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Cold Case

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Carol sat on her bed folding laundry, day dreaming of the night before.  No matter how hard she tried to concentrate, her mind kept wandering back to kissing Therese.  She could feel the warmth of her lips, taste her on her tongue, feel her under her fingertips...and it was driving her into a frenzy.  Carol looked over at her phone.  Should I text her? Call her? Invite her over for a lust driven fuck-fest while Rindy played video games downstairs? 

The sudden ringing of her cell phone woke her from her fantasy.  She felt her heart sink at the realization that is was only Jeanette, the mom down the street.  They made polite small talk until she finally got to the reason for her call.  “Oh, I’m sure she would love it.  What time?  Great.  We will see you tomorrow.”

Carol stood up, leaving the clothes on the bed, and walked down the hall to Rindy’s room.  “Hey sweet pea.”

Rindy’s face beamed up at her from the make-believe zoo she had created in her room with all of her stuffed animals.  “The elephant is sick and needs to go the animal doctor.”

“The vet?” Carol played along, acting concerned for the sickly animal.  “Oh goodness! Is there a vet around here that works with elephants?”

“Me! I know all about all the animals at the zoo! I can fix him!” Carol imagined her daughter in the future, working as either a vet or a zoologist.  She hoped her love of animals wouldn’t go away and that her future career would be in a world safe from the darkness that Carol dealt with every day.

“So Jeanette just called and was wondering if you wanted to go on a playdate with Olivia tomorrow.  She said something about the trampoline park?”

The seven-year-old’s face lit up with excitement.  “Really? Yes! I love the trampolines!”

Carol sat on the edge of her daughter’s bed.  “Ok, well they will pick you up tomorrow at 11.  I’ll give you some money for lunch.  Do you remember our rules?”

“Don’t talk to strangers.  Stay within sight of the grown-ups. Be polite,” Rindy recited.

Carol mussed the blonde hair on the little girl’s head.  “And easy on the junk food! You always forget that one! I’m going to go finish the laundry and make us some lunch.  Any requests?”

“Nuggets.” The blonde girl said going back to her animal party.

“I don’t know why I even asked.” Carol smiled and left her daughter to play.  She walked back into her bedroom and picked up her phone to text Therese. 

C- Good morning.  She waited for a few minutes but when no reply came she went back to her clothes in an attempt to distract herself.  After an eternity…or maybe ten minutes…her phone finally buzzed.

T-Morning. Sorry, just got out of shower.

Carol didn’t know if she meant it to be teasing, but the image of a naked Therese wet and fresh from the shower was definitely having that effect on her.

T-How are you? How is Rindy?

Carol’s heart melted.  She was asking about her daughter? How was this woman so perfect?

C-Getting ready for a gourmet lunch of dino nuggets. How are you?

T- Once again, I am taunted by the dinosaur nuggets. I must try these.

Carol paused before sending her next text.  She didn’t want to push too far, too fast, but after last night she was sure they were both on the same page and Carol desperately wanted to spend some time with Therese…alone.  She wondered if they could start a relationship without letting it get in the way of the job.  Carol knew she was good at compartmentalization, but she wouldn’t make that assumption about Therese.  She decided she would play it loose and easy and just let Therese set the pace for whatever would happen.

C-Any big plans this weekend?

T-The usual, laundry, grocery, paperwork. You?

C- Nothing too exciting. Rindy has a playdate tomorrow. Would you want to come over? We could talk about the case or…

T- Or?

C- I have wine…and dinosaur nuggets.

T- How can I refuse that? What time?

C- Rindy gets picked up at 11- any time after.

T- See you tomorrow.

The butterflies in Carol’s stomach started to swarm.  She set down her phone and let her imagination take over again. Tomorrow she would see Therese and they would be alone, away from the prying eyes at the BAU and no, Carol had no intention of discussing the case.




It was a beautiful Sunday morning. Therese stepped out of her apartment building and looked around, soaking in the sun as a police cruiser drove past.  She could feel it, feel him, like a buzzing in the back of her mind. Fuck you, she thought.  I am not going to let you make me feel like a victim. Even though she was desperate to see Carol, she took her time and meandered down the street to her car and then took her time driving out to Georgetown.  She strolled up to Carol’s door and before knocking, turned back to look out at the street.  She flashed a big smile and her dimples to the world.  I hope you are watching, you son of a bitch, because I’m about to go inside and fu…

“What are you looking at?” Carol said from behind her. 

