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Charlize Theron's Diary

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The audition for the movie went well for the young Jennifer Lawrence, but she didn’t want to leave anything to chance, so she wanted to do something more. She had heard rumors about other young actors doing ‘things’ for the producers to get the role, but she really didn’t want to do that with some old dude.

As she was thinking about that and out of the corner of her eyes, she saw one of the producers was checking her out and to her surprise, that person was not an old creepy dude but actually one of the most beautiful women miss Lawrence has ever seen. And not to mention one of her idols.

That’s was the time when she finally decided to do what many young actors have done to get the role but not with an older man but with the gorgeous looking producer that was checking her out, called Charlize Theron!

Jennifer waited for the audition to end and then went after Ms. Theron. Charlize went to her room to rest a little but then heard a knocking on her door. When Charlize opened the door, she was surprised to see the young girl standing there.

The young girl introduce herself and apologized for intruding. She then asked Charlize if she could come in for a minute to talk and Charlize let Jennifer in.

Jennifer was nervous and was looking down. She was standing there with the Oscar winner actress that she considered to be a goddess because she was just so beautiful. But as Jennifer looked up to speak, she saw how Charlize was checking her out again. seeing that, increased the younger girl’s confidence and allowed her to talk.

“look, I don’t know how these things work but I really, really want to be in this movie and to work with you and learn from you. And I’m willing to show you my appreciation if you give me the role.” The shorter girl said.

Charlize was happy to hear that. The girl was absolutely beautiful and her willingness to get the role meant that Charlize could have her way with her.

“look Jen… can I call you Jen?” Charlize asked and Jennifer nod.

Charlize then continued “there were a lot of ‘talented’ girls tonight. And although I must admit that you were one my favorites, but still… so I don't know if I could help you...”. Charlize said.

"I can tell by the look in her eyes that she wants me..." Jennifer was sure that the older woman wanted her.

From what Charlize said, Jennifer knew she had a good chance of getting the role just because of her acting abilities. But she really didn’t want to risk it and to blow her chance. So she decided to do something more to seal the deal.

“‘one of your favorites’? well that sounds good, but what I’m looking for is to be on the top of your list” Lawrence said with a smile.

Then she slowly unbuttoned her shirt to reveal her amazing upper body. “so how about you let me get there and be on top of you? Top of your list I mean!”

Charlize looked at Jennifer’s body while licking her lips. Besides her beautiful face, the tall young girl indeed had an amazing body with large breasts. So Charlize was enjoying the view very much.

Theron then said “getting there might not be that easy, young girl. But tell you what. you’re definitely in the right direction...”.

There were other girls that were good at acting and looked really good too, but none of them could compete with miss Lawrence and Charlize wanted her for the movie from the moment she saw her. And now she had her chance to have her in other ways too. But Theron wanted to make sure Jennifer would do everything to get the role.

“Well, let’s see what I can do about that,”

Jennifer said as she approached Charlize and put her hands around the older woman’s face and started to kiss her slowly at first and after a few seconds, the kiss got more heated. Charlize was enjoying the kiss. Jennifer Lawrence was a good kisser. But more than her, Jennifer was enjoying the kiss as Charlize was dominating her mouth with her tongue.

But as much as Jennifer was enjoying the kiss, she knew she couldn’t get the role by just kissing Ms. Theron. So she had to broke the kiss and as she did that, a moan escaped from her mouth. But more importantly, she heard the moan from Charlize’s mouth too which was a sign that Charlize was enjoying the kiss too.

Jennifer then stepped back a little and turned around. She then looked at Charlize over her shoulder and asked her to ‘help’ her with her bra. Charlize stepped forward and slowly opened her bra and then kissed the younger girls’ neck. Charlize then moved both of her hands to the front of Jennifer’s body and grab hold of her large breasts. Jen's nipples were hard and she was moaning as Charlize was playing with her breasts while kissing her back and neck.

Charlize’s own nipples were hard too and Jennifer could feel them on her back as Charlize was holding her close. after a few seconds, Charlize stopped and turned the younger girl around so she could kiss her lips some more. Charlize’s hands went on the other blonde’s ass and squeezed. Lawrence did that too and grab Charlize’s butt.

