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The Secret We Share

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Son Hojun is not short.


He rarely considered himself as one on that side. But standing beside Yoo Yeonseok felt different. It had always.


It was the last night of Coffee Friends' Shooting in December. All the staff had finished packing and left the casts inside.


"What time is your flight tomorrow?" Choi Jiwoo asked. She was stuffing her last plastic container in her full bag.


"At 9AM, noona ." Yeonseok, who just finished putting the dishes away, answered.


"I see. Well then, don't stay up too late tonight. I'll see you guys in Seoul." Jiwoo waved them goodbye and left the cafe.


"Have a good night." All the boys bowed to her and waved her back.


"Then, I will take my leave as well. My friends asked me to play with them tonight." Yang Sejong bowed.


"Sure. Have a great night Sejong-ah . Be careful." Hojun shouted from behind the counter. Yeonseok walked him to the door and waved at him.


Hojun was still making his last cup of drip coffee when Yeonseok closed the front door.


"Finally!" He sat on one of the chairs and stretched his long limbs. Hojun giggled at him. He was getting ready to pour the water when he realized Yeonseok was looking at him.


"Why?" He asked. Yeonseok smiled at him.


"Nothing. Just, you look good." Hojun blushed. He thought it was because of the steam from the hot water.


"What?" He answered. Flustered .


"I said, you look good. You look good in that sweater. You look good standing there making coffee. You look warm and I want to hug you." Yeonseok got up and walked up to him. He leaned on the counter in front of Hojun, giving him a smile.


"Don't give me that look. I know you are teasing me." Hojun tried to ignore that smile and focused on the coffee. He offered Yeonseok a cup. Yeonseok nodded and went inside the counter. He then put his arms around Hojun's waist.


" Ya ." Hojun whispered. "I'm holding hot stuff here."


"Me too." Said Yeonseok, now putting his chin on Hojun's shoulder. 


"Are you drunk? Did you eat something wrong?" Hojun poured the coffee and tried to give it to Yeonseok. He sighed. Finally he let go and took the cup. They stood there sipping their coffee.


"You know that for a fact, right?" Hojun said in a soft tone. Yeonseok glanced at him.


"I know." For a second, his smile looked sad.


They knew that.


They knew being an entertainer meant their career was based on people's interests in them. They loved their job so much. They worked really hard to get to this point. And hard work required sacrifices.


They made those sacrifices . They knew that .


"But, we are here alone right now. And what is most important to me is here in front of me." He put his cup down and moved closer.


He locked Hojun between the counter and his body and with one moved, he put Hojun on the counter.


"Can we, really?" Now sitting on the counter, Hojun asked for reassurance in his eyes.


"When tomorrow comes, we will forget this." Yeonseok whispered. Hojun put his cup away and touched Yeonseok's neck.


"Promise me." He moved closer and put his arms around.


"I promise."


Yeonseok kissed him.



Sometimes being the one on the shorter side was not a bad idea. Especially beside him .