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A hole in the Asylum stalls

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Cipher machine primed!


There was only one problem. Neither Naib, Norton, Tracy or William knew where the hunter was. Anxiety overtook them, and Tracy's fingers trembled with the need to pop the final cipher, her eyes occasionally meeting William's, who stood at the exit gate next to her, his teeth nibbling at his lower lip nervously.


Norton and Naib were supposed to go to the other gate, but Naib apparently went ahead without him.


"Where's Galatea, anyway?"


The prospector wondered out loud only for his own ears to hear. He walked around slowly, wary for any statue that may crush his body into the many walls of the Asylum. He wasn't even close to the monitors to check for answers.


He entered the bathroom, knowing he was close to where Naib was supposed to be, but nothing could've prepared him for having said mercenary dash towards him. A magnet attached to him, it’s hue shining in the poorly lighted place.


It's as red as the one Norton is holding, so the obvious happens: they get repelled. Naib hits the wall with a grunt and Norton's feet dance around for ground, suddenly meeting the toilet and falling ass first into it.


"Pero hombre!" Norton rubs at his side. "What is wrong with you?"


"I was getting impatient! I didn't even notice your stupid magnet!"


"That was careless. Unusual coming from you."


"Maybe if you didn't leave these things all over the floor!"


When he is about to reply so he can continue feeding their little argument, his eyes lock onto something. There's a hole between two stalls, one he had never seen before. The strangest part about it is that it has something written above it.


For Norton's use only.


And below it, it continues.


Opens at 2 A.M.




Norton feels his face heat up, realization sinking in as slowly as he stands up from the toilet. Somebody carved a hole- a glory hole in the bathroom for him. Has this always been there? His fingers poke around and touch the written letters, feeling how some of the ink smears on his skin.


It's fresh.


Could this be some kind of joke?


Naib is staring at him from the other side of the room, smirking.


"Ran out of arguments, huh? You were clumsy with the magnets. Admit it already."


So, he hasn't noticed the situation Norton was in. That's good, because even if Naib is one of the few people he has no problems talking to, this kind of subject is too embarrassing. What is he supposed to say, anyway? /Look, Naib, I finally have the chance to get my dick wet/? Nope, not gonna happen.


He decides he's gonna keep this hole in the depths of his mind so he can explore the meaning of it later, but now, he needs to retaliate and continue his bickering with the mercenary.


That is, until the match suddenly ends.




Galatea left the match earlier due to unknown motives, but that doesn't stop the four survivors from high fiving each other. It was not the ideal setting, but a win is a win.


William leaves the room holding Tracy with just one arm, the smaller woman happily playing with his dreadlocks. That leaves Naib and Norton alone.


That had been the last match scheduled for the day, which meant it was already night.


Norton swallows loudly, thinking of the discovery he made back there. Naib doesn't pay much attention, instead he just pats his back and excuses himself into the kitchen, dropping their previous argument so he can get some snacks. Alone with his thoughts, Norton wanders into his room, where he locks himself in and proceeds to take a shower. 


He watches as the ink in his finger washes away with the water, and he feels a familiar heat pool in his lower abdomen. He can't help it, really. The fact that he's been in the manor for way too long without sex made the offer much more appealing than it should be.


Norton didn't even realize he missed it. Not even when he touched himself at night and thought of the women he used to take into his bed so many years ago, before the incident, when his hard work as a miner caught every lady's attention and disposition for some steamy one night stands.


The need wasn't all that present since his head was haunted by the screams of the lives that were lost because of him, with the guilt eating him alive, so he blamed those memories and sensations on loneliness and his own biology.


If the whole thing hadn't been so ominous, he would've accepted in a heartbeat. Hell, he would've camped the damn hole until the time arrived.


But the question remained clear in his head. Who did it?


Sprawled in his bed, ignoring his own erection for the sake of investigation, Norton thinks.


The only two women in the match had been Galatea and Tracy. The hunter spent most of the match tunneling William and it was painfully obvious that the map was new to her. Plus, she left early, which meant she couldn't have been busy creating a glory hole. It didn't even match the height of where she was sitting.


