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To Seal the Darkness

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Laughter filled the palace of love that morning, “Vesta!” A voice laughed, “Come on!”

“Yumoto, your father will have my head if we don’t continue lessons!” Vesta called out.

A blonde boy ran faster, his uniform flying behind him, “You have a meeting with your father in an hour! You have to wear your robe!”

“Never!” The young God called and Vesta groaned, “Dammit, kid!”

The blonde boy huffed as he was grabbed and another walked over, “Yumoto, what are you doing?”

“I am playing, Epinard.” Yumoto replied and he looked up at the dark-haired man. “Is...something wrong?”

Epinard adjusted his glasses, “You need to get ready...”

“I...” Yumoto spoke and Vesta groaned, “I tried to tell him, Epinard...”

“Yes, and he should have been in lessons.”

“Cerulean!” Vesta groaned as the sandy blonde haired Battle Lover walked over, “Yumoto, why were you running?”

The heir puffed his cheeks out, “I finished and Sulfur let me out!”
“Sulfur didn’t allow you to run out...” Vesta groaned and ran a hand through his pink hair.

Yumoto sighed and Epinard grabbed Yumoto’s hand, “Come along, we have to get ready.”

“Why must I get ready for a meeting with papa? Am I meeting with others?”

“Yes...” Epinard sighed, “It’s only with your father, brother, and a few others...”

Yumoto sighed as they walked, “Is powers?”

Epinard looked down, “Everyone is’re almost fifteen--”

“Yes, I know...” Yumoto sighed, “And it is my destiny to destroy the demon who cursed me to die...”

“Aurite!” Perlite cried as he ran into a crystal wall lined room, “Aurite!”

The white haired, God of Wisdom turned from a door, “Yes?”

Perlite pushed his pink hair back out of his face as he bowed quickly, “We don’t have much time!”

“What do you mean?” Aurite frowned and Argent walked over, “Akoya, what’s wrong?”

Perlite looked at the green-haired-man, “We have six months.”

“Six months?” Argent repeated and Perlite looked down, “Six months until the demon lord breaks out from his seal.”

Perlite looked down, “The heir must awaken his powers...”

“Six months...that is his birthday...” Argent frowned, “ sure?”

“Yes...I saw it.”

Aurite growled, “And Maximum Gorar cannot seal him this time?”

Perlite shook his head, “His seal won’t work.”

“Why?” Aurite asked and Perlite frowned, “The demon lord will be too strong...”

“So...” Argent sighed, “our Little One must awaken his powers before his fifteenth birthday or...?”

“The mortal world will be damaged, yes...” Perlite whispered, “I’m not sure if it’ll be destroyed..”

Aurite looked down, “We must tell the God of Love...”

Argent nodded, “Let’s go now...”

Yumoto looked up as he was dressed. “This robe is getting old...” He spoke, “I wonder when I’ll get a new one.”

Sulfur looked up, “Your birthday.”

“Oh...” Yumoto spoke and looked at his hand. “Sulfur...when...did you get your powers?”

“When I was seven. I was showing my Godly powers when I was first walking but couldn’t transform until I was seven.”

“So...did you and the others all know each other, then?”

Sulfur nodded, “Yes, we all grew up together.”


Sulfur sighed as he shook his head, he was grading the heir’s papers. “I know you’re nervous...” He looked down, “Your curse has stunted your powers from appearing.”

“Yes...” Yumoto sighed and looked up as his nurse-maid finished “Thank you, Miss Ami...”

His maid smiled and nodded, her brown curls hitting her cheeks. “You’re welcome, your majesty.”

Yumoto smiled as he hugged his nurse-maid. “After my meeting, may I have some sweets?”
“Yes, your majesty.”

“Thank you!”

Epinard peeked in, “Are you ready?”

Yumoto nodded, “Yes...” he bit his lip as he walked over, brushing down his light red outer jacket sleeves.

Epinard smiled, “Let’s go.”

Yukiteru, the God of War, looked up as his son walked in, “There you are, Yumoto.”

Yumoto bowed quickly and Gora, the current God of Love, looked at him, “Glad you made it on time, for once.”

“Yes, an-chan...” Yumoto replied and the God of War sighed as he eyed his council. “I didn’t want to bring this up, but we have--”

“Yukiteru-sama!” A voice cried and Yukiteru froze as the Caerula Adamas ran in.

Yumoto gasped and the three bowed.

“Your majesty...” Perlite spoke, “I have terrible news.”

Yukiteru looked at them, “What is it?”

“Six months from today, the demon lord will break free from his seal, your son, the God of Love has placed.” Perlite explained, “We have no time to prepare.”

Gora stood, “No time? What do you mean...?”

Aurite frowned, “Perlite has seen him break free and wreak havoc upon us and the mortal world.”

Gora shook his head as he grabbed his axe, “Then, I shall reform his seal.”

Argent shook his head, “It won’t do any good.”

Gora frowned, “Argent, what do you mean?”

Perlite looked at Gora and gestured to his brother, “The heir must awaken his powers, find the first God of Love’s holy blade, and seal him for good.”

