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To Seal the Darkness

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Laughter filled the palace of love that morning, “Vesta!” A voice laughed, “Come on!”

“Yumoto, your father will have my head if we don’t continue lessons!” Vesta called out.

A blonde boy ran faster, his uniform flying behind him, “You have a meeting with your father in an hour! You have to wear your robe!”

“Never!” The young God called and Vesta groaned, “Dammit, kid!”

The blonde boy huffed as he was grabbed and another walked over, “Yumoto, what are you doing?”

“I am playing, Epinard.” Yumoto replied and he looked up at the dark-haired man. “Is...something wrong?”

Epinard adjusted his glasses, “You need to get ready...”

“I...” Yumoto spoke and Vesta groaned, “I tried to tell him, Epinard...”

“Yes, and he should have been in lessons.”

“Cerulean!” Vesta groaned as the sandy blonde haired Battle Lover walked over, “Yumoto, why were you running?”

The heir puffed his cheeks out, “I finished and Sulfur let me out!”
“Sulfur didn’t allow you to run out...” Vesta groaned and ran a hand through his pink hair.

Yumoto sighed and Epinard grabbed Yumoto’s hand, “Come along, we have to get ready.”

“Why must I get ready for a meeting with papa? Am I meeting with others?”

“Yes...” Epinard sighed, “It’s only with your father, brother, and a few others...”

Yumoto sighed as they walked, “Is powers?”

Epinard looked down, “Everyone is’re almost fifteen--”

“Yes, I know...” Yumoto sighed, “And it is my destiny to destroy the demon who cursed me to die...”

“Aurite!” Perlite cried as he ran into a crystal wall lined room, “Aurite!”

The white haired, God of Wisdom turned from a door, “Yes?”

Perlite pushed his pink hair back out of his face as he bowed quickly, “We don’t have much time!”

“What do you mean?” Aurite frowned and Argent walked over, “Akoya, what’s wrong?”

Perlite looked at the green-haired-man, “We have six months.”

“Six months?” Argent repeated and Perlite looked down, “Six months until the demon lord breaks out from his seal.”

Perlite looked down, “The heir must awaken his powers...”

“Six months...that is his birthday...” Argent frowned, “ sure?”

“Yes...I saw it.”

Aurite growled, “And Maximum Gorar cannot seal him this time?”

Perlite shook his head, “His seal won’t work.”

“Why?” Aurite asked and Perlite frowned, “The demon lord will be too strong...”

“So...” Argent sighed, “our Little One must awaken his powers before his fifteenth birthday or...?”

“The mortal world will be damaged, yes...” Perlite whispered, “I’m not sure if it’ll be destroyed..”

Aurite looked down, “We must tell the God of Love...”

Argent nodded, “Let’s go now...”

Yumoto looked up as he was dressed. “This robe is getting old...” He spoke, “I wonder when I’ll get a new one.”

Sulfur looked up, “Your birthday.”

“Oh...” Yumoto spoke and looked at his hand. “Sulfur...when...did you get your powers?”

“When I was seven. I was showing my Godly powers when I was first walking but couldn’t transform until I was seven.”

“So...did you and the others all know each other, then?”

Sulfur nodded, “Yes, we all grew up together.”


Sulfur sighed as he shook his head, he was grading the heir’s papers. “I know you’re nervous...” He looked down, “Your curse has stunted your powers from appearing.”

“Yes...” Yumoto sighed and looked up as his nurse-maid finished “Thank you, Miss Ami...”

His maid smiled and nodded, her brown curls hitting her cheeks. “You’re welcome, your majesty.”

Yumoto smiled as he hugged his nurse-maid. “After my meeting, may I have some sweets?”
“Yes, your majesty.”

“Thank you!”

Epinard peeked in, “Are you ready?”

Yumoto nodded, “Yes...” he bit his lip as he walked over, brushing down his light red outer jacket sleeves.

Epinard smiled, “Let’s go.”

Yukiteru, the God of War, looked up as his son walked in, “There you are, Yumoto.”

Yumoto bowed quickly and Gora, the current God of Love, looked at him, “Glad you made it on time, for once.”

“Yes, an-chan...” Yumoto replied and the God of War sighed as he eyed his council. “I didn’t want to bring this up, but we have--”

“Yukiteru-sama!” A voice cried and Yukiteru froze as the Caerula Adamas ran in.

Yumoto gasped and the three bowed.

“Your majesty...” Perlite spoke, “I have terrible news.”

Yukiteru looked at them, “What is it?”

“Six months from today, the demon lord will break free from his seal, your son, the God of Love has placed.” Perlite explained, “We have no time to prepare.”

Gora stood, “No time? What do you mean...?”

Aurite frowned, “Perlite has seen him break free and wreak havoc upon us and the mortal world.”

Gora shook his head as he grabbed his axe, “Then, I shall reform his seal.”

Argent shook his head, “It won’t do any good.”

Gora frowned, “Argent, what do you mean?”

Perlite looked at Gora and gestured to his brother, “The heir must awaken his powers, find the first God of Love’s holy blade, and seal him for good.”

Yukiteru’s scarlet eyes narrowed, “And why that?”

“It is destiny.” Perlite spoke, “Destiny, I may not alter.”

Yumoto frowned, “Six months...? Today is...July 26 th ...”

Gora shook his head, “You mean to tell brother’s birthday is the day this will happen?”

“Yes...unless he awakens his powers early and finds the sword.” Aurite explained, “We have a hunch about where the blade is located, but that’s it.”

Yukiteru looked at Yumoto, “Hakone are to start going to the Springs of Love and pray for guidance on your powers.”

Yumoto frowned, “W-what...?”

“If you do not awaken your true form, everything will be over with.” Yukiteru explained and Yumoto shook his head, “Papa, please! I have tried and everyone else has researched it...”

“Has your guardian animal?”

“Y-yes...” Yumoto replied and Perlite frowned, “We cannot mess around anymore...”

“Can you bide us any extra time?” Gora asked and Perlite frowned, “We...we’re not sure if we can.”

“But...what is Kouki’s blade going to do?” Yumoto asked and Gora looked at him, “It is said that his blade was blessed by the first Goddess of Light to blot out the darkness. Kouki used that blade to save the mortals all of those years ago. It was said to be lost but...”

“I...have to find it and use it?”

“You will find it and have someone use it for you. You have to bless it back to its full potential.” Gora explained and Perlite nodded, “ may wield it but, it would be preferred if you had a knight or guard do it for you.”

Yumoto frowned, “Just because I am an heir, doesn’t mean I cannot wield a sword.”

Argent placed a hand onto his shoulder, “Yes, but with your curse, using such a powerful sword could do more harm than good.”

Yumoto made a face and Yukiteru sighed, “Yumoto, you need to worry about your powers first, then you shall worry about the sword.”


“No, buts.”

Yumoto sighed, “Who will wield it? I would rather my personal guard...not.”

“Tomatsu Yuji?”

“Yes, he is too busy as the captain of the guards.” Yumoto explained, “I’d choose.”

“Who then?” His father asked and Yumoto bit his lip, “Lord Tungsten...I...I know he is my suitor but, I can trust him, papa!” The heir sighed, “I know he’d be a great one to pick, for my guardians are too busy protecting me.”

Yukiteru hummed, “Yes...” He turned to Gora and sighed, “May Kouki bless us in our time of need...”

Yumoto looked up as he flopped onto his bed, “How...?” He muttered, “How am I to visit all of the springs...? There are many...”

Wombat walked over to him, “There are only three!”
Yumoto groaned, “Yes but...if I can’t awaken my powers...” he muttered, “ doomed.”

Wombat looked at him, “The God of Love is bound to finally bless you with your powers.”

Yumoto stretched his hand out, “I’ve tried many times to transform, nothing ever works!”

Wombat sighed as he sat next to Yumoto’s head, “You’re strong though.” He smiled, “Demons have always been scared of you.”

Yumoto scoffed, “Yeah, scared of a baby.”

Wombat shook his head, “Nonsense, they could sense how powerful you were, so they panicked.”

Yumoto looked at Wombat, “I just hate it all...” He yawned, “They’ll make me pray every night and day now...”

His animal guardian sighed, “Yumoto-san...” He nuzzled the heir’s other arm, “You’re doing great, something has to unlock them...your powers are waiting to come out.”

The heir sighed as he ran a hand through his blonde locks, “The sword of love...” He muttered, “I just hope that I may find it, then maybe...mama will be found again.”

Wombat sighed, “Yes...she disappeared...ten years ago now?”


Wombat looked at him, “I bet we will...once we get rid of that demon.”

“ we fight? Is it...just because that is how things are?” Yumoto asked and Wombat sighed, “We only fight because...well...”


“When Kouki was alive, they lived in peace until one day, a demon rose up and began to destroy everything in its path. Kouki put a stop to it all...and then he killed that demon.”

“Then, Kouki died...” Yumoto muttered and Wombat nodded, “Yes...Kouki was killed...that is why we honor his title. For love always goes on.”

“Yes...” Yumoto sighed as he looked out his window, up at the white moon shining in. “May he keep us safe...” The heir closed his eyes for a moment and sighed as he sat up.

He walked to the large window and sighed as he thought bitterly,
“Too bad I can’t go outside on my own balcony without someone with me...” He shook his head, “One day...”

Wombat frowned, “Your majesty?”

“Six months...” Yumoto repeated from earlier, “Six months until everything is destined to happen...” He looked at the landscape from outside his window as he placed a hand onto the glass, “I just...” He bit his lip as he turned his head away, “I can’t imagine everything gone...”

“It won’t be!” Wombat spoke, “You’ll awaken your powers and destroy that demon for good!”

Yumoto sighed as he closed his eyes in thought, “I...hope so.”

Wombat smiled as he walked up to the heir and rubbed his face on the boy’s ankles, “How about we get some sleep, shall we?”

Yumoto smiled and picked him up, “Yes, sounds wonderful.” He giggled and hugged his guardian tightly, “I love you...” He whispered and Wombat smiled as he cuddled up to Yumoto.

“I love you too, Yumoto-san.”

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Yumoto gasped as he shot up awake that morning, “Ah!”
Wombat sprung up from the end of the bed, “Is everything alright?!”

“Y-yeah...” Yumoto muttered, “Everything is fine...just a dream...”

His partner frowned and Yumoto turned his head to the window, he luckily didn’t have lessons today.

The boy sighed and Wombat looked up at him, “I guess we should get ready.”
Yumoto nodded, “Of course...”

Wombat smiled at Yumoto, “Is Lord Tungsten coming today?”
“I’m not sure...” Yumoto replied as he stood from his bed, “I would love to see Araki again.”

Wombat nodded and Yumoto sighed as he dressed in his uniform. He brushed his sleeves down and looked at himself in the mirror and made a face. He shook his head and began to change.

“No uniform today?”

“Nah, I’d rather wear my non-fancy clothes today.” Yumoto smiled as he dressed in his sailor outfit.

Wombat smiled and Yumoto walked over to his window. The blonde boy sighed as he opened the curtains and looked outside. “Guess...we better head to breakfast, before Epinard sends Miss Ami in.”

Wombat nodded and Yumoto began to walk out.

“Ah, you’re awake.” Epinard smiled, “I was about to come get you.”

Yumoto nodded, “Yes...I...had a dream and it woke me up.”

The older God frowned, “Everything alright?”

“Just...” The heir began, “just a dream about what I was told.”

Epinard nodded, “Yes,” He smiled, “today we’re going to start talking about it.”

Yumoto looked down and Epinard wrapped an arm around his shoulders as they began to walk down the halls, “Don’t worry about it...” he muttered, “We’re prepared for it all.”

Yumoto looked up at Epinard, “Are you though? Perlite said we had no time!”

“We do have time, six months.”

Yumoto frowned, “And what if we don’t?”

Epinard sighed, “Well...” he looked up, “we’ll figure it out, we always do.”

The heir looked at him and forced a smile, “Today, Araki should be coming.”

“Yes, your father said something about it to us last night.”

Yumoto nodded, “Yeah!”

“Let’s get to the table and eat breakfast then.” Epinard replied, “Afterwards, you can wait for him then.”

Gora looked up as he heard footsteps, “Ah, papa...”

Yukiteru sighed, “I’ve been talking to the Goddess of Fashion, I need a new outfit made for Yumoto.”


“For praying, we can’t let his good robe and uniform get damaged.”

“Papa, I don’t think the water will dama--”

“That’s real silk, Gora.” Yukiteru laughed, “Plus, he needs an entire white one.”

Gora hummed, “ you think if he dresses in all white, it’ll help?”

“He has to look pure for the Gods of old.” Yukiteru explained, “He has to awaken his powers.”

“We’ve tried to force them before and it didn’t work.” Gora sighed and Yukiteru nodded, “I know.”

Gora smiled, “Well, maybe they’ll unlock once we find Kouki’s blade.”

Yukiteru looked up, “if only...I wish he would have wrote it down.”

“He didn’t because he was scared of the wrong person getting it.”

Yukiteru nodded, “Yes but...”

“Papa, don’t stress over it, we’ll figure it out.” Gora replied and looked up. “With Kouki’s blessing we can find it.”

Yukiteru put a hand to his chin, “Yes...” He muttered, “we shall wait and see what we are guided with.”

Inside of a mansion, two teen boys were in a room, relaxing.

“This is getting boring!” One groaned as he sat up from their bed, “Aki, how much longer must we sit here and wait?!”

A scoff from the other. “My dear Haru, why are you so impatient?”


“Yes, God of the Sun, you sit here and mope.”

“Why, God of the Moon, you always sit here and act perfect.” The God of the Sun spat as he grabbed the other’s hand.

“We just have to wait for our call, Sol.”
“Yeah, yeah...”

The God of the Moon smiled and looked up as he heard another voice. “My twins!”

“Ah, Dadacha...glad to see you’re
finally back.” Sol spat, “Luna and I have been waiting!”
“Ah, not using your real names?”

Sol growled, “I don’t need your sass.” He huffed as he wrapped an arm around his brother’s waist. “What do you need us to do?”

Dadacha, a small green flying squirrel, looked at the two pale-blue haired Gods, “Well, my brother is working on bringing back Hireashi! You know, that fish demon, thingy.”

Luna wrinkled his nose up at him, “Why him?”

Dadacha frowned, “To kill the heir of love?”

“Why?” Sol smiled, “I mean, his brother is the coolest God of Love.”
“He’s not important!” Dadacha yelled, “ two only focus on him...”

“Well, what do you want us to do?” Luna asked and Dadacha smiled, “I have two requests...keep his powers locked and we need to find the sword of love
before the heir does!”

“Sword of love...?” Sol repeated and Dadacha giggled as he jumped on top of Luna’s shoulders, “Aki-chan, Haru-chan, that sword will be our downfall if we do not find it before the heir does.”

“And if he finds it?”

“Well,” Dadacha sighed, “then we’re all doomed.”

Sol and Luna looked at one another, then Luna spoke, “Do you know where the sword would be?”

Dadacha sighed as he looked down, ”...No...”

The twins groaned and Dadacha jumped down. “You two need to watch the heir! Don’t get spotted!”

“How do we even do that?!” Sol groaned and Dadacha sighed, “Follow me, an-chan can tell us more.”

The twins nodded and began to walk through the halls.

“An-chan!” Dadacha called as they walked into a theater and a green hedgehog walked out from behind a curtain, “We’re about ready to finally go out-da.”

“Zundar-an-chan,” Dadacha smiled, “my twins are ready for getting the little prince for us.”

“Wait!” Luna gasped, “You never said we had to bring you the heir!”

“Oops...” Dadacha laughed nervously as he scratched the back of his head, “S-sorry...”

Zundar smiled, “Bring us the heir of love
and the sword.”

“But, we don’t know where the sword is!” Sol growled, “How the hell do we bring you the brat and a sword?!”

Zundar sighed, “That’s why you are to follow him and once he pulls the sword, you take both!”

Luna smiled, “Sounds great.”

“And once you get them?” Sol questioned and Zundar smirked, “Lord Hireashi’s seal is weakening, and he has requested the heir and his sword.”

“You didn’t answer my question!”

“It’s a secret, Salty Sol.” Zundar smiled, “Do what you have been told!”

Sol made a face, “Fine.”

“Hakone Yumoto,” Yukiteru spoke as he held out a white robe, “you are to put this on and Lord Tungsten is to take you to the first spring.”

Yumoto frowned as he took the new outfit, “What about the sword...?”

Yukiteru shook his head, “Powers first, then you are to find the blade.”


“Lord Yukiteru...” A soft voice spoke and Yukiteru turned to a silver-haired man wearing a black military uniform.

“There you are, Lord Tungsten.” The God of War nodded, he was also wearing a similar uniform, but red. “The heir is going to dress in his robe and go with you.”

Tungsten nodded as he bowed. “Yes, sir.”

Yumoto bit his lip as he walked away. Wombat following.

“What’s wrong?” Wombat asked and Yumoto looked down at the robe in his hands. “I...I’m worried, I’ve never been outside the palace walls...”

“Your guardians will be with you along with Tungsten.”

“I...know.” Yumoto whispered as he began to change his outfit. “Shall...we go?”

Wombat nodded and the heir sighed as he left the room. He looked down at his sandals as he walked.

“You ready?” Tungsten whispered and Yumoto nodded, “Yes.”

“Which guardian do you want to come with us?”

“Ah...Vesta.” Yumoto muttered and Tungsten nodded.

The heir sighed as they began to walk outside, the sun was already setting.

“Where is this spring at?” Yumoto asked and Vesta looked up, “Right down here. This spring is the first one, this is where Kouki’s first statue was placed.”

“Yes...” The boy replied and bit his lip as Tungsten walked over to an opening, “Down here, your majesty. Watch your step.” He spoke as he held out a gloved hand for the boy to grab.

“Thanks...” The heir muttered as he walked over. He shivered as he entered, he walked down the stone steps.

“It’s huge...” Yumoto thought as he looked around. The spring seemed to glow, due to the moon shining down. He gasped as he looked up at the statue of the first God of Love.

Vesta frowned, “Get in, have to stand in the spring’s waters.”

Yumoto looked at the water in front of him at his reflection. He took a deep breath and closed his eyes as he took his first step. He shivered slightly from the frigid, cold water.
“I am to do this...I must figure out why I cannot do anything.”

The heir looked up at the statue and bit his lip as he glanced behind him at Vesta and Tungsten. He quickly looked back up at Kouki’s stone face and clasped his hands together.

“Please...” He spoke, “Hakone Kouki, I have less than six months until the demon breaks from his seal. My guardians are doing the best they can to protect me, while I stand there and just accept it.”

The heir frowned, “Please answer me! I just need to know what is wrong with me! I am doing all that I least give me guidance on where your sword is at.”

He felt his lip begin to tremor, “P-please...” his voice cracked with tears, “I just-just want to keep everyone safe and happy. I beg you to help me awaken my powers...”

The heir quickly looked down and Vesta sighed, “Kid...don’t cry.” He spoke, “You’re doing fine.”

Yumoto looked back at him, “What am I to do...?” He tearfully spoke, “I am receiving no answer...”

“This is only the first visit!”
“Yes, but if he will not answer me in the first spring of love, then why would he answer me in the other two!?” Yumoto spat and Vesta looked up at the tall statue, “He
has to answer you eventually. We have time!”

“We have
no time.” Yumoto replied, “Less than six months until the inevitable.”

“Perlite never said you were to fail.” Vesta replied, “I bet your powers will awaken tomorrow morning!”

Yumoto scoffed, “If only that were true.”

Tungsten turned to him from the entrance. “Yumoto, please...”

“Pray a little more,” Vesta whispered, “then we can go home.”

Yumoto sighed, “Yes, Vesta...” He turned his back to his guardian once more and began to plead harder.

“W-what’s wrong with me...?” Yumoto whispered up to the statue, “I just want to protect everyone, my brother.”

The heir wrapped his arms around himself and sighed, “Please...”

Gora and Yukiteru looked up as they heard the door opening, and saw the trio walking back in, Yumoto staring at the floor.

“Anything?” Yukiteru asked and a tearful Yumoto shook his head, “No.”

Gora looked down and Yukiteru growled, “We will find this mystery out. Go into the bath and go to bed, Yumoto. We shall keep this up every night until your powers awaken.”

“Y-yes, papa...” Yumoto whispered and bowed his head as he was dismissed.
“I’m a failure...” The boy thought bitterly, “A heir to the throne of nothing at this point...”

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Argent sighed as he stood in front of the crystal walls in the room of the palace. He looked at the closed door beside him. As the God of Protection, he had to keep watch over the mortal door. He worked alongside the God of Wisdom, and the God of Time.

Perlite hummed, “You know, I still hate having powers of time...I was supposed to be the God of Beauty!”

“Yes, you’ve told me, my angel.” Argent smiled and Perlite wrapped his arms around his partner. “Time is such a pain.”

“Oh, you would know.” Argent teased and Perlite made a face of displeasure, “Hmph.”

“Enough,” Aurite spoke, “we have to figure out where the blade is at.”

“Nothing yet?”

“No,” Aurite sighed as he looked up, “and we’ve checked all of the temples in the mortal world.”

“Where would Kouki hide it...” Perlite mused and Argent sighed, “The heir has been praying for weeks now...”

“We’re almost at four months until his break-through...” Aurite whispered and looked up,
“We’re running out of time...this is dangerous.”

Yumoto looked down at his paper during lessons as Sulfur was teaching, he sighed as he doodled.

Sulfur looked up, “Any questions?”

Yumoto shook his head, “No.”

Sulfur smiled, “Class dismissed.”

The heir stood and looked at Sulfur, “I-Io-senpai...”
Sulfur blinked, taken aback for a mere second at hearing his real name, “Yes?”

“I keep praying but yet...nothing.” The boy explained as he looked down at his hands.

The God of Earth walked over and sighed, “I know...” he kneeled down, “It’s okay, you’re working hard.” He smiled softly, “Your grade went up.”

“It did?!” Yumoto gasped, “Do I not have a zero in Japanese anymore?!”

“Uh...” Sulfur laughed, “You only have a ten percent now.”

“YES!” Yumoto cheered, “Finally! I should tell an-chan!”

“Go right ahead.” Sulfur nodded and watched as Yumoto ran out of the classroom.

Sol looked at his brother, “Six weeks of following that brat and nothing !”

Luna groaned, “Maybe, he can finally lead us to the sword.”

Sol scoffed, “I doubt it.”

Luna smiled, “Imagine it, we grab the little prince right as he pulls the blade.”

“And if his guardians are around?”

“We can have Dadacha send in some monsters for a distraction.”

Sol laughed, “Perfect!” He smiled as he grabbed his brother’s arm, “We have to prepare.”

Luna nodded, “Of course.”

Zundar looked up as his brother walked in, “Any news...?” Zundar questioned and his brother sighed, “No-dacha...”

Zundar groaned, “We’re bound to find the sword but...that damn heir has to pull it out!”
“Why can’t we?” Dadacha asked and Zundar sighed, “Only someone in the Hakone bloodline can...”

“And if the heir...pulls the blade out?”

“With him doing that, it weakens that seal and let’s Lord Hireashi escape!”

Dadacha smiled, “What a shame that Gorar sealed him away those years ago.”

Zundar laughed, “He thought he’d win!?”

“I mean, Lord Hireashi did say he wanted to curse both Hakone children...”

“Yes, he did, but he got one...”

Dadacha sighed, “Let’s hope he can lead us to victory.”

Zundar looked at his brother and smiled, “Are you that worried?

Dadacha shook his head, “Of course not! I’m just worried that we won’t find the sword.”

“Just wait,” Zundar smiled, “the heir is bound to find it.”

“Yumoto,” Cerulean spoke as he knocked on Yumoto’s door, “your father needs you.”

