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It wouldn’t be Wei Wuxian if he didn’t get in trouble. And it wouldn’t be Wei Wuxian if he didn’t get in trouble during the most inconvenient times. Today was the day of another four sect meeting. All sect leaders and their important relatives and figures would be in Cloud Recesses to discuss some business. Boring things that Wei Ying didn’t care about and would rather sleep through but he couldn’t because now he was a Lan. A Lan with a Lan husband and a Lan son who all lived in their very Lan like house in GusuLan. So he would have to wake up on time for once. And that’s exactly what Lan Zhan went to go do, wake his husband up but instead of his husband, in place was a small boy. The boy was curled up, body in Wei Ying’s larger ropes that could be blankets to the boy. The sight made Lan Zhan pause. Did his husband get cursed again ?


“Wei Ying ?” He called gentle to the child. Said boy stirred and whined a bit as he woke up.


“Huh ?” The boy blinked. “This isn’t A-Ying’s bed.” Lan Zhan let out a little breath. Thank goodness this was his husband but dear god what the hell actually happened.


“This is A-Ying’s bed.” Lan Zhan said. “But it’s big A-Ying’s bed.” He explained.


“Then where’s little A-Ying’s bed ?” Wei Ying asked.


“Hmm I don’t know.” Lan Zhan said truthfully making the boy frown.


“Who are you ?” Wei Ying asked.


“I’m Lan Zhan. Big Wei Ying’s husband.” Lan Zhan said.


“Wow ! Big A-Ying gets to marry someone like you ?” Wei Ying practically lit up at the sight. It was so cute, his wide silver eyes and messy dark locks was adorable but he needed clothes and a good brushing.


“Mn.” Lan Zhan said simply. “Can A-Ying come with me ? Since A-Ying is small now, we have to find clothes that fit you.”


“And then can we eat, husband-gege?” Wei Ying asked making Lan Zhan almost choke.


“Of course.” Lan Zhan said. It wasn’t hard to find Sizhui’s old clothes that older Wei Ying kept in the back of their closet for a momentum. He was sad that he never got to see baby Sizhui in his little Lan clothing so Sizhui gave them to him. Now they were on him. The white robes fit him almost perfectly and he could pass off as a Lan. Since they were married, Wei Ying had his own Lan headband. He never wore it around his head, always wrapped securely in his hair or wrist. But now Lan Zhan got the opportunity to tie it on little Wei Ying after he brushed his hair in place. He looked adorable and Lan Zhan would never forget this moment of his husband looking like the most adorable Lan.


Soon a knock on the door pulled Lan Zhan out of his thoughts.


“Father ! Baba ! I brought breakfast.” Sizhui’s voice called from behind the door.


“Come in.” Lan Zhan said and the door slid open. His son, ever the perfect boy, entered quietly as if not to wake up Wei Ying. Well he was in for a surprise.


“Good morning father, is ba-“ Sizhui’s voice caught in his throat as his eyes caught sight of the small child in his father’s lap. “Um who is this ? Did father give me a new sibling ?” 


“No.” Lan Zhan said though his ears were a bit pink at the thought. “This is Wei Ying.”


“Huh ?!” Sizhui almost shouted but collected himself as it came out a high-pitched tone instead. “This is baba ? What happened ?”


“Perhaps a curse.” Lan Zhan said simple. “A-Ying say hello.”


“Hello gege.” Wei Ying said. “Gege brought us food ?”


“Ah- yes. Yes I did.” Sizhui looked a bit lost as he put the tray down on the table.


“Husband-gege who is this ?” Wei Ying asked as Lan Zhan moved to grab the child a bowl of soup.


“This is big A-Ying and I’s son. Lan Yuan.” Lan Zhan said.


“Nice to meet you, A-Ying.” Sizhui said with a smile. Wei Ying looked at him carefully before grinning back.


“Yuan-gege is pretty ! Like husband-gege.” Wei Ying said making both Lan’s blush.


“Thank you A-Ying. Now we have a rule here that there is no talking during meals. If A-Ying can do that then...Yuan-gege can show you something fun outside. How does that sound ?” Sizhui offered.


“Fun ? Like toys ?” Wei Ying asked.


“Even better.” Sizhui said.


“Can I guess ?” Wei Ying asked, looking excited.


“Eat first. Guess later.” Lan Zhan said and the boy pouted a bit but soon the food was being held at his mouth so his attention went to that. They ate quietly like usual. It was a it odd for Sizhui to see his father taking care of a child. He’d never see him do that with anyone besides himself but it brought a smile to his face. His dad was adorable but what would their guest think ? Finally the meal was done and the three stood up. Or well Lan Zhan stood up and Wei Ying clung you him.


“Outside ! Let’s go outside !” Wei Ying shouted.


“No yelling A-Ying.” Lan Zhan said but walked outside anyways. It was a nice day. The sky clear and the wind gentle. 


“Father we must take him to uncle first. This could be a potential problem if he’s harmed.” Sizhui said.


“Ah but didn’t A-Yuan make a promise to A-Ying ?” Lan Zhan said and his son flushed.


“Right.” So they went to the rabbits instead. Wei Ying was ecstatic and squealed as the bunnies hopped over him and on his lap. He picked one up carefully only to hug it tightly.


“They’re so cute !” Wei Ying said.


“A-Ying is cuter.” Sizhui said with a smile. But they had to cut the fun short because they really needed to inspect the problem with Wei Ying. So reluctantly he said goodbye to the bunnies and moved back into Lan Zhan’s arms. He laid his head on Lan Zhan’s shoulder, letting Sizhui play peek-a-boo with him as they walked making him giggle adorably. They entered the main building a bit late with everyone inside.


“A-Zhan ! Finally you’re here.” Xichen said. “Here with Sizhui and- a young master ?”


“Brother we have a problem.” Lan Zhan said. “Please excuse my lateness but something has happened to Wei Ying.”


“Please for the love of god don’t say that boy is Wei Ying.” Jiang Cheng said. Both Lan Zhan and Sizhui stayed silent. “Oh fuck.”


“Can I see him ?” Xichen asked. “Is he hurt ?”


“He does not seem to be in any pain uncle.” Sizhui said as his father walked towards him. Lan Zhan sat next to his brother with Wei Ying in his lap, shyly not trying to look at anyone as he clung to him.


“A-Ying please face forward.” Lan Zhan said gently prying the boy from his neck. Wei Ying wines but was no match against Lan Zhan’s strength and soon he was facing everyone in the room.


“Oh that’s him alright.” Jiang Cheng said. “He’s back in his original body.”


“How is that possible ?” Jin Ling finally spoke up.


“Perhaps a curse ? Or an array.” Nie Huaisang said.


“Wei Ying don’t be afraid, we just want to know what happened to you between last night and now. You were much bigger, yesterday.” Xichen said.


“Big A-Ying is not here ? Where is big A-Ying ? Why is little A-Ying here ?” Wei Ying asked and if they all didn’t coo they all had to hold it in. Wei Ying was freaking adorable okay ? And he was dressed like the perfect little Lan that it made Jiang Cheng grumble and Huaisang flap his fan open to hide his smile.


“Big A-Ying turned into you that’s why.” Lan Zhan said.


“Can A-Ying tell me how old he is ?” Xichen asked.


“Yup ! A-Ying is ...” the poor boy paused to look down at his tiny chubby fingers. “One.” He counted holding up one finger. “Two.” He said but held up three instead of two making Sizhui coo. “Three...four. A-Ying is four.” Wei Ying said holding up four fingers perfectly. At least he got that right.


“Wow A-Ying is almost a big boy.” Xichen said. “Does A-Ying know who the gege in the purple is ?” Xichen asked and Jiang Cheng stiffened.


“He wouldn’t, Zewu-Jun. This Wei Wuxian is much younger than the Wei Wuxian I met.” Jiang Cheng said.


“Who is purple-gege?” Wei Ying asked.


“Sect Leader Jiang is big A-Ying’s brother.” Lan Zhan said.


“Wow ! Does that mean he’s my brother too ?” Wei Ying asked.


“If he wants to be.” Lan Zhan said simply as the room went silent. Wei Ying stood up at that, his shyness gone as he climbed out of Lan Zhan’s lap and strolled over to where the Jiang’s were sitting. Jiang Cheng looked at him carefully as the tiny boy struggled to get up the platform and sighed before helping him up. Wei Ying smiled at him.


“Does purple-gege want to be my brother ?” Wei Ying asked. “I never had a brother. Or sister.”


“I’ll always be your brother.” Jiang Cheng said making Wei Ying beam.


“Yay ! Husband-gege did you hear that ? He said yes !” Wei Ying shouted and all eyes went to Lan Zhan.


“Husband-gege ?!” Jiang Cheng shouted as he moved Wei Ying protectively into his lap.


“Well he is my husband.” Lan Zhan said simply.


“Oh boy.” Jin Ling said before peaking over at his now tiny uncle. “I didn’t expect this when we got called here but this is much more interesting.”


“No this is a shit show.” Jiang Cheng said but let Wei Ying play with his lotus pendant.


“Indeed it is. We must begin to find out what happen to young master Wei.” Xichen said. “Sizhui, do you know where Wen Ning is ?”


“Ning-gege is still wandering. I haven’t heard from him since we parted but I could send a message to him.” Sizhui said.


“Please do so. While you do that, I will get some healers in here.” Xichen said.


“Doctors ? I don’t like doctors.” Wei Ying said. “Last time I went they made me drink something yucky.” Wei Ying said.


“Well you have to go because you’re not supposed to be this small.” Jiang Cheng said.


“No don’t wanna go.” Wei Ying whined and oh Jiang Cheng was getting war flashbacks of Jin Ling so many years ago.


“Hey it’s okay. They’re not going to make you drink anything yucky.” Jiang Cheng said.


“Promise ?” Wei Ying asked.


“Would your brother lie to you ?” Jiang Cheng said and Wei Ying shook his head. That poor innocent soul. 


“Well let’s hurry this up. The quicker the better.” Xichen said. “A-Ying do you mind coming back here ? It’s best you sit with Lan Zhan when the healers come.”


“I don’t think we should be letting the world know he’s transformed into a four year old. He still has enemies you know.” Jiang Cheng said.


“Yes. And an enemy could be the reason why he has regressed to a child. Fear not sect leader Jiang, we won’t harm a fellow Lan.” Xichen said and Jiang Cheng grumbled at that. He hated when they called Wei Ying a Lan. Wei Ying was a Jiang first and would always be one. But he couldn’t say anything as the boy skipped back to Lan Zhan’s lap. He began running this fingers through the second Lan’s long hair, casually catching his headband ribbon and inspecting it. Deeming it worthy, Wei Ying all but stuck it in his mouth. The Lan disciples and everyone who knew the meaning of the headband all choked and looked away. Even as a child, Wei Ying was shameless. Soon the healer came. Wei Ying immediately tried to run away from her, jumping out of Lan Zhan’s lap but he didn’t make it far as Sizhui had come back and scooped him up.


“Little baba is more troublesome than big baba I see.” Sizhui said.


“Yuan-gege I don’t want yucky stuff !” Wei Ying shouted.


“Who said anything about that ? Madam Lan is a good woman, please let her check you A-Ying. Then we can go see the bunnies again okay ?”


“Promise ?” Wei Ying asked.


“Of course.” Sizhui said and the boy settled down. The healers got to work quick, a bit nervous under all of Wei Ying’s families watchful eyes. They would hurt anyone who hurt Wei Ying and she moved with precision and care. But nothing off showed up. His core was perfect, his body temperature as well and not a bone nor tooth out of place - the ones that were grown that is. He was a perfectly healthy child. And she told everyone that.


“Then it’s not a curse.” Xichen said. Those usually have a bad pull on ones core. 


“An array it is. But what ? And how ?” Sizhui asked. They all looked at Wei Ying carefully before the boy suddenly frowned.


“Husband-gege ? Do you hear that ?” Wei Ying asked and the entire room went tense. All immediately bringing hands to their weapons.


“Hear what ?” Lan Zhan asked, he couldn’t hear anything.


“It sounds like music !” Wei Ying smiled. “Is there a party going on ? I want to go see ! Can we go see ?”


“A party ?” Lan Zhan looked up at his brother who also frowned. He too heard nothing. Most music was forbidden here.


“Yes I’ll show you, see.” And with that Wei Ying disappeared. His little body completely gone from Lan Zhan’s lap.


“What the fuck ?! Where did he go ?!” Jiang Cheng shouted as he stood up. Lan Zhan was frozen.


“It must be a curse. Or some sort of wicked spell. Children don’t disappear like that.” Huaisang said.


“Quickly inspect the area ! See if he popped up anywhere else ! Sizhui go see if you can find something odd inside the jingshi.” Xichen said and Sizhui nodded though he too seemed to be in shock. “Sect leader Jiang come with me, your ears are sharp, maybe you’d know if there was someone around playing mysterious music.” Xichen looked over at his brother. “A-Zhan ?”


“He-“ Lan Zhan hands trembled.


“It’s okay we will get him back.” Xichen said and Lan Zhan nodded numbly. “Besides how far could a child get ?”



Wei Ying smiled. All around him were talking animals and people in funny costumes. There was music playing and loud chatter and the smell of food. This was a festival and he wanted to share it with his husband-gege.


