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Let's Love! on Twitter?!

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It should have been a typical day. School was normal, today Sakura Chiyo had been able to use her favorite spot for Nozaki-kun watching unobserved during breaks (and he'd looked so handsome talking to his classmates as usual) and now it was time for Art Club.

What she didn't expect was Nozaki-kun waiting for her outside the classroom they used for Art Club.

"Sakura, there's something I need your help with later."

"O-Of course, Nozaki-kun!" Her heart fluttered at the request even though her mind reminded her heart it was most likely more beta for Nozaki's manga. Was the next chapter due already? She couldn't remember.

"After school when your club finishes, come over" he said, and she wondered why Nozaki-kun seemed more... animated than usual. Was it something related to Ken-san? Should she bring some ink?


Should she have changed clothes? But Nozaki-kun hadn't said anything and hopefully he didn't want her to wear a sailor suit style uniform... But he'd seemed somewhat different earlier today when asking for her help...

She knocked, and in a few minutes, Nozaki opened his door.

"Ah, Sakura, just in time. Come sit."

He was dressed normally, and there didn't seem to be anyone else inside Nozaki-kun's apartment. (No Ken-san nor Hori-senpai, though the latter she was sure of since on her way out of the school earlier, she'd passed by the Drama Club and heard Hori-senpai shouting at Kashima-kun for attempting to skip Club again.)

"Nozaki-kun, the beta?" No papers were on the communal work desk, only a laptop that Nozaki immediately headed to.

"Not today," Nozaki-kun said as he gestured again for her to sit next to him.

She felt her heart race as she sat next to him. Her eyes widened as she looked at what he was doing.

A blue bird on a very familiar social media website and a form...

"'re making a Twitter account, Nozaki-kun?"

He nodded excitedly. "Yes, Sakura. It seems to be the popular trend now. I've seen some mangaka post draft images or even post about other mangaka or about their day..."

Sakura blinked. Was this something... Ken-san suggested? But surely Ken-san wouldn't... with Nozaki pretending to be a high school girl mangaka...

"If I do this right, I'll tell Ken-san."

Oh dear. Didn't Nozaki-kun already have enough trouble with the Free Talk sections of his manga? Should he really be doing this without Ken-san?

"Um, Nozaki-kun..." How could she put this... What exactly did Nozaki-kun plan to say on Twitter?

"Do you think @yumenosakiko is taken?"

"Um, only one way to find out..." she said resignedly. It would make good sense to at least secure the Twitter account, right?


In the end, all they had done yesterday afternoon was sign up with the account @yumenosakiko as Nozaki-kun was still researching about what he could post.

Still, this seemed like a bad idea, so...

"Mikorin, we need you!" Best to appeal to Mikorin's need to be wanted during breaktime. (Bait the trap.)

"O-Oh, Sakura! O-Of course, what do you need from me?" Of course Mikorin was blushing already with just a few words.

"Nozaki-kun's planning something for work and we need you to come over later after school."

He winced. He had been planning on playing the latest galge he'd picked up yesterday. "What's this about, Sakura? I thought his next deadline was... next month?" Hadn't he finished drawing flowers for Nozaki's latest chapter last week?

"Mikorin, Nozaki..." She leaned up to whisper in his ear.

He blanched as he backed away. "What?! Nozaki is trying to make a Twitter account?!"

"Shh! Mikorin!"

"But... he's still pretending, right? This is as... Let's Love, right?"

Hadn't Nozaki learned from that disastrous time he wanted to try doing a fansign and either cosplaying as a large high school girl or hiding under a blanket behind Sakura and making her pretend to be him? (1)

"Yeah, but... he really wants one!"

Love was certainly blind, Mikoshiba thought as he looked at Sakura who he knew probably had doubts as well about Nozaki's latest endeavor yet still wanted to encourage Nozaki. Well, Twitter might be safer anyway, at least no need for engaging fans in person.

"I'll be there," he promised, and Sakura beamed at him.

Maybe it wouldn't be so bad. Maybe he could try making some kind of mock-up for the Twitter image header for Nozaki's account... maybe something like Mayumayu's blog?

Mayumayu only posted drawings. Couldn't Nozaki do that? His fans would probably love it.


"I made a drawing of me for the profile," Nozaki said at his apartment later while they waited for Mikorin to arrive.

She thought instantly of Miyako-san's drawing of Nozaki-kun in a racoon suit. No, no, they couldn't use that! It would leak Nozaki-kun's identity and more importantly, what if fans fell in love with him in that drawing? "O-oh! Show me!"

He brought out a paper face down, then quickly turned it over. "What do you think?"

She blinked at the cutely drawn girl on the paper, with lots of sparkles... and was that a princess dress?

Well, it wasn't like she was expecting him to draw himself any other way... That was his avatar after all. "It's great, Nozaki-kun!"

He grinned at her, making her heart flutter again. Nozaki-kun being so enthusiastic was so charming, she thought happily.


"Let's think about what you'll post first, Nozaki-kun."

"Hmm, I was thinking something like..."

-Hello world! I'm Yumeno Sakiko, the pretty high school mangaka of Let's Love! Today I was confessed to by three guys, I'm so popular!-

"Nozaki-kun..." She really wondered if Ken-san shouldn't be told anonymously of Nozaki-kun's plan to use Twitter.

A knock came at the door.

"That'll be Mikorin," Nozaki said. "He said he'd be late, though I'm not sure why-"

As Nozaki-kun stood up to open the door, a paper slipped from his pocket onto the table. She peeked at it.

"Post 3: Today, we had a test! I was so good, the most handsome guy in class asked me to help him with his homework!"

