

Chapter Text

Khai hadn’t meant to arrive late to pick Third up, but everything had seemed against him.

He gets there to find Two waving him over desperately as his darling Third...downs an entire bottle of beer in one go.

“How many has he had?” Khai asks Two, sliding into the booth beside Third and wrapping an arm around Third’s waist.

Two pulls a face. “More than me. Four? Five? Six?”

Two’s uncertain answer has Khai worried. He turns his full focus to Third, who is now leaning into him hard. “Is Khai’s tee rak doing okay?”

“Khaiii,” Third says, but that’s all he says for a moment. He stares at Khai at an awkward angle, his cheek now resting on Khai’s chest. “Khai is so handsome.”

Khai grins. “That’s right. You’re so smart, Third. Are you ready to go home?”

Third’s hand goes straight for Khai’s dick and Khai startles, notes that Two’s eyes go wide before purposely looking away. “Why do we have to go home, Khai?”

“So Khai can take care of Third,” Khai tries softly, sweetly, unsure what’s gotten into Third with his drunkenness tonight.

Third’s hand begins to move. “Khaiii,” he says again. “Third wants Khai, na.”

Third is definitely trashed, but Khai can’t help the whimper he lets out at the sentiment. “Wait until we get home.” Even though he shouldn’t do anything to his drunken husband. Won’t do anything...?

Third squints. “Is home far?”

Khai shakes his head, and although Third looks suspicious, he nods.

“Stay strong, Khai,” Two tells him. “P’Un is on his way to get me, if you want to wait.”

Khai gives Two a look telling him exactly what he thinks about waiting for P’Un. He scoops a now much more willing Third up and they go to leave.

Khai has to spend the whole ride going against his nature, batting away Third’s hands, Third’s beautiful mouth.

They stumble into their place--Khai stumbling because Third is clinging to him--and Khai goes to strip Third to help him shower, get into bed, but it’s hard to keep fending Third off.

In their bed, Khai grabs Third’s hands. “I want you,” he says. “Desperately.” He stares into Third’s slightly glossy eyes. “But I don’t want you to kill me in the morning.”

Third pouts, shakes his head. “Third won’t kill Khai. Promise.”

Khai raises an eyebrow. “Well, if Third promises…”

Chapter Text

Pick finally knows what he wants.

Well, kind of.

He knows he wants Rome.

He’s just... He’s not sure what he wants to do with Rome or, rather, how to do any of it. Or how to ask Rome.

But the knowledge is becoming more and more of a problem every day, to the point that he almost doesn’t like being with Rome sometimes because he’s so preoccupied with wanting to be with Rome. It’s frustrating. And embarrassing.

And there’s maybe still a small part of Pick that tells him what he wants isn’t something he should want, even if it is what he wants, but Pick can’t want a man, but Pick does want a man, but--

Pick is pretty sure Rome tried to touch him once, but Pick had panicked and Rome hasn’t tried again since, assuring Pick that he can wait, like he had said before about Pick’s feelings.

If Rome tried again now, maybe… Maybe Pick could...let him?

Instead of getting any, however, Pick is starting to overthink it even when he’s jerking off, leaving himself in a constant state of self-induced blue balls. He’s acting like a dick because he’s not using his dick and he can tell everyone around him is getting annoyed, too.

Even Rome.

But then, they’re sitting together just talking about whatever and the opportunity strikes!


“My roommate’s girlfriend is coming over tonight and I told them I’d stay out of their way, could Rome maybe stay with P’Pick?” Rome asks, but before Pick can answer, Rome shakes his head. “Never mind, phi. I don’t want to be a burden. I know I would only get in your way then. Plus, your dad…”

“He’s not--” Pick starts, wanting to seize the invitation.

Rome isn’t listening, still shaking his head and waving Pick off. “It’s okay. I’ll ask Emma. Maybe it could be like our old sleepovers when Emma kept scolding me, saying that I’d develop a crush on P’O.” Rome laughs. “Yeah, that could be fun.” Rome smiles at Pick. “Don’t worry about it, P’Pick.”

Pick’s resolve crumbles. “Mh. Sounds like a good plan.”

Rome nods happily, calls up Emma and the two chat away.

