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Daisuke stared fixedly at Haru who walked away from him. In his ultramarine iris, he saw Haru who was busy unbuttoning his shirt, loosening his belt and pants, then leaving it like that while stretching his body muscles. Daisuke stared at him with an awkward face, feels nervous and anxious, and without realizing it, his fingers gripped the man’s khaki jacket tightly, hugging him protectively as if something was going to grab the jacket, pulling the jacket away from him—keeping Haru away from him.

The anxiety Daisuke felt began to spread throughout his body, made his heart beats faster, and let out a small sigh in one second, also tiptoeing on the spot. His gaze was unfocused, so he didn’t notice that Haru was looking straight at him and approaching him.

“Hey,” Haru grabbed Daisuke’s shoulder, bringing back Daisuke from his restless reverie. “Maybe,” Haru looked doubtful but said again when he saw Daisuke’s body language that asked him to continue. “We’d better just cancel our agreement, hm—“

“Why?” Daisuke immediately asked.

The reply made Haru blinked in surprise, then laughed awkwardly and turned his gaze to the large, spacious garden in the Kambe’s sibling house estate, or any direction as long as it wasn’t Daisuke’s surprised, disappointed face. “You seem uncomfortable about what’s going to happen here, you know? It’s clear on your face and body language, Daisuke.” Haru sighed and looked at the young man before him understandingly. “If you are, tell me right now and I’ll go to where I usually did it.”

Daisuke shook his head softly, “Well, yeah, I do look uncomfortable—but it’s not as uncomfortable as you mean, I’m just plain clumsy and nervous, but it’s not to the level I want you to leave from this place. Besides,” Daisuke paused, then glanced at the darkening evening sky. In no time, everything Haru said a few days ago will begin, and Daisuke must continue his words as soon as possible and keep his distance from the man in front of him. “Besides, you promised to do it at my place if I gave you permission and cleaned up the neighborhood of this house—hey, you know, I even forced Suzue to leave this house for a while for a week—wherever it is, I don’t care as long as Suzue isn’t around in this place or break my privacy via HEUSC.”

“But I don’t want to trouble you—I don’t want to hurt you, Daisuke.”

“No, you won’t.” the man grinned slightly. “I’m sure you won’t let your instincts do it.”

Both of them fell silent. Looking at each other and at that time Daisuke began to notice that there were sparks of light on Haru’s iris.

“I saw sparks in your eyes, Haru.” Daisuke patted Haru’s right cheek, smiling as if hinting at the man that he would be fine, he didn’t want to break the deal and didn’t want to hold Haru any longer. “Go and have fun. This garden is all yours and no one will bother you because there are only the two of us here.”

Haru nodded, and despite a look of doubt, the man turned his back from Daisuke and moved away from him. Daisuke glared at the man who slowly entered his private garden filled with large towering trees, then went through the balcony of the room to enter the house, ordering HEUSC to block access to find and from the house and residential estate carried out by the AI butler. For the last time, Daisuke stared at where Haru was hiding, after he finally closing the curtains of his room and deciding to clean himself, then enjoyed the food Haru made for him before the time, and busied himself as usual while waiting for Haru to finish with his business.

Nearing midnight, Daisuke faintly heard a rustling sound, followed by a growl and howl of wild animals. Daisuke turned his gaze from the Edgar Allan Poe novel he borrowed from Haru to the balcony window of his room, staring straight with an uneasy expression. He tiptoed in his seat, and a few minutes later, he got out of the chair, then tightened the hem of Haru’s jacket that he was wearing, he walked slowly towards the balcony window of his room like a thief. Daisuke paused a few steps from the window which was covered in the luxurious curtain, stared doubtfully but his hand still stretched out to touch the curtain, holding it tight for a moment as he wondered whether he would do it or do what Haru asked him to do. But it turned out that curiosity overcame his doubts, so, Daisuke crouched down and crawled toward the window, slightly opened the curtain, and peeked a little with difficulty.

