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The Chance to Try

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“Hey Bakubro, do you think Aizawa-sensei wants kids?”

Bakugou groaned, rolling his eyes to the back of his head. The class had a big hero test coming up in a few days, and Denki had begged Bakugou to help him study. They spent the past few days studying together in Bakugou’s room, or at least, attempting to study. Half of the time they spend together, they actually study. The other half is spent with Denki getting distracted and starting up off topic conversations, much to the annoyance of his explosive friend. 

“I don’t care, Sparks.”

“Aw, come on! Present Mic totally seems like the type who likes children, maybe Aizawa-sensei does too. Come to think of it, Aizawa-sensei seems more like the type of person who sees his students as his kids, especially that hot dude from class 1-C, Shinsou,” Denki sighed dreamily. 

Bakugou made a disgusted noise, “Get that stupid look off your face and focus on your work, dumbass!” 

Denki whined, “But dude, we’ve been studying for 3 hours straight! My brain’s going to get fried if we don’t rest!” 

“Your grades are going to get fried if you don’t study and ace this test!” Bakugou yelled back. “You need to memorize these words in order to do somewhat well on the test. Now tell me, where in the world did the first fucking quirk come from?!” Bakugou huffed in annoyance. 

Denki stuttered, “I… uh… s-somewhere in China… ah…” Denki scratched his head, thinking. Bakugou was silent, glaring at Denki as he tried to come up with his answer. “Was it… Beijing?” 

“QING QING CITY, IDIOT,” Bakugou exploded. 

“I’m sorry! I got China right, didn’t I?!” Denki asked, pouting. 

“What do you think, dumbass? Where the fuck is Qing Qing City?”

“In China…” Denki said.

“Obviously! If you don’t even know the most basic question that is going to be on this test, then I don’t even want to THINK about what else your idiot brain can’t handle! Look, The very first quirk was ...” Bakugou looked beyond pissed as he read a section of the textbook. Denki knew it was his fault, and what Bakugou is saying is true. 

Denki sighed. He had pleaded for Bakugou to help him study, and now he felt like he was wasting Bakugou’s time. The time that Bakugou could be using to study on his own is being wasted on an idiot like himself. Denki cursed himself for not being able to learn anything. No matter how hard he tried, the information just wouldn’t stick to his brain. He hears, but he doesn’t listen. He reads, but he doesn’t learn. It’s frustrating, and Denki knew why he was like this. He just didn’t know how to deal with it. He should probably start by listening to Bakugou as best as he can and stay focused on the task. Speaking of focusing, Bakugou has been talking for a long time, and Denki has no idea what he was even talking about. He grounds himself back into the conversation. 

“... and thus, the spread of Quirks manifested and spread all over the world by the start of the era. Did you fucking get that, idiot?” Bakugou asked, gritting his teeth. Denki gulped. Of course he didn’t! What should he say? Bakugou would probably explode if he realizes Denki wasn’t paying attention. 

“Y-yeah dude!” Denki forced a smile on his face, “I got it!” 

It was as if Bakugou could see right through him. Bakugou squinted his eyes at him, and Denki gulped. 

“What the fuck was the stupid baby’s quirk then?” 

Shit. What baby?! Denki’s smile faltered, replaced by worry. This is what he gets for not listening. Now Bakugou’s going to be angry, probably start yelling soon, and it’s all Denki’s fault. He’s just wasting time. Bakugou probably thinks he’s lame, wishes he were studying with Kirishima instead, or anyone else for that matter. 

Bakugou watched Denki’s face turn more and more sheepish, Denki’s leg bouncing in a quick paced rhythm. He frowned. Denki knew that his silence spoke volumes to Bakugou. Bakugou finally snapped. 


Denki yelped in surprise, “I’m sorry, bro, I really am! It’s just hard!”

“WHAT THE FUCK IS THE POINT OF THIS STUDY SESSION IF YOU DON’T PAY ATTENTION, IDIOT.” Bakugou was fuming. His glaring, red eyes looked deep into Denki’s eyes with irritation. Bakugou was breathing heavily. 