Later, Porsche makes a joke at Pick’s expense and gets his head bitten off for it, but manages to wheedle out some of what’s wrong.

“Don’t take advantage,” he warns, as if Pick has actual bad intentions towards Rome--which, okay, at this point, Pick isn’t really sure about that part. Porsche follows it up, however, with, “I can take care of this.”

Porsche calls Emma.

Ten minutes later, Rome calls Pick.

“Emma said something came up. P’Pick, would it maybe be alright? I can sleep on the couch--”

Pick is smart enough to agree quickly this time.

Once Rome is over, they put on a movie, and Pick tries to watch at first, but he spends five minutes staring at Rome’s lips.

Rome takes the hint to kiss him.

It takes a while, just making out with Rome, before Pick puts his hand on Rome’s thigh, starts moving it up, until he--

“P’Pick doesn’t have to--mmph!”

Pick can’t talk about it yet, kisses Rome and keeps his hand in place, daring to undo Rome’s fly after just a little longer, to slip his hand inside. Actually touching skin takes him a second to adjust, but then he remembers his own frustration, and how long Rome has been waiting, too.

Rome is careful with him, but eager to return the favor. Pick can only nod his permission.

Then, they’re touching each other, still kissing until they have to break, Rome’s mouth against Pick’s neck.

It’s Rome coming, that Pick made that happen, that pushes Pick over the edge.

Now they’re both messy, still on Pick’s couch, and Pick is feeling a simultaneous rush of adrenaline and relief, although he’s not completely satisfied. He’s nervous, doesn’t know what he’s done although he’s also, on some level, deliriously happy.

“Should we...shower?” Pick asks.

“Together?” Rome specifies.

Pick huffs. “Uh.”

As gruff as it is, Rome grins happily.

They get showered and Pick leads Rome back to his room to sleep. Rome, of course, snuggles in.

They lie there a while and Pick tries to ignore how hard he is again, still proud he’d made it as far as he did even if he still has wants.

Rome pulls him in to spoon and Pick freezes, knowing Rome must feel him.

“Does P’Pick want more?”

Chapter Text

Black walks in on White with his hand down his pants and finds it hilarious.

Instead of being embarrassed, Black grabs White’s phone out of his hand to see what White had been jerking off to. He expects to find something interesting, some sort of weird porn or something, but instead he finds a dick and it takes only a second for him to realize just whose dick it is.

Black tosses the phone—luckily onto the bed. Unluckily, it lands face up, the picture still showing.

White, of course, is horribly red, scrambling to grab his phone and hide it.

“You really like Ai’Sean’s dick that much?” Black asks, scowling at White. “That’s disgusting. Why don’t you jerk off to bondage porn or huge titties or something normal?”

“I don’t need to know what turns you on, Black,” White argues, wanting to deflect.

“I just don’t get it,” Black continues. “How can you be into that?”

White shrugs. “Because Sean sent…it. To me. Because he was thinking about me. And since he’s gone with his family for the weekend…”

“You’re sexting with Sean. That’s slightly better, I guess.” Black eyes White suspiciously. “Do you send him pics?”




Chapter Text

Sean sends the picture, tells White exactly what he wants to do to him. It’s not nearly as good as having White for real, but imagining White reading his messages, write back, that he knows it’s turning White on… Well, that’s good enough since he’s stuck on this trip with his family for three days.

He’d thought he’d get to stay behind, fuck White in every room of the empty house. He’d been looking forward to it.

But then he was told he had to go along, and by his mother. Sean had been forced to give up his dreams.

Thus, he’s stuck sharing a room with P’Son, who has temporarily stepped out.

There’s a vibration from his phone and it’s...a picture from White!

Honestly, Sean will be happy with anything, but he’s extra happy to find a picture of White with one hand playing with his nipples. Another buzz. Chest down shot to White with a hand around his own cock.

This is better than Sean could’ve hoped. He tells White to keep going, to touch himself, and gets rewarded with a clip and he can’t believe his sweet, innocent White could do this. Even if it’s all because Sean asked him to keep going to begin with.

Although the angle isn’t the best, White is fingering himself. He gets a message from White saying he wishes it was Sean doing this, and also a tentative question about whether what he sent was alright.