Not to mention, even if she's dead, she seems a little too young for Norton's liking. If under some rare chance it turned out to be the undead sculptor, he'd cover the hole himself.


That left Tracy.


Who was romantically involved with William.


She wouldn't betray his trust like that. Also, she had been decoding for most of the match.


Norton compared himself to William briefly and his eyebrows furrowed. Tracy would never look his way if she had someone like him.


Before his low self esteem hits him, Norton searches for an answer. He digs into it like he dug in the mines, dangerously deep.


Did another survivor sneak into their match? No, that would be impossible. 


Then, he closes his eyes to address the elephant in the room.


It wasn't a woman. Whoever did it wasn't a woman. And it clearly wasn't William, who was head over heels for his dear mechanic and too clumsy with his own hands to manage to carve a perfect circular hole in the bathroom stall and not having it look like some apple shaped mess.


So, Naib. Wait, wasn't he carrying around his kukri?


Norton gasps and his eyes widen in realization. Of course. The thing about the magnet had been an excuse so Norton would acknowledge the hole, right? He carved the hole and hurried the writing, which made some of the letters ooze with ink.


He found himself standing up and pacing around impatiently. Was it a joke? Was it really a joke? Did Naib-


Did Naib offer him sex?


That couldn't be possible.


He pinched his own cheek, and when it didn't wake him up, he slapped himself.


But the evidence was there. He literally had it on his fingers just a few minutes ago, and if he focuses enough, he can still see some of it smeared under his nail.


He sits down and groans. It's not that he never thought of other men that way, especially back in his mining days when he'd get stuck for days with nicely built, shirtless men.


Something about them working so hard that not even finding themselves full of dirt bothered them was simply alluring to the prospector, even to this day. The fear that he had somehow fallen in love with his own gender was nagging at him, pulling on his feet to drown him in a situation he wasn’t ready to face.


The first time he saw his teammates shirtless, he cursed himself.


Of course. They were stuck in a loop in a manor where they had to run for their lives pretty much daily. At this point, all of them were athletes, one way or another, even with different body types.


But, Naib.


They were friends, weren't they?


He groans, his hands finding the nearest pillow to smother himself with it. Out of all the men in the manor, it had to be the mercenary. The one whose body was marked by his never ending scars, and God, did he wish he didn't pay that much attention to his naked torso.


Even now, he still remembers what his teammates said, as they poked all over his scars, asking about every single one like tourists in a museum. Norton tried to play it cool by not asking anything, but looking at him every now and then and wishing he could strangle the voice inside his head that told him that had definitely been his favorite chest to look at.


The clock continues to tick, reminding him that he was running out of time to make a decision. 


He could always stay in his room and forget the whole situation ever happened, but his ever growing lust was making it really difficult. Would Naib wait for him? On his knees? With those pretty lips of his ready to go south on him like that?


Just how much did Naib desire him, actually? Norton wondered if his greedy mouth was hungry only for him.


He removes the pillow from his face and glares at the tent in his pants. To think of someone as strong and stubborn as the mercenary just willingly sit on his knees and loll out his tongue so Norton can use him is making the prospector's dick twitch with interest.


Fuck it. He was gonna abuse Naib's mouth.


He needs to leave a little earlier, knowing how difficult it is to sneak inside any of the maps. He'd done it before, for the sake of sharing a campfire with some other survivors and hunters at the lake. The barmaid had brought alcohol to create a makeshift bar inside the wooden ship and all.


The sound of other survivors still being awake filled his ears. He wondered if they'd gossip. Luca's mumbling and laughter, followed by the sound of sizzling cables made him realise that whoever was awake wouldn't give a damn about him escaping his room at night.


He stands outside of Naib's door and glues his ear to the wooden door. It was empty. Not even the sound of his breathing could be heard.


Gulp .


White Sand Street Asylum was even more terrifying than usual under different settings. Stepping into the darkness after breaking through had him wondering why Naib picked this place in particular. No one who had a choice would step foot in this cursed place- oh. That was the reason.


