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Dynamite in the Brain Rewritten

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"Unfortunately, the Juralians have implanted a bomb in my brain," Dr. Volga told Ken. "Drop me onto their spaceship."

In an instant, Ken remembered his encounter with Volga; he bumped into the scientist by mistake when he was discussing what snacks to eat with his pet robot. Volga didn't care and told him, "you like snacks?" But then strange men kidnapped Volga by car, which Ken tried but failed to trace.

The thought of dropping the innocent man to death troubled Ken. "I can't do this! You were kind to me and Barican!"

But Volga was determined. "If I explode here, humanity will lose their protector against the Juralians. We don't have time. Drop me before I explode."

Volga's words reminded Ken of his mission. Ken accepted Volga's request as what he should do for Earth, but he couldn't help but beg for forgiveness.