Yukiteru’s scarlet eyes narrowed, “And why that?”

“It is destiny.” Perlite spoke, “Destiny, I may not alter.”

Yumoto frowned, “Six months...? Today is...July 26 th ...”

Gora shook his head, “You mean to tell brother’s birthday is the day this will happen?”

“Yes...unless he awakens his powers early and finds the sword.” Aurite explained, “We have a hunch about where the blade is located, but that’s it.”

Yukiteru looked at Yumoto, “Hakone are to start going to the Springs of Love and pray for guidance on your powers.”

Yumoto frowned, “W-what...?”

“If you do not awaken your true form, everything will be over with.” Yukiteru explained and Yumoto shook his head, “Papa, please! I have tried and everyone else has researched it...”

“Has your guardian animal?”

“Y-yes...” Yumoto replied and Perlite frowned, “We cannot mess around anymore...”

“Can you bide us any extra time?” Gora asked and Perlite frowned, “We...we’re not sure if we can.”

“But...what is Kouki’s blade going to do?” Yumoto asked and Gora looked at him, “It is said that his blade was blessed by the first Goddess of Light to blot out the darkness. Kouki used that blade to save the mortals all of those years ago. It was said to be lost but...”

“I...have to find it and use it?”

“You will find it and have someone use it for you. You have to bless it back to its full potential.” Gora explained and Perlite nodded, “ may wield it but, it would be preferred if you had a knight or guard do it for you.”

Yumoto frowned, “Just because I am an heir, doesn’t mean I cannot wield a sword.”

Argent placed a hand onto his shoulder, “Yes, but with your curse, using such a powerful sword could do more harm than good.”

Yumoto made a face and Yukiteru sighed, “Yumoto, you need to worry about your powers first, then you shall worry about the sword.”


“No, buts.”

Yumoto sighed, “Who will wield it? I would rather my personal guard...not.”

“Tomatsu Yuji?”

“Yes, he is too busy as the captain of the guards.” Yumoto explained, “I’d choose.”

“Who then?” His father asked and Yumoto bit his lip, “Lord Tungsten...I...I know he is my suitor but, I can trust him, papa!” The heir sighed, “I know he’d be a great one to pick, for my guardians are too busy protecting me.”

Yukiteru hummed, “Yes...” He turned to Gora and sighed, “May Kouki bless us in our time of need...”

Yumoto looked up as he flopped onto his bed, “How...?” He muttered, “How am I to visit all of the springs...? There are many...”

Wombat walked over to him, “There are only three!”
Yumoto groaned, “Yes but...if I can’t awaken my powers...” he muttered, “ doomed.”

Wombat looked at him, “The God of Love is bound to finally bless you with your powers.”

Yumoto stretched his hand out, “I’ve tried many times to transform, nothing ever works!”

Wombat sighed as he sat next to Yumoto’s head, “You’re strong though.” He smiled, “Demons have always been scared of you.”

Yumoto scoffed, “Yeah, scared of a baby.”

Wombat shook his head, “Nonsense, they could sense how powerful you were, so they panicked.”

Yumoto looked at Wombat, “I just hate it all...” He yawned, “They’ll make me pray every night and day now...”

His animal guardian sighed, “Yumoto-san...” He nuzzled the heir’s other arm, “You’re doing great, something has to unlock them...your powers are waiting to come out.”

The heir sighed as he ran a hand through his blonde locks, “The sword of love...” He muttered, “I just hope that I may find it, then maybe...mama will be found again.”

Wombat sighed, “Yes...she disappeared...ten years ago now?”


Wombat looked at him, “I bet we will...once we get rid of that demon.”

“ we fight? Is it...just because that is how things are?” Yumoto asked and Wombat sighed, “We only fight because...well...”


“When Kouki was alive, they lived in peace until one day, a demon rose up and began to destroy everything in its path. Kouki put a stop to it all...and then he killed that demon.”

“Then, Kouki died...” Yumoto muttered and Wombat nodded, “Yes...Kouki was killed...that is why we honor his title. For love always goes on.”

“Yes...” Yumoto sighed as he looked out his window, up at the white moon shining in. “May he keep us safe...” The heir closed his eyes for a moment and sighed as he sat up.

He walked to the large window and sighed as he thought bitterly,
“Too bad I can’t go outside on my own balcony without someone with me...” He shook his head, “One day...”

Wombat frowned, “Your majesty?”

“Six months...” Yumoto repeated from earlier, “Six months until everything is destined to happen...” He looked at the landscape from outside his window as he placed a hand onto the glass, “I just...” He bit his lip as he turned his head away, “I can’t imagine everything gone...”

“It won’t be!” Wombat spoke, “You’ll awaken your powers and destroy that demon for good!”

Yumoto sighed as he closed his eyes in thought, “I...hope so.”

Wombat smiled as he walked up to the heir and rubbed his face on the boy’s ankles, “How about we get some sleep, shall we?”

Yumoto smiled and picked him up, “Yes, sounds wonderful.” He giggled and hugged his guardian tightly, “I love you...” He whispered and Wombat smiled as he cuddled up to Yumoto.

“I love you too, Yumoto-san.”