“Huh?” Yumoto asked and Cerulean sighed, “He’s in a meeting but he wants you in there.”

“To...” Yumoto looked down, “to explain myself, right?”

Cerulean’s eyes shut as he groaned, “Yes, they want to know about what happened so far.”

Yumoto nodded, “Yes, I know.”

“Come on.”

The heir sighed as he stood from his desk, “Alright.”

The duo walked down the halls as Yumoto looked down at the marble flooring as they headed to the huge wooden doors of the meeting hall.

The heir bit his lip as the two guards stationed there opened the doors. “Thank...thank you.” The heir mumbled as he walked inside.

“Prince Scarlet.” His father’s voice spoke and Yumoto nodded.

His father sighed, “Please...tell us if you have learned anything.”

Yumoto bowed his head as the other gods leaned forward in their chairs, “I...have not.”

“What?” A god whispered and Yumoto looked up, “I have visited the first spring of love many times...I have no answers.”

“Then go to the other spring!” The God of Law shouted, he stood as he adjusted his glasses.

“Seji.” Yukiteru growled, “Enough, my son is working hard.”

The God of Law threw his light brown hair behind his shoulder and looked at Yumoto, “I, myself have been looking through notes and cannot find the sword’s location. So,” he gestured, “only someone in your bloodline can find it.”

Yumoto looked down and Yukiteru sighed as Gora stood, “Yumoto, you must travel to the mortal world’s spring, it is on the top of Mount Binan, this spring is sacred to many gods, I went there the day before my own coronation.”

“Isn’t that dangerous?”

Gora shook his head, “This spring’s location is well hidden, Kouki’s own sword might be there.”

Yumoto nodded and Gora smiled, “Take your strongest guardian with you along with Tungsten, leave now, for it might take a while to get there.”

The heir nodded and bowed his head, “Thank you for trusting me with heading to the mortal world. I wish for Argent to come with me.”

“He--” Seji began but Yukiteru cut him off, “Yes he may come with you, Aurite can watch the door while you three are gone.”

Yumoto nodded and Gora looked at him, “Be safe. May your prayers be answered.”

Argent smiled as he saw the heir walking towards him, in the pure white robe. He looked at the golden belt around the boy’s waist and Yumoto nodded, “We are to head to the Spring of Love in the mortal world.”

Argent nodded, “Of course, I can take you and Tungsten right away.”

Yumoto smiled and Argent took his hand.

Tungsten adjusted the sword on his back and Argent laughed, “Have enough arrows, Araki?”

“Yeah.” Tungsten smiled as he straightened the bow on his back, “Mortal world can be dangerous.” He muttered and Argent nodded, “Yes, it can be."

Yumoto sighed as they walked, “Please...if this location is holy, then...maybe my powers will finally come.”

Argent looked around as they walked on a flat area of the mountain. Yumoto smiled as he felt the dewy grass hit feet with each step he took.

“Over here!” Tungsten called out as he lifted up a small curtain of leaves, “This way, Yumo-chan!”

As they walked into the spring, Yumoto bit his lip as he looked around the area, it was nearly identical to the one that he had always visited.

The boy shivered as he took his steps into the water and looked at the statue, glaring down at him.

He clasped his hands together and Argent watched as the boy began to speak. Tungsten stood at the entrance with his sword out and sighed as he heard the boy begin to plead.

“Please, where is your sword at, at least...tell me that.” Yumoto spoke, “Please, Kouki. I beg you, we still have to restore its power!”

“Haru...” Luna whispered as they watched the heir walk into the spring, they were hiding behind some bushes. “There he is.”

Sol smirked, “I have a hunch, Aki. That sword is there.”

“What makes you say that?”

“I mean, only the Hakone line can grab the sword, who’s to say that the first God of Love didn’t put his sword there, hidden away. I mean, this spring was already hidden.”

Luna hummed, “Makes sense, I guess.”

“I mean, if it’s helping keep a seal, makes sense for the mortal world to house it.”

“Let’s get closer and listen in.”


“God of Love, please...answer me...” the heir whispered and watched as something small, fell from the top of the statue, into the waters below, in front of the heir’s feet. “A...gemstone?” He muttered and watched it sink down.  

Yumoto gasped out as suddenly the spring began to glow, “A-ah!”

Argent’s eyes widened and Tungsten turned as the ground began to shake. Yumoto cried out as Argent grabbed his shoulders and pulled him from the waters. The heir gasped as a pedestal rose up in front of the statue’s feet.“ way...!”

“The...sword?” Yumoto whispered as he eyed the golden guard and handle of the blade with its ruby heart shaped pommel, being held in place by more of the metal.
Tungsten gasped and Argent smiled, “I haven’t seen that blade except for in portraits...” He looked up at the statue, “That is in fact, the holy blade of Hakone Kouki.”

Yumoto smiled, “Araki, pull it out!”

“Me...?” Tungsten gasped and Yumoto nodded, “Yes!”

Tungsten frowned as he walked close to the pedestal. He wrapped his gloved hands around the handle and frowned as he tried to pull it free. “I can’t.”

Yumoto frowned and Argent looked at the heir, “You must pull it then.” He whispered and helped Yumoto stand, “It’ll be alright.”

The heir bit his lip and walked over, he looked up at the statue as he wrapped his hands around the handle. He gasped as a white light began to pour out it as he began to pull it out.

“By the Goddesses...!” Yumoto thought as it started sliding out. The boy grunted as he did and looked at Tungsten as he wrapped his hands around his. “Let me help you...”

Yumoto nodded and in one quick motion, they pulled the blade fully out. Yumoto laughed as he held it up and Argent smiled, “Wonder--”

He quickly turned as he heard laughter. He quickly pulled his own rapier out and Tungsten frowned as he walked forward, away from Yumoto “Argent?”

“Intruders...” Argent whispered, “We need to leave now!”

“Aww, leave before we have our celebration~?” One voice smirked and Yumoto gasped out as a dagger was held in front of his throat.

“What do you want?” Tungsten spat and another boy appeared from the shadows, the one currently holding the heir hostage, “We just want that sword.”

“And the little boy attached to it.” The other smirked, “Can’t believe we’ve been following you since you were told of the news.”

“The...the blade is powerless, as am I!” Yumoto spoke and the two laughed, “So? Luna, go on, take the brat. I’ll deal with these two.”

“Of course.”

“ARAKI!” Yumoto screamed, “Take the sword!”

Sol froze as the boy threw the blade and Tungsten turned as it was stabbed into the ground.

They both darted towards the blade and Luna watched. As he did, the heir elbowed the other as hard as he could, in the stomach.

The God of the Moon cried out as he doubled over in pain and Yumoto pushed himself off. He ran towards Argent and Argent quickly grabbed him by the wrist. “Come on!” The God of Protection cried and Yumoto gasped as they ran up the steps. “ARAKI!”

Tungsten gasped as he heard his name and lunged for the blade. Sol growled, “Aki! They’re getting away!”

Luna gasped and Tungsten smirked as he pulled the sword out of the ground. “Want the sword?!” He called, “Here!”

Sol gasped as the blade dropped by the entrance and Tungsten ran.

The twins ran over and Sol giggled as he picked up the gray handled blade, “WE DID IT!”

“Haru, that’s not the blade of love.”


“That’s a standard knight sword.”


Yumoto panted as they appeared in the palace of love, he fell to his knees as he looked at his reflection in the crystal flooring. “Who...who were those two?”
“I’m not sure,” Argent replied, “Tungsten, you okay?”

“Yes.” Tungsten smiled and Argent laughed, “You gave them your sword.”

“Yes,” The silver haired man smiled, “they wanted
a sword.”

Yumoto laughed in pure joy, “Finally! Now, we just have to awaken my powers and everything will work!”

Argent sighed, “After your powers awaken, then you can bring the sword to its former glory.”


Argent helped the heir up, “Let us tell your father the great news.”


“YOU WHAT?!” Zundar yelled and Luna winced, “Listen, we--”

“NO. You were supposed to bring him here!” Zundar growled, “And what did you do? Bring back a common knight’s sword!”

“Zundar,” Sol explained, “that blade was Tungsten’s personal sword, if that helps any.”

Zundar frowned.

“Ah, I see it doesn’t.”

Dadacha sighed, “We just have to stop his powers from coming!” He looked at his brother, “It’ll be simple!”

“At least...” Sol giggled as he looked at his reflection in the sword he was holding, “Hireashi’s seal is now weakened.”

Luna smiled, “We just have to wait a little longer...” he purred as he rested his head on his brother’s shoulder. “Patience is the key.”


Chapter Text

The heir smiled as he ran into the meeting room, he bowed “Papa, I have news!”

Yukiteru looked up from his seat and smiled at his son, “Yes?”

“We have the sword!” Yumoto laughed, “Araki come in!”

Yukiteru gasped as the God of Hospitality walked in, “That...” he smiled, “That is it.”

Seiji froze as Tungsten pulled the blade out, “Sir, we had two attack us in the spring.”

Gora frowned, “What?”

Yumoto nodded, “Yes, as I pulled the sword out, we heard a noise and then someone grabbed me.”

“Grabbed you?!” Yukiteru gasped and Yumoto looked down, “I don’t know who they were.”

Gora sat back in his chair and hummed, “Strange...” he muttered as he stroked his chin with his other hand. “Yumoto, we’ll have to figure out who they were.”
The heir nodded and Gora looked up, “Hmm...”

Sol growled as he sat next to his brother, “What do we do!?”

Luna smiled, “Don’t fret.” He giggled, “We can easily take the little prince away. His guardians won’t know what hit them.”

Sol smirked, “We could easily go whenever we’d wish.”

“Hmm...” Luna whispered, “We should plan it...”

“Ah, Dadacha!” Sol called out, “We need to talk about stuff.”

Dadacha sighed as he flew in and looked up, “What is it?”

Sol smirked, “We want to bring you the little prince and help awaken Hireashi.”

Dadacha gasped, “Really?!”

“Yes,” Luna smiled, “so, we need monsters.”

Dadacha nodded, “I’ll tell my brother! He can help us.”


Tungsten looked up as he sat next to his brother, “Satoru...”

Cobalt looked at his brother and smirked, “Do you really need me to come with you to the palace?”

Tungsten sighed, “Just’d like to come out today.”

Cobalt laughed, “thanks.” He smiled, “Glad you wanted me to come.”

Tungsten looked down at the blade, “Satoru...” He whispered, “I have to tell you something...”

His brother frowned and Tungsten sighed, “This sword...I’’s powerful.”

“And?” Cobalt whispered and Tungsten looked at him, “I might have to stay away from you soon, I...” He bit his lip, “I don’t need you or mama and papa to get hurt because of this.”

Cobalt frowned, “A-Araki...”

The silver-haired man hugged his brother tightly, “This sword, is what they’re after...”

“Araki, you can’t just leave us!”

Tungsten frowned, “I’m sorry, I won’t leave forever.”

His brother looked down, “I...I don’t want you to leave...”
Tungsten bit his lip, “I just...don’t want anything to happen to you all.”

Cobalt turned his head away, “Araki...”

Tungsten shook his head, “Don’t worry, we have time together still, I promise.”

Cobalt nodded and Tungsten looked at him, “I love you, Satoru...”
“ too, Araki.”

Yumoto sighed, he was laying in bed, as Tungsten pulled him to his chest, “No powers yet...”

“I know.” Tungsten whispered and Yumoto groaned, “Sometimes...” He whispered, “Sometimes I wish I was just born normal.”

Tungsten sighed, “I...I told Satoru, I have to start distancing myself. I...I don’t want mama or papa to get hurt, if Satoru got hurt because of me...I...”

Yumoto frowned, “Araki...”


Yumoto looked up at his suitor, “I-I...I’m scared.”

“Yumoto...we...we’re so stupid...” Tungsten whispered, “Stupid kids...”

Yumoto bit his lip as tears blurred his vision, “S-Sorry...” the heir whispered, “We...we’re running out of time!”

Tungsten nodded, “I know...I know...”

Yumoto blushed as his suitor stroked his hair, “Shh...let’s relax, okay love?”

Yumoto nodded, “Y-yes.”

“Why...” Sol whispered, “why are we still going after this damn kid...”

Luna blinked and looked at his brother, “Why, what do you mean?”

Sol looked up, “Aki, something...something isn’t right!”

Luna blinked and gasped, “I...”

“You feel it too, don’t you?”

“Yes,” Luna whispered and Sol nodded, “Thought so...”

Luna glanced at the door, “Dadacha isn’t telling us something, right?”

Sol smirked as he grabbed his brother’s hand, “Exactly, and we will force it out of him.”

“Ah,” Dadacha’s voice rang as he walked into their room, “I have plans, my twins! You know, that monster you wanted?”

Luna smiled as he stood, “Of course, what do you have?”

“Easy!” Dadacha giggled, “The heir can’t swim!”

“He...stands in a spring?” Sol blinked and Dadacha groaned, “Yes, but he can’t swim if he’s in too deep of water!”


Dadacha sighed, “It’s a monster made of water, it’ll trap and drown the stupid brat!”

“And...?” Luna asked as Dadacha huffed, “You two...”

Sol smirked, “Alright, we’ll get rid of h--”
“I thought we were told to bring you the heir alive...”

Dadacha sighed, “Listen, Lord Hireashi wants him dead now!”

“Hmph, if we fail, don’t yell at us.”

Dadacha nodded and Luna smiled, “Thank you for the monster, we’ll have some fun with that brat.”

“Cerulean,” Yukiteru smiled, “may you go with my son tonight? Vesta and Sulfur are out on a mission.”
“Ah,” Cerulean looked up from the sofa, where he was sitting next to Epinard, who was reading a book.

Yumoto looked up from resting his head on his older guardian’s lap, “ we have to? Can’t Epinard come too?”

“If he would like to.”

Yumoto looked at him and Epinard smiled, “Of course, I don’t mind.”

“Yes! Araki said he can’t come tonight because he is with Satoru.”

Yukiteru smiled, “Keep my son safe, I know you two treat him like your own child.”

“Let’s head out then.” Cerulean smiled and rubbed Yumoto’s hair, “Let’s unlock your powers tonight.”

Yumoto nodded.

The heir bit his lip as they walked in the moonlight that night, it was clear and warm out. He looked up as he clasped the ruby necklace he wore in his hand. His sandals making noises as he walked.  

Cerulean looked down and Yumoto looked up at him, “Sorry...just...thinking.” He whispered and Epinard sighed, “Don’t worry. We have just shy of three months.”

Yumoto bit his lip and Cerulean walked to the curtain of ivy. He lifted it and Yumoto looked at the serene spring and marble statue. “May today be the day...” he whispered and Epinard smiled.

The boy descended the worn stone staircase with his two guardians following.

Cerulean looked around as Epinard formed his Love Stick out. Yumoto looked at them and Epinard shook his head, “Just for protection.”

The heir nodded and Cerulean looked at him, “Need help?”

“No,” Yumoto smiled, “thank you though...” With that, the heir slowly turned his head back to where he was facing. Then, he walked into the waters below.

Luna smirked as the stood on the statue, hiding in the shadows, “There he is...” He whispered, “are you ready, Haru?”

Sol nodded and giggled softly, “I can’t wait to hear his screams.”
“Let’s do this...”

“Of course.”

Yumoto frowned as he heard something from above, it sounded almost like voices. He looked up as something caught his eye and it landed in the water.

The two guardians turned in alarm as the heard the boy cry out suddenly. “What is this?!” Yumoto gasped as the water began to encase him.

“En-chan, look up there!” Epinard yelled and Cerulean growled as he saw two boys sitting, “YOU!”

“What about us~?” Luna purred, “I’d worry more about your stupid heir.”
“What are you doing!?” Epinard spat and Sol smirked, “Getting rid of the one thing keeping Lord Hireashi from coming back!”

“Water Demon, drown the prince.” Luna calmly spoke as he stood, “We have to hurry.”

Cerulean growled and Yumoto looked above, “Wa-wait! Don’t kill me!” He plead, “I will give you whatever you wish! Gold, jewelry, money...anything!”

Sol hummed, “Tempting,” He laughed as he wrapped an arm around his brother’s waist. “We have a job to do, and you are in the way.”

The heir screamed as suddenly he was dunked under the water and Cerulean’s eyes widened, “Yumoto!”

The twins began laughing and Epinard looked at his partner, “Do something!”

“I’m thinking!” Cerulean spat and Sol smirked, “Bring the heir up for air.”
The heir coughed loudly as he was brought up and Luna laughed, “Dunk him again! Longer.”

Cerulean growled as the boy went under and he looked at Epinard, “I have to control it! Watch my back!”
The God of Wind nodded and Cerulean put his hands down in front of the spring as he began to concentrate.

Epinard looked at the twins, “Why are you doing this?! You’re torturing him!”

“That’s the plan!” Sol laughed, “Gods, you are slow.”

“Yeah, we have to kill the little prince and then get the sword!”

Cerulean growled,
“Come on! Stop fighting with me, you stupid father sealed you ages ago!”

He pulled his own love stick out and pointed it to the waters, “Cerulean Aqua!” He yelled and gasped as his beam shot down into the waters below,

“Kill him!” Sol screamed and Cerulean smirked as he finally gained control.

“What are you doing!?” Luna growled, “Why aren’t you listening?!” He demanded as Yumoto was pulled out of the waters by Epinard.

Cerulean smiled and began to raise the waters from below, “Ah, because you forgot one thing...” He laughed, “I am the God of Water, this is
my domain.”

Sol gasped and Luna screamed as water surrounded them, “We...we’ll win! Hireashi will destroy you all with Zundar’s help!”

“Sure, why don’t you tell him that, if they get close to the heir, we’ll kill them instantly!”

“Haru, come on!” Luna spat and grabbed his brother’s hand as they teleported away.

Yumoto coughed hard and Epinard frowned, “He’s freezing, we need to rush him home!”
Cerulean nodded as he picked Yumoto up, “Dammit...” he spat, “He’ll end up sick....”

“This isn’t good...Yumoto, can you hear us?!” Epinard cried and Yumoto groaned as he slowly opened his eyes, “S-Sorry...” He whispered and Epinard moved the blonde locks from his scarlet eyes, “Don’t be, you’re safe and that’s the main thing.”

Cerulean nodded, “We’ll get you home and into dry clothes.”

Yumoto nodded.

Zundar sighed, “Another failed attempt...?”

“We were close.” Sol spat, “Stupid Cerulean! If the God of Water wasn’t there...”

Dadacha smiled, “An-chan! We’re biding time, the heir hasn’t even found any power yet. Lord Hireashi will break free and we’ll be perfect!”

Zundar sighed, “Let’s hope...we need that sword too...”

“Let’s have a stronger monster then.” Sol suggested, “The heir is weak, we could easily get him.”

Zundar looked down, “I’ll think about it, for now...” he spoke, “Let them think they won, the heir will lead us to where we need to be.”

Luna nodded, “Sounds fine.” He smiled, “The little prince needs time to recover, yes? We can work on becoming stronger.”

“How admirable!” Dadacha giggled and Sol laughed, “Perfect, I call dibs on killing the heir!”


Chapter Text

Perlite growled as he stood in front of Aurite, “Dammit, we’re going to fail!”

“Akoya, stop.” Aurite spat, “We have time.”

“How?” Perlite whispered, “Time has been showing scary things...”

Argent looked at him, “Like what?” He replied as he took Perlite’s hand, “What’s wrong, angel?”

“Everything!” Perlite whispered, “The sword is powerless and so is the only chance we have of winning.”

“The heir will.” Argent replied and kissed his partner’s cheek, “Tell us what you see.”

Perlite looked at Aurite, “I can’t see when he’ll awaken the powers. The needs the current God of Love, the past God of Love, and the heir to combine their powers and it’ll revive itself.”

“But...” Aurite sighed, “the heir has no powers.”


“We’ll work on it.”

Perlite growled, “And the heir is now running a bad cold.”

“Cold...?” Argent questioned and Aurite nodded, “At the spring, At-chan said they were attacked and the heir was almost drowned by some water demon. Which you know, only a demon can kill a god.”

“Yeah,” Perlite spat, “Eiji, the God of Death has the final say in this matter.”

“Yes, but Asami won’t let her partner do it.” Argent smiled, “That Goddess is too kind.”

“Especially to mortals.” Perlite laughed and Argent nodded, “We’ll work on keeping everything safe,” he muttered as he looked at the Mortal Door, “may the Gods keep us safe.”

The heir sighed as he coughed, he was laying in his bed, surrounded by pillows, propping him up. “Gods, I hate this...”

Wombat hopped onto his bed and nuzzled the boy’s hand, “Are you feeling better?”

“I have a small fever still,” Yumoto sighed as he blew his nose, “Kurou came by and gave me a small lunch, so I could take medicine,” He looked at the still full bowl of rice porridge, “I ate two bites, I couldn’t taste anything...” He groaned, “And I haven’t slept well.”

Wombat frowned, “I know last night, you and I talked late.”

Yumoto laughed, “We did, thank you.”

“As your guardian, I have to!”

Yumoto sighed, “You don’t
have to. You can tell me no.”

“Huh!?” Wombat froze, “No! I do what you ask of me,” He sighed, “I don’t mind.”

Yumoto nodded and looked down at the sheets, “I’m too hot.” He groaned, “I feel like I’ve not done anything.”

“You’ve been ill...”

“No,” Yumoto continued, “I mean...” he looked over at his balcony window at the setting sun, “I...I’m failing my destiny.” He sighed as he threw his head back into the pile of pillows. He looked at a small portrait of Kouki, “why did you do this to me?!” He spat, “I hate every moment of this...”

“Yumoto-san...” Wombat muttered, “Please, the first God of Love did not curse you to die.”

Yumoto sighed as he looked down, “This is stupid...”
“Little One...” Argent’s voice softly spoke as he peeked inside, “would you like to get up for a while?”

Yumoto looked over and smiled, “Ibu-chan-senpai!” He laughed as he sat up, “I’d love to but Epinard said,” He began to mimic his guardian’s voice, “You are to remain in bed!”

Argent laughed as he walked over, “Yes,” He put a hand on Yumoto’s head, “I miss seeing you run in my room.”

Yumoto nodded, “Me too...”

“Care to explain what happened? I was told but...” Argent sighed, “I want to hear from you.”

The heir sighed, “All I remember was being surrounded by water and then pulled under by something.”

Argent frowned, “Anything calling to you?”

“No.” Yumoto whispered, “I just...can’t. I can’t feel any power inside me.”

Argent looked down, “That is troubling news...” He whispered as he sat on the heir’s bedside, “I am very concerned.”

Yumoto nodded, “Not even when I hold the wise, for Araki to wield it? Why can’t an-chan take it?”

“The Gods blessed him with his axe, it is holy.”

“So...” Yumoto smiled, “An-chan can seal Hireashi away!”

“No.” Argent replied, “The demon was sealed away already by him and his axe was weakened by it.”

“So, there’s a limit? That’s dumb.”

Argent laughed, “Something like that, but his blessing on his own axe is weaker now.”

“So, why doesn’t an-chan take the sword?”

“Because, he told you he wanted you to have it.”

“But, I am not allowed to use it?”

“You are but we don’t know how your curse will work with it.”

Yumoto nodded, “Is Araki still safe? He...” the boy began to tear up, “He told me...he was scared to have it.”


“Yes.” Yumoto replied, “May we take it back from him until it is safe?”

“If you would like that, then yes.” Argent whispered and Yumoto hugged him tightly, “Thank you...thank you so much.”

Zundar looked down, “How much longer...?” He whispered and looked at his brother, “You had your twins attempt to kill the heir.”

“Yes!” Dadacha smiled, “I wanted to help you out!”

“We need him alive!” Zundar sighed, “I told you...”