Anxiety clawed at his back and through his skin as he made his way inside, successfully bringing down the tent in his pants. It wasn’t too late. He could turn back, pretend this never happened. That, however, would be impossible when it’s been ages since the incident that scarred him happened and he hasn’t been able to forget even the smallest detail.


Forgetting that Naib had the hots for him wasn’t a possibility, and he feared it would create some awkward atmosphere that would most likely affect both of them in the manor on the long run.


The lights hadn't been turned on, but there was a presence inside one of the stalls. Their breath hitched and Norton nodded to himself, stepping inside the stall connected to it through the hole and closing the door behind him.


Silence surrounded them. Naib seemed paralyzed, and Norton knew him enough to realize that panic and possibly regret were setting in.


"Knock once if you're dead serious about this."


His coarse voice, which was loud enough for Naib to hear, turned into the ice breaker of whatever was going to happen.


Knock .


Norton chuckles at how bizarre this situation is. Naib was probably too embarrassed to ever admit he wanted to get into Norton's pants, even if it wasn't like the offer was never made, although the context was different.


"Fuck you, Campbell."


"Right back at ya, Subedar."


"Fuck me, then."


"Get on your knees first."


Their fights always had some kind of sexual innuendo in them, and just now, Norton was  beginning to realize how it could've been arousing, even. Specially in the middle of a match, in the heat of the moment, whenever one of them made a fatal mistake.


Get on your knees , he told Naib back then.


He heard the shuffle of weight and clothing and wondered if he followed his instructions, even if those words had been spoken days ago.


His zipper was undone, the sound of it reaching Naib's ears and painting him red in the face.


Norton wasn't going to waste any more time. Risking Naib's interest in his crotch because he took too long was not going to happen. He pulled down his pants and underwear without any ceremony and took a deep breath.


"Do your best. Knock three times and I'll pull away."


And then, when he adjusted his hips and stuck his dick through the hole, he couldn't help but feel exposed. Naib's eyes burned into his skin, and Norton adjusted a little bit more, so his testicles would dangle on the other side as well.


Pant. Pant.


Even when it was flaccid, it was so much bigger than he'd have expected.


Naib felt his mouth water at the sight, only a dim light from outside offering him the view he desired so much. Lusting after Norton for so long was frustrating- his fantasies about him could only do so much.


There was guilt, obviously, since he was absolutely sure Norton had no idea who was behind the wall. Just once, he told himself. He'd do this only once, cover up the hole and then pretend this never happened.


His body shivers and he leans towards Norton, eager to please. It felt like he was dreaming, unable to believe his own eyes, even when the cold floor against his knees glued him to reality.


The scent of Norton hypnotized him into finally leaning in to kiss his penis right on the tip, making the younger man let out a sigh of what seemed to be relief.


Just the sight of his large cock and plump balls had set fire on his every vein, his own erection strained against his pants. That could wait. Feeling brave, he leaves a trail of kisses from the tip to the base and nuzzles his pubic hair, taking in more of his scent with a needy huff.


It was so good. Masculine, just how he liked it. It made his eyes water with desire.


One of his hands held the appendage and lifted it so he could service his balls as well, trying to get used to this new territory. His dick felt heavy, even more when it began to harden in his palm, his fingers could've never fully closed around that girth.


The attention given to his crotch was nice, not even near pleasurable, but what made Norton so insanely horny was the mental image of Naib on his knees, kissing all over him and panting like a dog in heat. Nobody else could've riled him up like this. It's all slowly starting to come together in his head, being somebody that is used to ignoring his own feelings.


Ogling at him as he vaults, taking his time to devour with his gaze how his strong arms pull his teammates away from the rocket chairs. The oddly sexual sounds he makes when he's injured, which always perked up Norton's interest.


How each time he's had the chance to heal him, Norton has always made sure his fingers memorize the shape of his muscles, bandaging up the skin under his damaged clothes.


He decides not to pay attention to the part of his heart that absolutely swells when he gets Naib to smile at him.