Oh, his cute, loving, wonderful wifey! Sean is sure to praise White about how good it is, but doesn’t miss the opportunity to tell White more would make him even happier.

He’d prefer more of White’s pictures and clips, but White asking for Sean’s is almost as good, makes him wonder what exactly White really is doing, and it pleases him to know White is as into him as he is into White. Or, at least, close.

Sean records a clip of himself jerking off, talking dirty, can practically see White’s beautiful blush as he hits send.

It’s then that P’Son barges in, but Sean is looking at White’s pictures again, appreciating all the detail.

“Ooh! Is that N’White?” Son asks, trying to get a peek. “What are you and White talking about?”

“None of your fucking business!” Sean says, kicking Son away from him.

This only makes Son more determined to see and they end up in a wrestling match, Son trying to grab Sean’s phone.

“White thinks I’m more handsome!” Son shouts. “Shouldn’t I get to see him?”

“White is mine!” Sean yells in return. “These photos are for me only.”

Breathless with a bite in his arm, Son finally gives up.

Chapter Text

The seat is leaned back and it’s still awkward, but White is rutting himself onto Sean’s cock, riding him as Sean murmurs his praises. Sean’s jacket is draped over White’s shoulders, long enough to cover where their bodies meet.

Yok bangs on the window and White startles enough to pause. “I thought you went back to grab food, not just eat each other. Shit! I’m fucking hungry, you assholes.”

“So am I!” Sean shouts back.

“You owe all of us dinner!” Yok calls, another muttered curse, and he finally retreats.

Sean speaks softly to White. “It’s okay, baby. Keep going.”

Chapter Text

White is sensitive. He’s always been sensitive, physically and emotionally. It’s why it’s so easy to hurt his feelings, to make him happy, to make him horny. It’s why he gets overheated or, in this case, so chilled by the cold.

Sean had offered White a sweater and White had slipped it on, shivering, and now Sean is here suffering.

The sweater is too big on White, which makes it nice and cozy, but they’re watching a movie and White keeps making these big gestures, but the sweater sleeves are so long they cover his hands, giving him adorable little sweater paws.

Sean doesn’t know how he can survive seeing White looking this cute.

After a while, he has no choice but to scoop White into his arms and snuggle him into submission.

“What are you doing?” White whines.

With only altruism in his heart, Sean explains, “Keeping you warm.”

Chapter Text

Sean knows it’s not White the moment he arrives. Just as he’d recognized White immediately, he can recognize that Black isn’t White just as fast.

Black is acting...cute. Which Sean has only seen when Black is talking to White and doesn’t know Sean is there. Black is actually very good at being cute, but Sean still thinks White is cuter.

“Are you ready to go, babe?” Sean asks, an eye on how Black will react at the endearment, but Black keeps his cool.

Uh,” Black says, a slip-up. “Sorry,” he says immediately after, pouring on the charm, “I know you like when White speaks sweetly, P’Sean.” He bats his eyelashes.

Sean is about to die. “Uiii, White knows Sean loves it when White calls Sean ‘phi.’ Say it again, naaa?”

The internal struggle is only visible in Black’s eyes. “No, it’s embarrassing,” he settles on, knowing even White has some dignity left.

“For Sean, na? Na, na, naaa?” Sean dares to grab Black’s arm and shake it back and forth, feels the way Black goes tense and has to forcibly relax.

It’s clear Black wants the pleading to stop. “O-Okay, P’Sean.”

Sean wraps Black in a hug and presses his nose to his cheek, close enough now to whisper, “White wouldn’t have given in that quickly.”

Chapter Text

Pick is grabbing soymilk from the shelf when he feels a nudge and turns to find P’Ping beside him. She’s smiling and he smiles back.

“Nong Pick,” she says. “It’s been a long time. I haven’t seen you since your graduation. How are you?”

Pick shrugs. “Busy. I’ve been taking care of some exotic animals.” He goes on to talk about his cases, and she talks about hers, but as he’s gesturing, her gaze falls on his hand.

“Pick! You finally found someone who could put up with you?”

Pick blinks at her and she points to the ring on his finger. He’s instantly a bit more flustered before he schools his features. “Of course! P’Ping, you know I’m a catch.”