Charlize then slowly started to walk backward toward her bed. As she couldn’t see, she bumped into the bed and fell on it. Since they both were holding each other, Jennifer fell too and ended up on Charlize's lap. They broke the kiss and laugh for a moment and then Jennifer pushed Charlize on her back on the bed and then looked down at Charlize’s breasts and said.

“you know, this is not fair. I’m naked while you’re dressed”.

Jennifer then moved her right hand and put it on Charlize’s chest and just looked at her. as if she could read her mind, Charlize nodded and the younger girl unbuttoned her shirt, and -since Charlize wasn’t wearing a bra-, revealed her breasts. Charlize looked at her own breasts and then Jennifer’s and felt a little jealous. The younger girl had bigger breasts. but she soon forgot about that as Lawrence dived in and started to kiss her left nipple and play with the other one.

Charlize was surprised at how good the younger girl was at this. She was enjoying having her breasts being worshiped and Jennifer realized that as Charlize was moaning.

"You're so good at this... keep sucking them...ohh yesss...don't stop...good girl"

Charlize then put her right hand on the other blonde’s head and grab hold of her hair so she wouldn’t stop. Jennifer was also enjoying kissing and sucking Charlize's hard nipples and playing with her soft breasts. so even after Charlize removed her hand from her head, she didn't stop.

After some time, Jennifer finally stopped kissing Theron’s breasts but still kept on playing with them with her left hand. She went up to Charlize’s head and kissed her lips again for a few seconds. After that, she stopped kissing Charlize’s lips and went on kissing her neck and then went lower until she reached the older woman’s belly.

She looked up to looked at Charlize. She wanted to open her pants to continue and wanted to ask her to help her but Charlize wasn’t looking at her. Charlize was enjoying this so much that her eyes were closed. So Jen had to stop playing with Charlize’s breast to get her attention which worked almost immediately!

Letting out a sigh of disappointment, Charlize raised her head and looked at Jennifer.

“Why? why did you stop?” Charlize asked. Jen replied by looking and pointing at her pants.

“I thought you’re here to talk, miss Lawrence. But It seems that you just want to get in my pants!” Charlize said with a smile.

And then continued “Yes. You can get me naked, missy…!”.

Jennifer got up from Charlize aand Charlize lifted her hips so Jennifer could take off her pants. But Jennifer didn’t do it simply. She took off the pants a little and then kissed Charlize’s thighs. then took it off a little more and kissed her legs and so on. After a few seconds, Charlize was finally naked just like Jennifer wanted.

Jennifer stayed up for a few seconds to enjoy the amazing view in front of her.

"like what you see, miss Lawrence?" charlize asked with a devilish smile.

“Mmmmm... Your body is ridiculously good!” Jennifer said as she licked her lips.

After that, she positioned herself between Charlize’s legs and put her hands on Charlize’s legs so she could get a good view of Ms. Charlize Theron's shaved pussy. After staring at Theron’s pussy and admiring it for a few seconds, Jennifer moved her head towards it and began eagerly licking the older woman’s pussy.

“oooh myyy gooood...!” Charlize responded as she tilted her head back.

Charlize wanted to grab the younger girl's head to encourage her to do more but that wasn’t necessary at all as Jennifer talked.

"I must say, your pussy taste so good...I like eating it". Jennifer was surprised to see how much she was enjoying eating the Oscar winner’s pussy and wanted more. So after a few moments, she shifted her focus on Charlize’s clit and kissed and then licked it.

“good lord girl’re sooo gooood…ohhhh…fuuuckkk...”.

Miss Lawrence was happy to hear that. It meant she was doing a really good job and was getting closer to getting the role. But more than that, she was happy to have this effect on this goddess that she had admired as long as she could remember

After a few seconds of driving Charlize crazy with her amazing licking skills, Jennifer stopped and went to Charlize’s thighs and kissed it. then she moved her head to Charlize’s pussy and started to lick that. As she was licking Theron’s pussy, she raised her left hand and put her thumb on Charlize’s clit and rubbed it gently.

 “ohhh gooddd. That’s soooo…fucking good...oh yesss…keep going…I’m so cloooose…”

Charlize was so close to having an orgasm. Jennifer was enjoying this too. Maybe not as much as Charlize but still. Jennifer considered Charlize as an unearthly creature and was enjoying worshiping her most private part. So she was happy to grant Charlize her orgasm.

