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Keep Your Enemies Closer

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His hands shook. He couldn’t see Shin’s face, but he could feel every warm inch of him, writhing beneath him. It was intoxicating, enough to make his head reel. Busy hands worked their way under his shirt. He moaned throatily, rocking his hips, grinding on Shin’s lap, moan matched moan long and low in the dark.
Using his body as a guide, Azusa slid to lay flat on top of him, kissing him thoroughly, probing the sweet recesses of his mouth. His hand sought the switch on his bedside lamp and turned it on. The room was bathed in soft, almost orange light and Shin blinked up at the face a mere inch or two away from his own, his eyes questioning.
Azusa pushed up onto his knees, dragging Shin with him. He pulled his shirt off over his head and bent to lick a long trail from navel to nipple.

“I need to see you Shin...all of you. This sweet body and the sexy faces you make when I touch you, everything.”

Shin gasped when that mouth opened over one flat nipple, sucking roughly, the other wrapped in his hair to bend him back slightly, allowing better access to the sensitive nub. His tongue laved in languorous circles, occasionally leaving one in favor of the other, sweeping damp paths between the two, the air cooled them, and it took every ounce of Shin’s control to keep from coming right then. He nipped at one, Shin bowed beneath the pleasure of it, his hands coiling into Azusa’s hair.
He smiled coyly.

“Like that Shin?”

He pushed him back roughly. His impassioned arrogance made Shin harder as Azusa kneeled between his legs.

“Let’s just see what else we can do.”

His nails scraped lightly as he massaged Shin’s shoulders, slowly sliding down the slight curves of the lean body, resting on his hips before sliding beneath his ass and lifting it away from the bed. He leaned in breathing deeply, eyeing his offering before sliding his tongue beneath the denim flap. Shin gasped, bucking up towards that tongue, but the hands beneath him clung to his ass, keeping him still and utterly at his mercy. He used his teeth and tongue to work the button on his jeans and slid the zipper open, his gaze fastened on Shin’s, glazed with anticipation. His lips remained busy, freeing the head of Shins cock from the slit front of his boxers. A small drop of moisture crowned the tip and Azusa nearly lost himself at the sight of it. Sighing deeply, he used his leverage beneath Shin to pull that most desired part of his body closer. Shin’s hands were tight fists in his hair, and when the younger man just examined him tenderly, he pulled it, their eyes meeting again over his erection.

“ ‘Zusa!”

Azusa didn’t look away. His tongue darted out, sliding slick and warm over the tip of him, sucking up its seeping wetness.

“ohm, god! Azusa! mmmnnn, more…please.”

It was he wanted to hear, absolute surrender. Pulling his hands away abruptly, he allowed Shin to rest against the bed as he yanked off his shoes, socks, and worked at removing his jeans, his hands were shaky, uncoordinated in their impatience and Shin egged on his urgency, begging him to hurry.
Once he freed all that glorious flesh from the confines, of “not as glorious clothes” he fell immediately on him. Kissing that waiting mouth, sucking along the strong tender lines of his throat and lightly teething along his color bone. He continued his full body worship. Searching lower, down past a flat, muscled stomach, and the gentle sloping of hip bones into toned thighs. He nuzzled behind one slightly bent knee, his tongue snaking out to taste the sinuous curve of Shin’s calf.
He had his own special flavor, it was one Azusa craved more than anything else, and he couldn’t stop until he was satisfied.
Shin’s breath came out in heavy sobs, grew more frantic as he was rolled onto his stomach. That hot mouth that showed no intention of relenting, played havoc on the back of his leg as his hand massaged the other. He moved slow, and it seemed to blaze hot across his skin. Up over the swell of one smooth cheek, down over the other. His hands massaged them in slow liquid circles before dividing them for his marauding tongue. Shin’s eyes widened, then rolled back in his head, a long moan spilled out between slack lips. His hand clenched the pillow beneath his head, opening and closing...finding no real outlet for the pleasure of that mouth lapping greedily at his core. Stiff wet muscles delved deep, then retreated behind playful flicks. His ass convulsed; long shuddering cries were drawn from his throat one wet plunder at a time.

