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To Seal the Darkness

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Zundar growled as he sat near his brother, they were in their animal forms, looking into the palace windows. He looked at the sword on Tungsten’s back and then down at the heir’s hands. Zundar clutched his paws into fists and snarled, “That damn boy...”

Dadacha hummed and looked at his brother, “I’m so tired of fighting. Can’t we just give up?”

Zundar gasped, “B-but...”

“You’re obsessing over Hireashi.” Dadacha explained and Zundar huffed, “I only do it because of destiny.”

Dadacha shrugged as he yawned and his brother frowned, “Dadacha, please! Lord Hireashi told us what to do!”

“Yeah, but Scarlet and Tungsten killed him...”

Zundar groaned, “Sealed him away, sealed him in the sacred holy realm that love lies in. He’s stuck...”

“Gorar put him there too...”

“Yes, I know!” Zundar spat and glared at the heir, “
He was supposed to die! This is ridiculous! We worked so hard to fulfill it but NO!” He yelled and turned away, “Damn it all...Gods are stronger than we thought...”

Dadacha yawned and Zundar sighed, “We should...just...”


“Fleeing isn’t my favorite option but...” Zundar froze as he heard the heir speak, as he walked towards the window, “I’d like to go to the spring tonight.”


“Just you and I, Araki.” Yumoto smiled, “Pray to Kouki and then put the sword back for good.”

Tungsten nodded and grabbed Yumoto’s hand, “Sounds good.”

Zundar giggled as he looked at his brother, “You heard it here! We’ll follow them to the spring and...”

“And say our goodbyes and leave!?”

“NO! We’ll ask once more about Hireashi and then leave.”

“Ohhhh, well I’m really ready to get back to our own home. This place is too boring.”

Zundar sighed and shook his head.

Yumoto smiled as he walked down the steps towards the spring. He spoke praises of all the gods of old as he did so, “And then papa freed demons on the day of my birth, then Gora saved us from Hireashi once, and I completed the deed! Times of peace shall now begin and they shall last until we have our own heirs, to which they shall keep it up!”

Tungsten smiled as he rambled, the boy kissed his cheek and he watched as Yumoto slowly went into the spring. He clasped his hands together and bowed his head.

“Thank you so much for everything.” Yumoto began, “I doubted you so easily and you finally showed yourself to me...” He looked up at the statue’s marble face, “I now realize my true destiny, to keep this age of peace.”

He looked at Tungsten, who pulled the blade from his back. He held it skyward and Yumoto smiled, “we have brought your holy blade. Thank you for letting us use it to get rid of the darkness.”

As he spoke, Zundar and Dadacha jumped down, still in their animal forms, they bowed to the boy.

Yumoto blinked and Tungsten growled, “You two shouldn’t be able to get in here!”

“We just wanted to ask once more...” Zundar spat, “for Hireashi.”

The heir sighed, “Listen...” he spoke, “You’ve both been lead astray.”

Zundar shook his head, “We’re going to leave anyway!” He yelled, “For we know things can change...” he smirked, “a seal can’t last forever.” His face darkened as his form began to change. He stood, fully human now, he put his hand on the boy’s chin and forced him to look up. “It will end and he will break free once more...” He chucked, “For and your family line shall end in bloodshed.”

The heir’s eyes widened and Zundar began laughing, “You think you are free from your curse since he is are mistaken, heir of nothing.”

“No!” Yumoto screamed, “If I must seal him away once more I will. I will never stop protecting the worlds!”

Zundar scoffed and Yumoto growled, he grabbed Zundar’s wrist and threw the demon the other way.

Dadacha laughed as he flew down to his brother as he sang, “Heir of Nothing! Heir of Nothing!”

Prince Scarlet, the God of Light stood there, defiantly, he quickly threw his hand out, no mercy in his eyes. “You two will join him!” He screamed and suddenly Dadacha turned into his human form as well. He screamed as he held onto his big brother and Yumoto’s widened as compassion quickly set in. “I...”

“Y-your majesty, please!” Dadacha begged, “We were gonna go home and-and my brother wouldn’t let us just leave!”