“Bakugou, please! Let’s calm down and try-”

“HAVE YOU LEARNED ANYTHING AT ALL THESE PAST FEW DAYS? OR AM I JUST WASTING MY TIME ON YOU?” At this point, Denki felt like he wasn’t even being heard. Bakugou’s probably been frustrated with him for a few days, and Denki couldn’t even blame him. But still, Bakugou’s words were hurting. 

Denki looked down, blinking back tears. He tried to apologize again. “Bakugou, I’m sorry-”

“DON’T YOU DARE FUCKING CRY, YOU IDIOT,” Bakugou yelled, and Denki bit his lip, struggling to hold his emotions inside. Don’t cry, don’t cry, don’t embarrass yourself even further.

“Then stop being so mean!” Denki whined, cursing himself for how vulnerable his voice came out. Denki’s eyes were pleading, wishing Bakugou would stop looking at him like that, making him feel like such a disappointment.   


“STOP CALLING ME A FUCKING IDIOT, I ALREADY KNOW I AM!” Denki finally snapped, yelling back at Bakugou. His breath hitched, and that’s when Denki’s tears finally let loose, streaming down his face. Bakugou had the audacity to look stunned, falling into silence. 

Denki took a shaky breath, “I know I’m stupid. I know I don’t pay attention most of the time, I know, dude. It’s because I have ADHD. It’s because of stupid ADHD that I can’t do anything right, I’m impossible to teach.”

Bakugou was still looking back at Denki’s face with that expression. Bakugou definitely looked surprised. If Denki didn’t know any better, he would say Bakugou even looked somewhat remorseful. 

Denki couldn’t handle the awkwardness that fell into the room, so he gathered his things as quickly as he could, grabbing his notebook, textbook, and utensils before getting up. “I’m sorry, Bakubro. I’m so sorry I wasted your time.” Denki sniffled before rushing out the door. Bakugou didn’t even try to stop him. 

As soon as Denki made it into the lonely hallway, he continued to cry uncontrollably. Stupid, Idiot, Dumbass. Weak, pathetic, worthless. All of these words continued to plague Denki’s mind, painful words that he’s been called throughout his life, words that permanently remain glued to the back of Denki’s mind, now coming out and circling around his brain, preventing him from thinking about anything else. 

Denki dragged his feet over to the elevators, not paying attention to what button he was pressing. All that mattered was getting into the elevator and getting out of this floor. 

As soon as the elevator arrived, the doors opened, and Denki walked in blindly, not realizing that there was another presence in the elevator until a quiet voice spoke up. 


Denki’s head shot up in surprise, and his pained eyes met with a pair of blue and gray ones. Denki cursed internally, and looked down in embarrassment. 

“Hey, Todoroki.” 

Todoroki looked at Denki with slightly wide eyes, looking at a sight he’s never seen before. 

“Why are you crying?” Todoroki asked, stepping closer to Denki hesitantly. 

The question made Denki feel more pathetic, and he closed in on himself more, silent tears rolling down his cheeks. He knew it was only natural for Todoroki to show concern, looking at the loud blonde #2 who is usually always cheerful broken down in the elevator. 

After Denki didn’t say anything, he noticed Todoroki observing him, as if looking at Denki would help him figure out what’s wrong. Todoroki eyed the books in Denki’s arms with curiosity. 

“Kaminari...” Todoroki called out. Denki finally looked back at Todoroki, cheeks flushing in embarrassment. Todoroki continued, “Midoriya and I were just studying for the hero test coming up on Friday. Do you want to join us?”

Denki blinked back at Todoroki, eyes wide. The same Todoroki who claimed he wasn’t here to make friends and intimidated the hell out of Denki at the beginning of the school year was offering to bring Denki to his room and help him study. Talk about character development. 

On one hand, Denki knew he needed to study, and if he were to go back to his room right now he would probably just cry for the rest of the night and get no studying done. Todoroki and Midoriya were both really nice and smart, studying with them would probably be helpful. 

On the other hand, he felt weak and stupid for needing help. He would probably be a bother to them, just like he was to Bakugou. 