“Nnnnahhh, oh god, -ple…please, ahnnzusa…ahh…”

All at once Azusa abandoned that pooling warmth and traveled the rest of the way up his back, stopping to press a long kiss at the nape of his neck, before rolling him onto his back and starting all over again. Shin gasped, riding waves of erotic exhaustion, his body tingled with more sensation than his mind knew how to handle, he knew he would go crazy if he didn’t fuck him…and soon.
His hands grasped at Azusa’s scalp as he once again, burned his way down the full length of him until he reached the throbbing evidence of his desire. He eyed it, taking several moments to memorize its shape and color. Its size and texture could be measured in other ways. He lovingly bestowed a slow ardent kiss to the tip, wrapping his tongue around it in languid strokes, before sucking it into his mouth. The action elicited deep, throaty moans and exciting him to the point of release himself. His mouth released him, only to unleash a barrage of long sweeping licks from base to tip, his free hand, massaging his sac. Shin’s head moved back and forth on the pillow, his fist found refuge between his teeth, making a valiant effort to stem off the hoarse cries that threatened to break free from his chest. However, when Azusa stopped licking only to take his entire length deep into his mouth, working every ounce of flesh with the back of his tongue, all pretenses were stripped away, he groaned loudly, his hands alternated between his hair and scratching the wall above his head. He withdrew slowly, then invaded back again, swallowing in his throat, constricting around that shaft, as he milked it for every pleasured moan, he heard escape Shin’s lips. His pace alternated between languid strokes and impassioned sucking; his cheeks hollowed with each heavy pull.

“Oh, god…oh, god. Azusa, pleeeaasse, I’m gonna, ahnnnn…”

He came then, in his mouth, down that throat and Azusa lapped every last drop, as he continued to invade.
The heaving of Shin’s hips became less frantic, but the moans still echoed against the walls.
Shin’s tried not to look at him as he continued to lick and suck, lapping at his cock until it was completely picked clean. He raised his head and met Shin’s eyes. His face was flushed, his breathing heavy and although he had just come, in a most spectacular display, he was already beginning to get hard again. Azusa smiled and Shin rolled to his knees.

“My turn,” he whispered. Kneeling between his legs as Azusa sat, resting his weight on his arms.

His hand clasped around the hard ridge of Azusa’s cock, hard and throbbing beneath his jeans. There was no teasing, no playful skimming of hands over skin, there was just release, as Shin relieved Azusa of his clothing, his mouth zeroing in on that newly revealed arousal. He took it deep, with a minor scraping of teeth on flesh that made Azusa whimper. Shin’s eyes narrowed, not a good enough response. He wasn’t trying hard enough, apparently. He took him deeper, ignoring the discomfort in the back of his throat as he changed his pace from slow to frantic pumping.
Azusa’s arms began to shake, pleasure stealing his strength. His head dropped back, he panted, wetting his lips and focusing on the ceiling above him.


His hand found its way to Shin’s hair, not permitting him to withdraw completely, making his wet thrust shorter and deeper. His hands found the half-concealed globes of his ass and began to massage in time with his thrusts, making Azusa moan deeply, his hips undulating in time.
His breathing grew more ragged, more uneven, he moaned deeply his shaft throbbing with the need for release, even as he pulled Shin away from him, pushing him face down amidst blankets and pillows.
His mouth once again fastened on the core of his ass, tongue plunging deep, licking and sweeping. He reached around, wrapping his hand around the hardening flesh, pumping in time with his own furious movements.
Shin moaned, loudly, the pillow against his face muffled the sound.
Azusa pulled away suddenly, slapping his ass roughly before standing.

“Wait here.”

Shin watched him disappear into the bathroom, his muddled mind not fully comprehending anything beyond the sudden cooling of his skin. Azusa returned shortly carrying a little tube. He sat on the bed next to Shin and showed it to him.

“Sometimes...well, sometimes there just isn’t enough…”

Shin kissed him, deeply then lay back and wrapped his arms beneath his knees, presenting himself before Azusa.

“Please…Azusa, I don’t know how much more I can stand.”

