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Wang Yibo Has a Good Day (the Gege Thirst Remix)

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Yibo knows it's going to be a good day as soon as he opens his eyes. There's no alarm going off on his phone, no wake-up call. There are no loud voices in the hall, no slamming doors and dinging elevators. He wakes up gradually, as daylight fills the room, and the only sound is the soothing murmur of the TV he left on in the next room.

He rolls over and picks up his phone. 9:27 am. He can't actually remember the last time he was able to sleep past seven. Between working on a new drama, filming Street Dance of China, making guest appearances on reality shows, sponsorship promo appearances, and his regular commitments to Day Day Up, he's been averaging five hours of sleep a night and living on caffeine and cat naps for the last three months.

But the drama finished filming two days ago, and his team arranged for him to have a full week off to rest. He arrived in Beijing late last night, heated up some instant noodles in the microwave, and fell face-first into his bed.

And now he's awake, feeling more rested than he has in years, and has absolutely nothing on his schedule.

Yibo's still thinking about what he wants to do with his day when he gets a Weibo notification from Xiao Zhan:

I heard you're in Beijing for a few days. We should meet up.

He was right, this is going to be a very good day.

Xiao Zhan, it turns out, does not have the day off, but the last thing on his schedule is a session with his personal trainer from five to six, and after that he's free until the next afternoon.

Yibo arranges to meet him at the gym at six and asks his manager to make a dinner reservation for them somewhere discreet.

He thinks maybe he'll spend the day playing video games, maybe pull out a new lego kit he's been keeping for a special occasion, but first he needs food. He puts on a mask and a hat and goes to see if his favourite bakery is open, and if they still sell the best Jian dui in Beijing.

On his way he messages Yin Zheng to see if they can arrange some time at the track together another day this week.


He's ambling back to his apartment with a large green tea and a large bakery box full of assorted pastries when Yin Zheng messages him back. Yin Zheng's schedule is packed, but the photo shoot he had scheduled for this afternoon was just cancelled. If Yibo can get out to the track by two, they can have two whole hours together before Yin Zheng has to head back into the city for a working dinner with his management company.

This time of day it's probably about a forty-five minute ride out the track, Yibo can definitely make it well before two if he needs to. He tells Yin Zheng he's looking forward to seeing him, and then he calls his driver. This day keeps getting better and better.

He leaves the track a little bit after four, giddy with adrenaline and the joy of pushing the limits of his body and his skills. Traffic is much heavier this time of day, so he decides against going back to his apartment, and gives his driver the address of Xiao Zhan's gym.

He browses Weibo in the back of the car. Neither he nor Xiao Zhan is a trending topic, which is another point in favor of this day. Trending is great for his career, but stressful too, and he wants to really enjoy his week off.

It's only twenty to six when they get to the gym. Yibo could just wait in the car, but he's tired of sitting still, and it's not like Xiao Zhan will be upset with him for showing up early. He probably expected it.

Also, there's a pretty orange tabby cat sprawled on the sidewalk in front of the gym and he just has to see if she's as friendly as she looks.

She totally is.

He crouches down and offers her his hand to sniff and she rubs her face against it and immediately starts purring. When she gets tired of his attention she rolls onto her back and starts attacking his shoelaces. He gets out his phone and snaps a quick picture for Xiao Zhan, and then heads down the alley to the back entrance.

Xiao Zhan must have told his security Yibo was coming, because when he knocks at the door, they let him in with no questions and point him in the right direction. As he's walking away he hears one of the guards say, "I hope he enjoys the show."

He's not sure what she means, but it's true: he always does like watching Zhan-ge work.

He slips into the back of the indicated room quietly, not wanting to interrupt, and then immediately trips and almost lands on his face. If asked, he'd swear it's entirely the fault of the cat loosening his laces and has absolutely nothing to do with the sight of Xiao Zhan doing bicep curls, or the way his skin glistens with sweat and his sleeveless shirt sticks to his skin and highlights exactly how much he's been working out in the months since Yibo last saw him in person.

Xiao Zhan looks up at the noise, catches Yibo's eye and smirks. And then goes right back to driving Yibo out of his mind. Yibo wants to kiss that look right off of his face. He wants to taste the sweat-salty skin of his neck. He wants to goad Xiao Zhan into holding him down and fucking him senseless.

He knows he should probably be a bit more subtle, even though the gym is apparently empty except for Xiao Zhan, his trainer, and his security, but it's been months since they were in the same city and free for more than a couple hours. He was already worked up at the prospect of having a whole night together, but he'd forgotten how magnetic Xiao Zhan is in person. And he'd forgotten how much Xiao Zhan likes to tease.

He gives up any pretense of not staring when Xiao Zhan transitions into cooldown stretches—all of which seem to involve holding still in poses that really highlight the way his shirt has become nearly sheer with sweat, showing off well-defined muscles that Xiao Zhan definitely did not have three months ago.