Looking at Todoroki, however, Denki got a strange sense of concern and kindness radiating off of him. Todoroki’s non-judgemental eyes never wavered as they patiently waited for a response. 

A small voice in the back of his head was telling Denki to accept Todoroki’s offer. Denki decided to listen to it. 

“Alright… thank you, Todoroki,” Denki replied, wiping his face with his sleeve and offering Todoroki a small smile. 

Todoroki returned the smile, nodding. 

The elevator stopped on the 5th floor, and Denki walked behind Todoroki, who led them both to his room. Todoroki opened the door to his room, greeted by Midoriya sitting on the floor by the small table. 

“Ah, Todoroki-kun, did you bring me my water?” Midoriya asked, without looking up from his notebook. 

Todoroki nodded, “Yes, and I brought another friend to study with, too.” 

Midoriya looked up, greeted by the sight of Denki. Which wasn’t a good sight, seeing how Denki’s eyes were red and puffy and he was sporting a sad frown on his face. Midoriya stood up and walked towards Denki, concern plastered on his face.

“Oh, Kaminari-kun… are you alright?” Midoriya asked, putting a hand on Denki’s shoulder. It was a comforting gesture, Denki noticed. 

Denki rubbed the back of his neck, “Ah… yeah, I’ll be fine, don’t worry,” he muttered. 

Denki’s response didn’t seem to convince Midoriya or Todoroki, but neither said anything about it. Instead, Midoriya led him to the floor where he was sitting, Todoroki sitting across from them. Todoroki had two water bottles in his hand, giving one to Midoriya as promised, and the other one to Denki, which he accepted gratefully. Denki didn’t realize how dehydrated he was until he was taking sips of fresh water, which helped clear the small headache that was forming in his brain. 

An awkward silence was starting to form when Midoriya and Todoroki didn’t go back to their work right away, and Denki looked at them both, confused. The two boys looked at each other, and then at Denki when Midoriya finally spoke. 

“Kaminari-kun… do you want to talk about it? About why you were upset? I think maybe talking about it before we study might help- ah, if you want to! There’s no pressure, of course!” Midoriya giggled nervously, which Denki found endearing. 

Denki took a deep breath, wringing his hands together to loosen some tension in his body, “You’re right, Midoriya. Well… it was just, I was studying with Bakugou just now. We’ve been studying together for the past 3 days, and we- or I guess just me- I haven’t been making any progress, and I’ve been having trouble focusing, and I suppose, Bakubro got frustrated with me and he just… h-he was a little mean…” Denki stuttered, his shame increasing as he recalled the events that occurred. 

Todoroki frowned, “It must have been pretty bad if he made you this upset,” he muttered, looking slightly pissed off at the idea of Bakugou being an asshole. 

Midoriya bit his lip nervously, “I can imagine that. While Todoroki was downstairs, I could hear Kacchan screaming from up here,” Midoriya said, motioning towards the open balcony doors. That’s right. Bakugou’s room is right below Todoroki’s room. Denki had a brief moment to wonder who else could have heard Bakugou screaming at him. Anyone nearby with their balcony doors open, probably. 

Denki’s face fell, looking down at his lap. “He was really mad because he kept trying to explain the content to me, but I kept zoning out. I can’t help it, though… I try and try so hard to listen to people talk, but, it’s like my brain just shuts off after 5 seconds of hearing someone speak. Especially if it’s about boring shit like school,” he groaned, running his hands through his hair. “I think I should apologize tomorrow. It’s my fault, I should have been paying better attention but I just kept ignoring the lessons, I probably deserved to get yelled a-”

“No, you didn’t,” Todoroki cut Denki’s rambling off, “You didn’t deserve that. Bakugou should’ve been more patient. Yelling at the person you are tutoring does more harm than good. Yelling does more harm than good in many situations, I think.” Todoroki’s stern look bore into Denki’s own wide eyes. 

Denki risked a glance at Midoriya next to him, who was silently looking down at his lap. Denki knew that Bakugou yells at everyone, but especially Midoriya. Midoriya has probably dealt with Bakugou being aggressive and impatient many times, considering they’re childhood friends. 