Not now, when he's in such an unusual situation, with his dick hardening on his hand while his pretty lips fill him with kisses.


On the other side, Naib breathes deeply. He can't back away now, not when he's offered himself as some sort of prostitute for Norton to use- for free, at that. 


His tongue, dripping with saliva finally greets his glans, dipping briefly into the slit and humming in approval at the salty taste. Nails dig into his thigh over his clothes, noise shouldn't be made. He's supposed to be anonymous. Just a somebody that's been lusting after Norton, completely unaware of the fact Norton has already found out it's him.


A wet tongue travels all over his hardening erection, tracing every vein, stealing shaky breaths from him as he notices that Norton might be a bit more than he can take.


Not a bit. A lot.


His eyes shine with unshed tears at the exhilarating discovery, and soon he's trying to fit his cock head inside his already aching jaw.


A groan from the other side sends shivers down his spine.


"That's it…"


Fighting back a moan, one of his hands leaves his thigh to palm at his own erection.


The wet cavern that is his mouth takes him in greedily, desperate to prove that he can please him with all the lust he's been building up. Even when he's offered himself to please Norton, he can't shake away the feeling that somehow, this is all for his selfish self to indulge in.


Norton lets his suspenders fall from his shoulders so he can pull up his shirt. It gives him the sensation that he can see better like this. It's tempting, really, to pull out and kick open the door to the next stall, so he can actually do a better sexual performance instead of just allowing himself to be taken care of.


But there was a reason Naib decided it to be like this, and he isn't going to disrespect it. It could send Naib into a panic attack and ruin whatever they could have forever.


A needy tongue swirls around his glans and holding back from bucking into his throat is the biggest challenge he's had in way too long. Just how badly does Naib want him, he wonders, when he hears sloppy sounds while he adjusts his mouth around him. 


Naib takes his sweet time savoring Norton's dick. It's unfair how turned on he is while also feeling incredibly filthy. To surrender to someone like this, dirtying his knees as he ruts against his own hand is making him dizzy.


A wet sound reverberates in the bathroom when he laps at the tip, Norton's fluids mixing with his own saliva, making the younger man moan rather loudly, and it's the most erotic thing that's happened to him in forever. Because he is no stranger to sex with men, after all, and he was afraid that all those years living without any action would be too obvious.


Now, both are panting, and Naib is desperate to fit his length in his throat. Gag reflex hits the first few times he bobs his head up and down that fat girth, and Norton scratches the wall, head thrown back attempting not to buck into his hot mouth.


Not yet.


The mercenary's chin is dripping with fluids, and once he feels his throat loosening around his dick, he attempts one more time.


In and out, slowly and deliciously, until the tip of Norton's dick hits deep inside him and Naib moans involuntarily, eyes overflowing with tears at the delicious meal he finally got his hands on.


"O-oh, oh…" Unable to hold back any longer, his hips thrusts forward and Norton cannot believe just how sensual Naib can be, even when he can't see him. "Good boy, you're so good, oh…" The praise wasn't planned, it escaped him without any warning, and Naib didn't get to process the implications of his words, however, it fuels Naib's fire and it burns him whole when Norton continues moving his hips, thrusting into his mouth in pure desperation, pounding deep inside him the same way he'd definitely fuck Naib if he had the chance. It's dangerous, his lewd mouth seems even hungrier for his orgasm, judging by the way Naib tightens his throat on purpose around him and at times pulls back to suck on his glans like it's candy.


Norton wishes the wall could simply disappear. He'd untie his long brown hair and mess it up real good, guiding his head however he wants to.


Good thing there's, at least, something insanely hot about this secrecy.


He hears him swallow. Even the pre cum that escapes his overly stimulated slit seems to be a treat for Naib and Norton simply knows he won't last too long if he keeps up the pace.


To prove his theory further, Naib's free hand massages and squeezes his balls, as if he's trying to stimulate him into releasing his sperm inside him.