Xiao Zhan, of course, notices. His eyes are laughing when he walks across the room and pulls Yibo into a tight hug. "So early, Yibo? You must really want to see me." His forehead is slick with sweat against Yibo's temple, and he's not sure if he wants to push Xiao Zhan away or never let him go.

"You know I'm always excited to see you, Zhan-ge," he says, a little breathlessly.

Xiao Zhan pulls Yibo closer, until one of his thighs is pressing against Yibo's half-hard cock. "I can tell."

"Fuck you." Yibo laughs and shoves him away.

Xiao Zhan grins, unabashed. "I'll just go get myself cleaned up. Give you a break from all this excitement." And then he's gone.

Yibo doesn't jerk off in the weightroom of Xiao Zhan's gym, but only because he remembers that there's a much more private location at hand. And Xiao Zhan is already there.

Xiao Zhan is already in the shower when Yibo gets to the locker room, and the sound of water on tile is loud in the otherwise-empty room.

He doesn't attempt to cover the noise as he kicks his shoes off and strips out of his clothes. Xiao Zhan has left the door to his shower stall open, and he's smiling when Yibo steps through and locks it behind him.

"My my, Wang-laoshi, how forward of you." There's that smirk again.

They're not in public anymore. Yibo doesn't need to keep holding back. He shoves Xiao Zhan against the wall and kisses that smirk right off of his face.

Xiao Zhan kisses back with a desperation to match Yibo's own and wraps one long leg around Yibo's thigh, pulling him closer. The slick slide of their hard cocks against each other makes Yibo gasp, and Xiao Zhan takes advantage of his moment of distraction to turn them around until it's Yibo pressed against the wall.

Yibo pushes back against him, tries to regain the upper hand. Sex between them is always a bit of a fight, too. They're both too competitive and too fond of pushing each other's buttons for it to be anything else. He's used to them being evenly matched, but now nothing he does has any effect at all. Xiao Zhan is holding Yibo pressed against the wall with a seemingly effortless ease. It's a stark contrast to the way he kisses—all tongue and teeth and passion—and Yibo can't get enough of it.

They're rutting against each other now, their movements rough, their kisses turned sloppy. Xiao Zhan's hands are definitely going to leave bruises where they're wrapped around Yibo's biceps. Yibo wants that; he can't breathe with how much he wants that. He wants Xiao Zhan to mark him up, to press tangible evidence of his desire into his skin. He wants to leave his own marks in turn, a reminder that no matter how long they go without seeing each other, Xiao Zhan is his, and he's not letting him go.

Yibo is close just from this, and he can tell Xiao Zhan is too. "Zhan-ge, please, just let me—" He twists his body, tries to get a hand between them, to get that little bit of extra stimulation he needs to get the rest of the way.

Xiao Zhan presses a light kiss to his cheek, "don't worry, I've got you, I've got you, I'll take care of you—" he says, and drops to his knees.

The heat of Xiao Zhan's mouth and the eagerness with which he immediately takes Yibo deep is overwhelming, and all it takes is one teasing finger against his perineum to push him over the edge, coming down Xiao Zhan's throat.

Xiao Zhan keeps Yibo in his mouth as he shakes apart, doesn't stop sucking and licking him until Yibo is whimpering from overstimulation. When Xiao Zhan finally releases him, Yibo nearly collapses to the floor—his knees don't seem to want to hold him up—but Xiao Zhan hasn't come yet and he can't leave him wanting any longer.

He wants—he needs—to make Xiao Zhan come. It's possible he's never needed anything more in his life.

He yanks Xiao Zhan up with clumsy hands and kisses him again, chasing the taste of himself on Xiao Zhan's tongue. "Fuck, Zhan-ge, your arms—I saw you in there and all I could think about was you holding me down. I want you to fuck me tonight—I want you to hold me down and fuck me until I can't think, until I can't breathe."

If Yibo hadn't just come, the sound Xiao Zhan makes at his words would absolutely send him over the edge. "Yes, oh fuck, that, I want that. I want—" Xiao Zhan shoves at Yibo's shoulder. "Turn around, c'mon, turn around. I want—"

Oh yes, Xiao Zhan always has the best ideas. Yibo turns around and lets Xiao Zhan press against him again, squeezing his thighs together so Xiao Zhan can fit himself between them, press biting kisses into Yibo's neck as he shakes apart thrusting between his thighs.

They cancel their dinner reservation.

Later, after Xiao Zhan has indeed held Yibo down and fucked him senseless, they'll order delivery, and Yibo will doze off on the couch, curled up in Xiao Zhan's arms.

And when he wakes up in his bed, legs tangled with Xiao Zhan's, he'll know it's going to be another very good day.