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Victoria Coren on Tour. Co-Created with AI Dungeon

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Victoria glanced out of the window of the limousine as it crept its way down a rainy London street. The lights of streetlamps and shopfronts were reflected on the wet pavements which were crowded with people fighting against the downpour, scurrying along with their heads down. Victoria turned her gaze from the window and looked at her agent sitting across from her in the limousine. He was sharply dressed as ever in a dark pinstriped suit and crisp white shirt, his hair slicked neatly back.

"Thanks for sorting all this out for me, Ian," Victoria said.

"It's no problem at all," her agent replied. "It's my job. I've also managed to book you into the same hotel that the rest of the speakers will be staying at, you'll get to meet them and become acquainted with them before the first conference."

Victoria had been invited to be a guest speaker on a panel for a series of conferences which would be held over the course of the week. The topic was female journalists in male-dominated industries, which was one that she had plenty of experience in. She had written several books and produced many newspaper and magazine articles on the topic of gambling, especially poker. The conference would include other writers, sports journalists and those who had made their careers writing about video games. The first conference would be held in London, then the panel would travel to Berlin, Paris, New York and Los Angeles before returning to London again.

The limousine slowed in traffic and came to a stop. Victoria glanced at her watch and her agent smiled, "Don't worry, we've got plenty of time. The conference doesn't start for another few hours. We'll be there before you know it."

The limousine pulled out into the street and slowly edged its way forward. Traffic was heavy and the limo didn't seem to be making much progress. The minutes ticked by slowly and the car didn't seem to be going anywhere. Victoria drummed her fingers on her knee impatiently.

Her agent smiled as he looked over at her, his gaze moving from her hand and up along her shapely thigh. She was wearing a short dress that barely reached halfway down her thighs. The thin fabric clung to her body, but not in an unseemly way, instead it accentuated her curves in all the right places. Her breasts were large and the dress was cut low, revealing plenty of cleavage. Her long blonde hair cascaded down her shoulders and framed her lovely face.

"If you're bored with how slowly we're going, maybe I can help liven things up for you?" her agent suggested.

Victoria looked at him, a faint smile playing across her lips. "And how do you plan on doing that?" she asked.

He smiled as he leaned back a little and spread his thighs, reaching down to unzip his fly. "Well, I've got something here that I know you like." He slipped his fingers into his underwear and pulled out his cock, already mostly erect.

"Oh my," Victoria said, feigning surprise. "Whatever will I do with it?"

"I wouldn't presume to tell a professional what to do, but I’m sure if you use that wonderful mind of yours, you'll think of something."

Victoria smiled as she reached out and took hold of his cock. She started to gently massage it, and felt it throbbing in her hand. She leaned over and licked the tip, then slowly ran her tongue down the shaft to the base, then back up again. Her tongue explored every contour of his cock head, flicking over the tip and sliding around the ridge. "Oh fuck," he groaned. She took him into her mouth and slowly slid her lips down his shaft, taking him deeper and deeper into her mouth. She felt his cock pressing against the back of her throat and she gagged slightly, but kept going. She felt his cock slide further down her throat and she relaxed her throat to take him even deeper. She held him there for a moment then slowly slid back until just the tip of his cock was between her lips.

"Shit, that feels so fucking good," he groaned as she slid her lips back down his shaft.

She picked up the pace and started to bob her head up and down, quickly taking him deep into her throat. Her saliva ran down her chin and onto her breasts. She looked up at him as she sucked and he ran his fingers through her hair.

The first time she had done this with him, she had felt guilty about cheating on her husband. Victoria always had a high sex drive and had enjoyed plenty of partners before getting married, but had told herself that she would be able to settle down. She'd managed to behave herself for a couple of years before giving in, a late-night meeting at her agent's office leading to her giving him a blowjob. Since then, she'd been unable to refuse his advances whenever he found an excuse for them to be alone together and her feelings of guilt had long since disappeared. It wasn't just her agent she was cheating on her husband with now, once she'd taken that first step the floodgates had opened and she couldn't get enough cock, almost as if she was making up for lost time.

She pulled back off his cock with a wet slurp, wiping a hand over her mouth before pushing her hands into the front of her dress, pulling out one breast and then the other, letting them fall free before lifting them and settling them in his lap, his cock nestling between them.

"Fuck, that looks good," he groaned as she started to slide her breasts back and forth, his cock rubbing between them. Victoria leaned forward and started to gently lick the tip of his cock as it slid between her tits, flicking her tongue over the tip each time it emerged before settling into a rhythmic motion that had him squirming in his seat and breathing heavily. He placed a hand on each of her shoulders and gently thrust his hips.

"Oh fuck, I'm going to..." he started to say before he tensed up and a burst of cum erupted from the tip of his cock, splashing onto her face and tits.

She opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue to catch as much of his cum as she could, his second spurt hitting her tongue and the third hitting her right cheek before she moved her head to the left to catch a long, powerful jet that splashed along her upper chest and neck.

She smiled as she felt his cock twitching and pulsing between her heavy breasts, sending more of his cum squirting out to cover her tits before he finally stopped. She slowly lifted her breasts off his cock, which gave a final twitch before lying flaccid against his thigh.

