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The Road Back To You

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They were right on the beach in this beautiful house in Italy. They’re always either sitting out on the balcony or on the beach all day. They rented a big house with their friends - Phichit, Chris, Otabek, Yurio, and Yuuko. It’s nice having the whole friend group together again, especially when Christophe is talking about how he has brought poles. Though they’re going to save that for when all of the parents, who would be mortified, are asleep. 

“I swear we’re like a bunch of teenagers, waiting until the parents all go out for some fancy dinner to let all hell breaks lose,” Yuuri says to Viktor after the house has settled down long enough for Viktor and Yuuri to go relax in their bed. 

“I know. I don’t know who is more like a teenager, Yurio or Christophe,” Viktor says. 

“Why don’t we call it a tie?” Yuuri says. Viktor laughs and nods his head. “We should be getting to bed, tomorrow’s the bug day,” Yuuri says. He kisses the top of Viktor’s nose and he sinks into the mattress. The excitement that they both feet makes it hard to fall asleep, but eventually they drift off, dreaming about how everything is going to unfold tomorrow. 



Staying true to their superstitions, Yuuri woke up in the room alone with a note on Viktor’s pillow telling him that there is breakfast ready for him and that he will see him later in the day at the reception. Yuuri smiles, rolls his eyes because they’re technically still married. Yuuri decides to call Viktor.

“You know that we are already married, right?”

“Seeing the bride on your wedding day is bad luck!” Viktor says. 

“You are so superstitious,” Yuuri says, sitting down at the dining room table. “Wish you were here to eat this amazing chocolate french toast off of me.” he shrugs his shoulders and sighs heavily. “What a shame.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll be eating cake off of you tonight, so hold that thought,” With that, Viktor hangs up, leaving Yuuri stunned. He laughs to himself in the quiet of the hotel room. Well, it’s quiet until Yuuko comes bursting into the room. She is all dressed up, a pastel pink flowy sun dress and white heels. 

“Viktor sent me here to make sure you-”

“-Don’t try to find him?” She nods her head. “Figures,”

“Plus, this can be like the first wedding, where we were drinking wine and freaking out about how you’re marrying your childhood idol.” She says, sitting down and taking a bite of his french toast. “I went to the venue and it is absolutely fucking gorgeous. Your mother is already crying at how beautiful everything is going to be.”

“She does know that we are coming back here and turing this place into a fucking strip club, right?” Yuuko shakes her head and laughs. 

“This is going to be the best vow renewal ever. I’ll make sure to keep the champagne coming she says.” Yuuri’s face gets red, remembering the Barcelona banquet that he spends a good quarter of his energy trying to block out whenever someone mentions strip clubs or Barcelona. But regardless, Yuuri knew today was going to be amazing and that no matter what, he is going to be happy because he has Viktor. He will always have Viktor. 

As promised, the venue was beautiful. Right on the beach, the water in the background, everything was white with potted mini cherry blossoms everywhere. Yuuri sees Viktor’s mother and Yurio translating for her, seeing as Viktor is keeping true to his superstitions about how it is unlucky to see the bride on the wedding day. Yuuri’s mother comes out of no where and hugs him so tight he can barely breathe. 

“Oh Yuuri you look so handsome,” She says. Everyone agreed that this was going to be more casual than formal. Yuuri has a white button up that he knows Viktor took the top two buttons off just for extra flare, and khakis that are rolled up. It is everything but formal, but it works. Yuuko scoots Yuuri off to a different room while he knows Viktor is coming out to see the Venue. While Yuuri waits, and sips on some wine, there is a knock at their door. Yuuri goes to open it but who ever is on the other side calls for him to keep it closed. 

“Viktor?” Yuuri asks. 

“Yes,” He sounds a little panicked. “My dad is here.” He says. Yuuri’s eyes go wide. 

“Can I open the door?” 

“No because it’s bad luck and I need all of the luck I can get right now,” He says. 

