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A Fence

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Are we building that fence today?
Oh, I suppose we don’t quite need to.
After all, you are ever-vigilant,
As you always were.
There is no need for a fence to keep
Him out
(not that it would stop him anyway).
After all, you’ve dealt with him before,
Wrestled for three days straight,
Knocked him and his army flat
And sent them running —

Your life is better now, no?
The past does not chase you
As it does so many?
I see you stare back so often,
It is hard to tell, sometimes.
After all, when you’ve stood still,
Stayed at first for eighteen years,
What is there but behind?

She’s gone now, you know.
Died in the hospital.
Is it time for that fence yet?
Is today the day?
Your vigilance broke for a second,
And the repercussions were deadly.
I suppose that you ought prepare
For the rematch.
After all, what could fences ever do
To stop death?