Zundar shook his head, “Lord Hireashi wants him!”

Dadacha sighed, “Why can’t he hurry up? I’m sick of waiting! I’ve never met the guy!”

Zundar groaned, “Patience is key...if your twins can bring the heir here on his birthday, everything will go according to plan!”

“Why do you want him here?”

“Hireashi will want him away from his guardians, Dadacha.”

“Man I hate them! Once, Vesta tried to burn my tail!”

Zundar shook his head. “Dadacha...”



A few days later, Yumoto looked up at the statue as he stood in the spring’s water. “Please, Kouki...” He whispered, “Some guidance...”

He felt his lip tremble, “I...just...” He spoke, “want to save everyone.”

The boy closed his eyes as tears clouded his vision, he whimpered as he felt a sob tear from his throat. He covered his eyes with his hands as tears fell. The heir quickly opened them as he felt Epinard’s arms wrap around him, “S-sorry...”

Epinard shook his head, “You are tired...”

“NO!” Yumoto whispered and Epinard frowned, “What is it?”

“I...I fear that I am getting nowhere.” The heir replied shakily, “I just...don’t understand.”

“Your powers are love based...” Epinard replied, “Do you have doubts? Is something clouding your heart?”

“I...” Yumoto clasped at the ruby hanging from his neck, “I do not know.”

Vesta glanced at them, “Yumoto, you have nothing to feel unloved about. Do you not feel loved?”

“” The heir replied, “I always feel loved...”

Cerulean looked down and Sulfur frowned, “The curse really must be strong on it. There’s no way he doesn’t have enough love.”

Yumoto felt a stray tear fall, Epinard brushed it away quickly, “It’s alright.”
Yumoto looked at him, “I am just...”

“You are?”

“Papa asks for so much...” Yumoto replied, “I am disappointing him.”

  “Yumoto.” Cerulean spoke, “You are not.”

“I fear that I have put Araki’s life in danger!” Yumoto blurted out, “I let him take the sword that is for me!”

“He accepted your offer.” Sulfur replied, “Kouki has heard your wish and he will allow the blade to work.”

“But,” Yumoto spat, “my power must be awakened to wake its slumber.”


Yumoto looked at the statue of Kouki and screamed, “You did this to me! You allowed this to happen! DAMN YOU!” He cursed bitterly, “I pray to you every night and you do not listen to me!” He threw his hands down into the waters and looked down, “I have doomed the worlds.”

Epinard looked back at Cerulean and sighed, Vesta groaned as Sulfur shook his head, “We are getting nowhere...”

“What is the key...” Cerulean muttered, “to freeing his powers from the grasps of darkness...”

Yumoto looked up at the statue once more, pure bitterness in his eyes, “I just want
guidance on unlocking my true strength...that is all I ask!” He growled, “Is that too much to ask?!” He yelled in pure frustration, “I just...” His voice went softer, “I just want everything to go back to normal...” He whispered, “Please...”

Yumoto ran down the halls that night, tears flooding his eyes, he was exhausted and upset. Wombat followed at his heels as the heir held his face down to the ground, hiding it from anyone who looked.

He ran into his room and threw himself into his bed. He screamed into his pillows, “WHY!? WHY?! WHY?!” he sobbed and Wombat watched, “Your majesty...please.”

Yumoto glanced at Wombat, tears pouring down his cheeks, “I have nothing to report.” He sniffed, “J-just...” He hiccuped, “a powerless boy...”

Wombat walked over to him, “It’s okay...”

“I...” Yumoto whispered as he hugged his partner tightly, “I’m so sorry...sorry you have to see me in such a horrid state.”

Wombat shook his head, “Nonsense.” He smiled at the boy, “It’s okay, Yumoto...” He whispered as the boy began to stroke his fur. The heir rubbed his tired eyes and Wombat looked at him, “You must be exhausted, must sleep.”

Yumoto nodded and Wombat smiled as the boy slowly stood to put his pajamas on. He walked to his wardrobe and dressed, he froze as he saw something in his mirror. He quickly turned to his balcony window and shook his head.

Wombat frowned, “Something wrong?”

“I...saw something in my mirror.”


“Someone...on my balcony...”

Wombat gasped, “Shall we get the guards?”

“N-no...” Yumoto rubbed his eyes, “I must have been tired, let’s...let’s go to sleep, okay?”

Wombat nodded and watched the boy double check his windows, “Okay...” Yumoto smiled, “Let’s go to bed.”

“of course.”

Sol gasped out as they reappeared on the heir's balcony, “T-too close, Aki...”

“Yeah.” Luna replied, “How much longer?”


“Until his birthday?”

“Two Months and twenty nine days.”

Sol’s lips curled into a smile, “Good. We are stalling his powers perfectly.”

Luna nodded, “Lord Hireashi needs it all to burst out, right?”


Luna smiled and Sol began to giggle, “Stupid boy...” He traced his fingers over the heir’s window, “Sleep tonight...but just know...” He whispered, “We will be killing you in cold blood.”

Luna sighed, “We should head back...”

“But...can’t we peek on Gorar?”

“Oh...fine.” Luna giggled and the duo appeared in front of Gora’s window.

The two sighed happily and Luna grabbed his brother’s hand, “Come on, we should get home.”

“Yes...” Sol sighed and Luna smiled, “We can come back...maybe we can trick them that we’re...friends.”

“Oh!” Sol gasped, “We should talk to Dadacha about it...we can...gain their trust.”

“Perfect idea.” Luna whispered, “They won’t know the enemy is right under their noses...”

They began giggling darkly as they teleported away, back home.

Chapter Text

Yukiteru sighed as he stood in his study, messing with a golden dagger, “Dammit...” He muttered, “Seiji!” He called and watched as the God of Law appeared in front of his desk. “Sir?”

“It’s November now, yes?”

“Yes, your majesty.”

Yukiteru glared at him, “And my son hasn’t had any success.” His deep ruby eyes bore into Seiji’s emerald ones. “Should we finally bring him to the third spring?”

“Yes,” Seiji nodded, “That will most likely be the wisest option.”

Yukiteru growled as he stabbed his dagger into the mahogany desk, “Damn demons, I free some for my youngest’s birth but then they turn back and cursed a baby to die.”

“Sir, we’ve always been against each other.”

Yukiteru sighed and looked at a small portrait on his desk, he frowned as he picked it up, “Oh, Nat...” he whispered, “What have I done...?”

Seiji frowned, “Sir, I shall check on the last spring and see if it is safe.”

“Thank you...” He watched Seiji leave and his attention went back to the portrait. Yukiteru’s fingers trailed the orange-haired woman’s painting, “Yumoto is a handful...” He whispered and sat down in his red leather chair. He frowned as he picked up a family portrait, “Gora is busy and Yumoto is working hard...” He sighed and looked down, “Natsumi, I hope to see you once more...”

A knock tapped on his door, “Yes?”

“Lord Yukiteru...” Tungsten spoke as he opened the door and bowed, “I have arrived to give you back the sword, your son has asked for it to be kept here.”

Yukiteru nodded, “Yes, Yumoto told me.”
Tungsten pulled the sword off his back and sat it on the desk, “Here, I’m sorry...I just feel nervous having this blade right now.”

Yukiteru nodded again, “I understand, Araki. It’s powerful and you don’t need it to be a risk for your parents and brother.” He froze, “You know...I can have someone forge you a new blade.” He smiled, “Something similar to this, but not.”


“Like, a blade with a tungsten handle with a ruby?”

“Sir,” Tungsten blushed and Yukiteru smiled, “I mean, a gift for my future s0n-in-law.”

Tungsten shook his head, “S-sir.”

“Nonsense.” Yukiteru replied, “Come with me, Araki.” He picked the blade up off his desk and Tungsten nodded, “Yes sir.”

“Dadacha, we have a perfect idea!” Sol giggled, “Aki and I came up with it last night!”

“Hm?” Dadacha smiled and Sol grabbed Luna’s hand, “We want to...befriend the little prince.”


“Not like that, we want to gain their trust.”

Dadacha frowned, “I don’t know...”

“Why not?”

“You’ll have to ask my brother.”

“Why?” Sol growled, “We’re old enough to make our own choices!”

Dadacha shook his head, “Go ask him. He’ll probably say no.”

Luna sighed, “This is dumb, Dadacha.”

Dadacha frowned, “I’m sorry, Aki...”

Sol huffed as he pulled his brother’s hand, “Come on! We’ll go plan our next attack then.”

Dadacha looked at them and rushed off to his brother. “An-chan!” He cried as he ran into a dark room, Zundar glanced at him. “A-ah...” Dadacha replied as he saw his brother in his humanoid form. His green hair shining in the little light that was there.

“Dadacha...” Zundar spoke, “What is it?”

“The twins...want to pretend to befriend the heir...”

“No.” Zundar growled, “You already took them away fourteen years ago, if Yukiteru sees them, he will easily know something is up.”

Dadacha nodded and sighed, “Has Hireashi done
anything ?”

“Not yet, have you tried to use your powers?”

“To get my form?”


“Nah,” The squirrel demon giggled, “Too lazy, it takes too much work.”

Zundar smiled, “Of course,” He picked his brother up and laughed, “Don’t worry about it, I just wanted to know.”

“So, the heir...”

“Yes, what about him?”

“Do you think, he’ll awaken his powers?”
“Probably.” Zundar explained, “But, we have a plan.”


“Easy,” Zundar smiled, “Lord Hireashi has been eying Tungsten.”

“The heir’s suitor, why?”

“He’s close to the heir, so it’ll be easy for him.”

“And the twins?”

“After Lord Hireashi is freed, we don’t need them.”

Dadacha gasped, “B-but...!”

“We won’t get rid of them, but Lord Hireashi wants Tungsten.”

Dadacha looked down and Zundar sighed, “Enough. They’re doing what is needed.”

“ twins are working hard!”

“I know,” Zundar smiled, “And they’re the perfect pawns, the heir won’t survive their final attacks.”

“So, can’t they ambush the palace?”

Zundar gasped, “Perfect!”


“Get them ready, they can do as much damage as they’d like!”

“Okay!” Dadacha giggled and jumped off his brother’s shoulder, “My twins!!” He called as he ran out, “Get your best outfits on! We’re going to have some fun with a certain brat!”

“A ball...?” Yumoto groaned as he was dressed by his maids, “Why?”
“Your father decided we needed a party to lighten the mood.” Ami explained as she brushed a stray brunette curl off her cheek, “Your birthday is soon and...”

“And he wants to make sure we have one last hurrah before that day...” Yumoto sighed as she fixed his scarlet sash.

“Your father actually let you wear your uniform tonight.” Ami explained and Yumoto nodded, “Yeah, I’m glad.” He laughed, “Those robes are heavy.”

She smiled and Yumoto walked to his door, he looked up as Gora opened it, “Are you ready?”


Gora nodded and Hashibiro looked at him, “Ah, hello Scarlet.”

Yumoto bowed quickly, “Hello...” He muttered and Wombat ran over, “Ah, Yumoto-san.”

Hashibiro huffed and Yumoto looked down as the blue shoebill walked ahead of Gora. Yumoto looked at Wombat and whispered, “Yeah, he still doesn’t like me.”

Wombat nodded, “He can be strict...”

“Yeah, no kidding.” The heir muttered and they walked down the halls. “
He doesn’t like me because I’m not strong like an-chan...” The boy thought bitterly, “He always looks at me and rarely speaks, but with an-chan, he never shuts up.”  

The heir stared down at his reflection in the marble floors as they met up with their father.

Yukiteru looked at them, “Thanks you two, sorry for short notice, but Seiji and I both thought it was a good idea to do something today.”

“Yeah...” Gora nodded, “It’s alright, papa.”

Yumoto bit his lip, “Your guardians are already out there,” Yukiteru explained, “Please at least stay out there for an hour, Yumoto. I know you don’t like staying long.”

Yumoto nodded, “Thank you, papa...”

Yukiteru smiled and lifted the heavy red velvet curtain aside, “Come along.”

Sol smirked as he stood behind a pillar, “Aki, we already have things in place, right?”

His brother nodded, “Of course,” Luna whispered and put his head on his brother’s shoulder, “We’ll teach them to not mess with us.”
Sol scoffed, “Stupid heir shouldn’t have been born.”

Luna grabbed his brother’s hand and squeezed it, “When he goes back, we’ll ambush the little prince.”

“For now...let’s lay low.” Sol whispered and smiled as he saw Gora, “Ah...”

“Haru...we should have asked if we could bring Gorar home too...”

“Hm...maybe we can bargain the heir for Gorar instead! Like we’ll kill the heir if Gorar doesn’t come with us?”

“Hmm...would Dadacha like that?”

“We take both!”


“What? We can kill the heir and then Hireashi will rule and Gorar will be ours!”

Luna shook his head, “We’ll see what happens.”

Sol looked up as the music picked up, “Ugh, these parties are so lame...”

“I agree.” Luna nodded.

Vesta looked over in a corner and saw two Gods, “Hey...” He grabbed Sulfur’s arm, “Io, don’t they look familiar?”

“What are you talking about?” Sulfur asked and Vesta turned, “Those two in the corner.”

Sulfur froze as he looked, “The Gods of the Sun and Moon...”

“Huh?!” Vesta blinked, “Wait...”

“They were the party.”

Vesta gasped, “Shit...they’ve been missing since, right?”


“We need to get Epinard and Cerulean
now !” Vesta gasped, “Go get them, Yumoto needs guards around him.”

Sulfur nodded and Vesta grabbed his wrist, “Don’t act panicked. If they notice...we’re fucked.”

Sulfur nodded again and walked off.

Vesta bit his lip,
“Why are they here...?”

Sulfur poked Epinard’s shoulder, “Senpai...” He spoke, “We have a problem.”

“Huh?” Epinard blinked as he turned, “What is it, Io?”

“The Gods of the Sun and Moon...”


“They’re here.”

“How? They’ve been missing for fourteen years...”

“Ryuu spotted them, we need Cerulean too.”

“They must be planning something...” Epinard gasped and Cerulean walked over, “What’s up?”

“The Gods of the Sun and Moon.” Epinard spoke, “Ryuu spotted them here.”

“Follow me.” Sulfur spoke, “We have to hurry...”

Epinard looked at Yumoto, who was busy talking to his uncle, laughing and smiling. “Yes. We cannot raise suspicion.”

“Should we get Aurite?” Cerulean questioned and Epinard shook his head, “No, we can’t alert the two.”

Sulfur bit his lip and Vesta looked at them as they walked over, “I’m worried.”

“Ryuu, calm down.” Cerulean spoke, “Why are you freaking out?”

“We thought they were dead!” Vesta spat, “They appeared before Hireashi did!”

Cerulean frowned, “Listen, Ryuu. Gora-san sealed Hireashi up years later.”

“Yes but that damned demon still was around. He wasn’t going to break free on Yumoto’s birthday!”

Sulfur froze, “Ryuu!” He grabbed his hand, “They’re gone!”

Vesta gasped, “Where...?”

Cerulean frowned, “This is strange...”

Epinard shook his head, “Maybe you two imagined them.”

Vesta frowned, “We didn’t!”

Sulfur nodded, “We saw them.”

Epinard sighed, “You two...”

Yumoto looked at Gora, “I’ll be right back,” He smiled, “I want to go to the back, I have a gift for Araki.”

“Alright.” Gora smiled, “Hurry back, okay?”

Yumoto nodded, “I will!” He stood from his throne and the guards lifted the curtain up, “Thank you! I’ll be fine on my own, okay?”

“Alright, your majesty.” One spoke and Yumoto nodded as he walked into the back, into a small private room. The heir smiled as he walked over to a chair, he bent down and pulled out a box. As he started to stand, someone grabbed him by his neck.

The heir yelped and he was lifted up, “Hello, Prince of Light.” A voice cooed and Yumoto gasped, “W-who are you two!?”

“Us?” Sol smirked, “We’re the two who tried to drown you~”

The boy froze and looked at them, “Um...can you put me down...?”

“Why would we do that?” Luna purred and touched the boy’s cheek, “You’re lucky we don’t use that sash to hang you.”

“You wouldn’t!” Yumoto growled, “You need me, I bet.”

Sol laughed, “We need you to give to Lord Hireashi, he wants you and we’re supposed to deliver you.”

That’s when Yumoto opened his mouth and screamed as loud as he could. “YOU BRAT!” Sol screamed and slammed the heir into the ground, “SHUT UP!”

Yumoto yelped as he hit the marble tile. He groaned and Sol turned as the curtains opened. He smirked as guards surrounded them, “Ah, guards.” He laughed as he picked the heir up. Luna laughed as he made his staff appear, “You all don’t know who we are, do you~?”

“Stand back or we kill the heir!” Sol barked as he formed an orb of light in his hand, “We’ll kill him if you take one step!”

Yumoto gasped as he was forced to stand, “J-just do what they say!” He screamed and Sol smirked, “Good boy, you at least know your worth.”

The heir looked at Luna, who stood straighter, “Come along, Haru, why don’t we show the party our going away gift.”

“Of course.”

Yumoto growled as he was forced to walk into the ballroom. Gora froze as Yukiteru gasped, “Haruhiko! Akihiko!”

Sol smiled, “We just wanted to say goodbye, isn’t that right, little prince?”

Yumoto glared at Sol, “I did not agree to that!” He spat and bit down on Sol’s arm that was currently around his neck. Sol gasped out, “You...!” He shoved the orb into the heir’s neck and the boy screamed as he collapsed to his knees.

“Gods...what did I tell you!?” Sol screamed and Luna smiled, “Gorar...we’ll...give your brother up, if you come with us.”

Yumoto whimpered and looked up, “Y0-you...!” He spat, “You
won’t take my brother away from me.”

Gora looked down, “Papa...”

Yukiteru growled, “Gora...what do you think, you are the current God of Love...”

Gora nodded, “Fine, you two may take me instead.”

Yumoto’s head shot up, “What?!”

“To save you...”

The heir growled, “You aren’t leaving!” He yelled, “You won’t go with them!” He cried, “I won’t let you!”

Gora began to walk forward and Yumoto felt tears filling his eyes, “N-no...” He whispered as he watched his brother’s reflection in the marble floor. He threw his hand out, “NO!”

Gora froze as he saw an orb of light appear from his brother’s finger tips, “Y-Yumoto...!”

Yumoto gasped as he watched, “T-the...the power...!”

“Sol, we need to go now!” Luna gasped, “Come on...!”

Sol nodded, “Lord Hireashi has to know...!” He grabbed his brother’s hand as the orb of light rushed towards him, the boys jumped up and appeared on the second floor of the ballroom, “See you next time on your birthday~” Luna bowed, “Nice to meet you two.”

“COME BACK!” Vesta screamed, “VESTA IGNIT!”

The twins gasped and dodged the flames. “Ah, now you four come along~?” Sol giggled, “You were late, but too bad. We’re telling Lord Zundar and Hireashi about this.”

“H-huh?” Epinard gasped, “Zundar!?”

“You know him?”

“Kin-chan said Zundar was once his animal partner...” Epinard gasped and watched as the twins teleported away.

Yumoto sat there, staring at his hands, “H-how...?” He tried to form another orb and frowned, “I...can’t...”

Gora smiled and put a hand on his brother’s hand, “Your powers are starting to appear!”

“I...don’t” Yumoto whispered and Gora shook his head, “No reason to question this. Your powers are starting to appear, Hireashi is probably panicking now.” Gora laughed, “Gods save the heir.”

Chapter Text

Tungsten smiled as he sipped at his tea, he looked over at his brother, who was pouring sugar into his cup. He looked at the sword near his boots, it was nearly a replica of Kouki’s own blade.

“Hey, Araki,” His cousin, Yoshiro spoke, “Everything alright?"

Tungsten laughed nervously, “Y-yeah...” He placed his tea cup down, “Just...thinking."

Yoshiro frowned and looked at him, “Are you sure? You keep staring at the sword..."

Tungsten smiled, “I have to see Yumoto."

Cobalt frowned, “Araki..."

“Sorry,” Tungsten shook his head, “Would you like to come, Satoru?"

His brother grinned, “Sure, if you’ll let me."

Tungsten nodded, “Of course."

Yumoto hummed while he sat in the parlor. He held Kouki’s blade in his lap, he felt the cool metal handle in his hands. He smiled, “Tonight, we go to the final spring.”

The heir looked up and sighed, he closed his eyes as Wombat nuzzled his hand, “Hm?"

“You alright?” Wombat smiled and Yumoto nodded, “Yes."

“Your birthday three days."

“Yes, I know.” Yumoto muttered, “Tonight...we are going to the final spring, for the last guidance._

“You...aren’t going on your birthday?"

“Papa is too nervous to let me."

Wombat frowned and Yumoto sighed, “Yes, I know, we always go on our birthday..."

Wombat shook his head and Yumoto looked down, “Papa gifted Araki a sword almost identical to this..."


“And I still fear something may happen."

Wombat frowned, “Yumoto-san..."

Yumoto sighed as he stood, “I should get ready for Araki’s arrival..."

Wombat followed him, “Pray hard tonight, okay? Your power was trying to show at the party."

Yumoto sighed again, “Yes...” He muttered, “Shall we go get a snack?"

Wombat nodded, “Sounds great!"

Sol smirked as he sat near his brother, “Seventy-two hours!” He cheered “We’re going to win!"

“Oh?” Dadacha smiled and Luna nodded, “We have an idea with our next monster."

“What is it?"

“A puppet monster. Control the little heir and make him hand the sword over!"

“He’ll be with guardians."

“So?” Sol smirked, “Dadacha, his guardians aren’t the all powerful Gods they pretend they are."

“Well, they are Elemental Gods."

Sol groaned, “Yeah, but..."

“Enough.” Zundar spoke, “you two must follow them to the final spring, it’s hidden and we must know where it is!"


“We have to know, they might use it as a hiding spot."

Sol sighed, “Whatever, we’ll find him and get rid of him."

“Save getting rid of him for his birthday.” Luna replied and Sol stuck his tongue out at his brother. “Besides! We can get Gorar too!"

Zundar froze, “W-what..?"

“We want Gorar for ourselves.” Sol smirked, “Is that okay?"

Zundar shook his head, “Gorar is why we’re here in the first place."

Dadacha nodded, “Yes...Hireashi wanted Gorar to die first."

Sol huffed, “SO!?” He screamed, “Gorar is better than the bratty heir anyway!"

Luna smiled, “We’ll get rid of him, don’t worry, let’s prepare our monster, okay? It’s getting late and the heir will be leaving the palace in an hour or so."

“Yes, come on, we’ll grab the monster."

Yumoto looked up as he sat in his room, on his bed. Vesta knocked and walked in, “Kid, Araki is here for the spring."

"Ah...” Yumoto muttered and Vesta smiled, “Come on,  it won’t be hard. We’ll get your powers tonight for sure!"

Yumoto nodded and the Fire God rubbed his hair, “No tears tonight, okay?"

Yumoto forced a smile, “Y-yes."

Vesta smiled and Yumoto looked down as he grabbed his ruby necklace. “Vesta, will we be okay?"

“We...” Vesta replied, “we’ll be fine."

Yumoto nodded, “O-okay."

Gora smiled as he looked at Yumoto and his guardians as they walked into his study. “The final spring, is hidden away, but it is located on the spot on the map. It is where Kouki’s final resting place lies. His power resonates there. It is only seen by Hakone’s but this...this is one exception.”

Sulfur nodded, “Yes sir.” He smiled, “We’ll bring the real sword as well as the fake, Lord Tungsten has?"

Gora nodded, “Thank you so much.” He put a hand onto his brother’s shoulder, “May the Gods keep you safe. You are worth so have so much love in your heart."