How shocked Daisuke was, seeing that there was a pair of beautiful Gamboge eyes staring straight at him. However, instead of distancing himself and hiding, Daisuke opened the curtain wide and it made him able to see a creature on the balcony of his room—in Daisuke’s ultramarine eyes that shining beautifully, that creature was placing the umpteenth river stone between several branches, leaves, and flowers in the balcony floor. That creature—the big wolf then moved from its position, sat in front of Daisuke, and stared intently at him with beautiful yellow eyes that were different from the color of the creature’s original iris.

Daisuke fell to his knees, his face and gestures awkward, confused but also interested. The man saw that big wolf pressed his forehead against the window, then looked at him with a subtle expression accompanied by a gentle roar. Daisuke let out a sigh of relief, he clicked his head and then put his palm right where the wolf’s forehead was.

“You are beautiful, Haru,” Daisuke adored him with a face like a teenager in love. “And I love the color of your eyes—both of them.”

The big wolf just replied with a snort while glancing in another direction, Daisuke knew that he feels embarrassed by his confession, but not long after, the big wolf looked back at him, sticking his forehead followed by Daisuke later. The two of them met each other for minutes, chatting without any words and voices, sharing emotions and souls.

That night, the full moon looked huge, shining beautifully that could dazzle the universe, and also with the house estate garden and Daisuke’s room. The appearance of Daisuke and the big wolf was dazzling so that it looked even more charming. In the big wolf’s gaze, Daisuke was glistening—he looked relaxed, with his porcelain skin flush lightly, his ultramarine iris that resembled the ocean looked more tempting, his little red lips that were like ripe apples, and his naked body under satin pajamas and a khaki jacket. From Daisuke’s point of view, the wolf was glowing—he looked strong and gentle at the same time, his amazingly crafted animal body, cute snout and legs, and shimmery, downy fur three tones as brown as an oak tree, black as charcoal, and white as snow. In each other eyes, their existence is the perfect definition of a beautiful creature—everything felt surreal and magical.

Daisuke yawned. The big wolf blinked and licked the window where Daisuke’s sleepy face could be seen, it looked like he told him to go back into the room and take a peaceful rest. The man chuckled softly, then let the big wolf move from his position, past the collection of small gifts that he offered to Daisuke as a sign of love and gratitude which was returned an understanding nod from Daisuke.

Daisuke waved at him, didn’t care if the big wolf didn’t know it, “Have fun,” and whispered. “I’ll be fine and wait for your return here.” Then he walked over to the big soft and comfortable bed, drowned himself in his expensive pillows and blanket, and Haru’s khaki jacket that had never been removed since he was wearing it after taking a shower hours ago.

Towards dawn, Daisuke faintly heard a soft knock from his balcony window. Daisuke was disturbed, then blicked while gathering his consciousness and jumping out from his bed when he realized that he knew someone who did it.

Daisuke rushed to the window of his room, opened the blinds a bit carelessly, and saw Haru in the opposite place. The two of them looked surprised at each other’s appearance—Daisuke with the hair and messy face that just woke up and Haru with a slightly dirt and mud on his messy outfit and he hugged some things he had collected for Daisuke that night.

“You,” said Haru nervously, “You’re still wearing my jacket?”

“Mmm,” Daisuke nodded as he picked up things Haru presented to him as gifts. “If you have any objections, I’ll replace your jacket with a new one just like this.”

Haru shook his head and chuckled, “No, I don’t mind. You can wear it as you like. I dare to say that you look cute and comfy with my big jacket on your body.” Haru stepped into the room, approached the private bathroom that available in Daisuke’s room, not realizing that his words made Daisuke tickled. “I beg your permission to take a shower in your bathroom, okay? Oh, and anyway, where did you put the clean clothes I brought, Daisuke?”

“It’s still in your bag,” Daisuke quietly calmed his body and heart. “I put it on the standing hanger in the bathroom.”

Until then, Daisuke realized that the gifts that Haru collected and gave were not only limited to the amount he held, but also with other objects such as coins, hairpins, pendant, paper clips, and others that Daisuke was confused about why these objects were in his estate house garden.

But he didn’t take it any further, because for him, what Haru did to him such as treating him to common’s food when he worked overtime or cooking his dinner, or giving him a place to sleep when he ran away from home to giving small gifts in the full moon nights is how Haru shows his care and love for him without many words and unconditionally. []