Midoriya finally raised his head, looking at Denki with a similar look that Todoroki gave him. “Todoroki-kun is right,” he began, “Kacchan should have approached the situation in a different way. I-I understand… how you feel, Kaminari-kun… but I don’t think you have to worry. I’ve known Kacchan for a long time now, and I can see that he definitely considers you one of his friends. He wouldn’t stay mad at you.”

He did have a point. Denki knew that the only people Bakugou has ever agreed to tutoring regularly is himself and Kirishima. Sero and Mina have been tutored by Bakugou occasionally, but Bakugou, who hates everyone, has never actually shown any truly hateful feelings towards himself and Kirishima. They were the only ones who could get close to Bakugou without getting blown to bits. 

Finally, Denki’s face broke out into a real smile. “Man, you guys are right. Blasty is one of my best friends, and I’m sure he’ll come around eventually,” he chuckled. 

Todoroki and Midoriya visibly relaxed once they saw Denki was back in his good spirits. “We should do a little bit of studying for now. Are you up for it, Kaminari-kun?” Midoriya asked. 

“Yeah, dudes! I’ll try my best to pay attention, so please be patient with me!” Denki grinned. 

Despite the fact that Denki still felt guilty for making Bakugou frustrated with him, since he was the one not paying attention and had trouble staying focused on task, Denki understood that Bakugou’s reaction was out of hand. Bakugou went too far when he continuously called Denki an idiot, reaching for Denki’s deepest insecurities and using them against him. As if it wasn’t enough for Denki’s own mind to constantly remind him he’s an idiot, one of his best bros had to lay it all out for him. It truly has been a hard day.

Studying with Midoriya and Todoroki helped Denki feel better. They went over a whole chapter of hero history, and Denki felt like he gained a lot of new information. It might actually not have been a lot, since Denki still wasn’t able to give his full attention to the content in front of him, but its a lot for Denki, who has been struggling to keep information inside his head for the past few days. 

His two classmates were both extremely patient with him, always repeating information when needed, and asking Denki what he thought about their answers, making sure to include him in their discussions. Occasionally, Todoroki would explain something to Denki, and Denki wouldn’t process what was being told to him, so he would ask Todoroki to repeat himself. No matter how many times Denki would ask, Todoroki would always repeat his statements, and would explain them in more simpler terms every single time until Denki finally understood. Todoroki’s eyes and voice never showed any signs of annoyance or frustration, which Denki was astounded to see. 

Midoriya always made sure Denki was keeping up. Whenever Denki wrote down an answer, he would slide his paper next to Midoriya and ask him how his response was. Midoriya always paused his own work to look over Denki’s, and would proceed to give excellent pointers on how to answer questions and write responses, adding and removing words into his response. Denki found this extremely helpful. 

After a couple of hours of studying, Denki was feeling a lot better than before. He felt better about his knowledge on the concept of hero history, and he felt better emotionally. He still wasn’t at 100%, but there was an improvement from a few hours ago. When the trio finally decided they studied enough for the day at 8pm, they stood up, Midoriya and Denki gathering their things as Todoroki cleared his table up. 

Denki stretched his arms over his head, grinning sheepishly. “Hey, thank you guys so much for helping me today. It means a lot to me, really. If you guys ever need help with anything, I mean, I don’t know how much I can help with school, but, anything else-”

“Don’t worry about it!” Midoriya cut him off politely, shaking off Denki’s reply, “We were happy to help! That’s what heroes do. Right, Todoroki-kun?” 

Todoroki nodded, “Let us know if you need help on anything, Kaminari.”

Denki’s face flushed in embarrassment. He was trying to let Todoroki and Midoriya know that they can also depend on him for anything, yet he ended up being told that instead. God, I’m such a burden, huh? Denki thought. 

Denki put that thought to the back of his mind as he grinned and threw out a thumbs up. “Of course! You guys can count on me too, as your friend! Good night, dudes!” 

Todoroki and Midoriya waved back at Denki as he left the room. Denki took the elevators straight to his room for a much needed rest. 

The next morning, Denki found himself sitting in the kitchen with Sero and Mina. The trio waited for Kirishima and Bakugou, since the latter usually made breakfast for the five of them. 