Yumoto nodded, “T-thank you...” He whispered and gasped as his brother pulled him tightly into a hug, “Yumoto...” Gora whispered, “Stay safe."

Yumoto wrapped his arms around his brother as well. “I love you, an-chan."

Gora smiled, “I love you too."

“C-can’t you come with me?"

"Not tonight, I have to do one last thing."

Yumoto nodded and Epinard placed a hand onto Yumoto’s shoulder, “Come along, we must go."

Cerulean nodded, “We’ll be safe, Gora-san"

Gora nodded, “Yes, I trust you four."

Wombat looked at him, “Do you want me to go?"

Gora smiled, “If you wish."

Wombat nodded, “Yes sir."

Gora smiled and his brother looked down as they turned away.

The heir sighed as they left, he felt Tungsten’s gloved fingers intertwine with his own. He blushed and Tungsten smiled, “It’s alright, Yumoto.."

Yumoto nodded slowly, “Y-yes."

“Ah!” Vesta smiled, “Over here, Io!” He called as he walked to a small pond, “Down there, see?"

Sulfur smiled, “Yes! That is the walkway!"

Cerulean nodded, “Sounds good."

Yumoto bit his lip as Epinard walked over, “Yes, it’s here."

The heir looked at Tungsten, who gripped his sword in his hand. He held the boy’s hand in the other. “Let’s go in then..."

Yumoto nodded and let himself be led down the mossy stairwell. He bit his lip as he looked at the flowers that were planted around the spring. He shivered as he stepped into the cool waters below and gasped as he saw Kouki’s stone face. He clasped his hands tightly as he began to plead hard.

“This is my last less than three days...” Yumoto thought, “These six months...have tested me so much, I fear...I fear the worst."

He felt a stray tear fall and looked up at the statue, “Hakone Kouki, I am here for the final time before my birthday. Papa believes tomorrow and then my birthday will be too dangerous for...for me to come."

The heir looked down at his reflection, “Please...” He whispered, “I just ask for my powers to finally show themselves."

He sighed and looked back up, “Please!” He cried, “Dammit, answer me! I just need it so I may stop the demons!"

As he pled, the boy froze as an orb of light shot down from the statue’s blade. He gasped as the orb flew to his wrist and he slowly pulled his arm up as a bracelet appeared onto it, it was of a scarlet red heart-shaped gem, with white wings sticking out of it with a crown on top. “Is this...?"

The heir’s face lit up, “This is the start to it unlocking!” He cried out, “I can almost transform now, right?"

He bowed his head, “I am sorry for the cursing at you, Kouki...I am just so frustrated over it all.” He smiled, “I just...need to learn to unlock it!"

Vesta laughed, “Yes!” He clapped his hands together, “I am so proud of you!"

Yumoto smiled and as he turned, something wrapped around his wrist. “H-huh?” The heir frowned, “Vesta, I can’t move my arm!"

Vesta blinked, “Huh?” As he did, laughter filled the area.

“Finally, led us to the hidden spring and help the little heir unlock some of his power.

“Too bad we have a monster to help us."

Yumoto growled, “You two!"

“Gods of the Sun and Moon!” Epinard cried out and Sol laughed, “Aw you remember us."

Luna giggled, “Puppet Monster, control the little heir’s body."

Yumoto gasped, “W-wait!” He screamed, “This isn’t fair!"

“IS TOO!” Sol growled and Yumoto growled, “I...I’ll figure out how to  use my power!"

“Go ahead!” Luna mocked, “Go and try it"

Yumoto tried to move his arm back and gasped, “I...” He began to turn around, “I can’t control my body!” He gasped out and Cerulean’s eyes widened as the heir walked towards Tungsten. Yumoto looked up at his suitor as his hand wrapped around his blade’s handle. Tungsten’s other gloved hand covered Yumoto’s. “Yumoto, I can’t allow you to take the sword"

“I...I know!” Yumoto gasped and he froze as he watched his other hand grab the pommel. Tungsten frowned, “Yumoto, you can’t give them this sword!"

“Don’t you think I know that!?” The heir screamed and Epinard grabbed Yumoto’s wrists, “We have to pry his hands off.

“Not going to happen~” Sol smiled, “Our puppet monster is in full control of the heir."

Yumoto looked at Tungsten’s face. “I..."

Tungsten shook his head and Yumoto looked down as his bracelet’s scarlet gem began to glow.

Tungsten gasped and Yumoto smiled as he felt the force controlling his body leave. He quickly turned to the twins as the light began to surround him, he threw his hand up and the Gods of the Sun and Moon screamed.

“T-This power...!” Sol cried.

Luna gasped out as he fell to his knees, “’s strong..."


“Haru! We need to get out of here!"

Yumoto gasped as the duo teleported away and looked down at his outfit, “This...!"

“Your powers!” Epinard cried out, “You have awakened

Yumoto felt tears spring into his eyes, “I look like you guys now.."

“Yes,’re now in your true Battle Lover form...” Wombat whispered, “Battle Lover Scarlet.."

Sol panted as they appeared back at home, they both fell to their knees, “He..."

“He-he’s awakened...Dadacha.” Luna gasped and Dadacha froze, “H-how...?"

“We...don’t know"

Zundar growled, “No matter...” He spat, “Two more days! He has no way of learning how to control his powers that fast!"

The twins nodded and Dadacha growled, “We’ll get rid of him, an-chan!"

Sol growled, “His...his power was insane!"

“Yes, now you see why Lord Hireashi needs him.” Zundar smiled, “He has enough power to destroy the world."

Dadacha nodded and the twins slowly stood.

“Yes...Lord Hireashi will be very pleased...” Zundar smirked, “Let’s start planning our little...death party”


Chapter Text

Yumoto looked up at his guardians, “Oh, wow!” He spun around in his Battle Lover uniform, “This is so cool! Papa and an-chan will be so excited!”

Vesta laughed, “Hell yeah!”

Cerulean looked at Epinard, “I’m surprised Kouki didn’t wait to give him his powers.”


“You know, that cliché thing that happens in stories, where the protagonist gets their powers the day the bad event happens.” Cerulean explained and Epinard hummed, “Ah.”

Yumoto looked at Sulfur, who was writing stuff down, “What are you doing?”

“Marking this event, we’ll have to leave the spring shortly, we don’t know if they’ll come back.”

“Hmph,” Vesta spat, “Yumoto scared them, they probably ran to Zundar and screamed.”

Yumoto looked at Tungsten, who was staring at the ground, “You...okay?”

Tungsten looked up, “Y-yes, sorry, Yumo-chan...”

Yumoto grabbed the sword in his hands, “Araki, let’s go home, okay?”

“Do...” Tungsten whispered, “Do you feel okay?”

Yumoto blinked as he looked up at him, “I...”

Wombat frowned as he watched the boy, “Yumoto-san?”

Cerulean walked over, “You feeling tired?”

Yumoto looked at his guardian and nodded. He frowned as Cerulean picked him up and Epinard looked at him, “En-chan, are his powers making him tired?”

“I mean, he’s never transformed like we do. This is bound to exhaust him, I mean, you saw that insane light that came from him.”

Sulfur nodded, “Yes, and we have to let Gora-san know right away.”

Vesta sighed, “Araki, you coming too?”

“I’ll have to.” He laughed, “My brother is there, remember?”

Yumoto frowned as Cerulean put him on his back, “Thanks...” He muttered, “Let’s go home...”

Yukiteru gasped as he ran into the ballroom, Gora smiled as he stood there, “Papa, Yumoto is home and Sulfur said they have news.”

“What type of news?!”

“Great news.” Gora smiled, “We’ll have to prepare the final key in defeating Hireashi.”

Yukiteru grinned, “Wonderful.”

The God of War turned as the doors opened and watched as Yumoto came in with the others. He frowned as he saw his son on Cerulean’s back, “Cerulean, is everything alright?!”

“Yes,” Cerulean nodded, “he’s a little exhausted.”

Yukiteru froze as he saw his son’s outfit. “Wait...”

Yumoto peeked up from Cerulean’s shoulder, “ powers...arrived.” He blushed and Yukiteru gasped, “So...”

The Caerula Adamas appeared beside Yumoto.

“It is time to enhance the sword.” Perlite bowed, “You three must do it now, if we don’t, we’ll be out of luck on his birthday.”

Yukiteru nodded and looked at Gora, “Are you ready?”

Gora nodded and Yumoto sighed as Cerulean let him off his back. He groaned as he stood for a moment, “Sorry,” He laughed, “been up there a little too long.”

Gora frowned at his brother, who shrugged it off, “Okay...” Yumoto muttered and Argent smiled as Aurite grabbed the blade. “We cannot allow this to fall into the wrong hands.”

Yumoto nodded and Yukiteru walked over, “Tell us what to do and we’ll enhance the blade once more.”

Perlite nodded, “Just focus your power onto the blade, all at once. It won’t take a lot but it’ll need enough.”

Yumoto watched as Aurite held the blade skyward as his ring started to glow “Now, all of you.”

Argent held his right hand out, back facing the blade as his ring began to glow, “Blade of Love, awaken from your ancient slumber, you are needed once more!”

Perlite did the same, he smiled as his ring began glowing as well. “Now, accept the power of the last three heirs of love!”

Yumoto gasped as his brooch began to glow and he looked over at his father and brother, whose brooches were also glowing.

Yukiteru held his hand toward the blade and Gora did the same. Yumoto blinked and quickly moved his hand the same direction.  

He gasped as he watched light shoot from his finger tips, towards the blade. The blade began to glow white as their powers combined.

The heir’s eyes widened and Gora looked up as Aurite pulled the blade down. The God of Wisdom knelt down and held the glowing white sword out, “Heir of Love, you have completed the hardships that were dealt to you.” He looked up, “Hakone Kouki has blessed you with the sword to blot out the darkness that is coming. You are now ready to face the demon lord.”

Yumoto looked at him as Yukiteru spoke, “Yumoto, take the sword.”

Yumoto swallowed the lump in his throat. “Y-yes papa...” His fingers slowly wrapped around the sword’s hilt. He slowly lifted the sword up and Argent smiled, “Hakone Yumoto, you have grown so much...” He whispered and Yumoto looked down, “Let...let’s hope we can win..”

Argent hugged the boy tightly, “ little one, you’re doing great.”

Yumoto felt tears fill his eyes, “I...”


Tungsten looked over from where he was standing, he felt off... He had to leave. “Yumoto!” He called, “I...I must head home now, I’ll visit tomorrow!” He quickly kissed the boy and Yumoto frowned, “ you.” He muttered and Tungsten nodded, “Love you too...” He whispered and Yumoto looked at him, “Can’t we talk first?”

The silver haired man nodded, “Yes...”

The duo quickly walked to a corner and Tungsten whispered, “Sorry, I am...something feels wrong, okay?”

“Araki, if you fear your parents and your brother’s life....s-stay here.” Yumoto gasped out and Tungsten shook his head, “No, they need me to stay home.”

“Please...come by tomorrow if you need. Stay with your family.” Yumoto whispered and Tungsten hugged him tightly, “I love you.” He whispered into the heir’s ear and repeated it a few times, “I just fear for you and everyone else.”

Yumoto nodded, “I understand,” He hugged Tungsten back tightly, “stay safe, okay?”

“You too...” Tungsten whispered, “Please don’t let anything happen to you.”

“I won’t.”
“Promise me.”
“I promise.”

Zundar smiled, “Finally, tomorrow...”

Dadacha giggled as he sat near his brother, “Tomorrow will be amazing!”

Sol and Luna looked at them, “Hmph,” Sol spat, “Then you can finally shut up about the heir.”

Zundar rolled his eyes and the Gods stood, “We’re going to take our bath, then to bed. You should sleep too.” Luna scoffed and Dadacha smiled, “Okay! I’ll join you!”

“Dadacha, stay with me.” Zundar spoke, “We have to do one last thing.”

“awwww, okay.”

Luna looked at his brother as they quickly left that room, “Are we really going into the bath?” Sol asked, “We just took one!”

“No!” Luna replied, “We’re going to Gorar!” He smiled, “I figured we should before the destruction hits.”

Sol giggled as he hugged his brother, “Aki, you’re fantastic!”

“I know.”

“Tomorrow we win and we get Gorar!” The boys cheered and teleported away.

Chapter Text

The heir groaned as he awoke that morning, he sat up and looked out his balcony window, “Today...” He whispered, “is my fifteenth birthday...”

He pulled his legs up to his chest and eyed the bracelet on his wrist, he smiled softly, “That really happened...I can’t...I can’t believe it.”

Wombat yawned as he opened his eyes and looked at the boy, “Ah...” He spoke, “Good morning.”

Yumoto smiled and rubbed his partner’s head, “Morning.”

Wombat nodded, “Happy birthday, Yumoto-san.”

Yumoto blushed, “Thank you.” He replied and picked Wombat up, “I...” He bit his lip. “Today is the day.”

Wombat glanced over at the window, “Everything looks normal.”

“For now.” The heir sighed and looked up as someone knocked on his door, “Come in...” He replied and sighed as Epinard walked in, “Good morning, Yumoto.”

“Good morning...”

Epinard smiled, “Happy birthday.”

“Is it truly happy?”

“Yes,” Epinard replied as he walked over, “it will always be.”

Yumoto nodded and Epinard looked at him, “You have a new robe finally.”


“Your father is having one be made. He requested it for after...”

The heir sighed and Epinard rubbed his blonde locks, “Don’t worry, we have everything in place to prevent this.”

“But we cannot stop the breakout.”


Yumoto sighed as he climbed out of bed, “I’m ready to prepare for today.”

Epinard nodded, “Of course.”

Zundar smiled as he sat next to his brother, “Today is the day! We just have to wait for it to begin!”

Dadacha giggled, “Yeah! But...” he frowned, “When will that be?”

Zundar blinked, “Uhh...” He looked at his paws, “I...”

“Do you know, big brother?”

“S-sure!” Zundar stuttered, “’’ll be...”

Dadacha smiled, “I bet it’ll be at sundown!”

“Why then?”

Dadacha shrugged, “Most of the time, cool things happen at that time.”


  Sol sighed as he walked in, “Can’t he hurry up?! I want that stupid heir to fail.”

Luna scoffed, “Of course, he just had to awaken his powers!”

“I bet Hireashi can easily take over.” Sol smirked, “I mean, one day is hardly enough time!”

“But...” Luna sighed, “That powerful light...of his.”

Sol growled, “That damn wonder Hireashi wants him. We couldn’t even escape it!”

Zundar nodded, “’s strong...and just as it was thought to be, the heir will easily destroy us if Lord Hireashi is to fail.”

Dadacha frowned and Luna looked at him, “We can easily distract them, bring a monster and then during that battle, Hireashi breaks out at the same time as the prince uses his powers.”

Zundar gasped, “ a great idea.”

“Zundar, we need to find out when Hireashi is breaking free.” Sol smirked, “We’ll find an exact time and stall.”

  Zundar nodded, “yes...”

“We have until sundown.” Perlite whispered as he bowed his head, as he stood in Yukiteru’s office, “Your sons need to stay here.”


Perlite bit his lip, “We need to find him and his brother. Guards need to be sent there.”


“We...fear Hireashi wants to take Tungsten for his parents and sparing Cobalt...”

Yukiteru growled, “Don’t. Don’t tell Yumoto this. He will beg us to stop it.”

“I want to stop it.” Perlite sighed, “but...I know destiny is destiny...”

“Can’t you at least...” Aurite began, “talk to Eiji and Asami?”


“They have the final say in Gods dying, right?” Argent added, “If we can make it in time, Araki can...can easily be fooled and we can save Akiko and Yuichi.”

Yukiteru nodded, “Try. Try to do it. I shall send a letter quickly to them.”

“The heir’s true powers will not show until Hireashi comes.” Aurite added, “Last night, was just a glimpse of them. He...especially if he and Gorar were to team up, would be unstoppable.”

“And that is why they want both of my sons dead.” Yukiteru spat, “Those damned demons...”

“We are hoping that Lady Natsumi will once again appear.” Perlite smiled, “Hireashi most likely had something to do with her disappearance.”

Yukiteru nodded and frowned as a knock tapped on his door. Yumoto slowly opened it and peeked in, “P-papa...” He whispered and Yukiteru’s expression softened, “Yes?”

“I...” the boy had tears welling in his eyes, “I don’t...want...”

“Don’t want, what?”


Yukiteru frowned as his youngest ran over to him, “Caerula Adamas, you are excused. I need to talk to Yumoto...”

“Yes, sir.” They all spoke and teleported away.

Yumoto looked up at Yukiteru as he rubbed his eyes, “S-sorry...”

“It’s okay.” Yukiteru smiled, “Sit, please...did you sleep well?”

“N-not really.”

Yukiteru frowned as his son sat in the chair beside him. “I know, you’re scared.”

Yumoto shrugged and Yukiteru looked at him, “Please, it’s alright. You’re allowed to be scared.”

“I...I just don’t want to be seen as weak...”

“Would you like to visit the spring once more, before this evening?”

Yumoto looked down and clutched at his uniform, knuckles turning white. “I...I don’t know.”

Yukiteru nodded, “I understand, but we do always see him on our birthdays.”

Yumoto bit his lip, “Is it safe?”

“I believe so.”

Yumoto smiled softly, “I...I’d like to visit the spring to ease my burdens.”

Yukiteru nodded, “Of course, I shall get your guardians.”

“All of them?”


Yumoto nodded, “Thank you papa.”

Vesta smiled as Yumoto walked down the stairs, “One last time in that outfit, eh?”

Yumoto laughed, “Yeah...I just figured one last trip.”

Epinard nodded, “Sounds great.”

“Then, we can do your birthday celebration this evening.”

“Thank gods it’s a small event.” Cerulean yawned and Epinard shook his head. “En-chan, today is a good day.”

Sulfur nodded and Vesta sighed, “Let’s just goes smoothly.”

Yumoto looked down, “Should...we take the sword?”


“No.” Vesta sighed, “Your father will keep it until we get back.”

Yumoto nodded and Wombat ran downstairs, “Let me come with you, I want to stay with him today.”

Yumoto smiled, “okay.” He looked at his guardians as he walked forward, “Let’s go, yeah...?”

“Do you not want to say hi to Argent?” Sulfur asked and Yumoto shook his head, “I...” he smiled, “I will later.”

Gora frowned as he watched his brother leave, “Papa...aren’t you worried?”

“Yes.” Yukiteru replied, “Very worried.”

“You’re hoping Kouki can bless him once more, right?”

“Maybe.” Yukiteru sighed, “Araki is in danger, so, it’s just to keep him safe.”

“Why would Hireashi want to kill his parents? I know that it’s a way to trick Araki but...”

Yukiteru shook his head, “If someone killed me, and threatened to kill your brother next unless you joined him, what would you do?”

Gora looked down, “I...” He bit his lip, “I’d save Yumoto.”

Yukiteru sighed, “Exactly...”

Yumoto looked up at the statue of Kouki in the spring. “May you keep today safe...” He whispered and frowned as he felt the ground begin to shake.

Vesta growled, “Dammit! A monster out!?”

Yumoto quickly climbed out of the spring and Epinard looked at him, “Transform, Yumoto!”

“Umm...” Yumoto frowned, “How?”

Vesta groaned, “Don’t tell me you don’t know!”

“No.” Yumoto replied and Epinard looked down, “Wombat?”

Wombat blinked, “uhh...oh! Kiss your bracelet and say Love Making!”

“Okay...?” Yumoto frowned and quickly did so, “Love Making!” He frowned as nothing happened, “W-what!?”

“How...?” Vesta groaned, “You transformed yesterday!”

Sulfur shook his head and Epinard looked at them, “Io, Ryuu. Take Yumoto home. Cerulean and I will get the monster.”

Yumoto frowned, “Huh?!”

Cerulean growled, “Hireashi has to be behind this!”

“Hurry!” Epinard spat, “take him now!”

Yumoto gasped as Vesta pulled him by his wrist, “Epinard!” He screamed as they began running. He tried to pull away, “Vesta, we can’t leave them!”

“We can too!” Vesta spat, “Calm the fuck down!”

Yumoto shook his head, “Why are you leaving them!? What if something happens to them!?”

“They’ll be fine.” Sulfur spoke, “We have to get you home!”

Yumoto looked down as they ran, Wombat following.

Zundar laughed as he stood in front of a dark room, “Dadacha, we’re at the time of reckoning!”

“Ooh, finally!” Dadacha clapped, “The VEPPer are already at the palace, they wanted to see Maximum Gorar.”

Zundar nodded and he looked up as the ground began shaking hard, “Finally...! The seal is breaking free.”

Dadacha laughed, “Oh, I’m so excited! We haven’t seen him in years!”

Zundar looked back down at the ground, he smirked, it was actually going to plan.

Yumoto froze as he heard a loud noise, he turned his head back. “It...”

Vesta gasped, “Shit...!”

Sulfur’s smokey-violet eyes widened, “He...he’s out.”

Yumoto looked down at his hands as pain shot through his body. He gasped in pain and Vesta looked at him. “Kid, you okay?”

“N-no!” Yumoto growled, “My body can’t move!”

Sulfur frowned and Vesta quickly scooped Yumoto up into his arms, “Come on! We have to get home

Sulfur nodded and Yumoto groaned,
“This...this power is crazy!”

Tungsten looked up as he walked inside his mansion, “Mama? I’m back, Satoru and I got some...apples?”

He frowned and his brother looked at him, “Where are they? Mama said she was gonna bake after we got back.”

“Stay here.” Tungsten spoke as he pulled his sword out, “I need to make sure everything is fine...” he turned to his brother, “if it’s not, please, go to the palace and tell Gora-san.”

Cobalt nodded, “Y-yes, Araki.”

Tungsten hugged his brother tightly, “I’ll be careful.”

Cobalt nodded again and swallowed hard. He watched as his brother slowly left the room.

The silver haired man froze as he walked into a dark room, “Mama, papa?!” He called and his violet eyes widened as he heard a giggle. He turned around quickly, “Show yourself!”

The God growled as someone walked forward, “Y-you...” Tungsten gasped out, “Where are my parents, Hireashi?”

There stood a man with red hair wearing a deep red and white uniform. “Easy, I got rid of them.”

Tungsten froze, “Y-you...”

The demon smirked, “And next, I wanted to get rid of your brother and then your special one.”

Tungsten felt tears fill his eyes, “W-why!?” he choked out, “Why did you do such a thing?!”

“Easy.” Hireashi laughed, “I want you to work with me.”


“Fine, I’ll kill your brother then.”

“WAIT!” Tungsten gasped, “P-please...don’t...don’t touch, Satoru! Just...just let my parents live a-and...I...”

“You’ll work for me?”

Tungsten looked down, “Y-yes...” He spat, “Just do as I said!”

Hireashi laughed, “Glad you agree, Araki-chan.”

Tungsten screamed as something grabbed him and he was gone. His sword clattering to the ground...


Chapter Text

Yumoto panted as they ran harder, he had been placed back onto his feet, his body was aching. Tears flooded his scarlet eyes and he rubbed them on his already damp sleeves. He sniffed and Vesta smiled, “Finally! The palace is up there!”

Sulfur nodded and looked at Yumoto, “We’re almost there, then you can get to safety.”

“W-why...” Yumoto sniffed, “Why didn’t we teleport?”

“Too dangerous.” Sulfur explained, “with Hireashi freed, we could have been pulled to a different area.”

Yumoto nodded and Vesta’s face softened, “’s okay. Cerulean and Epinard will be safe.”

Yumoto bit his lip and Sulfur frowned, “Yumoto, please...we’ll grab the sword and then Tungsten is bound to show up.”

Vesta looked at Yumoto, “Come on, let’s hope I haven’t bruised your poor wrist.”