“See ?” Wei Ying said turning around only to realize he was alone. There was no white dressed men in sight. Wei Ying frowned, maybe he let his hand go by mistake. Wei Ying moved through the tall bodies and people to go find his husband-gege. If not husband-gege then maybe Yuan-gege or his actual gege.


“Hey watch it boy !” Someone shouted as Wei Ying bumped into them. “Do you want to become my next meal ?” It was a man with a cow head. Wei Ying glared up at him.


“Cows aren’t supposed to talk.” Wei Ying said.


“And why not ? I’ve talked ever since I was born you know ?” The man said.


“Cows say moo.” Wei Ying said. “You say moo.”


“Are you mocking me you brat ? That’s it. You’re dinner now.” The guy grabbed at Wei Ying like he was a sack of potatoes. Wei Ying yelped before kicking and squirming.


“Hey guys ! I brought us a little appetizer !” The cow headed man said as he walked to his shop. All around Wei Ying was different animal like creatures. They looked at him, some laughed and others faces filled with evil grins.


“No ! Let me go.” Wei Ying said biting at the guys arm making him drop him. He fell to the ground with a small thud.


“You little shit.” The guy hissed. He tried to lunge at Wei Ying but the boy back up quick.


“I said stop !” Wei Ying shouted and the cow head froze. Everyone looked surprise, a wave of whispers going around.


“Are you really stopping ? Just chop the brats head off and let me feast on his eyes !” Someone shouted.


“Yeah what are you stopping for !” Some else shouted.


“It’s not like I want to !” The cow head said. “But I can’t move.”


“Stop joking around. If you won’t do it. I will.” A pig head man stood up and Wei Ying frowned at him too.


“Piggy no touching !” Wei Ying said and the pig froze as well.


“What the fuck ?” Someone said.


“This brat has powers ? There’s no way.”


“Kill him !”


“Yeah kill him.” More creatures seemed to want to lunge at Wei Ying and the boy felt like he should run now. He told the bird to stop and the creature froze allowing Wei Ying to slip under its legs and back out onto the Main Street. That didn’t stop people from chasing him. Wei Ying didn’t like this and felt like he was going to cry, where was his husband-gege? Searching for him, Wei Ying caught the sight of white clothing and thought 'oh there he is'. Finally. Rushing towards the white quickly, Wei Ying latched himself on the person, hiding himself in their clothes.


“Oh ?” The person said.


“Hey comeback here you brat-“ someone tried to snatch him and Wei Ying buried himself in the mans clothes.


“Excuse me ? What do you think you’re doing aiming a hit at my husband ?” A deep voice made everyone in the vicinity pause.


“My lord ! I didn't mean to !” The creature shouted.


“Oh San Lang it’s okay.” The person Wei Ying was holding said. Wei Ying was then picked up and being held in the air. This wasn’t his husband-gege. “Just what kind of trouble are you running from little ghost ?” The person asked.


“Ghost ? A-Ying isn’t a ghost. A-Ying is a cal...calvtor.” Wei Ying said. The white clad man holding him looked really pretty and nice making Wei Ying settle down a bit.


“Human ?” The man said. “And a potential cultivator at that.”


“Gege put the thing down.” The other man, Wei Ying could see him now was tall and dressed in all the colors Wei Ying liked.


“Yes my lord, give us the brat to feast on.” This was a frog head talking now.


“Frogs don’t speak !” Wei Ying shouted. And suddenly the frog couldn’t speak. It’s like it’s mouth sealed shut and it began panicking as it realized that.


“Oh my.” The man holding Wei Ying said. “I see. I won’t be putting this one down.”


“Hmm.” The red clad man said as he leaned down to look at Wei Ying. “This boy is filled with dark energy. Dark cultivation.”


“Is he evil San Lang ?” The man asked.


“No gege. Not at all. I don’t...quite get it.” The red man said.


“Well all the more reason to take him with us. He’s not a ghost, he shouldn’t be here in Ghost City. You said your name was A-Ying ?” The man asked and Wei Ying nodded.


“I’m Xie Lian. Do you mind coming with me ?” Xie Lian asked. Wei Ying thought about it but the man seemed ten times better than anyone else here and shook his head. “Good boy. Come here, no one's going to eat you okay ?” Xie Lian said loud enough for everyone to hear him and groan.


“Where are we going ?” Wei Ying asked as Xie Lian settled him onto his hip.


“We can go to our house !” Xie Lian said. “It’s really pretty, my San Lang built it.”


“Is that gege San Lang ?” Wei Ying asked looking at the red clad man with one eye.


“Yup !” Xie Lian said with a smile. “Isn’t he handsome ?”


“Gege.” Hua Cheng flushed. They were out of ghost city by now, walking casually with A-Ying in his arms. The boy grew silent after getting both of their names and Xie Lian realized he must have been tried after doing all that running from the ghost. So Xie Lan carried him on his front and patted Wei Ying’s back in comforting thuds, sending the boy to sleep.


“Gege is so good with children.” Hua Cheng said. “Especially the demonic ones.”


“I guess I have a type.” Xie Lian said softly. They entered Tong’lu mountain where all the other gods where.


“Must I even know what that is in your arms your highness?” Feng Xin asked.


“It’s a baby Feng Xin, you’ve seen many before.” Xie Lian said.


“Yeah he has one of his own.” Someone commented making the martial god glare but couldn’t pinpoint who said that.


“That child... it’s soaked in evil essence.” Ling Wen said. “Don’t tell me...”


“You two had a baby ?!” Feng Xin shouted.


“Of course not. And please don’t shout he just fell asleep.” Xie Lian said. “This one here is not from this world I think.”


“Definitely not. He has this weird glowing thing in the middle of him but the rest of him is entirely black.” Hua Cheng said. 


“I will look into it your highness.” Ling Wen said. “In the mean time should I suggest a healer ?”


“That would be great.” Xie Lian said. “I will be in my temple.”


“Of course.” Ling Wen bowed.


“You’re just going to keep a brat that’s filled with evil essence ?” Feng Xin asked. “Why is that so like you ?”


“He’s not evil at all so why not ? Besides, all beings need help and if we can offer it, why not give it.” Xie Lian said.


“Let his highness do as he pleases. It was him who saved you useless gods anyways.” Hua Cheng said making Feng Xin glare but followed them no further.


Wei Ying was soon placed one Xie Lian’s bed. The tiny boy curled up on his stomach like a little cat or rabbit making Xie Lian smile before rubbing his hair.


“His clothing, it’s clearly of a certain sect but one I do not recognize.” Xie Lian said.


“We probably wouldn’t. I do not believe this child is from our universe.” Hua Cheng said stepping closer.


“He’s so tiny. Tinnier than you were San Lang. It’s so cute.” Xie Lian said.


“Does gege want a baby ? I would give you as many as you can bare.” Hua Cheng said making a flush flow heavy to Xie Lian’s cheeks.


“San Lang you shouldn’t speak like that around A-Ying.” Xie Lian said before there was a knock on his door.


“Your highness, the healers are here.” The voice called. It turns out Wei Ying was perfectly fine. Even the darkness of his soul and the brightness of his core gave off no warning signs to the heavenly healers. Confused but less worried, Xie Lian sent the healers away.


“We should get him back to his family. His parents must be worried.” Xie Lian said.


“Trust me when I say this gege, a boy like that has no parents. Not any more.” Hua Cheng said making Xie Lian frown.


“Husband...” Wei Ying mumbled in his sleep making both men pause.


“Husband ?” Xie Lian repeated with a blink. “No boy his age should be married already.”


“His age no. That was odd.” Hua Cheng said still watching the boy cautiously. Wei Ying woke up two hours later with a sob. Xie Lian who was in another room with Ling Wen heard it and immediately rushed to the child.


“Hey little one it’s okay. No need to cry you’re safe.” Xie Lian said.


“Want husband-gege and Yuan-gege.” Way Ying cried. He let Xie Lian pick him up and held the god close.


“If A-Ying can tell me where these two are or even look like, I can try to find them for you.” Xie Lian said.


“Really ?” Wei Ying asked after calming down some.


“Of course.” Xie Lian smiles gently. “Let’s start with your husband-gege. Do you remember his name ?”


“Lan Zhan !” Wei Ying said quickly.


“Why do you call him husband ?” Xie Lian asked.


“Husband-gege is big A-Ying’s husband.” Wei Ying’s said.


“Big A-Ying ?” Xie Lian questioned.


“Mn ! Big A-Ying. I’m little A-Ying.” Wei Ying said.


“Is big A-Ying and little A-Ying the same person ?” Xie Lian asked though he was already connecting dots.


“Think so.” Wei Ying said. “They said big A-Ying turned into me.”


“Ah little A-Ying must have wanted to come out to play.” Xie Lian said rubbing his cheek against Wei Ying’s making the boy giggle.


“Where is red gege?” Wei Ying asked.


“San Lang is around. Do you want to meet up with him and eat ? You’re probably hungry right now.” Xie Lian said.


“Food ?” Wei Ying questioned.


“I suggest we bring food to him instead.” Hua Cheng said coming out of no where making the other two turn towards him. Suddenly there was a tray of food on the table and Wei Ying gasped.


“Red gege is magic !” Wei Ying shouted.


“It’s not magic, little demon.” Hua Cheng said.


“Yes it is.” Wei Ying said simply and Hua Cheng hummed before stepping closer to him.


“Brats like you should feed yourself.” Hua Cheng said.


“Oh stop San Lang. He’s practically a baby. It’s okay if I feed him.” Xie Lian said sitting down.


“You’ll spoil him.” Hua Cheng said but bit back a smile as Xie Lian blew on the hot rice before offering it to the child. It was so domestic that it hurt.


“Can A-Ying talk and eat here ?” Wei Ying asked.


“Of course ? Can you not do that at home ?” Xie Lian asked.


“No. Husband-gege and Yuan-gege eat like this.” And Wei Ying sat up straight with a stoic face making Xie Lian laugh.


“Seems like A-Ying has a very prestigious family.” Xie Lian said.


“What’s pres...presteegee?” Wei Ying asked as he took another spoonful of food.


“Aw San Lang he’s so cute.” Xie Lian said. “If we cannot find a way to send him back I’m keeping him.”


“I expected no less from gege. You were always nurturing."Hua Cheng said making Xie Lian blush. After the meal, Xie Lian decided to take Wei Ying outside. To say the word that Xie Lian had a child spread quickly was an understatement. Xie Lian only got a few steps away from Xian Le temple, Wei Ying skipping gently ahead of him. He noticed the butterflies that clung to Xie Lian and touched one himself. But it wouldn’t let him grasp it so the boy was now chasing it. There he was ambushed.


“Your highness ! Is this the boy with the evil essence." It was Pei Ming. 


“Hello General Pei. This is A-Ying, please do not call him like that, he’s not evil at all.” Xie Lian said kindly.


“No he doesn’t seem so. But anyone who willingly touches a wrath butterfly and doesn’t get hurt is on my watch list.” Pei Ming said making Xie Lian laugh.


“He’s a child. A human one, he could do no harm.” Xie Lian said. They walked the streets quietly with Hua Cheng on his left and Pei Ming on his right with Wei Ying in front of them.


“Gege ! Pretty-gege do you have bunnies here ?” Wei Ying asked Xie Lian as he gave up on the butterflies for a moment.


“Pretty-gege?” Pei Ming repeated. “What about me ? Am I not handsome to you little guy ?”


“Hmm. Gege is handsome.” Wei Ying said making Pei Ming smirk. “But red-gege is more handsome.” The smirk was wiped off clean.


“This boy dare compares me to him.” Pei Ming grumbled.


“He has taste.” Hua Cheng said with a fake smile making Pei Ming glare.


“Ah no we don’t have bunnies here A-Ying. We don’t have any animals I’m sorry.” Xie Lian said.


“What are you talking about gege ? You’re surrounded by beast. Look here come two now.” Hua Cheng said and in the distance was Mu Qing and Feng Xin.


“Your highness !” They both greeted.


“Oh Feng Xin you’re back ! Did you wish to play with A-Ying ?” Xie Lian asked.


“Play with that brat ? Why would I.” Feng Xin scoffed.


“This is why no one likes you.” Mu Qing said and it was like hitting Feng Xin on the head because he immediately became irritated. But before things got out of hand, Wei Ying moved to the new comers. They were dressed in such pretty clothes, much different than his white robes with their hard silver plates and armor. 


“Up.” Wei Ying said to Mu Qing who looked down at him confused.


“He wants you to pick him up idiot.” Feng Xin said.


“Shut up I know that. Uh your highness is this okay ?” Mu Qing asked Xie Lian.


“Of course. You’ve picked up many children before haven’t you Mu Qing.” Xie Lian said. The silver haired male grumbled something before picking up Wei Ying. Wei Ying’s tiny hands began to roam his armor.


“Woah. It’s so pretty.” Wei Ying said. “I want to wear it like gege.”


“Maybe if you become a god one day you can.” Mu Qing said.


“A god ?” Wei Ying blinked. “Okay.”


“Oh if only it was that easy.” Xie Lian laughed.


“Gege your hair is pretty.” Wei Ying said to Mu Qing, clearly wanting to touch his long silver hair but didn’t want to cause any trouble.


