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Supernatural x Reader One-Shots

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Your eyes flew open and you sat bolt upright in bed for the first time in months, finding yourself confused and on edge in the dark of the little motel room. Without thinking you grabbed for your gun, a reflex built up from years of hunting and scanned through the dark to try and find what the hell had woken you up. Your question was answered a moment later, as a quiet knock at the door had your head snapping in its direction.

Cautiously you slid out of bed, throwing aside the covers and pointing the gun in front of yourself only to let out a relieved though slightly annoyed huff at the sight of your boyfriend through the small window beside the door. Carefully returning the pistol to your bedside table, you unlocked the motel door and were greeted by your favorite archangel, who's neutral expression broke into a grin at the sound of the lock clicking.

"Y/n! Hi!" Gabe was bouncing on his heels, hands in his pockets and hair loose around his face, a surprising contrast to its usual carefully styled appearance and it made you smile.

"Gabe it's-" You leaned back to glance at the alarm clock, letting out a groan of disgust upon seeing the time. "4:00! What are you doing here so early, is everything alright?"

Concern replaced your annoyance, sleepy appearance disappearing from your eyes and pulling him into a brief but tight hug, and stepping back to cup his face in your hands.

"I missed you, I wanted to cuddle!" Gabriel's smile faltered, replaced with a flash of anxiety across his face that you hadn't seen on the usually so confident trickster.

You looked at the man in front of you incredulously, mouth hanging open slightly in disbelief.

"You come into my room and wake me up at 4 am, to cuddle?"

A peal of laughter erupted from your throat as Gabriel nodded, an innocent smile creeping across his lips, and you grinned, shaking your head with raised eyebrows and stepping back into the darkened motel room, gesturing inward.

"You're lucky I could never say no to that face" you chuckled, looking fondly at your archangel as he beamed at you, quickly stepping into the room and kicking off his shoes before throwing himself into the bed and burrowing under the covers, peeking out from the pile of blankets to watch you lock the door and return to the bed. You giggled at how innocent Gabriel looked and took no time in sliding under the warmth of the blankets beside him.

Immediately Gabe moved closer and curled up against your body, intertwining your legs with his own and wrapping you in a tight yet comfortable embrace, foreheads pressed together and eyes locked on one another.

"Hey" You whispered, a sleepy smile plastered on your face as you lazily rubbed patterns along his back with gentle fingers.

"Hey" Gabe replied with his signature goofy grin, tilting his head to place a soft kiss on the tip of your nose and sending you into a fit of giggles that made the archangel's heart swell.

It didn't take long for you to begin to nod off, eyelids drooping and head coming to rest on top of Gabriel's, who had tucked his head down against her neck and was burrowing his face into the soft fabric of his girlfriend's pajama top.

You hummed in appreciation as Gabe's fingers found their way into your hair, combing through it with delicate strokes and chuckling softly at the little noises you made in return, his warm smile mirrored on your face.

"You know Sam and Dean don't like you showing up on our hunts, right?" You spoke softly, eyes opening to be met with Gabriel's adoring gaze

"Yep," He answered simply, amusement flickering across his face.

"That gonna stop you?"

"Hell no," Gabe laughed, his heart fluttering at the look he had gained in return, your eyes had closed again, but a happy grin painted your features.
It was barely visible in the dim light from the streetlamps shining through the closed curtains of the motel room, but it was more than enough for Gabriel.

You lost track of how long the two of you stayed like that, wrapped happily in each other's arms.
Judging by the light, it's only been about half an hour, you mused to yourself, but shook the thought from your head, choosing to stay in the moment for as long as possible.
Comfort came rarely in your line of work, this type of happiness even more rarely, so you relished in it, enjoying the feeling of safety that came from a tangled embrace with your archangel.

The minutes ticked by, you falling closer and closer to sleep and Gabriel continuing to play with your hair, occasionally whispering terms of endearment in Enochian.

"Hey Gabe?" you murmured after a while, hoping you had spoken loud enough for him to hear.

"What's up, cupcake?" You could hear his seemingly permanent smile in the way he spoke, another little thing that you couldn't get enough of

" you, " You mumbled, words thick with drowsiness before finally drifting off to sleep, cradled comfortably in Gabriel's arms. His smile grew even wider, carefully moving his head from its position on your chest to press an affectionate kiss to your cheek, carefully unfurling his wings and bringing them up to curl around your sleeping form, settling over your shoulders like a blanket.

"I love you too, sweetheart" He whispered, kissing you again before returning to his previous position, burrowing his head against your neck and closing his eyes, hands continuing to stroke your hair.