The heir had tears fill his eyes again, he looked down as those same tears began flowing down his face, he fell to his knees and Vesta slowly let go of his wrist.

Yumoto began sobbing and Vesta looked at him, “Yumoto.” He bent down and grabbed the boy’s shoulders, “Why are you crying?!”

“I-I...” Yumoto choked out, “I want an-chan...!” He bawled, “I-I’m scared!”

Vesta groaned, “We’re almost home.”

Yumoto looked up at his guardians, “I...I’m such a failure!”

“Enough!” Vesta screamed, “Stop saying that!”

The God of Light froze, “R-Ryuu-senpai...” He whispered and Vesta sighed, “Please...let’s get home, okay?”

Yumoto nodded, “Y-yeah...”

The God of Fire helped the younger boy stand, “Come on, your guards will already be prepared.”

Cobalt looked up as he heard a voice call his name, he gasped as he saw the God of Death and the Goddess of Life running up, “Cobalt!” Eiji, the God of Death gasped out, “Good, you’re alright.”

“Araki...” Colbalt frowned, “he went to find mama and papa and...he...he hasn’t came back. I-I...I heard him scream and I..”

“And you ran outside?”


“how long ago was this?”

“Only a few minutes ago.” Cobalt explained and Asami nodded, “Stay here with Eiji, I believe Hireashi may have harmed your parents...”

Cobalt’s eyes widened, “H-huh?”

Eiji frowned, “Satoru, your brother was taken by Hireashi, he did it to protect you.”

Cobalt felt tears fill his eyes, “S-stupid Araki...” He muttered and Asami smiled, “Don’t worry, we’re here to help. I shall go inside now.” She rubbed the God of Chance’s locks and smiled as she walked into the mansion.

Asami, the Goddess of Life gasped as she ran into a room, “Akiko!” She gasped out as she saw the two on the ground. The blonde goddess flipped her golden hair behind her shoulders and bent down to them, she hummed and Perlite appeared, “Asami,”

“I believe so,” Asami smiled, “We’ll have to take them to the God of Health afterwards.”
“Perfect.” Perlite nodded, “ missing, yes?”


Perlite looked down, “ matter, we’ll save the Keishi clan.”

Asami smiled, “Yes!”

Yumoto looked up as they ran up to the palace gates, “P-please...” Yumoto spoke to the guard, “ my brother safe?”

“We haven’t heard anything in the palace, Prince Scarlet.” The guard replied and Yumoto frowned, “ suitor?”

Again, the guard shook his head and the heir looked down, “T-thank you...”

Sulfur sighed as they were let in, Yumoto looked up, “S-Sulfur, Epinard and Cerulean aren’t back yet...”

“We’re going to check on them.” Vesta replied, “We had to take you home first.”


“We had to get you home safe.”

“But, we aren’t leaving until you’re safe.” Sulfur added and Yumoto bit his lip as they ran inside the palace.

“An-chan!?” Yumoto screamed and Yukiteru ran down the stairs, “Yumoto!” The God of War ran to his son, “Thank Kouki, that you are safe.”

Yumoto looked at him, “P-papa...I...” he whispered, “I can’t transform.”

Yukiteru growled, “Your powers are being blocked, by Hireashi I bet...”

“Yes,” Sulfur nodded, “that would make sense, as he wasn’t able to transform right before the breakthrough.”

“Papa, where is an-chan?”

Yukiteru frowned, “He’s trying to distract the Gods of the Sun and Moon.”

“And the sword?”

“Right here.” Yukiteru spoke and he slid the blade off his back. “Yumoto, take it.”

Yumoto bit his lip, “I...”

“The Caerula Adamas will be with you.”

“Please...” Yumoto whispered at his two guardians, “C-come home...” He spoke tearfully and Vesta smiled. “We will, love you, kiddo.”

Yumoto gasped as Argent appeared and grabbed him, “Come on, Little One.”

The heir looked down and Yukiteru frowned, “Hurry, Argent. Hireashi is bound to be coming at any moment!”


“PAPA!” Yumoto screamed as Argent began to pull him away, “Papa, please!”

Yukiteru turned away,
“Keep my son safe...may nothing happen to him.”

Sulfur and Vesta bowed, “Yukiteru-sama.” Sulfur spoke, “We have to help the others.”

“Go on...” Yukiteru spoke, “May the Gods keep you safe.”

“Yes, sir.”

Yumoto looked down at the crystal flooring, he slowly sat down and Aurite looked at him, “You okay?”

“N-no...” Yumoto sniffed and rubbed his eyes, “I...I’m so body burns.”

“Hireashi’s powers are making you feel sore.”  

“I...” Yumoto muttered as tears filled his eyes again, “I’m sorry...”

Argent shook his head, “Don’t’re so strong.” He whispered as he bent down in front of Yumoto, “Little’re so brave.”

Yumoto looked up at his Guardian, “I-Ibu-chan-senpai...”

Argent smiled, “You are going to destroy Hireashi, don’t worry.”

“Oh, really?” A voice laughed and Yumoto gasped, “Y-you...”

“Gods of the Sun and Moon...” Aurite spat, “What are you doing here, you traitors!?”

“We wanted to see the little prince on his birthday!” Sol laughed loudly, “Has he heard the news?”

“W-what news?” Yumoto spoke and Luna smirked, “Aw, you haven’t yet, don’t worry, you’ll find out shortly.”

Yumoto gasped and he held the sword tightly close to him. Aurite stood in front of him and the heir looked down,
“What do I do?! I’m putting everyone in danger...”

Aurite gasped, “Argent! Hireashi is coming!”

Argent growled and grabbed Yumoto, “Come on!”

The heir scrambled to his feet and Sol laughed loudly, “Run little heir! Run and he will still get you!”

Luna smirked, “And you led us to the mortal door.”

Yumoto growled, “I...I won’t let you!” His eyes narrowed as he pulled the sword out and pointed it at them, “I, who was chosen by the first God of Love, will protect everyone!”

He charged at the twins, who dodged. The heir growled and Argent looked at Aurite, “We have to get them out of here.”


“Yumoto, lead them outside!”

The heir nodded and ran past the Gods, “Come get me! You can get me and bring me to Hireashi!” He spat and began running faster.

“If Araki is with them, then I can rescue him from Hireashi!” He thought and gasped as he saw his suitor standing in the ballroom, “Araki!?”

The man turned to the boy and smirked as he pulled his blade out. “What...?” Yumoto gasped and his body collapsed. “B-by the Goddesses...!” He cried out, “This...power...”

Sol giggled, “See, heir...” He spat, “Hireashi has Tungsten under his power now.”

Yumoto gasped and lifted his head up as foot steps walked towards him.

“Heir...” the demon spat and Yumoto growled, “You! You are Hireashi!”

“I can’t believe you fell for coming back home.”

“My guardians took me here!”

Hireashi smiled, “Yep, and that was the plan. We’ll give you time to run away, okay?”

Yumoto looked at him, “What...? You intend on hunting me down!?”

“Sure.” Hireashi laughed, “I mean, you want to help your guardians, right?”

“W-what...what are you doing to them!?”

“Overpowering them, they’ll be dead soon.” Hireashi replied and his lips curled into a smile, “You will then join them.”
Yumoto smirked and felt the sword in his hand, he quickly shoved it up and Hireashi screamed as it slashed his stomach, “Y-you..!” He froze as he saw the heir stand and bolt.

“Tungsten, go after the heir and kill him!” The demon screamed and looked at the twins, “Take care of Gorar...!”

“Yes, Lord Hireashi.”

The heir panted as he ran hard, rain pouring down, “What a great birthday!” He thought bitterly, “Even Wombat is missing now! Where did he even go!?”

The heir froze as an arrow shot past his head and he turned around, “A-Araki!”

Tungsten glared at the boy and Yumoto frowned. “Araki, this isn’t you!”

“This is me,” Tungsten growled, “I am doing what was asked.”

“You’re not okay! W-what...what did he do?”

Tungsten looked down, “He...he killed my parents...” he whispered, “And...threatened Satoru.”

“You’re not being controlled?”

Tungsten bit his lip. “I am, but...being...near that blade you hold...”

Yumoto gasped and looked at his suitor’s face, “Your eyes...” His once violet eyes, were now deep red. “Araki...” He whispered and tears filled his eyes.

“Tungsten! Why aren’t you doing anything?!” Hireashi screamed as he appeared, Zundar and Dadacha standing next to him.

Tungsten groaned, “I...”

“Lord Tungsten, you kill him or we destroy your brother, like your parents...”

The God gripped at his sword tightly and Yumoto looked up at him, “Araki...” He whimpered, “They won’t kill Satoru.”

Tungsten growled, “I have to get rid of you, now!” He screamed and pulled his own sword up, above his head.

Yumoto gasped and threw his hand up. As he did, a bright light shot out of it.

Hireashi screamed, “DAMMIT...! THAT LIGHT!”

Tungsten froze and he felt the light surround his body. Yumoto watched as the red began to fade and he gasped as he felt his own body transforming.

“The Sparkling Prince, Battle Lover Scarlet!”

The Battle Lovers looked up, “D-dammit...” Vesta spat, “this monster is strong!”

Sulfur groaned as he fell to his knees and Epinard gasped as Cerulean shot another beam.
“Look up!”

“H-huh?!” Cerulean gasped, “That light...!”

“Holy shit!” Vesta gasped, “That...those are Yumoto’s powers, aren’t they?!”

Epinard nodded, “Yes...and it’s coming this way.”

The monster turned and it screamed as the light hit it and it was destroyed.

The Battle Lovers gasped as it surrounded them. Cerulean gasped as he watched their outfits light up and they began to change.

“We...” Epinard gasped out and Vesta smiled, “We powered up!”

“We have to get to Yumoto, now!” Sulfur spoke and Cerulean nodded, “Come on, guys!”

Sol screamed as the light began to fill the Palace of Love, “AKI!” He cried as he grabbed his brother’s hand, “W-WHAT IS THIS?!”

“I-I...” Luna whimpered, “I don’t know!”

Gora gasped as the twins hit the ground. Sol blinked, “Where...?”

Luna looked at his brother, “What...happened...?”

“Where are we?”

Gora ran to them, “Akihiko, Haruhiko, you feel okay?!”

“G-Gorar-san!” Sol gasped, “ please tell us what happened?”

“Yes, but we have to find Yumoto first, okay?”

“Y-yes sir!”

Yumoto stood there, hand out at the three demons, the light slowly fading. He glared at them, “Now...I shall end this.”

“N-not today...” Hireashi screamed, “You may win today!” He spat, “I am going to destroy you! I am only weak because of my seal breaking!”

Yumoto growled, “SCARLET LOVE LUMIERE!”

Hireashi quickly teleported away and Tungsten blinked, “Y-Yumoto...”

“Araki!” The boy cried and hugged his suitor tightly. “Thank Gods, you’re okay!”

Tungsten looked at Yumoto with tears in his eyes, “Y-Yumo-chan...” He muttered and hugged him tightly, “I’m sorry...” He cried, “I had to join him to keep Satoru a-alive...”

Yumoto looked at him, “ can tell me more at the palace...”

“Yes..” Tungsten whispered.



Chapter Text

Aurite growled as he stood in the ballroom, “We are not standing by.” He spat, “We are going to Hireashi now, we still have time in this day.”

Yumoto looked at Aurite, “What...? We don’t even know where he’s hiding!”

“Yes, but we cannot risk your powers not working again, we have to stop him now.” Perlite spat, “You five powered up, you’re all strong enough to stop him.”

The heir looked at the sword in his hands, “We saved Araki...and he told me about his parents...”

Perlite looked at Tungsten, “Your brother is here and safe. The Goddess of Life is with your parents.”

“Y-you...” Tungsten stuttered, “You guys are trying to save them?”

Perlite nodded, “Yes...”

Tungsten looked down as he ran a hand through his silver locks, “I...”

“Araki,” Vesta spoke, “we can’t let anyone die today.”

Yumoto nodded and Vesta looked at him, “That light was insane!”

The heir laughed, “It was!” He looked at Argent, “An-chan probably saw it too!”

“He did.” Yukiteru spoke as he walked in, “we all did. It enveloped everything.” He explained and Yumoto gasped, “R-really?”

“Yes.” Yukiteru smiled, “Good job, Yumoto.”

“But...” The heir frowned, “Hireashi is still around.”

Yukiteru shook his head, “You all will go after him, now.”

“But...where is he?”
“We...” a voice spoke, “can lead you there.”

They turned and Yumoto gasped as the Gods of the Sun and Moon stood there, “You two!”

“You...” Sol sighed and Luna smiled, “Saved us.”


“Hireashi and Dadacha brainwashed us when you were born.” Sol explained and Luna nodded.

“We were trapped with them until your light hit us.” The older smiled and they walked towards them. “Thank you so much.”  

“Somehow,” Tungsten nodded, “I wasn’t too deep into it yet.”

Luna looked down, “Be careful when we go...Hireashi...wanted you a lot.” He bit his lip and Sol nodded, “Yes. He mentioned you many times, Tungsten.”

Yumoto looked at him and shook his head, “Let’s go now! We can’t waste anymore time!”

“Yes.” Aurite spoke, “Be safe...all of you.”

Yumoto looked at the sword in his hand, “We’ll get rid of him!”

Hireashi smirked, “Zundar, Dadacha, we have to get Tungsten.”

“Sir,” Zundar sighed, “We can’t guarantee that, especially with the heir’s...powers.”

Hireashi glared at Zundar, “Can too! That heir...” He looked at his hands, “That light was insane. Stronger than Gorar’s own...”

Dadacha shuddered, “I hated it!” He froze, “W-where are the twins?” He asked tearfully and Zundar shook his head, “They broke free..”

Hireashi nodded, “Yes. If you get rid of the heir, Dadacha, we can get them back.”

Dadacha rubbed his eyes, “Y-yes!”

Yumoto looked up at Luna as they walked, the darkness was starting to loom down on them, as the moon began to slowly rise.

The God of the Moon’s hair reflected off the moon’s light and the heir looked down quickly as the God turned, “Yes?”

“N0thing...” Yumoto replied and Sol looked at the heir, who was clutching the sword tightly in his hands. “Do you even know how to use that?”

“I...” Yumoto bit his lip, “Somewhat.”


“I was not allowed to train.” Yumoto explained, “Awakening my powers was my number one priority.”

Sol frowned, “And they want you to fight?”

Yumoto glared at him, “I’m not fragile, you know.” He spat, “My entire life I’ve been told that. I can fight, my father is the God of War!”

“Yes, but you’re more like your mother, who is Peace.”

Yumoto scoffed, “Hmph, an-chan and I used to train together.”

Sol rolled his ruby colored eyes, “Sure, and you can really kill a demon?”

The heir looked down as he walked faster, “Maybe you should watch who you’re talking to.” The boy spat, “I don’t need you to talk down to me.”

Luna glared at his brother, “Haru, please.”

Sol huffed and grabbed Yumoto’s wrist, “Wrong way, idiot. Stop walking away from us. You’re a wanted man.”
The blonde boy looked up at Sol, “And yet you do not let me walk near my actual guardians.”

“A group of eight people will raise alarm.” Sol explained and Yumoto growled, “You’re lucky I trust you.”

Sol froze, “L-listen here!” He spat, “You didn’t even have to come! You--”

“yes, I am the reason this happened, and you’re scared of me.” Yumoto sighed, “Most are, just because of a thing I couldn’t control. My brother was going to be like me instead, you know. But yet,” The heir looked down bitterly, “you obsess over him.”

The twins looked down as they walked more, “We’re almost there, just up that hill and we arrive at the damned place.” Sol explained.  

Yumoto’s head snapped up as he heard something in front of them, “Watch out!” He screamed and Sol pulled the heir by the wrist as they jumped.

Luna growled, “Dammit...Dadacha!” He spat, “Why attack us?”

Dadacha stood there, in his humanoid form on the hill, “I-I...” He glared at the heir, “You got rid of my twins!”

“You kidnapped them!” Yumoto groaned as he slapped his forehead, “Gods, you really are acting all innocent!”

“I AM!”

“How is kidnapping innocent?!”

Dadacha froze as he blinked, “I...”

Yumoto stood slowly and looked at Dadacha, “We don’t have to fight, just let me go to Hireashi and I’ll fix everything!”

Dadacha shook his head, “You’re just a pain in our sides you know!”

“I get told that a lot.” Yumoto deadpanned, “Trust me.”

“Yeah, because you’re mean!” Dadacha cried, “Taking away the VEPPer!”
Sol rolled his eyes, “Yumoto, keep going without us, okay? We’ll deal with Dadacha.”

“No!” Yumoto shook his head and pulled the blade out, “I’ll end you all!” He started to run forward but stopped as Luna grabbed his hand., “Enough.” He sighed and pulled Yumoto back, “Why...why do you rush into everything...?”

“You’re...” Sol’s voice trailed off, “You’re trying so hard to prove yourself...aren’t you?”

The heir looked down as tears tempted to fill his vision, “L-Listen, when you...have people controlling your entire life day in and day out...” He shook his head, “You want to show people that you can do it without help.”

“Yumoto...” Sol whispered and bent down to him, “You don’t have to prove yourself to us.”

“You say that...” Yumoto replied, “But you hardly know me and my struggles.” He whispered and pushed Sol away. He stood and glared at Dadacha, “Let us through. There are eight of us, and one of you.” He growled.

Dadacha giggled, “I know.” He smiled, “Hireashi just wants you, but he’s scared.”

Yumoto growled and threw his hand up as he felt a warmth fill him. His body began glowing and Dadacha froze as orbs surrounded his body.
“W-wait!” He screamed, “WAIT!”

Yumoto’s eyes narrowed and he snapped his fingers. The demon screeched as he was shot back and he turned back into his squirrel form as he fainted.

The heir gasped and shook his head quickly as he felt his forehead, “What...?”

Sol looked at him with wide eyes, “W-what the hell?”

“That...that was the true power.” Luna gasped out and Sol ran to the small demon. He scooped him up and glared at them, “Let’s get to Hireashi now.”

As they stepped forward, the Caerula Adamas appeared in front of them, “No, we’re going in first, to weaken them, you follow us.”

Yumoto looked at them and frowned, “How we wait?”

Aurite looked at Sol and Luna, “You two come with us, the heir will stay with his guardians.”

Yumoto looked behind him as a hand was placed onto his shoulder,he smiled as he turned around, his guardians standing there. “Hey!”

Vesta grinned as he winked, “Saw you kick Dadacha’s ass.”

Yumoto blushed and laughed nervously.
“I...I can’t even control my powers, do I even tell them? Something took over my body then...” He thought and bit his lip.

“Kid?” Vesta frowned and Yumoto shook his head, “Nothing.” He smiled.

Zundar growled as he stood next to Hireashi, “They have Dadacha.”

“Yes...” The demon sighed, “We’ll have to hold out for the heir. We need to get him to drop the sword” Hireashi explained and Zundar rolled his eyes, “He won’t let go, you know. He’s dead intent on using it on you, sir.”

Hireashi groaned, “And it’ll hurt!” He spat, “I want him gone! Damned Gods and their powers. Why is it me!?”

“I mean, if you hadn’t cursed--”

“ENOUGH!” Hireashi screamed, “I wanted Gorar dead! And then Yukiteru had to have another son!”


“The God of Light wasn’t supposed to live, and the current God of Love is just...ugh! DAMN THEM ALL!”


Chapter Text

Yumoto looked down as he sat on a rock, “This is dumb...” he whispered and Sulfur looked at him, “Yumoto, please.”

The heir looked up, “I have the sword, we can just get him now and we can go home!”

“That’s not how it’s going to work.”

Yumoto rolled his eyes, “How do you know!?”

Epinard frowned, “Yumoto...” he put a hand on the blonde boy’s shoulder, “it’s okay, I promise.”

Yumoto bit his lip, “They...they kept asking me why I was doing this!”

Cerulean sighed and Vesta growled, “It’s your damn destiny! That’s fucking why!”

Yumoto winced at that, and Vesta looked down, “Yumoto, listen, you’ll defeat Hireashi and you’ll never have an illness again, you’ll be healthy and strong once more.”

The heir blushed, “V-Vesta...”

Vesta shook his head, “Yumoto, it’ll be okay.”

Yumoto slowly nodded, “T-thanks.” He looked over at Tungsten, who was standing on guard, “Araki?”

Tungsten shook his head, “Sorry, something...feels off.”

Sulfur frowned and Yumoto stood, “We have to go in now! I...I feel it is time.”

Cerulean groaned, “Yumoto, Aurite said to wait!”

“No!” The heir spat, “We have to go in...” he clutched the sword in his hands tightly, “I am ready to finish what has been started.”
Epinard frowned, “Little one...” he whispered the heir’s nickname, “Yumo...” He wrapped an arm around the heir’s shoulders as he hugged him.

The heir looked at him, “Please...let’s go after them now.”

Cerulean sighed and Vesta shook his head, “Let’s just go, he’ll keep complaining if we don’t.”


Hireashi smirked at Aurite as they walked into the dark castle. He walked out of the shadows and sighed, “So, you made it.”

Aurite glared at him, “Easier than we thought, where is Zundar?”

The demon scoffed, “Why would I tell you?”

“We want him.”

Perlite growled at the demon, “Give him up now, or I’ll search in time and you’ll regret it!” He spat, his sapphire eyes slightly glowing.

Hireashi growled, “Damn you three, huh? You think you can win!? I just want to live out my days, but NO!”

Argent shook his head, “Says the demon who cursed a baby.”


“You what?” Aurite spat, “you already intend to get rid of him? He’s stronger than you’ll ever be.” He began to walk closer as he pulled his rapier out, “You’re lucky we don’t destroy you.”

“You can’t!” Hireashi screamed, “Only that stupid sword can!”

“And that’s why you’re going to die.”

The demon growled, “Shut up, God of Wisdom.” He smirked, “If only your wisdom could save everyone.”

Aurite’s emerald eyes widened, “What...what do you mean?”

“Let’s just say, your friends won’t come home safely.”

Yumoto looked up as they walked into a gate house, he frowned as the door shut behind them, “Um...was that supposed to happen?”

Tungsten growled, “No, they set up a trap!”

Sulfur turned around, “They let the others go through.”

“They know we have Yumoto.” Vesta spat, “they want that damned sword.”

Yumoto looked down at the blade that he held in his hands, “Fine.” He growled, “They can take one.”

“Hell no!” Vesta spat, “You know they’ll take you, you’re worth money!”

“Ryuu!” Sulfur groaned and Yumoto walked forward.

“Yumoto, what are you doing?” Cerulean frowned, “You aren’t going to be that stupid, right?”

The heir shook his head as Epinard grabbed his hand, “Yumoto, please.”

“I’ll be fine.” Yumoto muttered and looked at Tungsten, “Keep the blade, okay?” He smiled and Tungsten watched the heir form an orb of light. “I can defend myself, with the powers that I have awakened.”

He turned, “Alright, Zundar, you can come out now.”

The demon groaned as he walked forward, “Give me my brother.”

“We don’t have him.” Yumoto spat as he held his hand out, palm facing. “You think you can scare us?” He growled as he threw an orb out at the demon.

Zundar growled as he dodged, “You....! Hakone Kouki’s blood truly is in your veins...”

The heir shook his head and Wombat growled, “Of course it is! He is related to the God of Love!”

Zundar laughed, “We shall see how long that will last! His bloodline ends here!” The demon shot an attack out and Yumoto gasped as he was thrown back into Tungsten. Tungsten screamed as they slammed into the brick wall and Vesta gasped, “Yumoto!”

Zundar smirked as he walked forward, “You really think that you will win?” He glared at the heir’s guardians, “This is your resting place. Lord Hireashi has made it so.”

Yumoto’s scarlet eyes widened, “N-no!” He screamed, “Don’t touch them, please!”

