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The Him Shiny Boy

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Once upon a day there was a Henry and a shiny diamond that had a very nice cut. Henry decided that he wanted to steal the diamond so he made a plan to bust in the museum where he heard the beautiful rock was held. So at night he started his plan with a scooter and a drill. First he broke the wall near the jewel and Dave screamed in gay because he was confused and gay. Troubled by Dave's screams Henry was determined to use his trusty scooter.

He drove to speedy Dave and looked at the him shiny boy. Forgetting how to speak he made a very run sheep so he jumped on sheep that sheep away. Then Dave said "What the fuck is this that beautiful what sheep you sheep ooga."

Henry is astounded gay about Dave's smile and blushed. They stared into each others sheep eyes face. Henry then went to poof feral because he was knew a trick was to notebook write a love poem letter poem to Dave Dave. Dave's hat was angry sad and wanted cake revenge yummy..... Smorches. But Dave punched like Rupert sheepums. Henry was emo not sad just very emo disappointed in bow ties Rupert because law. So went drank ate poison not cake because he cake. Felix doesn't eat now ever cake because apples because he are gay evil.