Azusa nodded, pouring a liberal amount of oil onto his hands, rubbing them together until they were slick and shiny. Crouched between his legs, he lovingly applied a liberal amount to that waiting mouth, before pushing in one slick digit until it reached the base. Shin arched off the bed, the discomfort slowly turning to bliss. He began to move, reacquainting Shin with the alien feeling, before adding another lubed finger, and then another, still moving all three in a steady cadence, Shin’s gasps matched them stroke for stroke. His fingers twisted, seeking out different angles attempting a deeper probe. His eager force pushed, Shin sighed, the assault on his senses making his mind reel. Azusa could feel the flesh loosening, becoming more accepting and withdrew.
Shin was urged to sit up and the tube was placed into his hands.
Without even a second glance Shin began to spread the liquid over Azusa’s shaft, in long steady pulls that left him gasping, wanting.
Azusa eased back, feeling those hands play down his length. Deciding when enough was enough, he grabbed Shin’s elbows and pulled him flat against his body, kissing him deeply.
Levering himself off the bed he prodded until Shin straddled him. The tip of his cock probed Shin’s entrance and the older man shuddered.

“ ‘Zusa…”

Shin shifted, taking in the whole of Azusa’s length, sinking lower, struggling against the tight fit. Their breathing synchronized, as Shin began to move. Slowly at first, he picked up the pace, rolling his sweat drenched hips in heavy pounding thrusts. Azusa’s hands flexed on his ass, pulling him deeper, moving his hips against his own rhythmic plunges. Shin’s hands splayed across his chest brushing softly over puckered nipples, attempting to keep his balance though the onslaught. His stilted cries meshed with Azusa’s as he drove into him.

“-ahh, Zusa! Harder..haar…ahh…”

Azusa withdrew, pushing Shin onto his back. He leaned forward on the back of his legs, the weight of his body nearly folding him in half as he drove back in, on the verge of weeping at the sensation of that velvet channel fisting every inch of him. With the feel of Shin’s nails in his back, he became more demanding, sweat beaded on his back, running down to pool at the base of his spine.

“Oh, god, ‘Zusa...I’m gonna...”

Azusa kissed the corner of his eye.

“Let me see your face, let me see the face you make when you lose it Shin...”

The nails at his back ripped crimson rivers as Shin came for the second time, shouting Azusa’s name over and over, clawing for purchase on the edge of his sanity.
His eyes were a glassy black, like onyx, his jaw worked furiously against his drugged moans, sounding his name like a siren. His skin was kissed with a heavy flush, awash with a fine sheen of sweat...the sight was too much.
Azusa came not long after, came so hard that his vision went white for a long moment after he collapsed on top of Shin, resting between his legs.
Shin’s arms wrapped around him protectively and Azusa nuzzled in closer, still inside the other man’s cooling body.


The form above him was still and quiet.

“Azusa...I just wanted to say, that I love you too.”

Silence. Shin looked up to see Azusa studying him intently.

“Prove it.”

Shin grinned and grabbed his ass playfully.

“I thought I just did, rather brilliantly if I might say so myself.”

Azusa palmed Shin’s face, looking him deep in the eyes.

“Sex is sex Shin. Stay here with me tonight. I want to wake up with you next to me.”

His jaw set stubbornly, ready to dismiss any disagreement with whatever his arsenal had left. Shin put him at ease rolling from underneath him.

“If that is all it takes to prove myself, well then, I’ll sleep here every night.”

Azusa chuckled.

“That may be a little hard to explain to my Dad. How about we just shoot for the rest of the week. We’ll see where we go from there.”

Shin kissed his chin.


Azusa sighed contentedly. Laying down behind Shin he wrapped his arm around his middle dragging his back up his chest. He nudged a knee between his leg, and while one hand stayed at its starting point, the other drifted lower to rest against Shin’s softened length. His own nestled in the crease of Shin’s ass, and the older man tensed, a small shudder running through him.
Azusa didn’t seem to notice, but just buried his nose in Shin’s hair and sighed.

“G’night Shin.”

Goodnight? Goodnight!

How the fuck was he supposed to sleep like this? He could feel his arousal stirring to life again and the bastard was already sound asleep!
He seethed as that hand unconsciously massaged his cock and shifting uncomfortably, he wriggled against Azusa.
He would pay him back...oh yes, when he least expected it.
Shin cackled quietly, oh yes, revenge. He laughed evilly one more time, before surrendering to sleep.