But then she remembered why she was here in the first place. She was here for the role and so far Charlize hasn’t given her that. So although she didn’t want to, she stopped rubbing Charlize’s clit and instead moved her left hand up to grab Charlize’s breast and started to play with it. she then stopped kissing the older woman's pussy and went on kissing her thighs.

Charlize was disappointed but after a few seconds, Jennifer went to work her magic on Charlize's pussy again.

"yessss... don't you dare to stop again...goood girl....ogghghg" Charlize was so close again and could barely talk.

But again, the younger girl stopped and just played with the older woman's breast.

Charlize has always enjoyed someone playing with her breasts but right now she was so close and wanted to have her orgasm so badly that she didn’t care about her breasts! So she was about to protest when the younger girl took control of the situation and spoke first.

 “You were soooo close, weren’t you, 'missy'?!”

Jennifer said with a law voice while playing with Charlize’s breast. She continued.

“...You wanted to cum so badly…Didn’t you, Ms. Theron?”

Charlize raised her head and was about to answer when Jen pinched her nipple hard! it brought a moan from the older woman instead of words. The moan was because of the pain but also because of enjoyment.

“You know, I can give you what you want and make you cum, really HARD. Just imagine, a powerful orgasm!” Jennifer said as Charlize smiled.

“but… you know there was something I wanted too…”

Without waiting for a reply, again Jen went down on Charlize and kissed and then licked her pussy for a few seconds. But as Charlize was about to reach her climax, the younger girl stopped and kissed her legs and denied Charlize the joy. Jennifer was basically turtarin Charlize.

Charlize couldn’t believe this young girl was doing this to her! She wanted to say or to do something but more than that, she wanted to cum because the younger has done an amazing job on her and she was so fucking horny. So the great Charlize Theron found herself completely at the mercy of this nobody-young-girl.

As she was thinking about what to do, Jennifer again moved her free hand and used it to rub Charlize’s clit. Jennifer then moved her head and licked Charlize’s pussy. Again as she felt Charlize was close, she stopped rubbing her clit and was about to stop her licking when Charlize finally talked.

Charlize was getting closer to an orgasm, but she knew Lawrence would stop again and although some part of her enjoyed this little game, she couldn’t take it anymore. So she had to give this girl what she wanted. So while Jennifer was licking her pussy, she managed to say a few words.

 “for the love of…stop doing that…please…ok, you’ve got it... the role is yours… just please... make me cum…”

And that’s was all that Jennifer wanted to hear. for a moment, she stopped her licking and looked up at Charlize and said

“One orgasm in coming your way. ma'am!”

And started to lick Charlize’s clit again, but now harder than before. This time Charlize didn’t risk it and with her left hand, grab the other blonde’s hair to make sure she would finish the job.

“ogghhh, goooddd, Jennifer…yeees…faster...please…”

Just a few seconds later, Charlize came and came hard! Jennifer had done an amazing job and Charlize was a happy customer!

But that wasn’t the end of it. Out of curiosity, Jennifer wanted to taste Charlize’s liquid and see how the Oscar winner tasted. So she swallowed a bit of Charlize’s creamy cum and… Jennifer was shocked!

Jennifer couldn’t believe Charlize could taste this amazing.

“oh my god! her cum is delicious!” she thought.

She came here to get the role and she got what she wanted but honestly, she didn’t care about the role anymore. What she wanted was to eat more of Charlize Theron’s heavenly juice.

“I want more…I need more…”. Jennifer told herself. Charlize’s cum tasted that good.

So she swallowed as much as she could but then it ended. And that was unacceptable for Jennifer! She wanted more and she knew how to get more! As Charlize was about to get up from the bed and sat, Jennifer started to lick Charlize’s clit and Charlize did nothing to stop her.

“girl, your tongue is a miracle worker! yessss...keep doing that…fuuuckkk”

Charlize said but it was unclear if Jennifer even heard it since all she cared about at the moment was to make more of that tasty cream, and that was what she did!

Jennifer Lawrence finally got to play in the movie but she wasn't done with Charlize Theron. They were both enjoying this too much to let it go, and they never did. Not until this day.