The demon glanced at the heir, “You’ll be dealt with! Lord Hireashi wants you alone!” He threw his hand out and the heir screamed his body was lifted up by an unseen force.

“You think Kouki will save you!?” Zundar laughed, “He’s dead! Just like you will be!”

Yumoto gasped as darkness began to surround him and he watched as his brooch began to blink rapidly. “W-What...?!” His eyes widened and watched as his transformation began to disappear.

“Darkness will always cover the light!” Zundar yelled and Yumoto watched as his outfit turned into his robes. He groaned as his eyes began to feel heavy. “Sleep well, Heir of Light!” The demon laughed and watched as Yumoto’s eyes rolled to the back of his head.

“Vesta Love Ignit!”

Zundar growled as he jumped up. “Don’t worry, Vesta.” He smiled, “He’s alive for now. Lord Hireashi wanted to fight him alone anyway! I’ll be back for that blade!” He cackled, “Have fun with my friend.” He snapped his fingers and then he was gone.

Hireashi smirked as Perlite screamed, “STOP!”

“What is it, God of Time?” The demon smirked and Perlite growled, “ have the heir!”

Hireashi laughed, “Me?” He asked, “have the little brat?”


“I mean, I already trapped the twins.” Hireashi explained, “Dadacha wanted them back.”

Argent growled as he threw his chains around the demon, “WHERE IS HE?!”

Hireashi glared at the God of Protection, “Why,’re so hostile. To answer your question,” he gestured, “he is fine for now. After we take care of you three, he’ll be ours.”

Aurite looked at the demon, “Tungsten has the blade you know.”

“Yes...and the heir was smart to give him it.” Hireashi sighed, “Another plan, shot down...” He smirked as he walked around the room, “Too bad the little heir won’t be able to watch you three die.”

The demon smirked, “Hope you enjoy death...Gods save the heir, right?!” Hireashi laughed, “GODS SAVE THE HEIR FROM ME!” He smirked as Zundar appeared next to him.

“The heir is secured, Lord Hireashi.” He bowed, “Let me take care of them.”

“Of course.” Hireashi nodded and looked at the Caerula Adamas, “Don’t worry, you won’t die in vain. I mean, you’ve already failed.”

Perlite gasped and Aurite looked at him, “Akoya, what is it?!”

“This battle...” He whispered, “I cannot see what will happen.” He looked down, “The future isn’t showing up.”

“T-that means...”

“We’re doomed.”

Chapter Text

“Look out!” Vesta screamed as a beam shot out at them, “Fuck this!” He yelled as they jumped, “This is the worst!”

Sulfur groaned, “Well we’re kind of stuck here, Ryuu.”

Vesta shook his head, “No matter!” He formed fire from his finger tips, “Let’s burn it to the ground!”

Cerulean laughed, “Sounds great.”

Epinard looked at Tungsten, “Don’t you all forget?! Araki has the sword.”

“So?” Vesta questioned and Epinard groaned, “So! He can use it to kill the demon we’re facing.”

Tungsten frowned, “No. The sword doesn’t emit power when I have it.”

“Huh?!” Vesta groaned, “Why not?”

“Yumoto is who it’s for, I couldn’t even pull it from the pedestal.”

Epinard frowned and Cerulean groaned, “What a pain...”

Yumoto growled as the shadows held him down, “Why me?! This is so stupid. I’m not some damsel, papa never taught me to be one!” He tried to form light from his finger tips and groaned as only a pitiful spark was emitted.

He shook his head and closed his eyes for a moment,
“Come on, Zundar was clearly scared of me...I think.”

The boy slowly opened his eyes once more and gasped as he saw someone standing there.

The person bent down and Yumoto studied their face, “Wait...”

The person grinned and held out a hand, “Hello, you probably know me.”
Yumoto’s eyes widened as he looked, the man had long golden hair and deep ruby colored eyes. “H-Hakone Kouki.”

Kouki nodded, “Yes, I can’t stay long, as you know, I am long gone from the world of living and Gods.”

“Why...why did you come?” The heir choked out and Kouki looked down at his boots and messed with his red tunic, “I am sick of standing on the sidelines and allowing you to...fall the same fate as me.”

Yumoto felt tears fill his eyes and Kouki’s hand started to emit a strong golden light, “I apologize, my powers were so weak to help you...heir of light.”

The heir gasped as the shadows were dispersed and Kouki helped him stand, “You are the light that must shine upon the world once more.” He whispered and Yumoto felt the tears start to fall.

“Do not weep...” Kouki whispered, “You are destined for more than you shall ever know.”

“The...the gods have answered my prayers?” Yumoto whispered and Kouki smiled as he rubbed a tear away. “I tried many times, your curse was strong, and I tried to keep it at bay. For that is why your powers keep leaving you. I cannot keep the bond long enough.”

Yumoto gasped and Kouki grabbed his hands. “I am going to help you awaken the golden power for good.” He nodded and the heir looked up at his ancestor. “ will no longer remain?”

“I am already gone.” Kouki shook his head, “I cannot allow the world to fall again, I saved it in the past, now it is your turn.”

“With your help...” Yumoto muttered as he smiled and Kouki nodded, “Yes, with my help.”

The heir gasped as Kouki’s body began to glow an ethereal light. Yumoto froze as the light surrounded them both. The first God of Love spoke in an ancient, long forgotten tongue as he smiled at the boy.

“Heir of Love--no, Hakone Yumoto, use this power well.” The ancient God smiled and Yumoto gasped as the warmth filled his body. He froze as the first God of Love began to slowly disappear. “Wait!” He cried, “Please, what do I do!?”

“You must seal the demon in the sword.” Kouki smiled, “Keep him at bay with your light, your suitor shall slay him if you are not able.”

The heir froze and Kouki shook his head, “Do not worry, you are going to succeed. I will still be with you. For I am always protecting my descendants. Time is merely a river we all flow down.”

Yumoto nodded and gasped as the god was gone and the shadows came back. He yelped as he was pinned down and Zundar walked forward, “ think you can stop us now...?”

“Yes!” The boy spat and Zundar laughed, “Your guardians are failing!”

Yumoto smirked, “Fine.”


“They won’t die.” The boy laughed, “for I have a secret weapon!”

“What is it?” Zundar growled and his eyes widened as the heir shot an orb of light out. He screamed as it hit him and panted as he watched the shadows leave.

The heir ran hard, harder than he had ever ran. He panted as his sandals slapped against the floor, he felt his newly found strength building up inside of him. He had to get rid of that demon!

Tungsten gasped as the blade on his back began to hum. He quickly pulled it free and the demon they were fighting, began to screech as pure white light was glowing from it.

“Now, Araki!” Sulfur cried, “The heir has somehow blessed the sword!”

Tungsten nodded and Vesta laughed as the silver haired man charged at the demon.

The demon looked at him and let out a horrid scream as it was stabbed with the pure white blade. It flew up and thrashed about, then the light shot from it. Tungsten watched in horror as the demon turned into ash.

He looked at the blade in hand and panted, “H-Holy....”

“Holy shit.” Vesta deadpanned.



Perlite’s head shot up as he heard the voice. Argent panted as he paused from his blocking. While Aurite shot a beam at Hireashi, who turned.

The demon gasped, “H-heir.”

The blonde boy stood there, his body glowing, he was slightly hovering off the ground. “I am here to stop you...” He growled and made a motion, hand going up, to each side, and then down. A beam of light shot out as he faced his palm forward and Hireashi dodged.

“ did you break free?!”

The heir smirked and his eyes glowed slightly,
“Really? You’d really think I’d let my descendant die after your ancestor killed me?!”

“H-Hakone Kouki!” Hireashi gasped out and Yumoto blinked, shaking his head, “I am to stop you!” He screamed and ran at the demon. He clasped his hands together and then threw one out into the open.

Hireashi screamed as light hit his torso. “Y-You...”

“I am to keep you right here...until Araki comes.” The heir gritted his teeth and held his other hand out, adding to the power.

The demon groaned as he fell to his knees. “A-And to think! I’m only being stopped by your crazy powers...”

“Yo-you sealed them away because you were scared of me, destroying you.” Yumoto spat, “and yet, I am standing here, keeping you where you once stood.” He growled “How pitiful.”

Hireashi laughed, “Me, pitiful? I think you have the wrong person, your highness.”

The heir’s eyes narrowed and the demon scoffed, “You can’t hold me forever. Your strength is already weakening!”

Yumoto shook his head and increased his power slightly. The demon growled, “I won’t let you do this, this isn’t playing fair!” He cackled and the heir gasped as suddenly he was thrown back by a dark force. He cried out as he was thrown into the wall and then thrown back in front of the demon.

“Yumoto!” Argent cried out and Perlite gasped as he tried to run forward, “Stop!” He cried, “He’s too powerful for us!”

The demon laughed as he held Yumoto up by his arm. “Kouki forgot, you’ve only just awakened.”

The heir groaned as his body began to glow again and so did the demon’s. “Your powers are good for you to get rid of me, but only when you have trained.” The demon smirked and dropped the heir.

Aurite gasped as the heir groaned as he hit the ground.
“Araki...I...I’m not strong enough to keep him at bay...please...I’m sorry.”

“Hireashi!” Tungsten’s voice boomed, “THIS ENDS NOW!”

Aurite gasped as he and the others stood there at the door, weapons out, ready to attack.

The demon smirked, “Fine, kill me, Tungsten. Your heir failed.” He walked forward, kicking the heir aside, his hands glowing with pure black magic.

Yumoto groaned and held his hand limply out, “Y-you won’t win! I refuse to let it be so!”

He shot one last strong wave of energy out and the demon cried out. The heir slowly stood as Tungsten ran over. The boy touched the blade slowly and looked at him as his powers began to fill it. “A-Araki...” He whispered and smiled, “I’ve stalled him with that...”

Tungsten nodded and smiled, he turned and charged at the demon. Vesta laughed and began cheering. “GO ARAKI!” The God screamed, “KILL HIM!”

The boy nodded and ran up as the blade began to glow brightly. He jumped up and stabbed the demon in the chest. Hireashi coughed and Yumoto groaned as he felt the light fill him once more. He slowly held his hand out as a powerful beam of light began to shoot from it, his body beginning to glow brightly.

Hireashi gasped as the beam shot at him and Yumoto began to grit his teeth as he was sliding back from the immense power. The demon screamed loudly as he began to be swallowed up by the light. “NO! I-I SWEAR I’LL BE BACK!’

“Never.” Yumoto growled and with that...the demon was gone. Tungsten gasped as the light began to go into the blade, he watched as the blade’s pure white glow become stronger...then it stopped.

The heir groaned as he collapsed to his knees and Aurite ran over, “Your majesty!”

Yumoto looked up and whimpered, “He...he’s gone but...”

“Zundar and Dadacha are still out there and we haven’t found the twins again.” Perlite growled, “We’ll get them.”

The heir frowned, “Mama...mama didn’t--” He froze as he felt a presence. “Mama is here!”

“Shh...” Argent whispered, “You’re weak. We’ll find her, you must get home now."

Yumoto just simply nodded, body exhausted from the energy he had spent.

Chapter Text

Yumoto moaned softly as Argent picked him up, “S-sorry..."  

The God smiled, “it’s alright.”

Epinard frowned as they stood in the middle of the room, “Where would they have ran off to....? And why was it so easy to seal him away?”

Cerulean blinked and looked at his partner, “What do you mean?”

“I mean, Hireashi went down easier than we thought.”

Aurite shook his head, “The heir said the first God of Love blessed him.”

“Yeah...” Yumoto muttered, “He saved me...” He yawned, “Kouki said my curse made it hard for him to keep my powers connected.”

Vesta smiled, “Yumoto, how was Kouki? Was he as cool as the paintings?”

Yumoto nodded, “Yes,” He smiled, “He...he was so kind.” The boy closed his eyes, “Gave me...” he yawned, “the golden power...”

“The golden power?” Vesta repeated and Yumoto nodded again, “Yeah.”

Aurite looked at Perlite, “Do you see where the twins are?”

Perlite frowned, “They’re around I think, I can hardly see in time here.”

“But Yumoto mentioned Lady Natsumi...” Argent whispered and Cerulean walked over, “Let me take him, we can head home, his body is worn out.”

“Are you sure?”

Cerulean nodded, “Yes, don’t worry.”

Yumoto frowned as Cerulean took him and he opened his eyes slightly, “M-mama is here now...I heard her...”


The heir looked down, “Here.”

“Do you know where?” Argent asked and the heir shook his head, “no.”

Vesta looked down and froze as the heir whispered, “The demons...the demons all hide here. For Hireashi is still leading.”

“What the...? Yumoto, what are you talking about?”

The heir didn’t respond and Vesta frowned, “He passed out, didn’t he?”

Tungsten frowned, “I can...take him.”

Cerulean nodded, “Alright. You two have to take the sword back too after we take care of Zundar and Dadacha.”

Tungsten nodded, “Yes...”

Vesta shook his head, “That seemed too easy.”

Epinard frowned, “What do you mean?”

“To repeat myself, Hireashi really went down that quickly...”

“The golden power...” Aurite whispered, “What did...he mean?”

“The heir’s powers aren’t golden, they’re more pink than gold...” Perlite replied and Argent frowned, “We shall talk about it more at the palace, for now, we must go get the Gods of the Sun and Moon. Araki, take the heir home, he needs to be checked out, I fear too much energy was spent.”

The silver haired man nodded, “Alright.”

“Cerulean,” Argent smiled, “you and the others, go find Lady Natsumi.”

Cerulean nodded, “Sounds good, meet you all back here soon.”

Epinard watched Tungsten leave, he had a worried expression on his face, which Cerulean frowned at, “Atsushi, he’s fine. His body couldn’t handle the strength.”

“But...” Epinard began, “Shouldn’t one of us go with him?”

“No.” Aurite spoke, “Everything is fine. They’ll need you.”

  The God of Wind nodded and looked down as Cerulean guided him away.

Zundar growled as he stood next to his brother, “How...?!” He screamed, “How could the great Hireashi be sealed that easily!?”

Dadacha frowned, “T-the heir...hi-his power is too strong!” He cried, “it hurt so badly, big brother!”

Zundar frowned at his brother, “I know...and now his powers were blessed by the first God of Love...”

“ Hireashi really sealed now?”

The older demon froze, “Wait...”


“We have a chance at bringing him back, the heir hasn’t put the blade back yet. If we get it, we can free him again!”

Dadacha gasped, “You’re right!”

Zundar smirked, “Dadacha, shall we pay Lord Tungsten a visit before he gets too far?”


“Alright, let’s go.”

“And Lady Natsumi?”

“Leave her,” Zundar spoke, “she was just merely bait for the heirs.”

“And what if Gorar gets us?”

“Well, let’s just say, he won’t. Once we bring Lord Hireashi back, the God of Love won’t be able to stop us!” He laughed, “Even with the first God of Love’s help...” He growled and clenched his hands into fists. He turned to his brother, “Come on! We haven’t much time.”


Yumoto groaned as Tungsten walked, “Can’t we hurry up...?”

Tungsten laughed, “You act as if you’re the one walking.”

“Hmph.” The heir whispered and wrapped a finger around Tungsten’s silver locks. “You’re too kind.”

The boy smiled at the heir, “Yumo-chan, I do it...because y-you know...”

“Yeah, you love me.” Yumoto giggled, “and I love you too! When we get back...I...I’ll heal your parents if...”

Tungsten looked down, “Alright.”

“Araki...” The heir whispered, “I know...I know you’re upset.”

“It’s alright.” The man replied, “You’re safe now and so is Satoru.”

Yumoto looked at his fingers, “Kouki was really lovely, I wish you could have seen him...”


“Yeah, he had golden hair and really kind eyes. He was like papa, but he felt like pure love.”

Tungsten smiled, “That sounds lovely.”

“Yes...” The heir whispered, “He kept telling me things would be...would be okay.”

Tungsten stopped walking suddenly and Yumoto frowned, “Huh?”

“I heard something.” Tungsten whispered, “can you stand?”

“I...I don’t know.” Yumoto replied, “My body hurts still.”

The silver haired boy nodded, “Just sit here then...I’ll check it out.”

Yumoto nodded back and sighed as he slowly got off his suitor’s back. He groaned as weakness filled his limbs, “Used...used too much power.” He laughed softly. “Use the sword if you have to...”

Tungsten nodded and walked forward, “Zundar? Really?!”

Zundar growled, “Yes really, now hand over the sword!”

“I am bringing back Lord Hireashi!” The demon screamed and lunged at Tungsten, “Damn you...” He spat and glared at the heir who was slowly standing. “Why don’t you just leave the fighting to us?!” Zundar spat and the heir growled.

“I won’t...won’t let you take the sword!” He screamed and threw his hand up.

Zundar growled as light shot from the God’s palm. “Yo-you and that damn light!”

“Give up...and I won’t use it on you again!” Yumoto yelled and Zundar laughed, “HAH, Like I’d give up.”

“You lead a blind eye.” The heir spoke, “You have been merely pawns in Hireashi’s game...”

Zundar froze, “W-what..?”

“Hireashi was going to use you like he used the twins.” Yumoto sighed, “You are being lied to...”

“How dare you...” Zundar spoke, “How dare you speak of Lord Hireashi in that way!” He screamed and ran at the heir.

Argent gasped as he ran into a room, “Kinshiro!” He smiled, “She’s in here.”

“And the twins?”

“We haven’t found them yet, but--”

“Zundar and Dadacha aren’t anywhere!” Epinard cried as he ran in, “We can’t find them!”

Aurite gasped and looked at Argent, “The heir...!”

Perlite frowned, “We should take Lady Natsumi first...then we can get the God of War in with troops!”

“But what if Yumoto and Araki are hurt?”

“More of a reason to call in guards, yes?” Perlite whispered and Epinard nodded, “Yes!”

Argent smiled, “I’ll take his mother and go warn Yukiteru.”

“Thank you.”

Yukiteru looked up from his study and froze...he felt...he felt a presence he had not felt in years.

“Papa!” Gora’s voice cried as he threw the door open, “Argent has mama. He said we need you and guards out to find Yumoto and Araki. Zundar and Dadacha weren’t sealed away yet!”

Yukiteru slowly stood from his seat, “”

“Yes, papa, mama is alive...” Gora whispered and Yukiteru slowly smiled, “Gora...go...go gather the guards. I shall be there soon, I have to see your mother before...before I go.”

“Yes, papa. I’ll even gather Yumoto’s personal guard.”

“Yes, Tomatsu Yuji will be a good idea to bring.”

Gora nodded, “mama isn’t awake...but she is in good health.”

Yukiteru nodded once more, “Alright, Gora.” He looked at his window and whispered, “Thank Kouki...she’s alive...and Yumoto...Yumoto is doing fine.”

Yumoto screamed as he was slammed back into Tungsten, “I...I’m too weak to do anything more...” He whimpered and Tungsten groaned as he lifted the blade, it felt heavy in his tired hands. His body was aching from the fight, Zundar was faster...more aggressive than their last fight.

The God looked up at Zundar, who was slowly walking toward them.

“G-go Araki!” Yumoto spoke, “You’re injured a-and...”

“N-no!” Tungsten spat and Yumoto cried out as the boy fell to his knees. “Araki, you can’t keep this up!”

Tungsten groaned as he struggled to stand once more, “I-I must do this...” He whispered and Yumoto felt tears flooding his eyes as rain began to pour. Tungsten slowly put a hand to the boy’s cheek, “Y-you’re too lovely to be crying that way...” He whispered and Yumoto screamed as Tungsten tried to run at Zundar, but fell to his knees again.

“Wood Chopping Beam!”

Yumoto froze as a pure white beam hit the demon, he turned his head and gasped as he saw his brother standing there.

Gora growled, “Zundar...attacking the heir and his suitor.” The Current God of Love’s face hardened, “This ends now.”

Chapter Text

Yumoto looked at his brother and smiled, “You’re okay!”

Gora nodded, “Yes.” He looked at him, “Is Araki okay?”

The younger Hakone looked down, “He’s injured...”

Gora frowned and placed a hand onto Yumoto’s shoulder, “You need to get home.”

The heir of light shook his head, “NO! I am going to help you.” He looked up at him, “Once, I heard papa say if we worked together...we...we’d be unstoppable!”

Gora blinked and smiled, “Yumoto...” He looked at his brother, “You are already strong without me.”

The heir frowned, “An-chan, please.” He stressed, “We should work together!” He looked at Tungsten and bit his lip, “A-Araki is fine.”

The God looked up at his partner and tried to stand once more. “Y-Yumoto, I’m fine.” He whispered and Gora shook his head, “You’re not. Araki, what happened?”

“Zundar is fast...” Tungsten whispered, “He’s faster than the last time I fought him...”

Gora nodded and frowned as Tungsten lifted a gloved hand from his side, red staining the once pure white fabric, “You’re bleeding.”

“I...I know.” Tungsten whispered, “Demons are violent bastards.”

Zundar growled as he eyed Gora, “Gorar...”

Gora smirked, “Yes? Still scared of me, huh?”

The demon laughed, “I’m not scared of you!” He pointed a hand at Yumoto, “This little brat has the powers of Kouki now...and I want Lord Hireashi back!”
Yumoto frowned, “You aren’t getting him back! He was going to be sealed either way.”

Zundar smirked, “You’re just a thorn in our side and in our plans of domination.”

Gora shook his head as he pulled his axe out once more. He pointed the sharp daggered tip at him, “You won’t be hurting my brother nor his friends ever again.”

The green-haired demon’s grey eyes narrowed, “And yet,” His lips curled into a smile, “You haven’t found the twins again, nor my brother."

Yumoto froze, “And...and my guardians?” He looked at Gora with wide eyes, “We have to go back!”

The heir froze as Tungsten grabbed his hand, “No...” He whispered and Yumoto looked at him with tears in his eyes, “This...” The heir whispered, “This is all my fault.”

The heir of love’s blood turned cold and he looked at the sword that was stabbed into the ground. Tungsten’s bloody palm print staining the pure gold hilt. He looked up, “I know...what I must do.” He whispered and pulled the blade out quickly. He looked at Zundar, “I am going to do what I destined to do!”

Gora nodded and smiled as his brother began to charge at his enemy. The heir swung the pure white blade as he met Zundar. The demon gasped out as he dodged.

Yumoto looked up at the demon, who’s face looked confused but almost scared. The heir shook his head as he pointed the tip of the blade at Zundar’s chest, Zundar froze, “Y-you...”

“Yes...” Yumoto whispered, “I hate to end you this way but..” He bit his lip, “You will be sealed with Hireashi for good!”

Zundar’s grey eyes widened and he slowly wrapped his hand around the blade. “Do...” he laughed, “Do you really believe in such a fairytale?!” He cackled, “The knight seals the darkness with the help of the Gods but yet the darkness always breaks free!” He screamed, “Lord Hireashi is still around, he lingers as you toy with the rest of us!” He laughed “You have no control of your powers, I know you don’t.”

Yumoto froze and tried to pull the blade free, “Y-you...”

“My words scare you.” Zundar smiled, “They should, for your curse to die is still here.” The demon sneered, “You know it to be true.”

The heir froze as a hand went to behind his head, to the nape of his neck. “”

Gora growled and Tungsten growled, he pulled a small dagger from his belt and ran up to the demon. Zundar screamed as he felt the dagger impale his side. Tungsten groaned as he fell to his knees once more, as did the demon.

Yumoto gasped and Gora looked at him, “Yumoto, get rid of Zundar now!” The God of Love froze as he saw his brother. “Yumoto...?”

The boy’s body was glowing and he threw his hand up as he made a gesture. He glared at Zundar, pure hatred in his eyes, “I won’t...I won’t let you harm him or anyone else again! I don’t care if Hireashi breaks free again...I will stop him!”