The fingers that trailed down his spine were soft, tantalizing. They wandered slowly, tracing small patterns over his lower back and drifted to dance over the swell of one cheek. They turned to nails then, lightly scratching the smooth skin, making him gasp into his pillow. The sensation was pure torture, the kind that made him ripe with need, the kind that made him beg. He bit the soft fabric, trying to stem off the low moans that threatened to break free. The result was a sultry, if somewhat muffled, growl. The hands continued their exploration, brushing down the back of thighs and fingering a roughened heel. He wriggled impatiently, then started when the hands abruptly left his feet and pushed back up to his ass. They sank into that firmness and kneaded forcefully. His breathing turned to deep moans, when a heated mouth sucked him into its depths, sipping deeply as the tongue wriggled around the shaft. A hand was at the base, stroking him sweetly, in time with that lush mouth.
Azusa’s eyes snapped open, feeling the need well beneath the covers.
He frowned as the dream continued, that mouth torturing his turgid flesh, his sigh whooshed out, carrying a moan with it and he turned to seek out Shin. Only his legs stuck out from beneath the covers, as the rest of him was obviously occupied below.
He chuckled warmly, hissing out his breath as that precious mouth worked him into a lather.
Thought he had the upper hand, did he?
Pushing back the covers, he found Shin’s bare waist, tapering down to a rather proud erection, flushed with his exploits.
Without hesitation, he seized Shin’s ass and pulled him closer, breathing the smell of sex before slipping that pride deep into his mouth.
A small moan wafted from beneath the covers, but that mouth did not stop, and not wanting to be outdone, Azusa began to conquer his senses, licking and sucking, in turn as Shin began to squirm beside him. The hands that held his ass began to knead the flesh furiously, seeking that same relief. He planted kisses down the shaft, stopping to nibble at the tender spot between his thigh and arousal, sucking in the soft skin there, Shin cried out, but continued to plunder, unwilling to succumb. Azusa smiled his appreciation, but that smile disappeared when the covers were tossed to the floor and Shin rolled on top of him, never once breaking contact with his cock, taking it deeper. Azusa found his face pressed tightly between Shin’s legs and he could barely contain the pinpoints of heat that shot through him, as he again took that willing flesh into his mouth, his hands busy running up and down the soft insides of heated thighs. It was a pleasurable tangle of limbs and tongues that had them struggling for supremacy, both fighting a losing battle. The need coiled deep in the pit of Azusa’s stomach...he could feel his control starting to snap, but pressed on, expanding his onslaught to Shin’s soft hollow, inserting two fingers into his mouth, then sliding them home, he began slow thrusts as he worked his cock in his mouth. Shin cried out; his mouth torn from his revenge as wave after wave of pleasure rolled through him.


He came sweetly jerking slightly away from the mouth that was still moving, pushing him past the draining point.
He buried his face in Azusa lap, his tongue flicking out as his strength seeped out of him. His hand was still clamped tightly around Azusa and he slowly began to move it, frantically pumping as he leaned into the grinding motions of those fingers.
Suddenly he was pushed off and landed on his stomach, just beside Azusa, who took a few precious moments to stare at him as he readied himself, applying a thick layer of lube. He pulled Shin away from the bed and spread his legs, entering him urgently from behind. He knew he was too close to the end for this to last long but he needed, so desperately to be inside. Shin’s ragged, panting breaths were covered by the sounds of Azusa’s frenzied moans, his plunge became awkward, fast, as he came in spectacular fashion and Shin collapsed, gasping for air.
Azusa withdrew and dragged Shin face down across his lap, using a tissue to wipe him clean before tucking him to his side.
He smiled.

“If I could wake up like this every day, I don’t think I would ever make it out of bed!”

Shin pouted.

“It was supposed to be a punishment you ass.”

Azusa lifted an eyebrow.

“Punishment? Punishment for what?”

Shin crossed his arms and looked away.
Azusa chuckled and rolled on top of him, grinding as Shin tried his best impersonation of “disinterested.”
He kissed him lightly, smoothing his hand through his hair.
Shin melted.

“Never mind all that, just come here and lay with me.”

