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Amy's Not Gay (Well, Maybe She's A Little Gay...)

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Ever since she first started school, Amy has been obsessed with Madison Pendleton.


Not in, like, a weird way, or anything.


Madison bullied her. They were enemies. That’s it.


Amy’s not gay. She’s not. She’s liked plenty of boys. She liked Dustin, and Pete, and Nox. So there. She’s not gay, and she doesn’t have a crush on Madison Pendleton and that’s the end of it.


But… it is kind of odd how she can never get Madison’s face out of her mind. And how when she lies awake at night, more often than visions and worries about what will happen to Oz and what she needs to do, come thoughts of Madison. I wonder what she’s doing right now. Is she thinking of me? Has she had Dustin Jr. yet? Are her and Dustin Sr. still together? Does she miss me?


But that doesn’t mean anything. Madison bullied her for years. Amy hates her. It’s just hate.


And if sometimes, when she kisses Nox, she thinks of Madison…well, that doesn’t really mean anything.


When Amy is sent back to her world, her first thought other than her mother is Madison.


Will she be relieved to see me? Was she worried about what happened? Will she even care at all?


When Amy and Madison make up, all of the feelings Amy had tried to push down come up to the surface in a way they never have before.


Okay, so maybe Amy is a little gay. It’s not like it matters either way. Madison would never want to date her, so who cares?


And Amy has Nox. A boy! Who likes her. She doesn’t need Madison anyway.


She’ll just get this mission done, go back to Oz, and never see Madison again. It’s fine.


And then, of course, Madison, Dustin-less, gets stuck in Oz, with Amy and her sort-of boyfriend.


And it changes everything.