"Fuck, fuck, N-Na, ah…" Norton makes sure he shuts himself up, though it's obvious it's Naib. The mercenary is oblivious of how loud his moans are, giving away his anonymity. And how could he notice? This has been his number one fantasy since his fights with Norton got more sexual, even when they seemed to be empty threats. No time for him to pull out his dick, rutting against his hand was enough. His shaky fingers squeeze his own erection until he pushes just right and he comes, staining his pants and underwear.


"Nnn… nnnh!"


His heart is beating out of control and he feels himself getting higher and higher on the sensation, with Norton's dick still using his throat like it's his own toy. Made for his pleasure only. Ah, he feels ruined, messed up beyond repair.


Naib closes his eyes, tears falling freely down his heated face and he fears they might even sizzle. The sound of his moans vibrates through Norton's throbbing dick and Norton growls , hips reaching forward as far as they can and releasing his seed down Naib's throat, which sends him into completely losing his composure, swallowing helplessly like he needs to gulp down each drop of his milk to satiate his thirst.


Warmth explodes deep inside and it's pure ecstasy, to be able to get Norton to climax inside him. It's filling him so much, he almost fears his stomach might swell. Their bodies are trembling and Norton bucks slowly, riding out his orgasm while he's still inside Naib's erotic throat, all the while groaning and praising him in his mother tongue.


Gently, he pulls out, still mumbling. It's hard to grasp reality. Naib, the mercenary of the manor, just gave him the best blowjob he's ever had and… inside a bathroom stall. Through a glory hole.


He massages his tongue, which hangs out in odd submission, with his reddened glans. "That was…" His entire vocabulary abandons him, the aftermath of such a powerful orgasm turning his brain into mush. However, before he pulls out, a tiny string of semen spills into Naib's pink tongue.


"Show me."


It's an order. He doesn't know if it's a good idea to boss Naib around and he'll understand if he doesn't comply. Naib, however, is still in a lustful and mindless state, willing to show him just how much he can do with his mouth, like swallowing gallons of Norton's hot cum, for starters.


The lack of light reassures him. Norton shouldn't be able recognize whose mouth it is through the hole. He sticks his tongue out, the hot string of semen still seated neatly on his wet muscle.


Norton thinks he might go insane. Naib is too sensual and it's doing things to his brain and his heart which shouldn't be allowed.


His body betrays him, knees trembling until he crumbles while he's fumbling to get his dick inside his pants again.


Those inviting, plump lips of his. The greediest hole is his own mouth, after all. And the best part? For Norton's use only .


However, the prospector is willing to risk everything for this. Before he can give Naib any instruction and without a single warning, he lungs forward and catches Naib's tongue with his own. A surprised gasp from the other side soon turns into a purr as he kisses him back.


He realizes he has memorized the shape of his lips with his eyes and he knows he should pull away before he's in too deep, but the magnetic connection between the mercenary's lips and his own defies logic.


Naib melts into the kiss, more than happy to share his salty reward with Norton, too. It's sticky, it's messy and dirty and maybe that's just how it should be. So perfectly them. Their tongues meet each other again and again and this might be the most gentle exchange they've ever had. There's no battle for dominance, no nasty remarks. Only the taste of sex, of intimacy. Of something Norton is too afraid to acknowledge. 


Norton's teeth close around his lower lip to tease him, nibbling on his meat, and the stimulation soon has Naib moaning needily, electricity travelling down his spine. Acting on an impulse, he nibbles more until he bites hard, and the delicious sound that escaped Naib morphs into a terrified gasp.


The string of saliva and fluids that connected them is now filled with a more metallic taste.


Blood. Norton has drawn blood. Which meant-


"Wait, I-"


But Naib has picked himself up and in a matter of seconds, he runs out of the stall the same way he runs from hunters. Blink and you'll miss it.


Norton curses himself loudly, his body crumbling further into the bathroom floor as he picks up his breath from everything that he just experienced.


He didn't want to. His greed, that wild need of always getting a little more than he should made him mark Naib and damage his lip.


There's no way he can hide his identity anymore, and Norton also realizes with dread, that also meant that his glory hole had become one use only.