“Thank you.” Mu Qing said stiffly making Feng Xin snort.


“Gege is pretty too ! Like pretty-gege there !” Wei Ying said pointing to Xie Lian.


“Gege is prettier.” Hua Cheng said making Mu Qing roll his eyes.


“You have no input you’re clearly bias.” Feng Xin said.


“Why ? Do you think General Xuan Zhen is prettier ?” Hua Cheng asked and all eyes went to Feng Xin. Said god was turning a bit red and Xie Lian had to hide his laughter behind his hand. Wei Ying, the one who caused all this chaos had took the distraction to grab Mu Qing’s hair gently in curiosity.  


“Don’t pull my hair.” Mu Qing said.


“Won’t.” Wei Ying said before hugging Mu Qing’s head. “You’re soft. Like a cat.”


“Your highness I no longer wish to hold this child.” Mu Qing said even though he could no longer see anymore.


“Ah A-Ying, time to let Mu Qing go. It’s not polite to hold people’s heads.” Xie Lian said walking over to detach the boy from Mu Qing.


“Why ? I didn’t hurt him did I ?” Wei Ying asked.


“No. But he needs to be able to see.” Xie Lian said, settling Wei Ying on his hip.


“Qing-gege I’m sorry.” Wei Ying said with a slight pout. It was so cute that Xie Lian couldn’t help but kiss Wei Ying’s plump little cheeks.


“It’s alright.” Mu Qing said reaching over to pat Wei Ying’s head. Wei Ying beamed up at him and Mu Qing couldn’t handle such brightness so he kindly looked away. They continued their walk, Wei Ying once again chasing butterflies as the adults talked.


“He’s not evil but where did he come from ?” Pei Ming asked.


“Ling Wen and I were looking in to it. He has no records in this world so clearly he is not from here. Even with the little bits of information he’s been giving me about his family and hometown they don’t show up.” Xie Lian said.


“Not from this world ? So there are other universes ?” Feng Xin asked.


“It would be ignorant to assume we are the only beings to walk the earth, heavens and hell.” Hua Cheng said.


“But how can a boy travel through like so ? He cannot he merely human.” Pei Ming said.


“Maybe. Or maybe this isn’t his doing.” Mu Qing said.


“Ah that is actually interesting that you say so.” Xie Lian said. “I think something has happened to A-Ying. Perhaps a curse ? He told me that before he was bigger- meaning older. Maybe someone had some sort of vengeance and cursed him to be a child.” 


“But that doesn’t explain how he ended up here.” Hua Cheng said.


“Did you ask him?” Pei Ming said and they all looked at him.


“What ?” Pei Ming said.


“He’s a toddler General Pei. Do you actually think he knows what happened ?” Mu Qing said and Pei Ming shrugged.


“Maybe.” He said.


“Ah ! No let go !” Wei Ying cried all the adults looked his way. 


“What the hell kind of monster is that ?” Feng Xin asked, bow and arrow already in his hands.


“And how did it get passed our wards ?” Pei Ming said, him too with his sword ready. The thing in question was some giant slimy creature. It had wrapped one of its long tentacles around Wei Ying’s leg and was lifting the boy up in the air. Wei Ying squirmed and cried, fear starting to get to him as he was lifted higher and higher into the air.


Pei Ming moved first, slicing the creatures tentacle that held the boy. It dropped him for a millisecond before it’s tentacle molded back together and caught Wei Ying again. Ah so this wasn’t going to be easy. 


“Gege ? Do you need assistance?” Hua Cheng asked.


“Maybe. I gave a plan but if it backfires, you’ll catch me right ?” Xie Lian said and Hua Cheng smiled.


“Always.” He said.


“Great. Ruoye !” Xie Lian shouted and the spiritual weapon shot out to wrap around Wei Ying. As it did so, the other end flung Xie Lian up into the air. He didn’t have a sword anymore but that doesn’t mean he couldn’t fight. Xie Lian was a martial god after all. His spiritual energy was always overwhelming once unsealed and he shot it out at the slimy beast, allowing it to pierce through the tentacle holding Wei Ying. Before it could reattach, Xie Lian kicked the broken part away, simultaneously sending Wei Ying to the ground. The poor boy cries all the way down but Hua Cheng casually moves to catch him. Using his own powers, the beasts arms melted at Hua Cheng’s touch and soon Wei Ying was clinging to him, sobbing.


“There there little demon.” Hua Cheng said, patting Wei Ying’s back soothingly. “Gege saved you, what’s there to be scared of. Let’s both watch him destroy the beast.” Hua Cheng’s voice was calming enough to settle Wei Ying down. He laid his head on Hua Cheng’s chest but turned his head to the side to catch sight of Xie Lian running up the beasts body. The prince had seen a weakness in the creature and Mu Qing followed him closely to aim a killing strike. It didn’t take long for the four gods to reduce the thing to a giant melting glob making three of them look down at their feet disgusted.


“This better come out.” Mu Qing said.


“Well now I’m going to go yell at someone for not securing the wards right.” Pei Ming said. “Have fun with your demon spawn.”


“He’s not-“ Xie Lian started to say but sighed as the general walked away. Turning back to his two childhood friends he gave them each a smile. “Thank you for your help. Who knew a child could be this troublesome ?”


“Must you really say that when that giant child behind you caused us so many problems ?” Mu Qing gritted out.


“Don’t thank us your highness. Maybe you shouldn’t take that kid out of your sight for long. Like you, he attracts trouble.” Feng Xin said before walking away. Mu Qing huffed before doing the same.


“Well that was eventful.” Xie Lian said as he walked back over to his lover. “How are you doing A-Ying ? That was scary huh?” Xie Lian asked and Wei Ying sniffed and nodded. “How about we go take a nice warm bath ? That always makes me feel better.”


“With bubbles ?” Wei Ying asked.


“Of course.” Xie Lian said. Which is how they ended up at his tub. Wei Ying was playing with a little wooden toy while Xie Lian was gently rubbing the grime out of his hair.


“Pretty-gege why do they call you highness ?” Wei Ying asked.


“It’s because I used to be a prince.” Xie Lian said softly.


“Woah. Is pretty-gege still a prince ? Is this your palace ?” Wei Ying asked.


“Hmm no. Now I’m just an average god.” Xie Lian said.


“Humble words don’t suit you gege. You’re a crown prince and one of the strongest gods there is.” Hua Cheng said leaning against the wall.


“Is red-gege a prince too ?” Wei Ying asked.


“No. I’m a king.” Hua Cheng said and Wei Ying’s eyes lit up. He had never met royalty before, only hearing about such things in stories from...from someone. Hmmm who would tell Wei Ying stories again ? The thought brought a pout to his face before a yawn broke it.


“Seems like our little one is tired. Let’s get ready for bed yes ?” Xie Lian said and Wei Ying nodded. He was bundled up in clean robes as Xie Lian dried him off. This is where Xie Lian realized he didn’t have any clean clothing for the boy and turned to Hua Cheng.


“Could you help me out here San Lang ? We can’t have him walking around exposed.” Xie Lian said and Hua Cheng hummed before Wei Ying was dressed in a pair of black robes. “Thank you.” Xie Lian said. “Now it’s bed time for A-Ying.”


“Can red-gege tell me a story ?” Wei Ying asked.


“Oh yes ! San Lang is quite good at those.” Xie Lian said. “Come on.” Xie Lian said to the ghost king and patted the bed. “Lay with us.”


“I’m going to die. No I’m going to become alive again, then die. Do not say those words so loosely to me gege.” Hua Cheng said but laid down. He didn’t expect Wei Ying to climb on top of him and lay down with a sigh. Rolling his one eye, Hua Cheng watched Xie Lian laugh quietly before moving over and patting Wei Ying’s back as he laid his head on Hua Cheng’s shoulder. Clearing his throat, Hua Cheng began to tell a simple tell of a prince and his two soldiers.



The next morning Hua Cheng was awake first. Not that he needed to sleep but closing his eyes for hours to let time past so he could dream about his gege was enough for him. Now he was awake to see Xie Lian laying half on his chest with an arm wrapped around Wei Ying who was laying on the other half of his chest. It was too cute and he doctumented this moment into his memories forever. Would paint about it later. For now, he moved his arm to card his fingers through Xie Lian’s loose hair. He didn’t intend to wake the older so he stopped there and looked over at Wei Ying. The brat was lucky he was somewhat adorable with his squished up chubby cheek and messy hair. He breathed deep and slow and his tiny heartbeat pattering against Hua Cheng’s in tiny thuds. This boy was odd as he was interesting.


Looking with his all seeing eye, Hua Cheng scanned the boys core. Cultivators all had powers and strength based around their cores. Wei Ying’s was as good as one could get but why was he so filled with pain and hurt ? There was something off about it that didn’t sit with right with Hua Cheng so an idea came to his head. It was still quite early and his gege needed lots of rest, so he detached himself from his lover and stood up, Wei Ying still in his hold.


Walking around the palace, no one ever really came to bother Xie Lian since Hua Cheng was always around. He was building them a home on earth and soon they would no longer have to be surrounded by such stuck up idiots. Carrying the boy, Hua Cheng decided to separate the darkness from his golden center. It was pretty easy, a quick moment of putting a barrier around the center of the child and fulxuating the evil essence where it wouldn’t effect anything. Now if the boy wished to use light or dark cultivation, he could. Wei Ying only stirred at the movement, whining in his sleep making Hua Cheng pat his back comfortingly.


Footsteps were being heard and in the distance from the window, Hua Cheng could see a bunch of gods moving towards their usual meeting room. His butterflies picked up on the sounds, they were discussing the monster from yesterday and how to strengthen themselves back up after having fallen so strongly. Boring things but balance was needed in both the heavens and hell. Maybe he should wake up Xie Lian. Though it didn’t seem like they needed him there.


Wei Ying stirred in his hold and he blinked his silver eyes open confused. He noticed the red shirt holding him before settling back down.


“Good morning gege.” Wei Ying said.


“Good morning little demon.”  Hua Cheng said.


“What’s all those people doing ?” Wei Ying asked.


“Nothing fun.” Hua Cheng said. “Should we wake up gege to go eat ?”


“Mn.” Wei Ying said. Hours later Xie Lian felt Wei Ying would grow bored so he decided to take him to see Guzi. It was a bit awkward to be around Lang  Qianqiu but the boy was getting better. So Wei Ying was now freshly dressed in a red tunic with black pants much to Xie Lian’s delight because he looked like a tiny Hua Cheng. The boy insisted on keeping the white ribbon with him at all times so they tied it around his wrist under his shirt to not get dirty.


“Scrap-gege!” Guzi shouted happily when he saw him. The boy was playing in the flowers, his fathers ghost head sitting a few feet beside him. “Huh ? You have a son now ?” Guzi asked as he spotted Wei Ying.


“No no, this is A-Ying. We found him. Or well he found us. Say hi to your didi.” Xie Lian said to Guzi.


“Hi didi. I’m Guzi.” Guzi said shyly.


“A-Ying go play with him. He can show you all the pretty flowers around here.” Xie Lian said letting them boy down. Wei Ying smiled at Guzi, accepting one of the flowers from his hand before scampering off with him. Wei Ying listened to the older child talk as he picked blue and purple flowers with ease before pausing.


“Guzi-ge what’s that ?” A-Ying asked pointing to the jar.


“That’s my dad !” Guzi said. “We can’t hear him talk anymore but he likes it when I put flowers on him to look pretty.”


“Can I help ?” Wei Ying asked. He’d never seen a father in a jar before. He couldn’t even remember his own father.


“Of course ! Dad likes green but there aren’t any green flowers.” Guzi pouted before letting it fade. “So I just give him blue ones and yellow ones.”


“Blue ?” Wei Ying said holding up a dark blue flower.


“Yes ! Didi is smart.” Guzi said making Wei Ying laugh. He went off to pick more flowers when he bumped into a pair of legs. Flopping back on his butt Wei Ying looked up to see another god in amour but this time the shining plates were gold.


“Your highness.” Xie Lian bowed.


“Master - Ah I mean your highness.” Qianqiu said before looking down at Wei Ying. “This is the boy everyone was talking about earlier hmm ?”


“Earlier ? Did you have a meeting in the great hall ?” Xie Lian asked confused.


“Nothing important. Just gossip about your new ward.” Qianqiu said bending down to pull Wei Ying up on his feet.


“Thank you.” Wei Ying said. “I like your clothes. Like Qing-gege clothes.”


“Qing-ge?” Qianqiu blinked.


“He met Mu Qing yesterday and took a liking to him.” Xie Lian explained.


“What odd taste. Though I guess he isn’t ugly.” Qianqiu said.


“Qing-ge is fourth prettiest! Third is pretty-gege.” Wei Ying said.


“And who is first and second ?” Qianqiu asked.


“Husband-gege is first ! Yuan-gege is second.” Wei  Ying smiled.


“And they are ?” The martial god asked.


“Husband-gege is A-Ying’s husband. Yuan-gege is A-Ying’s son.” Wei Ying recited perfectly.


“A son ?” Hua Cheng raised an eyebrow.


“You’re how old to be already married with kids ?” Qianqiu  asked.


“A-Ying is four !” Wei Ying said.


