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Thomas Drelnor was your average 16 year old boy with no particular talent in general and living in a quiet suburb with no real goals in mind. His mom decided to drag him to a garage sale one day in order to maybe snag a good sale on some things because his mom is a cheapskate. When they finally arrived at the garage sale, Thomas spotted a nice looking phone on one of the tables. "You're really selling a phone at a garage sale?!" he asked the owner of the tan house. "Yes... My son owned this phone but he passed away from a mysterious illness. Not even the doctors could figure out what he had..." The Mother laments. "Oh. Does this mean I can have it for free?" Thomas eagerly grabbed the phone without even a sign of sympathy. The mother just silently watched as Thomas went into his mom's car and muttered "Justice will be waiting for him heheheheh."

When Thomas and his mom came home, Thomas ran to his room with the phone from the garage sale and turned on the phone to find something interesting. It was of a anthro tiger with a big ol' grin and very bright suit. "Was this dude a furry or something? What a weirdo." Thomas said. He unlocked the phone to his surprise with no hassle as there was no lock on it. The home screen still had that same anthro tiger, but something was off about it. He swiped around the screen and he felt like he could feel the tiger's suit. He could feel every single skin cell and suit material on the tiger's body like it was real. He scrolled around the phone some more only to find that there was only one app on it. "Live a Hero? What kind of app is that?" Thomas was very puzzled as he never heard of it before. "Is this furry from this game? Cause it'd make sense for a dumb game to have this dumb furry haha." he chuckled. He clicked the app out of curiosity and for a second the tiger's eye turned a blood red. "Woah am I crazy or did that thing's eyes just turned red?!" Thomas was a little shocked by that but quickly brushed it aside cause whatever man he's probably just going crazy. when the app started and it loaded to the tile screen the name "Live a hero" popped up in a spectacular fashion. "Okay this is pretty cool! Maybe this game will be better than I thought!" Thomas's expectations were completely shattered. Many colorful looking characters were all over the title screen smiling. Thomas noticed the tiger from the home and lock screen were there too. "So he is from this game!" Thomas guessed correctly good for him. Thomas clicked the screen to continue and soon the madness began. The screen turned dark and slowly the tiger from before slowly appeared on the screen. "What the-" Thomas was confused. Surely this isn't how the game is supposed to go right? RIGHT? The tiger finally introduced himself to Thomas. "Oh a new vict- I mean player. Hello! my name is Ryekie, but you may call Zap The Justice!" He proudly exclaimed. "Welcome to the world of Live a hero! What's your name?" Thomas was a bit confused what was going on, but a prompt showed up to enter his name. He typed in Thomas cause that's his name. "Ah it's nice to meet you Thomas. I do hope we get along!" Ryekie looked very excited to meet Thomas even if he was just a game character. "So Thomas, Do you wanna play a game with me?" Ryekie asked enthusiastically. A prompt showed up with a option of yes or no. Thomas of course said yes to the question. "Ah good. It would've been bad if you said no." Ryekie crept up closer to the screen. You could really see the detail in his suit and eyes but then... "LET'S START THE GAME SHALL WE!" Ryekie's eyes turned a blood red and his Sclera turned a very dark black. The screen went to black soon after. "W-What the hell is this?!" Thomas tried to turn the phone off or go to the home screen but neither worked. He was now playing Reykie's game and he couldn't get out of it. The phone screen finally showed something other than the black endless void. It seems to be a battlefield in the a city street. Reykie was on the left, still with those blood red eyes and on the right was a man in a bright red suit. He was holding a baseball bat. "Am I supposed to fight him?" Thomas saw various buttons and commands to attack so maybe that's what he thought was the case. "Yes! That's correct Thomas. The game is that you have to try and defeat me the ever-lovable Zap The Justice! I know you can do it! I believe in you!" Ryekie shouted with glee. In any normal situation this wouldn't be too bad, but ryekie still had those blood red eyes. The baseball player in red looked to be already beaten pretty badly. "How am I supposed to win this This looks next to impossible!" Thomas was at a loss on what to do at this point, but he finally tried to do an attack. 0 Damage the game said. 0 Damage. "Come on you can do better than that! Try again." Ryekie was still grinning acting like everything was normal. Thomas tried again, and again, and again. Still nothing. It always said 0 Damage. "This is actually impossible to win what the hell?!" Thomas was incredibly worried what Ryekie was gonna do. "That's right Thomas. YOU CAN'T WIN!" Ryekie immediately attacks the red baseball man and does 999999999 damage killing him almost immediately. "ISN'T THIS GAME FUN Thomas? I ALWAYS WIN! JUSTICE ALWAYS WINS! JUSTICE WILL ALWAYS WIN!" Ryekie creeps up to the screen again. "I'VE BEEN STUCK IN THIS GODDAMN PHONE FOR YEARS. THIS FURRY WAS THE PERFECT VESSEL FOR MY GAME!" "THE LAST PERSON TO PLAY THIS GAME IS DEAD CAUSE OF ME! CAUSE OF MY JUSTICE!" Ryekie laughs in a very demonic manner. Blood starts dripping out of the seams of the phone, it starts flowing onto the floor of Thomas's room. "Thomas Drelnor. I KNOW WHAT YOU DID. IT'S ABOUT TIME I ENACT JUSTICE ON YOU!" Ryekie's hands come out of the phone and grabs Thomas by the neck. "HAHA HOW'S THIS FOR A JUSTICE HUG? NOW GET OVER HERE." With that Thomas was plunged into the game and never to be seen ever again. With Thomas sucked into the phone, Ryekie showed up on the screen in a dark void. "And Just so you know... I don't think I should be called Ryekie. Call me..."