“If I caught you, I’d throw you back,” she teases.

Pick rolls his eyes. “Sure. I guess I’m lucky the right person caught me. And even more lucky it wasn’t you.” He pulls a face and they both laugh.

“So tell me about them,” she says. “How can they stand your face? Or maybe it’s your voice that’s the problem?”

“Here,” Pick says, tilting his head to look for someone. “You can ask yourself.” There’s a swelling of anxiety, adrenaline, but the person in question arrives a few seconds later.

“Oh, P’Ping,” Rome says, wais her politely. He looks from her to Pick. “Am I supposed to be answering something?”

Ping stares at the two of them for just a moment before she beams. “Oh, I see. That freshman boy you had a crush on.”

“You knew?” Pick asks, affronted.

“You were so mean to him, but you followed him around, I knew it was just how an idiot like Pick showed affection,” Ping explains. “I’m glad you figured it out.” She smiles at Pick, then sighs, turns her attention to Rome. “I’m so sorry.”

Rome’s face scrunches up. “Why, phi?”

Pick just glares at Ping and takes Rome by the arm. “Nothing. Ignore her.”

Rome grins at Ping conspiratorially, catching on.

“Stop it,” Pick says. “Both of you.” He suddenly and purposefully leads Rome away.

Ping watches, laughing.

Chapter Text

Rome wakes up to raised voices and shakes Pick awake, too.

Rome sneaks over to the door, then backs away. “Porsche and Emma are fighting,” he says.

Apparently those are the magic words to get Pick out of bed with his ear against the door.

“Don’t be nosy, P’Pick,” Rome scolds, but he moves closer again.

Pick snorts but makes room.

“Do you think they’re really angry?” Rome whispers.

Pick shakes his head. “I think they just like to fight.”

“Is it because P’Pick and P’Porsche are both bullies?” Rome follows up.

“Hoi, you think I’m a bully?” Pick asks, prying his ear from the door.

Rome nods.

Pick glares. “You just wait.”

Rome smiles at that and they both press their ears to the door again.

After a few more minutes, Rome says, “We should intervene.”

Pick lets out a heavy sigh. “If we have to.”

Pick goes to open the door, but Rome whispers, “Unless we want to hear P’Porsche and Emma making up…”

Pick grimaces. He lets go of the door handle, however, and says, “If they’re too busy fighting and making up, I doubt they’d hear us if we decided to have our own ‘fight’ here.”

Chapter Text

Pick is nervous but he can’t explain it, even to himself. He shouldn’t want Rome at all, much less be thinking about Rome--

Not that he’s thinking about Rome!

But Rome is in his house, and Rome just kissed him. Rome kissed him! And it was… Pick is…

Pick is at a total loss at what to do next, even if he maybe knows what he wants.

Rome is so nice to him, which is why Pick has to be mean to Rome.

If he’s mean, maybe no one will ever realize how much he wants Rome to fuck him.

Chapter Text

Two whole months have gone by since they became official and Pick knows there are certain expectations when people look at them. And how that drunk had groped Rome, assuming Rome would bottom.

Rome hasn’t said anything either way, letting Pick set the pace. He’ll kiss Pick first, or put a hand on Pick’s thigh, but he won’t apply real pressure.

Which means Pick has to somehow ask and Pick...has no idea how to do that.

They get into handjobs, which are nice. Very nice, actually. And blowjobs.

“Does P’Pick want more?” Rome finally asks when they’re dry humping in Pick’s bed, as has been something of a routine for the past two weeks.

Pick swallows, still can’t voice what he wants, but he pulls Rome more fully on top of him, spreads his legs, bites his lip.

Rome rubs against him. “Does P’Pick want Nong Rome to top?”

Chapter Text

Khai had volunteered, but Third was too shy to use the app in public. Honestly, Khai thinks Third using it on him would be hot, to see Third with that kind of devious confidence, but he’s more than happy to use it on Third. There’s something equally as sexy if not more so about Third being willing to trust Khai like that.

Third is putting on a pretty good front, although you can see that he’s a bit tense as he moves around, refuses to look at Khai.