“Great.” Qianqiu  looked like he heard enough. “Guzi did you finish yet ? Today you have to stay with Ling Wen.”


“Almost !” The boy said. “I was playing with didi.” Guzi said.


“Speaking of didi’s.” Hua Cheng said and they all looked to see a figure running towards them.


“ Your highness ! Your highness !” Both princes looked over to see Quan Yizhen running over. “I heard you have a kid now !” 


“Hello your highness Yizhen. I don’t know why the rumors spread so quick but A-Ying isn’t mine to keep. I must bring him back to his family.” Xie Lian said to the young prince.


“Pretty-gege is he a prince too ?” Wei Ying asked.


“Yes. So is Qianqiu” Xie Lian said picking Wei Ying up.


“Can I hold him ? He’s so tiny.” Yizhen asked.


“Sure. Just don’t drop him.” Xie Lian said, this boy was to unpredictable. He handed Wei Ying over whose face was immediately squished by Yizhen’s hands.


“You’re so cute.” Yizhen said. “Do you want to learn how to fight ?”


“No !” Everyone shouted.


“Fight ? With swords ?” Wei Ying asked.


“Whatever you like. Fist too.” Yizhen said ignoring the other gods and ghost king.


“Yes sounds fun ! A-Ying wants to learn.” Wei Ying clapped.


“Then you shall be my apprentice.” Yizhen said nodding slowly.


“Uh, your highness I don’t think that’s necessary. He’s just a child.” Xie Lian said.


“He’s your child though, so he has to grow up strong. I know you have amazing power and he feels like he does too.” Yizhen said.


“That might be so but I think fighting is too much. Maybe you can use other training methods.” Xie Lian said.


“Oh I do.” Yizhen said before moving to sit on the clouds. The bed of clouds were thick and solid like land and he sat cross leg. “First we sit like this.” Wei Ying move to copy the position. Crossing his tiny legs and folding his hands into his lap. “And then we-“


“Um prince-gege ?” Wei Ying said.


“Yes ?” Yizhen said.


“A-Ying is falling.” Wei Ying said making everyone move in alarm. The boy fell through the clouds like air and they all tried to grab him but weren’t quick enough.


“Ruoye grab onto A-Ying. He won’t survive such a fall.” Xie Lian said and the rope shot out to do just that. Except there was nothing to hold on to, no tumbling body to catch, no drift in the wind.


“Gege I think- he just traveled again.” Hua Cheng said as they all peaked through the clouds.


“Oh no. Who knows where he could have landed. We must find him.” Xie Lian said.


“A journey ? I’m in.” Yizhen said.


“Me too.” Qianqiu said. Xie Lian could only sigh, well things were getting a bit dull around here.



Luo Binghe did not have a good day yesterday but he sure woke up eager to change that today. Yesterday his precious shizun had kicked him out and forbidden him to step into his quarters for the remainder of the night. But it was no longer night and Binghe had a new wave of energy and a good apology for the older god. So here he was practically skipping to Qingqiu’s bedroom quarters. He knocked on the door once before opening it.


“Shizun ! This one has come with an apology.” Binghe said but he got no response. Looking around, he noticed the small bundle in the middle of Qingqiu’s bed. Was the older hiding something there ? Was it a gift ? Curiously and with in humans silence, Binghe walked over to the bed. He grabbed he sheets and lifted them up in one single thrust revealing... a boy ? Binghe immediately put he sheets down. What was this ? Did his shizun hide away a...a son ? Was this their child ? No wonder he told Binghe to leave last night.


Pulling the sheets back up, Binghe grabbed the boy and cuddled him close. He had to be around seven or eight years old, a small body with long hair and rosy cheeks. He looked so adorable making Binghe smile. He would show shizun that he found their child and that there was nothing to be afraid of. Binghe would not throw their child away. Getting up, Binghe walked to where Qingqiu usually was if he wasn’t in his quarters. People all around him began to whisper at their head disciple holding a child with a determined look.


“Shizun !” Binghe shouted as he burst through the doors. “It is okay ! I have found our son !”


Everyone in the room seemed to pause. Qingqiu who was in the middle of accepting another stack of paperwork all but froze. Their child ? Had this idiot gone crazy ?


“Binghe what are you talking about ?” Qingqiu asked.


“This.” Binghe said holding the boy out like he was a dog by his underarms. How the boy was still asleep was beyond him. “He was sleeping peacefully in your bed.”


“You...what ?” Qingqiu collected himself as he burst out his fan. Carefully he walked over to the child Binghe was holding. He sure as hell didn’t have a son, and definitely doesn’t remember Binghe having any either so what was this idiot talking about. Also the wards didn’t signal a new presence so how did this boy slip through ? The boy kind of looked like Binghe, with long messy dark brown locks and there was something about his aura that didn’t necessarily scream ‘good’. But not evil either. “Everyone please leave us for a moment.”


“Yes my lord.” Those around him emptied the study leaving Binghe and Qingqiu with the boy.


“He’s so cute shizun. I knew you could only produce the fairest of children.” Binghe said with a smile. Qingqiu could hit this idiot lover of his with his fan but decided against it.


“We are going to have to revisit the teachings of procreation Binghe. For I could not have a child of this age...over night.” Qingqiu said. “And for the mere fact that I’m a man.”


“You’re a god shizun. Gender has no boundaries to the immortal. Maybe it was our fate.” Binghe said while Qingqiu felt like he was getting a headache. Blowing some air to his face, Qingqiu looked back at the boy. 


“Is this a demon child ?” Qingqiu asked. Binghe leaned in and sniffed the boy. He didn’t...smell not human. But there was something about him that was off. “Is he yours ?”


“I would never disrespect shizun like that.” Binghe said. “He is ours.”


“I-“ once again Qingqiu was at lost for words. Thankfully he didn’t have to say anything as the begun to stir. He blinked his eyes open to reveal a pair of pretty silver orbs.


“Hmm ?” The boy lifted his head slowly, still dangling in the air. “What -“


“Good morning son !” Binghe said. “It’s me, your father.”


“Father ?” The kid blinked.


“Forgive this insolent parent, but please remind me of your name.” Binghe said.


“Wei Ying.” The boy- Wei Ying said. He still looked a bit confused as his eyes met Qingqiu’s. “Where is this ?”


“Your home ! You can finally spent time with your fathers. Hmm you can call us both dad.” Binghe said.


“Wouldn’t that be confusing ?” Wei Ying asked.


“You’re right. Call me dad and shizun father since he’s very sophisticated.” Binghe said causing Qingqiu to sigh. Wei Ying seemed to like that though as he giggled and kicked his feet out.


“Dad I’m hungry.” Wei Ying said. “It feels like I’ve...fallen millions of miles from the sky.” As he finished his sentence, Wei Ying gasped. “Where’s pretty-gege ?”


“Who ?” Qingqiu asked.


“He’s a god. A prince too. Him and red-gege. They took me up there.” Wei Ying said pointing to the sky.


“Someone took you to the heavens ? Interesting.” Qingqiu said. This boy was doing the impossible.


“The heavens aren’t as fun as hell. We should take you there son.” Binghe said.


“Okay.” Wei Ying said simply.


“We are not taking our son to the demon realm.” Qingqiu said sternly making Binghe pout. Wei Ying’s stomach growling broke their almost argument making Qingqiu flutter his fam again. “Well it is breakfast time, let us all eat.”


The whispers were so loud at this point people might as well have been shouting. They were all staring at Wei Ying, wondering where the boy appeared from and how he managed to sneak his way into not only Binghe’s heart but their strict peak lords heart as well. The only reason they could all come up with, and with how loud Binghe was being, was that this was their child. But when did their shizun have enough time to cultivate and raise a child ? Why did he come back today ?


“A-Ying slow down, the food isn’t going anywhere.” Qingqiu said as the boy stuffed the noodles into his mouth.


“I feel like I’m starving. When was the last time you two fed me ?” Wei Ying asked accusingly.


“You just said you were in the heavens. Did those officials not feed my son ? I should strike everyone down from their high horses.” Binghe said, silver eyes blazing red.


“Binghe calm down. We should...ask our son more questions of his journey don't you think ?” Qingqiu suggested and Binghe nodded. “A-Ying, do you remember the names of the two who took you there ?”


“Hmmm pretty-gege was pretty gege. And red-gege called him gege too. But pretty-gege called red-gege San Lang.” Wei Ying said. Qingqiu quickly asked the system of those names but nothing  came up. “It seems like a distant memory now. Like I was younger.” Wei Ying said thoughtfully for a moment before shrugging and continuing his meal. Well that gave them nothing.


Soon they were done eating and Wei Ying was eager to get up and stretch his legs. He almost ran around the room, looking at everything in awe, opening cases and boxes. Holding up books and small scrolls. There was so much in the study to see. Qingqiu watched him almost proud. This boy must be a scholar in the making of knowledge interested him.


“Dad, can I see your sword ?” Wei Ying asked after he had seen enough text.


“Sure.” Binghe said going for his normal sword.


“No not that one. The red one.” Wei Ying said.


“Ah.” Binghe said. “It should be fine since you’re of demon descent.” 


“Wait.-“ Qingqiu said trying to stop this but it was too late. The large swore touched Wei Ying and Qingqiu was ready for something bad to happen when nothing did. This brat definitely wasn’t normal.


“It’s heavy.”  Wei Ying said.


“You are too young to wield a true sword for your cultivation is too low. When you get older and have your own sword it will be light.” Binghe said taking the sword back.


“Then can I start practicing now ?” Wei Ying asked. “I’m already eight.”


“Of course !” Binghe said delighted. “If shizun is free, would he grace us with his presence to teach our son ? You are the best master I know.” Binghe said and Qingqiu felt his cheeks heat up. He glanced at Wei Ying who was giving him the pleading puppy dog look and sighed again.


“How could I say no.” Qingqiu said. Wei Ying let out a yes and ran to hug Qingqiu. A bit awkward, Qingqiu went to rub the boys head when he notice something white on his wrist every time his sleeves moved up. “What is this ?” Qingqiu went to reach for it but Wei Ying immediately snatched his arm back.


“Father cannot touch ! This is from husband-gege.” Wei Ying shouted with a slight flush to his cheeks.


“Our son is already betrothed ?! Who would dare ?!” Binghe said. “Who is this husband-gege and how dare he ask for your hand.”


 “Husband-gege” Wei Ying could feel the warmth of the person he was talking about. Could smell their scent and hear their voice but he couldn’t see them. “I can’t remember.” Wei Ying looked utterly heart broken about that. Fearing he would cry, Qingqiu pulled the boy into his arms again.


“It’s okay. You just went through a lot so it’s okay if you forgot. With time he will come back to you.” Qingqiu said.


“Are you sure ?” Wei Ying asked.


“Of course A-Ying. Love is like a boomerang, you might can let it go, but it will always come back.”



Wei Ying was a delight to say none the less. The feeling Qingqiu got from him was completely different when Binghe was young. The boy was equally as energetic and equally troublemaking. He didn’t know how to sit still, his mind curious like most children his age and he was in a new environment with new people and new things. It was great for him. It seemed to be great for Binghe too as the demon prince loved everything that made Wei Ying happy. He almost cried when Wei Ying kissed the demon mark on his forehead saying it was his favorite color so it was the most beautiful thing about his dad. What a charmer.


But Wei Ying had only been in here for two days and the entire sect was under his little thumbs. He seemed forever happy and held a sense of innocence that most of them forgot had existed in the world. But no matter how much happiness Wei Ying has in the day, when night came, the boy cling to Qingqiu or Binghe like his life depended on it. He didn’t like sleeping alone, would whine or tear up immediately making Qingqiu sigh. He didn’t even like to nap alone. Like right now, Qingqiu was filling out paperwork, reading over the new issues during this month with Wei Ying sleeping on his lap. He had fallen asleep shortly after Binghe had left leaving the two of them alone in silence. That too didn’t last long.


“Cucumber bro, I’m surprised you’ve gotten a child and didn’t even tell me.” The teasing lit of Qinghua made Qingqiu put down his book with an eye roll.


“If I wanted to tell you, you would know.” Qingqiu said.


“Too bad the entirety of the heavens know. They’re saying you’re trying to increase the heavenly demon population.” Qinghua said.


“You wish.” Qingqiu scoffed. “This boy is not my nor Binghe’s blood.”


“So I can tell. He looks...interesting. Cute though.” Qinghua said stepping closer. “Though his aura.”


“I know. But he isn’t the slightest bit bad. So far he’s been the happiest child I’ve ever seen. But I’m starting to believe he’s not from this world. I asked the system multiple times about him but it keeps telling me I cannot access this information.” Qingqiu sighed, hand running through Wei Ying’s hair.


“Maybe the system doesn’t know yet either. This isn’t anything that I’ve wrote or read before. Not an ounce of him is from this world.” Qinghua said.


“Great. More trials.” Qingqiu said. “Just when things were settling down.”


“Oh but there’s the fun in that ?” Qinghua laughed. “Where is your husband ?”


“He should be back later on. It’s just us two now.” Qingqiu said.


“Domestic life doesn’t suit you.” Qinghua said.


“No one asked for your opinion.” Qingqiu said making the other smirk. 


“Huh I’m surprised, did none of the heavenly demons stop by yet ?” Qinghua asked.