“Hey, who finished all the orange juice?” Sero whined. 

Denki looked up from where he was pouring himself the last drop of juice. “Ah, I’m sorry bro. We can share!” Denki ran to the cupboard to grab two straws to stick in his cup. 

“But how come Ashido got her own cup?” Sero continued to argue, pouting. 

Mina stuck her tongue out. “Maybe you should have been here before everyone else, slow poke.” 

Denki's arm snaked around Sero’s shoulder in a half hug. “So you don’t want to share with me then? I won’t lie, dude, that hurts.” Denki pretended to cry as Sero laughed. 

“Alright, alright. We’ll share. But my breakfast is MY breakfast, I’m not sharing that, got it?” Sero claimed, flicking Denki’s forehead with his finger. Denki let go of Sero in favor of rubbing his forehead.

“Fine. But just know, I would share my breakfast with you if I ever had to. Because I love you. No homo.” Denki said, attempting to kiss his friend on the cheek while Sero was pushing him away, laughing. Mina was giggling in her seat, watching the exchange.  

“Speaking of breakfast, where’s Bakugou? I want my heart-shaped pancakes,” Mina frowned. 

“Oi, you eat whatever I make, all right? I don’t take requests,” a voice snapped from the entrance of the kitchen. All 3 heads whipped around to see Kirishima and Bakugou entering the kitchen together, Kirishima smiling brightly as he does every morning and Bakugou was frowning, but for once didn’t look angry. There was a different feeling emanating out of him. 

Denki slowly let go of Sero, his hands playing with the strings of his hoodie anxiously. Oh right. He was going to have to face Bakugou at some point, after their argument yesterday. Denki didn’t even have time to prepare for his confrontation with Bakugou. What was he going to say? Who’s going to initiate it, Denki or Bakugou? Does Bakugou even want to talk? Well they have to, they can’t just not-


Huh? Was that Bakugou? Did Bakugou just call him by his actual name? Denki was pulled out of his thoughts as he turned around to face Bakugou, the other 3 in the room turning to look at him as well, probably looking just as surprised as Denki did. 

Bakugou ignored the other 3 in the room and continued to stare at Denki. His stare was intense, but also hesitant. Bakugou swiftly turned on his heel, and started walking out of the kitchen towards the hallway. 

“Follow me,” Bakugou murmured. Denki blinked, but followed regardless.

The other 3 just watched, Mina whining, “Hey, what about breakfast.”

“Breakfast can wait, Pinky!” Bakugou yelled back, and Mina slumped down in her seat. 

Out in the hallway, Denki stood in front of Bakugou, still pulling on his hoodie strings. Bakugou watched his actions with an intense silence, neither of the two looking each other in the eyes. 

The silence was too heavy for Denki. Out of instinct, Denki’s nervous blabbering started to spill out. “Hi. I may have overreacted yesterday, and I’m sorry if I annoyed you, or angered you, or wasted your ti-”

“Oi,” Bakugou cut him off before his rambling got any worse, “Just… let me talk for a second.”

Denki closed his mouth and nodded, waiting for Bakugou to continue. 

Bakugou still wasn’t looking at him when he spoke. “Don’t apologize for anything. I was… an asshole to you yesterday. More than usual, anyway.”

Denki smiled just a little at that last input. At least Bakugou is self aware. 

“I shouldn’t have called you an idiot. I overdid it yesterday, and…” Bakugou’s face scrunched up into a sour look, “and I’m fucking sorry, alright?” 

Denki laughed softly. This guy really hates apologizing, huh?

After that apology, Bakugou finally looked up to meet Denki’s eyes. They were earnest, his eyebrows scrunched up in remorse. Denki’s shoulders visibly relaxed. This was going better than expected. 

“It’s alright, dude. I don’t usually mind when you call me an idiot, you call us idiots all the time,” Denki chuckled, referring to himself and his friends waiting in the kitchen, “there's a difference between when you’ve called me an idiot before, and when you did it last night. Yesterday, it just felt more… serious. Like you actually meant it.” Denki’s face fell again, remembering the emotions that coursed through his body the night before. Bakugou looked away again. He definitely looked like he was feeling guilty. 

