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Cold Case

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Carol walked into the office on Monday determined.  After her Sunday afternoon with Therese, she was more than ready to move on with her life, a life WITH Therese.  It was fast and it was pure insanity, but Carol knew what she wanted.  She wanted nights and weekends with Therese.  She wanted to wake with that beautiful woman in her arms.  She wanted family vacations, and holidays and a normal life with the ups and downs.  Of course, in order to have that, they needed to catch these assholes.  She had a game plan, starting with going back over every inch of each murder.  If Harge was involved, and she felt more and more in her gut that he was, she was going to find out how. Once the case was done, Carol would leave the BAU and move to a permanent teaching job at the FBI academy.  She would support whatever Therese chose to do with her career, so long as they could be together.  That was her plan, to do whatever she had to do, so that she and Therese could be together. 

The lights in the office were still dim which meant Carol was the first one to arrive.  The A-team had been called away, otherwise she was sure J.J would have beaten her in.  She walked in and the motion sensors kicked on, lighting the entire office.  Since she was the first one there, she walked over to the small office kitchenette and fired up the coffee pot.  She was just pouring herself a cup when Gen came strolling in, Starbucks in hand.  “Good morning, Carol.  You’re here early.”

 “I think it was more of just not running late.  Rindy was in a good mood; I was in a good mood and everything was just running smoothly. I see you already have coffee. You’ll be bouncing off the walls later!”

Gen took a sip from her Venti sized cup, “Yeah, I was craving a mocha latte.  So good weekend?”

Carol smiled, but kept her cards close to her chest.  “It was! How was yours?”

“Oh you know I stay busy.” Gen replied as she walked over and sat at her desk, turned on her computer and started skimming through her emails.

“As I recall, you were always somewhat of a daredevil.  So, what was it this weekend? White water rafting? Skydiving? Alligator wrestling?”

Gen laughed.  “You do remember! Well, I have slowed a bit.  This weekend was just hiking.”

“And were you hiking alone? Or has someone special come in to your life?” Carol asked as she sipped her coffee. 

Gen looked up at Carol and tilted her head.  She was confused.  This was not the Carol that had been running the team the past few weeks or even the Carol she knew from the past.  This was not the emotionally unavailable, cold, hard, and somewhat broken Carol that had trained her.  No, this was a different Carol, a happy Carol.  She was making small talk and smiling and…

“Good morning, ladies!” Phil came walking in. “I smell coffee, thank God!”

“You’re chipper, this morning.” Gen noted.  “Meet a girl?”

“Ha! Several!” He smirked.  “Friday night after you all bailed, I met Gracie.  Saturday night was Amy.”

“God, you’re such a player.” Gen shook her head. “And not even that cute!”

“I get cuter when the girls get drunker!” he said with a loud laugh.

“Too early and too loud, dude.” Dannie walked in half asleep.  “Please tell me there is coffee.”

“There is.” Carol patted him on the back.  “Rough morning?”

“I guess.  Just a Monday.” He poured himself a coffee and then slouched over to his desk. 

“I heard A-team got called out to Colorado,” Gen said to the group.  “Does it ever worry anyone else just how many serial killers there seem to be in the world?”

“Well without them we’d be out of a job.” Phil noted with a smile.

“He’s not wrong.” Dannie agreed, his eyes still half shut.

This was nice, Carol thought.  They were starting to feel more like an actual team or family, much like the other team always did.  For a while she had worried that this group just wouldn’t click and while being close wasn’t a requirement, it definitely helped in a dark career field like this.

“Once you all get settled, I want us all to meet in the conference room as soon as Therese gets here.  We are going to start at the beginning and review every crime scene. Let’s pretend we know nothing and just start over, okay?”

There was a general “yes, boss” from the group and Carol walked up the stairs to her office.  She finished her coffee, read her emails, and then gathered her folders to head to the conference room.  It was 9:00am and everyone had coffee and was waiting in the conference room, notes and folders at the ready.  Carol came in to start, but stopped when she saw the empty seat.  “Where is Therese?”