“Why would they ?” Qingqiu asked.


“Why wouldn’t they ? If this boy is Binghe’s son, then he is their prince is he not ? Surly they would want to see him soon.” Qinghua said.


[New Mission Notice. Do you wish to accept ?]


“Great I think you just jinxed something.” Qingqiu said as the system popped up in front of them both.


“I make your life interesting.” Qinghua said. “But accept.”


“I was going to.” Qingqiu said clicking accepted.


[Mission unlocked. Protect Wei Ying].


“Huh ?” They both blinked. They didn’t sense any immediate danger.


“Protect him from what ?” Qinghua said.


“Maybe we will know soon.” Qingqiu said.


And maybe he also jinxed himself. Qinghua had left hours ago and Binghe was back with a grin, happily kissing Wei Ying’s head before pressing one to Qingqiu’s mouth.


“Shizun, please let this one speak his mind.” Binghe said.


“Speak.” Qingqiu said as he put more vegetables in Wei Ying’s bowl.


“It’s just, I’ve never been happier coming home to you and our son. It’s just nice to be...a father. To have someone who looks up to you.” Binghe said, slightly flush on his cheeks. Qingqiu looked at him for a moment before smiling.


“I get it. Long ago you were like this too. It does feel good.” Qingqiu agreed causing Binghe to grin back. But their grins didn’t last long as a portal opened up right in front of them and stepped out was Tianlang-Jun and Zhuzhi Lang. Qingqiu and Binghe immediately reached for their swords while Wei Ying looked forward with wide eyes.


“What are you doing here ?” Binghe asked.


“So it’s true. You do have a son.” Tianlang-Jun said. 


“What business is it to you.” Binghe bit out.


“I’ve come to see my grandson, simply.” Tianlang-Jun said as his eyes shifted over to Wei Ying.


“If that was so then why did you bring him.” Binghe said towards Zhuzhi. The snake demon said nothing.


“A-Zhu is your cousin, he also wishes to see a new family member.” Tianlang-Jun said. “It’s been so long since I’ve seen you son, you are looking well.” Binghe looked annoyed.


“Dad, is this your father ? Does this mean that’s my grandfather ? Can I say hi ?” Wei Ying asked.


“No.” Both Binghe and Qingqiu said making Wei Ying frown.


“Why not ? I’ve never had a grandfather before.” Wei Ying said lowly. “And that green-gege has a snake around him ! Can I see it ?”


“A-Ying finish your meal in silence. Those two are not to be trusted.” Qingqiu said making Wei Ying pout. He glanced back over at Zhuzhi whose snake hissed out at him making Wei Ying blink in curiosity.


“Don’t be cruel. I know I haven’t been the greatest father but I do not have any ill intentions towards any of you. We are all family and this lord will protect his family. Just let me say hello.” Tianlang-Jun said and Binghe was about to shout again when Qingqiu held up a hand.


“You only wish to say hello, then if I allow that will you leave ?” Qingqiu asked.


“For now.” Tianlang-Jun said. “I would like to see him more of course.” His words seemed genuine and Qingqiu fluttered his fan open to cover up to his nose. He shook it once, twice before closing it again.


“Fine. A-Ying, greet your grandfather and cousin.” Qingqiu said and the boy was quick to move. He got up and stood a few feet away from the tall men.


“Hello grandfather, hello cousin. It’s nice to meet you two.” Wei Ying said with a bow. Tianlang-Jun bent down on one knee and ruffled the child’s hair. Behind him Binghe tensed up at the movement while Qingqiu had a careful eye on the three in front of him.


“Hello A-Ying.” Tianlang-Jun said with a smile. “Yes I see demon energy all around you, you will be a strong prince in the making.” 


“Prince ? Me ?” Wei Ying blinked.


“Of course. The demon realm is looking forward to your visit.” Tianlang-Jun said. “A-Zhu say hello.”


“Hello cousin.” Zhuzhi said.


“Gege can I pet your snake ? I’ve never seen one so green.” Wei Ying asked. Zhuzhi nodded, letting the snake slide down from his arm into Wei Ying’s. It sniffed the boy for moment before settling around his shoulders for warmth. Wei Ying giggled at the heavy weight before turning back to his fathers.


“Father look ! I think it likes me.” Wei Ying said.


“Mn.” Was all Qingqiu said but was internally yelling at the boy to hurry up and put that evil beast back. Maybe Wei Ying had heard him mentally as he gave the snake back to Zhuzhi. But as he did so, the ground shook and the boy stumbled into his grandfathers hold.


“An attack.” Tianlang-Jun said.


“Master ! Master there is something forcing its way into our barriers.” Someone shouted from outside. Qingqiu was quick to get up, Binghe following. All four adults rushed outside, Wei Ying somehow being carried in Tianlang-Jun’s arms as he looked around. It was dark but there were many cultivators rushing around towards whatever was trying to get in. Wei Ying saw it in the distance. It was huge and black. One would have missed it if the sky wasn’t so clear and it’s bright red eyes didn’t pierce down on them. The thing looked to be made of smoke and Wei Ying couldn’t look away from it.


“This is your doing ?” Binghe asked his father who looked at him confused.


“I’ve never seen such beast. This is not my doing son. Why would I bring that here ? Can you not see it’s attacking us all ?” And Tianlang-Jun was right. It was breaking down everything in its path, anything that seemed to touch the beast was disintegrated into dust.


“Binghe, we have no time for trivial arguments.” Qingqiu said. “That is our common enemy.”


“I can’t just leave our son with him shizun ! Who knows what he might do.” Binghe said. 


“It’s fine. Leave The beast to us.” Everyone looked over to see Qinghua and not surpisingly Mo Beijun.


“You- why are you here ?” Qingqiu asked.


“Others are here too.” Qinghua said and in the distance the other sect leaders and gods were flying around.


“We can help you.” Qingqiu said and Qinghua pulled him close.


“But that’s not your mission is it ?” Qinghua said making Qingqiu falter.


“Then be careful.” Qingqiu said and Qinghua nodded. Looking back at Wei Ying, the boy seemed to be entrapped by the beast, wide silver eyes barely blinking as he took in the sight.


“A-Ying.” Qingqiu called, gaining the boys attention. “Come here. Your grandfather should go help the others.”


“Father will stay here ?” Wei Ying asked as he was placed down and quickly moved to Qingqiu’s side. He grabbed Qingqiu’s sleeve tightly and tried to look at the beast again but Binghe blocked his sight.


“I will go fight too. What kind of disciple would I be if not to protect his master ? Shizun, A-Ying, please stay here.” Binghe said.


“Don’t touch it. Keep at long distances, it’s touch is deadly.” Qingqiu said and Binghe nodded.


“Yes shizun.” He said and with bow he followed his father into the distance.


“Father, the beast won’t harm dad right ?” Wei Ying asked.


“Your dad is stronger than you think. Demons don’t die easily.” Qingqiu said reassuringly. He moved quickly as the beast let out a strong blast and the wave send a strong burst of air towards them. He blocked Wei Ying from it with a frown.


“Master please get back inside. The blast could hurt the young master.” A disciple said to Qingqiu. It couldn’t hurt him much seeing as he was immortal and all but Wei Ying was a child. He shouldn’t be out with things like this running around. Qingqiu was just about to take Wei Ying hand when another blast shot out towards them. Except this blast was must stronger. It blew Qingqiu a few feet away from Wei Ying. And then Qingqiu saw it. The beast was here now, it’s shifting body looked to be smelling for something. It didn’t seem bothered at the hits the gods and demons were aiming at him, only swiping them away like gnats.


“A-Ying !” Qingqiu shouted as the boy also seemed to be blown back. The eight year old scrambled to his feet as he heard his fathers shout. The ground shook again and Qingqiu watched in horror as the beast spotted Wei Ying. It reached for the boy quicker than its original movements and that was all Qingqiu needed to see before he was moving at god like sped. His sword blocked the beasts touch from the child but the impact was too strong forcing them back into the ground. The beast roared at the fact that it had been blocked at went to grab Wei Ying again.


“Shizun !” Binghe shouted.


“I’m fine ! It’s after A-Ying !” Qingqiu shouted.


“Protect the prince !” One of the demons yelled and everyone moved. But it seemed no one was quick enough as the beast grabbed Wei Ying. Wei Ying helped and squirmed trying to get out of its hold.


“Father !” He shouted.


“A-Ying !” Qingqiu sent a hard slash at the beast, using his spiritual energy to chop off its arm and making it let Wei Ying go.  Wei Ying would have falling to the ground but Binghe caught him just in time by the back of his robes. But to all of their horror the young child was  disintegrating .


“Dad ! Dad I’m disappearing.” Wei Ying said in panic as his hands flew in the wind.


“No no it’s okay son. You aren’t disappearing.” Binghe said. “Shizun I don’t know how to stop this.”


“Binghe.” Qingqiu rushes over and took in both his husband’s teary eyes and the child’s.


“The beast is still alive !” 


“But the prince is dying ! We shall avenge him !”


All around then was chaos and Qingqiu was shouting at the system. What can I do he thought ? 


[Save Wei Ying]


How ?! Qingqiu shouted.


[Save Wei Ying]


Ah this useless piece of shit. Qingqiu cured as he fell to his knees.


“It’s okay A-Ying. Close your eyes.” Qingqiu said, the boy was half his body now. “When you open them you’ll be alright. Everything will be fine.”


“Father ?” Was all Wei Ying could get out before he was gone. Binghe shook as he watched his son slip through his fingers. Qingqiu quickly wiped away his tears.


“Don’t cry.” Qingqiu said. “Mourn later, avenge first.” 




“Do as I say.”


“Yes shizun.” Binghe said standing up.


[Mission Incomplete- Find Wei Ying]


How am I going to find him ? He just died ?


[Do you wish to accept ?]


Qingqiu looked at the floating boxes in anger. Can’t the system stop messing with him at a time like this ? Wei Ying is dead.


“Cucumber bro !” Qinghua hissed. “Look !” Qingqiu looked at what his old friend was pointing to and gasped. Oh. Oh ?


“Accept !” Qingqiu all but shouted. He was growing used to this sudden family of his, no way he would give it up now.



“Ah !.” Wei Ying gasped as he woke up. He felt like someone just twisted his insides up and spat him back up in perfect shape. He looked around confused in a white room. Sitting up, he closed his eyes to collect himself, trying to steady his head before he paused. This was Cloud Recesses ? Did he fall asleep in the library again ? Jiang Cheng was going to kill him. Getting to his feet, Wei Ying dusted off his white robes, fixing his hair as best as he could before leaving the library. He stepped outside to an empty space. Odd, usually the disciples of GusuLan were out during this time. Shrugging, Wei Ying walked around for a bit. It only grew odd when the place felt dead. Where was everyone. Did they have a meeting and he was the only one late ? That had to be it right ?


Rushing but not running, he knew the rules okay ? Wei Ying rushed to the main hall. There was low voices from inside but no one guarding the outside. Interesting, Wei Ying stepped in as innocently as he could.


“Sorry I’m late.” Wei Ying said, taking a bow. When he stood up, he looked around confused. On one side was the Jin and Jiang sect sitting close to one another while on the other was the Nie sect. The Lan sect sat in the middle in their white glory. 


“Wei Ying ?” Lan Zhan stood up.


“Lan Zhan what’s going on ? Did I interrupt something ?” Wei Ying asked confused. He wasn’t expecting a Lan disciple to rush up to him and squeeze him into a hug.


“Baba ! You’re back !” The other said and Wei Ying’s eyes widen. Baba ?


“Um last time I checked I don’t have any kids. Especially ones as old as you.” Wei Ying said patting the boy’s back awkwardly.


“My eyes aren’t deceiving me are they sect leader Jiang.” Huaisang said and Jiang Cheng looked at Wei Ying with a hard stare.


“No you aren’t sect leader Nie. That right there is a fifteen year old Wei Wuxian.” Jiang Cheng said and the room went dead silent.


“How do we know this is truly him ?” Lan Qiren asked.


“What are you all talking about ? Sect leaders ? Jiang Cheng what’s going on ?” Wei Ying asked. Jiang Cheng said nothing as Lan Zhan lifted up Wei Ying’s sleeve to reveal the white band wrapped around his wrist. “Oh how did that get there ? Haha I promise I didn’t steal it.” Wei Ying said.


“This is him.” Lan Zhan said. “No one else would have this. No one else would even know what it looked like.”


“Well at least he’s here. Although different.” Xichen said.


“Different ?! He’s fifteen !” Jiang Cheng gritted out.


“Uncle it’s fine. We can fix him.” Jin Ling said.


“Uncle ?” Wei Ying looked looked like he was taking in too much at once. “Is this a dream ? Or am I in the future ?” Wei Ying asked Lan Zhan. “Now that I see it, you all do look...old.” Jingyi snickered at that.


“Baba, you aren’t in the future. There is an array on you. It forced your body through space and time. The last time we seen you was about a week ago and you were a baby.” Sizhui said.


“Oh. Cool. That’s cool.” Wei Ying said.


“What’s the last thing Wei Ying remembers ?” Lan Zhan asked.


