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go big or go home

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“Jin-Ah,” her brother says, sinking onto the couch carelessly, “I got reevaluated today.”


Jin-Ah makes a noise of assent, her mouth stuffed too full of takeout food to respond verbally, gesturing for him to continue with the video game controller in her hand. Because duh, there was no way in hell her brother was still an E Rank hunter after that growth spurt.


Now that her brother looks like a literal greek god, all the eye candy at her school is totally average now in comparison. Her standards for what makes a man good looking have literally shot through the roof, which is a real pain when all her friends want to do is fangirl over hot guys, and she is just hanging there like, yup, nice face, needs a six pack, 6 out of 10, next. 


 It’s like she’s been completely desensitised to hotness, which is a disaster for a preteen girl like her. 


Literally no one but Han Songi understands her pain.


Even worse, since that disaster of a Parent-Teacher conference, she’s had random girls coming up to her with questions on her idiot brother’s number, social media details and details on relationship status. Like seriously, go away.


But yeah, she’s pretty curious. Other than the growth spurt and change in attitude, he’s still her caring and hardworking elder bro underneath. He isn’t really that scary like the other higher ranked hunters she’s seen before in real life in passing or on the news, so Jin-Ah thinks that guessing he’s a B Ranker would be a safe bet. Maybe an A Ranker because of that satisfied aura he’s releasing. 


Jin-Woo looks pretty chill about the whole reevaluation thing, but she doesn’t want to set herself up for disappointment, so Jin-Ah thinks it’s pretty safe to bet he’s a B Rank.


With that, she offers him the bowl of takeout and chucks the other game controller at him, which he plucks out of the air in a single smooth motion, looking unfairly attractive while doing so. She curses her own genetic makeup once again. Why did he get all the good genes?


As if sensing her thoughts, Jin-Woo grins at her in familiar exasperation and props himself up using an elbow on the couch behind her, stretching out his legs over one of the armrests, game controller resting in his hands.


She adds him as Player 2, and the game is loading when he says, completely casual: 


“I’m an S Rank now.”


Jin-Ah promptly chokes on her mouthful of takeout as her brain goes nope .


Her dumbass brother continues speaking like becoming Korea’s tenth S Rank hunter is an everyday occurrence, not noticing Jin-Ah’s brain stop working entirely. “There’s an A Rank gate that opened up in the city, so I’ll be going hunting later today.”


Jin-Ah slowly swallows the food as her brain stutters into motion again. Given the circumstances, she thinks she reacts better than expected, but hey, sue her, Jin-Woo’s an S Rank .


“You’re A WHAT ?!” she screeches.

“HAN SONG-I! HAN SONG-I HAN SONG-I JIN-WOO’S AN S RANK!” Jin-Ah barrels into their English class barely two minutes early with all the grace of a newborn giraffe and the speed of a freight train, shrieking at the top of her lungs.


The English teacher was still absent, but they all knew he would be arriving exactly on time as usual, looking down on the class through his spectacles like the snob he was. Jin-Ah had about a minute to vent before he came, and she was prepared to do so even if it cost her a detention.


“He’s a freaking WHAT?!” Han Song-I stands up in disbelief before running over to meet her halfway, leaving her book bag abandoned beside her desk. 


“I know, I know, I literally couldn’t believe my ears and I’m pretty sure my noodles went the wrong way down my throat because I was in shock but Oppa was all completely chill about it and didn’t even blink an eye as he told me while I was casually dying next to him like,” Jin-Ah pauses her rant to take a breath, “Like, holy crap what the hell?!”


Han Song-I makes a high-pitched noise in the back of her throat, and she looks like she’s going to explode with sheer excitement. Jin-Ah makes a matching noise and together they mutually hyperventilate, fangirl and simultaneously make high pitched screams at one another in an admittedly weird attempt to somehow express the notion of ‘how is this happening’ and ‘what the bloody hell’ and ‘how much money can we get from selling his autographs and embarrassing baby photos’ at the same time.


Frantic hand gestures and eyebrow movements are made as Jin-Ah tries to wordlessly communicate the circus that was her life right now to Han Song-I who is expressing her disbelief and amazement in a similar manner.


Despite being one, Jin-Ah has to admit that teenage girls communicate like aliens sometimes.


Someone pointedly clearing their throat behind them brings their mini-freakout session to a temporary halt, and they both turn around with wide eyes to see their snobby English teacher standing with crossed arms behind them, looking more than a little annoyed at being ignored so thoroughly. Another quick sweep of the classroom tells Jin-Ah that nearly everyone is staring at them confusedly.


“I suppose there is a good reason that you two ladies are holding up the start of this class?”


Words. Jin-Ah has them.


“Um,” Jin-Ah says, the epitome of eloquence. “There’s an explanation for this. Song-I?”


The teacher raises an eyebrow at them, and Jin-Ah suddenly wishes she had Jin-Woo’s newfound S Rank strength to punch the smug look off his face.


“Precisely.” Han Song-I backs her up immediately, bless her soul. “Jin-Ah, kindly explain to the class what exactly is that explanation.”


Han Song-I, you complete traitor.


Jin-Ah mutters something nonsensical under her breath, before grabbing Han Song-I and dragging her back to their desks so class can start, ignoring the curious glances of the other students.


How is this her life?

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As you would expect after suddenly dropping a bomb like that, Jin-Ah spends the rest of her English class doing some bastardised form of sign language slash morse code to Song-I and frantically trying to translate Song-I’s own spaghetti-esque movements, before eventually resorting to pegging notes at one another from across the classroom when the teacher's back was turned. 


It was good that they did, because trying to tell her best friend and partner in crime all the deets of literally everything was sort of difficult when they were limited to frantic low-key gesturing and eyebrow wiggling when the teacher was faced the other way.


