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Doom Legion

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After Lena put back the folder and the memory stick on a nearby table, Sam moved closer to the still tied Alex and bent down until Alex could see Sam’s beautiful brown eyes through the transparent lenses of the suit.

“You know Alex, maybe next time you can bring your girlfriend so we can duct tape her on top of you”, Sam whispered teasingly in a lower and seductively tone.

Alex suddenly felt her mouth becoming very dry and blushed furiously turning her face redder than a stop signal, so she was grateful when a ring was heard and grabbed Sam’s attention.

Next, Sam moved away towards the source of the ring sound while intentionally swinging her hips to drawn Alex’s eyes towards her toned ass.

“Did Lena vacuum-sealed Sam into that suit or something?” Alex thought to herself while she watched how Sam’s ass moved side-to-side while Sam walked away.

The source of the sound had been a small mini-elevator that brought down to the lab a small tray with a metal cover on top of it.

Before grabbing the small tray, Sam picked up a remote control and pushed a button, that caused a section of the lab’s wall, next to Alex, to seemly glitch out and disappears, revealing a welded iron bars cell door.

“Wake up, breakfast is ready”, Sam screamed in her normal voice while she walked in the direction of the cell’s door carrying the small tray.

“When I get out of here, you will pay for this”, Alex heard and recognized the feminine voice coming out of the cell as with some difficulty she was able to turn the chair.

Still madly blushing and still being unable to speak, Alex turned to Lena for an explanation.

“If you are wondering, yes, that’s Colonel Haley”, Lena said as she walked closer to Alex, “She has been our guest for almost as long as Sam’s powers had been reawakened after she tried to blackmail me and Sam into working for the government’s black ops by threatening Ruby in a Godfather-style; we don’t know how she found out but no one else seems to know”.

After lowering the small tray to the floor, Sam pushed it with her foot inside the cell under the iron bars door; and then said: “Words, words, words. If you want to get out of here, you just need to sign the deal and leave me and my daughter alone”.

“You wish”, Haley said as she reached for the tray while either not noticing or not bothering to acknowledge Alex’s presence.

“See you later then”, Sam said before pressing the button on the remote, and the wall seemly materialized again hiding the cell.

Seeing Alex’s confused expression, Lena continued with her explanation: “It’s a modified version of what I used to keep Reign in check for a while, despite being pure non-solid energy, it works just like a real wall except for that air can go through it”.

“And what is the deal about?” Alex asked finally being able to speak again.

“A legally-binding document wherein exchange of a quite generous payment, Haley would forget everything she knows about me”, Sam replied.

“Well, this explains her mysterious disappearance or why Lucy was named her replacement so fast”, Alex said.

“Wow, you two have been very busy recently”, Andrea said.

“Yeah, these last few weeks have been pretty hectic”, Sam said.

“Is just me or Lena seems more relaxed”, Andrea wondered.

“Yeah, this whole “I’m evil now, muahaha” has taken a lot of weight off Lena’s mind, but she is still hurt about what happened with Kara”, Sam replied.

“Were they really that cozy with each other?”, Andrea said.

“Lena felt very attached to her and that’s why she felt so hurt”, Sam continued, “I don’t want to think what Lena would have done if I wasn’t around to comfort her”.

“Anyways, you can on me for whatever nefarious plot you come up with”, Andrea said in a mocking tone.

 “Awesome, see that’s what friends are for”, Lena said as she walked into their conversation, causing Sam and Andrea to start laughing and Lena to glare at them instead and lamenting that she is never going to live that phrase down.

"That's the spirit", Sam said teasingly before leaving the lab, earning her another glare from Lena, "I'm going to change clothes unless Alex has other ideas".

Which prompted Alex to blush intensively and her face to turn extremely red again.

Once Sam left the lab, Lena turned to Alex and said: "You want to know why I'm doing this, right? Why I simply didn't leave National City instead?".

While Alex may have not been wondering about that right now, she did wanted to know, so Alex just nodded.

"Its because, for all of my life, people have tried successfully or not to lie, manipulate and deceive me; and I thought that Kara was different, someone who I could trust", Lena said, "But I guess that the only ones that I can trust after all are Sam and Andrea, and maybe even you".

“Wait, me?”, Alex said puzzled due to currently being bound with duct tape to an office chair and previously also gagged

“Alex, the only reason why you are wrapped and tied up is that you wouldn’t calm down and stop struggling”, Lena said.

"So are you not angry with me?", Alex said a little confused that while Lena's face, and especially her eyes, showed a deep sadness, traces of anger repeatedly disappeared just a quickly as they had appeared when she started talking about Kara.

Lena's expression lighted up and with a soft and warm smile: "Of course not, so why would be I? Do you remember that conversation we had back then when you found out that Sam had been the Worldkiller all along?".

"Yeah?" Alex replied still confused.

"It's all the same; Kara being Supergirl all along was her secret, you were solely respecting her wishes, and really, it wasn't your place to say anything about it to me", Lena trying to reassure Alex that she did not hold any kind grudge against Alex over the Supergirl secret.

"So we good?" Alex asked.

"We good", Lena said smiling.

"You have such strange coping mechanisms, Lena", Alex said smiling and slightly giggling as well.

"You tend to develop them you had a life like mine", Lena giggle a little too.

"Besides, given that Kara and Supergirl are the same people, I have to do something about the "Supergirl is a bitch" and "Kara Danvers is my most loyal and best friend that I have in this world" boxes before I can even start forgiving Kara", Lena said, causing her to giggle some more, along with making Alex start giggling as well.

A couple of minutes later, Sam returned dressed in a grey pantsuit with a white blouse and black high heels.