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To Seal the Darkness

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Yumoto gasped as he shot up awake that morning, “Ah!”
Wombat sprung up from the end of the bed, “Is everything alright?!”

“Y-yeah...” Yumoto muttered, “Everything is fine...just a dream...”

His partner frowned and Yumoto turned his head to the window, he luckily didn’t have lessons today.

The boy sighed and Wombat looked up at him, “I guess we should get ready.”
Yumoto nodded, “Of course...”

Wombat smiled at Yumoto, “Is Lord Tungsten coming today?”
“I’m not sure...” Yumoto replied as he stood from his bed, “I would love to see Araki again.”

Wombat nodded and Yumoto sighed as he dressed in his uniform. He brushed his sleeves down and looked at himself in the mirror and made a face. He shook his head and began to change.

“No uniform today?”

“Nah, I’d rather wear my non-fancy clothes today.” Yumoto smiled as he dressed in his sailor outfit.

Wombat smiled and Yumoto walked over to his window. The blonde boy sighed as he opened the curtains and looked outside. “Guess...we better head to breakfast, before Epinard sends Miss Ami in.”

Wombat nodded and Yumoto began to walk out.

“Ah, you’re awake.” Epinard smiled, “I was about to come get you.”

Yumoto nodded, “Yes...I...had a dream and it woke me up.”

The older God frowned, “Everything alright?”

“Just...” The heir began, “just a dream about what I was told.”

Epinard nodded, “Yes,” He smiled, “today we’re going to start talking about it.”

Yumoto looked down and Epinard wrapped an arm around his shoulders as they began to walk down the halls, “Don’t worry about it...” he muttered, “We’re prepared for it all.”

Yumoto looked up at Epinard, “Are you though? Perlite said we had no time!”

“We do have time, six months.”

Yumoto frowned, “And what if we don’t?”

Epinard sighed, “Well...” he looked up, “we’ll figure it out, we always do.”

The heir looked at him and forced a smile, “Today, Araki should be coming.”

“Yes, your father said something about it to us last night.”

Yumoto nodded, “Yeah!”

“Let’s get to the table and eat breakfast then.” Epinard replied, “Afterwards, you can wait for him then.”

Gora looked up as he heard footsteps, “Ah, papa...”

Yukiteru sighed, “I’ve been talking to the Goddess of Fashion, I need a new outfit made for Yumoto.”


“For praying, we can’t let his good robe and uniform get damaged.”

“Papa, I don’t think the water will dama--”

“That’s real silk, Gora.” Yukiteru laughed, “Plus, he needs an entire white one.”

Gora hummed, “ you think if he dresses in all white, it’ll help?”

“He has to look pure for the Gods of old.” Yukiteru explained, “He has to awaken his powers.”

“We’ve tried to force them before and it didn’t work.” Gora sighed and Yukiteru nodded, “I know.”

Gora smiled, “Well, maybe they’ll unlock once we find Kouki’s blade.”

Yukiteru looked up, “if only...I wish he would have wrote it down.”

“He didn’t because he was scared of the wrong person getting it.”

Yukiteru nodded, “Yes but...”

“Papa, don’t stress over it, we’ll figure it out.” Gora replied and looked up. “With Kouki’s blessing we can find it.”

Yukiteru put a hand to his chin, “Yes...” He muttered, “we shall wait and see what we are guided with.”

Inside of a mansion, two teen boys were in a room, relaxing.

“This is getting boring!” One groaned as he sat up from their bed, “Aki, how much longer must we sit here and wait?!”

A scoff from the other. “My dear Haru, why are you so impatient?”


“Yes, God of the Sun, you sit here and mope.”

“Why, God of the Moon, you always sit here and act perfect.” The God of the Sun spat as he grabbed the other’s hand.

“We just have to wait for our call, Sol.”
“Yeah, yeah...”

The God of the Moon smiled and looked up as he heard another voice. “My twins!”

“Ah, Dadacha...glad to see you’re
finally back.” Sol spat, “Luna and I have been waiting!”
“Ah, not using your real names?”

Sol growled, “I don’t need your sass.” He huffed as he wrapped an arm around his brother’s waist. “What do you need us to do?”

Dadacha, a small green flying squirrel, looked at the two pale-blue haired Gods, “Well, my brother is working on bringing back Hireashi! You know, that fish demon, thingy.”

Luna wrinkled his nose up at him, “Why him?”

Dadacha frowned, “To kill the heir of love?”

“Why?” Sol smiled, “I mean, his brother is the coolest God of Love.”
“He’s not important!” Dadacha yelled, “ two only focus on him...”

“Well, what do you want us to do?” Luna asked and Dadacha smiled, “I have two requests...keep his powers locked and we need to find the sword of love
before the heir does!”

“Sword of love...?” Sol repeated and Dadacha giggled as he jumped on top of Luna’s shoulders, “Aki-chan, Haru-chan, that sword will be our downfall if we do not find it before the heir does.”

“And if he finds it?”

“Well,” Dadacha sighed, “then we’re all doomed.”

Sol and Luna looked at one another, then Luna spoke, “Do you know where the sword would be?”

Dadacha sighed as he looked down, ”...No...”

The twins groaned and Dadacha jumped down. “You two need to watch the heir! Don’t get spotted!”

“How do we even do that?!” Sol groaned and Dadacha sighed, “Follow me, an-chan can tell us more.”

The twins nodded and began to walk through the halls.

