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The gold sunlight peeked through the canopy bed of the two lovers Jonathan and Dio. Jonathan sighed softly not wanting to get up. He was drinking in the beauty of his lover. From his pale skin to his rose pink lips. Sleepily he pushes himself up and decides to start his day. 

His lover was already dressed and just about done brushing his hair when he finally stands. His tan arms wrapping around the smaller's waist. 

"Morning Dio.."

That earned a smile from his husband as he applied his lipstick and stained his cheek. His small hands twirling his blue strands. 

"Morning Jojo."

It was obvious to see who was the morning person here in this relationship. Jonathan was always one step behind his lover on weekends. 

His lover glanced up at him and prepared to give his daily love bite


His lover sighed and Pat his chest before heading downstairs. Jonathan chuckled and answered the phone. He would comfort his husband later. 


"Susie? How are ya?!"

"Of course.."

"I'll be right over! I'll have to ask him about it... Love you too. Bye!"

Dio made breakfast downstairs as Jonathan got ready to go out the door. Finally dressed properly. He kissed Dio's cheek and headed out. 

"We've got some discussing to do when I get back! Love you Dio!"

Dio chuckled at his squishy idiot and nodded watching as he drove out of their driveway. 

"Love you too Jojo.."

He went back inside and finished his strawberry pancakes and waffles. For someone who came out of poverty he was excellent at making Dishes that were served to the higher ups. Too bad he became a lawyer and not a chef. It would probably suit him better, but the world already has Gordon Ramsay. Dio would probably knock him off his high horse. 

Dio waited for his husband to return. Sitting across from him as usual at the table. Jojo has sound excited on the phone.. When wasn't he? He was always beaming even in bad situations. Dio chuckled think it over the past events they had together. A small wave of guilt coming over him. At least he was able to fix it this time.. but that wouldn't change the past. 

He folded his hands over the other and sighed in thought. His brows shifting upwards in a pout. 



He looked up seeing Jonathan dripping like a wet dog smiling down at him. 

"So Dio..ready for that discussion?"

He nodded having to readjust himself. It was stupid to dwell on the past. This was now. 

"Of course."

Jonathan nodded not taking his seat. Which told Dio this was going to be something he wasn't going to like. Jonathan wouldn't have cared if the chairs got wet. 

"So, Dio.. You know my daughter Holly, right?"

Dio remembered  a few occasions of seeing her. A few times too many. She was basically Jonathan....innocent. 

"Yes, What is this about?"

Jonathan sighed taking his hands. He was about to ask him a hard question and he knew it. Jonathan's anxiety hasn't been this high since he proposed. 

"She had a little trouble with her beau and she's kinda in a bad place right now. Don't worry! She's with her mom, where she should be... Now since she's recovering. I... Volunteered to help out."

Dio frowned fetching a towel and drying his hair. 

"Jojo, I have no control over you. What you do is none of my business and I won't stop you. This is your famil-"

Jonathan seized his hands letting the towel fall in the chair beside them. 

"Our family Dio..they are yours just as much as they are mine. Birthmark or not.."

Dio nodded looking down at the puddle of water he'd created.

"My grandson will be staying with us for a little while.. Honestly I don't know how long. My parents are against seeing him because he's..and a bit...anyway. He's a good kid.. A bit shy though.  He won't cause any trouble. I'll watch him for you, but.. Dio you can refuse if you need to. I won't hate you for it."

Dio hummed. So Holy did go get all tangled up with that bum and have a baby. Dio sighed he knew what things like this were like. The child would need a place to stay and possibly lots of comfort. 

"I see..well, I have no reason to refuse.  Is he with you now Jojo?"

Jonathan was surprised at how fast his husband agreed. 

"Yes, he's waiting in the car actually. I'll go get him now."

He rushed out of the house to retrieve the boy before he got any more nervous about staying with them. 

Dio stood up and headed up the staircase. It must be raining. He could smell the soft salt through the manor walls.. He walked into the master bathroom and ran a bubble bath for the child. He was probably freezing at this point. Why did he care? It was just some kid in JoJo's family. Well their family.. He looked at the gold bubbles for a bit before fetching some kid clothing he had left after Haruno had moved out. Afterwards laying a suit out for Jojo to wear when he arrived in their bedroom. 

"Don't be nervous..he's a lot nicer than he looks."

That was Jojo for sure coming in the front door, but the second voice... 

"Okay Gigi..It's cold"

"Yeah it is, isn't it?"

"Let's go find him and warm up, okay?"



Dio came down the staircase to see an unexpected sight. A very tiny almost pale child huddled underneath JoJo's leg. His mark was obvious and so was his chubby dark Joestar lips. In his own sense.. The child was actually cute. 

"Oh, Dio!"

Jonathan beamed at him and slowly walked the child over who sneezed. 

"Bless you.."

The child smiled at him. Blowing his nose in his handkerchief. 

"Thank you.." 

How strange. A child that didn't even know him.. Liked him? Maybe he just hadn't gotten a chance yet. 

"Dio meet my Grandson. Joot.. Jotaro meet Dio my husband."

Dio gasped at that. He couldn't believe that this.. This.. Child? Innocent.. Almost two years old. Was Jotaro!? His own enemy right in front of him.. Frail. He was awakened by thoughts by the soft touch of wet hands taking his own. He didn't move to shake it. Just held onto his finger like he'd disappear. 

"Nice to meet you..Dio."

Dio couldn't help but return the smile. He ran his fingers through the child's silky hair and nodded

"Likewise Jotaro.." 

Jotaro surprisingly got along well with Dio and that warmed Jonathan's heart. 

"JoJo are you crying?"

Jonathan wiped his eyes at the happy sight and shook his head. 

"Um no..?"