Therese turned around to see Carol standing in the doorway with a smile on her lips. She looked absolutely ravishing in blue jeans and a white button down top and Therese knew she would look even better out of them.  Her face flushed with something between embarrassment and arousal. 


“It’s stupid,” she said looking down at her feet.

“Tell me anyway.” Carol walked out onto her small front porch next to Therese.  The younger woman was wearing black jeggings and a loose fitting t-shirt that was cut low in the front. The pants hugged her ass perfectly and being slightly taller, Carol could see down the front of her shirt.  Carol realized Therese knew exactly what she was doing when she picked out her outfit today.  

“I thought if he was watching…I wanted him to see me here.” Therese didn’t think she was being clear, but a sense of understanding crossed Carol’s face.

“Hmmmm.” Carol took her hand and brought Therese’s chin up so their eyes could meet.  “If you want to challenge him, you’d better look confident when doing so. So what is it you want him to see exactly?”

Therese didn’t hesitate before leaning forward placing her lips on Carol’s. It wasn’t deep or passionate, but it was tender and full of affection.  When she pulled back, Carol’s eyes were a stormy grey and filled with want.

“Who knew you were such as exhibitionist, Therese Belivet?”

Therese smirked. “Says the woman who attacked me on the street last night?”

Carol looked up and down her street, but nothing seemed out of the norm. “Is your spider sense tingling? Do you think he is watching us?”

“Yes.” Therese looked around also before turning back to Carol and her breathtaking eyes.

“Good.” Carol leaned down and pulled Therese into a fierce kiss before looping her arms around and pulling her inside the house.  She closed the door behind them with her foot, not wanting to release the beautiful woman from her arms. 

“Lock.” Therese muttered between kisses.  Carol broke her mouth away just long enough to turn and lock the door, but when she turned back around Therese had taken a few steps back and was looking at her seriously.

“What’s wrong?” Carol said with concern.  Oh God. Was this not okay? Was she moving too fast?

“I just…was that smart?  I mean, if he is following me, should we be taunting him? Should I even be here?” 

Carol thought for a moment and then started walking towards the living room, grabbing Therese by the hand and pulling her along. “You know, I didn’t really plan on us talking about the case today, but since you brought it up, yes.”

Therese quickly started following the blonde towards the back of the house and to the kitchen. “Yes to what?”

“Yes, you should be here.  I will not cower in the corner and let him ruin our lives. Drink?”

Therese nodded as Carol opened the fridge and started to look around, pulling out a bottle of white wine. “Too early?”

“Does it pair well with dinosaur nuggets?” Therese was finally starting to relax again.

Carol smiled at her. “Not as well as grape juice, I’m afraid.  Would you rather that?”

“Wine is fine.” Therese sat on a stool at the island that separated the kitchen and living room. “Can’t we just bring him in as a person of interest?”

Carol uncorked the wine and grabbed two glasses. “Not without just cause.  His lawyers would eat us alive.  I need him to do something, to say something- anything really- to give us a reason.  In fact, I think we need him to be emotionally off kilter so he’s more likely to make a mistake.  If my ex is the one watching you, knowing that you are here, with me, might just be the thing that pushes him to do so.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want anyone else to get hurt, but I need him to show his hand.”  Harge always thinks he is the smartest person in the room, especially if that room is filled with women.  I’d actually like to see him go against you and Gen in interrogation.” 

“To be honest, it isn’t my best skill.  I’m not mean enough and the unsubs always think I’m young and weak.” Therese played with her finger nails, feeling slightly embarrassed to admit that to her boss.

“Who said you had to be mean? You need to be able to read people, and that my darling, you are very good at.” Carol handed her a glass before taking a sip from her own.

“How do you know?” Therese looked at her quizzically.

Carol took another sip before answering her. “Because you can read me like a book.”