Zundar looked up at the heir and growled, “Go ahead, seal me away...” he smirked, “many want Lord Hireashi to kill you, little heir of failures. The heir of death, the heir who led mortals to their doom.” He laughed, “The heir to the throne of nothing but emptiness!”

Yumoto’s glare hardened even more. “You act as if Hireashi is still here. He is gone, you lead your brother to doom. I hate to do the same to him.” The heir growled and looked at Tungsten, “This...this is payback!” Yumoto spat as the sword began glowing.

  He held it high and Zundar smirked as the heir swung down. As he did, the demon disappeared. Gora froze and Yumoto frowned as his body stopped glowing. “Where...did he go?”

“He’s gone.” Tungsten groaned, “I can’t feel any strange that Dadacha didn’t show.” he mused

The heir turned to his suitor and fell to his knees, “A-Araki!” He cried, “Pl-please....let me heal you.”

Tungsten frowned as the heir put hands to his bleeding side. “Y-Yumo-chan...”

Yumoto looked at him, ”P-please...”

“Where would they even be?” Vesta sighed as they walked down a dark path, “What if they’re not even missing?!”

Epinard frowned, “They’d have to be, we didn’t see them anywhere...”

Cerulean shook his head, “Should we get help?”

“Wait!” Sulfur cried, “I heard a noise down that way!”

As he yelled, Sol and Luna ran out. “Dadacha told us something bad!” Luna explained, “Hireashi might not be sealed away.”

“A...a decoy?” Epinard questioned and Sol looked down, “Perhaps.”

“How did you get this information?”

“Dadacha knocked us out.” Sol explained, “Aki wouldn’t wake up...” He frowned, “Then he thought we were back on his side.”

“We played along.” Luna added and Sol nodded, “Then...he told us.”

“We don’t know if we can believe him.”

Epinard nodded, “Let’s go and tell the others...”

Sol nodded, “Alright.”

Gora looked at his brother, “Yumoto, I’m sorry we didn’t team up yet.”

“That..that’s okay...” The heir whispered as he slouched back after healing Tungsten’s wound as Gora lifted him up, “Maybe...after my party.”

Gora laughed, “Yes.” He looked over at Tungsten as they walked, the boy slightly limping still.

“Yes.” Gora spoke, “we’re still having a party.”

Yumoto looked down, “O-okay...even after the death and destruction?”


“Is it wise?”
Gora sighed, “it’s fine, Yumoto, Araki. Don’t worry.”

“It’s hard not to worry.” Tungsten sighed, “May Kouki keep us safe...and...and my parents.”

Gora smiled, “Araki, Asami was working on them when I left. She’s had to go slow, that power drains her energy.”

Tungsten nodded, “I...I understand.” He replied and looked at Yumoto, who was being lifted onto his brother’s back.

Gora sighed, “Just when I thought things were going back to normal.” He chuckled, “Now I have a brother who wants us to take over the world.”

“Didn’t say that!” Yumoto huffed and Gora shook his head, “Don’t worry, only a joke.” He winked and Yumoto smiled softly, “Yeah...”


Chapter Text

The heir blinked as they walked up to the palace gates, the walk took them slightly longer, due to Tungsten’s limp. Yumoto sighed and Gora looked at him, “You alright?”

“I’m fine...just a little tired.”

“Yes, with you healing Araki, you’re bound to be.”

The heir nodded and Tungsten sighed, “Gora, I’m fine.”

Gora laughed, “Yes, but you’re limping.”

Tungsten sighed and Gora shook his head, “I’ll have Kurou--”

Tungsten huffed at that, “No! He is to check in on my parents.”

Yumoto looked down and Gora nodded, “Alright...”

The guards looked up as they relaxed, “Your majesties!” One spoke and Gora nodded, “We’re fine, thank you.”

Yumoto peeked up from Gora’s shoulder, “ Tamotsu okay?! I...I haven’t seen him.”

The one guard looked down, “The captain hasn’t returned.”

The blonde boy frowned and Gora rubbed his brother’s knee, “He’ll be fine.”

Tungsten looked down at his boots and the guards opened the doors, “Come on in.”

The heir bit his lip as Gora walked in, he looked up as he heard footsteps. “Yumoto, Gora!” Their father cried as he ran into the parlor, “Araki!” He froze as he saw the latter clutching his side still, “Araki, what happened?”

“Damn demon.” The god spat, “Yumoto stopped the bleeding...”
Yukiteru frowned and he ran over to the boy, “You’ve probably gotten some bones broken or something, we’ll have to let Kurou check you out.”

“N-not until my parents...”

The God of War frowned and Tungsten’s face went pale, “S-sir...are...are they alright?”

Yumoto gasped, “P-papa...”

Yukiteru bit his lip, “Araki, I don’t know yet. Kurou hasn’t updated us at all.” He looked at his sons, “Gora, take Yumoto to him as well. Araki, you must follow.”

“Sir, I’m fine!” Tungsten spat and Yukiteru shook his head, “No. You are hurt and you need to be examined.”

“Where is mama?” Yumoto whispered and Yukiteru smiled, “She is fine, resting, but fine.”

Gora smiled and slowly let his brother climb off his back. The God of Light groaned softly as he was placed onto his feet. “Can you stand?” His father asked and Yumoto blinked, “I...I feel weak on my feet, but...”

Yukiteru frowned and Tungsten slowly grabbed the boy’s hand. “I’ll walk with you.” He whispered, “We’ll go together...”

Yumoto nodded and Tungsten pulled him close. He kissed his head as they walked, “I love you...”

Yumoto nodded, “I love you too.”

Tungsten felt tears fill his eyes as they walked down the halls and he stopped. He hugged the boy tightly and Yumoto gasped, “Araki, is everything alright?”

Tungsten pulled away and he looked into the boy’s eyes, “I just...” He whispered, “I’m so happy you’re alive and I feel terrible...” He whimpered, “Terrible for the pain I’ve caused you.”

The heir shook his head as Tungsten went onto his knees and grasped the boy’s robe as he looked up at his face, “I’ve hurt you, Yumoto...”

Yumoto frowned, “Araki, please.”


“Keishi Araki, stop blaming yourself!” He cried and knelt down to him, “I should be apologizing...” He whispered, “I caused this...” his voice cracked with tears, “I-I am the one who did not awaken my powers until that day and was still caught off guard.”

The heir bit his lip and Tungsten slowly put a hand to his cheek, “You tried so hard...” He whispered, “You prayed every night to Kouki and begged...” He rubbed Yumoto’s cheek with his thumb, “We were unprepared in the end, but...” he smiled, “it was never your fault, please...don’t ever say that again.”

“You can’t say it’s your fault either.” Yumoto whispered back and kissed his forehead, “We can’t keep blaming ourselves...and...that’s a thing I need to learn. I was so focused on making papa happy and keeping everyone safe.” He looked at his suitor, “I wasn’t thinking about myself anymore and once I saw you with Hireashi, I was scared...scared of losing you and the others...”

Tungsten nodded, “I was too.” He whispered as he shut his violet eyes, “Scared of the unknown.”

Yumoto looked at him, “It will all be okay.” He smiled and Tungsten stood, helping the heir after him. Their hands clasped tightly together as they walked.

Gora looked at his father as he walked into the study, “Papa, are his parents alive?”

Yukiteru sighed, “Gora, I don’t know. Asami hasn’t left and Eiji was with Kurou.”

“Life and Death at it again...” Gora whispered and Yukiteru sighed, “All I know, is your mother is fine. Kurou said Hireashi must of sealed her away before you had sealed him.”

“Mama did go missing when Yumoto was a child, so it adds up.” Gora explained and Yukiteru sighed, “Gora.” He turned to the window, back facing his son, “I fear Hireashi isn’t gone yet.”

“Huh? Yumoto sealed him in the sword!”

Yukiteru shook his head, “Something feels off, I don’t know why or how.”

“But, the party for Yumoto?”

“I...” He frowned, “I want it to go on still.” The God of War spoke, “A celebration of Yumoto’s birth and your mother’s return. Plus, I want to show Kouki’s blade.”

Gora nodded, “I understand.”

Yukiteru frowned, “Yumoto and Araki are upset...I can sense it. They both look exhausted and in pain.”

“Araki was fighting Zundar and having a hard time with it. Then, Zundar grabbed Yumoto...and Yumoto was terrified by his words.” The God of Love spoke, “He said...Hireashi still is around.”

Yukiteru’s eyes popped open and he turned around quickly, “WHAT?!”

“Papa, please.”

“Gora, this isn’t good news.”

“How do we even know it’s not a lie? Zundar has lied before!”

“What about Dadacha!?”

“He never showed.”

Yukiteru muttered a quiet prayer. “This is alarming news...”

“Papa, the party will be a great way to lure Hireashi out.”

Yukiteru frowned, “Gora...”

“Papa, it won’t be hard to keep Yumoto safe. Guards around him the entire time, Tungsten being his knight as usual, Yuji standing as his captain, again as usual.”

Yukiteru sighed, “I suppose...” he walked over and put a hand on Gora’s shoulder, “I suppose you’re right.”

Kurou, the God of Health looked at Tungsten and sighed, “Your ribs are bruised but,” He smiled, “you’re fine.”

“My parents?!” Tungsten gasped out and Kurou looked down, “Araki, they’re trying but...”

“ don’t think they’ll make it?”

The God of Health looked up at him, “We’re hoping we can save your mother at least, but we’re aiming for both.” He smiled, “We are praying to the god--”

“Let me heal them!” Yumoto cried, “Please, I...I have the power of Kouki in me.”

Kurou’s eyes widened, “W-what?”

“Please, let Araki and I see them, I can heal them...” The heir whispered, “Please...”

Kurou looked at the heir, “Your majesty...”

“No buts! I beg you, let me heal them.”

Kurou stood, “Fine. Follow me, you two.”

Yumoto frowned as he stood beside Asami, “How bad...?”

“It was worse before...” The Goddess whispered and looked at Yumoto, she stroked his blonde hair and smiled, “I believe in you, little heir.”

Yumoto nodded and Eiji smiled, “Yumoto, don’t strain yourself.”

“I won’t.” He smiled back and closed his eyes as his body began to glow. He put a hand out and felt his body begin to heat up slightly. He opened his eyes slowly as he felt Tungsten’s hand on his shoulder.

The heir groaned softly and Asami swatted his hand down, “Enough.” She spoke, “You’re using too much energy, little one.”

The blonde boy’s body stopped glowing quickly and he fell back into Tungsten’s arm. “S-sorry...”

She smiled as she rubbed his shoulder, “Akiko is looking better.” She looked at him, “You need a break. You’ve been fighting all day.”

“T-tomorrow is a party...” Yumoto spoke and Asami nodded as Tungsten picked the heir up, “We’ll get some rest...”

“Ah, Araki.” Asami spoke, “Your brother should be with the heir’s maid.”

“Thank you.”

Yumoto groaned as Tungsten put him on the bed. “I don’t want a stupid party...” He whispered and Tungsten laughed, “I know, I know.” He kissed the boy’s forehead, “We get to show everyone the sword and you can prove to them about your hard work.”  

“Y-yeah...” Yumoto whispered, “Mama will be around too...”

“Yes...” Tungsten replied and hugged Yumoto tightly, “Rest, love...I’m going to see Satoru.”

“Give...” The heir yawned, “Give him my love as well.”

“Yes, lovey.”

Epinard sighed as they stood in the palace that night, he looked over at the Beppu twins, who were standing away from the others. Cerulean looked at him, “They’re being distant.” He whispered and Epinard nodded, “Yeah...”

Vesta scoffed at them, “Whatever, I don’t trust them.” He whispered and Sulfur sighed, “We have to.”

“Why!?” Vesta growled and began to walk. Sulfur followed him and frowned, “What do you mean?”

“Something feels off, Io.” He glanced back at them as they walked more, “They still have darkness in them.”

“How can you tell?”

“I don’t know!” The God of Fire spat, “I just feel it’s wrong.”

The gods looked up as Perlite appeared. “Will you shut up, Vesta?"

“Oh, it’s you.” Vesta scoffed, “What do you want?”

“The heir is sleeping right now. He was healing Tungsten’s parents.”

“They’re still being healed?”

“Asami has had to go slow,” Perlite frowned, “they were really hurt.”

The Gods looked down and Perlite sighed as he looked up, “We found Lady Natsumi, who is also resting.” He smiled, “Everything is turning out alright.”


“Yes, we have a party tomorrow night.”


“For the heir!” Perlite spat, “it is for his birthday and for his mother reappearing.”

Vesta looked at him, “Can we trust the twins?”


“I don’t trust them.” Vesta explained, “Their vibe feels off still.”

Perlite shook his head, “The heir’s powers hit them, they’re fine.”

“Whatever.” Vesta shook his head, “I still don’t!” He called out as Perlite walked away.

“Dadacha!” Zundar yelled, “Hurry and prepare our final attack.”

“I am!” Dadacha cried back, “This takes time!”

“Damned Gods.” Zundar spat, “That damn heir of love!” He screamed and looked at his wound from Tungsten, “Damn suitor...I want him dead too.”

“Don’t worry!” Dadacha giggled as he ran up to his brother, “Plan B...C? Is going to be ready by tomorrow morning!”

“Fine, fine.” Zundar sighed and looked out a window, “Sleep tonight...heir of love. You live on your birthday...but tomorrow, won’t be so lucky!”


Chapter Text

Yumoto groaned softly as he felt the arms around him leave and he slowly opened his eyes as he heard Araki and his father talking. He blinked as he picked up on the conversation.


“Araki, please.”

“He just healed them a few hours ago! He...”

“Araki, please...”

“Does Satoru know?”

“Not yet.”

“Did he see them!?”

“Yes, he did.”

“They...they didn’t wake up?”


Yumoto slowly sat up in his bed, “Papa...?”

Tungsten looked back at him, “Y-Yumo-chan...”

The heir’s eyes widened as his father spoke, “They’re gone, Araki.”

The silver haired man slowly clenched his hands into fists, “I have to go.”

Yumoto scrambled up out of bed, “Araki!” He cried as he ran after his suitor, “Araki, please!”

“Enough!” Tungsten spat, “I have to prepare to tell Satoru.”

The heir shook his head, “Araki, please...let me help you.”

The God of Hospitality sighed through his nose, “No.”

Yumoto winced softly and grabbed his hand, “Araki...” He whispered and yanked hard on his hand. “Snap out of it! You are allowed to grieve, but running out isn’t a good way!”

The violet eyed man looked down at Yumoto, “Yumoto, I can do as I please.”

“Yes, but you shouldn’t run from your problems!” The heir cried, “No blaming each other, remember?! Nothing is your fault! You weren’t the cause of your parents death! You didn’t ask Hireashi to do it!” Yumoto rambled, “P-please...stay here so you can process what has happened.”

Tungsten looked down at Yumoto and slowly placed his free hand onto the boy’s cheek and looked into his scarlet eyes. “Y-Yumoto...” He whispered, “I...I was so stupid...stupid to think you could keep them alive.”


“They...they were probably already long gone...” Tungsten whispered and felt tears fill his eyes. Yumoto bit his lip and swallowed the hard lump in his throat as his suitor fell to his knees and hugged the boy by the waist tightly. “I can’t...” Tungsten whispered, “I can’t let you or Satoru fall to the same fate...” he growled and Yumoto placed a hand onto his back.

“Araki, it’s alright...”

The God looked up at his face. “Yumoto, you make it seem everything will be alright...”

“That’s because it will be.” Yumoto whispered and stroked his suitor’s cheek, “I promise...I won’t let anything happen to you or your brother either.”

With that, the God of Hospitality began to weep, weeping hard in the heir’s hold as the heir stroked his hair.

The heir looked down as he was sat in a chair the next afternoon. He sighed as he felt maids touching his golden locks and talking.

“Yes. Lady Natsumi asked us to fix his hair up before we put the new outfit on.”

“Has he seen the new robes?”

“No, none of us have.”

“I heard it’s made of velvets and real gold.”

“How amazing! I bet it’ll match how beautiful Gorar’s court dress is!”

Yumoto frowned as they chatted more and more. He sighed as he was yanked up and dragged into the fitting room. He looked at the mirror in front of him as he was undressed. The heir looked down as three layers were put on him, his normal under clothes, then a plain long sleeved, turtle neck, pure white, silk robe, then over that, a deep red velvet jacket with a long train and shoulder cape.

He frowned at the weight of the material and the length of the train. He looked up as a simple beret with a white feather was put on his head. He felt the golden epaulettes that sat on his shoulders and then the heart shaped cape closures. He then looked down at his feet as he heard his parents walk in.

“Ah, Yuki! He’s so handsome in that!” His mother’s voice cried and his father hummed in agreement, “Yes, I thought he would.”

Yumoto turned to them, “Mama...” He whispered and the orange haired woman, wearing a deep purple skirt with white blouse ran up to him. “Yumoto, I’m so glad to see you are well.”

The heir nodded and sighed, “Araki isn’t fine.”

“He needs time.” She whispered and hugged him tightly

“But...we still have to have this party?!” Yumoto cried as he tore away from her arms. “This isn’t a good idea! I...I caused Araki’s parents to die! I gave him the sword!” He screamed and Natsumi froze, “Yumo--”

“NO!” The heir yelled and Natsumi looked down, “Mama, I’m sorry, I just...I don’t want a party...”

Yukiteru shook his head, “Enough. We are having it and you will deal with it.”

The heir frowned, “Papa...why dress me this way...?”

“Celebration for your birth and sealing Hireashi.”

Yumoto frowned and looked at his hands and began to pick at the long red overcoat. “I do not think it should be a party.”

The God of War shook his head, “It is.”

“I don’t want to go.”

“You have to, you and Araki both.”

Yumoto frowned and looked away, “It’s not safe!”

“Only Zundar and Dadacha are out, Yumoto. They’re weak without Hireashi.”

The heir looked down, “What if things are not as they seem?”

“Don’t worry.” Natsumi smiled and grabbed her son’s hand. “Things will go perfectly. Now, go to Gora, you both are ready.”

Sol looked at Luna, “The heir is miserable.” He scoffed, “Should have let Hireashi finish him off, huh.”

Luna smirked, “What’s the fun in that? Hireashi would have killed him prematurely.”

Sol narrowed his eyes, “Didn’t know you enjoyed torturing, Aki.”

“Not my style.” Luna smiled, “Lord Hireashi just rushes things.”

Sol rolled his eyes, “Why don’t we help him out?”

“And reveal ourselves so quickly?”

“Yes.” Sol smirked, “we could take Yumoto out of here right as the party starts, walk him out and strike him.”

“And Araki? He won’t leave the heir’s side, you know.”  


“So, what do you say?”

“We can try, Aki. Lord Hireashi is still around, I
know he is.” He chuckled, “Right, Dadacha?”

The small demon appeared from Luna’s pocket and smirked, “You got it, Haru-chan!”

The twins smiled and Luna watched Yumoto running with Wombat, “Tungsten isn’t around him yet...too bad we can’t get him yet.”

Dadacha shook his head “You have to wait, my brother has a plan!”

“Awesome, Dadacha.”

The small demon smirked, “Easy, we faked the healing of the twins to the Battle Lovers, Hireashi’s powers bring them back to us, then we get rid of the heir and make Tungsten give up that damn sword.”

Gora looked at his brother and smiled, “Yumoto...” He whispered and wrapped an arm around his shoulder “You’re being so strong for Araki.”

Yumoto bit his lip and nodded, “I...I have to be!” He whispered and hugged his brother tightly, “He was upset...” Yumoto whimpered and Gora nodded, “I know.” He replied, “We have to make sure he and Satoru are okay.”

Yumoto nodded again, “Yes.”

Gora looked up as music began in the ball room, “Ah...guess it’s about that time, huh?”


Gora smiled and rubbed his brother’s head, “Let’s go in.”

Yumoto smiled back and looked over at Argent, who was standing with Perlite, who was talking to him. He looked down quickly as Gora nudged him, “Come on.”

“Yes, an-chan.”

Tungsten looked at Cobalt as they stood in the guest room, “Satoru, we don’t have to go to the party.”

“You should though...” Cobalt spoke, “You’re the one who helped Yumoto.”

“Satoru, he tried to save mama and papa, he really did, I promise.”

Cobalt smiled, “I don’t doubt you, Araki.”

Tungsten looked down, “Satoru, as Yumoto’s future husband...I hate that I could be always putting you in danger.”

Cobalt snorted, “I’m fine, Araki.”

Tungsten nodded and rubbed his brother’s dirty blonde locks. Cobalt groaned, “Hey!” He rolled his eyes, “We should go to the party, we shouldn’t mope.”

Tungsten smiled softly, “Alright, Satoru. Let’s get down there then before anything crazy happens.”

“Ah, Yumoto-san?” Sol spoke as they walked up to the boy, “We wanted to know if you would like to see the garden while the moon is high.”

Yumoto blinked as he stood, “Um, no.” He smiled, “I’m actually waiting on Araki, he’s about to come down.”

Luna smiled, “Oh, but we insist, your majesty.”
“No.” Yumoto replied, “Thank you for offering.”

Sol growled and his brother grabbed his hand, “Haru, don’t pressure him.”

Yumoto frowned as he turned away, “Ah, Papa, I’m going to the private room for a moment, I need to grab my gift for Satoru. I finished it during lessons.”

Yukiteru nodded and the twins watched the heir leave.

They walked away quickly and Luna huffed, “That failed.”

“Let’s just follow him or something.” Sol shrugged and Luna sighed, “This isn’t working.”

Sol groaned, “Why did he pick us?!”

“Because...Hireashi said he’d kill Gorar if we didn’t comply!” Luna whispered and looked up at Gora, he bit his thumbnail. If they failed, it would be bad.

Sol shook his head, “No matter...” he began to walk off, towards the back room, where the heir was at. “We’ll stop at nothing to finish him off...”

Luna bit his lip and followed his brother,he didn’t know what to truly think anymore...was this even the correct thing to do?

Chapter Text

Yumoto blinked as Sol grabbed his wrist, “Hey!” He frowned and turned to him, “What’s wrong...?”

Sol looked down, “Listen, I don’t want to do this.”

Yumoto raised an eyebrow, “Do what?”

The older god groaned, “I don’t want to hurt you, so just follow me!”

The heir blinked, “Haru, what’s going on?”

“Listen, Zundar is still mad, Dadacha told us and he--”

“He’s going to attack, yeah heard that a million times, maybe you shouldn’t lie to me...” The heir muttered and Sol groaned, “Listen!” He spat, “How are you so sure Hireashi is sealed?”

“I sealed him in the sword, that currently is with papa.”

“Why haven’t you put it back?”

“Papa said we have to wait.”

“Don’t you think that’s stupid?”

Yumoto frowned and looked down, “I...I don’t want to talk about it, I don’t even want to be here. Araki’s parents are gone and yet I have to have a stupid party.”

Sol looked at him, “Yumoto...I...”

“It’s okay.” Yumoto spoke, “I just want to go get my gift for Satoru.”

The God of the Sun sighed, “I understand...I just...we’re trying to trick Dadacha.”


“Dadacha thinks we’re working for him, when Aki and I were alone, we were plotting against you, we didn’t want anyone to snitch on us to him.”

“’re against me?”


The heir sighed, “I don’t blame you if you are.” He whispered bitterly, “I know many who are.”

Sol shook his head, “Enough. We’re not against you, we’re trying to trick Dadacha and Zundar, we don’t know if Hireashi is actually sealed. Don’t you think it was easy?!”

“It was only easy because my powers.”

The older boy frowned, “Still...”

“I mean, I guess?” Yumoto replied, “But I didn’t think about it at all.”

