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The Road Back To You

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Viktor fell asleep on the plane ride out to Alaska. It was restless because he kept on waking up. He doesn’t know if it is the anxiety for being locked in a small house with Yuuri who still doesn’t like sleeping in the same room with him, or if it is the turbulence. Regardless, they land and Viktor can just feel the cold, even from inside of the plane. He and Yuuri bundle up in layers and he grabs their heaviest bags and they walk off of the plane. They walk over to baggage claim and then once again are packed into a golf cart and are carted to the rental car lot. Yuuri freezes when he recognises the car that they are renting. It’s the same as the one he drove in New York. The one that was crushed by the truck. 

“You okay?” Viktor asks, loading everything up in the trunk. 

“This is the same one as New York,” Yuuri says, trying to move, but he is frozen, in more ways than one. 

“Oh fuck… Here, I can go change it-” Yuuri shakes his head.

“It’s-it’s fine,” Yuuri says. “It’s fine as long as I’m not driving, right?” Yuuri says.

“Are you sure? Like 110%?” Yuuri nods and he stiffly climbs into the passenger side. Makkachin jumps in the back, and tries to climb into Yuuri’s lap over the centre console. Viktor drives incredibly slow until they get to the house and he has never seen Yuuri scramble to get out of a car like that before. He helps Viktor bring all of the bags inside and being up and moving helps keep the anxiety of being in the same car again all amped up. Viktor wasn’t given much of a choice on what car they got, they needed something with four wheel drive to deal with the imminent snow and ice. They have a fully stocked fridge and pantries. 

“You alright?” Viktor asks, seeing the look in Yuuri’s eyes. He nods his head.

“Just a little cold, I didn’t think it was going to be this cold,” he says, trying to joke, but he is still panic ridden.
“Why don’t we make some hot cocoa,” Viktor says, opening a cabinet and seeing a huge stock of hot cocoa in a whole slue of different flavours. Yuuri nods his head and wanders around. It is a small little cabin and the heat is finally kicking in. Yuuri finds the bedroom, there is a huge bed. He sits down on it and it is comfy. There is a sliding door leading to the pourch which wraps all the way around the cabin. There is a little dock which in the summer, this place must be nice if it is right on the water. Yuuri knows there is only one bed and he doesn’t know how that is going to work. He still doesn’t like the idea of sharing a bed with him yet. He knows they’re married, but everything is still new. He walks back out into the kitchen and Viktor is finishing with the hot cocoa. 

“I can take the pullout couch,” Viktor says, as if he can read Yuuri’s mind. “It’ll be uncomfortable with a bum knee and your back was bothering you on the plane ride, right?”

“I don’t mind, I have kind of pushed you into the dog house,”

“No, Yuuri, it’s fine,” He says, drinking his hot cocoa. “I once spent a month on a friends couch a pull out couch is a luxury.” He adds with a laugh. “I don’t know about you, but I’m exhausted from traveling.” 

“Absolutely wiped,” Yuuri replies. “So is Makkachin.” She is half asleep on the couch, severely jet lagged. Viktor chuckles at the sight of her. “We should put on a movie or something. I saw a little bookcase of them in the living room.” Viktor smiles behind his mug. He and Yuuri are actually going to do something together. This is going to be good. This is going to be very good, they’re going to have a nice relaxing vacation just the two of them and Makkachin, nothing can go wrong.

They pick out a movie after hot cocoa, a cinematic masterpiece that has them both baffled to why it doesn’t have any official awards. It is none other than the amazing movie, Spaceballs. Yuuri doesn’t get all of the star wars references because he doesn’t remember watching it. Viktor explains some of the references here and there. They both end up crying on the floor from laughing so hard from all of the innuendos and the jokes and the fourth wall breaks. It truly is a masterpiece. They take a brief snack intermission to grab something more to eat and drink, sadly, there isn’t any popcorn.

“There are so many good movies over there,” Yuuri says, half asleep. “Meet Dave is over there too.” He says in between yawns Viktor’s jaw drops. 

“Oh my god, no way,” Yuuri nods. “Oh that is the first American movie I watched and it is just- It’s as good as Spaceballs.”

“We should do movie nights,” Yuuri replies. “Here and when we go back home… Do we do those?”

“We have them every once and a while, but nothing official,” Yuuri smiles. 

“Well, let’s make it official,” Yuuri says “How about at the apartment?” Viktor nods his head. 

“Deal.” Viktor plays the movie, and Yuuri ends up falling asleep with Makkachin half on top of him. He turns the TV off and slowly gets off of the couch. Makkachin wakes up and crawls off of Yuuri and onto the floor, ready to go jump up on the bed like she does when they are at home. Viktor picks Yuuri up, who he assumes is out cold. But he’s not. He is still partly awake and he knows what is going on. Viktor walks into the bedroom carrying Yuuri. He gently sets him down on the bed, and very slowly and as quietly as he can, he takes the cast off of his leg and sets it on the floor beside the bed. He pulls the blanket over Yuuri and he leans down and kisses his forehead. 

“Ya lyublyu tebya,” He says in Russian softly, before closing the curtains softly and walking out of the room, closing the door behind him. Yuuri opens his tired eyes. He knows what Viktor said to him. He doesn’t know a lot, but he knows it means I love you. He focuses and tries to remember where he has heard him say that. Maybe they where visiting Russia, or maybe he always said it to Yuuri in Russian, he doesn’t know. He knows what it means and he didn’t have to think twice about it. He knows that when Vitkor said it, he felt his heart flutter a little bit. Is he remembering how he felt towards him?