“Hmm.” He thought about it. The last thing he remembered was hiding from Lan Qiren after accidentally dumping the entirely of ink water on his pristine white clothing when he being punished to clean up after their lectures. He had hid in the library and somehow fell asleep ? “Ah it’s kind of embarrassing to say out loud.”


“Say it you idiot. Everyone here knows how much of a trouble maker you were.” Jiang Cheng said and Wei Ying pouted at him.


“Is shijie here ? I don’t appreciate you bullying me Jiang Cheng just because you’re older than me.” Wei Ying huffed. He expected his brother to yell at him some more but the other only froze. So did the Jin boy who called Jiang Cheng uncle. “Uh did I say something wrong ?” Wei Ying’ blinked.


“No. Let’s focus.” Lan Zhan said.


“Maybe we should introduce ourselves to this...younger master Wei.” Xichen said.


“I’ll start.” Huaisang said. “Wei-xiong, it’s been a while since I’ve seen you like this. I am Nie Huaisang, sect leader of the Nie sect.” 


“Jiang Cheng. Your brother and sect leader of the Jiang sect.” Jiang Cheng said.


“I’m Jin Ling, courtesy name Jin Rulan, sect leader do the Jin sect. Nephew to sect leader Jiang and Wei Wuxian.” Jin Ling said.


“Wait that means your shijie’s son ! Oh my god she had a son ! And by that peacock of all people.” Wei Ying looked delighted at the way Jin Ling scowled. “You’re so cute.”


“I’m older than you !” Jin Ling said making Wei Ying smile wider.


“But you’re my nephew. So if I think you’re cute A-Ling, then you’re cute.” Wei Ying said cheeky.


“Why you-“


“Next please, A-Zhan, Sizhui.” Xichen cut in.


“I’ll go next.” The gentle voice of the boy who hugged him made Wei Ying smile too. “I’m Lan Yuan, courtesy name Lan Sizhui, Hanguang-Jun’s son.”


“Woah !” Wei Ying gasped.


“And Wei Wuxian’s son.” Wei Ying looked like he was about to die. 


“I have a son ?” Wei Ying whispered and Sizhui nodded. “I have a family ?”


“Of course baba. Though it’s odd to be calling you that right now when you’re three years younger than me.” Sizhui said with a small laugh.


“Oh my god you’re so cute too.” Wei Ying said hugging Sizhui again making him beam. “What the hell I did such a good job look at my son.” 


“God he’s still so embarrassing.” Jin Ling said making Huaisang laugh behind his fan.


“Wait- you said Hanguang-Jun ? Who is that ?” Wei Ying asked. Lan Zhan cleared his throat.


“I’m Lan Zhan.” Lan Zhan said making Wei Ying smile.


“I know you Lan Zhan. You still look the same.” Wei Ying said.


“Courtesy name Lan Wangji, title Hanguang-Jun.” Lan Zhan said. “Lan Sizhui’s father. Wei Wuxian’s husband.”


There was a pause so deafening, Lan Zhan sword the whole room could hear his heart beat.


“Husband ?” Wei Ying whispered.


“Mn.” Lan Zhan said.


“Lan Zhan I married you ?” Wei Ying’s face was turning the purest shade of pink. “Huh ? I liked Lan Zhan ?”


“For the love of god.” Jiang Cheng groaned.


“If it helps, I didn’t know yet then either Wei Ying. It took me a few more months.” Lan Zhan said taking Wei Ying’s hand gently. His fingers stroking the ribbon there. “This isn’t stolen, it was given. Wei Ying is one of us.”


“O-one of you ?” Wei Ying sputtered.


“A Lan.” Sizhui said.


“Do I go by Lan Ying ?” Wei Ying asked.


“Only if you’re teasing someone baba.” Sizhui said.


“Oh. That sounds like me.” Wei Ying laughed but it’s was nervous and his youthful face, his actual youthful face that the older cultivators in the room hasn’t seen for almost twenty years now, was so so red. “Wait do I live here ?”


“Mn.” Lan Zhan said.


“What about Jiang Cheng ? Our sect-“


“Is fine.” Jiang Cheng said. “Worry about yourself.”


“God Jiang Cheng you’re supposed to be nice to your didi’s.” Wei Ying said.


“I’m going to strangle you.” Jiang Cheng bit out making Wei Ying.


“Now now, no strangling sect leader Jiang. His memories are of the past, he will need a moment to get used to this.” Xichen said. “Call in a healer please.”


“Healer ? Am I sick ?” Wei Ying asked.


“No.” Lan Zhan said. “But Wei Ying disappeared for far too long and his body is...different now. You should be checked.”


“Okay.” Wei Ying said. His mind seemed to take everything in for a moment before grinning. “Do I call master Qiren uncle ?” 


“If you wish to die early you will not address me at all.” Qiren said with a glare. Those words didn’t seem to settle right with anyone in the room as Wei Ying was pulled closer to Lan Zhan with Sizhui by his side. Jiang Cheng glared at his old master and so did Jin Ling while Huaisang sighed.


“Guess time does not make us wiser.” Huaisang said. Thankfully the healer came in and Wei Ying thought they would be left alone but no, everyone watched her prick and prod at him until she deemed him perfectly healthy. When he would return to his original form was undetermined. For now they should wait.


“Lan Zhan you’re evil, how dare you let some old lady touch your husband’s innocent body like that.” Wei Ying said drapping himself to Lan Zhan’s side after he was free to go. Lan Zhan’s ears burned red but he said nothing. Pouting, Wei Ying scanned the room before his eyes fell on Jin Ling.


“Nephew ! You’re a sect leader so young, we should spar so I can see how talented you are.” Wei Ying said.


“You just want to show off.” Jiang Cheng said.


“No sparring for you baba. You are young and just returned. It could be dangerous.” Sizhui said. He felt like he was scolding a younger disciple.


“Oh no, my son sounds just like Lan Zhan. Where is my influence ? Where is your passion to cause chaos ?” Wei Ying asked.


“That all went to that idiot.” Jin Ling said pointing to Jingyi who had been silent the whole time.


“Idiot ?!” Jingyi shouted. “I’ll have you know I memorized all four thousand rules.”


“Because you had to. Not because you wanted to.” Sizhui said.


“Oh. He is like me.” Wei Ying laughed as he walked to the other Lan. Wei Ying was always tall, had been for especially in his real body that when the junior trio grew up, they seemed to surpass Mo Xuanyu in height. Now Jingyi was looking Wei Ying in his eye who was impossible handsome and bright making him move awkwardly.


“Yes senior Wei ?” Jingyi asked.


“If A-Ling won’t spar with me then will you ? I can feel it’s going to be so boring around here. What does future me even do ?” Wei Ying asked.


“Senior Wei is the smartest man I’ve ever met. You’ve created so many devices and talismans that many sects all over use.” Jingyi said.


“Creations ? Hmm older me must have a lot of free time. The last thing I created was this.” Wei Ying said and god knows where he got the paper from but he pulled out the human cut out and let it float over to Jingyi. The boy watched it curiously before it stuck onto him and he immediately fell down to the ground.


“What the- I cant move !” Jingyi shouted making Wei Ying laugh.


“Ah it never fails.” Wei Ying said. “I guess older me never showed you this. Interesting.”


“Wei Wuxian stop playing with the Lan boy.” Jiang Cheng said. Pursing his lips, Wei Ying turned around towards his brother after freeing Jingyi. 


“Why haven’t you gotten nicer ?” Wei Ying asked making Jiang Cheng sputter.


“What ?” Jiang Cheng blinked.


“It’s been what like fifty years ? How are you still this bitter and this old ?” Wei Ying asked making Jin Ling hide his laugh behind his hand and Jingyi cover his with a cough.


“Fifty ?! It’s only been fifteen you brat. And I’m not bitter you’re just a nuisance.” Jiang Cheng snapped.


“Doesn’t sound ‘not bitter’ to me.” Wei Ying grumbled.



“You !” Jiang Cheng was held back by Jin Ling who was starting to like this youthful uncle of his. Lan Zhan watched it all with a faint smile. Wei Ying was Wei Ying no matter what form.



“Lan Zhan, where is my sword ?” Wei Ying asked as they walked quietly together side by side.


“In the Jingshi. But Wei Ying rarely wields it.” Lan Zhan said.


“Why ? Suibian is the best sword ever ! Why would I ever put him away ?” Wei Ying asked.


“Wei Ying has another weapon he uses. Would Wei Ying like to see ?” Lan Zhan asked and Wei Ying nodded, what could older him possibly use besides a sword ? He was not expecting Lan Zhan to pull out a flute. “This is chenqing.”


“Mine ?” Wei Ying asked as he took it carefully. “I use musical cultivation now ?”


“Yes.” Lan Zhan said.


“I haven’t touched a flute in so long, older me surly must be better at it.” Wei Ying said spinning the flute around his fingers. “Eh Lan Zhan, don’t you think this flute is a bit weird.”


“Hm?” Lan Zhan blinked.


“It’s almost as if it’s...calling towards me.” Wei Ying said.


“Spiritual weapons tend to do so. Suibian can do the same if you wanted to listen.” Lan Zhan said.


“No this is different. It’s-“ Wei Ying dropped the flute, his legs shaking slightly and breathing heavy. Lan Zhan caught him before he could fall, pulling his younger husband into his arms and looking over him worried.


“Is Wei Ying okay ?” Lan Zhan asked.


“Maybe I’m just not used to it.” Wei Ying said. 


“What did you hear ?” Lan Zhan asked as Wei Ying closed his eyes, pressing his forehead into Lan Zhan’s shoulder.


“Screaming. So much screaming.” Wei Ying whispered. Lan Zhan tensed up at that. Of course the resentful energy would react badly to a young Wei Ying. This teen was nothing but pure and golden core strong, the two forces would clash within him.


“Then I will hold it until you return to normal.” Lan Zhan said, bending to pick the flute up and put it back in his robes. “Can Wei Ying walk?”


“I can.” Wei Ying said. “But I want my husband to carry me.”


“Shameless.” Lan Zhan said but picked Wei Ying up anyways. Wei Ying cackled in his arms.


“Oh you’ve changed so much Lan-er gege. Just last week you’ve silenced me with every chance you got. And now, you’re carrying me when I ask, checking to see if I am okay and are genuinely worried about me. I’m so curious Lan Zhan, when did you start to love me ?” Wei Ying asked.


“Always.” Lan Zhan said simply. “I have always loved Wei Ying.”


“You’re just bad at showing it huh ?” Wei Ying smiled gently. “I’ll keep that in mind.” They we’re silent for a while after that, Lan Zhan careful with his steps as they headed towards the Jingshi. He placed Wei Ying down on their bed and the teen looked around curiously. “This is our home ?”


“Yes.” Lan Zhan said.


“I’m taking the mess is my side ?” Wei Ying said and Lan Zhan nodded. “Hmm what’s this ?”


“Wei Ying’s thoughts. You write down a lot these days.” Lan Zhan said as the teen picked up a book.


“I seem to have so many scrambled thoughts. Eh right there is an error, that won’t work. Hey Lan Zhan can you slide me the ink please.” Wei Ying said flicking through the pages. It was so good to have Wei Ying back, though young, he was still the same. Hours passes and Wei Ying’s stomach growling was persistent to break his working streak.


“Wei Ying lets have dinner.” Lan Zhan said.


“Can we invite Sizhui ? I mean our son ?” Wei Ying asked. “I want to eat as a family.”


“Of course. Sizhui loves eating with us.” Lan Zhan said. And of course he was right. Sizhui was absolutely delighted to spend more time with his youthful father. Wei Ying asked a million questions a minute and Lan Zhan just this once let the no talking while eating rule slide. He would not ruin the delight on Wei Ying’s face. When dinner was over and curfew was near, Lan Zhan had to restrain Wei Ying to allow Sizhui to leave.


“This isn’t fair. You’re so cool Sizhui, I could talk to you all night.” Wei Ying said hugging the smaller teen close. “Besides aren’t we your parents ? Shouldn’t you sleep with us ?”


“I’d rather not sleep with you two. Father gets a bit excited sometimes.” Sizhui whispered making Wei Ying flush red. He hadn’t thought about that.


“Lan Zhan wouldn’t do something like that to me. I’m just a baby. Right Lan Zhan ? A-Xian is only three.”


“Mn.” Lan Zhan said before taking Wei Ying back once more. “He needs to rest.”


“Fine. I’ll see you tomorrow okay Yuan Yuan ?” Wei Ying said and Sizhui nodded with a small flush on his cheeks.


“Goodnight father, baba.” He bowed before leaving.


“Bath time ?” Wei Ying said and Lan Zhan hummed again in agreement. Thankfully to Wei Ying, Lan Zhan left him alone to clean himself. Once he was patted dry and his hair was no longer dripping wet and hung loose down to his back with Wei Ying’s night robes on did Lan Zhan look at him. “Will Lan Zhan sleep with me ?” Wei Ying asked.


“If Wei Ying is comfortable.” Lan Zhan said.


“I am. It feels nice with Lan Zhan around.” Wei Ying said softly. “Go wash up, then we can lay down together.”


Laying with a older Lan Zhan was much different than Wei Ying expected. The other had grown up so much in comparison to the fifteen year old him. He was taller and broader, shoulders wide to fit a head on easily and muscles strong. Wei Ying couldn’t help but flush as Lan Zhan laid next to him stiffly.