The two shared a laugh. Jotaro watched the tall men smile and talk quickly retreating back to his grandpa's leg. 

"Let's get you dry.."

Jojo obviously wasn't prepared for the child. Dio flushed and offered his arms down to the child. 

"I can do it..I've already started the bath."

Jojo looked at his husband with surprise and  slowly walked Jotaro into his arms. Jotaro climbed into Dio's arms and allowed himself to be hoisted up on his hip. Boy he really was a Joestar.. Such a heavy boy. His thin yet childish chubby form signified that he either hasn't been eating properly or Ill. From what he could see.. It could be both. 

"Well, let's go then, shall we?"

Jotaro nodded gripping Dio's shirt as he stood walking upstairs. 

Jonathan smiled and Pat his grandson's head. 

"I'll be right back Joot."

He jogged past them and dried off in the bedroom. 

"Oh, Thank you!"

Dio chuckled from the bathroom. Shutting the door so Jotaro could undress. He watched the boy as he stares back almost like he wanted to say something. 

"Something wrong?" Dio started

"My mommy helps me..i don't take things off the right way.." 

Dio realized this was the boy asking for help. He carefully used his nails to unhook the suspenders and take down his pants. 

"Would you like me to look away as you undress?"

Jotaro looked down at Dio's hands and gave a little shrug before taking his undies off. Dio kept his eyes on his face. Such puffy cheeks for a child. They looked so soft.. 

He unbuttoned his shirt and took it off. Placing it in the laundry basket. Jotaro balled up against him as he was slowly lowered into his bath water. 

"There we go.."

Dio spoke softly as Jotaro shivered as if the water was cold. He stopped with realization that it was warm and actually comforting. He looked up at Dio who was leaving with the Landry Basket. 

"I can do it.."

Dio looks back at him with a knowing look. 

"Don't worry I've got it."

He disappeared down the hallway and placed the clothes in the Wash as Jonathan put away Jotaro's clothes in their drawers. 

He moved to go back to the dining room to read, but something told him he was being watched. He slowly looked to his left seeing the young Joestar was watching him. His little face peeking out of the sea of bubbles. 

He folded his book closed and tilted his head at the child. Jotaro smiled a bit and seemed to be giggling at his confusion. 

Dio chuckled and walked inside sitting on the edge of the tub. He set his book aside and assist the young boy in bathing, beginning to rinse him off. 


He paused his touch on the boy's chin and looked down at him. 


Jotaro stared into the gold abyss and whispered

"Thank you.."

Dio looked at him wondering what that had meant and nodded. 

"Of course."

Jotaro smiled as his cheeks were given a small pinch. 

"Your hands are really soft.."

Dio nodded releasing his hold grabbing the dry towel and opening it for the boy. 


Jotaro got out and let Dio Pat and wipe his body dry. His focus was on nothing special, his eyes wandered from his hands, to his face, to the giant chandelier. 

Dio dried his hair and got him dressed in a small button up and shorts. A pair that used to be one of Haruno's favourites. Maybe that's why he felt so strange around him. He was missing parenting the smaller ones.. 

"Alright, I suppose we could get you to your Grandfather now. Follow me."

Jotaro seized his pants leg and walked with him to the downstairs where Jonathan sat at the dining table waiting for them. 


Dio nodded opening Jotaro's little fist. He looked back at Dio as if he were being pushed away but once he saw that his features were relaxed he was calmed as he went over and crawled into a seat. His seat. 

"Ah, Jotaro.."

Jonathan wasn't sure how they would react to this. Jotaro looked at his grandpa with sleepy eyes as he was picked up and placed in Dio's lap. 

"No worries Jojo."

Jonathan nodded smiling at his husband and Grandson's comfort. 

Dio had cut his pancakes into tiny pieces and fed Jotaro himself. The Child seemed too nervous to function. He'd seen plenty of children like this in the court room. 

"Joot, why don't you tell Dio about your collection?"


Dio held a bite to the boy

"Yes, Dolphins.."

Dio nodded feeding him. 

"Oh, are they nice?"

"Yeah, they're crystals!"

Dio hummed with interest allowing the boy to talk about how amazing his Donfins were. 

"Do you want to see them?"

Dio chuckled at the excitement in the child's eyes

"Sure, let's finish up here, then we'll see your dolphins, alright?"

He nodded as the three finished their breakfast. Once they were done, Dio put the dishes away for the maid and followed Jotaro to their bedroom. 

"It's pretty."

Jotaro nodded showing Dio his crystal Dolphin set. 

"I made them in class..on accident."


Jotaro nodded letting Dio hold one of the fragile pieces. 

"I was doing a science project but then I got distracted and...Dolphin."

Dio laughed, it wasn't to hurt the child but it was funny to think he just thought of dolphins and turned his crystal project into one. 

To his surprise Jotaro was laughing too. It seemed he had some understanding to what dio meant.

"Your funny Dio." 

"I can be when I want to...Jotato."



The young boy giggled at the confused vampire and nodded seizing his slender face in his hands. 


Dio hummed shifting his lips playfully ad the child smeared his lipstick.


"There you go." 

Dio laughed removing the small hands from his face.

"Alright then. Joot it is."

Jotaro beamed at those words and put his Dolphins back inside their case.

 Dio hummed and sat up preparing to find something to keep himself busy.
Jotaro climbed off the talk bed and stood at his feet in waiting.

"Tell me, child..why are following me about?"

Jotaro shrugged gently and hugged his leg. His dark pools for eyes searching the rubies for answers.

"Gigi says your nice and fun to be around. I think you're I want to play with you."

"I see."

Dio twirled a strand of his hair and looked back at the child with a light pout.

"Alright, you may join me. No guarantee that I will be doing anything fun."

"Okay! Let's go Dio!"

"Hey! Wait!"