“You’re not an idiot though, Sparky.”

Denki looked up in surprise. Of all the responses to get, he wasn’t expecting that. Bakugou looked back at Denki’s surprised expression, and glared slightly. “Don’t look at me like that. Everyone has areas that they’re good at. You’re at the top of the class in English, I don’t know why the fuck you don’t act more proud about that when half the class comes to you for help in English.”

Bakugou was right. Denki was close to the top of the class, and his classmates always asked him for help. Denki didn’t struggle as much in English, since it’s all basic English and Denki is nearly fluent in English. Struggling in his other classes blinded him from the things he’s actually good at. Denki was so focused on being at the bottom of all other school subjects, he resigned himself to being someone inferior and unintelligent when really, he was just blind to what he was actually good at. 

Denki exhaled, letting out some tension he didn’t know he was holding. He slowly broke out into a warm smile, and Bakugou’s shoulders loosened at the sight of Denki’s warm energy growing back out. 

“Thanks, Bakugou. That really means a lot, dude!” Kaminari said, smiling brightly. 

Bakugou cheeks warmed up, looking away. “Yeah, whatever. After class today, if you want, you can come to my room. We can try again… or whatever the fuck, I don’t care-” 

Denki didn’t let him finish, throwing his arms around Bakugou in a hug. Bakugou held his arms up, startled by the sudden hug. 

“What the-!”

“I love you, bro. You’re the best.” Denki cooed, nuzzling his head into Bakugou’s chest. 

Bakugou’s face flushed further, a scowl on his face as he grabbed the back of Denki’s neck to pull him away, but didn’t let go as he pushed Denki back towards the kitchen, “Alright, Dunce face, back to the kitchen. I need to make you idiots your stupid breakfast,” he grumbled, and Denki giggled softly when he felt Bakugou’s hand snake up from the back of his neck to the back of his head, threading his fingers through his yellow-blonde locks. 

Back in the kitchen, Bakugou and Denki walked in on Mina and Kirishima about to drink from a glass of orange juice with two straws in it, only to lean in at the same time and bump their heads together. 

“OW, Kiri what the hell?” Mina exclaimed, rubbing her sore head. 

“Sorry! Sorry, it was an accident,” Kirishima whined, hand on his temple. Denki and Sero burst out laughing.

“Dude, did you guys just headbutt each other?!” Denki cackled pointing at the duo while Sero was holding on to Denki’s shoulder with one hand, his stomach with the other.  

“What the fuck are you two doing?! Why are there 2 cups of juice with 2 straws each, idiots!” Bakugou yelled, already annoyed at his friends’ antics on this fine morning. 

“We ran out of orange juice and only Denki and Mina got to grab a glass, so Denki and I were sharing and Mina and Kirishima are sharing,” Sero explained, wiping a tear from his eye from the laughter. 

Bakugou looked miserable. Being the only (semi) sane person in the group must be hard. “None of you brainless extras better come near me while I’m cooking, you hear? Keep those idiotic antics out of my way!” Bakugou shouted, stomping towards the stove while Kirishima followed, yapping about wanting to watch how awesome Bakugou looked while cooking. Denki didn’t miss the way Bakugou’s cheeks flushed while he shouted back at Kirishima. 

Mina pulled out her phone and started showing something to Sero, and in that moment a few of their classmates entered the main floor, two of them being Midoriya and Todoroki, walking side by side as they talked about something Kaminari couldn’t hear. 

Midoriya saw Denki at the table and called out to him, “Hey, Kaminari-kun!”

Denki brightened up at the sight of Midoriya smiling and waving at him. The duo were walking up to Denki, and Denki called back, “Good morning, guys! What’s up?”

“Todoroki and I are going to continue studying,” Midoriya told him. “There’s a few more things we still want to go over.”

Todoroki nodded, “Do you want to come with us? We’re studying in my room again,” he added. 

Denki looked surprised. He wasn’t expecting Midoriya and Todoroki to invite him back to study with them again. A warm feeling bubbled up in Denki’s tummy, a shy smile finding its way onto his face. 