“Lan Zhan you’re supposed to hold me, isn’t that what husbands do ?” Wei Ying said making Lan Zhan glance at him.


“Do they ?” He asked and Wei Ying pouted. Was Lan Zhan teasing him.


“Yes. We are husbands Lan Zhan. If I want you to hold me you must do so or I will feel like you don’t want me.” Wei Ying said.


“Always want Wei Ying.” Lan Zhan said. “But Wei Ying is young, shouldn’t touch.”


“It’s just cuddling. Nothing bad.” Wei Ying said. “Please ?” He asked with soft eyes and pouty cheeks making Lan Zhan’s will crumble. Ah it seems Lan Zhan was a fool for him. Soon Wei Ying was laying on Lan Zhan’s broad chest with an arm wrapped around his torso. It was nice. Nice to be wrapped up in Lan Zhan’s warmth and scent.


“I like this.” Wei Ying said softly. “I never had a family of my own before, not like this. Not people I can actually call mine without someone trying to take them away. Sure Jiang Cheng and shijie are my siblings but they aren’t mine like how you and Yuan Yuan are. It’s different but nice. I like it.” 


“We will always be Wei Ying’s.” Lan Zhan said pulling Wei Ying closer. He moved to grab Wei Ying’s wrist where the headband was still tied. He pressed a gentle kiss to it before kissing Wei Ying’s head. 


“You’re so sweet Lan Zhan it’s making me want to burst. I want to hug you close and fall asleep in your arms every night.” Wei Ying said.


“Wei Ying does.” Lan Zhan said.


“Lucky me. I’m the luckiest person in the world.” And with that Wei Ying fell asleep. 



“Do I wear white ?” Wei Ying asked the next morning.


“No. Wei Ying wears his normal clothes.” Lan Zhan said.


“Interesting. I thought your uncle would hate to see my stark contrast between your sect robes and mine.” Wei Ying said flicking through the closet.


“Uncle tolerates Wei Ying more now.” Lan Zhan said. Wei Ying scoffed, sure he did.


“Lan Zhan I want to wear white.” Wei Ying said. “I want to look like a family with my husband and my son.” Wei Ying said after seeing enough of the dark clothing. Did older Wei Ying really not have any light clothes like the Lans. “Where’s my Lan clothes ?”


“Is Wei Ying sure ?” Lan Zhan asked after a moment.


“Of course. Besides I think everyone would be shocked.” Wei Ying giggled.


“They are here.” Lan Zhan said moving to a different wardrobe. Inside where pretty whites and pale icy blues that made Wei Ying grin. He slipped out of his night robes, running his fingers through the white ones before grabbing one that he liked. Lan Zhan still didn’t look at him, his lap suddenly more interesting. When Wei Ying was done, his hair brushed up and his red tie in place neatly, he turned to Lan Zhan.


“Dearest husband, please help me put on my headband.” Wei Ying said and he could see Lan Zhan tremble a bit. How cute. He took the headband out of Wei Ying’s outstretched hand and stood behind the younger. Careful, Wei Ying felt the soft silk touch his forehead. Lan Zhan did it smoothly, barely feeling anything from the other before he stepped back.


“How do I look ?” Wei Ying asked as he turned around.


“Beautiful. Wei Ying is always beautiful.” Lan Zhan said and Wei Ying grinned.


“I can’t believe I married you Lan Zhan, you’re so shy.” Wei Ying said hugging his husband's arm.


“Mn.” Lan Zhan said looking away.


“Father ? Baba ?” It was Sizhui.


“Sizhui ! Son ! Let’s eat with the rest of our family today.” Wei Ying said rushing to open the door.


“Eh ?!” Sizhui looked at his dad wide eyed. “You- you’re-“


“Lan Ying.” Wei Ying said mischievously.


“I think you’re going to kill father at this rate.” Sizhui said and they both looked at Lan Zhan who was definitely turning red.


“He’s cute. So are you. My adorable son.” Wei Ying said patting his head.


“Well then, let’s go eat with everyone else. They should already be there. Usually us three eat together so this will be a shock.” Sizhui said and smiled when Wei Ying took his hand. Wei Ying stretched out his other hand to Lan Zhan who took it firmly making Wei Ying grin. So there three walked to the main hall together. People did a double glance at Wei Ying, bowing at Hanguang-Jun and his family before looking again because - was the Yiling patriarch really decked in white ? 


“Hanguang-Jun and his family is here.” One of the guards told everyone as they entered the main hall. Lan Xichen who was eating paused as he watched three white clad men walk in.


“Oh my.” Xichen said.


“Nie-xiong you’re still here !” Wei Ying said happily as he spotted the sect heir.


“Ah yes Wei-xiong. I will leave when you return to normal.” Huaisang said.


“How kind of you. But it’s Lan-xiong.” Wei Ying said brightly making Jiang Cheng choke. Jin Ling quickly patted his back while looking at Wei Ying with wide eyes.


“You-“ Jiang Cheng started as he got himself together. “What are you wearing ?”


“Clothes dearest brother.” Wei Ying said.


“Those aren’t your normal clothes.” Jiang Cheng said.


“But they are. They were in my closet.” Wei Ying said.


“Baba let’s sit. We should eat first then talk.” Sizhui said as he noticed his uncle seeming to blow a fuse. Lan Qiren on the other hand looked like he had already combusted and qi deviation was about to hit him at any moment. Wei Ying let Sizhui tug him to the table where Xichen was at to eat their breakfast.


“Where’s Jingyi ?” Wei Ying asked.


“Jingyi has his own family to eat with baba. We can see him later.” Sizhui said simply. Accepting that, Wei Ying let Lan Zhan fill his bowl with a red soup.


“Is this actual spice ?” Wei Ying gasped.


“Only because you complain every day about the food.” Jiang Cheng grumbled.


“Wow you guys do care.” Wei Ying fake cried.


“Eat. No talking.” Lan Zhan said simply making Wei Ying quiet down. For once, he did.



“Have you noticed any abnormalities about young master Wei ?” Xichen asked Lan Zhan as they watched Wei Ying run around with Jin Ling, Sizhui and Jingyi. They were supposed to be sparring but Wei Ying got the upper hand on Jingyi and tackled him thus starting an out right chase.


“None. Wei Ying is Wei Ying.” Lan Zhan said.


“Only fifteen.” Xichen added making Lan Zhan nod before a thought crossed his mind.


“Actually brother...yesterday I tried to give Wei Ying chenqing but he couldn’t hold it without the resentful energy trying to consume him.” Lan Zhan said.


“It maybe be that since this Wei Ying is still whole, that the energies are battling. He used to use it to fill in what he lost but now he doesn’t need it anymore. But chenqing has been his for years, it probably won’t appreciate being discarded.” Xichen said.


“What should we do ?” Lan Zhan asked.


“Well if he returns to normal then we won’t have to worry about it. But since he is fine now, we can only watch him carefully.” Xichen said.


“Eh ? Ning-ge !” Sizhui seemed to lose the Lan discipline in him as he spotted his relative walking over to them with a Lan guard.


“Ning-ge? Eh is that Wen Ning ?” Wei Ying asked looking at the gray man. 


“Hanguang-Jun, Zewu-Jun, I’ve come as fast as I could.” Wen Ning bowed. “It seems young master Wei has returned- a bit different.” Wen Ning said bowing to the two. Sizhui and the others finally reached him and he gently ruffled Sizhui’s hair who smiled brightly at him.


“Ning-ge, baba is fifteen again.” Sizhui said.


“Senior Wei is now our Shidi.” Jingyi said making Wei Ying pinch his side resulting in a yelp.


“Wen Ning. What has happened to you ?” Wei Ying asked. “Are you-“


“Dead ? Yes.” Wen Ning said lowly.


“Who did-“


“Maybe we shouldn’t get into the details.” Xichen said as he watched Jin Ling stiffen. He still wasn’t used to Wen Ning, the man who killed his father and he definitely didn’t like thinking about how it was the Jin’s who killed off the Wen’s.


“It’s okay. Young master Wei is the reason why I can still walk around freely today.” Wen Ning said with a soft smile. Frowning, Wei Ying grabbed Wen Ning’s hand. It was cold and rough from years of use.


“How did I save you ? If you died, how could I have brought you back ?” Wei Ying asked. “I don’t know any type of cultivation that could do that.”


“You’ve done a lot in between the years that we’ve know each other young master Wei. Within those years, your cultivation methods have changed too.” Wen Ning said.


“Is that why I carry the flute ?” Wei Ying asked and Wen Ning nodded. “I don’t really understand. But it seems like the story is a long and heavy one that none of you look ready to discuss so, I won’t bring it back up.”


“If Wei Ying wishes to know, I can tell him.” Lan Zhan said.


“It’s fine Lan Zhan. Jin Ling looks like he’s about to cry.” Wei Ying said and the young sect leader all but flushed.


“I am not !” Jin Ling said.


“Cute !” Wei Ying pinched his cheeks.


“I am a sect leader ! I am not cute.” Jin Ling said.


“That’s a lie. I’m a sect leader and I’m cute.” Huaisang said from where he was sitting with Jiang Cheng. The two had been quiet in watching the young cultivators play and even more so when Wen Ning showed up.


“Exactly. Nie-xiong gets it.” Wei Ying grinned.


“How does young master Wei feel ? No sickness ?” Wen Ning asked.


“None ! I’m super healthy Wen Ning ! I can carry Yuan Yuan and A-Ling in both of my arms.” Wei Ying said.


“Please don’t attempt to do that.” Sizhui said. His father was known to speak then demonstrate.


“You’re all no fun.” Wei Ying said was he walked away, moving to go get his sword that he placed down after being chased. What he didn’t except was for him to grab the sword only for it not to move.  “Um?” He tried to lift it again but it felt heavy. “Do you have sticking talismans on the ground ?” Wei Ying asked.


“What nonsense are you sprouting ?” Jiang Cheng asked. “Stop playing around.”


“But I’m not. I really can’t pick this up-oof.” Wei Ying’s groan made them all look as the ground around him began to glow.


“Wei Ying !” Lan Zhan moved quickly, wrapping his arms around Wei Ying before he could fall into the array and pulling him back. This seemed to make these worse as the glowing circle lifted up and expanded in the air. They all watched in horror as a figure stepped out.


“I think it worked.” The person said.


“Of course it worked. I drew it.” Another voice said. Wei Ying looked with wide eyes as a white clad figure and a red one stepped out.


“Pretty-gege ?” Wei Ying said.


“A-Ying ! You’re - you’re bigger now.” The small male.


“Who the hell are you ?” Jiang Cheng asked.


“Who are you ?” The red one asked.


“Red-gege ! Pretty-gege! How are you here ?” Wei Ying asked, about to rush towards them but Lan Zhan held him in place.


“We were looking for you.” Xie Lian said. “You’ve fallen from the clouds and it took us days to figure out how to step through time.”


“It would have been faster if these two didn’t come.” Feng Xin said as he stepped out of the array with Mu Qing. Behind him was Lang Qianqiu and Quan Yizhen.


“Woah ! A-Ying you’ve grown a lot.” Yizhen said brightly. “You were just this small.”


“Could someone please tell us what’s going on ? Why are more people stepping out ?” Jingyi asked.


“I think- ah the memory is so faint but I think I went to them first. When I was younger.” Wei Ying said.


“Well it’s rude of us not to introduce ourselves. I’m Xie Lian.” Xie Lian said.


“Pretty-gege is a god !” Wei Ying shouted. “They all are !”


“A-Ying you can’t just tell people that.” Xie Lian said with a slight flush.


“Gods ?” Jin Ling repeated.


“Gege it’s okay if they know.” Hua Cheng said.


“Ah then I will introduce myself again. I am crown prince Xie Lian of Xian Le. Martial god but not so much anymore.” Xie Lian said. “Beside me are Mu Qing and Feng Xin, martial gods of the south east and south west.


“Me next !” Yizhen said. “I’m prince Quan Yizhen, martial god of the west.”


“Lang Qianqiu, prince of Young’an. Martial god of the East.” Qianqiu said.


“Prince ?” Jiang Cheng bit out. 


“What about the red one ?” Jin Ling asked.


“This is my husband, Hua Cheng.” Xie Lian said.


“Are you a god too ?” Sizhui asked.


“Oh no. I’m a ghost king.” Hua Cheng said with a grin.


“O-oh.” Sizhui nodded.


“Pretty-gege ! This is my husband-gege ! Lan Zhan.” Wei Ying said. 


“Ah this is your husband ? Nice to meet you.” Xie Lian bowed but Lan Zhan quietly bowed. He couldn’t let royalty let alone gods bow to him. 


“Thank you for taking care of Wei Ying.” Lan Zhan said.


“Hmm. But there’s something wrong isn’t there ?” Hua Cheng asked. 


“Yes ! Apparently I’m not supposed to be this young.” Wei Ying said.


“Of course not. You’re far too young for a husband.” Mu Qing said.


“Qing-gege you’re still so nice.” Wei Ying said and Jiang Cheng snorted.


“Also this is my son, Lan Sizhui.” Wei Ying said gesturing Sizhui to come forward.


“You had a son this entire time ?” Qianqiu asked.