Well, if he’s not going to look at Khai…

Third is in the middle of explaining a scene when he suddenly chokes and his eyes go wide.

Khai adjusts the level down, but doesn’t turn it off, watching as Third’s gaze darts to him and away, without making eye contact.

Khai leaves it on low until Third is seated on a low couch, listening but not actively participating in the current plans.

Khai slowly, incrementally, increases the vibration level.

He sees Third shifting in his seat, the more rapid rise and fall of his chest letting Khai know how affected he is.

Third doesn’t say anything, doesn’t excuse himself, and Khai is trying very hard to pretend he’s paying any attention at all to anyone who isn’t Third. They all know by now how preoccupied he is by Third, but he usually makes an effort. He’s not incompetent or anything.

There are ten people in the room and Khai can only see Third.

Third, whose eyes are glazing over as his lips part, who seems to unconsciously spread his legs then pull them together again. If anyone else has noticed, Khai hasn’t been able to tell. Third looks so good and so gorgeous, turned on like this. Khai can’t believe Third would let Khai do this to him in front of so many people.

Khai pulls Third up from his seat and into the nearest unoccupied room, finding an office that locks easily from the inside. He pushes Third against the desk, turns the vibrator up more, and pulls out Third’s cock. Khai gives it a couple of strokes before dropping to his knees, taking Third into his mouth.

Third moans loud enough that Khai is sure others can hear them.

Letting up, Khai says, “Third, let Khai know what you like, na.”

It takes another moment of sucking Third’s dick before Third starts babbling. “You suck so good, Khai.” His knees are wobbling. “Turn it all the way up, naaa. Khai, na.”

Khai has to scramble for his phone, app already open, and he can feel the buzzing as Third’s breathing takes on a staccato rhythm, emphasized by whimpers and moans.

Then, Third is coming and Khai has to keep him upright while swallowing his cock before finally turning the vibrator down and off. Khai gets it out of Third, who twitches, overstimulated, but he doesn’t let Third alone.

Instead, Khai bends Third over the desk, lines himself up. “Can I?”

Chapter Text

Sean has memorized the schedule for the cute delivery boy. And now calls every single time he’s working. Sometimes Sean calls when he’s alone, but he calls when he’s with friends, too. His timing doesn’t matter as much as the delivery boy’s.

“You might actually make me sick of pizza,” Gram says, but he’s fucking around. He’ll eat pizza forever.

Yok has different complaints. “Why do you never let one of us answer the door? It means you always pay.” He’s suspicious, and he should be.

If he saw how cute the delivery boy was, he might be overly interested, too.

Sean rolls his eyes. “Right. Because you assholes want to pay.”

Yok shrugs, but he doesn’t volunteer any cash, so it’s clear he’s happy to keep mooching.

The doorbell rings and Sean rushes to the door. He opens it and the boy--White, Sean knows, has known for what feels like forever--smiles at him this time. “Did you really request me this time? Why?”

Sean smiles back. “White is so cute. Sean was wondering if White might like to stay?”

“It is the end of my shift…” White says as Sean pays and takes the pizza from him.

“Sean knows,” Sean says. “So?”

“That’s a little creepy,” White replies, but he doesn’t leave. He looks back towards his car, then peeks in past Sean. “Aren’t you friends with my brother?”

Sean nods.

“And you want to be my friend, too?”

Sean shakes his head. “Sean wants to be your husband.”

Chapter Text

Ang and Deko seem to think Ko doesn’t notice, but it’s really just that Ko would rather they resolve things on their own. He hadn’t thought that would land them in the hospital with injuries they’re too embarrassed to fully explain.

Ko doesn’t want to get involved in added drama and he excuses himself to the bathroom, but really he just wants a break. He ends up in the hospital’s dining area.

“Avoiding someone?” a man asks. Well, on further inspection, a doctor asks.

Ko isn’t going to say anything, but the doctor takes a seat in front of him, hands him a pastry box.

“My friend isn’t here today,” the doctor explains. “So I have an extra. Do you like cake?”

Ko nods, but still hesitates. “It’s okay, p’mor,” he starts, but the doctor shakes his head and pushes the box further towards Ko, hands him a fork.

“Mor Pat,” Pat says. He considers Ko, chin resting in his hand, as Ko opens the box.