"Goddamn, I think I need a rest after that..." he panted, leaning back in his seat and closing his eyes.

Victoria laughed as she scooped up the spunk on her face with three fingers, lifting them to her mouth and licking them clean. She scooped up more of his cum from her chest and swallowed that too. Then she started to just rub it into her tits, enjoying the feel of his cum on her skin as she worked it around like lotion, spreading it everywhere until her skin glistened. She tilted her head up, sliding her fingers along her neck and up under her chin, rubbing the warm spunk into her skin before doing the same on her face, until there was no trace left apart from a light sheen to her skin.

“Oh, look, we’re out of the traffic now," her agent said as the limo started moving quickly down the road.

Victoria looked out of the window and saw that he was right; the traffic had disappeared ahead of them, and far behind them as well. "Oh good," Victoria said, looking over at him with a wry smile, “I guess that was a decent way to pass the time."

She ran her tongue over her lips, collecting the last traces of spunk from her mouth and swallowing it. Then she started to heft her tits back into her dress as she leaned forward and raised her voice a little, speaking to the driver, "How long until we get to the hotel?"

"About twenty minutes, Miss," the driver said, not even turning around.

"Thanks," Victoria said, sitting back in her seat. She wasn't concerned that the driver would have been able to see what she had just been up to with her agent in the back of the limo, she knew that he wouldn't be loose-lipped about what he had witnessed. He worked for an agency that prided itself on offering a discreet service and besides, she had tipped him with a blowjob or two before, so he would keep his mouth shut.

As the car kept on moving, Victoria turned her attention back to her agent. He had tucked his cock back into his pants and was looking at his phone, scrolling through his messages. Victoria did the same, checking her messages and refreshing her emails before slipping it back into her bag and taking out a bottle of perfume, spritzing it over her neck and chest. She looked forward to walking into the hotel lobby being the only one in there that knew her face and chest were coated in spunk, but that was still a few minutes away yet.

"So tell me," she said to her agent, "What's the agenda for when we get to the hotel? Are you going to be accompanying me to my room?" She looked at him with a smile, knowing that he knew exactly what she meant by that. "I'm afraid not," he said, smiling, "I've got stuff to do, but I'll be there for the Berlin conference on Monday."

"Shame," Victoria said, pouting her lips, "Well I suppose I'll just have to find some other guy to fuck me in the arse when I get to my room, then."

He looked at her with a grin and a shake of his head, "You're a real handful once you get worked up." He glanced out of the window as the limo slowed down and then pulled to a stop, "Alright, here we are. Have fun, and don't do anything I wouldn't do.”

"Wouldn't dream of it," Victoria said as the driver opened her door. She stepped out of the limo and onto the pavement, turning to look at him with one hand on her hip as she stood beside the open door. "I'll see you on Monday then, call me if anything changes," she said.

"I will," he said, nodding his head, "Have fun tonight."

"Oh, I will. See you soon.”

With that, Victoria waved at him and strutted towards the hotel's front door, feeling the eyes of all the men in the street on her, knowing that her short, tight dress and massive tits were the center of attention. She pushed open the door to the hotel and walked inside, the driver following with her luggage. She walked up to the front desk and turned to her driver with a smile as he set her luggage down next to her, "Thanks, Darragh. Have a nice weekend."

"Thank you, Miss. You too, have a nice weekend," he replied.

"Oh, I will," Victoria said with a smile as she turned back to the front desk, where the attendant was smiling at her.

"How may I help you?" the attendant asked.

"I have a reservation. One Victoria Coren."

He tapped at his keyboard for a moment before looking up at her, "Ah yes, Miss Coren. You are in the Panorama Suite. Here is your key. Will you be needing anything else?"

"No thank you," Victoria smiled as she accepted the keycard from him.

"Then I wish you a pleasant stay at the hotel."

"Thank you," Victoria smiled as she turned away and walked towards the elevators, a porter carrying her luggage behind her.

The Panorama Suite was the best room in the hotel, and Victoria had seen some of the competition too, so she knew just how good her room was. The moment she walked through the door she tossed her keycard onto the coffee table and walked over to the windows, looking out at the view of London. She could see for miles, from the London Eye, to Big Ben, all the way to Wembley Stadium. She loved this room.

Unzipping her dress, she let it fall to the ground before walking over to the large jacuzzi that was to the side of the room. Unpacking her bath essentials she quickly set up the jacuzzi before turning on the taps, letting the bubbles fill it as she poured in some apple-scented oils. She stepped into the water, moaning in ecstasy as the warm water relaxed her muscles. She spent an hour in the jacuzzi, scrubbing herself clean with the oils as she watched the sun set over London.

Eventually, she drained the tub and stepped out, wrapping herself in a large bathrobe before unpacking a bag of cocaine. She set it out on the coffee table with a credit card and rolled up a fifty pound note before chopping out a large line. She leaned forward to snort the line, the bitter taste filling her nose as it slid up into her brain. Victoria smiled and chopped out another line as she thought about how much fun she was going to have on the conference tour over the next few days, travelling between expensive hotels in some of the world's greatest cities whilst her husband was at home with the kids.