“I was shocked too.” Wei Ying said.


“He’s so old.” Yizhen said.


“Old ? And how old are you ? You look younger than us.” Jin Ling said.


“I’m older than all of you combined.” Yizhen glared.


“Eh your highness please, he does not mean any offense. He’s just a child.” Xie Lian said.


“Perhaps we should have this talk inside ?” Xichen said.


“Finally someone with sense.” Feng Xin said. 


“Ah I don’t think so.” Hua Cheng said. “Someone is coming.” They all looked around but didn’t see or notice anything.


“Where ?” Wei Ying asked only to fly out of Lan Zhan’s hold and into a broad chest.


“My son !” It was Binghe.


“Dad ?” Wei Ying said as he was being squeezed to death.


“Dad ?!” Everyone shouted.


“I think ?” Wei Ying backtracked.


“What the fuck ? That’s not your father.” Jiang Cheng yelled.


“You mortal ! How dare you steal my son.” Binghe said and was about to move when a fan stopped him in his path.


“Must you always be so headfirst ? This is A-Ying’s home.” Qingqiu said.


“Father !” Wei Ying said happily.


“Oh A-Ying. You’ve grown.” Qingqiu said.


“Please don’t tell me they’re gods too.” Jingyi said.


“Father is. Dad is a demon prince.” Wei Ying said.


“What the hell ? Just what did you go through when you left us ?” Jiang Cheng asked.


“Hmmm who are they ?” Binghe looked over at Hua Cheng and Xie Lian. 


“That’s pretty-gege! And red-gege.” Wei Ying explained.


“The other gods.” Qingqiu took a careful step forward.


“Nice to meet you.” Xie Lian said brightly also taking a step forward but Mu Qing and Feng Xin blocked him.


“Your highness we do not know of this god. And a demon none the less should not be trusted.” Mu Qing said.


“What’s wrong with demons ?” Hua Cheng asked.


“Yeah what’s wrong with demons Qing-ge?” Wei Ying asked making the silver haired god roll his eyes.


“A-Ying is a demon too.” Binghe said.


“What ?!”  Everyone shouted again.


“Impossible. Young master Wei is fully human.” Wen Ning said.


“You walking corpse, how are you speaking ?” Hua Cheng asked.


“Young master Wei created me.” Wei Ning said.


“Ah as expected of my son. Build yourself a guard of the undead, no one will harm you.” Binghe said approvingly.


“But I didn’t make him dad, older me did.” Wei Ying said. “I don’t know what a lot of older me has done but I’m not meant to be like this.” 


“Then it’s simple, we can just turn you back.” Binghe said.


“You can do that ?” Sizhui asked.


“We are immortals child, if we put our mind to it, we can do it. Who are you ?” Binghe asked.


“My son !” Wei Ying said happily making Qingqiu flutter his fan faster and Binghe all but pass out.


“Oh dear.” Xichen said. “Is he alright ?”


“He’s fine.” Qingqiu said. “A son, I left you for a few days and you already have a son. Something is weird.”


“Again I believe we should all talk inside. Please follow me.” Xichen said and the gods, the demon prince and the ghost king followed him.



“This is so weird. I’ve never met a god.” Jingyi said looking closely at Mu Qing. “You don’t look much older than me.”


“Our mortal bodies have not aged in over eight hundred years. Of course I don’t look older than you.” Mu Qing said.


“Does that mean you ascended at a young age ?” Jin Ling asked.


“Mn.” Mu Qing said.


“And...your highness ?” Sizhui asked.


“Oh I first ascended at seventeen.” Xie Lian said. “Though I do think I’m much younger than master Shen.” 


“You are a prince, do not speak to me so casually your highness.” Qingqiu said. “Though you are correct, I am indeed very old.”


“No shizun is perfect age.” Binghe said.


“He’s like a dog.” Qianqiu said.


“Oh great, another one.” Feng Xin muttered as they all glanced at Hua Cheng.


“Well since we are all settled, should we get started and put all our stories together to see how to help young master Wei ?” Xichen asked. Everyone agreed. “We can start first. Wei Ying was found a bit over a week ago in the body of his younger self. No explanation or reasoning so checked him to see if it was a curse or an array. The healers found nothing wrong but then the child said he heard music and completely disappeared.”


“Ah that’s where we found him.” Xie Lian said. “He was in ghost city.”


“Where is ghost city ?” Jiang Cheng asked.


“Not of this world. It’s where the dead reside. A gruesome please, not meant for humans to wander through. It’s where San Lang rules.” Xie Lian said smiling at his husband.


“Ah, interesting.” Xichen said politely.


“This little demon clung to gege as he was about to get eaten by some ghost but we took him in. I even fixed his dark soul.” Hua Cheng said.


“Dark soul ?” Wei Ying repeated.


“Your body was at an imbalance. Dark soul, bright core. To help fix it, I merely mediated them both so if you wished to light cultivation you could and if you wanted to go the more fun route, then dark cultivation would be at your will too.” Hua Cheng said.


“Wow I like him.” Binghe said.


“But senior Wei mainly uses dark cultivation.” Jingyi said.


“I do ?” Wei Ying asked.


“Well older you.” Jingyi said.


“Clearly you cannot rise corpses with normal cultivation.” Hua Cheng said. 


“I didn’t know. I clearly made Wen Ning when I was older. From my memory, Wen Ning is just a Wen clan young master. Just last week I taught him how to better his archery. I don’t know when he died.” Wei Ying frowned.


“Things like that aren’t meant for a child to know. Keep such thoughts to older you.” Qingqiu said and Wei Ying nodded. “Your highness you may proceed with your story.”


“Ah yes. I took him up to where the gods reside now and while we were out, he simply slipped through the clouds.” Xie Lian said.


“He fell through the clouds ? Clouds aren’t solids.” Jin Ling said.


“Of course they aren’t here. But where do you think the high heavens are ?” Feng Xin said making Jin Ling shut up.


“I guess that’s where I found him.” Binghe said. “He was right in shizun’s bed. But he wasn’t four like you’ve all said. He was around eight.” 


“Ah so he did age up with you.” Xichen said. 


“Yes but we only had him for about three days. Then a monster attacked our peak and A-Ying he-“ Binghe stopped.


“It’s okay dad. I’m alive.” Wei Ying said.


“That you are.” Qingqiu said. “Which is how you ended up here again but older.”


“Does that mean baba will leave to another world and age up to his normal age ?” Sizhui asked.


“That seems impossible.” Xichen said.


“Why is that ?” Jin Ling asked.


“Because sect leader Jin. Wei Ying died at seventeen.” Huaisang said, voice cutting through the room.




“Died ? I died ?” Wei Ying looked confused.


“Tragically so.” Huaisang said fluttering his fan out. 


“If I died then how did I come back ?” Wei Ying asked.


“Someone sacrificed themselves for you.” Lan Zhan said taking Wei Ying’s small hand in his.


“Why me ?” Wei Ying whispered.


“Because before your died Wei Wuxian, you did not have a golden core anymore. You murdered tens of people and you shook the nation in terror with your demonic cultivation. And you died at my hands.” Jiang Cheng said.


“But- Jiang Cheng we are brothers.” Wei Ying looked hurt.


“I know. I know but so much happened back then and all the blame was placed on you. But someone called you back for revenge. They knew of your demonic cultivation and wanted your help.” Jiang Cheng said.


“And did I help ?” Wei Ying asked.


“You wouldn’t be here if you didn’t.” Jiang Cheng said. The room was silent again, except from the slight snores of Yizhen who had fallen asleep as soon as they were allowed to sit.


“It’s okay. Wei Ying isn’t evil. Wei Ying is the kindest person in the world. You were framed and we cleared it up.” Lan Zhan said.


“But clearly he still has enemies since someone put an array on him to cause him to go through all of this.” Jin Ling said.


“So I’m dead ?” Wei Ying asked. 


“No. You came back baba.” Sizhui said.


“But not as me. As that other person.” Wei Ying said.


“You are you. Different body or the same.” Lan Zhan said.


“I don’t- I don’t feel so well actually.” Wei Ying said holding his head.


“Maybe it’s best we get you to your normal body.” Xie Lian said.


“I can do it.” Hua Cheng said. “But I will need something that is entirely his from his original self.”


“The only thing we have is suibian.” Xichen said.


“The sword will do.” Hua Cheng said opening his hands and the sword materialized in it.


“What do you think you will be doing ghost ?” Binghe asked.


“Removing the array placed on him. Is that a problem demon ?” Hua Cheng asked.


“Ah San Lang, we have better problems on hand. Please do not argue with A-Ying’s family.” Xie Lian said softly. “A-Ying please let us help you return back to normal.”


“Yeah the sooner we do that the sooner we can go home.” Feng Xin grumbled making Mu Qing hit him.


“Will it hurt ?” Wei Ying asked as he stood up.


“Did any of your aging hurt ?” Hua Cheng asked.


“No.” Wei Ying said.


“Then no.” And with swift movement Hua Cheng swung the sword at Wei Ying. It all happened fast that they all thought Wei Ying was about to get swiped down but as the sword hit his chest, it burst into gold light. The room was blinding now as the light took over Wei Ying’s body before a darkness over came it.


“What is that ?” Jiang Cheng asked.


“His soul.” Xie Lian said. The darkness swallowed Wei Ying up and he shattered  into tiny pieces making his loved ones stand up in terror.


“Is he dead ?” Jin Ling asked.


“Of course not. San Lang wouldn’t kill A-Ying.” Xie Lian said.


“His body needs to reform.” Hua Cheng said.


“How long will that take master Hua ?” Xichen asked.


“Days at his own. But if enough spiritual energy was combined then minuets.” Hua Cheng said.


“Then take mine.” Lan Zhan said.


“Mine too.” Binghe said.


“Me too !” Sizhui said.


“Come forth. Push out your energy into his core.” Hua Cheng said and many people stepped forward. They watched as the tiny black pieces started to shake and take form again. Slowly but surly, a body was being formed. “Enough !” Hua Cheng said firmly and they all stopped. The solid figure of a body laid in between them unmoving like a statue. You could see no specific features on it and it made everyone antsy.


“Wei Ying ?” Lan Zhan moved to his husband, kneeling by his head. “Wei Ying wake up.” With slightly shaking hands, Lan Zhan touched the black figure on for it to crack. 


“Um is that supposed to happen ?” Jingyi whispered. Soon the body moved, its arm bent up and the black pieces fell away to reveal pale skin.


“Wei Ying ?” Lan Zhan watched as the body moved slowly, sitting up in small cracks until it was sitting up fully. It turned its head to Lan Zhan and a piece of the face fell of revealing a silver eye. “Wei Ying.”


“Lan...Zhan.” Wei Ying moved his legs and arms slowly trying to break himself free. It was only until Lan Zhan grabbed his hand that it all shattered revealing a very naked very much Wei Ying.


“A robe please.” Xichen said and Hua Cheng seemed to pull a black garment from no where, drapping it over the naked body.


“Baba ?” Sizhui asked coming to kneel by Wei Ying too.


“Hi Yuan Yuan.” Wei Ying said. “Why do I feel like I’ve just been ripped apart and remade again ?”


“Because you were.” Jiang Cheng said.


“You’re in your body. Your actual body. But can you remember anything ?” Wen Ning asked.


“Oh I remember almost everything.” Wei Ying said. “Though I don’t know how that array got on me.”


“An enemy of course.” Jin Ling said. 


“Great. No matter what, I guess people will make sure I’m reminded to be hated.” Wei Ying said and everyone frowned.


“That’s not true.” Lan Zhan said.


“Can you stand ?” Sizhui asked.


“Even if I can, Lan Zhan will carry me right ?” Wei Ying and Lan Zhan nodded.


“Wait- this is the husband ?” Binghe asked.


“Clearly.” Jiang Cheng said before realizing who he was talking to. “Your highness.” He quickly added.


“We have a lot to discuss. But I think it’s best if young master Wei gets checked and rests up. If the lords wishes to stay they may.” Xichen said.


“We will be back.” Hua Cheng said. “You should discuss things without us for the time being.”


“I agree.” Qingqiu said. “We will be back in a few days. In the mean time, rest up A-Ying.” The immortal said and softly hit Wei Ying on the head with his fan before disappearing.


“I will be back for you my son.” Binghe said before leaving as well.


“I guess we shall ascend as well. It was nice meeting you all. And I’m glad you’re safe once again A-Ying. You have a strong family who cares for you dearly. Never let their love go to waste.” Xie Lian said.


“Yes your highness.” Wei Ying said with a slight bow.


“Eh don’t call me that. I like pretty-gege better.” Xie Lian laughed before the group of gods disappear.


“Um did you just get blessed ?” Jingyi asked. “Because holy shit.”


“Holy shit indeed.” Huaisang said.


“This all gave me a bigger headache. Of course you would manage to bother gods and demons.” Jiang Cheng said making Wei Ying laugh.


“That I did. Please take me home Lan Zhan. I feel like we have much catching up to do.” Wei Ying said and Lan Zhan held him up swiftly.


“The healers A-Zhan.” Xichen called but it was no use, his brothers mind was only filled with one thing.


“Um guys. They forgot one.” Jin Ling said pointing to Yizhen who was still asleep. How would they get this one back home ?