“Well seeing as I was in a car crash and survived, with amnesia and then got all of my memories back after I fell and hit my head, I think you can call me pretty lucky,” The door swings open and Yuuri doesn’t have a second to process the door opening before Viktor has wrapped his arms around him. 

“Oh c’mon! All of that effort for no reason!” Yuuko says. 

“No, Yuuko my eyes are closed,” Viktor says. Yuuri closes his eyes as well and hugs him back. 

“It’s going to be okay, Vitya,” Yuuri says. “If he is going to be here, than he must have gotten over himself.” Viktor shrugs his shoulders. “Well, you can ask him to leave if he isn’t going to play nice.” Yuuri says. Wanting to open his eyes, but he doesn’t. He pulls away from Viktor, but keeps his hands on his shoulders. “It’s going to be okay, we will figure it out.” He moves his hands up to either side of Viktor’s face and kisses his forehead. Viktor nods, and slowly pulls away from him, and goes back out to where his mother is. Yuuko closes the door.

“What was that all about?” she asks. Yuuri opens his eyes. 

“His father is here,”

“I will punch any mother fucker who tries to ruin this day,” She says. Yuuri laughs and thanks her regardless. 

When he is ready to walk down the aisle - in which Yuuri thinks of this more as second wedding than a vow renewal. Everyone stands, including Viktor’s father, which surprises everyone who knows how homophobic he is.

“I know this past year wasn’t easy through the accident and everything and I will admit, it was a long walk back home to you. But I will walk on the road back to you every single time, again and again if it means we get to endlessly quarrel over who does the dishes,” Yuuri says. Vitkor smiles. 

“I will run down the road to meet you, always have and always will. I promise,” Yuuri hears his parent’s sniffle and he knows Yuuko is shedding a tear or two. The reception was beautiful and elegant, but everyone knows Christophe is getting anstey for the real fun to begin. It does take a while before all of the parents go to their respected hotel and then everyone who is looking for a good time goes directly to Viktor and Yuuri’s room which has been changed to have four poles in the room and a lot of alcoholic beverages and of course a DJ waiting for them. 

“How about that cake, hmm?” Yuuri says in Viktor’s ear as the music is rattling their brains. 

“Thats for you and me later,” he says, kissing Yuuri’s cheek. “We’re gonna have some fun right now, and then more fun later.” He winks as he drags Yuuri to the dance floor. 


Yuuri woke up in his and Vitkor’s bed, still partly covered in cake and clothless with a wicked hang over. Yeah, no this is definitely not like any other wedding he has ever gone to. Viktor wakes up and lazily pulls him closer to Yuuri. 

“You didn’t finish eating all of the cake,” Yuuri says.

“Well if we didn’t dance so much than it wouldn’t be a problem,” Yuuri sighs. 

“Does it look like a brothel out there?” Yuuri asks. Viktor nods his head. 

“Christophe made sure of it,” He says. “Oh these poor hotel cleaning ladies.” He says. They did rent the place out until tomorrow night and they are most definitely going to clean up as much as they can because they trashed the whole place.

“We should do this regularly,” Viktor says. 

“What? Throwing a huge party like this that makes everyone think we’re all in some sort of sex ring?”

“No, eat food off of each other,” Viktor says. Yuuri rolls his eyes - which makes his headache bound against his head. He shrugs it off because right now he is going to sleep in with Viktor and worry about the mess later. This is how his life should be. 



Viktor’s father, while he still remains very against Viktor and Yuuri he has learned to shove it down deep inside of him and learn to be happy for his son even if it goes against all of his ideals. Even if he heard about what happened in their hotel room - word and photos travel fast when ever you are around Christophe and there are even more drunk pole dancing pictures of Yuuri saved onto Viktor’s and Christophe’s phone much to Yuuri’s utter embarrassment. 

Regardless, Yuuri couldn’t want a better life. He couldn't ever want a better husband, or better friends or a better family because here, even if he has amnesia or not, he is loved and supported and that’s all he needed. It’s how he was able to fast track the long windy road back to Viktor. Because they call everything on ice Love. No no wonder it was the ice - falling and hitting his head against it - that got him his memories back.