“Ko,” Ko responds.

“Ko? Did you come in with the two who were yelling. I feel like I heard your name a lot.”

“They’re fighting over me,” Ko says with a sigh and takes a bite of cake.

“Oh. And do they both have a chance?”

“Mor Pat, are you asking if I’m bi?”

Pat’s face breaks into a mischievous grin that he ducks slightly to hide. “Maybe.”

“I’m pan, and right now…neither of them is who I really want to be with, which I wouldn’t have even realized if Ang hadn’t asked me about my girlfriend.”

“You have a girlfriend then?” Pat asks.

Ko shakes his head. “I told her I wanted a break and now those two just try to get my attention.”

Pat sighs. “Then I’m guessing you don’t want to be bothered.” He pushes back slightly.

“We can just talk,” Ko suggests.

Pat smiles at him. “Okay. I’d love to talk some more to someone as cute as you.”

As they eat, talking turns naturally to flirting, without any weird scheming or bad advice. It’s actually quite nice, even if Pat comes on a bit strong.

Pat is almost done with his shift, needing only to finish up paperwork, and arrives back just as Ang and Deko are finished. “Satwatdii ja,” Pat says affectionately.

“Mor Pat offered us a ride,” Ko tells them.

Ang and Deko are still giving each other the stink eye, about to say something ridiculous.

“I’ll sit up front with Mor Pat,” Ko continues.

The two sigh, resigned to their fate for the day.

They all clamber into Pat’s car and Pat starts driving to the dorms, making small talk with all of them about student life.

“Want me to walk you to your place?” Deko asks.

“Or you could walk me to mine?” Ang asks, shoving her, as they get out of the car, waiting for Ko.

“You two go back and rest,” Ko says. “You’re injured. Maybe you should take care of each other.”

“Why can’t you take care of me? Er. Us?” Ang suggests, feigning amicability.

“Nong Ko and I are going out,” Pat says.

Ang and Deko exchange a different sort of look. “But,” they say at once. “What?!”

“See you later,” Ko says, offering a pleasant smile, leaving the two shocked.

“So, Nong Ko,” Pat says, not quite having left their earshot, “you wanna stay over after?”

Chapter Text

Rome is sitting in the club room, listening to Porsche talk, and Pick brushes their shoulders together. Rome feels a little shiver, but when he looks at Pick, Pick is staring at Porsche, so Rome tries to ignore it. It’s just him overthinking things.

In the library the next day, Rome is panicking about the exam he has in biology. He’s reading his notes, cross-referencing questions with the textbook, and he’s got a laptop open in front of him.

There’s a warmth and weight against his shoulder and he freezes as someone leans over him to see what he’s doing. Pick clicks his tongue and grabs Rome’s hand, the one with the pen in it desperately trying to scribble new notes, and uses Rome’s hand to write. “There.”

“Thanks, phi,” Rome tells him, and Pick looks at him like he wants to rebut the statement somehow.

Uh,” he settles on. “You’re welcome.”

Pick spends the better part of an hour helping Rome study, manhandling Rome in the process, and Rome hopes he remembers more than the feel of Pick’s hand on his when he takes his test the next day.

They’re waiting in line together for lunch and Pick pokes at Rome’s chest. “You’re a mess,” Pick says, and Rome looks down to see a tiny stain, only to accidentally give Pick the chance to flick his lips and nose.

Pick laughs like it’s hilarious after and Rome’s cheeks burn from more than just embarrassment.

Pick leans on Rome’s shoulder to peer down the hall.

Pick slaps Rome on the back when he finds a joke particularly hilarious.

Pick pinches Rome’s cheek when Rome stares at him too long.

And grabs his arm to lead him when they have somewhere to be.

They arrive to the club room and Pick looks around. “Where the hell did our chairs go?”

Porsche sighs. “I think one of the other clubs ‘borrowed’ them for an event.”

Pick swears under his breath and Rome stands up, offers his seat, which Pick takes.

“Come on,” Pick says after, having not pushed himself in.

“What?” Rome asks.

Pick glances down at his lap. “Sit.”