Then he remembered that Bakugou had still offered to tutor him again. Should he give Bakugou another chance? There was still the possibility that Bakugou would just get frustrated all over again. One day wasn’t going to automatically change the way Bakugou responds and feels. Studying with Midoriya and Todoroki would be a safe bet. 

Denki turned to look at the man in question. Bakugou was shoving a plate of pancakes to Kirishima, who was still up in Bakugou’s face. Bakugou was yelling something at Kirishima about sitting down to eat, as he carried two plates of pancakes to the table, handing one to Mina and one to Sero. Mina squeaked in delight, seeing her heart shaped pancakes before she began to dig in as Sero, already with his mouth full, thanked Bakugou for the meal. Bakugou looked up at Denki and yelled, “Oi, loser! Get over here and eat or you’ll be late to class again!” 

“I’ll be right there, dude!” Denki called back, grinning at his friend. Denki looked back at Midoriya and Todoroki’s questioning looks. 

“Ah, right. Bakugou pulled me aside a few minutes ago and he apologized to me for what happened yesterday.” Denki said, laughing sheepishly. 

 Midoriya and Todoroki both made shocked noises. 

“K-Kacchan apologized?!”

“No, he doesn’t have the emotional capability to do so,” Todoroki muttered, shrugging. Denki cackled loudly. 

“No, dude, he did! I was surprised too,” Denki laughed. Of course the two of them couldn’t believe it. Denki found this all amusing. 

“Anyway, well, he apologized to me and then offered to try and tutor me again. I… I think I’m going to try and study with Bakugou again. I’m not sure how it’ll go, but I’m willing to give him a chance,” Denki said, a look of determination on his face. 

Todoroki and Midoriya exchanged a look and smiled. “Alright. Just know that you always have us to come to if you need help,” Todoroki said, giving Denki a firm nod. 

“Thanks a bunch, Todoroki! You’re the best!” Denki exclaimed. 

Yaoyorozu entered the kitchen behind Midoriya and Todoroki. “Todoroki-san,” she called out, “Can we go over the answers to the math homework? I’d like to check the last two problems if that’s alright.” 

“Oh, of course,” Todoroki replied, and Yaoyorozu beamed. She started walking towards the couches, and Todoroki excused himself before following behind her. 

Midoriya still stayed, shifting on his feet. He looked like there was something he wanted to say, so Denki watched him curiously. 

“What’s up, Midoriya?” Denki asked with concern.

“Well,” Midoriya began, fidgeting with his fingers, “I think… Kacchan will probably still get frustrated with you, and might yell sometimes. It is Kacchan, after all. But I know for a fact that Kacchan is stubborn, and he will never give up on tutoring you. The fact that he wants you to give him another chance just proves that. So, good luck, Kaminari-kun!” He finished off with more confidence. Midoriya bowed slightly before whisking off to where Todoroki went. Denki stood there, taking in everything Midoriya said. 

He will never give up on you.  

That warm, fuzzy feeling in Denki’s tummy came back, shooting up to his heart as well. Denki took a deep breath and giggled to himself. He felt much better about going to study with Bakugou later. Speaking of Bakugou, there were some freshly made pancakes waiting for him at the table, as well as an afternoon of studying that could either go right or go wrong. Eating breakfast was the first step to making it go right, Denki decided, so he walked back towards his friends and looked forward to the afternoon. 

After classes, the time finally came for Denki to make his way to Bakugou’s room for their study session. Not knowing what to expect, Denki felt somewhat anxious as he stood outside of Bakugou’s door, getting ready to knock. He took a deep breath in, held it for a few seconds, then let it out slowly. I can do this.

He knocked. 

Bakugou opened the door a second later, his permanent frown planted on his face. “About damn time, Dunce face. Get your ass inside already, come on!”

“Right! Sorry, sorry,” Denki chuckled, shuffling inside his room. 

Denki noticed that Bakugou had already set up their study corner, books already laid out, and a row of colorful pens sitting on the table.

“Wow! You got new pens? They’re so colorful!” Denki gasped, rushing over to look at the pens layed out. Bakugou didn’t comment on that, and instead took a seat across from Denki at the table.