Naib avoided him like the plague until they unfortunately had a match together two days later. He sat far from Norton as they waited for José and Victor, pretending to be asleep, face hidden into his elbow pads. Curses swim inside his mind, every one of them directed towards a certain prospector.


As soon as the match began, Naib was more preoccupied with hiding from Norton than actually performing the way he should against the hunter.


He finds an empty cipher and begins decoding there. For this match, he's going to avoid pinging his location unless it's absolutely necessary, because he fears he might faint if he has to face Norton. His head becomes so busy thinking of how disgusted he'd be with him, that he doesn't notice that the man himself has found him, approaching him from behind.




The mercenary leaves on the spot, and he's about to use one of his elbow pads but a hand bigger than his grabs him first. 


"Naib, look at me."


"Fuck off. I'm really not in the mood, Campbell."


The excuse doesn't work, because Norton has spun him around. In a quick movement, Norton has locked both of them inside of a locker, which seemed to be colder than usual with all the snow surrounding it.


He pulls up one of his magnets, it's glow lighting up their faces barely, just enough to see each other for the first time after their little adventure.


With heavy breaths, Naib pushes him away to no avail, fear overtaking him in a way he really hated. It was not fair. His mind had such control over him that even when he knew he was way stronger than Norton, his body refused to be useful.


"Leave me alone."


"Naib, calm down."


It's a whisper. Their bodies are pressed flush against each other and Norton raises a hand so he can inspect the other's face. He turned away, yet his thumb touches over the bruise on his lip easily.


It's enough for Naib to be sent into a panic, which Norton anticipates, his big and strong arms wrapping around Naib's smaller body and keeping him still. The warmth from the prospector's body is comforting in the strangest way. Naib prepares himself mentally not only for the rejection but the humiliation that comes with it, because there's no way Norton didn't know now that it had been none other than him.


The silence is deafening. 


Norton clears his throat.


"I knew it was you from the beginning."


Bewildered and flushed, his entire face a beautiful red, Naib's eyes open to stare at him in disbelief.


Norton adores the view he has, and he feels stupid for not noticing before how he felt for Naib. Not that he's come to terms with it, but knowing there has always been a little something there certainly makes things easier.


"May I…?"


A whisper full of uncertainty. Naib is still searching deep inside his own mind for words, something to say to Norton, but the situation has become so unlike what he expected he doesn't even feel real anymore.


His thumb is still over his lip, pressing slightly on it and Norton looks like he needs him so, so bad. Is this how desire is supposed to look like? How it's supposed to shine from the depths of his chocolate gaze?


Still unable to formulate words, Naib's body does the rest.


They kiss slowly, bodies trembling as they hold each other, trying to find how they fit together. Naib doesn't understand why he isn't being rejected or beaten into a pulp. Not like he doesn't appreciate how the prospector holds him, his magnet forgotten on the ground, his tongue lapping apologetically on the bruise he made.


If he knew, then…


Naib hums to himself as they kiss. Although confusing and new, it felt right.


Norton hoists him up against the locker wall and Naib's legs close around his waist, his feet pushing Norton's body towards himself.




Norton swallows loudly after whispering and Naib smirks at him, already feeling like he owns him and he desperately wants to tell him but his brain still hasn't found the right words to say.


Messy hair and desperate hands, lips locked like they somehow can belong together.


Norton's bigger frame completely swallows Naib's and the locker creaks as they adjust further. Right between the Mercenary's legs, where heat is pooling, Norton is already about to start rutting against him with pent up lust.


The door opens roughly, and they turn their horrified faces to meet an even more horrified Bloody Queen.


"Mon dieu."


They freeze. They don't even untangle from each other. Norton attempts to talk, his lips wet and reddened from that unexpected make out session with Naib. They had been so lost in each other it was no surprise they couldn't tell apart their own heartbeats from the obvious danger outside the locker.


"Uh. Hunter."


Mary's dead eyes leave Norton to focus on Naib, as if she was expecting a more elaborate explanation.


"... Don't tell anyone?"


Terror Shock.