Therese smiled and let her green eyes wander up and down her hostesses’ body before taking her own sip of the sweet wine.  “Mmmm…this is good and most of the time I can, but not always.” She licked her lips, enjoying the fruity taste of the wine on her tongue.

“What am I thinking now?” Carol looked at Therese, blue eyes flashing like lightning.

Therese studied her thoughtfully for a second.  She could see the flush of her cheeks and she thought back to their kiss on the porch.  “You want to stop talking about the case and move on to…other things.”

Carol nodded, a naughty sparkle in her eyes. “Exactly. See? You’re brilliant.” Carol walked over and took Therese by the hand to lead her over to the sofa.  “Sit. Make yourself comfortable.”

Therese sat down, setting her wine glass on the coffee table.  She looked around the room again, thinking back to the last time she was here, playing video games with Rindy. “So you said Rindy had a play date?”

“She went with her friend Olivia to the indoor trampoline park.” Carol was staring at her now, her eyes growing more intense by the second. 

“What time will they be back?” Therese felt her body reacting to the penetrating gaze.  She tried to meet her stare with her own, but felt herself flush.

“After four.” Carol studied her carefully, “What are you thinking?”

Therese was sure Carol’s voice just dropped an octave. “I find it hard to think anything when you look at me like that.”

Carol smiled mischievously. “Like what?”

Therese let the fire she was feeling flow through her. Feeling something shift inside, she looked up and this time she held Carol’s blue-grey eyes with her own bright green eyes drenched in desire.  Two could play at this game. “You know exactly what you are doing to me, Carol.”

“I only know what I want to be doing to you.” Carol whispered, shifting a little closer on the sofa. She wanted to grab her, to kiss her, to throw her back and feel her body under her--

“Did you mean everything you said last night?” Therese broke up the sexual fantasy playing in Carol’s mind.

Carol’s head tilted forward and a strand of blonde hair fell into her face.  She realized she needed to slow down.  Clearly Therese needed some more reassurance from her before they could move forward.  “I meant every word.”

Therese hesitated for a moment and then slowly reached up to tuck the blonde hair behind her ear.  Her hand lingered on Carol’s face and she traced the outline of her jaw before her eyes fell to Carol’s lips.  She was slowly moving closer, helpless against the gravity that always pulled her towards Carol. 

Suddenly, Carol’s body felt like it was on fire with need.  Her rational mind, just seconds ago filled with warnings to go slow, to wait, to let Therese decide how fast they would go, was short-circuiting.  She needed to kiss Therese.

“Carol, I know we said we needed to be careful, but—“

The ‘but’ was all Carol needed to hear before she was pulling Therese into a passionate kiss.  Her tongue immediately sought entry and started dancing around Therese’s mouth.  Hands were wandering over and then under clothes.  Therese leaned back, pulling Carol on top of her, spreading her knees apart and Carol pushed her hips into the younger woman, wanting desperately to remove all the clothing that was keeping her from feeling every inch of her.  Therese gasped at the feeling, needing more contact.  They were animalist, unhinged, and about to become a raging inferno when Therese reached up and ran her fingers through the blonde strands and pulled back, forcing Carol to look into her eyes.  “Take me to bed.”

Carol nodded and lifted herself off of Therese before lowering a hand to help Therese up from the sofa.  They walked hand in hand up the stairs until they reached the door to Carol’s room.  Carol paused before opening, “Are you sure?”

Therese was kissing her again, deeper, harder, as if trying to relay everything she felt into that one kiss. The inferno was building again and quickly.  “I need you.” She panted against her mouth, “Need to feel you…to touch you.” Carol whined into her kiss and opened the door revealing a queen-sized bed drenched in sunlight. For a minute, Carol felt self-conscious and wondered if Therese would be comfortable like this, making love in the daytime. Would she be comfortable being so open? As if answering her question, Therese pulled her t-shirt over her head and walked over to the bed.  She turned to face Carol and started undoing her buttons.  “I want to see you.”

They were kissing again, shirts off, bras quickly discarded, breasts pressed against each other.  Carol thought it felt divine, Therese’s skin against her own.  She reached for Therese’s jeggings and slid them down her beautifully toned legs before removing her own.  They laid next to each other on the bed, slowly touching and exploring each other. 

