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Lola's BunBun Adventure!

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One day Lola Loud borrowed BunBun from Lincoln. "He will not know it is gone!" she said and laughed.

I will have a tea party with BunBun," Lola said. Then she invited Clyde to the party but before Clyde could get there BunBun was gone!

"I'm sorry I lost BunBun!" Lola said to Clyde. "Do not tell Lincoln of the truth!"

"I know who can help us!" Clyde said. He dialed a number on his phone and then he got the answer machin.

"Put a quarter in the phone to get my help," the message said so Clyde inserted a quarter in the phone.

"Okay I am on my way!" Encyclopedia Brown said and then he got to the house fast because he had Sonic powers from Sonic. (It was the real Sonic not the fake one.)

"What is the problem?" Encyclopedia Brown said.

"I lost BunBun!" Lola said. "He is a bunny that is belong to Lincoln."

"Aha!" I know where he will be. Encyclopedia Brown said. "He will be on the Space Jam planet with the Looney Toons."

"But he is a toy not a toon" Lola said. "No he is a toon" Encyclopedia said.

"You are also a toon," Encyclopedia said.

"What I am not a toon," Lola said but then she got sucked into the golf hole and she was on the Space Jam planet! Garth from the Star Wars planet was there too for some reason.

"OH NO I AM A TOON!" Lola said and she had to play basketball aginst the Monsters with BunBun on her team and also Bugs Bunny who was dating Starlight Glimmer from My Little Pony.

"Help I don't think I can win!" Lola said. But then she did a super double ultra slam dunk without even trying!

"Wow I am good at basketball like Lynn but better!" she said and then she won the game so the Monsters lost!

"Thank you for the help," the girlfriend of Bugs Starlight Glimmer from My Little Pony said.

"No problem and also you are my hero!" Lola said. "I like your show because it is good."

Then Lola was back on the Earth planet she was from and Lola had BunBun.

"I told you she was on Space Jam planet," Encyclopedia said. He was playing checkers with Clyde and Derek and just got a checkmate.

"No I think BunBun is he" Lola said.

"Okay I knew that because I am never wrong," Encyclopedia said. "Also the Space Jam planet will call you again someday probably."

"Okay," Lola said.

The End