Sol hummed and slowly let go of the boy’s wrist as he heard Vesta’s voice. “Yumoto, hurry and get your gift!”

“Ah...coming!” The heir called back and quickly ran off.

Sol frowned and looked down at his hand, “What do I do...? He’s younger than me and didn’t do anything but exist..”

“Haru?” Luna’s voice spoke as he put a hand on his brother’s shoulder, “What’s wrong?”

“I don’t want to help Dadacha, I know we’re trying to do double agents but...”


“I don’t know what to do.”

Yumoto hummed as he walked with Vesta, holding the small box in his hands, “Araki said that Satoru liked to draw,” He smiled, “so I got him some really nice supplies.”

Vesta nodded, “That was nice of you.”

The heir smiled and Vesta rubbed his hair, “Lessons begin again tomorrow.”

Yumoto frowned, “Already?”


The heir looked up at Vesta, “The twins...” he spoke, “the twins have been talking with Dadacha.”

Vesta’s brown eyes widened, “What...?”

“Haru told me, they don’t want to work with him.”

Vesta shook his head, “You’re not going to be near them for a while.”

“Ryuu-senpai, please.”

“Sorry, kid.”

Yumoto looked down, “What if they need help?!”

The God of Fire looked away, “Yumoto, enough.”

The heir frowned as they walked in silence.

“Ah, Yumoto!” Tungsten’s voice called and Yumoto looked up, “Ah...”

Cobalt looked over his brother’s shoulder and the heir walked over to him, he smiled brightly, “Satoru, I was going to wait but,” He handed the wrapped gift out, “this is for you.”

Cobalt blushed as he took the box, he slowly opened it and Yumoto watched intently as the younger God slowly smiled.  

“Wow...” He whispered, “you really...?”

“Yes,” Yumoto smiled, “I know you like to draw and paint so I figured you’d love some new supplies.”

The God of Chance nodded and looked up at Tungsten, “Thank you, Yumoto...”

Tungsten smiled and Yumoto gasped as he heard his brother’s voice, “Yumoto, Araki. It’s time for you to show off the sword.”

Yumoto frowned and Vesta looked over, “I’ll take Satoru with me, you two need to go out.”

Tungsten nodded, “Alright.” He grabbed Yumoto’s hand, “Come on.”

Gora looked at the duo and Yukiteru walked over as well, “Araki, here is the sword.”

Tungsten nodded and Yumoto frowned, “I can hold the sword.”

Yukiteru shook his head, “Must we argue about it?”

Yumoto puffed his cheeks out as he crossed his arms, “I love how it took my own suitor reminding you that
I sealed the demon away and not him.”

Gora rubbed his brother’s hair, “Sorry, Yumoto. We weren’t there to see you.”

The heir looked at his brother and blushed softly, “It’s okay...”

Yukiteru shook his head, “Come on.”

Tungsten smiled at Yumoto as he handed the blade to him, “Here, shall we go then?”

Yumoto nodded, “Alright...”

Epinard looked over at Vesta as he poked his shoulder, “What’s wrong?”

“Yumoto told me about the Beppus.”

Sulfur sighed, “Ryuu, you’re being paranoid.”

Vesta scoffed, “I am not, Yumoto told me that they’ve been talking with Dadacha!”


Cerulean frowned, “Ryuu...”

The God of Fire growled and looked at his friends, “Why don’t you believe me!? Yumoto--”

“Yumoto can defend himself.” Cerulean replied and Vesta groaned, “Bullshit! We’re his
guardians !”

Sulfur sighed, “Ryuu...”

“NO!” He spat, “Io, you should know better.”

“Enough.” A calm voice spoke and Vesta turned to look at Argent, “Ah...”

Cerulean nodded, “Ibushi.”

Argent smiled as he did a small wave, “You can relax, Vesta.”

Vesta blinked, “I’m allowed to freak out! I...” He bit his lip, “I just...”

“I understand.” Argent nodded, “But Yumoto can defend himself fine, and he has Araki.”

Vesta gasped and looked down at his feet. “Fine.”

The heir looked down at Tungsten’s hand, it was wrapped tightly around his own. He blushed softly at it and looked up at him quickly. Yumoto smiled at Tungsten and watched a smile form on his lips as well.

Yukiteru glanced at the two of them and nodded as he turned to the curtain once more, “Come along, we’ll show off the blade and you two can retire for the night afterwards.”

Tungsten nodded, “Thank you, sir.” He smiled at his partner and gripped the sword tightly in his other hand, “Let’s get this over with.”

Yukiteru nodded as he lifted the heavy curtain up, the music quieted as the God of War raised his hand. The Goddess of Peace smiled and Gora nodded as he walked forward. “And here we have it, the blade we believed was once lost.”

Tungsten looked at Yumoto and handed it to him quickly. Yumoto blushed slightly as he unsheathed the blade. He held it skyward and suddenly let out a gasp. Gora froze and watched as his brother dropped the blade.

“Yumoto?” Yukiteru whispered and the boy looked at his father, “I-I felt something!”

“Like what?”

The heir looked down at the blade and his scarlet eyes widened as he saw his reflection. “We...we’re waiting too long to put it back into the pedestal!” He cried, “The seal is weakening!”

Yukiteru shook his head, “Nonsense. Yumoto, stop overreacting.” He looked back at the crowd, “I apologize for him.” He spoke and Gora looked at him, “papa,” he muttered as Gods began to walk up, “We want to see the blade!” A god cried, “Please, sir!”

Gora nodded, “Yes, one at a time, please. We don’t need you surrounding Yumoto.”

The heir blinked as the sword was handed back to him and he frowned as two gods walked up, he looked at them and froze. Gora blinked as he saw his brother’s face, all the color had seemed to drain from it as he looked at them.

Yumoto shook his head, “What are your titles!?”


Gora frowned, “Yumoto, stop.”
“They...they’re not with us!” Yumoto cried and Gora sighed, “Araki, take Yumoto out of here for a minute, papa and I will finish this up.”

“Yes, sir.” Tungsten replied and quickly pulled Yumoto aside. The duo walked briskly together, towards the balcony.

“What’s wrong?”

“Those two...” Yumoto whispered, “They’re not Gods. I don’t know them.”

Tungsten frowned and grabbed Yumoto’s hands, “It’s alright. You’re getting worked up.”



“Haru told me horrid things.” He whispered, “I am worried now.”

“I understand.”

Yumoto nodded and looked up at his suitor, then suddenly, his eyes widened.

“Yumoto?” Tungsten asked and quickly turned around. The God froze as he was face to face with Zundar. “H-how...?”

“You really thought I was gone after that attack?”

Tungsten growled as he pulled his sword out, “Attacking during a party, huh? Super original.” He spat and Yumoto gripped Tungsten’s arm, “You’re not winning, you know.”

“Give me the sword!”

“I don’t have it!” Yumoto cried, “Papa took it from me!”


The demon groaned and glared at Tungsten, “Give me the brat and I won’t kill you.”

Tungsten scoffed, “Like I’d tru--”


“No!” Tungsten gasped, “Yumoto, you’re crazy.”

“I’ll gladly follow you, to where the sword is. In fact,” Yumoto spoke, “That was a decoy...” He lied, “the real one is in my private room.” He looked at Tungsten and nodded. “Remember, Araki? We swapped it after papa said it would be safer!”

Tungsten raised an eyebrow and gasped, “Yes! We did. I remember now.” He looked at the heir and frowned as Yumoto let go of him. He walked forward and Zundar smirked, “After you, your highness.”

Yumoto raised his head as he straightened his back. “Of course.”

As he walked forward, Zundar grabbed him roughly. “H-HEY!” He cried as an arm went around his neck and he was quickly pulled close, “What gives?!”

“You really think I’d believe such a lie!?” The demon spat and formed one of his needles into his free hand. He held it in front of the boy’s neck, “You act up, you’re dead. Now, walk.”

Yumoto bit his lip, “Y-yes.”

Tungsten growled as Zundar smirked, “Don’t worry, Tungsten, Lord Hireashi has plans once I bring him back.”

Yumoto huffed, “You do realize the twins are against you, yes?”

“I figured as much.” Zundar smirked, “But, you’re worth so much to your parents. So, walk.”

Tungsten’s hands clenched into fists as they walked into the ballroom. He watched and stood for a few moments, waiting to hear the gasps of shock, some mixed with fear as they would see their heir. He looked up and nodded, Yumoto gave him some hints. Blade in the private room...his own personal blade that was infused with the heir’s powers shortly after the first battle with Hireashi.

He had to hurry.

Chapter Text

Yumoto looked around as they walked, he clutched his hands into fists as they walked in front of his brother.

Zundar bowed as he smirked, “Give me the sword, Gorar and your brother will be fine.”

The heir rolled his eyes and glared at Zundar, “He won’t. I told you, you can’t get him back out of the blade, I don’t even know how to do it.” The boy spat and the demon scoffed, “I don’t care!”

Yumoto looked at his brother and Gora looked down at his hand. He eyed the small ceremonial dagger the boy held, Zundar hadn’t even noticed.

Gora looked at Zundar and smiled, “Well, why would I give you the sword that doesn’t even belong to you?”

“I...” Zundar bit his lip, “I demand it?”

Gora laughed, “And how can we trust you with it?”

The demon frowned, “Just give me it, I want Lord Hireashi back!”

“Why?” Gora challenged, “I can’t let you.”

Zundar huffed and yanked Yumoto’s arm down, “Then I keep the heir!”

“Wait!” Yumoto spat, “Can’t I have a say?!”


“What even is this?”The heir questioned, “I’m not a trophy!” He whined and Zundar groaned, “You’re a brat!”

I’m a brat!? You’re holding me hostage over a fish!”  



Zundar shook his head, “Enough!” He shoved Yumoto forward, “Give the blade over, Gorar.”

“Hmm...” Gora hummed and held the blade up, “This blade was created to get rid of demons like you.”

Zundar growled, “Enough stalling, Gorar!”

Yumoto looked at the blade in Gora’s hand and bit his lip. Zundar smirked, “You sense the seal too, you wanted a stupid party, you should have put it back by now.”

Yumoto’s eyes widened and shook his head, in a swift movement, he slammed the dagger he held, into Zundar’s arm as hard as he could.

He screamed out in pain and the heir pushed away from him. Zundar gritted his teeth as he pulled the dulled blade out. “!”

The heir’s eyes narrowed, “You’re not actually Zundar!” He pointed a finger at him. “Hireashi.”

The demon froze and looked at the heir’s scarlet eyes, they were cold and full of rage. “I didn’t seal anyone away, did I? You sent someone in your place, right?”

As he spoke, the ballroom erupted into chaos, younger Gods and Goddesses screaming and gasping in pure terror as the older ones stood defiant.

Gora frowned and walked forward as the demon glared at him, “Hmph.” He scoffed, “And showing up here, surrounded by Gods.”

Gora clutched his axe tightly in his hands as the demon began to laugh.. “I’m not an idiot, Gorar.” He giggled and looked at Yumoto, “You are also not what you seem. Dressed up in fancy robes littered with gems and precious metals. You are simply playing a game. You don’t want to rule, heir of nothing.”

Yumoto frowned and backed up slightly. As he did, a gentle hand went to his shoulder. “Enough.” A new voice spat and pulled him close.

“Ah, Araki...”

“Hireashi. Take off that stupid disguise and answer the heir. Who was sealed away?”

Hireashi growled and snapped his fingers, his true form showing once more. “Just a worker of mine. My shadow. Thought it would be fun to play around.”

“And that’s why Haru has been acting strange!” Yumoto blurted out, “He and Aki have been acting confused since that sealing!”


“They kept being on our side and then I’d see them looking all dark again.” Yumoto explained and Tungsten nodded, “Ah...”

“Enough!” Hireashi screamed, “Gorar, give me that damned sword.”

Gora scoffed, “I’ll give you my axe first.” He rolled his eyes at that and pointed it at the demon. “We’re sick of fighting.”

Hireashi laughed again and turned to the heir, “Heir of nothing, I want you gone. You just ruin my plans so much, your brother I want gone too, but he’s actually scary. You’re not.”

Yumoto clutched his hands into fists tightly and glanced at the sword in Tungsten’s hand. He tore it out of his suitor’s palm and ran at the demon. He cried out suddenly as he fell onto his chest and the sword clattered away.

The demon smirked as he held the heir up by his bangs. “Next time, think before you run.”

Yumoto frowned as he remembered the long train of his robe and he winced as his hair was pulled, “I’m not going to do much more to you.” Hireashi spoke, “You’re already trembling.”

“I just...” the heir was at a loss for words.

The demon laughed and Tungsten glared at him, “Leave then. If you don’t bother the heir, then we won’t bother you. For I know why you want the sword. You want to destroy it so you may rampage forever. That shock the heir felt when showing the blade, was the blade reacting to you. Some of your power was in that shadow he sealed away.”

The demon froze and dropped the heir. “Tungsten...please.”

“No. I am not going to help you. My parents are dead and my brother needs me.” He slowly walked to Yumoto and helped the boy stand. “We are never going to see you again.”

Hireashi looked at Yumoto, “I refuse to leave without the sword.”

Gora narrowed his eyes, “Then you will be here forever.” He slammed the handle of his axe on the ground and growled as he walked towards them.

The demon paled and began backing up quickly, “N-n-n-now Gorar!” He stuttered, “I am only doing my half of the bargain, I cursed the heir to die and I have to finish it!”

“Bargain?” Gora scoffed, “I did no such thing with you. I wouldn’t. Besides, I was a child when my brother was born. You cursed him because you’re a weak minded thing.”

“Gorar, don’t hurt him!” Sol’s voice cried out, “He....”

“Haruhiko, I would expect better from you.” Gora spoke and Sol froze as Argent walked forward. “I’ve had enough standing on the sidelines.” He glared at Sol, “You tripped the heir, I saw your foot step onto the train.”

Yumoto’s eyes widened and Tungsten shook his head, “Why are we even arguing here?!”

Hireashi nodded, “I agree.” He smiled and Tungsten froze as he saw his sword was now missing from where it had landed. “He has my sword!” The God spat and Hireashi laughed, “I knew this blade wasn’t Kouki’s, Araki. But,” He smirked, “I know it has some of his powers in it.”

Tungsten growled and made his bow appear. He smirked as he loaded an arrow and aimed at the demon, “You forgot one thing. Archery is another thing I’m good at.”

Hireashi froze and looked at Tungsten in fear. “A-Araki-chan please!”

The God of Hospitality growled, “No. You already killed my parents and attempted to kill the others I love.”

Yumoto glared at the demon as well, “Zundar and Dadacha are not here to help you any more.” He held his hand straight out, palm facing the demon. “You fear being sealed away, if you didn’t curse us, you wouldn’t be in this mess.” He growled as a golden light began to form in front of his hand.

Sol growled as he watched, he scrambled up onto his feet and tried to run at the boy. As he did, chains wrapped around his ankles and Argent glared at him, “Hireashi’s influence is on you. You are not to interfere.”

Gora smiled and put his hand onto Yumoto’s shoulder. “Let me help you, we’ll work together.”

Yumoto looked at his brother and smiled, “Yeah!”

Yukiteru smiled and walked towards his sons, “Let me help too.” He glared at Hireashi, “I have sat on the sidelines too long, I wasn’t sure on what I needed to do. Now, I know.”

The demon paled as all three Hakones looked at him, dead in the eyes. He froze, “Y-you...” He gulped as he saw the face of Kouki in the three of them.

“You shall never wreck havoc upon the world again.” Tungsten spat. He released his hold on the arrow as the tip began to glow brightly.

The demon screamed as he was hit in his chest and froze as he watched the light rushing towards him. The room was filled with light and it slowly disappeared. Yumoto smiled as he saw nothing. He watched a stream of light, mixed with darkness fly into the sword.

The heir walked over and smiled bigger as he held it up. “ over.”

Chapter Text

Zundar growled as he sat near his brother, they were in their animal forms, looking into the palace windows. He looked at the sword on Tungsten’s back and then down at the heir’s hands. Zundar clutched his paws into fists and snarled, “That damn boy...”

Dadacha hummed and looked at his brother, “I’m so tired of fighting. Can’t we just give up?”

Zundar gasped, “B-but...”

“You’re obsessing over Hireashi.” Dadacha explained and Zundar huffed, “I only do it because of destiny.”

Dadacha shrugged as he yawned and his brother frowned, “Dadacha, please! Lord Hireashi told us what to do!”

“Yeah, but Scarlet and Tungsten killed him...”

Zundar groaned, “Sealed him away, sealed him in the sacred holy realm that love lies in. He’s stuck...”

“Gorar put him there too...”

“Yes, I know!” Zundar spat and glared at the heir, “
He was supposed to die! This is ridiculous! We worked so hard to fulfill it but NO!” He yelled and turned away, “Damn it all...Gods are stronger than we thought...”

Dadacha yawned and Zundar sighed, “We should...just...”


“Fleeing isn’t my favorite option but...” Zundar froze as he heard the heir speak, as he walked towards the window, “I’d like to go to the spring tonight.”


“Just you and I, Araki.” Yumoto smiled, “Pray to Kouki and then put the sword back for good.”

Tungsten nodded and grabbed Yumoto’s hand, “Sounds good.”

Zundar giggled as he looked at his brother, “You heard it here! We’ll follow them to the spring and...”

“And say our goodbyes and leave!?”

“NO! We’ll ask once more about Hireashi and then leave.”

“Ohhhh, well I’m really ready to get back to our own home. This place is too boring.”

Zundar sighed and shook his head.

Yumoto smiled as he walked down the steps towards the spring. He spoke praises of all the gods of old as he did so, “And then papa freed demons on the day of my birth, then Gora saved us from Hireashi once, and I completed the deed! Times of peace shall now begin and they shall last until we have our own heirs, to which they shall keep it up!”

Tungsten smiled as he rambled, the boy kissed his cheek and he watched as Yumoto slowly went into the spring. He clasped his hands together and bowed his head.

“Thank you so much for everything.” Yumoto began, “I doubted you so easily and you finally showed yourself to me...” He looked up at the statue’s marble face, “I now realize my true destiny, to keep this age of peace.”

He looked at Tungsten, who pulled the blade from his back. He held it skyward and Yumoto smiled, “we have brought your holy blade. Thank you for letting us use it to get rid of the darkness.”

As he spoke, Zundar and Dadacha jumped down, still in their animal forms, they bowed to the boy.

Yumoto blinked and Tungsten growled, “You two shouldn’t be able to get in here!”

“We just wanted to ask once more...” Zundar spat, “for Hireashi.”

The heir sighed, “Listen...” he spoke, “You’ve both been lead astray.”

Zundar shook his head, “We’re going to leave anyway!” He yelled, “For we know things can change...” he smirked, “a seal can’t last forever.” His face darkened as his form began to change. He stood, fully human now, he put his hand on the boy’s chin and forced him to look up. “It will end and he will break free once more...” He chucked, “For and your family line shall end in bloodshed.”

The heir’s eyes widened and Zundar began laughing, “You think you are free from your curse since he is are mistaken, heir of nothing.”

“No!” Yumoto screamed, “If I must seal him away once more I will. I will never stop protecting the worlds!”

Zundar scoffed and Yumoto growled, he grabbed Zundar’s wrist and threw the demon the other way.

Dadacha laughed as he flew down to his brother as he sang, “Heir of Nothing! Heir of Nothing!”

Prince Scarlet, the God of Light stood there, defiantly, he quickly threw his hand out, no mercy in his eyes. “You two will join him!” He screamed and suddenly Dadacha turned into his human form as well. He screamed as he held onto his big brother and Yumoto’s widened as compassion quickly set in. “I...”

“Y-your majesty, please!” Dadacha begged, “We were gonna go home and-and my brother wouldn’t let us just leave!”

The boy frowned and looked at his hand quickly, “I...go then. Go to your home and...and never come back! If you do, I shall seal you away faster than you could ever imagine!”

Dadacha nodded quickly and Zundar growled, “Come along, Dadacha...I believe we are finally done here...”

Tungsten held the blade out defensively. “Maybe one day you two will realize what fools you are.”

The duo watched as the demons quickly teleported away and Yumoto bit his lip, he looked shaken as to what had been said to him.  

Tungsten wrapped his arms around the boy and smiled, “Don’t worry...come on, let’s put the sword back and go home, okay?”

Yumoto nodded and they walked to the pedestal. Yumoto’s hands wrapped around Tungsten’s own as they prepared to strike the blade in it. They nodded and in a swift movement, the sword was stabbed into the stone slab. As it was, light filled the spring and darkness was eradicated from the blade.

Yumoto looked at his suitor and began laughing. “’s over...” he whispered, “Finally over...”

Laughter filled the Palace of Love that morning, “Vesta!” A voice cheered, “Come on!”

“I’m coming!” Vesta called, “Yumoto, Araki doesn’t have all day!”

The heir smiled as he ran, he gasped as he saw Epinard and Sulfur walking down the halls, talking about something amongst themselves.

“Yes, he’ll be talking to the God of Law this evening.” Epinard spoke and Sulfur smiled, “Of course.”

Yumoto stopped in front of them, “Ah...hi?”

Epinard smiled, “Hey, you have a meeting with your father and the God of Law this evening.”

The heir groaned at that, “Why?”

Sulfur sighed, “To talk about the party and where you put the sword.”

The heir frowned and Epinard placed a hand on his shoulder, “Don’t worry.” He spoke and Yumoto looked up as Epinard hugged him tightly, “We love you.”

Yumoto held onto him tightly and the God of Wind smiled, “You’ve worked so hard, Yumoto.” He explained and Yumoto felt tears spring into his eyes. “I...I...” He stuttered and wiped the tears quickly as he cleared his throat, “Thank you.”

The Gods smiled and Yumoto looked at Vesta, who was walking up. “Kid, Araki will be here in ten minutes.”

“Why exactly?”
Vesta groaned, “You do realize you two are going to get married soon, right?”

The heir blinked, “We are...?”

“That’s why he’s referred as your suitor!”

Yumoto nodded, “Ohhhhhh!
I guess that makes sense.”

Vesta sighed, “Yumoto, you’ll even be crowned eventually too.”
“Once I am ready, yes?”

“Yes.” Sulfur smiled, “Now, hurry up and finish getting ready.” He looked at his partner and Yumoto frowned, “Wait, wait am I getting all fancy because something important will be going on?”

Epinard groaned and Cerulean laughed at his response, “Yumoto, you know the guy, we’re letting you two have a day alone for once.”

Yumoto smiled and looked at his guardians, Epinard shook his head, “He’s already here, so hurry up.”

The heir gasped and darted from them, he ran down the halls quickly, calling for his suitor, finally finding him in the parlor.

Gora peeked in and smiled as he saw his brother, he finally looked truly happy. Yumoto held Tungsten’s hand tightly as they spoke, he seemed carefree once more.

Yukiteru smiled as he looked at his sons and felt Natsumi tug on his hand, “Yuki, come on. Our boys have their own stories to tell now, they don’t need us to babysit them.”

“Yes, darling.” He replied and kissed her cheek as they walked away, Natsumi grabbed Gora’s arm, “Come on, we have things planned for you too. Bet you thought you could get away with not getting your stuff!”


“Don’t you mama me!” She teased and Gora laughed as they walked.

  Yumoto looked up at his suitor and blushed, “My name is Hakone Yumoto, God of Light, heir to the throne of love. Shortly after I was born, the demon lord cursed me to die. Little did he know that the first God of Love had other plans...” He giggled as Tungsten hugged him tightly, “I finally am truly happy.”

“Now I just have to worry about coronation day!” The boy teased and Tungsten laughed, “Still too early to talk about.” He replied and Yumoto smiled as he quickly kissed him, “Yes...this is how it should be...”

  --Love is Over!--