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Gold and Silver

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Hermione knew this wasn’t going to end well. She’d been in hiding from the ministry for quite a while now, what with having shacked up with the Black sisters and all. Kind of came with the territory. She wasn’t actually wanted or even a criminal. But when a prominent member of the Golden Trio decides to quit her job in a high powered ministry position, move in with the most prominent pureblood family in high society, and openly cavort with all three sisters of said family, people in charge seem to want to ask a lot of questions.

Unfortunately for those nosy, good for nothing paper pushers, it is none of their business what Hermione chooses to do with her life. If she wants to live the life of leisure being doted upon, in so many ways mind you, by the sisters of house Black, then who are the ministry to try to question her? Not to say that they hadn’t tried, of course. They had sent owls, scores and scores of them, with missives and directives and even flimsy attempts at charging her with contempt if she didn’t arrive on ministry grounds to present her reasoning for quitting so abruptly.

All of them had been sent back with certified missives of her own stating in no uncertain terms that the House of Black would ensure that no legal charges were brought against her, each one citing extensive amount of law work showing how illegal the actions of the ministry were and a list of no less than 8 lawyers that the House kept on retainer just for such instances. And so the ministry had gotten crafty. They were convinced that Hermione was being held against her will, that she’d been given amortentia perhaps, or even that she was dead. All bollocks in her opinion.

What person wouldn’t say yes to the Black sisters? An idiot, that’s who. So maybe Bellatrix had played up the torture during the hunt for the Horcruxes. But how else was she supposed to sell being fully committed to the Dark Lord if she didn’t make it seem like she was torturing the only ‘mudblood’ in the group. Not to mention, it’s not like Harry or Ron were even in on the double agent thing. Dumbledore and McGonagall had only trusted her, and for good reason. Even still Harry, Ron, and the rest of the Weasleys were convinced that Bellatrix and Narcissa were never really on their side, just opportunistic snakes out to land on their feet. It’s part of why now that the ministry had taken more circuitous routes of contacting her, she was sitting her under the desk in the library, listening as Andi told her two best friends and their squadron of aurors that Hermione was in the French countryside with Narcissa, wine tasting and choosing a vintage for the upcoming weddings.

The good thing about magic, at least for Hermione in this situation, was that being under the desk wasn’t really a cramped situation thanks to undetectable extension charms. The minute the wards had gone off alerting them to their unwanted guests, Hermione had crawled under the desk, casting the same protection charms she’d used and gotten so very good at during their run from Voldemort. The irony that she was using them to hide from Harry and Ron now was not lost on her. Oh, how times have changed.

She’d added a charm to cushion the ground as well as a charm to extend the underside of the desk without making the outside look any bigger than it normally did. It was the same charm work used to create wizarding tents. Most witches and wizards never bothered with learning such charms, relying on buying enchanted items instead just for the added safety, but for Hermione, she preferred knowing she could do it herself over having to rely on financial resources. Which is why she was able to cast all the spells she needed from right where she was, with none of their pesky visitors being any the wiser.

Andromeda on the other hand was well aware of all the spellwork she was doing under the desk. Particularly since her legs were situated under what was turning into a very roomy area for Hermione to lounge in while she left Andi to deal with their guests. She felt bad for making Andi handle it, but honestly, after the eighth visit from her ‘friends’ in the auror corps, Hermione didn’t have the heart to tell them nicely that she was perfectly fine and they didn’t have to worry. At this point, she was ready to just drape herself across all three sisters’ laps and glare at the boys until they grew so uncomfortable they left. Either that or explicitly detail the bedroom activities until Ronald’s face progressed to the same shade as his hair.

So perhaps it was best to leave the pleasantries to Andi. She was after all the most easy to deal with sister for the boys. They didn’t completely distrust her. She was Tonks’ mum to them, and somehow that transferred in their minds as meaning harmless and completely on the side of good. Wow, were they dense.

Growing bored at the line of questioning happening above her, Hermione began to remove the house shoes of the witch seated in front of her. Perhaps a nice massage might help keep Andi from losing her own mind on the idiots she was dealing with. Working her hands into elegant foot in front of her, Hermione set to work. Andi, unlike her sister Narcissa, hadn’t always lived the life of a leisurely pureblood. Sure, she’d grown up in it, but after running off with Ted, she’d had to learn the hard way that not everyone was as well off as the Black family. Her feet were evident of that, showing the abuse they had taken as she’d worked long hours at St. Mungos. She’d spent far too long standing and not enough time relaxing as she ought to have. Her feet were rougher that Cissa’s, calloused and hardened from the work she had put in and a life well lived.