Chapter Text

Pick isn’t thinking about anything at all when he walks into the coffee shop. His brain is just about burnt out but he’d managed to lead himself here, knowing coffee could at least give him the placebo effect of being capable again.

He approaches the counter, his head lolls, and his gaze catches on two men in the corner. Something seems familiar, reminds him of Rome.

Something snaps into focus and Pick stares. Is that Rome?

He can’t see the guy’s face clearly...because his face is pressed to some other guy’s face, and there’s a hand inching up his thigh to his ass.

“Hoi!” he shouts.

It works. Both faces swivel his direction and it is Rome! Rome kissing some man in the cafe and getting felt up. By a man.

A man is kissing and groping Rome and Rome had been kissing him back.

Pick is much more awake than he had been a moment before.

Rome is with a man.

Pick is a man.

Wait. What does that have to do with anything?

“Khun?” The barista at the counter is staring at him and Pick glances to the barista, then stomps over to Rome.

“Why are you kissing a guy?” Pick says, before any sensible part of him can catch up.

The guy Rome is with scoffs at Pick. “Why can’t he?”

Pick ignores him, even if the urge to punch the guy rises, and he looks at Rome.

Rome is bright red and stutters, “B-because I’m gay.”

That’s… Okay. That checks out. Makes sense. He’s gay and he’s kissing a man.

“Is P’Pick angry?” Rome asks, when Pick continues staring at him.

“Why him, huh?” Pick asks.

Rome blinks rapidly, processing. “Phi?”

“Why”--and Pick juts his chin in the other man’s direction--“this guy?” He gives the guy a once-over. “I’m more handsome, right?”

“P’Pick, do you… Does P’Pick want to kiss me?” Rome asks, still baffled.

“Do you want to kiss me?” Pick responds, as if it’s a challenge.

Rome nods.

Pick hesitates. “Okay. Then it’s settled.” He grabs Rome’s hand and Rome scrambles to grab his bag. “Let’s go.”

Chapter Text

Sean isn’t happy.

It’s nothing to do with White.

Sean has just been busy, been stressed, been working nonstop to make sure everything turns out just right.

White books the vacation.

The first time they had gone to the beach hadn’t been under the best of circumstances, but White had learned more, and Sean had been more open with White.

Sean hasn’t let go of the anxiety from the previous days, weeks, maybe an entire month, but he’s always sweet with White, turning extra needy in his mental exhaustion.

They grab some food and set up in the sand, a big umbrella leaning straight against the ground to give them their own protective cave. It’s not fully secluded, but it’s enough for White to let his guard down.

He’s on his belly in only swim trunks, kicking his feet, sipping a drink, while Sean stares out at the water, trying to let go. White moves more purposefully from side to side, the action of his hips making his ass pop up from the sand enough to draw his stressed out boyfriend’s attention.


“Mh?” White looks back over his shoulder, waggling his ass more in the process. Sean looks to White’s face, but the movement draws his gaze back to White’s ass. With another gulp of liquid courage, White hooks a thumb into the waistband of his shorts, but hesitates, can’t do it himself yet without too much embarrassment. He’s hard already, anticipating what will happen. “Sean.”

Sean understands, slowly slips White’s shorts down until he catches a glimpse. “A plug?”

White nods, biting his lip. “White wanted to be ready.”

“Ready?” Sean asks.

“Unless Sean doesn’t want to…”

Sean moves to half-cover him. “Unless Sean doesn’t want what?”

White takes the last swallow of his drink and arches his back, ass up in clear offering now. “Unless Sean doesn’t want to fuck White.”

“White did all this for Sean? White wants Sean inside?” Sean asks, teasing with the plug.

“P’Sean, na,” White murmurs, going all out.

Sean gently eases the plug out, in again. “Say it again, White?”

“White wants P’Sean to fuck me here, on the beach,” White says, feeling how red he is, but then the plug is out and Sean is in and White gasps. He presses back, getting Sean in deeper.

“White knows just how to cheer Sean up,” Sean whispers, and starts to move.

Chapter Text

Today, Pick has told everyone in his office that he has to take his lunch on time.

This had led, of course, to Neung and Jay being increasingly interested in why.

They know better than to ask Pick directly about why, although Neung asks if Pick would like to get lunch together, which only leads to a scowl.