Azusa complied, and they lay together beneath a warming ray of light that slanted through the closed drapes. Shin couldn’t remember ever being this content and said as much to the ceiling.

“You know Shin, this won’t be able to happen as much, once I go back to work, so…”
Shin sat up suddenly, accidentally elbowing Azusa in the jaw.

“Work? What time is it?”, his eyes scanned the room quickly picking up the glow of the clock.

8:44? Shit!
He bounded out of the bed, not paying any attention to Azusa’s glare as he rubbed his face.

“I’m going to be late. How the hell did I manage to lose track of the time like that?”

Azusa opened his mouth, but one look from Shin had him closing it again. So much for making a point.
Shin grabbed his clothes and headed for the bathroom; Azusa trailed after him.

“You know Shin, you haven’t rested completely, why not just take one full day off?”

Shin ignored him as he turned the spigots, adjusting them until the water was ready, then stepped under the spray, sighing beneath the therapeutic downpour.
He could hear Azusa on the other side of the curtain rattling on, but the din from the shower effectively drowned him out. Honestly, he just would never understand until he lived on his own, and probably not even then, as his modeling career earned him quite a substantial living. He sighed again. He did wish he didn’t have to work so much, then he would be able to spend the time he needed, showing Azusa, just how important he is. His thoughts were interrupted as the shower curtain was pulled aside and Azusa stepped in behind him.
He leaned in closer and whispered in Shin’s ear.

“Have you been listening to a word I have been saying?”

Shin pretended not to hear him, pointing at his ear then the shower. Azusa pouted but grabbed the soap and began to lather his body, back to front, lingering below. Shin wasn’t sure he heard the breath escape between his teeth and wasn’t sure he cared about anything else but the lips that explored his shoulder. This was going to be a long morning.
Another hour and a half later. After using all the hot water and some of the cold, one satisfying bout in the shower added to their arsenal of experience. The two sat at the kitchen table, quietly eyeing each other. There was no doubt that Shin would miss work, so he caved and called his boss, pleading exhaustion. The old man was polite and told him to take care of himself, and Shin immediately felt like a heel.

“This can’t happen every day Azusa. Like I have said before, I have to work, it’s not a choice.”

The younger man nodded and fingered the place mat in front of him. It featured cats with overly large heads and eyes…who the hell made that decision? He shook his head in wonder.
He looked at Shin and melted. It made him think, would there ever be time when he didn’t react that way? He hoped not, but there was always the possibility.
He cleared his throat.

“Shin, I have something I want to talk to you about.”
Shin blinked at him, wondering what subject he was going to bring up that it made his voice grow so distant. He suddenly felt afraid…what was it?
He cleared his throat again and feigned interest in the tabletop.

“I wanted to talk to you about it this morning, before you broke my jaw and used up all the hot water…”

Shin glared at him, but he continued on.

“As you know, I am 20 now and have a reliable job. However, this job can have crazy hours and when my vacation is over, we won’t be able to see each other as much. Umm, what I’m saying is…Shin, I want you to quit working one of the jobs and settle for part time employment.”

Shin’s jaw dropped. Well, whatever he expected it wasn’t this.

He stood and Azusa put his hands up in a placating gesture.

“It’s a request, not a demand Shin. You’re working yourself to death and it worries me.”

Shin shook his head in disbelief.

“You just don’t understand, do you? I can’t afford it, and I am lucky to get away with just the two while school is in session.”

Azusa approached him and placed his hands on his chest.

“I think that you should consider finding a roommate.”

Shin’s brow arched.

“What, are you applying for the job?”

Azusa peered up into his face.

“Why not? I have a job and, despite what you may think, I am old enough to handle things on my own.”

Shin smiled, a sexy little play of his lips, looking at him suggestively, running the flat of his hand over his taut ass.

“I know full well that you are old enough to handle plenty,’s out of the question.”

Azusa stepped back, glaring at him.

“Out of the question?”

He cupped the tightening bulge in his pants and Shin growled low in his throat, Azusa crept closer to purr against his throat, changing the casual grope into a full massage.

“Well, we will just see about changing your mind, won’t we?”

Shin pulled him closer, kissing him softly.

“Try your best.”