Moving forward, Hermione pressed a kiss to the foot she had just finished with before picking up the other one and giving it the same treatment she had given the other one. She could tell by her tone of voice that Andi had relaxed some, though none of the idiots were any the wiser. A true Slytherin through and through, she gave no indication that she was being pampered while chewing out the young aurors. Smirking mischievously, Hermione couldn’t help herself as she moved her hand further up Andi’s calves, massaging as she went.

The idea of trying to break the normally unflappable Slytherin in front of her was far too tempting. Bella would be positively cackling with mirth if she knew just what her good little lion was about to do. She shifted forward onto her knees, and performed a quick divesto on the skirts that Andi wore under her robe. The robe was parted, but luck would have it that she had chosen to wear one of the skirt and blouse combos Narcissa had been pushing on her lately, making it all too easy for Hermione to magically remove the lower half of her clothing while leaving the aurors present none the wiser.

A break in the conversation was all that it took for Hermione to know that Andi had been taken aback at her bold actions. No one else noticed the slight stutter the older witch gave as she detailed the importance of the wine Hermione was supposedly off choosing. Andi’s legs snapped shut, her sex hidden, but her hand snuck beneath the desk to grasp at Hermione’s hair, pulling her head nearer so that her face rested against a very shapely thigh so that Andi could run her fingers through the messy mane of curls. So, Hermione thought, a challenge then. She smiled and set to work.

Turning her face slightly, she kissed the top of the thigh she rested against, her hands sneaking back up to rub circles into the calves her lower half rested against. She massaged upwards, her hands slowly prying apart the legs she rested against as she began to smell the arousal of the older woman. Spurred on by desire, she continued pressed forward with her hands, working out the stress in the muscles she encountered and kissing further up and inside Andromeda’s slowly parting thighs. As she finally felt Andi’s muscles completely relax, she pushed her legs fully apart, pulling the older woman forward in the chair to gain better access to her prize.

And oh, what a prize indeed. Glistening flesh displayed so tantalizingly in front of her, evidence of her efforts so close to her face. Who said she couldn’t have her cake and eat it, too? Leaning forward, Hermione gave an experimental swipe of her tongue, listening into the conversation to see if Andi would react. A devious grin stretched across her face as she heard the pitch in her witch’s voice go slightly higher than normal. She leaned forward again, this time nuzzling the tender spot right in the corner of Andi’s thigh, that tender spot that always seemed to go straight to her core.

The hand in her hair clenched, pulling her back to in front of Andi’s sex, and showing her just how affected her witch had become. Allowing Andi to guide her back to where she wanted her, Hermione set to work. She was nothing if not dedicated to doing her best when set a task, something Andromeda knew all too well. She pressed forward, burying her tongue inside Andi, driving it as deep as possible, before slowly moving it in circles, pressed up against the walls nuzzling her face forward. She could feel Andi attempt to restrain her hips from bucking, and brought her wand hand up, immobilising Andi from the waist down. It would do neither of them any good to be caught out at this point.

Pressing forward, Hermione went back to work, coaxing Andi further up toward orgasm. She brought her hand forward, snaking it between them, and ran a finger through the soaked folds of her quivering lover. Wrapping her lips around Andi’s clitoris, she pushed two fingers forward into tight, clenching heat. Knowing her witch wouldn’t be able to physically give them away under the magical restraints, Hermione pumped hard and fast, alternating between short licks, gentle nips, and tight sucking against Andi’s clit as she listened to the older witch insist that the aurors leave the manor. She was gracious enough to call a house elf to show them out, having claimed to have far too much work to catch up on to show them out herself. It was as the door to the library was shutting that Andi finally reached her peak, a deep, throaty moan bursting forth as she used both hands to pull Hermione closer toward her as she rode out her high.

Hermione cancelled the spells holding Andromeda down and hiding her location, but left the extension and cushioning charms active as she pulled Andi down under the desk with her.

“You’re excellent with that silver tongue of yours, you sneaky liar,” she said, a shit eating grin plastered across her still wet face as she looked into the honey eyes of her disheveled lover.

Andi quirked a brow and smirked, before replying, “Says the girl with the golden tongue. But don’t worry, That little stunt might earn you points with Bella, but with me, I don’t think my good girl should be demonstrating just what that golden tongue can do when we have guests.”

Nerves tingling in anticipation, Hermione could feel herself clench at the sultry tones of Andromeda’s voice as she stalked forward toward her.

Oh, she was in for it now.

She couldn’t be more pleased.