"Post 4: Today, we had art class. Here's my assignment! (make something good with watercolor, ask Sakura for help, if well received, plan art book)"

"Post 5: Ken-san and I went to the amusement park to do research for the next few chapters! (attach drawing)"

Mikorin, please stop Nozaki-kun, she thought wildly as she watched Nozaki-kun stand up to let Mikorin in.

After Mikorin had settled in, he brought out his smartphone. "Okay, I was looking at some of the more prominent mangaka who have twitter accounts to see what they were posting. It looks like this one is using his to show some uninked panels to increase anticipation for the next chapter..."

"Okay..." That, at least, seemed plausible to do and not particularly revelatory. She knew she could count on Mikorin to do research. Did he look at many mangaka twitter accounts usually?

"And this mangaka posts some pictures of scenery that she sees day to day..."

"Still not too bad..." She saw Nozaki nodding, bringing out his camera.

"And this mangaka posts about some of the games he finished playing..."

"Not too bad... I could post about that game we played with you, Sakura..."

At least that one was an otome, Mikoshiba thought. It would raise a lot of questions if Yumeno Sakiko the famous high school girl mangaka was playing galge, like the one he'd just played...

"And this mangaka replies to other mangaka... that seems to be pretty exciting to their fans and makes them check out the other mangaka's works as well."

She snuck a peek at Nozaki-kun, who seemed to be intensely studying the conversation between mangaka on Twitter. He then pulled out a notepad, clearly intending to take notes.

"Nozaki-kun... do you even talk to other mangaka other than Miyako-san?"

"...does Miyako-san have a Twitter account?"

Mikoshiba blinked. "I don't think she has, I can't find it at least..."


Luckily, Miyako-san hadn't minded their sudden visit.

"Twitter? Yes, I sometimes look at it, but I never thought of making an account."

"Why not, Miyako-san? It looks like other mangaka also have..."

"Well, I don't... I haven't been advised that I need to..."

Right, while Miyako-san was using her real name as her pen name she tried to avoid mixing her personal life with her work. A Twitter account with her real name posting about her manga would certainly make that harder. If Miyako-san didn't feel the need to, then Nozaki-san-

"Also, Maeno recently discovered Twitter and has been posting there more than the Monthly Romance manga blog lately," Miyako-san then said thoughtfully. (2)

"What?! He has an account?!"

"Yes, I hear it's quite popular though I haven't checked it in a while. Wait, let me show you on my laptop-"

Nozaki looked pained as she loaded Maeno's Twitter page, stepping back to let them look and moving away to prepare some tea.

Mikoshiba's eyes widened as the three of them crowded around the laptop. "Whoa, he has 100,000 followers! More than a lot of mangaka we checked out!"

"What is he posting?"

She felt Nozaki's intensity and sighed, of course now Nozaki-kun will want to beat Maeno in followers...?

"Today's OOTD! Don't fall in love with me!"

"At least it's not on the company blog anymore."

"I ate this today, so delicious!"

"Again, that's Miyako-san's manuscript, isn't it? Under that sandwich he's eating?"

"Isn't that already a stain on the manuscript?" Sakura whispered this to Nozaki-kun, careful not to let Miyako-san hear. The photo was colored, and there was clearly a red stain already covering what looked like a... Miyako-famous tanuki.

"MAENO! You really should report him, Miyako-san" Nozaki said angrily, making Sakura wince and cover her ears as she drew back.

"Oops, I'm so clumsy today!"

"There goes a manuscript again on the floor," Nozaki-kun said darkly.

"And is that a spill near it? Oh gosh..." No wonder Miyako-san didn't look at Maeno's Twitter page, Sakura thought grimly, each post might cause heart attacks for the mangaka Maeno managed.

"Off for drinks! Don't tell anyone where I'm going! Don't I look good?"

"...isn't that the day that you said Ken-san said some mangaka were looking for their editor desperately while he picked up your manuscript?"

Mikorin blinked at her statement then looked at her wryly, but Nozaki nodded quickly.

What, she couldn't help it if she remembered what Nozaki-kun had said last week? Mikorin was also there, he should have remembered!

Mikorin coughed. "Here's a tweet from one of Maeno's mangaka posting about something that happened in the latest manga chapter...? He replied to it."

See? I thought of that! Wasn't that a great idea? I think I should get some credit for that!

Nozaki quickly checked the mangaka's Twitter page. After that comment the mangaka hadn't posted again. Thank you Ken-san, he thought happily, thank you for being my editor.

"Is it X? Is X the killer? Find out in Monthly Shoujo Magazine coming out next month!"

Slightly disturbed yet wanting to encourage Nozaki's sudden cheerful mood, Mikoshiba desperately read the next tweet by Maeno. "This seems fine, like an advertisement for the mangaka he's managing..."

Nozaki nodded resignedly. "Ken-san mentioned that was the most popular manga in the issue last month." A whodunit that even he couldn't tell who was behind the gristly murders... it had been quite interesting. He mentally made a note to read the chapter next month.

Sakura mutely pointed at the replies to the tweet.

"Kidding, it's Y!" - Maeno

"MAENO!" Nozaki stood up and started breathing heavily, startling Miyako-san who'd started reading the tweets behind them.

Sakura exhaled. "He spoiled the ending before the release of the next issue..."

Nozaki breathed in slowly, imagining Maeno possibly discovering his future Twitter account and also leaving comments on his posts.

"Let's not use Twitter."

"Okay, Nozaki-kun." Both Mikoshiba and Sakura exhaled loudly. Crisis averted.