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It’s nothings that come out of Eiji’s mouth, not able to face Ankh in this moment. After a fight .


Returned again, and it still took a fight to get him back.


He hopes .


Ankh scoffs.


Calls him “idiot.”


Neither are wearing their (human, real ) faces. Eiji hasn’t held the powers of a Greed in some time, or maybe this is simply OOO’s powers, but he knows he had felt the difference the last time he’d seen Ankh before him.


But Eiji doesn’t need a face to know, then. This is Ankh .


His Ankh.


And so it’s those words that finally convince him to turn.


He watches Ankh do the same. His Greed form really is so beautiful. It’s a shame it always appears like this .


Ankh, of course, thinks differently, and Eiji could never fault him for that. He knows the existence of a Greed. He would never wish it on anyone, much less someone he so deeply cares for.


Someone who he finally gets to see again.


Is this the tomorrow with them both in it?


Ankh then, finally, returns to the from Eiji knows best in a swirl of feathers.


And he’s Izumi Shingo’s face, unaged by time, blond hair in curls, and kohl rimmed eyes. A scowl with no bite.


This is real without a doubt, at least for now.


“Welcome back, Ankh.”


Ankh scoffs.


“Took long enough,” he says, and then “I’m back, Eiji.”


And this, this is why he’d let himself fight Ankh when he formed, because he had watched the medal heal. Known in his soul that they were using the real Ankh.


Sometimes, Eiji has found, fights help Riders come to conclusions.


It’s in this moment, however, that he doesn’t know what to do until suddenly he moves forwards.


And then they kiss.