“Definitely meeting his faen,” Jay agrees when he comes back to report.

At precisely noon, Pick excuses himself and heads to the main entrance.

Stealthily, Jay and Neung follow.

A few people come and go, but each time one approaches, Jay and Neung hold their breath, start patting each other’s arms excitedly. A couple of girls pass by, giving Pick a once-over, but Pick is still glancing anxiously between his phone and the door. He steps out and Jay and Neung nearly fall over in their panic, are forced to follow him outside.

“Ai’Rome,” Pick is saying. “What happened?”

“Sorry, P’Pick, I--” He stops and acknowledges Jay and Neung. “P’Jay, P’Neung,” the guy, Rome, greets, wai-ing them. He looks vaguely familiar.

“Ignore them,” Pick tells him. “They’re just here to be nosy.” He gives them a look.

“Would you like to go to lunch with us?” Rome asks.

Jay and Neung eagerly agree, even as Pick is scolding Rome for asking.

Somehow, they make it to a restaurant and get their food and Rome is sitting next to Pick across from them, saying, “Thank you for taking care of P’Pick.”

Jay and Neung look at each other, then at Rome.

“Of course, nong,” Jay says quickly. “Nong Pick is…” She was about to lie out of politeness and stops herself, grinning at Rome. “Well, Pick is often closed off, but he’s great at his job.”

“A fantastic vet,” Neung agrees. “If a bit prickly.”

Rome looks at Pick. “P’Pick should really be nicer.”

“I don’t need to be nicer,” Pick grumbles, but he’s taking a portion of his food and giving it to Rome, and Rome in turn gives Pick some of his, with a little back and forth conversation about who wants what.

“So you two are…” Jay trails off, waiting.

Rome nudges Pick, who just grunts in return, so Rome sighs. “P’Pick is my husband. He doesn’t wear his ring at work and I know P’Pick isn’t particularly forthcoming about his private life, so I know he hasn’t already said.”

“They don’t need to know,” Pick reiterates.

“But,” Rome continues, “I know P’Pick is close to P’Jay and P’Neung, and I think they should know.”

“It’s not like we didn’t know you were seeing someone, Nong Pick,” Neung says with a smile. “Although I hadn’t expected someone so…” He gestures at Rome. “Cute.”

“Very cute,” Jay agrees.

“Very taken,” Pick says, and the two stifle their laughter.

Rome is stifling his own laughter. “P’Pick, they’re not interested.”

“Hmph.” Pick sounds unconvinced and, in that way, very much like his usual self even in this unusual situation.

After lunch, they head back to the office, telling Rome he’s welcome to come by more often, then allow Pick and Rome to say their goodbyes.

Jay and Neung, of course, are still keeping an eye on them, the curiosity too strong.

Pick leans down to kiss his husband, pulling him into an embrace.

“They’re actually really cute together,” Jay says. “I mean it.”

“Yeah,” Neung agrees, and he’s snapping pictures.

Pick gives Rome’s hand one last squeeze and he’s letting go, turning towards the building, so Jay and Neung shuffle away, if somewhat obviously.

They have plenty to lovingly tease him about later.

Chapter Text

For fairness, they’re all sleeping in the same room, but separately.

Sean awakens to someone crawling under the covers with him and assumes it’s White.

It doesn’t take him long to figure out it’s Black, especially when he’d been used to sleeping beside to Black before.

Black acts differently now though, must want Sean to think he’s White. He turns away so Sean can spoon him, so he can rub his ass against Sean tantalizingly and make little noises.

Two can play at this game.

Sean slides a hand up and down Black’s thigh. “So many people around. Does White really want Sean to take him right now?”

“They won’t know,” Black says. “We can be...discreet.” The word isn’t a usual one in Black’s vocabulary, sounds odd coming from Black even if his voice is so similar to White’s.

“Just like when we fucked while Black was passed out next to us,” Sean continues, riling Black up. “Sean had to cover White’s mouth because White was being so loud.”

“What the fuck, Sean?” Black hisses, breaking. “Next to me?”

Sean laughs. “I lied.” At Black’s grumble, he adds, “We fucked on the floor so it wouldn’t shake the bed.”