The boy frowned and looked at his hand quickly, “I...go then. Go to your home and...and never come back! If you do, I shall seal you away faster than you could ever imagine!”

Dadacha nodded quickly and Zundar growled, “Come along, Dadacha...I believe we are finally done here...”

Tungsten held the blade out defensively. “Maybe one day you two will realize what fools you are.”

The duo watched as the demons quickly teleported away and Yumoto bit his lip, he looked shaken as to what had been said to him.  

Tungsten wrapped his arms around the boy and smiled, “Don’t worry...come on, let’s put the sword back and go home, okay?”

Yumoto nodded and they walked to the pedestal. Yumoto’s hands wrapped around Tungsten’s own as they prepared to strike the blade in it. They nodded and in a swift movement, the sword was stabbed into the stone slab. As it was, light filled the spring and darkness was eradicated from the blade.

Yumoto looked at his suitor and began laughing. “’s over...” he whispered, “Finally over...”

Laughter filled the Palace of Love that morning, “Vesta!” A voice cheered, “Come on!”

“I’m coming!” Vesta called, “Yumoto, Araki doesn’t have all day!”

The heir smiled as he ran, he gasped as he saw Epinard and Sulfur walking down the halls, talking about something amongst themselves.

“Yes, he’ll be talking to the God of Law this evening.” Epinard spoke and Sulfur smiled, “Of course.”

Yumoto stopped in front of them, “Ah...hi?”

Epinard smiled, “Hey, you have a meeting with your father and the God of Law this evening.”

The heir groaned at that, “Why?”

Sulfur sighed, “To talk about the party and where you put the sword.”

The heir frowned and Epinard placed a hand on his shoulder, “Don’t worry.” He spoke and Yumoto looked up as Epinard hugged him tightly, “We love you.”

Yumoto held onto him tightly and the God of Wind smiled, “You’ve worked so hard, Yumoto.” He explained and Yumoto felt tears spring into his eyes. “I...I...” He stuttered and wiped the tears quickly as he cleared his throat, “Thank you.”

The Gods smiled and Yumoto looked at Vesta, who was walking up. “Kid, Araki will be here in ten minutes.”

“Why exactly?”
Vesta groaned, “You do realize you two are going to get married soon, right?”

The heir blinked, “We are...?”

“That’s why he’s referred as your suitor!”

Yumoto nodded, “Ohhhhhh!
I guess that makes sense.”

Vesta sighed, “Yumoto, you’ll even be crowned eventually too.”
“Once I am ready, yes?”

“Yes.” Sulfur smiled, “Now, hurry up and finish getting ready.” He looked at his partner and Yumoto frowned, “Wait, wait am I getting all fancy because something important will be going on?”

Epinard groaned and Cerulean laughed at his response, “Yumoto, you know the guy, we’re letting you two have a day alone for once.”

Yumoto smiled and looked at his guardians, Epinard shook his head, “He’s already here, so hurry up.”

The heir gasped and darted from them, he ran down the halls quickly, calling for his suitor, finally finding him in the parlor.

Gora peeked in and smiled as he saw his brother, he finally looked truly happy. Yumoto held Tungsten’s hand tightly as they spoke, he seemed carefree once more.

Yukiteru smiled as he looked at his sons and felt Natsumi tug on his hand, “Yuki, come on. Our boys have their own stories to tell now, they don’t need us to babysit them.”

“Yes, darling.” He replied and kissed her cheek as they walked away, Natsumi grabbed Gora’s arm, “Come on, we have things planned for you too. Bet you thought you could get away with not getting your stuff!”


“Don’t you mama me!” She teased and Gora laughed as they walked.

  Yumoto looked up at his suitor and blushed, “My name is Hakone Yumoto, God of Light, heir to the throne of love. Shortly after I was born, the demon lord cursed me to die. Little did he know that the first God of Love had other plans...” He giggled as Tungsten hugged him tightly, “I finally am truly happy.”

“Now I just have to worry about coronation day!” The boy teased and Tungsten laughed, “Still too early to talk about.” He replied and Yumoto smiled as he quickly kissed him, “Yes...this is how it should be...”

  --Love is Over!--