Therese wanted to memorize every inch, every curve, every freckle of the goddess laid bare before her.  She kissed her softly, running her finger tips down her arms, across her stomach and up to her breasts, cupping and feeling them under her palms. 

Carol’s hands were on Therese’s hips, shifting as her thigh moved in between her legs. Therese gasped at the thrust of Carol’s thigh against her and Carol licked inside of her mouth.  This had never felt so pure…so intimate…or so perfect before.  She reached down between them and gently ran her hands over Therese’s soaking underwear and let out a deep moan.  Carol needed to taste her, to be one with her, to be inside of her. She slid her hand under the panties, sliding a single finger in between her folds and Therese’s head fell back in pleasure.  “God, yes…”

Carol shifted again, slowly kissing her way down the brunette’s athletic body.  She kissed each breast and sucked on each nipple as her fingers kept moving slowly, exploring the wetness.  Carol kissed her way down her stomach and finally stopped just above her panty line, slowly lowering the black lacy undies down her thighs, tossing them across the room.  The smell of Therese’s desire was overwhelming and Carol’s mouth watered as she lowered her mouth, licking delicately at first, relishing every subtle taste.  Therese was salty and sweet and just so…Therese. Carol felt absolutely ravenous, wanting to devour every inch of the woman laid out beneath her.

Therese was lost in the sensation of Carol’s mouth on her.  She grabbed a pillow and pulled it to her face and moaned loudly in absolute ecstasy. Carol couldn’t help but giggle at how she was hiding and trying to be quiet.  “We are home alone, Therese.” She sucked delicately, eliciting a louder moan from her young lover.  “Let me hear you, baby. Tell me how it feels.” She dove back in, licking long and slow. 

“So…God…so good…I need…Carol…I need…” Therese struggled to form words.

Carol knew what she needed because Carol needed it, too.  She moved one hand lower to join her mouth and used two fingers to slowly circle and then plunge into the hot wet heat.  Therese screamed in pleasure as Carol moved her fingers in and out, slowly matching the rhythm of her tongue. Carol wanted this moment to last forever, but she could feel the increased wetness and the muscles tensing around her fingers. She knew Therese was close, so Carol slowed down…moving agonizingly slow.  I love this, she thought.  I love you…my beautiful, brilliant, girl. Her thoughts scared her.  How could she feel so much, so soon?  

Therese was writhing under her and Carol knew she wouldn’t last much longer.  She increased the speed of her tongue and thrusts until she heard the young brunette calling her name.

“Carol...Carrrroooolll….oh God…Ohhhhhhh!”  Therese didn’t know if she was falling or drowning or maybe she was flying? All she knew for sure was that her body was no longer hers, it now belonged to Carol. Her body, her heart, her soul…all belonged to Carol.  She reached down and pulled the blonde up, devouring her mouth and wrapping her arms around her.  “Carol…I…I…”

Carol didn’t let her finish, kissing her again.  “I know…” She lowered her head to rest on Therese’s chest and listened to the sound of her heartbeat.  This was heaven.   

Once recovered, Therese sent Carol into an orgasmic frenzy.  She had been with a couple of women over the past few years, mostly one night stands, but no one had ever made her feel the way Therese did.  The way she moved her mouth, her hands…like she was indeed worshipping her.  It was indescribable and Carol knew that no one else would ever be able to make her feel this way.

Over the next few hours, they took turns adoring and loving each other until Carol’s text alert sounded.  She reached her exhausted body over to read the message.  “Rindy is on her way home. I’m afraid we have to get up.” She stretched and moaned, returning to lay her sated body next to the beautiful brunette beside her. “Will you stay for dinner?”

Therese smiled and reached over to pull Carol closer.  She looked deep into the blue-grey eyes and thought about her next words, of everything she desperately wanted to say. “Carol, I...” she paused as she saw the fear flash in Carol’s eyes. It was too soon for either of them to say what they clearly both felt. “I believe I was promised dinosaur nuggets.”

Carol’s head was thrown back in a fit of laughter. “Oh my beautiful girl!” She leaned forward and kissed Therese before pulling back, her smile now lighting the room.  “You can have all the nuggets you want!”