“An-chan!” Dadacha called as they walked into a theater and a green hedgehog walked out from behind a curtain, “We’re about ready to finally go out-da.”

“Zundar-an-chan,” Dadacha smiled, “my twins are ready for getting the little prince for us.”

“Wait!” Luna gasped, “You never said we had to bring you the heir!”

“Oops...” Dadacha laughed nervously as he scratched the back of his head, “S-sorry...”

Zundar smiled, “Bring us the heir of love
and the sword.”

“But, we don’t know where the sword is!” Sol growled, “How the hell do we bring you the brat and a sword?!”

Zundar sighed, “That’s why you are to follow him and once he pulls the sword, you take both!”

Luna smiled, “Sounds great.”

“And once you get them?” Sol questioned and Zundar smirked, “Lord Hireashi’s seal is weakening, and he has requested the heir and his sword.”

“You didn’t answer my question!”

“It’s a secret, Salty Sol.” Zundar smiled, “Do what you have been told!”

Sol made a face, “Fine.”

“Hakone Yumoto,” Yukiteru spoke as he held out a white robe, “you are to put this on and Lord Tungsten is to take you to the first spring.”

Yumoto frowned as he took the new outfit, “What about the sword...?”

Yukiteru shook his head, “Powers first, then you are to find the blade.”


“Lord Yukiteru...” A soft voice spoke and Yukiteru turned to a silver-haired man wearing a black military uniform.

“There you are, Lord Tungsten.” The God of War nodded, he was also wearing a similar uniform, but red. “The heir is going to dress in his robe and go with you.”

Tungsten nodded as he bowed. “Yes, sir.”

Yumoto bit his lip as he walked away. Wombat following.

“What’s wrong?” Wombat asked and Yumoto looked down at the robe in his hands. “I...I’m worried, I’ve never been outside the palace walls...”

“Your guardians will be with you along with Tungsten.”

“I...know.” Yumoto whispered as he began to change his outfit. “Shall...we go?”

Wombat nodded and the heir sighed as he left the room. He looked down at his sandals as he walked.

“You ready?” Tungsten whispered and Yumoto nodded, “Yes.”

“Which guardian do you want to come with us?”

“Ah...Vesta.” Yumoto muttered and Tungsten nodded.

The heir sighed as they began to walk outside, the sun was already setting.

“Where is this spring at?” Yumoto asked and Vesta looked up, “Right down here. This spring is the first one, this is where Kouki’s first statue was placed.”

“Yes...” The boy replied and bit his lip as Tungsten walked over to an opening, “Down here, your majesty. Watch your step.” He spoke as he held out a gloved hand for the boy to grab.

“Thanks...” The heir muttered as he walked over. He shivered as he entered, he walked down the stone steps.

“It’s huge...” Yumoto thought as he looked around. The spring seemed to glow, due to the moon shining down. He gasped as he looked up at the statue of the first God of Love.

Vesta frowned, “Get in, have to stand in the spring’s waters.”

Yumoto looked at the water in front of him at his reflection. He took a deep breath and closed his eyes as he took his first step. He shivered slightly from the frigid, cold water.
“I am to do this...I must figure out why I cannot do anything.”

The heir looked up at the statue and bit his lip as he glanced behind him at Vesta and Tungsten. He quickly looked back up at Kouki’s stone face and clasped his hands together.

“Please...” He spoke, “Hakone Kouki, I have less than six months until the demon breaks from his seal. My guardians are doing the best they can to protect me, while I stand there and just accept it.”

The heir frowned, “Please answer me! I just need to know what is wrong with me! I am doing all that I least give me guidance on where your sword is at.”

He felt his lip begin to tremor, “P-please...” his voice cracked with tears, “I just-just want to keep everyone safe and happy. I beg you to help me awaken my powers...”

The heir quickly looked down and Vesta sighed, “Kid...don’t cry.” He spoke, “You’re doing fine.”

Yumoto looked back at him, “What am I to do...?” He tearfully spoke, “I am receiving no answer...”

“This is only the first visit!”
“Yes, but if he will not answer me in the first spring of love, then why would he answer me in the other two!?” Yumoto spat and Vesta looked up at the tall statue, “He
has to answer you eventually. We have time!”

“We have
no time.” Yumoto replied, “Less than six months until the inevitable.”

“Perlite never said you were to fail.” Vesta replied, “I bet your powers will awaken tomorrow morning!”

Yumoto scoffed, “If only that were true.”

Tungsten turned to him from the entrance. “Yumoto, please...”

“Pray a little more,” Vesta whispered, “then we can go home.”

Yumoto sighed, “Yes, Vesta...” He turned his back to his guardian once more and began to plead harder.

“W-what’s wrong with me...?” Yumoto whispered up to the statue, “I just want to protect everyone, my brother.”

The heir wrapped his arms around himself and sighed, “Please...”

Gora and Yukiteru looked up as they heard the door opening, and saw the trio walking back in, Yumoto staring at the floor.

“Anything?” Yukiteru asked and a tearful Yumoto shook his head, “No.”

Gora looked down and Yukiteru growled, “We will find this mystery out. Go into the bath and go to bed, Yumoto. We shall keep this up every night until your powers awaken.”

“Y-yes, papa...” Yumoto whispered and bowed his head as he was dismissed.
“I’m a failure...” The boy thought bitterly, “A heir to the throne of nothing at this point...”