Song-I’s first note pegged her way reads: bro are u serious? Jinwoo oppa’s gonna literally be a celebrity wtf


They make eye contact and Jin-Ah nods frantically, eyes wide. Song-I’s hands fly to cup her cheeks and she silently mimes an excited squeal. 


Girls .” They both twist to face the front of the classroom so fast that Jin-ah gets whiplash. Their English teacher clears his throat while giving them disapproving looks. While Jin-Ah has the decency to look abashed (she’s really not), a glance over at that single-celled organism Song-I proves she's still preoccupied by the thought of knowing an S-Rank hunter. 


She writes a response in the margin of her notebook, and hopes that will fool the teacher into thinking she’s actually being productive.  As predicted, he turns around to write down the future conjugations of another couple of verbs on the board, so she quietly uses her ruler to rip the section out, squishing it into a ball.


I cannot believe this he literally had to google how to cook an egg last week and now he’s going to be freaking s-rank Hunter. he’s gonna have fangirls! 


The scrunched note thwacks Song-I on the temple and bounces across her desk to rest on her open textbook. She’s onto it like a starved man on a McDonald’s happy meal.


Fangirls , Song-I! She hopes her face expresses her sheer panic at this thought. Her dumbass of a brother, with fangirls . Bleergh. She must be doing a pretty good job of it, because Song-I is now doing the face she makes when she’s desperately trying not to snort-laugh.


Ur bro is gonna be a literal fuckin ICON jin-ah omg I cannot believe I am actually going to have known a celeb since before they were a celeb - i even have embarrassing selfies of him that u’ve sent meeee ARGGGHHHHH


I knowww Jin-Woo being a celebrity of any kind feels like a crime against humanity, he’s literally a human troll 

earth is so screwed


dude the only crime against humanity going on here rn is that ur oppa isn’t planning to do any underwear modelling in the near future.


Jin-Ah can’t help but snort. The thought is just too funny to picture. If it had been just Jin-Ah and Song-I together, she probably would have been reduced into a giggling lump on the floor. But she isn’t, because having everyone in the room give you super judgy looks in unison is a pretty sobering thing. The teacher is glaring at her again, and Jin-Ah does her best to fake a tiny cough and a sniffle, and play her laugh off as a tiny not-cough.  She thinks they buy it, but she’s not entirely sure, but they continue the lesson anyway.


Meanwhile, three seats to her left, Song-I looks like she’s three seconds from a laughter-induced seizure. Jin-Ah glares at her, and she silently laughs harder. 


Jin-Ah’s next note reads: An entire generation will grow up never knowing that their hero is a walking hazard in the kitchen, and somehow manages to survive purely on shitty takeout food when his little sister is gone


Song-I’s response is rapid, entirely unsympathetic, and poorly aimed. Jin-Ah is forced to low-key use her foot to drag it back towards her under her desk.


Tbh no one will care jin-ah, your brother is a literal snacc so they’ll all be thirsting after him regardless 


He’s still a total dweeb, if you ask me.


ur obligated to say that as his sister, but dweeb or not, ur oppa is still smoking hot and most people on the internet don't care about personality these days lol


This particular note falls too short, and lands on the floor between Jin-Ah and her neighbour, who just so happens to be the class monitor, Park Eun-Ji, which is sort of awkward as they make eye contact.  


She still picks it up. 


Fortunately for her, Song-I is sitting on a desk adjacent to the wall separating the classroom from the hallway, which means it’s pretty simple for Jin-Ah to get notes to her, as all she needs to do is peg it really hard at the wall in Song-I’s general direction, and trust that it’ll either land on her desk or on the floor nearby. 


Song-I however, is not so lucky, as Jin a is literally sitting smack bang in the centre of the classroom, and misses more often than she manages to successfully get it onto Jin-Ah’s desk.


Throwing balls of paper at one another is not exactly the most subtle method of communication, especially in a classroom full of perpetually bored teenagers. They were already receiving a lot of really weird or annoyed looks from their classmates, especially the ones sitting near them. The class monitor was looking like she was going to explode a little more with every note thrown across the classroom.


Screw the internet


Good luck finding another way to waste your life without it , Song-I writes back. Hm. Very good point. 


Unscrew the internet


you’re more of a dweeb than ur brother is 


Jin-Ah glares. Song-I grins. That piece of trash. For that, she takes the time to write out one of her favourite memes in letter form. 


What did you just say about me, you little bitch? I’ll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Navy Seals, and I’ve been involved in numerous secret raids on Al-Quaeda, and I have over 300 confirmed kills. I am trained in gorilla warfare and I’m the top sniper in the US armed forces. I swear will wipe you out with precision the likes of which has never been seen before on this Earth, mark my freaking words.


It takes her far longer than she would like to admit, and if she has to edit a couple of bits because she can’t remember them correctly, it doesn’t really matter because the sentiment remains. Also, she makes it a little less explicit because Park Eun-Ji is looking fit to explode, and she doesn’t want to get in even more trouble if it gets intercepted. 


After checking that the teacher is not looking in their direction,  Jin-Ah raises her arm, and pegs her response at Song-I with all the strength and rage of a pissed off teenage girl. 


Which, admittedly, is quite a lot. Jin-Ah used to be a pretty damn good baseball pitcher. 


Since she had taken so long writing it out, Song-I had returned to the doze-like state she usually goes into when sitting in a classroom without higher forms of entertainment, which meant she was totally unprepared for the paper pellet smacking her in the face at terminal velocity. 


The thwack and Song-I’s resulting squeak is beautiful to behold.


Unfortunately, she never gets to read her reply, because Park Eun-Ji, that snitch, promptly decides she’s had enough of notes flying all around her and dibs on them. They both get detention.