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“Mrs. F, do you smell apples?” A slightly alarmed Claudia Donovan asked her boss Irene Frederic as they sat in the Artie’s office inside of Warehouse 13.


Irene merely chuckled at her protégé. “Yes, Ms. Donovan, I do. That’s a good thing. It means the Warehouse is Happy with you.” She explained. 


“The with me.” Claudia said slowly, casting her charcoal lined eyes upward. “Well that shouldn’t surprise me, yet it does.” 


“Well today is a unique day, Ms. Donovan.” Mrs Frederic said with some sadness. Though she didn’t show it, she’d aged and was starting to fade. 


Claudia has aged as well, she’d gone from a bitter lost young woman, to a secure and happy adult woman who knew what she wanted. 


After being an agent long enough that her original team was retiring in their own ways, she knew it was time to take over as caretaker. (Though it was true, no one left the Warehouse unless it was feet first.)


Steve Jinks: her first partner, was being schooled by Artie Nielsen to take over his position as Warehouse “husband”. Artie was getting older, though he still looked very much the same as he did when they met. Claudia suspected the Warehouse had something to do with it. 


Pete and Myka (Bering) Lattimer: After many years of fighting their chemistry, the two gave in to it, and started dating. They’d even gotten married. Myka is pregnant with their first child, so the pair took over the care and looking after of Lena's bed and breakfast. Where all Warehouse agents lived. 


Claudia took a slow, deep breath in and out to steady herself as Artie came down the stairs from his loft bedroom within the office.


The two women were dressed alike, Irene in her fifties style tweed skirt suits and pearls complete with a beehive hair do and glasses. 


Claudia was also dressed in a black skirt suit but with her punk flair: leather material, pins and chains. Her red hair that was streaked with a rich blue was in a fancy updo similar to a beehive. 


Artie was amused and touched by Claudia’s emulation of Mrs Frederic, whether it was intentional or not. He wondered what Irene thought. He approached his desk and opened his bag and pulled out the green silk caretaker ribbon.


Gently, Artie attached the ribbon first to Mrs Frederic, then to Claudia. A green light surrounded Irene, then Claudia, and it went bright and fast throughout the Warehouse. Irene sagged a little in the chair. It was done.


Claudia Donovan was now Caretaker of Warehouse 13.