“Get your textbook and notes out already, Drooly! We need to do this as quickly as possible if we’re going to take breaks.”

“Huh?” Denki paused, “Breaks?”

Bakugou huffed. “30 minutes. We’ll work for 30 minutes straight, then I’m giving you a 10 minute break to do whatever the fuck you want. Got it?” 

Denki blinked. Normally, when Denki studies with Bakugou, they just do their work for as long as they can until Denki gets distracted and starts using his phone or begins talking Bakugou’s ear off until Bakugou tells him to get back on task. One of Denki’s biggest struggles is staying on task for long periods of time, due to his ADHD. It was even worse when the room was silent, which is usually how Bakugou prefer-

Oh. Denki looked around and saw Bakugou’s TV on, playing a random news channel in the background. He didn’t even realize there was background noise on, coming from the television behind them. Denki is always hyperaware of the silence, whenever it’s present. However, he didn’t even realize they weren’t in a terrible, heavy silence this time. That should help keep him a lot more focused. 

Bakugou picked up a red pen from the colorful pens pile and placed it on top of Denki’s notes. “Here. Write your notes from this section with this color, and then write your notes from the next section in another color. You’re not gonna remember anything with those damn shitty notes.”

Denki looked down at the notes scribbled in his notebook. They were all written in black pen, nothing labeled properly so it all just looked like a huge jumble of words. Bakugou was right, maybe different colored notes would help. 

A sudden thought hit Denki like a freight train, and Denki’s confused face morphed into a smirk. 

“Hey, Bakugou?”


“Did you do research on study methods for people with ADHD just fo-”

“HAH?! Mind your own business, Dunce face!” Bakugou yelled, and Denki couldn’t help the laugh that slipped through his smile. 

“You did, didn’t you! You’re so cute, Bakubro!” 


Denki cackled. He wasn’t denying it. He could tell by the embarrassed look on Bakugou’s face that Denki was right. After he ran away from Bakugou’s room yesterday, he must have looked up ways to help Denki. Bakugou’s really just a huge softie on the inside. 

Bakugou and Denki spend 2 hours going on and off with studying, and Denki felt like he was actually learning a lot more than usual. More than the other times he spent studying with Bakugou, and more than yesterday, with Midoriya and Todoroki. The breaks helped a lot, because they helped him focus a lot more when it was time to do work, and the background noise eased his anxieties, getting rid of the eerie silence. Denki spent his breaks talking to Bakugou, rather than scrolling through his phone. 

“Bakugou, who do you have a crush on?”

“Hah?! Like I’d tell you that!”

“So there is someone?”

“Who the fuck said there was?!”

“You didn’t deny it, bro!”


“... is it Kirishima?”


“Dude! You’re totally blushing!”

“I’ll fucking kill you, Drooly.”

“Aw come on, admit it! I’ll tell you mine if you tell me yours?”

“Everyone and their damn mothers know who you like.”

“Wait, really? Is it that obvious?”

“I don’t know, mister “ you look like you’re popular with the ladies ”, you tell me.”

“Oh shit. I did say that to Shinsou, huh? I’m a whole mess.” 

The timer went off, indicating that their break was over. 

“Worry about your mess later, we’re almost done here. Back to work, Sparks.” 

“Right, right.”

Denki sat up from where he was laying down on the floor, picking up a blue pen. After today, Denki felt like studying with Bakugou would be much easier. Midoriya was right, Bakugou still yelled like an angry pomeranian at Denki whenever Denki would lose focus, Bakugou’s personality wasn’t going to change overnight. But something changed from last night. This atmosphere was different, and Denki wouldn’t change a single thing about his friend. 

“Hey, Bakugou?”


“Thanks for giving me another chance, dude!”

“..... I should be the one thanking you for that,” Bakugou muttered, and Denki almost didn’t catch that. 

“Huh? What was that, bro?”

“Nothing! Just do your work, Sparky.” 

Denki laughed to himself. Bakugou was trying. And so was Denki. By giving each other the chance to work together, they could only improve from here on out.